Bored housewife taken against her will

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Susan was your typical mid-western farm wife who lived in a rural area out in the middle of nowhere. Her parents and brother and sister all lived just a few miles away. It was a small town with only one traffic light and one 7-11 store and that was about it.
As soon as she turned 16 and got her driver’s license she would drive every chance she got to the closest city of any size some 20 miles away called Clayton, even though it only had 30,000 people it was bigger and had a lot more things to do. Back then she was willing to do almost anything to escape the boredom of a no name place and uninspired life that comes with living in a small town.
She never went to college or attempted to leave that town and she married her high school boyfriend just to get away from her over bearing, bible thumping parents. They had a small 40 acre farm that his dad gave them as a wedding present that just barely broke even and consumed every aspect to their lives.
It was a typical hot Thursday afternoon in the middle of August and her husband had gone out for most of the day to look at some new farm equipment that she knew they couldn’t afford to buy.
She was sitting around the house by herself bored as hell, the satellite dish had been out for three days, and her worthless husband had not gotten around to fixing it. He was gone now and she was alone for a change and could enjoy some private time for herself.
After a long hot shower she put on a dark blue sun dress that buttoned down the front. A first she left it open with nothing on underneath and she admired herself in the mirror, something she didn’t get to do very often. She stood with her legs spread slightly and then held her breast up with both hands showing them off and enjoying the naughty way it made her feel.
She looked and felt so slutty at that moment she wanted to take a selfie and send it out to some nasty men on the other side of planet like Japan or some far away land she had never been to just to let the rest of the world know how sexy she was.
She held up her hair with one hand and slid the other hand down to her vagina. She used two fingers to spread the lips of her pussy and enjoyed how it felt to have that special part of her body exposed. She liked exploring her body and all the sensations of being touched when she was younger but with her up tight husband she was always too self-conscious to do that now.
Her clit was starting to peek out now and she smiled and marveled at how it looked. She touched it lightly and watched her reflection in the mirror remembering how much enjoyment that hidden treasure had given her when she was young girl playing with herself late at night when nobody was around.
She had been having a reoccurring daydream lately when she was bored. She dreamed of being an exotic dancer in a strip club completely naked swaying to the music in a large room full of men watching her. She loved the idea of being exposed having lots of men see her naked body, devouring her with their eyes, desiring her, lusting for her. She would sit down in front of each one of them spread her legs and let them see her cunt, opening it up and displaying it for them while watching the expression on their faces. For some reason that was far as she ever went in her fantasy, she never knew why.
It was a hot day and her extend time in the shower had left the room more humid than she cared for. She went to the drawer where she kept her undies and reached far in the back in a well-hidden section and pulled out a pair of red satin panties that she never worn before. She had bought them on a whim to spice up her sex life but never had the nerve to wear them. She slipped them on and buttoned up her dress first all the way and then unbuttoning the top two buttons just to feel a little naughty.
She had a lot of things she needed to do around the house but it was just too damn hot to be inside. She decided to go outside and enjoy the light breeze for a while then she would do her chores later.
On her way out she stopped in the kitchen to get something to drink, at first she reached for some soda and then she saw the bottle of wine in the frig and said what the hell. She took down a glass and then went into a drawer looking for a corkscrew to open the wine. She had to shift around some things in the drawer including some extra flashlight batteries that her husband had bought last week. She smiled and took out the batteries and the corkscrew.
She opened the bottle and took a drink directly from the bottle. She held the batteries in her hand smiled and said “I know exactly what to do with these.” She walked into the pantry and reached in back behind some canned goods and felt around and pulled out a well wrapped plastic bag. She laid it on the washing machine and opened it to reveal a large 10 inch black vibrator she had bought herself last Christmas after her husband had given her some shitty gift instead of what she really wanted.
“Hello old friend” she smiled. She inserted the new batteries grabbed the vibrator in one hand and the bottle of wine in the other and headed out the door thinking to herself now it is time for momma to plow the fields the way they really should be plowed.
Sitting outside the barn opening up her dress and removing her panties she let the wind blow over her tits and cunt. It was both refreshing and liberating; she closed her eyes and enjoyed the slight tingling sensation of the breeze and the trill of being an untamed slut.
She set up on a bale of straw with her back resting against the side of the small barn spread eagle watching a combine off in the distance traversing a field of soybeans.
After drinking half a bottle of wine she was now ready for the vibrator. She picked it up with a strong firm grip and said “time to go to work Tom.” She had named her vibrator Tom after a boy she had flirted with back in high school who had made her then boyfriend now husband insanely jealous and ready to fight over her. She liked the idea of men fighting over her, so primal so animalistic the only thing better was the idea of her being ravage and taken by the winner while the loser looked on.
Susan wrapped her fingers around the giant black dong as best she could with the two and a half-inch girth. She ran her hands up and down the shaft, feeling every vein and bump molded along its ten-inch length, it felt so incredibly real.
Her pussy was tingling in anticipation as she reached down between her legs and spread her lips with one hand and began to gently rubbing her clit with the other hand. She was so wet. She closed her eyes and started to imagine all sorts of shameful, degrading acts, all the while becoming more wet and wanton.
She raised the dildo to her lips and licked the head. Then she brought it to her cunt and slid it in. It easily slipped in about half way causing a shudder to run through her body. She kept still for about a minute getting ready to push it in deeper.
She started to finger her clit and pump the tool into her pussy. She tried to keep a unified rhythm between the two motions, but couldn’t. Thoughts of debauchery ran through her head, images of men and woman doing dirty, devilishly nasty, and perverted thing to each other and to her. She imagined the toy was her husband’s dick, and then other men she had seen on-line, she even started thinking about her brother doing her.
She felt herself tighten around the dildo and squeezed her legs together to hold it in. This freed up her other hand to pull on one of her nipples. She rode out the last jolts, biting her lip and groaning, “Fuck yes…mmmmm, fuck.” She finally gave into the shear ecstasy.
The first orgasm hit her, but she fought to stay in control. She kept ramming her dildo into her cunt. Another orgasm hit then another and another in rapid succession, each one stronger than the last. Her whole body was now racked by violent tremors. Her pussy continued to spasm around the rubber penis, sending smaller orgasms through her sweaty body. She lay there for a moment trying to come down from her sexual high, her juices seeping from her well-stretched and satisfied vagina.
At that moment she saw a strange pickup truck off in the distance speeding down the narrow two lane road it stopped at the entrance to their driveway before turning in. The house was more than a 1/4 of a mile from the road so she had plenty of time to button up her dress and find her panties she had tossed over in a pile of hay. She quickly stashed the vibrator under some nearby straw and tried to make herself presentable as the vehicle pulled up.
She recognized him as soon as he got out the truck. She held her hand above her eyes to block the glare of the sun with the added advantage of concealing her identity. He had stopped by to deliver some supplies her husband had ordered, the regular delivery guy was off, and he was driving over this way from Clayton to meet with another customer anyway so he thought we would drop them off.
She wasn’t sure if he would recognize her. He was the same man that took her virginity 10 years ago when she was 16. Even though he was older now he didn’t look that much different.
Theirs had been a short and torrid affair that ended very badly mainly because of her immaturity when she wanted more and he just wanted a fling. At first she had threatened to tell the police about him having sex with a minor but she never did. She never saw him again and never even thought of him for years even though he was her first. She knew that she had acted like a jilted love sick teenage girl back then and in hind sight she knew it could not have ended any other way.
He asked her where she wanted the supplies. She told him to put them in the barn. As he unloaded the boxes from the pickup truck he kept looking over at her trying not to be too obvious but always with a perplexed look on his face.
She walked into the barn where he was stacking the boxes. At first he refrained from making eye contact trying to be polite, a very mid-western kind of thing. When she started making small talk the realization hit home and he recognized her immediately.
“So this is where you ended up at.” he smirked “I didn’t know you were married and lived way out here.”
“Yes I have been stuck out here in the middle of nowhere for over 6 years now.” She replied.
“How about you Stan?” she asked “You still at the same place?”
“Hell No!” he snorted, “Thanks to you my wife left me and took everything I own. I now live in a small house trailer that leaks every time it rains.”
“I am sorry to hear that.” she said.
“You should be you are the one who screwed up my life with your big mouth and your threats.”
“I was young and stupid back then besides it was just as much your fault as mine.” she replied.
At first he just shook his head and started to walk away, then for some unknown reason she began scolding him.
“You were an ass hole and you used me, you got my virginity and a lot of free fucking so you got nothing to whine about.” She proclaimed.
“Your right I did get a lot of free fucking, does your good little church going husband know just what a cheap little whore you were back then?” he responded.
“That’s none of your fucking business.” She snarled.
Again he endeavored to walk away and leave well enough alone but she continued relentlessly to assault him with a torrent of insults.
He stopped dead in his tracks, stood there silently for a moment then swung around suddenly with a look of indignation and fire in his eyes began moving in her direction.
Susan quickly recognized she and gone too far this time and hastily turned and attempted to walk away.
He quickly side stepped her and cut off her retreat.
She turned and came face to face with a large muscular man nearly a foot taller than herself who was not to be denied his retribution.
Susan’s heart skipped several beats as she looked up at him. His piercing dark eyes stared ferociously back at her.
Susan opened her mouth in protest and backed up. He followed her, step for step, they’re eyes locked together. Susan felt behind her and realized she had backed herself up against a wall.
Stan grabbed her shoulders roughly, pinning her up against the rough wooden side of the barn.
Susan was shivering in fear of the large man that loomed over her. She tried moving her head away from his, but he only grabbed her again, press her against the wall with full weight of his body.
She brought her hands up to his chest and tried to push him away. His lips curled into a small smile as he grabbed both of her arms and raised them above her head and pushed her back. As he held her there, she glared angrily at him.
He stepped into her and she could feel a hardness growing at his crotch. He leaned into her and began to kiss her roughly and passionately. Susan struggled to try and free her hands from the man’s tight grasp but to no avail. She felt his tongue searching for hers inside her mouth. He began to grind his crotch against her and she could feel her own growing arousal.
His tongue continued to flick against hers. He placed his weight on her hands, holding both of her frail wrists above her head.
He grabbed her chin with his free hand and she looked deeply into his eyes as he glared at her.
Susan felt the growing wetness between her thighs and feared admitting how much she craved letting out her own animal instincts and surrendering her body to him.
He pulled out a large pocket knife and in slow motion, pressed the flat side of the blade against her left inner thigh and then began dragging it slowly and deliberately up to the lower reaches of her snatch and paused there while exploring her facial expression and tear filled eyes. He smirked and then continued the blades journey across her stomach up to her cleavage then lightly flicked it across each of here nipples again gaging the fear in her eyes.
He then moved the blade to the top of her dress and placed it against the top button. She felt the slight tug against the material before the blade severed the threads and the button began to pop and then bounced down rolling across the dirt floor. He moved on to the next and then the next, until her dress was completely open all the way down the length her body.
With a flick of his wrist he pushed the material aside and suddenly she was completely exposed with the tattered remnants of her dress hanging from her shoulders framing her semi-naked body putting it on display for his visual inspection and perverted pleasure.
Susan’s eyes were wider and now she was seriously worried knowing there was nothing she could do to stop him. Susan felt out of control and under control at the same time. She could feel the air moving across her skin, as his hands moved down her body, his fingertips brushing over the lips of her pussy, rubbing gently at the skin of her inner thighs, teasing and probing her.
He took obvious pleasure in sliding his hands along her exposed frame, observing her heavy breathing, her skin quivering as he slid his fingers along the waist of the flimsy material of her red silk panties. The blade made quick work of her panties and he forced open her legs exposing her completely.
The glistening wetness of her pussy caught his attention. “You’re excited aren’t you? You little cunt.” he taunted her while running his hand up her leg and along her inner thigh. He caressed up into her wetness with his fingers sliding between the lips of her pussy and she gasped as his fingers brushed across her hardening clit.
He ran the back of the blade over the flesh above her breasts the cold steel caressing them it in an almost loving manner. The touch was light enough to bring goose bumps to her entire body and he smiled at her reaction. He pulled on and the sharp blade as it cut through the fabric of what was left of her dress and he let it plummet unceremoniously to the dirt floor leaving her completely naked and exposed.
He skimmed his rough and callused hand firmly over her pussy, pressing it in as her lips obediently opened for him. It didn’t penetrate her, but it opened her up, and made her know that any thoughts of self-control she thought she had was just a wishful illusion on her part, she was already wet, and would soon be ready for whatever he had in mind for her.
Stan’s fingers moved and she knew he was closing in on her clit. “Noooo…” She half gasped, half groaned as he crudely fingered her rose bud, forgetting his subtlety and just rubbing it his hand attempting to fully expose and arouse it.
“Ah… fuck. Fuck you Stan.” Susan gasped, while moaning, and trying to push back against him.
“Relax Suzie Q,” he grinned with an evil demonic look in his eyes “I don’t want to have to gag you.”
Susan’s eyes were squeezed closed; her brow furrowed as she instinctively struggled to suppress her response to his manly touch. She couldn’t move anything; her arms, her legs, her head, nevertheless she could feel everything her whole body was overwhelmed by the sensations over which she had no control. She felt the lips of her pussy being stimulated unbearably, and behind them the actual opening to her warm body was shaking, begging for the penetration that she needed to relieve her primal hunger and desires.
Suddenly without warning he dragged her over to a nearby bale of hay tossing around like a rag doll. He grab her hair and forced her head down to the hay as he took control of one hand then the other and held them behind her.
He pressed his hips against hers pushing her against the scratchy bales of hay and she felt him lean down over her back and she started to cry out again and fight against the hand holding her. “Shhh” She heard him whisper in her ear “This will be easier on you if you don’t struggle.” in a deep, slightly rough voice.
She felt the hand that had been on her head pulling a piece of the same twine that bound the hay bales and wrapped it around both her wrists. Within moments she found her hands tied together behind her as she desperately struggled against him.
Her defiance did her little good as he now had both hands free and easily held her down against the hay bale, making her thrashing about only cause her to scrape her body and braless chest against the rough, prickly hay. She eventually stopped resisting; her breath was now coming in pants as she took a moment to view her surroundings and to ponder her fate.
She yelped as he gave her ass a sharp slap, she felt him push his hand in between her thighs, parting them enough to allow him to cup her mound. Susan tried to shift herself forward away from his hand but only managed to wind up with the fronts of her thighs and pubic area pressing into the prickly hay bale.
Stan roughly ran two fingers the length of her slit, exposing her clit to him. Susan let out a whimper when she felt one of his fingers return to her and softly caress her folds. Hearing her moan he let out a chuckle. “You like that don’t you, you slut. I bet you just can’t wait for me to fuck you long and hard just like the little whore that you really are.”
“No.” Susan whimpered in reply even as she felt another rush of wetness between her legs. At this he began to work his finger in and out of her almost dripping slit.
She let out an involuntary gasp of disappointment when she felt his finger withdraw, only to follow that with a weak, half-hearted sounding “No, please” as she felt what could only be the head of his engorged manhood pressing against her opening.
Without warning he slammed his shaft into her until she felt his hips pressing against her, pushing her thighs against the hay. He preceded to piston his cock in and out of her depths, filling Susan’s tight cunt. Despite her fear and shock she felt her arousal building as the combination of the prickling of the hay on her chest, belly, and thighs and his large prick pounding her depths and rubbing her G-spot. She felt herself quickly climbing to an orgasm and moaned loudly.
In response to her moan he gave her ass another sharp slap and said “You still like my cock don’t you, you cheap slut.” At that he increased his pace and grabbed a handful of Susan’s hair. Pulling sharply on her hair he said “I’m goanna cum inside your pussy you brazen little whore.”
He continued pounding his member into her for a few more strokes before letting out what sounded like half moan half growl before his thrusts became more erratic and Susan could feel his cum shooting deep inside. This set Susan off and she screamed as an incredible orgasm swept through her entire body.
After a few more slow thrusts Susan felt him pull his cock from her. She felt him loosen the knot at her wrists and pull her up to her feet.
He leaned on her wrists, reminding her that she was still his captive.
He hoisted her up against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his muscular body. He guided his cock into her dripping cunt, still holding her arms above her head. His mouth met hers once more as he began to pound into her. He felt how tight she was with every movement.
As he slammed into her, she couldn’t help but moan loudly.
“That’s it. You dirty little wench.” he mumbled as he cruelly thrust his whole body into her, forcing his cock into the depts. of her body where no man had ever reached before hammering up against her cervix causing her to nearly pass out from the pain and pleasure she was now enduring.
Susan turned her head to the side, still trying to hold on to whatever dignity she may have left. She closed her eyes and felt his balls slap up against her. “God damn you, you bastard…” she mumbled.
“You like it, don’t you? You like feeling a strange cock inside your tight little cunt, don’t you?” he sneered.
She turned her head to face him, feeling every inch assaulting her small cunt, and feeling herself giving in more and more. “Yes, I’m a dirty little whore. And I love the feeling of your cock inside me” she screamed mockingly and then she spat at him.
“Good girl.” He said as he pounded into her. Her body began to tense up and she could feel herself about to cum. “That’s it…cum for me, cum on my cock.” At this point Susan needed very little encouragement.
“Oh my god…Mmmmmmm…” She moaned loudly, cumming on the huge phallus now violating her body and her soul. He forced every inch of himself into her battered pussy trying to plant his seed as deep as possible inside her while at the same time feeling her muscles contract around his cock in a primal involuntary offering of her womb to him trying desperately to milk his cock of all the forbidden baby seed it had to offer.
He pulled out of Susan and forced her onto her knees. The ground was cold and dirty, but she craved the feeling of him inside of her. He spread her buttocks apart, guiding his shaft into her cunt once more. He reached forward and grabbed her hair at the base with one hand and began to move in and out of her again.
Susan moaned loudly. “Yeah…” she moaned “Fuck my cunt.” He began to move faster and faster inside her. Every time he thrust into her, she could feel his balls slap against her clit. He yanked on her hair as he began to plunge into her deeper and deeper with each thrust.
“I’m going to cum inside you, you dirty wench.” he said between clenched teeth. He let go of her hair and grabbed onto her hips, moving her against his penis as he shot his load of baby seed deep inside her. He kept his shaft inside her for several minutes, making certain that very little of his cum escaped its intended target.
He eventually pulled out and pushed her to the ground. “You liked that, didn’t you?” She looked up at him and nodded sullenly.
He began taking pictures with his cell phone of her ravaged cum covered body. She felt both cheap and degraded but oddly enough also proud of how used and well fucked she must look to the camera. She discretely opened her legs wider to give him a better shot the semen leaking from her pussy.
She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of thinking that he might have impregnated her but she did find it thrilling that she might have another man’s baby growing inside her. How deliciously scandalous the thought of her being known as the local tramp that everybody whispered about. She wanted to be bad and to flaunt it like a shameless hussy in one of those old movies.
Stan gave her body one last look as put his cell phone away, he said nothing to her and without any fanfare just walked outside and began to relieve himself on the side of the barn like the uncouth bastard that he was. Susan used that moment to free her hands from the twine he had used to restrain her with. She waited to make sure he wasn’t coming back before she ascended to her feet and surveyed the scene of her physical and moral demise.
She walked out of the barn just in time to see Stan climbing into his pickup truck and driving away. Susan stood outside naked in the open air, the idea of covering herself never even crossed her mind she felt liberated and unashamed of her ravaged body in fact she wanted to show it off to the world. She felt incredibly alive at that moment, her body was sore and a little bruised but her mind felt like it had just been released from a dark prison.
As she watched the pickup truck of her tormentor disappear slowly off into the distance she quietly muttered to herself “Yawl come back now hear.” She smiled, walked back into the house showered, and began preparing the evening meal as if nothing had happened. Later that night while doing the dished Susan smiled replaying her dirty little secret over and over in her head toying with the idea of what might happen next.

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