Bossy Japanese gal dates Jamaican guy in London

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“Look, Allen, you can fuss all you want, I’ve seen the Femdom shit you watch on your laptop, don’t even pretend you don’t like my bossing you around,” Katrina Satsuki said sternly as she handed her boyfriend Allen Voltaire her shopping bags and, as he obediently grabbed them, she flicked his ear with her fingers for good measure. Allen groaned, then dutifully followed Katrina around the Westfield Mall, one of London’s top shopping centers.

As the City of London, and the rest of Britain reeled from the “Brexit” vote and disappointed, saddened Prime Minister Cameron announced his resignation, local fashionista Katrina Satsuki stepped out with her boyfriend Allen. As far as she was concerned, today would be business as usual. The young socialite refused to let the alarmist direction that her country was taking get her down. To do would be very unlike her, that’s for damn sure.

“Bae, it isn’t what you think, I was doing, um, research for my gender studies class,” Allen said while scratching his Afro, and Katrina turned around and flashed him the cut-the-bullshit look, and Allen smiled sheepishly. The six-foot-three, brawny young Jamaican man looked nervous as Katrina walked up to him, and brushed her lips against his. Reaching around Allen, Katrina gave his cute chocolate ass a firm slap.

Three nights ago, after an argument, Katrina showed up at Allen’s apartment in the Shepherds Bush area of Uxbridge, London. The passionate couple made up, and when Allen woke up, Katrina served him breakfast in bed. She also teased the hell out of him because he left his laptop open, and she found his bookmarked videos. His favorite clips from Divine Bitches, his favorite site. Can you say busted?

“Come on, lover, we both know you like it,” Katrina said, laughing. Allen rolled his eyes and followed Katrina up the escalator. Ever since he first glimpsed her while walking around the Brunel University campus a year ago, Allen knew that Katrina Satsuki, the tall, gorgeous Asian chick with the killer booty, was quite simply trouble on two legs. Allen also knew right then and there that he had to have her.

“Maybe but not in public,” Allen retorted sharply, and Katrina pursed her lips. There were nothing she loved more than to tease the hell out of Allen, partly because her favorite Jamaican stud was oh-so serious all the time. Hell, Katrina was in engineering at Brunel University and she wasn’t half as serious as Allen. Tall, dark and handsome, well-built and devilishly charming when he wanted to be. Allen took Katrina’s breath away from the moment they met.

Katrina Satsuki was something else, pretty much everyone on the Brunel University campus wanted a piece of her. Five-foot-ten, athletically built but busty and curvy where it mattered, her features a lovely blend of Asian and Caucasian, she was exotically beautiful and knew it. Katrina could have her pick of guys and girls, on or off campus, but only one man ever lit her fire. A certain charming, infuriating Jamaican stud…

Born in the City of London, England, to a Japanese immigrant father and a white British mother, Katrina Satsuki grew up fast…and not by choice. Life circumstances and a tough upbringing left the young woman no choice. Her father, barrister and entrepreneur Adam Satsuki started numerous businesses all over England and played fast and loose with the rules like only a lawyer can. Adam Satsuki made several millions of Euros over a career spanning two decades…and then he got greedy.

Wanted for questioning about his various illicit businesses by the United Kingdom’s feared Prudential Regulation Authority, Adam Satsuki fled to his hometown of Kumamoto, Japan, leaving behind his ex-wife Ellen Thompson-Satsuki and their daughter Katrina, who was in her final year at North London’s elite Kensington Academy. Left to fend for herself while her Scotch-addicted mother went from one sleazy younger boyfriend to another, Katrina faced a tough world on her own, and did not blink.

“I can surprise you too,” Allen said, slapping Katrina right on the ass as he held her shopping bags with his other hand. Katrina blinked in surprise, then flashed Allen a smile a shark would recognize. Allen held her gaze, and an amused look crept in Katrina’s emerald eyes. Her expression softened, and Katrina wrapped her arms around Allen’s torso, and she flicked her tongue on his earlobe.

“Thank you for being you,” Katrina whispered, and Allen smiled, all the love he felt for this bossy, difficult and at times frighteningly vulnerable young woman returned. Hand in hand, they made their way to the food court, and grabbed some Indian food. Sitting across from Katrina, Allen sipped on his Pepsi while Katrina bit her into curry and steamy white rice.

“So, you’re going to tell me about what’s being bothering you?” Allen asked, and Katrina sighed, then put down her fork, and crossed her arms, an annoyed look in her eyes. Allen looked pointedly at her and waited. Even on the best of days, Katrina could certainly be a handful. Growing up on the island of Jamaica, Allen was used to dealing with passionate, outspoken women. He knew how to stand up to them. Refusing to budge, he waited for Katrina to speak.

“Alright, fine, it’s my Dad, he cut me off during Skype last night because, well, he’s got a new girlfriend and I think I’m older than her,” Katrina said, matter-of-factly, and Allen knew the pain and hurt that she tried to mask. Katrina’s father Adam Satsuki’s exploits were legendary, and as always, a sore point with her. Taking Katrina’s slender hands in his, Allen looked at her and smiled gently.

“Katrina, my dear, we can love our parents all we want, we can’t change them, they are who they are,” Allen said, and not for the first time he was thankful that his parents, Franklin and Deanne Voltaire were still together in his hometown of Portmore, on the island of Jamaica. Moving to London, England, to study Business Administration at Brunel University wasn’t easy, but Allen wanted to do his family proud. The strong family unit that Allen once took for granted was something that many of his London-based friends, including his girlfriend Katrina, lacked.

“You always know just what to say,” Katrina said, smiling coyly and shaking her head. Allen smiled and shrugged. He took a bite out of his curry, and sipped on his drink. At this hour, the Westfield Mall food court was packed. A middle-aged, balding white guy walking nearby with a young black woman looked at Katrina and Allen, and a look of disgust flashed across his reddening face.

“Can I help you?” Katrina asked cockily, and the bald man and his lady friend looked at her, clearly surprised. For a moment, the older man looked like he wanted to say something, but instead he walked away, mumbling something incoherent. Allen looked at Katrina, smiled and shook his head. There was an amused look on the young Jamaican man’s face, and Katrina winked at him.

“My favorite bossy woman with the sharp tongue,” Allen said, and Katrina laughed and nodded approvingly. Katrina looked at Allen, noticing how good he looked in a bright green silk shirt, black jeans and black Timberland shoes. While some guys splashed on enough cologne to drown in, Allen put on just enough, and Katrina appreciated it immensely.

“Know what I feel like doing?” Katrina asked, cocking a thin eyebrow, and Allen grinned nervously as she laid her hand on his thigh, then moved upwards. Looking at Katrina, Allen knew that his favorite Japanese-British temptress had him right where she wanted him. Katrina grazed Allen’s groin area through his pants with her long fingernails, and he most definitely felt it. Desire arose deep within Allen, sharp and demanding. Dammit he wanted her…

“Oh, you’re totally going to get it when we get home,” Allen said in that deep voice of his, his Jamaican accent sending thrills down Katrina’s spine. Looking around the food court, Katrina noticed a cleaner putting the “closed” sign on the men’s washroom around the corner. A wicked idea sprang into her mind, and she licked her lips suggestively then leaned close to Allen’s face.

“Allen, babe, who’s got time for that? I say we do it right here,” Katrina said with a wink, and she grabbed Allen’s hand, and just like that, the two of them went into the washroom and left the closed sign on the wall. Once inside, Katrina grabbed Allen by the collar and got into her man’s face. Horny and confrontational, that’s exactly how Allen liked his women, and no one knows this more than Katrina…

“Hell yeah,” Allen replied, and he kissed Katrina full and deep, then grabbed her and propped her on the washroom counter. Katrina took off her tank top, and hiked up her skirt. Allen grinned upon noticing that Katrina wasn’t wearing any panties. Allen pinched Katrina’s nipples and slid his hand between her thighs. Katrina’s pulse quickened as Allen’s fingers entered her, and he began exploring her already wet cunt, rubbing her clit with his thumb while finger-fucking her with his index and middle finger.

“Hmm, just like that,” Katrina said hoarsely, and a grinning Allen fastened his lips to her tits, greedily sucking on them as he fingered her. Later, Allen buried his face between Katrina’s thighs and ate her out, his tongue sliding deep into her pussy. Katrina shuddered happily as Allen ate her pussy, taking his sweet time as he explored her womanhood with his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of the way she smelled and tasted…

“Let me get that ass,” Allen said, and Katrina grinned and turned around, spreading her thick golden ass cheeks wide open. While some men would have hesitated, Allen fingered her cunt and began eating her ass without hesitation. The tall Jamaican stud was an ass man through and true. He loved eating female ass, smacking it and fucking it. Soon Allen had Katrina moaning as he thrust two fingers into her wet pussy while burying his tongue in her asshole. Never let it be said that men from Jamaica don’t eat the groceries…

“Allen, I want you inside of me, like, right now!” Katrina said sharply, and Allen almost did a double take with a mouthful of ass, which caused his lady to laugh. Grinning, Allen smacked Katrina’s big butt and then pulled a condom from his wallet. The one thing he never left the house without. Rolling a condom on his already hard dick, he rubbed his manhood against Katrina’s ass.

“The things I’m going to do to that booty,” Allen said, and Katrina laughed and started shaking her ass from side to side, knowing how much Allen loved watching her twerk. Spreading wide, Katrina turned around and flashed Allen her most seductive and inviting smile. As Allen leaned in for a kiss, Katrina whacked him upside the head and laughed. In retaliation, Allen smacked her pert ass, and then eased his way into her. Katrina sighed happily as Allen entered her, feeding her hungry pussy his stiff dick, and just like that, they began fucking.

“Oh yeah, harder,” Katrina cried out, and Allen slammed his dick into her, gripping her hips so hard he feared he might leave imprints on her skin. Without caring where she was, Katrina screamed passionately, and Allen cut loose. They were so into each other that they didn’t hear the knocks on the door, nor did they sense the mall’s in-house security team walking in.

“Oh shit,” Allen said, blinking in surprise as the two uniformed security guards, a middle-aged black man and a young Arab guy, stared at him and Katrina in stunned silence. Katrina finally sensed the men’s presence and glared at them, and instead of apologizing, she shouted at them to get the hell away before she smacked them. Amazingly, the security guys mumbled something and exited the washroom.

“Well, that was fun, Allen, you need get dressed and we’re going for round two as soon as we reach your flat,” Katrina said, putting her top back on while Allen yanked his pants on and zipped them up. Smiling, the pair walked out of the washroom hand in hand, and waved at the security guys who waited for them outside. Katrina was still laughing as she and Allen were escorted to the security office.

Long story short? Allen Voltaire and Katrina Satsuki are banned from the Westfield Mall for the next six months, and their picture was distribute to security personnel. The temporary ban doesn’t bother them none since it isn’t even their favorite shopping center. Like most trendy young Londoners, they preferred the Brent Cross Shopping Center. As soon as they reached Allen’s flat, they picked up where they left off, and didn’t stop until an exhausted Allen begged for mercy, and Katrina finally let up.

“To many more days like this one,” Katrina said to a sweaty, tired Allen as she got up to go to the washroom. Allen watched her go, and smiled. For Katrina was sashaying that thick ass of hers from side to side, like a pendulum of absolute temptation, like only she could. Feeling his energy returning, Allen got up and stretched a bit, flexing his sore muscles. Looking ahead, he saw Katrina step into the shower and turn on the water. With a come-hither look on her lovely face, Katrina winked at him. Round three it is, Allen thought with a smile.

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