Breed by dominant old man

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Hi. My names Brooke. I’m 16, have shoulder long brown straight hair, nice little tits, and a nice plump ass.

One day I was walking home from school. I was wearing a tight longsleeve cloth shirt, tight black yoga pants, shin high white socks, sandals, and had my hair straight. Each day I have to walk to and from school.

Along the way, a walk through a pretty bad neighborhood. High crime, drug deals, poor living. When I was entering that neighborhood, I noticed a van following me. I picked up my pace a bit, and went down an alley way. The van persisted. The alley came to an end. The van cornered me, and a man in his 30’s got out. He had a scruffy beard, messy hair, dirty clothes, and shorts on. He walked up to me and slapped me. He put a gag in my mouth and picked me up. I tried screaming, but he hit me hard whenever I did.

He threw me in the back of the van, and climbed in with me. He took of his shorts and pulled out his hard 9 inch cock. He pulled out a gun and said, “Do what the fuck I say, or I blow your brains out” I nodded. He took out the gag and grabbed my chin hard. He said,” Ya, you’re a keeper.” He pressed his cocks to my lip and forced it into my throat. He began throat fucking me. My spit was going everywhere on my face and his cock. Then he pulled it out, slapped me, and threw me onto my stomach. He ripped my yoga pants down, tore my panties off, and shoved his cock in my cunt.

He began furiously raping my pussy. He kept fucking me for what seemed like forever. Finally he pulled me back onto him, and I felt his warm seed fill my cunt. He moaned loudly. He pulled out, opened the van door, threw me out, and he got in, and drove away. I lay in the alley for a few minutes recovering. I heard some voices. I turned my head to see 3 black men approaching. They were undoing their pants as they approached. I closed my eyes to act as though I was passed out. They all took a whole. One instantly dropped his monster cock into my throat. I opened my eyes.

He yelled,” Oh fuck she’s awake.” They each began raping me. The other two took my ass and pussy. They kept fucking me hard for about 15 minutes. They each came, and then they ran. Just then the man in the van returned. He picked me up, threw me in the van, and drove off. He brought me to his house, where 20 other men were waiting. It was horrible. A massive gangbang. 10 for an hour, and the other 10 the next. My pussy ached and was loaded with seed, as was my ass. My mouth had a lingering taste of semen, my hair and body was drenched in it. They let me leave and I walked home. I went upstairs and cried. The next day I walked to their house. I asked, “Want me again boys?”

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