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Breeding Jenna – An infertile man comes up with a plan to have a family

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I had been married to Jenna for five years. Our sixth anniversary was coming up in less than a month and we were both looking forward to it. I was 33 at the time, Jenna was 31. Our marriage was pleasant and happy, with only the occasional argument which we were both eager and logical to fix. We both saw a great, long future for us with everything going as planned. That was, of course, until everything seemed to come crashing down.
“We should have a baby,” Jenna said suddenly as we laid in bed reading.
“Oh yeah?” I responded.
“Yeah,” Jenna continued, “We’ve been married for almost six years, I just think it’s time.”
I had always known I wanted children and shared her feelings that now might be the time, but I had never given it much thought. I looked her in the eyes and saw the sincerity and love that had always been there for the last eight years.
“Ok, let’s do it,” I answered after pausing to think about it.
Jenna’s face lit up with delight. I always loved seeing her happy and it still aroused a strong love from deep inside my soul. She hugged me and kissed me, it felt as affectionate and loving as the kiss after we both said our vows. We made love that night, as we did many nights, and went to sleep with both of us dreaming of our future child together.
We had far from a sexless marriage. We were both still able to keep the spark and passion alive with each other and made efforts to keep it from dying. We had always used condoms instead of the pill or the shot, so luckily we were able to start trying immediately. In our younger days, we had both experimented sexually. Jenna was bi and had often played with other women. We both had threesomes with two women and two men, both as a couple and before we were together. Over the years, we slowed down and didn’t get as crazy as we used to, but we were both more than pleased. Jenna had a friend who was also bi and she would occasionally invite her into our bedroom, but only for special occasions. Our fantasies had been lived out and we had no regrets.
The next morning we set up a doctors appointment just to check and make sure we were both able to have children. The next available time slot was the Wednesday of the next week and while we waited we continued to try as often as possible. I grew to love the feel of bareback and soon decided that no matter what I wasn’t going back to using condoms.
The following Wednesday finally came. Sadly, we had to forgo our new tradition of fooling around before leaving for work as we didn’t want cum oozing from Jenna’s pussy when the doctor took a look at it. The appointment was at 9:30 and we both had trouble keeping our hands off each other while we waited to go. We went through all the tests and we told to come back on Friday to go over the results. We were both excited and hoping to have our child sooner rather than later.
“What do you think they’re going to say?” Jenna asked on the drive home.
“I’m sure that they’ll say everything is great and you’ll be pregnant before our anniversary,” I quickly answered.
“But what if they don’t?” Jenna inquired in a worried tone, “What if there is a problem?”
“Trust me,” I said as I had started so many sentences in our marriage, “They won’t.”
She squeezed my hand and smiled at me. I smiled back briefly before I looked back at the road. As soon as we got inside I threw her down on the couch, my sex drive now set to fuck her in the morning like clockwork. She screamed and laughed as she fell onto the couch. I quickly lifted my shirt over my head as she backed away on the couch. I grabbed her by the leg and pulled her back to the edge. I flipped her onto her stomach and bent her over the arm of the couch.
“Oh! Please, don’t!” She said jokingly with a laugh
“Don’t act like you haven’t been asking for it!” I snapped back with a lighthearted laugh.
I flipped her skirt up and yanked her panties down her legs, exposing her bare pussy and ass. I was already rock hard and quickly lowered my pants. My cock tented my boxers before I pulled them down as well. Jenna wiggled her tight ass at me and looked back with a sexy smile. She knew it excited me even more and wanted me to take her.
“Oh, John, I’ve been a baaaaaaad girl,” She said with a sultry tone.
“Yes you have,” I agreed, trying to sound semi-serious, “You deserve some punishment”
I gave her a firm slap on her ass as I lined my cock up with her pussy. I pushed it forward and felt her slit around my shaft as I rubbed my cock along the outside of her wet pussy. She moaned and thrust against me, sliding it faster around her mound. I spanked her ass again as I began to push my cock into her dripping wet pussy. I slowly pushed in, still new to the bareback feel and loving every second of it. Her pussy enveloped my shaft and her juices oozed around it. I thrust faster and harder while groping her ass and spanking her.
“Oh God yes,” She moaned loudly, “Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me John!”
“You like that don’t you?” I said as my cock pounded her pussy, “You like my cock inside you? You want me to give you all my cum?”
“Yes, yes, fuck yes, give me all you cum!” She screamed as she began to cum.
I kept pounding her pussy roughly as I spanked her ass. I could feel her pussy clinch around my shaft and head, her juices flowing around my shaft. Soon I could feel myself cumming as well. We both moaned and called out to each other as we came together. I shot my cum deep inside of her as she peaked and screamed my name. She pushed back against me to get me deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Our juices oozed out of her stretched pussy lips around my hard cock. I kept thrusting as my cock twitched and shot more and more cum into her pussy. Sweat ran down my head and dripped onto her back as we both finished. I stayed inside her as we took a second to catch our breaths before slowly pulling out and watching my cum drip down her leg.
“That was wonderful,” Jenna said, “I love you cumming inside of me.”
“I do to,” I replied, “I never want to stop.”
“Trust me, I’ll never let you stop,” She said looking back and me and smiling.
I smiled back before pulling my pants up and pulling Jenna off the couch. We spent the rest of the day together discussing our future child. Before bed we made love again, both of us going to sleep with smiles on our faces.
Friday came fast. We made love that morning, excited to hear what the doctor said. The appointment was late and at 2:30pm we left the house. We got to the doctor and were escorted into his office.
“Good morning,” the doctor said, “Thanks for coming in this morning.”
“Thank you for having us,” I replied.
“Well,” the doctor started in an ominous tone, “I have some bad news.”
As soon as he said that Jenna squeezed my hand. We both gasped and were unable to breathe for what felt like an eternity. The air felt dense and I began to sweat. Our minds raced in the brief couple seconds we waited to hear the news.
“John,” the doctor continued as my heart skipped a beat, “You are infertile.”
The words seemed to hang in the air. All I had wanted had just been sucked out of my soul. A nice, peaceful, happy morning had suddenly become the worst morning of my life. I didn’t know what to do. Jenna just cried, unable to speak. I was unable to breathe.
The doctor passed Jenna some tissues and started going on about how he knew the news was hard to take. He went over the exact results and what they meant and explained our options. Sadly, according to him my sperm was fucked. It was as useless in a condom as it was in Jenna’s sweet, fertile pussy. There was no hope. I would never be able to have children. Jenna and I cried in the doctor’s office. Our dreams dashed against the rocks in less than one hour. What were we to do next?
We didn’t talk on the way home. When we went inside I tried to grab Jenna by the waist and get some passion in this extra shitty day. Jenna rebuffed my advances without a word and went into the bedroom alone to cry. I sat on the couch and cried myself. I sat their and did nothing but watch TV and wonder what the hell we were going to do next.
Jenna came out of the bedroom around 6pm, her makeup smeared and her eyes puffy and red. She sat next to me and looked into my eyes with tears in her eyes.
“Well,” she said through her sobs, “What do we do now?”
“I don’t know,” I managed to choke out through my tears.
“It’s your sperm that’s a problem, you need to think of something!” She suddenly screamed.
I was shocked by her sudden anger but did my best to subdue my anger from it.
“I know, I will, I promise,” I stammered.
“You never know what to do! I hate you!”
In five years of marriage those words had never come out even in our most heated arguments. I was unable to hold back my anger now.
“I always solve everything!” I yelled, “Just give me some time!”
“Fuck you!”
That was it. I couldn’t sit there anymore and deal with this. I glared at her, tears running down both our cheeks. I stood up and quickly walked to the door. Jenna didn’t move or say anything to stop me. I got in the car and called my best friend Colin to talk to him. We met at a bar and had some beers while I told him about what had happened. The beer brought out my talkative side and I told him all about the last couple weeks.
“Well,” Colin said plainly, “You could always have someone else do it for you.”
He meant it in good intention but in my state I just became enraged. I quickly stood up, knocking over my barstool.
“What the fuck!” I suddenly exclaimed, “Are you talking about fucking my wife!”
“No, no, no,” Colin explained, obviously scared and surprised at my reaction, “Not me, just, I dunno, somebody.”
“Oh, and then what, raise another man’s kid!”
“John, calm down, I didn’t mean any offense.”
“Fuck you! I should have known you always wanted to fuck Jenna!”
The emotions of the day and the beer had made a terrible mix in my mind. In just a couple hours I had yelled at my loving wife and my best friend. I threw some money on the bar and stormed out the door. I got in my car and drove home, not sure what would be waiting for me.
I was relieved to pull into the drive and not see all my stuff thrown into the yard. I walked to the door and saw a note Jenna left for me.
“There’s a pillow and a blanket on the couch. DO NOT come into the bedroom!” The note read.
I frowned at the note before walking inside and sulking into the living room. I curled up on the couch and decided to watch TV before going to sleep. I laid there awake and slightly buzzed. I couldn’t focus on whatever bullshit movie was on the TV and was soon thinking about what Colin had said. Maybe that would work, maybe I could live with it. How to find a guy though? I couldn’t have a friend do it, I’d know who it was and it could ruin our friendship. I couldn’t have strangers do it either, too risky and I knew Jenna couldn’t do it. So what do I do?
“What about a group?” I said, thinking out loud.
It was like the quintessential lightbulb turned on over my head. It made so much sense. I would get 5 or 6 of my friends to come over and fool around with Jenna. I’d also participate and we’d all dump our cum inside of her. That way, when the baby was born, nobody would know who’s it was and I would take full responsibility for it. I got so excited by the thought that I had to masturbate, especially since apparently that’s all my seed is good for. All I had to do was figure out how to get Jenna to do it.
I woke up that Saturday morning to Jenna sitting by my feet on the couch. She gently rubbed my leg and looked at me with tired, haggard eyes.
“We need to talk,” Jenna said calmly.
“Yes we do,” I meekly replied.
“I’m sorry,” Jenna continued, “I shouldn’t have said the things I said.”
“It’s okay,” I said as I sat up and put my hand on her thigh, “Yesterday was emotional for both of us.”
“Yes, yes it was,” Jenna agreed, “I was just so excited about us having a family together and I thought that we were finally going to be a real family.”
“I know, me too.”
“Now what do we do? Will we ever be a real family?”
“I hope so,” I said, not sure whether to bring up my idea from last night.
We stared at each other in silence for a few seconds until Jenna slowly laid down on top of me. She laid her head down on my chest and I stroked her hair. I still loved her, but I could tell there was a tenseness between us. An uncertainty that we had never felt before. It was the worst I had ever felt in our long relationship. I knew I had to do something.
“Baby,” I said quietly, “What if there was a way we could still have a baby?”
Jenna looked at me questioningly. We had been over the options at the doctor’s the day before, but none of them seemed to interest us.
“What if we got someone else to impregnate you?” I blurted out, slightly more excited than I expected to be.
“What?” Jenna asked in an unsure tone.
“Well, I was thinking,” I continued, “I want to raise a child with you, but obviously I can’t have one. I was thinking last night about how we could do it.”
“Well, I don’t want it to be a stranger, that’d just be weird. I also don’t want it to be a friend of ours because then I’d get jealous and I’m not sure I could deal with it.”
“So what are you saying?”
“Well,” I said nervously clearing my throat, “What if we, um, had a few people that we know, um, help out a little bit.”
“What do you mean?”
“What if we got some of my friends and I guess some of yours to come over and get you pregnant?”
She stared at me for a few seconds but it felt like forever. I had no idea how my idea would be taken by her. I felt my cock begin to grow under the blanket at the anticipation of her answer.
“You mean, like a gangbang?” She asked in a tone that was an odd mix of questioning with a tinge of excitement.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“You’d be okay with that?”
“I don’t know, I just thought of it last night, and honestly I thought it would work.”
“Does it turn you on?”
The frankness of her question surprised me. I didn’t expect the conversation to go in that direction. I just looked at her with my mouth agape.
“I guess it does,” she answered as she rubbed her hand up against my stiffening cock, “Do you want to see me take cock after cock and get filled up with loads of cum?”
I was in shock. Was she getting as turned on as me by the idea? Was this really happening? Her hand stroked my cock through the blanket. She pulled it down and revealed my tented boxers. She looked up at me and smiled.
“It’s okay,” she said, “I like it too.”
She put her hand down my boxers and began to stroke my bare shaft. She leaned down and licked the head of my cock, teasing it with her tongue. Her mouth enveloped my shaft, her tongue expertly wrapping around my head. She began to go faster and faster up and down my cock with her mouth. I watched as her lips parted around my thickness. She took it out of her mouth and continued to stroke as she began to lick my sack.
“Oh yes baby, oh yes, I love it.”
She kept stroking but raised her head away from my crotch. She stood up and slowly removed her shirt and panties. She looked down on me, her wonderful tits almost obscuring her face from my view. The small sliver of morning light from the blinds accentuated her pussy and the small tuft of pubic hair just above it. I guided her down on top of me as she lined up my hard cock with her wet pussy. I felt her wetness as she lowered herself down onto my stiff member, slowly taking it all.
“Ooooooohhhhhhh,” She moaned.
I watched her breasts as she began to bounce up and down on my shaft. Her pussy clinched my penis as she quickly began to cum. I felt her juices ooze around her pussy lips and down my shaft and she rode my cock. She bounced faster and faster as her orgasm reached its peak. I imagined watching as she bounced on Colin’s cock. I imagined seeing her ride him while sucking off another friend of mine. I imagined a line of guys behind her, each of them watching, stroking, waiting. The fantasy was too much for me and I quickly came, shooting my cum deep inside of her. The cum oozed from her and onto my cock as she lifted herself off my cock. She immediately fingered herself and licked my cum off her fingers.
“That was amazing,” I said panting.
“Yeah it was,” She agreed, “Were you thinking about a gangbang too?”
I nodded in agreement. We hugged each other and felt closer to each other than we ever had. I couldn’t believe that this was going to happen. I just had to figure out how to make it happen. Over the rest of the weekend we discussed every aspect of what we were going to do.
“So who do you see in this?” Jenna asked me.
“I haven’t thought about it much,” I answered, “I think Colin has wanted to fuck you for awhile.”
“Oooooh, really!?” She replied, a little more excited than I expected, “I bet he’s got a huge cock!”
“Haha, I can’t say I’ve ever seen it.”
“His ex told me he’s at least 9 inches, though I haven’t seen it.”
The thought of that big of a cock penetrating my Jenna excited me more. I was a solid 8 inches, and the thought of someone even bigger was a major turn on.
“Who else?” Jenna asked.
“Well, maybe Greg?” I said questioningly, “Possibly James.”
Greg and James were two brothers I had known since college. They were both married and I didn’t think they were cheaters, but I knew for a fact that they had tag teamed a couple of girls in college.
“Oh yeah, that’d be hot,” Jenna replied in a sultry tone.
“How many guys do you want?” I asked.
“Enough to get the job done,” She replied.
“Well, let’s get Colin, Greg, James, Marshall, Henry, and myself.”
Marshall and Henry were friends of mine from work. They were both single, pretty good looking, and I assumed would be up for something like this.
“Ooooooh yeah,” Jenna moaned as she spoke, “I want all of them.”
I was a little jealous of my wife talking about my friends like this, but I was also unbelievably excited. We spent the rest of the weekend discussing how to get everyone involved and setting up a perfect time for it. We decided that the following Saturday was best. We didn’t want to give us or any of the guys too much time to reconsider and back out. We also wanted to do it as soon as possible because the idea excited both of us too much to wait for.
Monday came and I went to work in the morning. The whole time over breakfast Jenna hounded me on asking Marshall and Henry. I told her I would and left for the office. Around 12 I asked Henry and Marshall if they wanted to grab lunch. We went to a local chain place and managed to get a secluded booth in the back. I was nervous, but managed to work up the balls to explain our whole situation. They listened intently as I went over all the pertinent details.
“So, we made a decision on what to do,” I continued as the watching intently.
I took a deep breath as I paused and then continued.
“We decided that we need someone else to get Jenna pregnant,” I said as their eyes perked up, “We’re going to have a party with a few other guys this Saturday and we want everyone to fuck her and cum inside her.”
The silence after my last line was deafening. Henry and Marshall stared at me blankly for a couple seconds.
“You’re fucking shitting me!” Henry exclaimed.
“No way, no way!” Marshall concurred.
“I’m serious. We want a child and I don’t want it to be a stranger’s and I don’t want to be jealous of a friend. This is how we decided is the best way.” I replied.
“Well I’m definitely in!” Said Marshall excitedly, “I’ve wanted to fuck her for awhile!”
I gave him a dirty look even though his comment excited me. He responded by simply smiling and shrugging his shoulders.
“She is a hottie,” Henry agreed, “I’m in.”
I was amazed at how easy it was to get them to agree. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to fuck her, I still though she was as hot as she was when she was 25. We didn’t talk much through the rest of our meals. We went back to work and acted like everything was normal. Occasionally I’d receive a text from one of them to just confirm that I was serious and to get a couple details. I couldn’t help but get hard all day as I now had two confirmed people for our gangbang on Saturday.
I went home and shared the news with Jenna. She was excited and had me describe exactly everything they said. She wasn’t surprised that they were so willing, claiming that she had noticed both of them checking her out at a few company functions. I still had to get three other people on board to fulfill our fantasy, but at least there would be three of us.
That night I called Colin. Me and him had been friends forever. Sunday night wasn’t my proudest moment with him, but I knew we’d be fine, we’d been through worse. I also knew he’d be up for it if only to help me out. Me and him had never even seen each other naked, so that might be awkward but I didn’t think it’d be too bad. We quickly smoothed things over from Sunday night and then I had to talk to him about our plans.
“So, me and Jenna figured out how we could have a baby,” I told him flatly.
“How?” He asked over the phone.
I knew I couldn’t tiptoe around the issue and decide to just tell him.
“Well, we’ve decided to have a few guys over Saturday night and have them fuck her.”
There was a second of silence.
“Seriously?” He said in an unbelieving tone.
“Yes, seriously,” I answered, “And we want you to be one of them.”
There was a brief silence before I explained the reasoning behind our decision. He seemed to understand.
“So you seriously want a bunch of other guys cumming in your wife and you’ll raise the kid?” He asked, obviously not quite believing me.
“Yes, exactly.” I replied frankly.
“Well, I’ll do it. I should be free that night and to be honest I’ve always wanted to fuck Jenna.”
“Good, well you’ll get to.”
We left it at that and then discussed our normal topics. The conversation was more awkward than normal, but not too weird. Jenna was pleased that Colin was in. I was so turned on that we were going to have at least four guys fucking her that when we made love that night I came within five minutes.
The next day I called the brothers, Greg and James. It didn’t take much talking to get them into it. Was I so oblivious to everyone I knew wanting to fuck Jenna? At this point I was convinced that I could have gotten at least 20 people to fuck her Saturday night, everyone wanted to fuck her! It was complete, the six of us were going to gangbang my wife Saturday.
The rest of the week seemed to drag on. I was just looking forward to Saturday too much to be able to enjoy the wait. I talked to Jenna often about it and our sex had never been hotter. She was wet all the time from thinking about it and I couldn’t wait to see her take all those cocks.
Finally, Saturday came. It was like Christmas morning. We had both gone to sleep on Friday with nothing but the gangbang on our minds. We woke up early, anticipating the coming night. We fucked that morning, both of us too excited to last long. We went to the grocery store to get some supplies. Beer, chips, salsa, ice, lube, etc. It was like we were shopping for the world’s best Super Bowl party.
“What the fuck are you going to do with that?” Jenna asked as I grabbed a disposable camera.
“I figured I’d take some pictures.” I quickly answered.
“Well what about the guy that develops them?”
“I’m sure he’ll like the pics,” I answered with a wink.
Her sultry smile was the only answer I needed before throwing it in the cart. We finished our shopping and went to get the house ready. We still had a few hours before the game and we’re both tingling with excitement. We told each other we couldn’t fool around so we’d be ready for the party. We did everything we could to keep our minds occupied. Within just a couple hours the house was cleaner than when we moved in.
At around 7pm the doorbell rang. We had told everyone 8pm but I expected at least one person to be early, and that person was Colin. I told Jenna to go wait in the bedroom and put on the outfit we had agreed on for the night. I didn’t want anyone, even Colin, to see her before the party started. I answered the door and invited Colin inside.
“Where’s Jenna?” Colin asked as soon as he walked in.
“Easy there buddy,” I responded laughing, “She’s waiting until everyone gets here.”
We laughed and went to the fridge to grab beers. For the next 45 minutes we shot the shit and had a couple beers. The air was tense with anticipation. I went to the bathroom at one point and could have sworn I heard Jenna moaning from the bedroom. I knew she must be masturbating nonstop in there while she waits for the party to start. Around 7:45 the doorbell rang again. I answered it and was delighted to see Greg and James there.
“Where’s Jenna?” They asked almost in unison.
“Hold your Rocky(H)s,” I said, laughing again, “She’ll be ready in a few minutes.”
They came inside and grabbed a beer each. We all had a beer together until the doorbell rang again. I answered it to find Marshall there.
“Where’s Jenna?” He asked quickly.
I didn’t even answer this time and just laughed. He came in and grabbed a beer. I looked at my watch which said 8:03. I decided to get the party started without Henry and stood up to go get Jenna. Just as I stood up the doorbell rang and I was pleased to find Henry there.
“Where’s Jenna?” Henry asked.
I couldn’t even laugh this time and just guided him into the living room. All the guys sat there, obviously eager for the party to begin. I went into the bedroom and found Jenna furiously rubbing her pussy through her lingerie. I was so turned on by the sight but knew I couldn’t fuck her since we both had to be ready for the party.
“It’s time.” I said, unable to control my excitement.
“Oh thank God!” She answered, jumping off the bed.
We walked into the hallway and I stopped her before we got to the living room. I stepped in front of the guys by myself with Jenna waiting just out of sight.
“Thank you all for coming tonight,” I said, “We really appreciate you helping us out. I think this is going to be a lot of fun for everyone.”
The guys stood up and cheered a bit, ready for the party.
“Now, without further ado, I present to you my wife, my slut, my Jenna,” I said as I grabbed Jenna’s hand and guided her into the living room.
She walked in slowly, making a show of it. She was wearing black high heels, making her even taller than her normal 5’7″. Her legs were clad in sheer black stockings held on her thighs by a black lacy garter. Her black lacy panties were slightly obscured by the black teddy she wore. Her breasts looked amazing in the black lace bra only partially covered by the teddy. All at one five jaws dropped to the floor. She posed in front of them as sexily as possible. Nobody seemed to know what to do until Henry stepped up and kissed her.
I watched as the men gathered around her. Henry continued kissing her as the others rubbed their hands all over her body. They groped her tits and ran their hands up and down her body. My cock stiffened in my pants and I soon began removing my clothes. Greg pulled Jenna’s right tit our of her bra and began licking her stiff nipple. She moaned in pleasure as Marshall did the same with the left one. Colin stood behind her and kissed her neck while his hands ran down into her panties. I had never seen anything so erotic.
“Ooooooh,” Jenna moaned as Colin’s hand rubber her mound.
“She wants it so bad,” James said as she rubbed the bulge in his pants.
The guys all began to undo their pants. Soon all of them had their pants and underwear on the ground, exposing various sizes of cock. Jenna didn’t lie as Colin was easily 9 inches and slightly thicker than me. Greg and Marshall were both about my size in length and thickness. Henry was a little smaller than me and James was the smallest. I couldn’t believe I was seeing my wife surrounded by five stiff cocks and soon I had mine out as well. I stepped up to the group and watched as they caressed and fondled her.
“Oh yes,” She moaned as I could tell she was already close to orgasming from Colin’s hand.
Jenna started grinding her hips against Colin’s hand that was furiously rubbing her pussy in her lace panties. I watched as the guys squeezed her tits and ass while Colin fingered her. She was moaning louder and louder as Colin’s fingers pushed deep inside of her. She reached down and began stroking Henry’s and Greg’s stiff cocks. I could tell they loved it as they begin lightly thrusting against her strokes.
“What a dirty whore,” James said as he groped her breasts.
“Oh God yes, I am a dirty whore, oh yes, fuck yes, ooooooh fuck!” Jenna screamed as her orgasm peaked, “I want you all to fuck me!”
I began stroking myself, wanting to just watch while everyone else had their way with my wife. Colin eased up on fingering her as she came down from her orgasm. With her orgasm done I saw Marshall push down on her shoulders and guide her onto her knees. She obeyed and got on her knees surrounded by 4 stiff cocks. I watched as she eagerly took James into her mouth. Like a dirty slut she quickly took it all the way in her mouth while stroking Marshall and Colin. She took James out of her mouth and quickly replaced it with Henry. They all stood around watching as she took turns sucking them all off.
“Oh my God, it’s so big!” She exclaimed as she finally got to Colin last.
The size didn’t stop her as Jenna took it into her mouth slowly. Soon she had her lips around the base of his shaft. I never knew she could take that big of a cock and as more turned on than I had ever been. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she worked her mouth up and down Colin’s shaft. Her hands stroked Henry and James as her lips spread around Colin’s long, thick shaft. He grabbed her head and thrust in and out of her mouth. She gagged as the cock went down her throat.
“Oh my God,” James exclaimed, “This girl can fucking suck a cock!”
“I always knew she was a whore!” Marshall agreed.
“Make me you’re dirty whore!” Jenna yelled as she removed Colin’s cock from her mouth.
The guys made short time of picking her up off her knees. They began kissing and groping and squeezing all over her body again. They ripped off her top, exposing her breasts and stomach. James reached down and ripped a large hole in the front of her panties. Her wet pussy was exposed to all of them and they took turns fingering her. James fingered her deep with his index and middle fingers as Marshall also forced his fingers into her pussy. She moaned loudly as her pussy was violated by two sets of fingers.
“Oooooh God yes!” Jenna moaned as she was double penetrated by James and Marshall’s fingers, “I want your cocks!”
I couldn’t believe Jenna was talking this way and it turned me on even more. I was stroking harder and faster as I watched my wife get ravaged by my friends’ hands and fingers. They threw her down on the couch, sitting her on it with her legs spread, making easy access to her pussy for all of them.
“I’m fucking that whore first!” James yelled as he kneeled in front of the couch.
He immediately shoved his cock into her spread, eager pussy. She moaned loudly as he thrust deep inside of her. He buried his cock all the way to his balls deep inside of her. Marshall and Henry got on their knees on either side of her and she quickly took the hint to start stroking them. I had to stop stroking so I could save my cum and just watched as James fucked her hard and deep while she stroked Marshall and Henry.
“Oooooooh fuck yes!” Jenna screamed as she came again.
James furiously pounded her pussy as she thrust back against him. Colin walked around the back of the couch and grabbed her head to guide it into his cock. She was moaning in pleasure but quickly took his whole 9 inches into her mouth again. He leaned over her and began thrusting in her throat. Jenna took his whole cock like a champ as James pounded away at her pussy. Her hands went up and down Henry’s and Marshall’s shafts as she moaned. I could see her pussy juice drip down onto the couch.
“Oh shit,” James screamed, “I’m going to cum!”
I watched as he pushed deep inside of my wife and began to shoot his hot cum into her pussy. She pushed against him to get it deeper and deeper as he shot spasm after spasm into her.
“Oh fuck yes!” Jenna screamed as she took Colin out of her mouth, “Give me your cum!”
James held her there as his orgasm finished and then stood up. Henry soon kneeled to take his place as James’ cum oozed from her pussy. Colin stepped back and kneeled on the couch next to Jenna. James stepped behind the couch and pushed Jenna’s head into his cock to make her clean it off. As she cleaned off all his cum and her juices Henry thrust his cock deep into her. She sucked James and stroked Colin and Marshall as Henry pounded her pussy.
“Oh yes, yes, fuck me!” Jenna yelled as another orgasm rushed through her body.
She bounced up and down on the couch in time with Henry’s thrusts, getting him deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Her juices mixed with James’ cum seeped out of her pussy around Henry’s shaft. I began stroking again as I watched it fall onto the couch. She furiously stroked Marshall and Colin as James stepped away from the action.
“Oh my god,” Henry moaned, “Your pussy feels so good!”
He must have been really turned on because he very quickly shot his load into my wife’s pussy. He kept thrusting as he came and deposited all his cum deep inside of her. She moaned and screamed as her pussy was filled with even more cum.
“I love your cum!” Jenna screamed as Henry’s orgasm finished, “I need more! Give this whore your cum!”
Unlike James, Henry just stepped away after he finished, watching the action from a few feet away. Marshall kneeled in his spot and eagerly thrust his cock into her pussy. Colin began kissing her and squeezing her tits as she started bouncing on Marshall’s cock. Her tits bounced in Colin’s hand as Marshall fucked her fast, hard, and deep. He pounded away, over and over again. Thrusting deep inside of her. Colin stopped kissing her and began sucking on her nipples. She moaned and moaned and screamed and screamed. The mix of fluids dripping from her pussy was the hottest thing I had ever seen and I had to stop stroking again to keep from shooting my load.
“Oh my god, yes, yes,” Jenna screamed, “Ooooooohhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please, harder!”
Marshall listened and somehow fucked her even harder and faster. He moaned and screamed as he began cumming into her pussy. I was amazed at how much he came as he seemed to be inside her forever after he started to cum. I could see his cock twitch over and over again. Jenna looked at him and moaned, grabbing him to pull him deeper. Finally his cock stopped twitching and he pulled out. As he did, I could see Jenna’s gaping vagina and the cum dripping from it onto the couch.
“Oh my god,” Marshall exclaimed, “That was wonderful!”
He walked behind the couch and made Jenna clean him off. She eagerly licked off all her juices mixed with James’, Henry’s, and Marshall’s cum. I could tell she loved it and soon Colin kneeled in front of her. He pussy was stretched open by all the cocks, but Colin’s was by far the biggest. I could see her wince with pain and pleasure as he pushed it into her. He went slowly, easing it all into her pussy.
“Holy shit!” Jenna yelled, “It’s so fucking big!”
I couldn’t believe she was taking his whole cock as he began thrusting in and out of her. He got faster and harder with each thrust. Marshall walked away and the 4 of us watched as Colin fucked Jenna. He began to pound away at her pussy as she wrapped her legs around him. She grabbed his shoulders and bounced against his thrusts. Her pussy lips stretched around his thick shaft as he pounded her pussy.
“Your pussy feels so good,” Colin said, “So fucking good!”
“Fuck it Colin, pound my whore pussy!”
He kept thrusting away as he grabbed her hips. He guided her up and down on the couch as he thrust harder and faster. He pounded her pussy and soon had her orgamsing again. I had never heard her moan or scream so loudly.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck, yes, oh, fuck me, yes, yes, yes!” Jenna yelled.
The couch cushion was soaked with cum and Jenna’s pussy juice and more and more oozed out around Colin’s thick shaft. Colin kept pounding fast and hard as Jenna moaned and screamed. He squeezed her tits roughly and leaned forward to bite her nipples as he kept pounding.
“Oh shit yes, yes, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh,” Jenna yelled as her orgasm kept going and going, “I want your cum!”
That was all it took to make Colin cum. He moaned and grasped her tits as he thrust deep inside of her. We all watched as his massive cock twitched in her pussy, depositing his load deeper than anyone else. Jenna screamed and moaned at the peak of her orgasm with the first shot of cum. He thrust in and out as his cock kept spasming and shooting cum. She pulled him in deeper with her legs as her orgasm subsided. Colin’s cock soon stopped twitching and he slowly pulled out. A wonderful mix of everyone’s cum dripped out.
“Oh my God,” Jenna said short of breath, “Oh my God that was amazing.”
“Yes it was,” James agreed.
Henry and Marshall just nodded as they started putting their clothes back on. Colin stood looking at her silently for a bit before picking up his clothes and putting them back on. I remained naked and unbelievably hard as they all got dressed. We said our goodbyes quickly as the guys filed out of the house.
“Holy shit that was amazing,” I said as the door closed and I turned to Jenna still naked and oozing cum on the couch.
“Yes it was,” Jenna said still catching her breath, “Best sex I’ve ever had.”
“There’s still more,” I said as I kneeled in front of her.
I shoved my cock into her wet, cum filled, pussy. It was loose from all the cum and fucking – and Colin’s huge cock of course. I was so turned on I came almost immediately. I couldn’t help it, but I loved putting my useless seed in there too.
We went to bed and laid down in each others’ arms. We didn’t say a word but it was obvious that we both loved the night we had and were just hoping we were going to have a baby. We woke up in the morning and I fucked Jenna again before she washed the cum out of her pussy.
Over the next couple weeks Jenna began to show some early signs of pregnancy. We were both excited and rushed to set up an appointment. The next available day was our anniversary. We set the appointment and went as planned, excited to hear some hopefully good news. We held hands in the doctor’s office as he gave us the news.
“John, Jenna,” The doctor said, “You’re going to have a baby.”
We held hands and Jenna cried with joy. We were going to be a family. All thanks to a little help from my friends…

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