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Bronya: Torture Queen

25 Min Read

The school bell rang suddenly, awakening Ryan from his Friday afternoon slumber. Mr Green had been going on for 15 minutes about some part of Chemistry he didn’t understand and had switched off as soon as the word “orbitals” came out of his mouth. Boredom had descended on the classroom but it was quickly replaced by excitement as the bell signalled the end of school and the beginning of the weekend. Pupils flooded out of the classroom into the corridor, promptly joined by hundreds of others, all holding equal amounts of joy at the end of school. Ryan collected his books and bag and followed suit heading out into the quickly emptying school corridor, taking his phone out of his pocket as he felt it going off in his pocket, while he headed for his locker.
“1 New Message” . It was from John. “Just reminding everyone bout the end of school party tonight at mine, free house! As if you’d forget hah! See you there! BYOB X”
Ryan reached his locker and opened it up before emptying the contents into his bag. He wandered through the now empty corridors of school contemplating what tonight would hold. He didn’t mind John, and it was the end of term, but he couldn’t bring himself to be at all excited about the party, part of him just wanted to sit at home and watch TV, and on any other occasion he probably would, but he had already told John he was going, and Ryan’s friends were all going too as well as Hannah, a prospective love interest, it probably would have been social suicide to not make an appearance.
His phone started buzzing again. It was his friend Mark calling. He answered and had a brief phone call about the logistics of the night before hanging up and heading for the exit of the school. He passed numerous empty classrooms before hearing some voices coming from one of the computing rooms. He recognised one instantly, it was a girls voice. Bronya’s. Bronya was the bitch of his year, rich, stuck up, spoilt and always getting her own way. Her dad gave enormous donations to the school meaning she could get away with murder for the schools fear of losing the financial support should they tell her off for anything. Most of the guys loved her, but she treated them like garbage, knowing her looks would always drive them back to her, and if not then her money would. Ryan hated her though, and was one of the few guys in his year who could see past the stunning exterior to the heartless selfish bitch that lay beneath. She was also always giving Ryan funny looks, he would often catch her looking at him intently, eyes focused on him, as though she was lost in her own thoughts, Ryan always assumed it was just her looking down at him. As he got closer he could make out that the other voice was a guys. As he walked past he looked in. He caught a glance of Bronya, standing menacingly, her dark blonde hair flowing over her slight shoulders, hands on hips, in front of George, a boy who had been held back a year, early on in his school life and so therefore a year older than any of us, but never really fitted in with any of the social groups and ended up spending most of his time in the computer lab. Ryan listened in, interested to see what reason she could possibly want to talk to the reject of our year for.
“You better get it!”, he heard Bronya saying fiercely to George.
“Ye…yeh..yeh…I…I will”, George stuttered
“Good, cause me and my girls want to get wasted tonight, and if you ruin it, you’ll regret it, trust me!”, she snarled.
“Yeh, of course, but only if my mum doesn’t see, she doesn’t like me being alcohol for other people especially underages” George whimpered back.
“What!? Excuse me! I don’t give a fuck what your mum says, I want to get drink, and you’re the only one who is old enough to buy it, or else, you’ll get it!” She said as she grabbed his arm and bent it into an awkward position, he yelped instantly, pain shooting through his face. She held his arm there for a few seconds before letting go. The message had sunk as George nodded pitifully. Bronya was smiling sadistically, she had enjoyed hurting him, and getting her own way. There was a moment of silence between them, as she savoured the moment, before she snapped out of it, smiled innocently said goodbye and touching his arm gently and walked confidently out the room as if nothing had happened. As she exited she came face to face with Ryan, and smiled sweetly at him too.
“Hey Ryan”, she cooed, “Going to the party tonight yeh? See you there” and marched off without a chance for Ryan to speak.
Ryan turned round to watch her leave, and noted she was swaying her ass sexily, playing with Ryan’s mind like she did with every other guy, only Ryan didn’t fall for the trap. He was hardly surprised by the events that had unfolded, after all he knew what Bronya was like. However he was rather stunned as to how easily she over powered George. He knew Bronya worked, out, she had a gym in her house, and had a stunningly fit, toned body, but George was a big guy, easily 200 pounds, yet she made him seem like a feather. It was a brief thought, as he generally didn’t concern himself with anything to do with Bronya, just out of pure hate, and so immediately forgot about it all and headed home.
The party was in full swing, loud music, some people chatting, some dancing others outside smoking. Ryan had been there for over an hour but still wasn’t in the mood for a party, his friend were all drunk and he wasn’t, and plus Hannah still hadn’t arrived but the bitch Bronya, with all her friends had. He got up from the couch he was sitting on and wandered through the house taking it all in the, music, the laughter, the smell of booze. He entered the kitchen and headed for the table of booze. There were plenty folk milling about but couldn’t help but instantly notice Bronya and her friends in the corner of the kitchen chatting away. He glanced over briefly and caught Bronya in the middle of that stare again. He turned away shaking his head, he had decided he was going to leave. He went round the house trying to find his friends but couldn’t anywhere, so he presumed they had gone out for a fag. Picking up a few more beers in the kitchen for the walk home, Ryan noticed Bronya again staring at him, biting her lip something he had also noticed her do before. He decided to just ignore it and headed for the door and the walk home.
It was a rather pleasant night, relatively warm so Ryan could walk just in his polo clutching his jacket by his side. He had finished the beers he had taken, and now was just listening to the night. It was silent. Silent darkness. He had decided to take the shorter route through the park, against his mum’s wishes who insisted never to go through there alone. Nothing ever happened there but it was just an unwritten rule which Ryan was breaking tonight, the alcohol in his system giving him the courage to do so. His phone buzzed in his pocket, breaking the dead of night. He flipped up his phone and was greeted with a message from Hannah. She had arrived at the party. His heart sank slightly as he knew he was missing a great opportunity. He started to contemplate heading back, was it worth it? Did he really have a chance of getting with her? It was then that he heard footsteps. He looked up. He couldn’t see anyone but could now he the distinct sound of a single pair heels clicking against the pathway. After a few minutes a girl emerged from around the corner of the pathway, Ryan could make her out instantly, the unmistakeable figure of Bronya. As she moved into the light of a street lamp it only confirmed his assumption. Her blonde hair was down, slightly wavey, flowing down past her neckline, ending just at her breasts, which were pushed up and emphasized by the tight grey t-shirt she was wearing. Her legs when encased in tight leather leggings ending before the black high heels she wore giving her an extra few inches of height.
She continued towards him walking as sexily as she could, until she came to a yard away from him and stopped.
“Hello there Ryan.” She said she seductively, batting her eyelashes. Ryan wasn’t going to fall for this.
“Hi Bronya”, he murmured back.
She looked him up and down, taking him in biting her lip at the same time, it was evident she had something on her mind.
The light from a street lamp was now fully on her, the leather of her leggings shining brilliantly. Ryan had never really noticed her appearance before, but noted now that the tight leather leggings really emphasized her toned, athletic legs.
“Where you heading then Ryan?”, she said, emphasizing my name.
“Well home, but I’m gonna head back to the party again, so see ya”, he replied hastily, and quickly turned away in the direction of the party.
Ryan half turned round, again catching the light shining of her leggings, she had moved closer towards him now.
“What?”, Ryan said in disgust.
“Just wondering if you could lend me some money for a taxi home?”, she asked innocently.
“As if you need money”, he said dismissively and once again turned for the direction of the party. Suddenly it all happened. As he turned he felt her hand grab his arm and with surprising strength she spun him round, and before he knew he was facing her, her foot came crashing into his balls. The pain was instantaneous. Ryan doubled over clutching his crotch, groaning in pain. Bronya smiled sadistically allowing a quiet laugh to creep past her shiny lips. She sauntered round her victim, she knew this was over, there was no way he could escape, she had got her prey, now she was just going to play with it. She him upright again by his hair, looked at him wickedly biting her lip once more, and sent a leather clad knee crashing into his balls again. She let him drop to the floor, screaming in pain. It was making her wet. She loved nothing more than dominating and torturing guys. Ryan was rolling on the floor in agony, moans breaking the silence of the night.
She used her foot to roll Ryan onto his back and stepped over him, her sexy legs either side of his body. Ryan looked up through his smarting eyes, and saw the evil smile Bronya was making at him. He couldn’t believe what was happening or why, all he cared about though was the throbbing pain in his balls that this girl had caused him and seemed to get so much pleasure out of doing so too. Ryan knew she Bronya was evil and wicked but never really in the physical way that she was now.
Bronya bent down and pulled Ryan’s body up, between her thighs, so that his diaphragm was between them and squeezed them together, holding Ryan between her legs her hands clutching at his shirt. Ryan struggled, trying to fight her away, but unbelievably to Ryan she was too strong for him. She held him there between her legs staring mercilessly at him, once again biting her lip.
“Let go of me you bitch!” Ryan shouted, struggling, trying to pry himself free.
Bronya laughed wickedly.
“Make me”, she sneered, and with that she started to squeeze her legs together, crushing Ryan’s rib cage.
The effect was immediate. The air was forced out of Ryan’s lungs and he was now gasping for air. He groped at her legs, feeling the toned muscle underneath the leather. His hands flailed pathetically feeling the soft smooth leather that contained her muscular legs. He tried to force his hand between her thighs and his body but her legs were so strong there was no hope. He was no screaming for air as he felt his ribs begin to bend as she increased she pressure, and her crotch got wetter and wetter, each moan and scream of pain, moistening the leather underwear she was wearing. He felt the life draining from him as she crushed him sadistically between her thighs.
“Argghhhhh Bronyyya, please”, he managed to force out, but he knew it was in vain. She was so dominant and so strong there was no hope for him. Her leather bound legs were destroying him, any minute now he thought his ribs would snap but hoped he would faint from the pain and lack of oxygen before that happened.
She increased she pressure again, Ryan screamed even louder, now feeling the muscle of her legs right against his ribs.
“Bronya please, stop!”
“Shhhhh, there is no point in screaming, no one will save you”, she said as she put a soft hand against his mouth. She shifted her legs slightly releasing the pressure allowing her to roll up his shirt to his chest, and then reapplied her legs against his bare skin. Ryan could now feel the smooth leather of her leggings against his skin, rubbing against his ribcage, and the muscle’s it contained. She squeezed her legs together once more, he tried to fight it but knew resistance was useless. He could see the enjoyment she was getting out of this, smiling sadistically as she crushed his body.
Bronya looked at her victim, completely defenceless. Her pussy was so wet, and she was so turned on by the screams of pain that she was causing this man. Now to finish him off she thought. She shifted her legs a bit further up Ryan’s ribcage, giving him a little breathing space.
“Time to say goodnight”, she purred, and leaned down and kissed him and then squeezed her legs together harder than before, making Ryan scream even louder, her legs showing no mercy as she crushed the life out of him. There was a snap and louder scream as a rib cracked, Bronya was now moaning with pleasure, her underwear soaking. Ryan had gone delirious from the pain and lack of oxygen, he knew he was about to faint, but could still feel the leather rubbing against his body. Bronya knew she was doing permanent damage to this guy, her legs torturing his body, but she didn’t care, she was out of control, her sodden pussy and love for torturing guys making her lose any sense of conscience. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t even notice Ryan fainting. It was only after a few minutes that she realised there was no longer any screaming. She looked down at his lifeless body held up between her legs. She released them and let his body drop to floor. He remained still. Bronya sighed. Her pleasure had got the better of her again, as she had gone too far, it was never quite as fun when the victim fainted, she loved to see them squirm and hear them scream. She reached into her handbag and took out a taser, and bent down putting it against Ryan’s crotch and fired it.
Ryan jolted awake, his head spinning, rib cage hurting and now his balls and dick in agony. Bronya was smiling wickedly down at him.
“Hello there”, she snarled.
“What the…?”, Ryan was still dazed and hurting, it took him a few seconds to get his bearings and figure out where he was and what had happened. It then dawned on him, and Bronya saw his face change from confusion to horror.
“You bitch”, he shouted, and raised a hand taking a swipe in her direction, but Bronya caught it and in one swift strong movement, rolled him over onto his back bending his arm behind him. Ryan was too weak to resist the strong movement, and felt his other arm being taken behind him as well. Bronya now sat on his back, on her knees, legs either side of his body pinning him down. His t-shirt was still pulled up, so he her tight leather bound ass rest on the small of his back. She brought his hands together, and reached into her handbag again with one hand. Ryan couldn’t see what was going on, he could only feel her other hand still holding his two arms together, and unable to move them. He then felt a thick soft leather loop being passed over each hand and onto his wrists. Bronya had placed her favourite restrainers on him, she then pulled another bit of leather attached to both cuffs, pulling his hands together tightly. Ryan realised he had been tied up. He could feel the leather bonds rubbing tightly on each wrist as he tried to struggle out of them. Bronya admired her work. She had had the bonds specially made, two soft leather wrist cuffs, attached together and tightened by a belt like mechanism.
“What the hell Bronya?? Let me go!” Ryan shouted again, still on his front trying to work his hands free.
“There is no point in struggling, you won’t break the leather”, she smirked. “Now shhhh”, she taunted, and pulled his head back taking out a leather gag and fitting around his head and mouth with expert ease. She then rolled him back over onto his back and stood up watching her victim squirm, muffled noises coming from behind the gag. The whole process had made her dripping wet, and got her pussy very excited. She took a long leather glove out of her bag, and put into onto her left hand, the luxurious leather shining in the moonlight. Ryan looked on, watching this bitch put the glove on all the time she was smiling sadistically down at him. With the gloved hand she then reached inside her leather leggings and started fingering herself, slipping a leather-covered finger right into her soaked pussy. Ryan stood and watched as she fingered herself, hearing her moans ring in his ears. After a few minutes she withdrew the now wet leather glove and took a small bottle out of her bag and sprayed a small amount of liquid onto the glove. She then lowered herself back onto his chest, Ryan feeling the leather leggings against his bruised skin once more. She moved her hand towards his face, letting him have a close up look at her gloved hand. He could see the cum glistening on the two fingers of the glove that she had fingered herself with.
“This will knock you out”, Bronya announced, pointing where she had sprayed the liquid on the glove, “not that I couldn’t do it myself however, and the cum, well that’s just for my pleasure and for humiliating you”, and with that she placed the leather gloved hand onto his mouth and nose. Ryan instantly smelled her juices, the stench filling his nostrils and feeling the cum and leather on his nose. He tired to hold his breath, but could only do so for seconds before being forced to take a deep breath of cum, leather and chloroform. His vision faded, the world turning black, the last thing he saw and heard, was Bronya sadistic smile and evil laugh.

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