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Brother and sister are doing the “nasty” when their mom catches them at it

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This story was written as an xxx fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

Pam Fulton and her twin brother, David, had been working
for several days now, cleaning out the downstairs
bedroom. It had belonged to Steve, their older brother.
Steve had gone off to college and Pam was eager to get
his room, since it was larger than hers and easier to
sneak back into the house if she was out too late with a

Dave did most of the heavy lifting and moving, while Pam
laid out the room’s decor. Being very close, the kids
laughed, teased and flirted a lot, arguing playfully
over the number of times things were moved. Pam was
wearing her light blue cutoffs, the ones with holes on
her ass, and every now and again Dave took great
pleasure in sliding a finger through to tickle and
fondle his sister’s tight young ass. At fifteen, Pam had
a firm, trim body, and the shorts made her ass look
round and inviting, even to her brother.

With her old room empty, Pam and David cleaned the walls
and windows, then got ready to shampoo the carpet. They
were half way through when their mother came in.

“Hey, great job, kids!” she beamed.

“Thanks Mom,” they chorused.

Karen Fulton was almost thirty-six and a mother of three
teenage children, but she looked much younger. Pam’s
friends often complimented her on it. She’d even caught
some of David’s friends staring longingly at her firm
ass or tits when they didn’t think she was looking. And
she couldn’t be sure, but Karen thought she had even
seen David ogling her once or twice.

She didn’t mind, if anything, she was flattered at the
attention. It pleased Karen to know that she could still
excite adolescent boys despite the age difference.
Regular aerobics and a strict vegetarian diet had kept
her figure just as slim, trim and appealing as the day
she married, her husband Frank.

Karen’s husband Frank, had driven Steve to college and
since it was a long trip, he’d decided to stay overnight
and return early the next day. Already, Karen wished
that Frank had taken her advice and let Steve take the
bus, but Frank wanted some time to talk to Steve so
Karen relented. She had been feeling particularly horny
all day, and now that Frank had gone she would deeply
miss his presence in her bed tonight.

Even after eighteen years of marriage they enjoyed a
regular and fulfilling sex life, but Karen found she
needed sex at least once a day or she became exceedingly
randy. On such occasions she masturbated, either with
her fingers or the vibrator Frank had bought her, but it
never really took the place of a hard throbbing cock.

Karen watched the twins work – and in her present frame
of mind – she couldn’t help notice how David’s tight
young ass nicely filled out his shorts. He had removed
his shirt and his strong chest and thigh muscles flexed
deliciously as he worked. Then, Karen noticed the
considerable bulge in the front of David’s tight pants.
Her pussy tingled and began to moisten automatically at
the alluring sight of a hard, male crotch. For some
reason, until now, she hadn’t realized what a hunk her
own son had grown into.

For a split second, Karen pictured him naked, his stiff
young cock ready for action… hot and hard and
throbbing. Just as suddenly, guilt washed over her and
Karen quickly dismissed the incestuous thought from her
mind, announcing instead that she was going to do some
shopping. It was the only thing that seemed to calm her
down when she got this horny.

She asked the twins if they wanted anything from the
shops and Pam made up a short list of things that they
needed. Windex, paper towels, some spot remover, and a
new vacuum cleaner bag. She also made a remark that
Steve wouldn’t recognize his “pig-sty” of a room when he
came back from college. Her mother laughed, taking the

“I’ve got to stop at the cleaners too hon. Do you have
anything that you want taken in?” she asked.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me,” Pam said, darting
downstairs and fetching her blue dress. A few minutes
later, her mother departed out the front door, telling
them she’d be back in about an hour.

Pam squatted down by the rented rug shampoo machine,
reading the directions on the bottle of soap. She had
just finished reading when David’s hands slid around her
and cupped her firm, full breasts in his hands. She let
him feel her up for a few seconds, pretending that
nothing was happening.

It was only when Dave slid a hand down to the crotch of
her shorts and began to rub his fingers over her cunt-
mound that Pam finally pulled away.

“Stop it, Dave! I’m your sister for chrissakes!” she
said in mock anger, but the sly little smile on her face
told her brother how much she had enjoyed his hands on
her sexy young body. From past experience, Dave knew his
sister was perpetually horny. He’d been spying on her
with her boyfriends since they were fourteen and he’d
seen enough to know that Pam had ceased to be a virgin
long ago. In fact, she had a reputation at school for
putting out at the drop of a hat… or pants for that

As always, the thought of his sexy twin sister throwing
her long creamy legs wide for half the boys at school
excited him, unfortunately he wasn’t getting any of it.
Pam went through boyfriends like clean underwear, (or
was that the other way around), and right now she was
between laundry deliveries.

She hadn’t been out on a date for two weeks, and Dave
knew she must be horny as hell; he could smell it on
her. Like her mother, Pam needed sex daily or she went
apeshit. Dave smiled. He’d had the hots for his sexy
sister for some time now… this might be his chance to
try something on with her.

“Getting any lately, Sis?” he teased, putting his arm
around her shoulder.

“More than you are, nerd!” she countered, shrugging him

“Aw, don’t be like that, Sis!” said Dave. He stood
directly in front of her so that Pam could see the huge
bulge in the crotch of his pants.

“Christ, Dave!” she giggled. “What have you got stuffed
in there… three pairs of socks or something?”

“Nope! It’s all me, Sis… all me.”

“I don’t believe it!” said Pam, reaching out

Her fingers curled around her brother’s semi-hard cock
through the thin material of his shorts, and she gasped.

“Jesus, Dave! It IS all you… MY GOD!”

“Yeah! Bigger than Tommy Carson, huh?” snickered Dave,
watching the surprised expression on his sister’s pretty
young face.

“Yeah, much! Ah I mean… um… I wouldn’t know, I’ve

“Yes you have, Sis,” smiled Dave, “and don’t try to deny
it ’cause I saw you two at it in the back seat of
Tommy’s car at the drive in one night.”

Pam didn’t answer, her eyes were still on her brother’s
mammoth cock bulge, and so were her fingers. Dave moaned
as Pam began to stroke and squeeze him to a painful
erection. He reached his own hand down between her legs
and gave his sister’s plump little cunt-mound a
suggestive squeeze.

“Feel good, Sis?” he murmured.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she nodded. “Take your pants off and let
me see it”.

“Uhhh, uhhh!” said Dave shaking his head. “You show me
yours and I’ll show you mine.” His smile was infectious.

Pam grinned back at her brother and stood up, removing
her shorts. What the hell, she thought, even if he was
her brother she’d always found him kind of cute. Right
now, she was really to damn horny to care. Besides, if
his cock was half as big as it felt, she was in for one
hell of a good time. She took off her top too, and stood
before her brother in nothing but a pair of tight, silk
panties. Watching his eyes, Pam skinned her panties off
and let them drop around her ankles.

Now it was Dave’s turn to gasp. His twin sister was
beautiful! All the times he had spied on her, it was
from a distance, or in the dark. Now Pam stood before
him naked, her gorgeous firm tits pointed right at him,
and her little blonde cunt-slit poking out from between
her perfect thighs.

“Now you,” she murmured, eyeing off the huge bulge in
her brother’s pants. “I want to see it, Dave.”

Dave couldn’t remove his clothes fast enough, and in a
flash he stood naked before his horny sister. Pam
reached out and grasped his cock. It was huge! Much
bigger than any of her boyfriends had ever been. She
wondered why she hadn’t noticed the size of her
brother’s cock before. Dave placed one hand on his
sister’s naked pussy and fondled her small conical tits
with the other. In no time, they were both panting for
breath. Dave’s fingers were sloshing around in Pam’s
aroused little cunt and she was pumping her fist up and
down his raging erection like there was no tomorrow.

“Fuck me, Dave!” she moaned, breathing hotly into her
brother’s ear. “Ohhhhh, I want you to fuck me, quick!”

Dave picked his sister up and lay her on the couch. He
didn’t waste time with preliminaries, they both new that
their mother would be back any minute. Besides, the
sudden incestuous lust each felt for the other was
urgent and overwhelming. Quite simply, Dave had a load
of hot steamy cum with his sister’s name on it, and Pam
couldn’t wait for him to give it to her.

Spreading her long tanned legs wide, Dave positioned his
prick at the entrance of his sister’s gaping cunt-hole
and pushed inside. Surprisingly, his huge, bloated cock-
shaft slid in easily, and within seconds Dave was
plunging rapidly in and out of Pam’s hot, juicy young
quim. Pam’s legs were locked around his waist, pulling
her bother into her as he fucked her.

Sweating in the late August heat, they both moaned
loudly as their thrusts swept them along, urging them to
move faster and faster. Pam felt her climax arrive, and
her pussy clamped down on David’s thick cock. She moaned
loudly, gripping him with her legs. David thrust once,
twice, then stabbed his sister with his long thick
shaft, moaning and spurting his thick hot semen deep
inside her. Quivering, they lay motionless for several
long minutes, still joined, basking in the warm
afterglow of a quick, but mutually satisfying fuck.

The sound of their mother’s car in the driveway startled
them and they quickly parted, Dave’s semi-hard cock
leaving his sister’s creamy cunt-hole with an audible
slurp. They grabbed their clothes and took off. David
dashed to the downstairs bathroom, right outside Pam’s
new bedroom, and Pam scurried into the upstairs bath,
feeling her brother’s warm cum squish between her
cuntlips and run down her lean young thighs.

David dressed quickly, using a wet washcloth to remove
most of Pam’s pussy juice from his genitals. He left the
bathroom and picked up the window cleaner and a rag,
pretending to be finishing up in the lower bedroom.
Their mother came in and saw David emerge, cleaner and
paper towels in hand. She asked him to help her carry in
the load of items from the car, which David did. He
worried about his mother getting too close to him, as
she seemed to be doing, fearing she’d be able to detect
the scent of his sister’s pussy on him.

Pam emerged downstairs and carried in the remaining
items. She and David exchanged knowing looks…looks
that said; “What a close call that was!” and “I hope Mom
doesn’t suspect anything!” After carrying in the bags,
Pam and David returned upstairs, using the shampoo
machine to clean the carpet. David worked the machine,
and Pam went downstairs to straighten up her room a
little, and try to organize some of the mess.

After dinner, the three of them watched TV for a while.
Pam and David giving each other hot little glances
whenever their mother wasn’t looking. Karen didn’t
notice a thing, except that maybe her kids were suddenly
not fighting like cats and Rocky(D)s as they usually did, but
she put that down to being tired after a busy day.

Feeling a little tired herself, Karen went to bed early,
leaving Pam and David on the couch watching TV. As soon
as their mother’s bedroom door closed, David reached out
and ran his hand up his sister’s leg, cupping Pam’s hot
cunt-mound through the tight crotch of her shorts.

“Feel like another fuck, Sis?” he whispered, giving his
sister a lewd grin.

“Don’t be so disgusting!” snapped Pam, but she made no
move to take her brother’s exploring hand from her

Dave began to rub his sister’s steamy cunt through her
shorts. He located her clit and concentrated on
stimulating her as quickly as possible before she
protested too much. From a long succession of easy
girlfriends, he knew that once you got a girl like Pam
hot enough, she’d do almost anything and Pam was getting
hotter by the minute. He kissed her neck and whispered
in her ear.

“Come on Sis, let’s fuck! I know you want it!”

“Nooooo, Dave!” murmured Pam, “We can’t with Mom in the

“Why not?” countered her brother. “Steve’s room has a
lock and it’s downstairs so Mom won’t hear a thing.”

“It’s my room now, not Steve’s, remember!” Pam said
wiggling her ass around on the couch as Dave’s fingers
massaged her moistening young cunt. Her legs were spread
wide now, giving her brother complete access to her
squirming sex.

“I don’t care whose room it is,” whispered Dave,
nibbling his sister’s earlobe. “You’re as horny as I am,
Sis! Let’s go fuck!”

Pam reached out and squeezed her brother’s cock-bulge
through his jeans, clearly impressed with the size and
hardness of it.

“Okay, I guess we’d better, brother dear,” she grinned,
“before that monster busts right out of your jeans!”

Dave followed his sister down the stairs and into her
new room. Once inside, they embraced, kissing
passionately and letting the incestuous excitement of
the moment arouse them. Pam led David to the bed, and
began unzipping her brother’s jeans. David kicked off
his shoes, and she slid his jeans off, folding them
neatly and placing them under his shoes by the bed.

David’s shirt followed. David, in turn, removed Pam’s
white T-shirt, and her tight shorts, feeling the heat
from her loins as he removed her moist panties. Pam
knelt in front of David and began sucking on his stiff

She licked her brother’s balls and rubbing his cock all
over her face. They both strained to keep their voices
down, and to listen for sounds of their mother coming
down the stairs. Fortunately, the stairs creaked loudly
in several places. Pam made loud slurping noises as she
sucked on her brother’s cock-meat, noises that usually
only occur with a very large mouthful of prick. Pam even
pushed her breasts up between his legs, caressing his
balls with her button-hard nipples.

Pam looked sexily up at her brother and whispered
softly. “Come in my mouth, David.”

Her lips sank back down over his thick shaft, sucking
him as far as she could. David moaned softly, feeling
his cock swelling and straining to fire into her velvety
mouth. Pam removed the throbbing shaft and licked it,
smiling up at her brother’s reaction. David looked down,
seeing his pretty blonde sister’s eyes sparkle and her
tongue lapping his cock. It was all he could take. Pam
was licking up the length of his warm shaft. Just as her
tongue brushed the glans, David’s thick, hot sperm
gushed out, the thick shaft throbbing mightily in her
small hand.

The spurting cum landed on the side of Pam’s face with a
warm, wet splat, and she quickly slid his cock back into
her mouth. Another spurt sent his warm, salty jism
splashing against the back of her throat, and she
swallowed in reflex. Another squirt followed and Pam
held this one in her mouth, savoring the hot, salty
taste of her brother’s sperm. Pam finished by holding
David’s cock to her chest and milking the last of his
cum onto her tits with her hands.

David looked down at his sister, and she giggled
quietly. She looked back at him, an impish gleam in her
eye. Her tongue licked her lips, and she let a little
sperm trickle down from the corner of her mouth before
licking it back up, then swallowing noisily. Pam licked
David’s cock off and then knelt on the floor, showing
him her succulent ass.

“Fuck me Rocky(D)gy-style, David!” she pleaded, wiggling her
perfect little butt at her brother.

David wasted no time, sliding his pole between his
sister’s legs he began to move in and out of her
slippery pussy, reaching around to massage his sperm
into her tits. Faster and faster they went, with Pam
biting her hand to keep from moaning out loud.

Dave fucked his sister hard, her body swaying, her tits
brushing the soft carpet, and the only sounds were their
harsh breathing and the soft noises of her wet pussy
slurping around his slippery cock. In no time at all,
David shuddered and lunged forwards, lodging himself
deep up inside her belly.

His cock pulsed and jerked, spewing out another load of
thick creamy cum, this time way up inside his sister’s
cunt. Pam moaned softly in a high pitched voice,
quivering as his cum poured into her. They rested for a
few minutes, with Pam on the floor under him, until
their breathing slowed.

Pam’s tightened her pussy around her brother’s thick
cock, feeling his semi-hard shaft twitch and slither in
her soaked pussy. She rolled over and sucked David’s
cock, tasting her own juices mixed with his cum. She
licked and sucked while he knelt above her, and she
licked from his anus to under his balls, bringing him
rapidly to hardness again. Pam rolled over onto her
stomach and arched her tight ass up, reaching around to
spread her cheeks. She felt so dirty doing all these
deliciously depraved things with her own brother, but it
excited her beyond belief.

“Fuck my ass,” Pam whispered.

She wondered if David really would. Most of her
boyfriends never did, they were only interested in
fucking her tight cunt or getting sucked off. In fact
she’d only done it once before, strangely enough with
Tommy Carson, that same night Dave must have been spying
on them. She half expected her brother to ignore her
request and fuck her pussy again.

So Pam was slightly disappointed when his cock slipped
into her soppy cunt and pumped slowly a few times. She
was all set for Dave to fuck her pussy once more when
she felt his cock withdraw and press against her rear.
God yes, she thought, he was really going to do it!

Pam reached down and fingered her clit, relaxing her
asshole for her brother’s cock. Dave pressed in slowly,
spreading her asshole wide and Pam cried out, muffling
her whimpers of delight with a pillow. Wider and wider
the head of his cock spread her tight hole, until with a
soft pop, he slid into her ass. Pam, feeling very horny
and naughty, leaned back, shoving her brother’s cock
deep into her spread open ass. They moaned softly
together as his cock slid into her tight hole.

David felt his sister’s incredible tightness gripping
him, and Pam felt as though a baseball bat was being
shoved up her ass. Her cunt spasmed several times,
making her asshole pulse around David’s cock. Pam moved
her ass back and forth, and then David began pumping her
tight hole.

After pumping for a minute, David pressed her hips to
the floor and began to plumb her bottom with his thick
reaming tool, alternately filling, then emptying his
twin sister’s butt. Pam was climaxing in small,
miniature orgasms, her cunt drooling a thick white
cream. David shoved his cock deep, the rotated his hips
back and forth, stirring his cock in her asshole.

On and on they went for long minutes, until Pam thought
her brother’s increasingly harder thrusts would tear her
apart. She arched her hips up to meet his pounding
thrusts. David came hard, slamming his cock deep within
her. Pam could almost hear the roar of his sperm
flooding into her.

Dave shook and pulled Pam’s hips against him, pressing
his cock deep so that he could fill his sister’s tight,
round butt full of cum. He spurted over and over,
sending hot streams of jism gushing into Pam’s ass,
filling her insides with his boiling cum. Pam writhed
and panted on the floor, then lay still as they both
tried to catch their breath.

David’s cock was still throbbing deep in Pam’s butt when
they heard the upstairs toilet flush. Their mother was
awake! They listened alertly for any sound that meant
they might be discovered. The sound of water rushing
through the pipes covered some smaller noises and they
were tense for long moments. The floor finally creaked
in the hallway above them. In a panic, the twins parted
quickly, and Pam felt her asshole spasm, closing slowly
around the empty thickness left by her brother’s
retreating cock. She could feel Dave’s cum trickle
warmly out of her asshole.

Dave hid under the bed and Pam slipped under the covers,
lying on her side and pulling the sheets up over her
sweating body. David lay under the bed, his cock
glistening wetly in the moonlight. His heart pounded in
his chest as he tried desperately to calm his ragged

The bedroom door opened and Pam saw the dim light from
behind filter in. Karen looked from the doorway and saw
her daughter asleep on the bed. She closed the door
slowly, unaware that her daughter was lying awake,
facing away from her so that she wouldn’t see the sperm
on her face and tits. Pam heard the retreating
footsteps, and got out of bed. She grabbed a tissue,
wiping her behind as she looked under the bed. David
crawled out and sat on the bed beside her.

“Shit, that was close!” he whispered.

“Yeah, but exciting!” grinned Pam, reaching for her
brother’s semi-hard cock. “I’m still horny. Can you get
it up again?”

“You hot little slut!” laughed Dave, fingering his
sister’s gaping cunt-slit. “Sure! I’ll fuck you again,
Sis! How do you want it this time?”

“I want to be on top this time,” husked Pam, fisting her
brother’s slimy cock.

David lay on the bed and let Pam straddle him, watching
intently as his sweet sister lowered her hot cunt down
onto his cock.

“Fuck me hard, Davey! Shoot your cum in me.” Pam

David grabbed his sister’s taut little ass-cheeks and
lunged upwards, impaling her deeply. Pam felt his
cockhead slam against the mouth of her womb and a loud
moan escaped her young lips. Her brother’s big, hard
cock was filling her completely. She could hardly
breathe! She began to move up and down on him, enjoying
the feel of his long, thick hardness sliding in and out
of her cunt. God, he had a gorgeous prick!

Pam reached for her tits and let her hips relax, urging
her brother to do the work while she just enjoyed the
sensation of his cock sliding up and down in her pussy.

“Ohhhh, yes! Fuck me, David!” Pam whispered, “Ram it
into me! Pound me!!”

David began fucking his sister’s hot little cunt hard
and fast, and they both felt the rising tide of their
orgasms quickly. Pam came, smothering her cries in her
brother’s neck as she hunched and rode his deeply
thrusting cock. Her convulsing pussy grabbed him and
milked his cock, and soon David felt the fast rising
surge deep in his loins.

His young hips jerked upwards, slamming his cock up into
Pam’s tight little fuck-hole with a vengeance. His
fingers were buried in the soft flesh of her ass,
grinding his sister’s cunt down onto the huge thick
shaft of his pistoning cock.

Pam almost screamed aloud as David’s cock spurted inside
her. She could feel the thick, throbbing shaft spurting
cum all the way down as he emptied his balls into her
quivering cunt, warming her insides with his hot sperm.
The two lay together panting and caressing while their
loins pulsed and throbbed. Pam’s pussy tightened around
David’s cock, milking the last drop of jism from him.

They dozed for a while with Dave’s soft cock still
inside his sister’s pussy, but a noise from upstairs
startled them. Dave got up and carefully opened the
door. He could hear what sounded like the television. He
told Pam to stay there and went to investigate. Climbing
the stairs, peeked into the den and his eyes went wide
at what he saw.

In the dark room, clearly illuminated by the TV screen,
his mother was sitting in a chair with her legs spread,
a vibrator humming between her legs. The screen showed a
young woman on her knees, sucking a thick cock while
another thick cock plunged into her asshole. David could
see his mother squirm on the recliner chair, spreading
her legs over the arms. Her hands were moving in a
rhythmic up and down motion, thrusting the vibrator into
her wide-spread cunt. David’s cock began to swell.

A soft creak behind him snapped his head around, and he
saw Pam’s naked figure approaching in the gloom of the
hallway. He motioned, finger to his lips, then nodded
towards the den. Pam looked around and saw what was
going on.

She couldn’t believe it for a moment… her mother,
moaning in passion, watching a porno movie! Pam watched,
aroused and surprised. She knelt down and felt David’s
stiff cock press against the side of her face. Luckily,
from where they were, their mother could not see them
without turning around in the recliner.

Pam felt a sudden arousal wash over her, and she reached
up and pulled David’s prick into her mouth. She sucked
on the head of his cock, watching the scene in the den.
Pam’s fingers found her clit and rubbed there, getting
her very aroused. The movie focused in on the brunette’s
face, her mouth wrapped around a thick cock that pumped
in and out of her mouth. The man pulled out and shot his
thick semen all over her face, the white gobs dripping
easily from her chin.

“Drink it, you horny fucking bitch., they heard their
mother hiss.

They watched as Karen’s hips moved even more wantonly,
the humming of the dildo changing pitch as she plunged
it in and out of herself. Pam felt as though she’d been
seen, and when she realized that she hadn’t, she tried
to suck all of David’s cock. She wanted David to fill
her mouth, fill it with his hot cum as they watched
their mother fuck herself with her vibrating plastic

The movie now focused on the brunette’s ass-fuck, and
the man’s thick cock seemed to impale her from behind.
The girl’s tits bounced as her ass was repeatedly filled
with thick cock. The scene was very hot, with images of
her passionate, sperm-dripping face cut in. Pam knelt
and pulled David down behind her, pressing his cock into
her pussy. He fucked her slowly, and then shoved his
slick cock up her asshole. Pam felt her tits swell as he
pushed into her, and then his loins met her ass. On the
screen the man was pumping the brunette hard, and
silently David began to match his thrusts.

Pam suppressed her moans and cries, turning red with the
strain. A few moments later, on the screen, the man
pulled out and spurted his thick white juice all over
the brunette’s asshole. His thick white cum ran down her
ass, over her shaved cunt and dripped to the bed. The
camera showed the brunette looking into the lens, saying
something. Their mother mouthed the words.

“I love cum in my ass!” she moaned, then added her own
line. “And I love it in my mouth too.”

The scene changed and now on the screen a blonde was
getting her tits fucked while another blonde ate her
pussy. The blonde was going crazy with her legs in the
air, moaning something over and over. The reclining
blonde looked enough like Pam to be her sister, right
down to a small birthmark mole by her left eye. David
saw the same similarities and his cock throbbed in Pam’s
ass. Pam felt like screaming out loud but held it in.
She would scream later.

The camera showed the thick cock begin spurting between
the blonde’s tits, showering her lips and chin with
thick spurts of cum. As the camera pulled back, the man
got off and another pushed the sucking blonde from
between the girl’s legs. The girl got up, moved around
to straddle the sperm-drenched girl’s mouth. Briefly a
tongue flashed over the girl’s pussy, then disappeared
as she lowered herself down. The new man had a very
large cock, thick and long. He pressed this into her
cunt a few times then withdrew.

“Fuck the hot little slut.” Karen moaned. “Fuck her with
that big, thick cock. Shove it right up her fuckin’

Pam began coming, biting her fist to keep from screaming
out loud. David’s cock was slowing down, pumping her
evenly as he watched both the screen and his mother
fucking herself with the dildo. On the screen, the thick
cock slid slowly up the girl’s cunt again, and her hips
arched high. The guy worked it around a few more times,
then lifted her legs, pushing them back. Slowly he
pressed the huge head against her asshole, spreading it
wide. Pam moaned softly, seeing the girl take what she
felt like she was taking in her ass. Her mother too was
moaning, her hands working like a blur between her legs.

“Yesssss!” Pam heard her mother hiss. “Butt-fuck my slut
of a daughter’s ass. Fill her ass full of cum. Sperm her
face down. Jizz me down, cum all over us all!”

Their mother was in the throes of orgasm, talking dirty,
slutty talk, her legs shaking as her hips rocked on the
chair. Pam felt her whole body stiffen and shake when
she realized her mother was “seeing” HER being fucked in
the ass, just as David was doing to her now. David was
pumping her butt faster, his cock throbbing in her tail
and giving her orgasm after orgasm. The man on the
screen was fucking the blonde faster too, his huge cock
buried in her asshole, and the camera showed the second
blonde sitting on top of the first girl’s mouth.

As the blonde was butt-fucked, the second blonde pulled
hard on the girl’s nipples, distorting the shape of her
swaying tits. David reached around and pulled on his
sister’s, making her moan. Unseen by either of them,
Pam’s mother was pulling her right tit hard too, using
the other hand to ram the dildo up her dripping cunt.
The scene changed, and the second blonde got off the
first, the camera showing the lower blonde’s glistening
face covered in sperm and pussy cream.

The man rolled the blonde over with his cock still in
her asshole, until she lay flat on the floor. Pam too
slid down, letting David ream her butt, feeling yet
another countless mini-orgasm wash through her. The
blonde was moved face-down into a man’s lap and sucked
his cock, taking it all the way to the root. Her throat
bulged as his cock slid into it, and their mother made
gulping, sucking noises.

“Suck him off, you hot little cunt” she moaned, “Swallow
his cum!”

Her finger found the volume control on the remote and
raised the volume. Lusty moaning and grunting filled the
room, and the blonde was making loud slurping noises as
she sucked cock. Pam felt David’s thrusts beginning to
lengthen, signaling that he was going to cum in her
butt. Her tits heaved as she thrust back against him
hard. On the screen, the blonde lifted her head and the
cock spurt into her already wet face. Semen drooled from
between her pretty lips, and she rubbed her face with
the emptied cock.

David’s cock stiffened, becoming hard as an iron rod in
Pam’s butt. She moaned softly, knowing that he was about
to cum and cum hard. The man on the screen slammed hard
into the blonde’s ass, then pulled out. His cock seemed
to shoot his sperm like a hose, and he directed it
against the girl’s gaping asshole. Semen shot and landed
around the wide opening, some of it landing inside her
asshole. The girl’s asshole pulsed and closed slowly,
more and more cum spurting on her butt. Sperm ran down
the sides of her cheeks, pooling and running into her
gaping butt-hole. Pam moaned loudly as David’s cock shot
a thick stream of cum into her asshole. David was buried
to his balls in Pam’s tight ass.

“Cum in her fucking asshole, David! Fill her ass with
jism!” their mother grunted.

Pam cried out loudly as David’s cock seemed to swell
even larger, and hot cum gushed into her butt.

“Cum Pamela! Cum with that hot cock up your ass. CUM!”
Karen screamed loudly, her body shaking heavily on the
padded leather chair.

Pam and David both moaned loudly as his sperm shot out
into Pam’s tight asshole, filling her with it’s warm
creamy flood. After a few moments Pam looked up at the
chair, and saw it empty. A moment of panic hit her,
until she realized that her mother was sitting on the
floor not too far away, smiling. David felt a twinge of
panic too, opening his eyes and looking over to see
standing naked so close to them. She smiled and knelt
down, her firm, tanned, naked body still glistening from
the sweat of her recent orgasm.

Pam shuddered when her mother stroked her hair, a small
orgasm shooting through her. Her pussy had soaked her
thighs, and she could feel the light caresses of the
early morning air on her cunt-lips.

“I guess it really does run in the family.” said Karen,
gazing warmly down at her children.

“Huh? What does?” Pam said, shuddering again as David’s
cock twitched in her anus.

“Liking your butt-fucked,” Karen replied easily. “Didn’t
you recognize anybody in the movie?”

Pam shook her head. She hadn’t been paying attention to

“The brunette is your sister Marie, and the blonde is
your Aunt Tracy. But you two haven’t seen them since you
were little kids”

“Who’s the man?” Pam asked, beginning to feel
uncomfortable talking to her mother with her asshole
full of David’s cock.

“That’s your father, silly!” replied Karen with a grin.
“Seems like getting an uncontrollable urge to fuck your
sister also runs in the family!”

“How did you get the tape, mom?” asked Pam.

“We met them for a little family fun when we went down
there on vacation last year and Tracy gave me this tape
as a memento,” said Karen, grinning wantonly at David
and Pam, who were still solidly joined. “I’ll bet he
feels three times bigger in your rear than in your pussy
doesn’t he?”

Pam nodded, feeling David’s still-hard cock jerk in her

“And I’ll bet you cum in buckets up your sister’s ass
too, baby,” Karen continued. “I love that feeling when a
man squirts up your ass. It’s so hot and sexy.”

“Do you and Dad… I mean do you two…?” David began,
unable to ask his mother straight out, despite the

“You bet! Your father loves to ass-fuck me more than
anything else,” smiled Karen, “and it looks like THAT
runs in the family too, right?”

David blushed and smiled lamely at his gorgeous naked
mother. He wondered where all this small talk was
leading. He was just about to ask his mother when Pam
squirmed beneath him.

“I have to get up David.” she said.

The two parted and Karen gasped at the thickness of her
son’s still-erect cock. Pam went to the bathroom and
returned with a washcloth for David, and an idea.

“Mom,” Pam began while David wiped himself off.
“Monday’s your birthday right?”

“Don’t remind me. Thirty-six! Uggh!” mocked her mother.

“Well, since Daddy’s not here, I can think of a really
nice present David can give you for your birthday.” Pam
said, looking straight at David’s semi-hard cock. “As
long as I can join in too!”

“Have sex with BOTH of you?! You’re not serious!” her
mother replied wide-eyed.

“I am, if David’s willing. How about it? Willing to show
Mom a good time stud?” Pam asked, almost giggling at the
look on David’s face.

David looked from one to the other, and then noticed
that his mother still had the dildo in her pussy,
although turned off.

“Sure! I guess so. I mean, I…”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Karen said, smiling at her
handsome young son. “Can I start by sucking that
gorgeous-looking cock of yours, honey?”

“S…sure Mom!” David said awkwardly.

Karen reached down and finished wiping David’s cock off,
pushing him to the floor on his back.

“Why don’t you let him eat you while I get him ready,
honey?” She told her daughter.

Pam hesitantly moved over to David, then straddled his
face. He began licking her slippery pussy, and Pam began
to relax. Karen lowered her mouth to David’s cock,
sucking the head and then taking him almost all the way
down. Pam watched in disbelief as her mother deep-
throated her brother. David groaned into Pam’s cunt, and
Karen smiled to herself, knowing that her horny young
son would be groaning louder by the time she was
finished with him.

She examined his cock after he gained full hardness, and
thought how good it would feel to have his hard young
meat crammed up her ass or even her pussy. She couldn’t
wait! Karen straddled David and slid her dildo out,
replacing it with her son’s long, thick cock-meat.

She sighed as she sat down, and Pam watched her twin
brother’s cock disappear neatly into their mother’s
juicy wet cunt. Karen rotated her hips around and worked
up and down on David’s shaft, getting him nice and wet.
She was aching with anticipation of her son’s hard young
prick stuffed deep into her ass, but it felt too damn
good in her pussy.

Karen began humping up and down on David’s cock,
forgetting her ass-fuck for the moment as she felt a
sudden orgasm overtake her.

“DAVID! I’M CUMMMING!” screamed Karen.

David felt his mother’s hot pussy pulse and contract
around his cock as she came, noting that although she
was much tighter than he expected, her cunt was very wet
and slippery, which meant he could hold out a lot longer
than he had planned.

Karen pulled herself off David’s hard cock and
positioned it between the cheeks of her gorgeous creamy
ass. Pam looked down and felt an orgasm rising as she
watched the head of David’s cock press into their
mother’s asshole. Karen held the boy’s cock poised at
the entrance to her puckered hole, but her balance was
awkward and she appeared to be having trouble.

Pam leaned forward and took control, holding David’s
cock to her mother’s ass. Slowly Karen lowered herself,
spreading her anus with the head of David’s thick cock.
Both Karen and David moaned. Pam leaned back, once the
head was in. To her surprise, her mother lowered herself
in one movement, impaling her butt to the hilt on
David’s rock-hard cock-meat.

“Ohhhhhhh, GAWWWD!” Karen cried, clutching her tits.

Karen began rocking her hips, pumping David’s cock in
and out of her asshole. Pam watched, feeling her own
orgasm about to arrive. David licked her clit and shoved
two fingers in her ass, and Pam came with a loud squeal.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, make me cummmmmm!” Pam cried, shaking
and quivering her firm young ass over David’s face.

“Suck her pussy, David.” husked their mother. “Shove
your tongue right up your sister’s hot, juicy little
cunt and lick her out good!”

Pam moaned even louder as David shoved his tongue inside
her. Then, she fell off to one side, curling up on the
floor. Karen looked down and saw her daughter, naked and
shaking in orgasm on the floor. Her sparse blonde pussy
hair didn’t conceal the glistening wetness on her cunt,
and she could see her daughter’s puckered hole pulse as
she spasmed again.

“Fuck my ass David!” Karen said. “Shove that fucker up
mommy’s hot ass and fuck me hard, baby!”

David rocked his hips in time with hers, fucking his
mother as he had fucked his sister earlier. He could
feel her cunt juice running down onto his balls, the
wonderful tightness of her sphincter, and her womanly

“Fuck her!” Pam moaned, getting more and more excited by
the second. “Fuck mom’s hot ass like a Rocky(D), Davey!”

“I am!” David cried out, ramming his mother’s asshole
with his thick cock-meat, plunging into her hot, buttery
depths over and over like an animal.

Karen was able to relax her ass at just the right time,
keeping her son just on the edge, breaking the rhythm at
just the proper moment several times. David felt the cum
backing up inside his balls, from all the false alarms.
His mother did it twice more, each time begging for him
to fill her ass full of his semen. David grabbed her ass
tightly and began pounding into her butt as hard and
fast as he could. Karen let out a long, wavering moan as
their bodies slammed together. Pam crawled around and
lay on the floor watching her brother’s tight, muscular
ass pump back and forth, his strong arms pulling Karen’s
ass hard against his thrusting cock.

“Yeah! Shoot it!” Pam said, fingering her gooey, open
clit. “Cum in Mom’s ass, Davey!”

“YES!, you gorgeous young prick! Fill me! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!
Jesus! Squirt my butt full of cum!” their mother cried,
“Fuck my ass like you did your sister’s, honey! Make me
your cum-filled butt-fucking momma!”

David felt it, and plowed deep into his mother’s tight
asshole, his cock straining deep inside her. Karen felt
his thrust, and the throbbing of his cock. A gush of
warm cum flooded into her butt, then another and

“Oh gawd I’m cumming!” Karen moaned, shaking all over.
“Cum in my ass David!”

David grunted and fucked deeply into his mother’s tight
asshole, feeling his cock spurting over and over. His
balls were clenched tight against his body. Pam reached
up and tickled his balls, sending another several
squirts of jism into Karen’s asshole. They collapsed in
a heap, panting for breath and sweating heavily.

David pulled out when he’d gotten soft, and his mother
kissed him gently, then trotted up the stairs to take a
shower. Pam and David went to the downstairs bathroom,
and cleaned up. Pam asked David if he could come again
and he nodded.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Pam said.

She led him to the stairs, and about halfway up. She sat
on a higher step and told him to fuck her, spreading her
legs wide. David pushed his cock into her tight cunt and
began fucking her. Pam climaxed quickly, then again
several long moments later.

“I want you to cum all over me,” she breathed into
David’s ear.

David couldn’t hold back and yanked his cock out of her
dripping wet cunt. Pam slid down to face his cock just
as his cum spurted out. David’s sperm was thinned by all
the fucking, but still was thick and creamy. David’s cum
splashed against her face and tits, soaking her lips
with his cum. David leaned back against the wall,
looking at Pam’s smiling, sperm-drenched face. Pam’s
mother stepped out into the upstairs hall, just at the
top of the stairs. She was naked, her hair wet from her
shower. She looked down at the sight her daughter
presented, and smiled.

“Oh, by the way mom,” Pam said, turning around to show
off her brother’s cum. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks, baby!” smiled Karen. “I hope I don’t have to
wait till next birthday for a fuck like that one.”

“No way, Mom!” said David, walking up the stairs. His
eyes were on his mother’s naked tits and cunt. “I feel
so damned horny right now, I could fuck the both of you
all night long”

Karen glanced down at her son’s stiff, bobbing cock as
he approached her. Mmmmmmmmm, he probably could too, she
thought. She gave her daughter a devilish grin.

“What do you think, Pam, honey. Do you think he’s up to
satisfying the two of us, all night?”

Pam scampered up the stairs and grabbed her brother by
the cock. “Oooooh, let’s find out, Mom,” she giggled.
“Which bed, yours or mine?”

“Mine’s bigger, darling,” laughed Karen, leading the way
into the master bedroom.

Once inside, Karen lay down on the bed and spread her
legs wide, smiling up at Pam and David like some naked,
Greek goddess.

David reached out and timidly stroked the outer lips of
his mother’s pussy. Her sigh made him braver and his
fingers stirred and probed freely. He might have stroked
her pussy all day if Pam hadn’t interrupted. His sister
was taking control.

“Davey, I think Mom’s pussy needs a big wet kiss.”

David only needed the idea. He lowered his head between
his mother’s thighs, rested his chin on her pert little
asshole and started licking her drooling sex. He used
his thumbs to part the soft folds of his mother’s pussy,
lapping his tongue up and down the cunt-slit, curling it
around her stiff clit.

“Oh, David, that’s nice!” Karen gasped.

Pam stared at her brother’s tongue licking at their
mother’s cunt, her eyes smoldering as she rubbed at the
moist slit between her own slender young thighs. She
touched one of her mother’s tits, pulling and twisting
the nipple. Karen looked up at her pretty young daughter
and smiled knowingly.

“Pam, you look as if… do you want to lick Mommy’s
pussy, too?”

Pam didn’t answer, but her tongue lolled out.

“She can’t lick your cunt now, Mom,” said David lifting
his face from his mother’s crotch. “I wanna fuck you
first. She can lick your pussy after I fuck you.”

Pam squeezed her mother’s tits and watched as David
knelt between her wide-spread thighs, inching his cock
into the wet, creamy tightness of their mom’s cunt.

Karen, her breath taken away by the penetration of
David’s cock, pushed her hand outward and up the back of
her daughter’s thigh to cup her rounded ass. Pam turned
to give her mother a better position to feel her as she
watched David fuck his cock all the way into Karen’s
pussy. Holding her by the hips, David began to pump,
fucking his cock in and out of his mother’s eagerly
upthrust cunt.

Panting with lust, Pam ran her fingers through Karen’s
soft cunt-hair, excited by the way David’s cock made
their mother’s cunt-mound bulge out around his impaling
thickness. When Pam’s fingertip found her throbbing clit
Karen, squealed softly, shoving her hand into Pam’s
panties, feeling the wet heat of her daughter’s young
cunt for the first time.

“Oooooh, David, fuck me, baby!” Karen gasped, tossing
her hips up to meet the plunge of his cock. “Fuck
mother! Uhhhhhh, God! You feel so hard in my pussy,
baby! Fuck me, David! Fuck your momma real hard!”

The pistoning of her brother’s cock inside her mother’s
cunt fascinated young Pam.

“Ooooh, I’m getting so hot watching you two!” she
squealed. “Mom, you should see how his cock goes in your
cunt! Ooohhh, it’s beautiful!”

“It feels beautiful!” Karen gasped, lurching up and
grinding when her son rammed deep.

“So hot, so wet,” Pam whimpered, spreading two fingers
over the swollen lips of Karen’s cunt, feeling her
brother’s cock slide in and out.

Shifting her hips, Pam turned her naked ass toward her
mother’s head. Karen needed no further encouragement,
and plunged her middle finger into her daughter’s cunt.

“Oooh, Mom!” Pam squealed, spreading her legs. “Do it to
me! Finger-fuck my pussy, Mom! Oooh, fuck my cunt! Fuck
me with your finger!”

Karen finger-fucked her daughter eagerly, churning her
ass while her son pounded energetically into her liquid
cunt. David reached out and began to squeeze and fondle
his sister’s pert little tits as he rammed his prick
into his moaning mother.

Pam kept rubbing her mother’s clit. Sweat built up on
them, but it went unnoticed. The heat inside the bedroom
became oppressive, but they paid that no attention.

Karen whipped her ass up and down, fucking her cunt onto
her son’s cock with all the strength she could muster.
Her pussy was burning, tingling so deliciously. Squeals
and gasps of ecstasy bubbled from her throat.

Pam stared in glassy-eyed passion at the shaft of
David’s cock penetrating their horny mother’s cunt. It
was slippery with pussy-juice, his balls slapping at the
crack of Karen’s grinding ass. She could not reach his
balls, and shoved her hand under Karen’s ass, gripping a
bunching ass-cheek as if to help her mother move up and

“This is gonna make me come fast!” David gurgled.

“Yessss! Come in my cunt, baby!” Karen wailed. “I want
to feel your cock squirt cum in my cunt, David!”

Karen was fucking her finger as fast as she could into
her daughter’s tight, wet little cunt-hole, and Pam was
trembling as she jutted her ass to make it easier for
her mother.

“Uhngggghhh! I wanna make you come, too, Mom!” David
groaned. “You gotta come, too!”

“Ohhh, baby!… I will!” Karen whimpered. “Oh, God! Will
I ever come!!!”

“Come in Mom’s cunt, David!” Pam sobbed. “Fill in her
hot cunt with jizz!”

David fucked his mother hard and deep, his body going
stiff. Karen let out a soft yelp, grinding her cunt up
onto his pummeling cock. She pushed her finger as far
into Pam’s cunt as she could, a low moan swelling from
her when she felt her son’s cock jerk, then the hot
gushing of his cum-load. Her pussy clutched his cock at
the base, then began to pulsate as her orgasm exploded
around his virile young prick.

Pam felt them coming and pressed her mother’s hand into
her own cunt, Karen’s finger mashing deliciously against
her throbbing young clit. With a cry, Pam burst with
orgasm, her young cunt contracting about her mother’s
deeply buried finger. The three of them strained and
clung tightly to each other, moaning loudly as the
pleasure filled them. Slowly, Karen lowered her ass,
mewling with gratification as her son’s still-hard cock
slipped slowly from her satisfied cunt.

When Pam felt her mother’s finger fall from her pussy,
she fell backwards on the bed, breathing heavily, her
legs spread wide apart. Her tight little pussy gaped
slightly open, revealing the insatiable young wetness

“God, that was good!” Karen finally breathed.

Pam was staring at her brother’s cock. It was wet with
Karen’s cunt-cream. Even his young balls gleamed with a
liberal coating of his mother’s pussy-juice. Karen saw
the expression on her daughter’s face, and sensed that
Pam was nowhere near satisfied with the one orgasm she
had given her. David seemed to understand. He stood up
and knelt between his sister’s thighs, spreading her
young legs wide.

“Want me to suck your cunt, Pam?” he asked, kissing his
way up her creamy inner thighs.

Pam could hardly speak, but nodded her head. Her eyes
were still glazed with passion. Karen turned onto her
side, watching as her son licked his way all the way up
to Pam’s tiny young cunt. She was both fascinated and
surprised at her own responses. After fucking her own
son, she felt no jealousy at all, only excitement as
David prepared to suck his sister’s juicy little fuck-

Pam leaned back, watching David. The moment his tongue
made contact with her clit, she gasped loudly. Grabbing
the back of his head, she smashed his eager young face
into her cunt.

“Ohhhh, Davey!” the girl cried out.

David licked swiftly, sliding his tongue along his
sister’s juicy wet pussy-slit, flicking madly at her
swollen little clit. Pam’s eyes bulged when he darted
his tongue in and out of her cunt. Her hips rose and she
began to grind her cunt into his face. The juicy sounds
were loud in the room, adding to the feverish

“Suck her good, David! ” Karen urged as she watched.
“Suck her hot little cunt! Fuck her pussy with your
tongue, baby! Make your sister come!”

David fucked his tongue deep into Pam’s steamy cunt,
poking and licking and wiggling it until the girl
thought she would faint with excitement. He grabbed her
churning ass in his palms. feeling the hot, smooth
inside surfaces of her thighs brushing his cheeks.

“Oooh, God!!” Pam sobbed. “Ohhh, suck my pussy, David!
Suck my cunt and fuck it with your tongue! Unnnghhhhhh!
Jesus, I love this! I love getting my cunt sucked!”

But it didn’t last long. Pam was much too hot, much too
aroused. She began to buck and grind mindlessly, deep,
husky moans coming from her sensuously parted lips. She
smashed her cunt over and over into David’s open mouth,
his tongue inside her pussy, his lips sucking her clit.

Watching intently, Karen fondled her own cunt, one leg
up. bent at the knee. She was hot, but not so hot she
was losing control. Watching her son suck and lick her
daughter’s cunt sent shivers of passion through her.

“Ummmmm! David! David, I’m gonna come!” Pam cried.

David squeezed his sister’s ass, ramming his tongue as
far up into her tight little cunt as he could. That sent
Pam’s hips lurching up, her cunt tight against his
mouth. She yelped, then began to come, the spasms
strong, making her hips jerk and her stomach ripple, her
legs squeezing her brother’s head. Seeing Pam come,
Karen cupped her own pussy tightly, a small orgasm
bursting inside her.

When David pulled his head from between Pam’s slick
young thighs, his face was wet from nose to chin. He sat
back, licking his lips, grinning proudly.

“I like to suck pussy,” he said. “I like how it feels on
my mouth, all soft and hot and wet.”

“You just love pussy,” his mother grinned.

David laughed. “You wanna lick Mom’s cunt, Pam?”

Karen looked apprehensively at her daughter. “You don’t
have to if you don’t want to, honey,” she smiled, “But I
wouldn’t stop you if you did.”

Pam stared at her mother’s open, drooling cunt-lips as
she fondled her brother’s balls.

“That would be wicked,” she said in a soft voice. “But,
Mom… I get these thoughts, these feelings, and it’s
very hard not to think about things like that.”

“Let’s just suck David’s cock for now, baby,” Karen
said. “If we get around to other things later, we will.”

The boy, was grinning from ear to ear as he lay back on
the bed, waiting for his naked sister and mother to suck
his cock back to life so he could fuck them both again.
`Shit! He must have died and gone to heaven!’, he
thought as his mother leaned over and began to lick up
along his thigh. His sister started to do the same on
the other leg.

David watched them, his cock jutting in the air with
throbbing hardness. Their tongues swirled and left
trails of hot wetness on his thighs. Squirming beneath
their hands and lips, David began to moan as the
sensations rippled through his naked body.

“Mmmmmm, you like that, don’t you, honey?” his mother
asked softly.

“Ohhhhhh, yeahhhh, Mom!”

“Just lie back and let us have some fun, David.” Pam
giggled, sounding totally wanton.

Karen lapped at her son’s thigh near his balls. Pam held
his cock at the base and aimed the cock-head toward
Karen, rubbing the dripping tip of her brother’s erect
prick over her mother’s cheek. Karen purred softly and
licked at the smooth cock-tip, then across her son’s
piss-hole. Pam made a low gurgling sound, watching
intently as her mother licked and sucked at David’s
long, thickening cock.

Karen lifted her son’s hairless balls in her palm and
Pam eagerly kissed them, licking her brother’s large,
pink ball-sac eagerly as she stared up sensuously at her
mother. David began to pant hotly as he watching his
mother’s wet tongue swish on the head of his cock and
felt his sister’s lips suck hungrily on his swollen

“Mmmm, your cock is dripping so nicely, David,” Karen
purred. “Pam, don’t you want a taste?”

Pam stared at her brother’s cock a moment, then darted
her tongue against his piss-hole, licking it at the tiny
slit, her eyes half closed in a dreamy expression. Karen
lowered her mouth to her son’s balls, twisting her hot,
eager tongue around them. She gazed at her daughter,
watching Pam press her lips over David’s fat cockhead,
sucking hard as her fist gripped the base of the boy’s
prick tightly.

Pushing Pam’s fingers off her son’s cock, Karen began
licking at the base, running her tongue through the
downy hairs, rubbing his smooth balls on her cheek. She
kept licking at the throbbing shaft of her son’s cock
and watched Pam close her mouth around his huge cock-

As Pam sank down, taking David’s cock deep into her
mouth, Karen ran her tongue up, licking at the
stretching, cock-filled mouth of her daughter. David
closed his eyes, enjoying the wonderful sensation of two
sets of soft, attentive female lips devouring his
throbbing young prick.

As his sister deep-throated his cock, David felt his
mother’s tongue on his cock-shaft near his balls. It
took all the reserve he had to prevent himself from
coming there and then. But it was important he held
back…. he had TWO pussies to satisfy tonight!

Her cunt burning, and her eyes gazed with passion, Karen
watched her daughter take most of David’s cock into her
mouth. She ran her tongue over the girl’s lips and down
to her son’s balls, then up again. She pressed her
tongue past Pam’s lips and into her wet, hungry mouth.
Pam moaned and began sucking up and down, David’s cock
and Karen’s tongue in her mouth.

Pam moved her hand up along Karen’s thigh, writhing her
lovely body sensuously against her mother as she sucked
on her brother’s cock. Karen moaned softly at the
contact, opening her thighs and urging her daughter to
touch her crotch by pushing her hips forward. Pam
responded by moving her fingers up into her mother’s
eagerly-offered crotch, caressing the wet, hairy lips of
Karen’s cunt.

Karen pulled her tongue from her daughter’s cock-stuffed
mouth and sucked her son’s balls into her mouth just as
Pam’s finger began to rub at her clit.

Pam pushed her mouth down, her lips at the base of
David’s cock. Pam’s lips met her mother’s, making them
both moan softly. Excited by the highly erotic contact,
Karen shoved her hand up Pam’s thighs, her hand between
them, fondling her daughter’s tight little ass.

“Mmmmm, nice!” Karen purred, lifting her mouth. “Pam,
let me suck his cock a while! Play with my cunt and let
me suck on David’s cock a little!”

Pam pulled her lips her brother’s his cock reluctantly,
but gasped in delight as she watched her mother swallow
it deeply. She moved her fingers on the wet slit of
Karen’s cunt, parting her own thighs a bit to give her
mother more room to feel her up. Karen bobbed her face
up and down, sucking wetly on her son’s cock, and thrust
a finger into Pam’s tight, steaming cunt. Pam, with a
squeal, rubbed harder on her mother’s vibrating clit,
pulling David’s balls into her mouth.

David panted as he watched them, his cock burning with
hardness. His balls ached gently, loaded with cum. His
hands fondled their tits, squeezing and twisting the
stiff nipples.

“Ohhh, what hot fucking mouths!” he gasped.

Pam giggled around his balls.

Karen pulled from him. “What a hot fucking cock, baby!”

“Mmmm, nice balls, too, Mom!” Pam mewled, releasing her
brother’s balls and running her tongue up and down his

As Pam’s tongue reached the boy’s swollen cockhead,
Karen dipped her face and pulled both Pam’s tongue and
her son’s cock into her mouth. She finger-fucked her
daughter with more aggressiveness, sucking eagerly on
tongue and cock. Pam breathed hotly, and began to
finger-fuck her mother in return. Her tongue twisted
along the shaft of David’s cock inside Karen’s mouth.

David squirmed his naked ass on the bed, groaning in
ecstasy. He watched their tits jiggle as their fingers
plunged into each other’s fiery wet cunts, their mouths
on his cock.

“Oooooh, God! I can’t stand it anymore!” Karen cried,
watching her daughter suck her son’s cock. “Let’s make
him come, Pam! Let’s see how much come he has left in
those gorgeous young balls of his!”

With their faces close, Karen and Pam licked at the head
of David’s cock, their tongues touching, tasting each
other as well as his prick. David stared down at them
with glowing eyes, his ass bunching. He clutched their
tits hard in his hands, hearing the wet sounds as his
sister and mother fucked their fingers into each other
like crazy.

Both Karen and Pam were eager to make him come now, and
as they sucked on his cock they kept thrusting their
tongues into each other’s mouth at the same time.

“Ohhhh, yes!” David cried out. “Suck it, you horny
cunts! Suck my fuckin’ cock!”

Karen worked her lips down her son’s cock, pulling her
daughter’s tongue inside along with it. As Pam pressed
her tongue against the head of David’s cock, she sucked
up and down, mewling deep in her throat. Her lips
tingled with erotic delight, her mouth wet. David began
to strain upward, his face starting to contort as the
rapture slowly became unbearable. He was quickly getting
to the point of coming off, and his squirming told them

He started gasping, making throaty choking sounds,
gripping them each by a tit as hard as he could, his
head and shoulders lifting off the bed. His cock
throbbed inside his mother’s mouth, pre-cum oozing from
his piss-hole.

Karen and Pam both tasted his seeping pre-cum. It made
Karen eager to have him gush jism, and caused Pam to
twist her tongue as best she could inside Karen’s mouth.

“Uhhnnghhhh! Yeahhhh!” David moaned loudly. “I’m gonna

A huge jet of cum spewed from David’s piss-hole into his
mother’s vacuuming mouth. Karen moaned as she tasted his
young jizz, and Pam’s eyes closed dreamily as she, too,
tasted it. The spurts came swiftly, filling Karen’s
mouth. Jism spread over both tongues, and Karen began to
swallow what she could, but the young boy was cumming a
bucket-load and what the horny young mother couldn’t
swallow oozed out around her lips, smearing those of her

David cried out with the force of his climax, spewing
cum rapidly into his mother’s mouth. Karen gulped and
sucked, and Pam moaned at the taste of David’s delicious

Thinking he was finished, Karen lifted her dripping
mouth. Pam, with a squeal, closed her lips over David’s
cock and sucked as hard as she could. Two more spurts of
cum gushed out of his cock into her hot young mouth.
With a wet sound, Pam pushed her cunt hard against her
mother’s buried fingers and began to come in waves of
hot orgasm.

Karen felt her daughter’s pussy convulse on her finger,
and seeing she was gulping the final squirts of jism
from her son, cried out as her own cunt exploded with a
wild, hot series of contractions. She closed her lips
around David’s young balls and sucked them while Pam
kept sucking on her brother’s slowly wilting cock.

When they finally sat up, their lips were puffy and
glistening wetly, their eyes glowing, looking very
pleased with what they had done for David. David slumped
back, breathing hard as his body trembled, the light
from the bed lamp glistening on his sweaty young body.

“Did I come enough?” he asked quietly.

“Come enough?” His mother laughed huskily. “If you had
come any more, it would have choked me, baby! Mmmmmmm, I
loved it!”

“So did I!” Pam whispered, licking her brother’s cum
from her lips as she pulled her hand from her mother’s
thighs. “I felt your cunt when you came, Mom.”

“I felt your pussy, too, baby,” Karen replied. “I’d say
we don’t really need David to come. What do you think?”

“Hey!” David yelped, sitting up.

“Just kidding,” Karen laughed, kissing her son on the
lips. “It wasn’t just our fingers that made us come, it
was sucking that beautiful cock of yours, right Pam?”

“You bet, Mom!” giggled Pam, staring at her brother’s
huge cock and balls. “But I’d rather do something else
with it! Can you get it hard again, David?”

The boy just grinned back at his sister and fisted his
semi-hard dick, coaxing it back into life. A couple of
long, hard jerks and David’s young prick began to swell
noticeably, well on the way back to full erection.

“God, you two are insatiable!” laughed Karen.

“You complaining, Mom?” smiled David, lewdly jerking off
in front of his naked mother.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmm! No way, baby! I can’t get enough of

David lay back and stared at his mother’s juicy cunt.
“Me either, Mom. Me either!” he muttered as Karen
wantonly spread her pussy-lips and began to rub herself
openly in front of her son. Pam did the same and within
a few minutes, David’s cock was once more raging with

“You first, honey,” Karen offered.

With a low moan, Pam straddled her brother and squatted
over his upthrust cock. As she settled down, Karen moved
closer to watch her children fuck.

Once David’s thick cock was buried in her cunt, Pam
began to bounce her hot, young ass, fucking herself
deliriously on her brother’s rigid cock. She lunged up
and down, twisting sideways, squealing with pleasure.
Karen knelt and fondled her daughter’s pumping ass,
sliding her hands underneath Pam to feel her tight,
swollen tits. She caressed Pam’s creamy thighs, her
sweet ass, her tits, then her hand moved down again. She
held her son’s balls, watching Pam’s little cunt-lips
bulge around his stiff prick.

Young Pam orgasmed in no time, bucking and squealing on
David’s cock like a two-dollar whore. Fucking her
brother while their mother watched had a lot to do with
it, too. She had never been so turned on in her life!

“Now me!” Karen gasped. “My turn, Pam! Ohhh, my cunt is
on fire for his hard cock!”

Pam rose, and Karen quickly squatted over her young son,
plunging down hard onto him, impaling herself almost
viciously on the boy’s huge, glistening shaft. Like her
daughter, Karen whipped her gorgeous ass about, grinding
her pussy down hard onto David’s prick. She began
trembling as her daughter ran her hands about her naked

David, too, was touching his mother, playing with her
jiggling tits. Karen cried out and fucked him faster,
her tight, clinging cunt-lips sliding up and down the
length of his slippery shaft with delicious smoothness.

Pam knelt beside them and began to suck on her mother’s
tits. Karen grabbed the back of her daughter’s head,
cramming her nipple far into the girl’s wet hot mouth,
grinding her cunt down hard on David’s cock.

“Suck my tit. Pam!” she sobbed. “Ohhh, suck my tit!
David, fuck me! Fuck mother! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!
Ooohhh, I’m cummmming again!”

As soon as her mother slumped forward over him, Pam
rolled onto her back and spread her young thighs wide.

“Me, now, David!” she gasped. “Fuck me now!”

David yanked his cock from his mother’s cunt, and fucked
into his sister’s cunt in a quick lunge. Karen, feverish
with heat, leaned over and began sucking her daughter’s
pointed tit. Her tongue swirled as her lips pulled. The
rapid plunge of David’s cock into Pam’s cunt and the wet
heat on her tit brought cries of ecstasy from the

But, panting hard David, pulled his cock from her, and
rushed between his mother’s legs. He rammed his prick
into his mother’s cunt hard, making Karen gurgle with

“Oh god David, this is so hot! It’s happening already!”
Karen sobbed. “Oh baby, fuck me hard! You’re going to
make me cum again, baby!”

David fucked harder, making wet, slurping sounds.

“Now! Now, David!”

Karen slammed her cunt hard against him, coming in wave
after wave of orgasm, her cunt gripping his cock,
rippling along the cock-shaft. She was still coming when
David jerked his prick from his mother’s pussy and
plunged deeply into his sister’s cunt.

Pam wrapped her legs about his, churning her naked ass
in a frenzy, coming hard. But David, unable to take any
more hot squeezes on his cock, pulled free, and on his
knees before the two naked females, began to come like a
fountain. He squirted streaks of cum through the sparse
hair on Pam’s cunt, then twisted his body and sprayed
the blonde hair of his mother’s pussy. He came and came,
like only a teenage boy can, soaking their quivering
crotches completely with cock-cream.

Pam recovered first. She sat up quickly and began
sucking the head of David’s cock, tasting the last
remnants of her brother’s tasty sperm. When she pulled
her mouth off, she saw David’s jism in her mother’s
pussy-hair and dipped her face to Karen’s crotch,
licking hungrily. Her tongue swirled through the soft
cunt-hairs, touching the tip of her mother’s clit.
Karen’s hips jerked upward.

“Ohhh, you’ll make me come again, Pammy!” Karen gasped.

Pam raised her head, giggling. “I guess I almost licked
your cunt, didn’t I, Mom?”
Bro saw sis has big round ass i and flat tummy with big boobs

“Lie back,” Karen said, pushing Pam down.

She leaned over and licked the boy-cum from the hairs of
her daughter’s cunt. But before she raised up, she
twirled her tongue around the girl’s throbbing little
clit a few times.

“There, we both almost licked each other’s cunt. Now you
won’t feel so embarrassed.”

“I’m not embarrassed anyway,” Pam said as they lay back
smiling at each other. “I kind of liked it, Mom.”

“Mmmmm, so did I,” Karen said.

“Fucking women,” David said playfully. “Never

He was right!

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