Brother’s wife feeds me her milk

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Yesterday was my 21st birthday and in the evening, my father brought a huge cake with candles ‘2’ and ‘1’ and we had a blast. We means my parents, my elder brother Subroto, his wife Sumita and me Sanjiv. Nobody from outside was invited.
My sister-in-law Sumita had cooked some delicious items for dinner and we all enjoyed eating that – she’s a damn good cook. Not only a good cook, according to me she’s a beautiful wife, a good daughter-in-law and a very loyal and trustworthy friend, the last one is for me. She’s one year younger to me and has been married to my brother for the last one and a half years. Ever since she came into our home, she has really transformed the house into a home.
My parents could not believe probably that I’d live this long. I was born 7 months premature, weighed not more than 2 lbs at birth and was so weak that I couldn’t suck milk from either my mother’s breasts or a bottle. In the initial days, I was fed with cotton balls soaked in milk and had enough strength to suck only after 15 days or so, by which time, my mother’s milk had dried up and I was put directly on formula. I guess my fetish for breasts and breast milk comes from that.
My elder brother is associated with a pharmaceutical company and is a sales person. He travels so much that he’s not home even 10 days a month. This makes life very tough for Sumita, I could see that. She gets up very early in the morning, cooks breakfast for everyone and lunch for me, my father and for my brother when he’s in town. She then gets busy in other household chores. After having lunch herself, she either gets down to some stitching, which she’s fond of, or does other hobby things.
There’s nobody in the house at this time as the guys are all out for work and my mother goes to some social organization which she’s linked to. By evening, she’s busy again as each of us are getting back from our work. By the time she goes to sleep, it’s quite late at night. Surprisingly, even after all this dedication, she does not get a worthy behavior from anyone in our house, which I absolutely hate. I try to make up to her, as best as I can, which might include taking her out some time for lunch and such. She never expresses so much, but I believe she looks forward to these moments with me.
On top of this, she’s pregnant and her baby is due any day now. Before I go out for work each morning, I make it a point to ask her if she would need anything for her own use and buy it for her, whatever small the thing might be. Whenever she says that she does not need anything, I bring some flowers for her – she loves them. Needless to say, these things and my brother’s absence has brought me and Sumita very close to each other.
Recently, I have noted that Sumita touches me when we are close to each other. This never happened before. Now, if we are sitting on a table in a restaurant, she would touch my hands or play with my fingers while having a conversation. When we are standing in a queue for taking tickets to a movie, she would stand very close to me, her big breasts touching my back.
Sometimes, when I have brought her something to surprise her, she had come and hug me tight and at least on one occasion, she kissed me very close to my lips. Initially, I have felt a pang of guilt, knowing that she was my brother’s wife, but later, when I have seen that she’s behaving normally otherwise, I loosened up.
Her belly had gotten really big now and I was supposed to take her to her doctor today. As usual, my brother was not in town and so, I had to accompany her.
She dressed in a beautiful pink sari and a matching blouse. She sat by my side in the front in the car and I could see that she had her hand either placed on my hand or on my thigh throughout.
Once we reached, we waited in the reception area till she was called. Though she insisted, I let her go in the doctor’s chamber alone – I was not very comfortable accompanying her in.
After some time, the doctor came out of her chamber, spotted me sitting and called me in. When I went in, the doctor explained that there was some problem with the amniotic fluid and that it was much less in quantity than required. She suggested to admit her the next morning and they would induce labour pain and let her give birth though it was not yet the scheduled time.
I was in a fix as I did not know what to do. I asked Sumita if I should what she wanted to do and if she wanted me to call my brother and seek his advice. She said not to contact him and in her opinion, me and her should be able to take a joint decision without involving anybody else.
I noticed a friction between her and my brother when she said this. Because we had to decide immediately, I spoke to her and informed the doctor that we would be back the next morning at 9:00 in the morning.
We went back home and I informed my parents. My mother immediately called my brother and he said to go ahead and that he would still require a few days more before he’s able to come back.
As decided, I took Sumita the next day to hospital and a separate room was ready for her at the hospital. She was immediately taken in there and the nurses and the doctors got busy with her.
One of the nurses gave me a complete list of things to procure – couple of milk bottles, a can of formula milk and some nighties which could be opened from the front, among other things. I did not know if Sumita had these nighties and I asked her. She told me that she has a few by her bedside drawer.
I was feeling ashamed to go through her clothes and she told me that it was absolutely okay with her. When I was coming out, she held my hand closely and told me to get back as soon as possible – she needed me there.
I went back home and came back to the hospital as quickly as possible. By the time, I was back, Sumita was almost ready to go into labour. I don’t know what had happened meanwhile and asked Sumita the details, just like a fool.
Sumita kept quite for some time and then explained that she has been given an enema to clear her bowels and that her pubic hair has been shaved. I grew red on my face as I was not expecting these answers.
Looking at me, Sumita laughed out loud and pulled my head to her. She kissed me full on the lips and told me that it was okay for me to know everything about her and that she did not mind at all. “I’m lucky to have somebody to share my intimate details with.” I became further red faced.
The doctor cam in with a nurse who had a syringe in her hand. The doctor explained that it was time to induce labour pain. On her instructions, the nurse administered the injection.
That was the first time I came face to face with the intensity of what a labour pain can be. I salute every mother in this world to have undergone such ordeal to bring a life into existence. No guy, however tough he is, would ever be able to endure the same.
As the injection started taking effect, Sumita’s grip on my hands tightened. I became terribly afraid and ran to the nurse station to inform them. They smiled and said it was natural and the pain was supposed to increase. I felt so helpless.
A few minutes later, Sumita was wheeled, apparently to the labour room. As far as Indian laws are concerned, nobody, apart from the people assisting in the birth, is allowed inside the labour room – no family, no friends.
The next one-hour seemed like more than four hours to me. By the time Sumita was wheeled back into her cabin, I could see her completely exhausted from the birth. She still had drops of perspiration on her forehead and I took out my handkerchief and wiped them off. She held on to my hand.
The nurse informed me that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy and the baby would be given to her after medical checks and cleaning. One of the nurses advised me to go out as they needed to change her dress – from the hospital gown to her nightie. I had nearly reached the door when I heard Sumita say ‘no’.
Me and the nurses were all surprised but Sumita insisted that she did not have any problem with me staying while the nurses changed her. I went to the window and kept on looking outside till I heard the door of the cabin open and close.
Sumita was sitting on the bed in her nightie, her head thrown back at the headrest and the buttons of her nightie were undone. That was the first time I noticed the change in the size of her breasts, within such a short time, they must have increased at least two sizes.
The fact that Sumita wanted me there when she was changing clothes and now that her buttons were undone and more than half of her breasts were spilling out, left me feeling very awkward. Sumita was talking to me about her experience of giving birth and I was looking at the different walls of the room. She noticed that and pulled my hand.
When I looked at her, she smiled and asked me, “Feeling ashamed, are you?” Just this question of hers was enough to make my face red again and she laughed at my reaction. She pulled my head to her and started kissing me on my lips. I did not know what to do and though I did not pull away, I never kissed her back. She stopped kissing me, looked at my eyes and said, “What’s the matter with you, don’t you love me?”
“Of course I love you Sumita, I have always loved you and you know that. It’s just that I’m feeling extremely awkward in this situation,” I confessed.
Sumita pulled my hand towards her breasts. The back of my palm were now touching her skin. I could feel her looking directly into my eyes but my gaze was averted. After a few moments, she spoke, extremely seriously and that’s when it dawned on me how much she loved me and that her love was not exactly what she should have for her brother-in-law.
“Listen Sanjiv. I love you and I know how much you love me. I have loved you ever since I entered your house as a newly wedded bride. Let me confess, but in your entire household, I’m in love with you only and no one else, not even your brother. It’s just that I am his wife and thus have some duties towards your brother but even when we have intercourse, I’ve never actively participated or even enjoyed the sex and I have never had an orgasm.
Initially, I tried to think of you as a brother but within a few days realized that it was impossible for me to do so. It’s not that I love you because you’re taller, fairer or more handsome than your brother, it’s your love towards me.
I don’t know how you would take it and I’ve been very anxious of your reaction when I told you this, but I have been thinking of telling you this for quite a few days now. The more time I have spent with you, the more I have fallen in love with you. Do you agree to be my lover? Mind you, even if you don’t agree, my outlook towards you isn’t going to change.”
I was a confused mix of emotions. I loved Sumita but have never ever thought of her as a lover. I was astonished about what she had said just now, because I never thought she had those feelings for me. But, thinking again now that she had said it, I felt closer to her and not hated her at all. I decided that I did not know what I needed to change in me to be her lover but yes, I wanted to be what she intended me to be – I loved her too much.
She was looking into my eyes all this time and trying to gauge what was going through in my mind. Now when she saw me looking at her, she asked, “What do you think?”
Instead of answering her, I let my head rest on her exposed portion of the breasts. She lifted my face in her hands, pulled me towards her and kissed me again on my lips. I felt my cock twitch. I looked into her eyes and said, “You are too precious for me to lose Sumita. You’re right that I love you too much but I have never ever thought of being your lover.
I agree it was not exactly a sisterly love but it was a love between very close friends. But now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m amazed to notice that I’m feeling more drawn towards you and if you are asking a direct answer to your question then yes, I’m also in love with you and would like to be your lover. Please accept me with all the faults that I might have.”
I could see her eyes forming drops of tear and by the time I finished, a drop fell from the corner of her eyes and slid down her cheek into the pillow underneath. She pulled me towards her and started frantically kissing me, on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose and finally, a lingering one on the lips.
I suddenly remembered and stood up. She looked questioningly at me. I told her that I have to rush back home and give the news of the birth to my parents. She smiled and urged me to be back by her side as soon as possible. I assured her that I would not be gone long and that I could not afford to be away from her for long, at least not now.
I reached home, gave the news to my mother, who immediately proceeded to call my brother. She wanted me to have lunch and then go back to the hospital but I told her I was not hungry and rushed out. I could not afford to miss her even for a few moments.
By the time I was back, I saw that Sumita had the baby on the crib by the side of her bed. I looked at the baby. He was very good looking with a fair amount of hair on his head. He was all crawled up in the crib, sleeping peacefully.
I sat on the bed and took Sumita’s hands in mine. She told me that within a few minutes after I had left, the nurse brought the baby in and gave it to Sumita. As soon as he was in her lap, he started crying and she breastfed her. Within just a few minutes, he was fast asleep and she lay him down on the crib.
I could feel that Sumita might have breastfed because as soon as I entered, I could see a wet stain on her nightie where her left nipple was. I told her that I knew she had breastfed. She was surprised and asked me how I knew. I said that was a secret but she would not let me go without telling her. Then I pointed out the stain on her nightie. She was surprised to note that she had leaked.
Seeing my eyes fixed to her breasts, she smiled and asked me what I was thinking. I told her that I always could guess that she had large breasts but when I saw her breasts today after delivery, I could not believe how big they’ve become.
“Do you like them as of now or before?” she asked.
“The bigger the better,” I replied.
She sat up on the bed and gestured me to put my head in her lap. I did that and she pulled one of her breasts and offered them to me. I looked at her questioningly as I did not know what she intended me to do.
“Suck my nipples and drink my milk. I know you did not receive any when you were a child and have always had a longing for them. I am here to fulfill your needs and as long as I’m producing, my milk would always be there for you. Even after my child weans, I would keep up my supply just for you.”
I could not express how happy I was and immediately pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking hard. She let out a slow moan and told me to go easy. I reduced my sucking and immediately felt my mouth getting filled with her milk.
After drinking some of her sweet milk, I suddenly realized that she had the child to feed and left her breast. She understood and pulled me back on her breast saying that she had another to feed the child from.
I kept on draining her breast and she kept on moaning. By now, I had a huge hard on and Sumita saw that. She told me to go lock the door and come back to her. I did that and when I came back, she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She inserted her hand in and pulled out my cock. She gasped at the width and the length of it and said, “I am so happy to have all this for me now – I cannot guess the amount of pleasure that it would give me.” With that, she started sucking.
I was already on the verge of exploding. She could feel that and said, “Hold on, not yet.”
“It’s getting difficult for me to hold, the way you’re sucking it,” I said, between clenched teeth.
She probably realized suddenly that it would not be possible for her to have sex as yet. She nodded okay and kept on sucking. Within a few minutes, I started to build up and came all in her mouth. She was surprised at how much I had cum and tried to swallow it all but couldn’t and some spilled from the corners of her mouth.
I was panting and looking at her, saw an immense satisfaction writ large on her face.
I adjusted my clothes and sat down on the stool by the side of her bed. I was still in a daze and did not believe what had just happened. She smiled at me and said, “Well! How do you feel now?”
“Exhausted,” I said. She smiled again and said, “Don’t get exhausted so fast, more is yet to come.”
“I can’t believe you doing that to me.”
She lifted herself up on her elbows and said, “Do you regret it?”
“Of course not.”
“Good, because I don’t regret it at all. Enough with my image of a good housewife. I have my own desires as a woman and I have but one life to live.”
In the evening, my parents came to see the baby. They brought in some dinner for me as well as Sumita. They knew that I would be attending to her in the night as well. They never, of course, knew what had gone in between.
They spent around an hour and then left. I asked the question haunting me, “Sumita, I have always loved you and I had accepted you as my brother’s wife all through. But now, it would be very difficult for me to accept you sleeping with someone else. What do I do?”
She gave it a thought and said, “As such, your brother is out of the town mostly. I do accept that when he comes home, he’s dying for some sex and I, as a responsible wife, have never denied him that privilege. With the birth of this baby, I would be able to maintain a distance from him for a few months but things would become complicated after that. I guess you would have to accept that I would need to give in to your brother’s demands sometimes.”
I kept silent and turned my face away. Logically, this had to be the case – she was my brother’s wife and I was the intruder here, but my mind was not in a position to understand logic. I tried to imagine what it would feel to accept her with someone else, but found a heaviness rise from my stomach, to my chest and towards my throat. The room started spinning in front of my eyes and I felt suffocated.
I rose from my chair and Sumita, who was watching me keenly till now, gently held my hand and asked, “What?”
I removed her hand from mine and stood up. I took my jacket from the top of the chair and started towards the door, without looking at her even once. When she understood what I was up to, she implored, “No, wait. Please don’t go.”
I reached the door, opened it and with half a turn of my head towards her, said, “I have to go. I have too much pending in office. I would tell Ma to spend the night here with you, in case you need assistance. I have come to know from the doctor that you would be released tomorrow afternoon – I’d tell Papa and Ma to be here to take you back home.”
I did not wait for her reply, if there was one.
I went to office and got the office unlocked by the security. The entire office was silent as there was nobody else there. I sat in my cabin but definitely could not concentrate on my work. It was Sumita’s face before me all the time. I even had confronting images of her lying naked beneath a guy, whoever that was. I could not think any more. My head seemed to be bursting. I went to the bathroom and splashed water over my face for a long time. Even after that, I did not feel any relief.
I called my home after coming back to my cabin. Ma picked up and I told her to be there at the hospital at night and that she should stay over. She was a bit surprised by my change of decision and I told her that I suddenly realized that there was too much work pending in my office. I went home very late and did not care for dinner. I told my father that I was going to sleep as I was tired.
Adhering to my decision, the next morning I left for office and didn’t go to the hospital at all. Around 5:00 in the evening, my Ma called me up and said that they have brought Sumita and the baby home.
Around 5:40, my office phone rang again and I picked it up. For a few seconds, there was no sound from the other side. I said ‘hello’ again but still no response from the other side. I kept the phone down.
Within seconds, it rang again and I picked it up. “Please listen and don’t hang up.” It was Sumita’s voice. I placed the phone back at the cradle without saying anything. The phone rang for a third time and I just sat there, without trying to pick it up. It rang for an awfully long time and then fell silent.
Around 7:15, as I was standing in my office lobby talking to one of the managers, my receptionist said, “Sir, you have a call” and handed me the receiver. I asked who it was and she said, “Your mother.”
I took the receiver and my mother asked me what time would I be back. She wanted to go out somewhere and my father was also not in. She did not want to take a risk of leaving Sumita and the baby all by themselves.
Just the mention of Sumita’s name made my mind bitter and I told her that there was too much work in the office and I would be very late. If she wanted to go out, she would have to make arrangements by herself. I also mentioned not to bother with dinner as I would have it in office itself.
By the time I reached home, it was midnight. I always have a spare key with me and opened the door with that. I tiptoed to my bedroom and closed the door gently behind me. I changed and got below the covers. I was very silent in what I was doing as the last thing I wanted was to face Sumita.
I was fully dressed by 7:00 in the morning and went to the kitchen to tall Ma not to bother with breakfast as I intended to take it in office. As I was entering the kitchen, I saw both Ma and Sumita there.
I did not look at Sumita at all and said to Ma, “I’m already late and I would have breakfast in office.” I turned around and had reached the main door when someone gripped my hand. I turned around and saw Sumita. Immediately, I lowered my gaze and moved her hand away. “Why are you doing this to me?” she whispered, almost in tears.
I did not know the answer myself, that’s why I was avoiding her. The only thing that blurted out of my mouth was, “I don’t want to talk to you and don’t even want to see your face. Please do not call me at the office.”
As I sat in my car and sped away, I could see Sumita standing at the door looking at me, with tears streaming down her cheeks.
Around 3:00 in the afternoon my phone rang. As soon as I picked it up, Sumita said from the other side, “Please let me talk to you at least. Please don’t do this to me. I love you and only you and can’t even imagine my life without you. If I have done or said anything wrong, please tell me and I’d try not to repeat it, ever. But please don’t give me this silent treatment, it’s killing me. Please please…”
I could understand very well that she was crying very hard. I said, “Please Sumita. It’s not you I have a problem with, it’s with myself. I am in a dilemma and don’t know what to do. Don’t take it on you, you’re not at fault at all. If anybody is wrong here, it’s only me.
I can’t even begin to imagine you belonging to someone else. That’s why I want to be away from you as far as possible. That’s precisely why I don’t even want to see your face. I have just two options – I either have you completely to myself or I forget you. As the first option does not seem doable, I am left with only the second one.
Please let me do whatever I’m doing as I think it’s beneficial to all. I promise I would love you and only you all through my life and won’t ever be a hindrance to however you want your life to go. But my resolution falls weak whenever I see you or even hear your voice, so, I request you to avoid me as strongly as I’m trying to avoid you.”
I placed the receiver back at the cradle, not wanting to hear another word from her. I was a bit disappointed to notice that the phone did not ring again.
The next few days came and went by. Staying in the same house would frequently bring me and Sumita face-to-face with each other, but I avoided proximity and even looking at her. She would sigh every time I did so.
As I was about to leave for office that day, my mother told me to try and be back home early. When asked the reason for the same, she said that after so many days, my brother was coming back in the evening. I glanced at Sumita, who was standing nearby and saw that she was also looking at me, probably expecting a reaction. I never replied and went out.
I never came back early and arrived back home later than usual, at 11:30 in the night. My father, my brother and my mother were sitting around the dining table, chatting and Sumita was standing a little distance away, by the bedroom door. My brother stood up, came to me and shook hands and hugged me. I shook his hands but never hugged him back. My mother said to me, “Sit down and have dinner. Everyone else has just finished dinner, except Sumita, who’s not hungry – we were late as we were waiting for you.”
“I’ve already had dinner and am very tired. I’m going to sleep,” said I and proceeded to my bedroom. I lay down on my bed, feeling very tired, actually. My brother was back and I’m sure he would be very hungry for sex. I can’t even imagine what they would do tonight behind their closed bedroom door.
I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Sumita coming in, nor did I notice her till she sat down on the bed beside me. She put her hand on my forehead, wiped away some unruly hair from there and said, “You can fool everyone in your family but not me. You never had dinner. I knew you would not have dinner and so, I did not have dinner as well. And I’m not going to eat anything till I see you eat. That’s a promise. You decide what you want to do now.”
I opened my bedroom door and shouted to my mother to arrange for my dinner as I had little to eat and was suddenly feeling hungry again. I closed the door, came back to Sumita, took her face in my hands and kissed her on her lips. She reciprocated hungrily. After we broke, I smiled and told her, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re spoilt and impossible?”
She kissed me on my lips again, smiled and said, “Until you behave yourself mister, you bet I’ll remain that way.”
I got excited and started unbuttoning her blouse and took one of her breasts out. I sucked and almost immediately got a steady flow of her milk. She held my head close to her breasts for a few moments and then said to me, “I need to go now, unless you want them to discover us like this.” She buttoned her blouse and went back.
As I sat at the dinner table, I whispered to Sumita to get her food and ‘I’m not going to eat till I see you eat’. We sat together and started having dinner. My mother retired for the night. As soon as we were alone, she kissed me on my lips. I told her not to do that any more. She was surprised and asked why. I turned on my chair a little and showed her my bulge in my shorts. Her hand flew to her mouth and she immediately went down on her knees and slid under the table.
I was flabbergasted but it seemed she knew exactly what she was doing. She pulled out my cock and started sucking. I just could not resist and felt my cum boiling to get out from inside my cock. Within a few moments, I burst and spit cum all in her mouth. She swallowed the entire load, wiped my cock and inserted it in my shorts. She kissed me full on my lips again and said, “You still want me to avoid you?”
The next morning, I woke up very late feeling very happy and content. I called my office to tell them that I’d like to have a day’s leave – I’ve been working very long hours all these days. Little did I know my happiness would be so short-lived.
As I went to the dining table, Sumita came out from her room. I asked her where everyone was. She told me that everyone has gone out for his or her respective work, my mother has gone out to meet someone in the neighborhood.
I freshened up and after breakfast, pulled Sumita close. I urged her to feed me and she happily unbuttoned her blouse and brought out one of her breasts. I started sucking and after about three sucks, felt my mouth filling with her milk. She winced at my hard sucking but I said I wasn’t sucking that hard. She said, “Feeding the three babies is making them sore, so, please be gentler.”
“Three?” I left her breast immediately and looked at her. She grew pale in face. “S-sorry, s-slip of t-tongue. T-two babies,” she said and averted my intent gaze.
I understood something was amiss. “It wasn’t a slip of tongue. Tell me the truth.”
“Sincerely, it was a s-slip.” She was still stammering.
I held her shoulders firmly and looked her straight in the eye. “Tell me the truth.”
She stood silently for a few moments and I waited. After some time, I rose up from my chair to go to my room and she stopped me.
“Please don’t go, I’ll tell you the truth. After dinner last night, I went back to my bedroom. As I prepared to lay down on the bed, the baby started to cry. I started breastfeeding him.
Your brother was awake, waiting for me and he could not resist and decided to join in the act. He pulled out my other breast and started sucking my milk and I could not say no. He had his fill and by that time, his cock was erect. I could not have sex and so, gave him a blowjob instead. That’s all.”
‘That’s all! Really!’ I was disgusted to hear that. She was offering the same breasts to my brother which she was offering me. She was using the same mouth on my cock which she was using on my brother’s.
I went to my room and locked the door behind me. She came running and tried to open it. When she couldn’t, she started banging on the door.
“Please listen to me, what else could I have done? Please open the door.”
I did not listen to her and went to get a shower. After that, I changed into formals and when I came out of the bedroom, I saw her sitting on the floor there.
I stormed past her. She came running to me.
“Where are you going? You told me that you’re having a day off!”
“I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to office.”
“Please, not again,” she moaned. “Please understand that I’m your brother’s wife and whatever I have done was in that capacity only. I, as a wife, have that much responsibility to fulfill. What else could I do?”
“Listen Sumita. I know that I’m not making the situation any easier for you but I’d sincerely urge you to make up your mind. You want to remain my brother’s wife, you’re welcome to do so and fulfill your responsibilities as a sincere wife. In all these years, I’ve never objected, have I?
You want to breastfeed your husband, you want to give him a blowjob, you want to let him fuck you silly, please feel free to do so – I’m nobody to object.
But you can’t start living a dual life and in the end, it would create complications for all. I have told you before as well that I can’t imagine you being even mentally involved with someone else and I stick by that.
So, live your life as a wife and forget me. I would go back to what I was doing and I promise not to even step on your shadow from now on.”
I urged my office to provide me with an accommodation nearer to my office as the long commute was beginning to wear me out. My director was kind enough to have one arranged for me in just five days. I planned to shift two days later, this Sunday.
I went back home and at dinner, announced that I was planning to move out as it was a long commute to my office. I said that I only had two days to shift and told my mom to pack my suitcases by tomorrow.
As I entered my bedroom, I made sure to lock it from inside as I knew very well that Sumita would like to have a word with me, which I so strongly wanted to avoid.
Within a few minutes, I could hear soft knocks on my door. I knew it was Sumita and never responded. I changed and lay down on my bed. There were knocks for quite some time after that but I was determined not to answer. Eventually, I fell asleep.
Next day, I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and as I sat for breakfast, Sumita came out of her room. She kept looking at me but did not get a chance to talk to me as everybody else was there. This situation was favorable to me as I did not want to talk to her.
After finishing breakfast, I told my mother that I might be late tonight and I’d let myself in and nobody was required to be awake.
After I reached my office, I changed my mind. It would be very difficult for me to avoid Sumita if everybody was asleep when I went back. It would be much easier for me to be back when all were awake so that she won’t have a chance to talk to me.
I entered my house at 9:30 in the night and told my mother to serve dinner as I was hungry. Sumita brought me my dinner and while putting the plates down, deliberately pressed my hands. I moved my hands away and started eating. Within ten minutes, I completed my dinner and told my mother that I was sleepy and went to my room.
As I lay on my bed, I anxiously waited for the soft knocks on the door but to my frustration, till I was awake, I did not hear any. I would not have opened the door in any case but I just secretly wished her to come to me.
As I came out of my room the next morning, I saw three big suitcases lying near the dining table. My mother told me that as desired by me, she had packed all my belongings in there, barring a few clothes and other things that she retained here in case I wanted to come for a few days of leave.
Looking at the suitcases and feeling that I was ultimately leaving the house, I felt a tinge of pain. I loaded all the suitcases in my car boot and waved a goodbye to everybody.
I noticed that Sumita had her sleeping baby in her lap and she told me to give a parting kiss to my nephew. I knew she wanted me to be close to her, maybe to touch my face or just to whisper something to me. ‘No way’, I thought to myself and blew a flying kiss to my nephew from where I was. Sumita was not impressed at all, knowing fully well that I deliberately avoided coming close to her, I could see that all over her face.
There was no way someone could have called me in my new accommodation as it did not have a telephone connection. I also told my receptionist to not transfer a call to me without first asking who it was. Sumita called me quite a few times but every time the reception told me that it was Sumita, I told her to say that I was in the factory and it was not possible to transfer a call there.
It was almost a week that I had shifted out of my house and barring a couple of calls from my mother, everything else was peaceful.
I left office at around 7:00 and as it was winter, outside was completely dark. As I drove out of the main gate of my office, my headlights fell straight on a woman, standing there with her child in her lap. It was Sumita!
What was she doing here, so late, out of the house? I came out of the car and walked over. The security guard came running to me and said that the woman came in the afternoon and wanted to meet me but was not allowed as outsiders were not allowed in the factory premises.
She had insisted that she would wait till I was out. The security had tried to contact me but were told that I was not contactable as I was in the factory. The woman had been standing there for the last three hours.
Without creating a ruckus there, I led Sumita to my car and drove out. Once we were on the main road I asked her what she was doing here at this time and what would my family members think of her coming out of her house like that!
She said that there was nobody else in the house. My parents had gone to one of my father’s friend’s house and would be staying there overnight. My brother, as usual, was out of town.
I took her to my new accommodation. Fortunately, it had two bedrooms, both fully furnished. I told her to freshen up but noticed she hadn’t brought a change of clothes. I offered her my clothes and she chose a satin shirt and one of my shorts.
When she finally emerged from the bathroom, I could not avoid looking at her. She was looking so beautiful, with her still wet hair clinging to her forehead and cheeks, with her with my shirt on, the top three buttons undone and her nipples and areola clearly showing from the thin material.
To avoid letting her see my bulge, I sat down on the side of the bed and picked up a pillow to cover my crotch. She came towards me and stood between my knees. She undid the rest of the buttons of her shirt and exposed her breasts.
My cock was about to come out of my pants. She came closer, leaned towards me, lifted one of her breasts with her hand and offered it to me. Her other hand cupped behind my head and pulled it closer to her breast. I closed my eyes and felt her erect nipple touching my lips.
At that moment, I turned my face away and wrestled out of her grip. I now stood up and for a moment, forgot that my cock had created a huge bulge in my pants.
“I can’t do this, please go back. I’d drop you off,” I said.
“Why?” she asked, genuinely surprised. “I thought you really liked drinking from them,” she gestured towards her breasts.
“No, not any more. Please take your baby and let me drop you off. I’d give you 10 minutes to be ready and come out to the car. I’m waiting there.”
I came out and stood by my car. In 5 minutes, she came out with the baby. I saw that she had changed again into her sari and blouse. I held the door open for her and she got in. I got into the driving seat and started the car.
During the 35 minute drive back home, nobody spoke. When she got out of the car on reaching home, I said a faint ‘Good Night’, got into the car and drove away. As far as I could see in the rearview mirror, she was standing there, looking at my car.
It was my brother’s birthday and I was urged by my mother to spend the entire day with them, it being a Saturday. I purchased a bottle of perfume I knew my brother specially liked and got it gift-wrapped. I reached house around 12:30 in the afternoon.
I could see Sumita very busy with the various arrangements, which included preparing dishes of my brother’s choice, decorating the dining room with ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons and sticking some paper frills to the walls. I could see that she was very happy doing what she was doing. However, as soon as she saw me, her smile evaporated and she went into the kitchen.
At that point, I definitely knew what I should be doing. I wished my brother a very happy birthday and gave him the wrapped perfume bottle. I spoke for five minutes with my father in the living room and went to meet my mother in the kitchen.
As I stood in the doorway of the kitchen, I saw my mother busy cutting some vegetables, probably for salad and I saw Sumita looking at me just for a moment and then averting her gaze and getting busy at whatever she was doing.
“I’m sorry I’d neither be able to join you for lunch nor dinner,” I announced, “as I have a lot of pending work at my office to take care of. I have already wished my brother a happy birthday and I intend to take leave from all of you right now.”
From the corner of my eye, I could see Sumita freeze on hearing what I said.
I turned and went towards the main door. My mother came along hurriedly and said I should have tried taking leave just for this one day. I said I would have if I could. As I went out of the door, I could see Sumita standing by the door of the kitchen, looking at me, with a mix of sadness and surprise on her face.
I felt relieved after I came out of the house – it was suffocating me.
I reached my office after about an hour and as I was passing by the reception, the receptionist held out the phone to me saying I had a call. I took the call without thinking who could it be. It was Sumita.
“I don’t know what has gotten into you. Why has your behavior towards me changed so suddenly? Is it true that you no longer have any feelings towards me? What have I done to become suddenly undesired by you?”
I told her to wait on the line and told the reception to transfer the call to my cabin.
I took the call from my cabin and said, “You see, I was planning to actually spend the entire day with you people, especially you. But as I entered, I saw you so happy doing things for my brother that I felt like an intruder. Who am I to come between you two – after all, you are husband and wife.
And if I remember correctly, you had told me on numerous occasions that you had your duties and responsibilities towards my brother and you intended to fulfill them. So, I’m now removing myself completely from the scene and letting you fulfill them. You might have noticed that I’m not trying to maintain any contact with you and I’d like if you do the same.”
I put the phone down.
I had thought that I could finally put Sumita in the past but realized soon after that it was not so. While driving back, I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I completely failed to see the road marked ‘Diversion’ and just drove through. By the time I realized my mistake, my car was already on loose ground and when I pressed down hard on the brake, it just skidded out of control.
I felt my body floating towards the windscreen and realized that I hadn’t put the seatbelt on. I saw myself floating in the air, smashing against the windscreen, falling out and hitting the car bonnet and finally hurtling down into some gorge. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head as it hit something and that’s when the entire outside world went black in front of my eyes.
As I opened my eyes, I could see some hazy white sheet and a blinding light. I closed my eyes again and probably fell asleep.
I slowly woke up again to some faint sounds of people talking around me. As I opened my eyes, I could see some blurred faces leaning down near my face. Whatever they were taking about was not clear to me.
After a few moments, the sound stopped and I could feel a soft hand on my face. Then I felt something warm and soft brush against my lips. I opened my eyes to see a girl in a nurse’s uniform wiping my face with a warm towel. She gradually moved to wipe my neck, my chest, abdomen and finally, my legs. I tried to turn my head but felt such a sharp pain in the neck that I decided against it.
When I woke up again, I felt somebody trying to feed something to me with a spoon and I kept my lips pressed. Then I heard a female voice, “You have been refusing to eat anything for so many days now. How would you regain your strength if you don’t eat?”
I opened my eyes to see a nurse looking down at me. Then I heard a familiar voice, “Leave him to me. Keep the food bowl here and leave. I’d make sure he eats it.” I tried to turn my head to look who the familiar voice belonged to but felt a sharp pain again and could not move my head.
I heard the sound of rustling of clothes and knew the nurse was leaving. I felt someone sitting down by my head and felt a warm skin on my lips. Instinctively, I opened my lips and the skin slid into my mouth. I heard the familiar voice say, “Suck on it” and I started sucking. Soon, my mouth began to fill up with some sweet liquid and I swallowed. My mouth filled up and I swallowed again. I kept on doing that till I drifted off to sleep.
I opened my eyes and again saw some blurred white sheets. Then I saw a very familiar face very close to mine but could not recall who it was. I heard a few more voices. Then I felt someone removing my sheet from my chest and a cold metal touching my chest. I shivered and the metal kept on shifting positions all through my chest area. I heard a male voice, ‘He’s okay now but very weak. He would have to remain here for a few days more. Is there anybody here from his family?’
“I’m here continuously by his side,” the same familiar voice said.
“Please see to it that he has his meals properly; he needs to regain his strength.”
“Don’t worry. I know what he likes as his meal and I know how to make him have it,” the familiar voice said.
I heard some footsteps and knew people were leaving.
I felt someone sitting beside my head and the same familiar voice, “Are you hungry?”
I felt a bit hungry and tried to say it but only some feeble sounds came out.
“Sshhh, I understand you are,” said the voice. I felt a skin touching my lips and I opened them again and sucked. I kept on sucking and felt that I was getting addicted to whatever I was being fed.
The hospital discharged me in a few days. I was still advised complete rest for another few weeks as I had quite a few broken bones.
My parents were there for the discharge and I was brought in an ambulance and wheeled into my house in a stretcher. I was wheeled into a room which I knew was not mine.
Four people held me, two at my shoulders and two at my feet and dropped me gently on the bed. I could see my father and asked him which room was it. My father told me that I had been put in my brother’s room and Sumita has taken full charge of me.
She had volunteered to take complete care of me till I was able to move on my own. I vehemently protested the arrangement but my parents insisted that Sumita was adamant about it and from day one, she was continuously at the hospital to take care of me. My father and mother went out with me lying there. I could hear they closing the door behind them.
After some time, I heard the door open and close again. I could hear someone coming from the door right up to where I lay. I opened my eyes and saw Sumita. I immediately grew bitter. She was responsible for the position I was in today. When I spoke, I was clearly spitting venom.
“Why have you insisted that I stay here in your room? Please shift me elsewhere – I’m not staying here in your bed, with you.”
“Really?” she asked and I immediately recalled that this was the familiar voice that I kept on hearing in the hospital. “You did not behave like you wanted to stay away from me while you were in the hospital! In fact, the only meal that you happily took was my milk, that too, directly from my breasts. No amount of pressure from the nurses could make you agree to having your hospital meals.
However, when the nurses went away and I was alone with you, I used to throw the hospital food and feed you exclusively from my breasts and as far as I could see, you were very happy drinking that!
You had quite an appetite and I really struggled keeping my milk supply up for you. Every couple of hours, you would purse your lips and wanted me to feed you. And now that you have fed exclusively from my breasts for the last ten days, you want to sleep away from me?”
I went red in my face when I heard her say that. So, that sweet liquid which I got addicted to was her milk! “I’m sorry that I’ve given you so much trouble,” was all I could say.
Looking at my face, she smiled at me. She sat down beside me and finally, after so many days, kissed me full on the lips. I realized I was dying for it and hungrily started kissing her. She smiled and said, “My baby! Oh, I love you so much.”
I smiled back at her and said, “I have a problem now.”
“I know you have many problems, not one. But please tell me which one are you referring to?”
I gestured her to come closer to me and when she was very close to my face, I said, “I think I’m now addicted to your milk. I still have memories of that lingering sweetness on my lips. Correction, I think I’m addicted to you now and no amount of pressure can make me agree to stay away from you.”
Tears started dropping from her eyes. “Finally,” she said. “I’m also not going to leave you ever. You’d sleep here, be with me all the time and by the appetite I’ve seen at the hospital, I guess I’d be very sore feeding my only baby.”
I looked at her in surprise. “Only?”
“Yes, only, you stupid baby. You’re my only baby now. Your brother has permanently been shifted out of town – he would now be heading a new office and he might be here just for a day or two every six months.
Also, when I realized that I had to be there with you at the hospital round the clock, I weaned my child, so, he’s not taking my milk at all. It’s there only for you now.”
I pursed my lips. “Can I have some? I’m hungry.”
She laughed and immediately undid a few buttons on her blouse. She pulled out a breast and offered me her nipple.
“Take as much as you want. It’s all yours.”

——————– By slahiri

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