Bush babes and swapping

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This story is base loosly on an experience my boyfriend and I enjoyed a few years ago. He sent it to me as his thoughts and I edited and virtually re-wrote it – his version was pretty basic.
My girlfriend and I were walking through a nearby national park. We were by a river and decided to have a swim. We had seen nobody for ages so we just stripped off and jumped in. While we were playing around she came to me and said I have never been fucked under water how about we do it to see what it’s like.
I never have to be asked twice to have a fuck so I said no problem and we found a spot where she could get herself comfortable and still be under water and then I got into her. She thought it was fantastic as while I was fucking her I was making waves and they were moving her tits up and down and she loves having her tits played with when we fuck and this time it was in auto pilot. The waves were doing it for her. I was busy hanging on to her so I could get a good action going to pump my cock up her. It was great, I had never had a water cooled fuck before and she loved it.
The water was running over the rocks was masking any sounds we were making and when she came she let go and had quite a noisy orgasm. I came a little while later and it was great she could flush my cum out while she was in the water. Afterwards we lay on the bank to dry off and talk about how good it was.
We hadn’t been there for more than a few minutes and two other young kids – about 16 or 17 appeared and without us hearing them. They came up to us and were in no way concerned we were naked. They slipped their back packs off right next to us and as my girlfriend tried to cover her pubic area. The girl said don’t worry we will be having a swim too – like you. He said how was the water? We saw you from up on the hill. My girlfriend looked at me and gave me the I wonder if they saw us look.
His girl said I hope you won’t mind .
I said no problem we will be getting dressed and going shortly.
They said don’t worry – oh and by the way what was it like in the water – we saw that too and now my girlfriend wants to have ago like that too. It looked good from where were.
My girl said – from my point of view it was great.
His girl said we know that – we heard you – I hope I can cum off like that myself.
I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me – there was no shame in these two – they made it perfectly well known they had seen us and were going to have sex like us in the river.
They undressed and she had a beautiful body and he was well hung. After they had got into the water my girlfriend said there is no doubt about them they call a spade a spade. Did you see his cock, god that would make me shiver if he put that up me.
I said she is a beauty too – did you see the way she has done her hair down there.
It was the first thing I saw as she had her pants off before her top. God how old are they and they have no inhibitions at all. Wow look at them they are into it already. We both looked over and he was giving it to her Rocky(D)gy. We watched for a minute then he got under her and she got on top and began to fuck him – this was better than any porn movie – it was live fucking within a few metres of us.
As I watched them fucking I got a hard on again from seeing them. My girl said what are you going to do with that.
I said we could join them – we could have a go Rocky(D)gy ourselves.
She said if you are game then I am and we both jumped into the water and immediately began to fuck Rocky(D)gy style.
They looked over and said it fantastic isn’t it – we haven’t done it like this before – how about you.
I said no this is our first time too – underwater that is.
He laughed and said I know what you mean.
She said I love it – its great isn’t it – it a good feeling.
I laughed and said a water cooled fuck – not bad eh.
She said it’s fantastic I imagined I would fill up with water but it doesn’t get up there.
My girl said well I can understand that – he is nicely equipped.
Would you like to try it with him – he is amazing – I haven’t had anything like it before – it’s a real experience.
I looked at my girl and she said why not and said when you two have finished – we can wait a while and swap.
Don’t worry about that we can do it now if you want – he can fuck me again later.
I don’t know why we agreed without even talking to each other – my girl wanted his cock up her and that was that – I was to have his girl to fuck. We swapped and I could not believe it.
I watched as her guy slipped his cock up my girl and she said as it went in – wow that is something else – I like this. His girl who had me well and truly up her said he is good isn’t he. It’s the best one I have had in me. He knows how to use it too as you are probably finding out – your man isn’t bad either – he can keep me happy any time – he is good.
We both then got down to fucking each other – as I had cum not more than 20 minutes earlier I was able to take my time and enjoy this young thing I was fucking – she had a nice tight cunt and she knew how to fuck and we both were having a wonderful time together.
I suppose we fucked for about 10 or 15 minutes – we were all enjoying it with the other partner and I could see my girl swapping positions a few times and she was talking to him and I could see she was more than happy. His girl was pretty good too and we were having fun and we swapped places and a position a couple of times ourselves and she finally said – will you be long – I am nearly ready.
I said I could go any time – good she said how about we make it a double. I started to go hard and fast in her and we were making waves everywhere and he saw us and said its time to cum and go is it and laughed.
The four of us were really working at it and I heard my girl start to cum and she was letting everybody know – the girl I was with was soon into her orgasm and was getting herself right off. I came with her and was flooding her inside with my cum and she was enjoying that too as she said I like it when we cum together it makes the feeling of you cumming in me feel good. I looked over at my girl and he had cum and they were cleaning themselves up. I kissed my girl and said – thank you I really enjoyed that and she said and so did I. It’s nice to have a fuck with somebody else occasionally. We don’t mind if we have it with somebody else sometimes – just so long s they know it’s a once off and we won’t be doing it again with them. Good recreational sex we call it. Good fun and not serious.
We all got out and my girl said that was amazing – he has the biggest cock I have ever had. His girl said I know – it’s a beauty isn’t it. The first time I did it with him was a dare to see if I could take him right up me and it was a piece of cake and we have been together ever since – about six months.
He commented would you believe we do it nearly every day – I actually look forward to her having her period. I get a rest – sometimes.
We sat around still naked and talked about sex and how often we have it and some of our previous experiences. Pam – the other girl had started at 14 and said she has lost count of the number of boys she has had fuck her. He is the same – you won’t believe how many older women want him to fuck them when they hear about his cock. Jenny my girl said well I have had it now and I can honestly say it was amazing, I loved it too.
Pam then said to Jenny – have you ever had sex with another girl.
Once she said – it was long time ago – just after I started to masturbate, I was 14.
I have too but it was only last year – I was dared to kiss this girl at a party and didn’t know she was a lesbian and once we kissed her hands were all over me and we ended up in a bedroom with her showing me how to have sex with another girl. It was amazing, I could not believe it but I loved it particularly when she got me to cum when she went down on me and then I had to do it to her and I was surprised how easy it was and I actually enjoyed it. Now I go down on him and he does it for me – we love it that way too. Do you.
Jenny said – we have yes. But not often.
He looked at me and asked – have you ever gone down on a guy.
I said once – I was 13 and we used to suck each other off then when we started to cum we stopped and just did it with girls after that.
Pam said well how about we all have a go – this will be amazing – we set out for a walk and we have great sex not only together but with strangers.
He stared to masturbate and get his cock up. Pam said to Jenny come over here and we can have a bit of time together while they get ready.
I could not believe it but ten minutes later I was getting a mouth full of his cum and he was telling me how much he was looking forward to getting a load off me. I could not believe I was cock sucking a complete stranger while my girl and his were going like mad orally on each other and already had cum once and were back into it again.
We had been there for over four hours and he and I had sex with both girls six times in all – including our water cooled fuck. I had cum seven times actually – once when he sucked me off. I don’t think my cock has been that hard for that long ever before. The girls flushed themselves out after every fuck and we laughed at the way they did it. They both lay in the water and somehow sucked water into themselves and then squirted it out like a geyser – it was fascinating. One time we were fucking together and the girls lay there talking to each other about sex as we were fucking them – it was amazing how laid back we all were. They were far more sex oriented than us but we enjoyed it with them. I have never had so much fun and sex in such a short time before. It was something else – he and I didn’t get together again. It was almost dark by the time we got back to our cars. They walked with us as their car was parked there as well. We had talked about sex for hours and how we had all enjoyed fucking each other. Pam suggested maybe we could meet up again and have it together again, she said it was fantastic and she loved it with Jenny.
We all agreed we would. We exchanged phone numbers.
On the way home Pam said well that was an experience and when I asked if she was going to follow it up with them she said why not – he has the best cock I have ever had and she isn’t bad either is she? You certainly seemed to enjoy it with her. I had to agree I did enjoy it with her. Good she said – this will be fun for a while – I like it. After all its only sex. I have never been so full of cum.
The following week Pam and Jenny had arranged another love-in at our place on Saturday night. We got Pizza and some Asian take out and a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine. As soon as they arrived we fucked each other before we sat down for a meal. It was great fun all sitting around naked and eating and drinking – then back into sex again.The fun and sex was every bit as good as our first time – a real foursome. The girls asked us to suck each other again and found I didn’t mind when he came in my mouth and swalloed it no problem. He certainly didnt mind when I came and made a real show of enjoying having my semen in his mouth. He even kissed Pam and snowballed it. I think the girls got more fun watching us than we did doing it.
It turns out that even though he has no problems sucking other guys off and swallowing their cum he had never gone down on Pam after he had cum in her as I do frequently with Jenny. I got down onto Jenny not long after we had fucked and they watched us. After a minute or two of hard talking Pam talked him into it with her as they watched Jenny and I. It didnt ake him long after the initial few seconds and realised it wasnt as bad as he imagined – both girls kept themselves clean and scent free – they were very aware of hygene.
It wasnt planned but by the time we had finished the beer and the wine it wasnt safe for them to drive so we agreed that they should stay the night. We just slept with each others partner – Jenny loved it as she sucked his cock a couple of times – she really loved his big cock. .
How long our swapping lasts remains to be seen – we enjoy the swapping and the same sex experiences. He and I agreed no anal sex between us – but the girls like it and we fuck their ass as well but never cum in them there. Wanking it off over them is the preferred way we finish it that way.
Neither Jenny or I have been so free and easy with other partners since we have been together and how long this lasts is anybodies guess – we enjoy it and there are no hangups about who fucks who. I have to admit – the variety is good and I do enjoy fucking Pam as much as i do Jenny – they are both different and we are all happy.

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