Can you Breathe if I Cum on Your Throat

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She sat in his lap, hands tied behind her back.
“Ask me to fuck you”
His words sounded so dark and naughty as he pulled her naked body against his.
She averted her eyes and shook her head no.
He moved forward and ran the tip of his rock hard cock up the back of her slit.
“Fine then, I guess we will just have to neglect that poor wet pussy”
He said as he ran his hand up her back and grabbed a handful of her hair, drawing her head back so he could kiss and lick her throat.
She purred softly and nearly cried at his teasing, trying to force her pussy down upon him with a pouty look.
His hand smacked her ass hard before he drew his hips back so that she was resting solely upon his knees now. “No cock now for you till you beg.”
“Please, please!” she spoke with shaky breath.
“ Please what? Please isn’t enough. You have to say ‘yes I want you to fuck me’ or I am going to toss you on the floor and leave you here alone”
“No, please, I want you to fuck me. Don’t leave me here” as she shivers and bites her bottom lip.
He pulls her back toward him and lifts her slightly, rubbing the tip of his cock inside of her.
“Stand on your tippy toes for me… and rub on my cock, if you lower before I tell you too.. I’ll toss you out on the porch naked for the neighbors to see”
“Yes, sir” She lifts herself lightly trying to keep the sweet contact with her pussy lips.
He rubs against her slit and covers himself in her juices. His hands run over her breasts and shoulders, fingers wrapping around her throat and starting to squeeze.
“Here is the deal, you can only breath when you rise off my cock”
He releases her throat but still holds his fingers lightly there to remind her of what is at stake.
“So, when you are ready you may begin to ride me”
Her legs shake and she slowly lowers herself down, feeling every little bit. She shivers as she takes each individual inch slowly, savoring them.
He closes his fingers around her throat as he feels her moving onto his cock, rising his hips and thrusting up hard into her as he cuts off her air.
Feeling the fingers on her throat egging her on, letting herself come down hard upon him until her ass was resting upon his thighs.
He grinds hard up into her, flexing his fingers against her neck as he stares into her eyes and feels her pulse speed up under his grasp.
She moans softly, having to lean forward to keep her balance, trying to decide just how important breathing is.
He grinds harder into her, moving his hips slightly to gain more depth as he pushing them upward and then lets them fall. Enjoying the snug feel of her around him as her face goes a deeper shade of red.
She nearly cries as she pushes herself up and free of his cock.
He releases her throat and caress the red marks he created.
“Breath.. take a deep breath” he says softly as he rubs the tip of his cock against her.
She takes a deep breath and slowly closes her eyes.
He smiles softly at her and closes his fingers around her throat again, forcing her down onto his cock, pushing deep and fast inside of her tight little pussy. He keeps his grip on her airflow, cutting it off but releases the downward pressure so she can rise again if she wants.
“That’s a good little slut, take that cock”
“Oh god“ she moans out as she leans forward to kiss and lick at his neck.
He hears her moan and squeezes her throat tighter, making sure to cut off her air.
“now now… no breathing when my cock is in you”
She shoves her pussy down as far as it will go, keeping the pace hard and fast. She rides him hard till the need to breath starts to overcome her.
He works his cock deeper and harder into her, squeezing harder as he feels his cock starting to swell. He pushes her down using her throat, no longer giving her the option of rising as he stares into her eyes.
She begins to fight as the lack of air overzealous her, hands bound behind her back keeping her from clawing at the hands wrapped around her throat.
He thrusts harder, mashing her clit against his pelvis as he fucks her harder than she has ever been fucked before. His cock growing harder as he leans in to kiss her lips which have taken the slightest tinge of blue.
He whispers against them “I know you want to cum”
She tries to cry out but can’t get any air. Shaking, trying to free her hands to pull his hands from her throat. But that feeling, that magnificent rush, that rough pounding and the softness of his lips against hers keeps her from pushing up on her tippy toes to escape his cock and perhaps gain his mercy.
He licks at her lips, daring them to open for him as he continues to jam her down onto him, using her like a fuck toy as he starts to groan, knowing he will cum soon. But he holds back to keep fucking her weakening body.
She opens her lips hoping that a little air will reach her aching lungs. every muscle screaming but the ones in her pussy are begging more for the release than the air. Her eyes are wide and pleading with him.
Dips his tongue into her mouth as he starts to cum, pulsing as his thick hot cum splashes inside of her, holding her down onto him and grinding as his tongue enjoys the sweet warmth of her mouth. His eyes stare into hers as he draws his lips back.
“you can’t breath till you cum”
She releases the fear and begins to push down harder and faster, grinding her hips against his highs, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock.
“Go ahead you little slut, cum on my cock”
He keeps thrusting, still hard even after cumming, his cum lubing her more as he starts to thrust harder against her and driving deeper. His hands more roughly choking her now.
“Damn little whore… your pussy is tight.. I may cum again in that pussy….might even knock you up”
Feeling the deepness and roughness brings her closer and closer to the edge. Fear returns to her eyes at the last words and but she continues to ride him. So hard, so fast, begging with her eyes to cum.
“You better cum if you want to live” he says as he starts to swell again.
“Though dying on my cock would be the ultimate sacrifice of a good little whore”
His last words barely heard through the ringing in her ears, pushing down as far as she can go, holding him so deeply inside her as she cums hard, leaning forward against him exhausted.
Feeling her cum he pushes deep and cums again as well, filling her with enough cum to certainly make a baby if she were fertile. His hands jerk her head side to a side a few more seconds as he watches her lose consciousness. Releasing her neck and drawing her into his arms where he holds her against his chest, still inside of her as he kisses her forehead and cuddles her limp form.
Her first breath is shaky and taken against his chest, savoring the scent of their union. She moves her legs to wrap them around him, not wanting his cock to leave her. Her licks her lips and finds them cold and numb beneath it.
He looks into her eyes and smiles softly.
“Did you enjoy that?“
Stroking the side of her face and running his fingers over her lips.

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