Chad and his grandmother, together for the first time

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Sylvia Maykis had always loved her family, she and her husband were blessed with a beautiful daughter. She was bright, smart and an overall loveable child in her youth. The big change for her family happened when their sixteen-year-old daughter, Jennifer, came home from school one day, asking if she could speak to her eye-to-eye. Sylvia immediately knew that something was up with her as they usually discussed everything together with her father.

She was shocked at first when her daughter told her that she was pregnant, only then realizing how adult and caring she already had become. Jennifer refused to have an abortion which resulted in her boyfriend not wanting to do anything with her or their child anymore. Her father was more resilient at first but ultimately stood behind his daughter’s decision. Jennifer was proud of her parents, just as proud as they were of her. Their family’s bond had never been this big.

Until Sylvia received an urgent call that collapsed her perfect life. Her husband was involved in a horrible accident at his job that took his life. Both her and Jennifer were devastated for the coming months after that horrible event.

Nine months later a baby was born, Jennifer gave birth at the age of seventeen to a healthy boy named Chad, named after her father’s name: Chadrick. Everything seemed perfect for the Maykis family again at that moment. little Chad being the bright bulb of light that kept them going.

And ongoing they did. Sylvia took care of Chad as Jennifer finished her studies cum-laude. In their free time they always were together, the three of them. Her bond with her daughter and Chad grew and grew so close that they didn’t share any secrets from one another. She saw her daughter grow up into a beautiful, strong woman and her grandson in a handsome young man.

At the time Chad was eighteen years old she had another particular eye-to-eye talk with her daughter, knowing that it was something serious again. Jennifer then told her about her and her son, about their unique relationship that grew into something more, far beyond that of a normal mother and son relation.

Again, she was shocked. But for some reason she was not mad at her daughter, she could see how happy she and Chad were, and that truly was the only thing she wanted to see for her family. Though, she could not deny her own feelings, she too had seen Chad turn into a handsome man. And she honestly shared an as deep relationship with him as he did with his mother.

A few months later she talked to her daughter again, having build up enough courage to tell her what she truly felt for the both of them. She cried and thought she was a horrible mother and grandmother, thinking that this would tear them away from each other.

But Jennifer responded with love and kindness, she told her mother that Chad talked a lot about her as he saw her more as a second mother than grandmother, he even hinted at Jennifer about wanting to have an equal relationship with her but that he was too afraid to talk about it.

They had a talk after that, the three of them together. They spoke about their true feelings for each other, and that talk concluded into the start of an incestuous relationship between the three of them.

Sylvia and Chad had talked about having their first time together. Jennifer was away for the weekend due to job related activates and told her mother she should go for it. And so, it did happen on a Saturday evening.


Sylvia let out a sigh as she was waiting for her grandson to return home. “Come on Syl, don’t start getting nervous now, you both agreed on this.”

“It has been so long since I had any attention, or sex for that matter… If someone should be nervous then it probably would be Chad.”

“I still can’t believe we will be doing this, Jen and Chad have been in this relationship for over a year and a half now and I fully accepted it. Maybe it’s because we haven’t been this intimate before, the two of us.”

“How will he react to me? Does he really want to do this with an older lady? I wonder how… How big he is, is he a tender lover or more of a dominate person?”

“Damn it Syl, stop it with all these dumb questions and look forward to it, you know that he loves you as much as your daughter. Seeing her every day with that bright smile of hers should give you an impression how it is.”

“Mhm… He should be back any minute now, so, no more thinking about different scenarios and just look forward to it!”

A few minutes later she could hear the front door open, Chad was back and now it would begin.

“Gran! I’m home!”

“I’m in the Livingroom sweetheart!”

“Okay! I’ll be there in a second.”

Chad took off his shoes and went straight to the Livingroom where he would see his grandmother like he had never seen her before. His jaw dropped when he saw her.

“Wow!… Gran that’s… Quite the outfit you have on!”

Sylvia looked at him with a small smile. “Thanks sweetie, I got it specially for this occasion today, I had my doubts about it before but… I think it looks nice on me. Do you like it sweetheart?”

“Do I like it? Gran, you look beautiful in it. You have an amazing body for an… ehhh…”

“Older lady?” Interrupt Sylvia.

“For a grandma… uhh, yes, an older lady I guess…”

Sylvia started to giggle. “Sweetie I know I’m an older woman, you don’t have to be so shy about it. I’m really glad that you like and appreciate my outfit… And my body.”

“Yeah sorry Gran, guess I spaced out for a second there, I mean I have never seen you this… Erotic and seductive before. You truly are a beautiful woman!”

“Oh my, quite the charmer, aren’t you? How about we, uh… Get started with what we both waited for all this time…”

“Let me get rid of my stuff first Gran, take a over there and it shouldn’t be too long, I promise.”

Chad took Sylvia by her hand and sat her down on the chair on the opposite side of the Livingroom. He was about to leave but could not resist his beautiful grandmother.

Sylvia let out a small shriek as her grandson lifted the top of her dress and cupped one of her large breasts, she could feel her pussy moisten already by a simple touch. “Oh my! Chad, sweetie!”

“Sorry Gran, but I could not resist after seeing you like this… Wow… Your breasts are so big and full, not even a hint of sag…”

“Mhmmm… I take of myself sweetie, you know I always work out together with your mother.”

“Mom’s tits are big but these… You are such a beautiful woman Gran, I can already feel my cock harden by just softly touching them and looking at you.”

“It feels good when you touch me… My nipples are already so hard, it has been such a long time since I last did something naughty like this…”

“Now that you mention it… I’ve never seen you with another man after… after Grandpa passed away.”

“That’s because I haven’t Chad, I did try to date and all that silly stuff… But nobody came close to the man that your Grandfather was… Except for you now honey, it feels like my first time all over again.”

“Don’t worry about today, I know you are just as nervous as me but I will try to pleasure you with everything I got. I love you so much Gran…”

“Oh Chad… I love you too sweetheart…”

Chad released himself from her. “Alright, I will be back in a second. Just relax Gran, I promise that everything will go smoothly today.”

“Okay dear, see you in a bit.”

Sylvia watched her grandson go upstairs. In the meantime, she took of her dress, now only remaining in her heels as she sat naked waiting for him to return.

“Oh God, we are really going through with this! Something a grandmother and grandson should never do!”

“Great, now I’m even more nervous than before… Does he really think I’m beautiful?”

“He already has seen my breasts and he said that he thought that they were amazing, but I’m a little more skeptical about the rest of my body… I mean I’m not as young and athletic as my daughter, I have those extra pounds and I don’t fully shave my pubic area. It’s neatly trimmed but still…”

“Jesus Sylvia, just hear yourself right now! The boy already told you that he thinks you look great, and he was honest because you know it when he lies. Stop worrying so much and enjoy this moment, it should be something special today, so focus on it!”

Out of nowhere she suddenly heard Chad’s voice. “Worry about what?”

Chad had overheard his grandmother talking to herself and came to the conclusion that she was way more nervous than he was.

“Gran, you look amazing, stop doubting yourself. I meant what I told you, every single word.”

“Oh Chad! I… I know that bu-”

Chad interrupted her. “Here Gran, look, this is how much you and your body excite me.”

Sylvia looked in his direction and her mouth fell open at what she saw. Her grandson’s cock was rock-hard and throbbing, all because of her apparently. A big gob of precum was oozing out the slit of his cockhead as she watched it bob up and down with a steady pace.

She could not believe how big and thick it was. Her husband was large but he could not be compared to the monster that her grandson had. No wonder her daughter was that cheerful every day, she knew that they both made love almost every night.

“Enough proof for you Gran?” Said Chad with a big smile.

“Oh my… Sweetheart… It’s… It’s impressive. Never have I seen such a… Such a…”

“Say it, Gran.”

“… Such a big… Hard… Thick… Cock…” Sylvia felt her pussy tingle and juice running out of her.”

“Shall we start?” Asked Chad as he stared at his sexy grandmother.

“Y-yes… I’m ready sweetie, let’s make love…”

“Alright, Gran could you sit on the couch over there? I want to taste you…”

“O-okay darling, I would like that…”

Sylvia walked to the couch still a little bit nervous. She sat down and slowly spread her legs for her grandson, now showing him her wet pussy for the first time.

“It’s… You are so beautiful Gran.”

Chad kneeled down in front of her and took in the sight for a second. He then pushed and sucked his lips onto his grandmother’s erect clitoris while slowly entering her wet-tight pussy with a finger. Sylvia gasped and thought she was already going to cum.

“Oh! Chad! Sweetie! Calm down… I’m really sensitive after all that time.”

Chad released himself from his grandmother’s pussy, his mouth and chin fully covered with her pussy nectar. “Sorry Gran, I just couldn’t resist after seeing this delicious pussy… It’s perfect!”

Sylvia started to blush “T-thanks honey, I’m glad that you enjoy it so much… So please, continue…”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Chad now slowly ran his finger over her erect clit while licking up and down her soaked slit, giving it small kisses after a few licks.

“Mhmmm… Yes sweetie, nice and slow just like that. You like my pussy? You like licking and tasting your grandmother’s pussy?”

“Mwesh, I dho, hyoe thasht sho ghoof! (Yes, I do, you taste so good!)” mumbled Chad as he continued to pleasure Sylvia.

“Eat me… Ugh… Yes darling, keep on going… Make me feel like a woman again…”

Chad continued eating her out with the same speed, giving Sylvia enough pleasure to build up her arousal. She could see her own grandson licking, kissing and fingering her pussy, her nervousness was now completely gone.

“Honey… Chad I… I want to taste you now.”

He could not believe what he heard, a few minutes ago she was all shy and nervous, now she wanted to take the lead? He released himself from her slick pussy and looked up to her. “I would love it if you did that for me Gran.”

“Mhmmm… Then come over here, and show Grandma that big cock of yours…”

Chad stood in front of her, not expecting her to be so fierce and aroused now. She surprised him by gripping his cock hard and taking the head inside of her mouth, her tongue swirling around it like a pro. He had a fair share of blowjobs from his Mom but he could definitely tell that her own mother was one step ahead of her.

“Oooh fuck Gran! So… Good! Yes, please do more of that!”

Sylvia looked up to her grandson seeing his face full of pleasure as she licked around his cockhead, spreading and tasting the sweet precum in her mouth. She then started stroking the long-hard shaft with her right hand while softly sucking onto the head, she poked her tongue against the slit which resulted in Chad moaning each time she did so.

“Wow… So… Amazing! You are a professional Gran! I don’t understand why you were so nervous at all, I have never felt something like this before!”

She always loved it when her husband would praise her during the deed, often giving him rewards for such thing. She now started taking in more of Chad’s cock, bobbing up and down on it while still maneuvering her tongue around the head and shaft. Her other had cupped his balls and softly squeezed them.

Chad let her do her thing for a few minutes before pulling himself out. “I’m sorry Gran, but I want to do much more with you, I can tell that you would have made me cum if this kept going on.”

Sylvia licked her lips and smiled at him. “I’m all yours today sweetie, tell Grandma what you want.”

“A thighfuck” He answered.

“A… Thighfuck?” She asked with a confused look. “I have never heard of something like that, how is that even possible?”

Chad laughed, seeing his cute grandmother having no idea what it meant. “Well let me show you Gran, I will guarantee that you will like it. Could you stand over there and bend over slightly? Also spread your legs a little.”

Sylvia, still a bit confused, nodded and did what her grandson asked. Chad then placed himself behind her, guided his cock between her legs and the shaft firmly against her wet pussy. Both his hands reached around her body to grab onto one of her large breasts and held them together with a soft grip.

She gasped when she felt her grandson’s hard cock against her pussy and his hands on her breasts. Her pussy lips opened slightly and molded themselves around his shaft, soaking it with her juices, making it slick and slippery.

Chad moaned. “This Gran, this is a thighfuck. Let me show you how it’s done.”

He started going back forth with his hips at a slow pace, feeling his grandmother’s pussy clamping onto his shaft. Sucking noises could be heard as he slowly fucked her thighs.

“Oh Chad… This feels so good, yes sweetie, spread my juices all over your thick cock. Go on and go a little faster, make a mess of Grandma’s pussy and thighs.”

“As you wish Gran… It’s so slippery wet!” Chad now rubbed his cock between her thighs with a faster motion, each forward stroke resulted into him rubbing against her clit. He then felt a slight resistance as Sylvia clamped her thighs tighter around her grandson’s cock, she stimulated him even further by gyrating her hips a little.

“Fuck Gran! There’s no way that you never did this before… You are hitting all the right spots like this!” His precum now mixed with her pussy nectar, her ass rippled every time Chad rammed forward, making her moan louder each trust.

“Guess… Ugh! That your Grandma can adjust and learn really fast sweetheart, oh yes Chad, just like that! Fuck my thighs and stimulate my pussy!”

He kept on going for a few minutes, both of them drowned in ecstasy every time he pushed all the way forward. Sweaty bodies slapping together could be heard long the slick sucking noises.

“Oh… Oh! Gran! I… I want to fuck you so bad! Please Gran… Let me fuck you!”

Sylvia opened her legs and released her grandson’s throbbing cock. She took his hand and led them both to the large chair in front of them. She positioned herself so that Chad could easily take her from behind.

She was now fully aroused and could not wait any longer for the main act. “Fuck me baby! Fuck Grandma’s wet-tight pussy and make me cum. I want it Chad! Make me feel like a woman again! Make me yours and fuck me!”

Chad could still not believe what he heard, but that did not stop him. He rubbed his cockhead through her wet slit and then penetrated her in one go, and just like his Mom, he could reach her cervix as he had entered her fully.

“Oh shit! So fucking tight Gran.” He yelled as he felt his grandmother’s pussy suck vacuum around his cock, it felt like fucking a virgin after all these years without sex.

“Oh sweetie! And you are so… So big! Yes baby! Fuck me like that!”

Sylvia trusted herself back against him so she could get him inside to her deepest point.

“Okay… Gran… You want to fuck? Then take this!”

Chad grabbed both her ass-cheeks and started banging her with a fast but steady phase. Every thrust resulted in her pussy shooting out a small squirt of juice, her big tits swaying back and forth and her ass rippled after every slap against it.

“Yes! Yesss! Fuck me! Fuck meee!” Screamed Sylvia as she was experiencing long lost feelings and pleasure.

“Do you love it Gran? Do you love it that your grandson is filling you fully with his hard cock?”

“Yes! I love it, I love my grandson fucking my tight-wet pussy! I love you Chad!”

His grandmother saying all these things was extremely arousing for Chad, he kept on fucking her hard from behind. Only moaning and heavy breathing could now be heard in the Maykis’s Livingroom, along with the slapping of sweat soaked bodies against each other.

“Chad… Ugh! Baby I… I want to kiss you while you fuck me! Please sweetie!”

And so he pulled out at once, his cock making a loud plopping sound as it was released from his grandmothers freshly fucked wet pussy. He then quickly laid her down onto the carpet and inserted himself again, missionary style.

Sylvia wrapped her legs around his waist in response and held tight onto him.

Chad fully entered her but did not started fucking into her straight away. They both looked deep into their eyes before Chad spoke.

“Gran… I love you so much… I’m so happy that we can finally do this after all this time. Mom might have told you already but… You are so much more to me than just my grandmother, I… I also want… No, I also need you as my lover, just like Mom is. You two are the most important woman in my life. I love you both so much.”
Sylvia had tears in her eyes as her grandson confessed to her. “Chad… Sweetie, you don’t have to explain or ask for anything… I already made up my mind long ago and… I want it too sweetheart. So, make love to me, fuck me, do anything you want… I love you Chad!”

Then they mashed their mouths together as magnets that were attracted to each other. Their tongues battled wildly, as they moaned loudly.

Chad resumed his thrusting and started smacking deep into his grandmother’s tight pussy. Grandmother and grandson were now in a total bliss, blind and deaf to the outside world as they made love and fucked each other silly.

Squirt after squirt of fresh pussy juice shot out of Sylvia’s cunt with each thrust, she could feel his cock throb heavily now, indicating that he would cum soon from their intense fucking.

She released their kiss and spoke. “Baby are you going to cum soon?”

“Yes Gran, it’s feels so fucking good and I’m indeed reaching my limit.” Moaned Chad with heavy breaths in-between.

“Then let me make us cum both… I want to ride you to our climax, you think you can hold on till we done that sweetie?”

“For you? Anything Gran… Let’s do it.”

He released himself with a loud plop and helped Sylvia up. Chad took a seat on the large chair next to them. His grandmother placed herself above him, grabbing his cock and aiming it onto her entrance. “Here it goes sweetie.”

She then lowered herself in one go, slamming down onto her grandson’s thick cock, taking it in again in one single go. She could feel him hitting her cervix again.

“Oooooh! Chaaaad!” She screamed as he groaned and took both of her big tits into the palm of his hands, kneading them softly.

“Gran! Yes! Go on and fuck me Gran! Make us cum at the same time, make us both cum so hard!”

She started bouncing up and down on his pussy juice and precum soaked cock, bottoming out against her cervix with each slam down. Her big tits bounced in his hands before he mauled at them and grabbed them tight, now guiding his grandmother up and down as he started trusting into her.

They were now fucking like animals. Sylvia came down and Chad went up in perfect sync, slapping hard against each other, resulting in loud screams from both of them. Squirts of precum, pussy juice and sweat flew around them, making a mess out of the chair and the carpet under it.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuuuccck meeee!” Screamed Sylvia at the top of her lungs, having little orgasms each time they met. “Make Grandma cum all over that thick cock! Fuck my cunt and make us both cum!”

“Yes! Yes! We will Gran, both of us… Ugh shit! Both of us will cum like never before!”

Chad started pinching her nipples as Sylvia gyrated onto his cock after every bounce, they could both feel that they were not far off from the grand finale.

“It’s coming Gran! Fuck! I’m going to cum Gran!”

“Do it! Do it and cum in me! I’m feeling it too baby! Shoot that thick potent cum into Grandma’s freshly fucked cunt and make her explode! Oh Chaaaad!”

“CUMMING!” Screamed Chad in sync with Sylvia’s “I love youuuuu!”

And then they both exploded into orgasmic bliss.

Chad shot three big loads into her pussy before Sylvia came herself, bucking and shaking wildly as a huge squirt of pussy juice shot out of her gaping cunt. This caused Chad’s cock to plop out of her as he was still cumming. Rope after rope of thick cum shot into the air, scattering all over the carpet and chair under them.

Sylvia felt herself going dark for a few seconds as she slumped back into her grandson’s chest, small squirts of nectar kept on shooting out of her cum filled pussy. Her body was still shaking as she breathed heavily.

The same thing happened to Chad, but he managed to hold his grandmother tightly against him, making sure that she did not fell down. A thick stream of cum dripped down of his shaft while he felt his legs being soaked due to Sylvia’s nectar squirts.

They both laid down there for a few minutes, holding onto each other while feeling their bodies being soaked with a variety of different bodily fluids.

“Gran… Oh God… I… I never came like that before, this was unreal how good it felt.”

“Urghh… Oh honey… Chad… You gave Grandma… The biggest orgasm of her life, But… It was sooo good…”

Chad buried his head into his grandmother’s neck, smelling her lovely body odor as she reached for his free hand and intertwined their fingers. They stayed like this for another few minutes.

“Gran… Can you show me it? How much I came inside of you? I have never experienced something like this…” Asked Chad after a while.

“I… I can do that for you sweetie, it has to come out anyway.”

Chad lifted his grandmother and sat her down on the glass coffee table, Sylvia spread her legs and pushed the crazy amount of her grandson’s cum out of her well fucked pussy.

Gob after gob of thick cum started leaking out of her pussy, Sylvia was amazed at the amount that her grandson shot in and out of her. She was not the only one.

“Wow… Just like Mom… I still can’t believe how much I cum. Oh shit, Gran was it sa-”

Sylvia interrupted her grandson. “It’s alright sweetheart. I can’t get pregnant anymore, besides, having one baby on the way is enough for now wouldn’t you say?”

Chad got red after she said that. “D-did Mom tell you about… Us… She agreed with it Gran I swear!”

She started giggling. “Honey it’s okay, you know that your mother and I don’t have secrets for each other, we share everything. And I would have known anyway, motherly instinct, right?”

He relaxed after hearing her answer.

“Your mother is so happy now darling, and seeing her happy makes me happy too. We three are in this together for the rest of our lives Chad. I love you two such much sweetheart.”

“I… We love you too Gran… Forever.”

Chad helped her off the table so they could both sit down on the clean part of the carpet.

“So sweetheart, we finally did it. Was it anything you expected it to be Chad?”

“Gran, it was so, so much more. I’m so happy we went through with this and I can’t wait for the next time. You have one amazing beautiful body Gran!”

She giggled again. “And my stud grandson has one amazing tool down there!” She caressed his cheek as she looked deep into his eyes.

“I can now understand why your mother was so attracted to you.”

“It’s not only that Gran, it’s the love we have for each other. And the love that WE have for each other now as well.”

Sylvia kissed him on his lips, their kiss lingering for a long time. “Wise words my dear… So, lover boy, shall we start and clean up our mess? And ourselves after that?”

“Shower together? Oh, I’m totally up for that Gran.”

She smiled. “I bet you do honey… I bet you do.”

They shared another deep kiss before attending to their cleaning duties. It was going to take a long time to renovate the Livingroom into his former state.


Chad came home from a long school day, he knew that his grandmother was home. His Mom had to stay behind at school because she had a meeting.

“Sigh” “Finally back home, let’s just catch my breath for a few minutes here.”

He took a seat onto one of the couches and slumped back against the backseat. He closed his eyes as he talked to himself.

“For once I’m glad that Mom had to attend that meeting, I know how horny she gets after long work days. We would have fucked for sure, not giving me any time to relax.”

“Did anyone say something about fucking?” He obviously knew who was talking to him.

Chad opened his eyes and was greeted with an amazing sight.

“Well hello there my sweet grandson…”

“Holy shit Gran! Where did you got that outfit from… Wait a minute, I know someone that had something similar!”

“You mean your mother? It’s the same outfit yes, but not hers my dear grandson, she ordered this one for me.”

Chad gulped.

“Do you like it sweetie? Do you like my big tits being tightly wrapped up in this bodysuit? Can you see how hard my nipples already are because of you? Oh my, I can see something twitching inside those pants of yours.”

“Gran, you are driving me nuts looking like that, this surely boosted my energy level up again!”

She giggled. “Oh, I hope so honey, because Grandma wants you to take her hard, fuck her till she can’t stand and then shoot a big load of fresh cum into her tight pussy. I know you have been saving up today so let Grandma take care of her cute grandson.”

Chad couldn’t argue with something like that. He threw of his clothes. Stood up and swept his grandmother up into his arms, she made a cute yelp and giggled as he held her in his arms.

“How about we do it in the proper area this time?” he asked her.

“Mhmmm… I’m all yours lover boy, but I agree, last time we fucked here made this place into a soaked mess. Plus, I don’t think your mother would like the sight of a cum and pussy juice soaked Livingroom again.”

They both started laughing.

“So, my beautiful lady, shall I take you upstairs then?”

“Oh darling, please do, take me upstairs and then fuck me silly. I want you to make my pussy squirt again baby…”

“That can be arranged my dear Grandmother, let’s go, shall we?”

Chad held her tight and walked up to the bedroom, they shared a big kiss before he laid her down onto the bed. He then turned around and closed the door.

One thing was sure, at the end of the day, they would have to clean another room in the house.


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