Child Brings Huge Property

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I am 34. Married for eight years to a big business man who loves to live in suitcases, sleep in flights and just make money. There was no dearth of gold and diamond with me. Had big house. But I had no life. In eight years only my upper and lower body has put on flesh but nothing in between. No baby bump. I was coming to conclusion that adopting a baby is the only option left and was persuading my husband.

One day suddenly my hubby told that his father if in ICU and he has to rush to Bengaluru and within an hour he was off in flight. He did not communicate with me for a week and I was worried. But he returned next week and just told that his father is very sick but is recovering. I felt better. But he always looked tense and did not tell me the reason. I tried my best to take care of him in his time of tension.

I tried to woo him for sex but as usual he slept the other side. In fact our sex life was ok only for first two years of marriage. Then it became a monthly ritual without any emotion or love. He would finish in two minutes and dose off. He was a business man spending life in flights hotels and suitcases. Now since last four years we never had any intimacy. So no question of any kids, naturally.

A few days later he was in very good mood. He took me to Shimla and we stayed in a top class hotel. At night he said that he was very happy. He also told that he consulted a doctor who is giving him some medicine and has assured that we would soon get our child! He even showed me few tablets. I was surprised.

He continued and even cried saying that he kept away from me as he was earlier found to be incapable of having his own kids. That inferiority complex was eating him. I felt bad for him and now I did feel good as he was happy. We stayed for three days and had sex couple of times although it again lasted two or less minutes. But I had read that even one sperm is sufficient to impregnate a woman. I wished it would happen.

We returned to Mumbai. And now again we were together on bed at best once in a fortnight. Although he used to leave me high and dry, at least I presumed that some good may happen. He said he was taking medicines. I didn’t question him more. For a day he had been to N Delhi and from there he brought me a very expensive net saree with lot of embroidery. The blouse was to be stitched. I suggested buying ready made but my husband insisted on to get stitched to perfect measurement. Our anniversary was nearing and I decided to get it ready by that time. But Shashidhar, my husband, told that he would find out the best tailor and tell me.

Few days later it was morning and Shashi was getting ready to go to office. I was taking bath and Shashi shouted that he is getting late. So hurriedly I just wore a satin gown even without drying and came out. I served breakfast to him and he asked me also to take with him.

While we were eating his one hand was moving on my satin gown and feeling my breast as I had not worn bra. He then slid his hand on to my bare thighs.

I was getting heated up. But it was not the time for any such adventure. The bell rang again. I thought that the driver might have come to collect keys and opened the door. But a stranger was standing with a big smile and asked if this is the house of Mr. Shashidhar. I nodded and Shashi looked at him and smilingly invited him in. He was very handsome and well built. His smile was mesmerizing. I again sat for breakfast and Shashi asked me to serve breakfast to the stranger.

I placed one more plate and served Parathas. Then Shashi introduced him to me as Mr. Babubhai a renowned ladies tailor whom he had found out from internet. I could not believe as he was almost like a film star. But I kept quiet. In fact although he was eating parathas from his mouth I could sense that he was eating me with his eyes. His stare was directly on my piercing breasts. I felt shy and somehow my whole body heated up.

We finished breakfast and tea. Then Shashi told that he is getting late and asked Babubhai to take measurements fast so that Shashi can drop him at his place. He hurried me to go in to the bedroom and give my measurements. I wanted to change to a saree and blouse but Shashi was in such a hurry that he did not listen to me for a second.

I went inside and Shashi was asking the other person to follow me. Mr. Babubhai also entered the room and I had no other options than to ask him to take my measurements.He slightly closed the door and I was standing near the cot. He was very professional in his work and took the measurements fast. His touch had strange effect on me.

Suddenly my nipples became erect and looked more prominent through the satin material of my gown. His hand cupped my breast for longer than needed and he pressed them slightly. Or was it my imagination? Or did I want it? I felt burning and hot blood rushing to my head. He held me from unbalancing and made me to sit on the cot. He immediately left the room and Shashi left the house closing the door behind them.

I lay on bed bewildered and mesmerized. What the hell was happening to me all of a sudden? After all a stranger came home and his hand had just rested on my breast for hardly ten seconds and had circled m nipple from over the satin cloth for about five seconds putting me on fire? This had never happened to me in life.

When he was taking measurement why at all I felt goose bumps when his hands moved on my bare sleeves? I touched my boobs. The nipples were still hard and protruded. I liked them myself. My right hand went automatically between my thighs. I was highly wet. My fingers easily found the right spot and closing my eyes I slowly rubbed the sensitive zone. It felt relieving. Then again the door bell rang. I stopped and opened the door to the maid servant. She looked at me and asked if I was feeling ok? I just nodded and went to room to dress.

Whole night was a mixed feeling with intermittent sleep. Why and how such feelings now? After all he was in my front standing only for a few minute but his thought has been mothering me for whole day? His image, smile has engulfed me while doing any work, cooking, cleaning sleeping or watching TV. How to get rid of this? But did I really want to forget him? Yes said my mind and No said my body. I didn’t know when he would make the blouse ready. He had not given his phone No and also he did not call. May be Shashi would collect while returning from office. Then what? I will not be able to see him again!

Morning I had to go to buy vegetables. While waiting for an auto suddenly I noticed Babubhai coming out of Talwarkar’s gym. He was wearing a half pant and sleeveless tee shirt. He looked very attractive and I could infer that he daily goes to gym. But he did not see me. I felt it may not be good to go after him and talk. So I returned home but whole day repeatedly same type of thoughts was coming to my mind. Did enjoy such thoughts? Yes was the only answer. Somehow I was feeling excited, like a new wed bride. Why? No idea. But I was feeling happy. Often I touched my breast and sleeve on which he had placed his hand briefly.

Next day it started raining right from morning. But Shashi’s work never stops. His car came and he left to Delhi for two days. I was back to loneliness. I checked fridge and there was some pulav of previous night.

So I decided not to prepare any fresh lunch. Few of my neighbors came and sat for an hour or two gossiping and talking about the next kitty party. Once they left I took bath. In rainy day hot water bath made my body light and refreshing. I wore cotton long skirt with a chiffon top doing away with undergarments as had an urge to masturbate. Finishing my lunch I laid down on the bed. Closing my eyes I was caressing my left breast with one hand and my finger went busy between my thighs.

I was beginning to get excited and hit orgasm when suddenly the bell rang. I had asked maid not come in the afternoon as it was raining. So I thought it may be some courier for Shashidhar. Cursing the entire generation of courier companies I got up in hurry and opened the door. OMG, Babubhai was at the door. I didn’t know what to say and just opened the door letting him in.

He came in and I looked at him and asked him to come in. He was fully drenched from top to bottom. His eyes were directly on my breasts. The hooks of my top were open as I directly came from my bed. I noticed it bit late. He had had already started sneezing. I thought for a min and asked him to go to bathroom remove the clothes, take bath by which time I will put the wet clothes in drier. I gave him pyjama and Kurtha of Shashidhar. He hesitated but finally went in to the bath room. He threw out all his wet clothes and then I heard him under shower. I noticed that he had even given his brief to be dried.

I put all his clothes in the drier and prepared ginger tea for him. He finished bath and came out. My husband’s pyjama was small and Kurtha was too small that he could not wear it. So he had just put the towel I had given to him on his chest. I knew that he will not have undergarment as he had given me all wet clothes including banian and brief. I smiled to myself. That moment I realized that this afternoon would be different for me. Something was bound to happen. I was already on heat even before his arrival.

He was sitting sat on the cot and I brought hot tea. Both had tea which was refreshing in the rainy weather. He told that he has brought stitched blouse and asked me to try. I went to other bed room and removed my gown. I quickly tried the blouse. The blouse was stitched with princes cut and backless. He had stitched it perfectly but the neck was very deep exposing entire top of my boobs. As it was backless whole of my back was bare as in this type of blouse bra cannot be worn. I had never worn backless in past and princes cut. I could not tie the dori (thread) tightly but managed to somehow keep it in place.

I looked at the mirror and appreciated myself. I came to our bedroom where Babu looked at me. He got up and came near me. I asked him as to why he had made it backless when I had told him to stitch the blouse normal way. He said that this is the latest trend and fashion running. He also added that in this blouse the beauty gets multi fold and I looked very sexy.

He just glanced and said it is fitting well. He checked my back and putting a finger between blouse and my back he said it looks fine. Then he came in front of me and inserting a finger checked and said it is OK. In this process his finger brushed along the lower side of my breast.

Due to excitement my breasts were heaving up and down. As I had not tied the dori tightly, it snapped open and fell down exposing my breasts fully for his view. I tried clumsily but with my hands I could not even cover half of my oversized breasts. In all this hurry burry, only two hooks which held my blouse at back also snapped open and the blouse fell to the carpet. I was highly embarrassed, excited and shy. I tried to run back to other room and in the process fell down. Babu sat on the carpet and lifted me slowly.

Now my breasts were completely exposed and as he lifted me I swung my arms around his neck. He made me to sit on the cot and both fell together on to the big bed. I still held on to him and his strong arms pulled me to him. I clung to him and lifting my chin slightly he brought his face near my. I closed my eyes and our lips met. I opened my mouth welcoming his exploring tongue. I melted in the heat and he melted in my wet kisses. Hundred, thousand or a million? I don’t know how many and how long our mouths were sealed. Each kisses lasting twice the duration of previous one.

As his tool had sprang to action the already tight pyjama of my husband could no longer hold that huge weapon and my small pull of the thread it fell down to the floor exposing his majestic penis throbbing up and down searching for its destination. I fondly held it in my hand and caressed the blue raised veins and the huge ball which hung like two tennis balls.

We hugged tightly as if both wanted to suffocate. His rough big hands were constantly on my breasts caressing, squeezing them and taking me to heavenly experiences. My nipple had by then become as big as blue berries which I pushed in to his mouth in the intervals between kisses. While he guided my hand to his huge phallus I reciprocated by pushing his thick finger in my wet pussy. Either of us wanted to waste time in preliminaries of foreplay. We just wanted to mingle as single body. In face I was not at all in this world to think. I had left everything to nature to do its work.

As Babu pulled me on to him placing my legs on his either sides, I slid easily on to his huge phallus as I was soaking damn wet by that time. I went down in a slow motion till achieving full penetration which was confirmed when his big balls touched my thighs. Babu hugged me like a bear and I pressed my boobs on to his hairy chest while our mouths achieved fusion. He almost swallowed my tongue and pushed his deep in to mine. Our saliva was exchanged in abundance heating our already burning bodies.

I rose slightly and lowered slowly. My beasts were hung on his face and pressed on to his chest when I descended. Pulling me up Babu hungrily suckled my nipples one after other. My berries became more prominent and bigger as Babu continued sucking on to them. I felt too wet and thought that he might have discharged. It was too slippery and in my upward stroke we got detached. Lot of fluid was flowing along my thighs. I touched his phallus and surprisingly it was rock hard. Yes the fluid was mix of his pre-cum and my own secretions. What a start! I again lowered on to his erection and adjusted position to prevent slipping out.

Babu now pulled me and I rested my head on his chest. Caressing my back Babu widened his thighs allowing me to sink deeper. We both closed eyes to enjoy that moment of intense coitus. We were still except for my pelvic gyration on his pestle. The outside rain was the providing music. I felt shivering and unstable and held on to the satin sheets for support and had a severe orgasm.

I had never experienced such an intense orgasm even during my afternoon masturbation. Resting on his chest I invariably compared with Shashidhar. In fact I could never realise when he would go in and when he would detach from me or whether he really penetrated was a question. Even after he felt finished I could hardly find a drop of his secretion and there would be no wetness in me. Oh God had I really lost my virginity after marriage or not? I laughed loudly by which Babu opened his eyes and closed my smiling lips with his.

In a swift move Babu turned me down and came on my top without even detaching as our thighs were locked firmly. I could feel that by then his phallus had grown in girth and length as the grip was firm and very tight. There was another session of endless kisses. I was experiencing orgasm after orgasm just with him deep in me. Slowly and very slowly Babu raised up and coming down pushed himself completely in me. I felt the whole world turning around me like a patient with vertigo.

I closed my eyes to relish the wonderful experience. Then Babu pounded me with his beautiful weapon relentlessly while I was left moaning and even screaming for more and more. I wanted this to go on forever till the end of my life.

I locked him with my legs to feel the tight grip around my vaginal walls. Babu raised my legs up and keeping them on my own shoulder he engaged me in a divine act of human copulation which I never had experienced in past. One Two three endless orgasms left me weak and I surrendered to him and left him to handle me the way he wanted. But that is what I too I wanted. I wanted a MAN who can turn me in to a doll and play who can make feel like an angel. While I felt an epoch has passed he gushed his hot semen deep in me. The flow appeared unstoppable flooding. I locked him with my thighs not letting a drop to go wasted. Even after complete ejaculation we lay clinging unable to detach.

I did not feel any need to wash. I wanted to retain our entire love cocktail deep in me. Having complete satisfaction and happy we fell asleep hugging. It was not needed to know the time. When I woke up I saw Babu still sleeping. I slowly got up and looked at him. He was still completely nude like a Greek God. He looked like a child sleeping after breastfed. The rain, hot bath, long love session and satisfaction had brought good sleep to him. I covered a blanket over him. I went to washroom and cleaned myself. Then I prepared tea and came back to the room. Babu was sleeping.

I drank a sip of hot tea and slowly slid beside him. Again very slowly without waking him up, I went down and took his semi hard tool in my mouth which was hotter due to hot tea. I sucked that magic weapon all along the shaft and circled my tongue round the pink peak. He sprang to action and woke up. I sat beside him putting my one leg on his thigh.

He also sat up and I asked him to have tea. I took a large sip of tea in my mouth and pulling him opened him mouth and downed the tea from my mouth to him. He did the same to me and we finished drinking tea from each of our mouths. By the time tea was finished Babu was rock hard.

I stroked it with all love and lust. It was huge. The testicles were like a pair of tennis balls, heavy and large. We kissed for a long time as I continued stroking his shaft and balls. Babu fondled my boobs one after other, squeezed them hard and I pulled him on to my nipples. He sucked and bit on those melons and nipples till I cried and laughed with unbearable pleasure.

When he entered me I my thighs were like two banks of river with so much of wetness flowing down from my vaginal walls. Probably our was perfect unison of human body, so fitting in each other, so tight and matching in every way. The second lovemaking lasted much longer. When Babu left my house it was completely dark outside and still drizzling. I requested him to stay back but he had to go as his wife would question. He promised to come on alternate days and spend one night every week.

After he left I was drowned in thoughts. I was extremely happy to get relief from my unsatisfied sex life. But other thought asked me if it was right. Leaving all thoughts aside I had dinner and slept. I got good sleep.

Morning while taking bath I had a look at the mirror. My lips were swollen. Hot water irritated the bite marks on my breasts and nipple. But I smiled. I prepared quick breakfast and sat in front of TV bit lazy and still with overhang of previous evening. I thought I have to wait for few more days and also Shashi was expected to return next day. Should I call him today? What he may think of me? No let me wait. Then the maid came to clean the house.

Once she went I set down to prepare lunch. I was hungry. After lunch again I felt like sleeping. My body was still aching because of the long acrobatics we had on bed. Lying on the bed I touched my boobs and played my hand on my thighs. I was getting excited just to think of the orgasms I experienced during sex with Babu. What a divine feeling it was.

The bell rang disturbing me from my sweet thoughts. May be some advt boy or courier or salesman. Cursing whole world I decided to switch off the bell. I opened door and surprised to see Babu standing there smiling. I pulled him in and within second we hugged and our mouths was sealed. Babu lifted me and carried to the bed room. It appeared he had other plans that day. Putting me on bed he just pulled my dress down and I widened my thighs.

He pulled down my panties and inserted his finger deep. I was already wet and he felt it. Pulling out his finer he inserted in his mouth. He seemed pleased and undressed completely. Then further widening my thighs he dug his head and started licking the inner walls of my pussy. Soon he found my clitoris and is tongue was now moving in circular motions around it and often going down, licking all over. He then inserted a finger and rubbed the exciting zones.

Going further down Babu licked the perineum area which is extremely sensitive. His one hand was playing on my breasts. I got several orgasms and I could not wait more, just wanted him to enter me. But that handsome magician had come with different idea. Coming up he turned his towards my leg and his legs on either side of my chest

Then he dug his tongue further making me to cry in excitement. I was moaning loud begging him to fuck me. He guided his magic wand in to my mouth. I licked the shaft all along like a candy simultaneously playing with his huge balls. He was urging me to take it in my mouth but I waited.

Then a big globule of his pre cum appeared at the tip like a diamond and licking it I took his long fat penis in my mouth. Babu then started in and out in my mouth and also lapping my cunt with his tongue. My mouth was aching but Babu relentlessly was fucking in my mouth.

I pulled him with my arms around his hips to go deeper in my throat. In a gush like a geyser he exploded in my mouth unloading his hot semen. His phallus had closed my mouth fully and not a drop could flow out. Swallowing the sacred secretions I licked the limping tool clean. I felt strange taste and was excited.

We lay side by side. We spoke about previous evening. He also said he was waiting for today’s experience. I opened his mouth and sucked his tongue giving him a taste of his own semen.

I placed my hand on his penis which was just semi hard. He knew that I was not satisfied as I very much wanted him ejaculation deep in my pussy. He inserted his finger in my hole and started rubbing. We kissed for a long time.

Though it was burning because of previous evenings bites I pushed my nipple in his mouth. He suckled one after the other while my hand was stroking his shaft and the huge testicles. I could feel him becoming hard again and soon he was again ready. This time not allowing him any freedom I rode on him and went completely deep on to his pole.

Similar to yesterday we had sex two more times and it was stark dark when he left. For whole week till my husband returned Babubhai came in the afternoons and left at night. One night he stayed back and whole night we had no sleep. We tried all positions which are in the books.

My husband returned next week. He was daily asking me in the morning to give his medicine and on phone I could hear him speaking to his mother that he is now on medication and she should not worry. He looked much happier.He continued his two minutes on me twice a week and was sure that the medicine would work. Two months passed like two minutes and I had conceived from Babu bhai.

I got checked from a gynec and informed Babu. We were very happy and celebrated our achievement with sex for whole of next day. I also told Shashidhar that I was pregnant. He was doubly happy and told that he would thank the doctor and pay him double. He spoke to his mom and sister on phone. Babu and I enjoyed erotic sex till my eighth month of pregnancy. I delivered a boy and Shashi was overjoyed.

Next day in the afternoon his sister spoke to me from Bengaluru and congratulated me. She said that finally with my motherhood her brother also inherited huge property. I could not understand.

She went on to explain that their father had written a will saying that the Shashidhar’s share of property would be two thirds if he gets a child or else both brother and sister will get half. A suspicion came to my mind. Did Shashidhar himself asked Babu to have sex with me and impregnate me to avoid all legal hustles? Who knows? Who cares? His property ambition was fulfilled and also my motherhood ambition was fulfilled.

When Babu came to see his son in the nursing home, I asked him if Shashi and he had any understanding. Reluctant though he was, he agreed that Shashidhar had met him once and took him to a hotel.

There he asked him to befriend with me and also help me to get a child. First Babu was scared and thought that Shashi might trap him and black mail. But it seems Shashi met him repeatedly and also made him to have a look at me from distance. Babu was immediately attracted to me and agreed. Shashi had also given him money to improve his business. Now Babu suggested me one thing. This can be used to even blackmail Shashi.

After the child was three months one day I raised this topic and told him that I had come to know about how he had arranged Babu to come home and start relation with me so that I can become pregnant and he will get property.

I threatened him that I would disclose the truth never minding if someone says I had an affair for which I can give explanation of his impotency. He looked shocked and started giving pale explanations.

He requested me not to tell this to anybody. That day I kept quiet. Next day he himself started the topic and requested me to keep it as a secret. He argued that with this I have enjoyed and has become a mother.

Then taking t his opportunity I put a condition that he should now allow Babu to visit me whenever we wanted and should not object. If he objects or creates any problem I said that I would reveal the truth which would expose his impotency which will be an embarrassment to him in his business circle and also he would lose the property. Shashi had no answer. He just nodded.

To test him I told that I would be calling Babu the next day for lunch which was a Sunday. It was already 4 to 5 months since we had sex. Babu came by 11 in the morning. I had prepared lunch for all three.

After he sat on the sofa I offered soft drinks to him and also to my husband. They spoke a few words in general. Then I held Babu’s hand and took him to bedroom and locked from inside. When we came out after two hours Shashi had arranged plates for lunch and was playing with my son. So the deal was sealed.

Ever since that day till date we are going strong two afternoons in a week and one whole night. And in each afternoon session Babu would not leave me unless having sex two to three times. Whole night story is entirely different with absolutely no sleep.

Babu started coming home thereafter even in presence of Shashi and many times stay back in weekends. I and Babu with our son even went to many places of sightseeing. Now my son is five years and Babu and I are still going strong.

Now I am five months pregnant with Babu’s second child. So by God’s grace now I have everything. A rich businessman husband with huge property, a son and now expecting a daughter. More than all these I have a He Man like Babu ready at any time to take care of my sexual needs. What else would a woman need? Thanks hubby.

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