Coed’s Slave Girl Fantasy

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I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of a pervert after you read
this. I mean, I consider myself to be more or less a normal girl.
Well… actually, I consider myself to be a little above average.
After all, I’ve been a straight A student all my life and am in one
of the finest universities in the country on a full scholarship.
I’ve never been the kind to sleep around. But that wasn’t
because I didn’t want to. It was more because I didn’t want to get
a reputation as a slut. I had too much dignity for that.
Unfortunately, along with my dignity comes a much higher than
average sex drive.
I lost my virginity very early in my teens. I wasn’t forced, or
convinced, or drugged or drunk, far from it. I made a conscious
decision, picked out the guy I wanted to deflower me, and set
everything up.
Unlike most girls, I didn’t lose my cherry in the back seat of
a car under a grunting, groaning idiot. I lost mine in my own
living room in front of a crackling fireplace with a guy who knew
his way around a girl’s body.
Maybe that was why I became so fascinated with every aspect of
sex. Also, the guy was much older than me, and much, much bigger,
which may be where I developed my love of big, muscular men.
I know a lot of girls don’t think much of the big muscular guys,
you know, the ones that really work at it and bulge with muscles
all over. They like smaller, slimmer guys like Mel Gibson. Not me.
I’ve always had a thing for big guys with lots of muscles and few
Of course, being as smart as I am, most guys are dumber than me,
and being as small as I am, most of them are bigger. That’s been
mostly enough until lately, but after I entered college and began
studying my major, which is the European dark ages, my fantasies
about big muscled men became stronger and stronger.
I suppose I should describe myself at this point. My name is
Julie Conners. I’m just over five foot two and weigh about ninety
five pounds. I have a really nice body, with a really nice tight
little ass and big round breasts that despite their size(38DD),
don’t sag an inch.
I have a sweet little heart shaped face with a small upturned
snub nose and big blue eyes. My hair is a bright golden blonde and
I keep it straight, and shoulder length. I part it on the right and
sort of toss it back across my forehead just above my eyes.
Now don’t get me wrong. I like my body. It’s attractive, fit,
and healthy. I kind of like the attention I get most of the time,
especially when I’m on the beach in my bikini.
But I’m no dumb bimbo. I have a hundred and seventy IQ, I can
read, speak and write four languages and know more about the world,
its geography, history and politics, then ninety percent of the
Unfortunately, with my looks, very few people who don’t know me
well treat me with much respect, just because of the way I look.
Because of that I’ve learned to be aggressive when I want
Anyway, I thought, fantasised, and dreamed about being a kind of
slave girl to some big monstrous barbarians, you know, the Conan
types, for a long time. In my fantasies I gave up the aggression in
favour of a meek, servile sex slave who was used and abused by
these big horny men…
The thick stone echoed with the screams and clashing steel of
many swordsmen as the barbarians ran through the castle. I
flattened myself against the wall, then hurried further along,
heading for my father, the King’s secret tunnel escape.
Then there was a scuffle and I sensed movement behind me.
Something caught my long hair and yanked violently. I screamed,
dragged backwards by a huge, laughing man. He was bulging with
muscles, his face a twisted ugly mask of hate and lust, a dark,
nasty scar running across it.
He whirled me around by the hair and then threw me through a
doorway into a chamber. It was one of the sitting rooms and I fell
against a gilt edged table, only to be grabbed and thrown across a
big chest.
The hard wood slammed into the back of my thighs as he came at
me, his huge, ugly body clad only in furs and shaggy boots, his
hair, longer than mine, falling in a dirty tangle around his
unshaven face.
He grabbed my gown and ripped it apart, tearing it like thing
paper, and leaving me clad in shreds and my thin shift. then he
grabbed the shift, tearing it down the front, baring my soft young
body to his lewd and carnal gaze.
I screamed again, beating at him with my small fists, but he
merely howled in laughter, slapping my face so hard he knocked me
back onto the chest. He gripped my thin legs and ripped them open,
jerking my buttocks to the edge of the chest.
He opened his codpiece and took out his manhood, swollen with
lust, dark angry red with purplish lines and veins. I gazed at it
in horror as he brought it towards the softly curled hair
surrounding my tight thin cleft.
He pushed the knobby head against me and thrust forward,
slapping my face again as I sought to rise. I cried out again,
falling flat atop the chest, sobbing with fear and pain and
outrage. His organ thrust forward again, one of his hands holding
it like a weapon as he ground it into me, forcing it slowly into my
virginal body.
I wept with pain and misery as his prong forced open my
womanhood and twisted forward. He grabbed me about the waist then,
jerking my light slender body towards him as he lunged forward with
his hips. His hard lance drove into me, driving deep into my belly.
I cried out, my crotch screaming in pain as it was so harshly,
so cruelly wounded. I expected to see blood pouring from my
opening, but there was none. He guffawed, then threw his hips
forward again, and I felt his hard, throbbing weapon thrust further
into my body.
I gasped as I felt the end of the monstrous thing far up inside
me. My eyes opened in wonderment as my hands flattened on my belly,
seeking to feel the terrible thing inside me, but I could not, not
with my hands, yet it was there, and I could feel it inside me,
pulsing with life, hard against my soft inner organs.
He drew it back, then thrust forward again. His mighty tool
impaling me, slamming deep into the very bottom of my love chamber.
I could feel it grinding against that inner part of me that marked
the center of my being, and groaned from the pain and horror.
The cruel, savage man continued to laugh as he assaulted my
defenceless body. His hands mauled my breasts, squeezing and
tearing a them, his large bony fingers digging deep furrows in the
malleable flesh. He buried his face in my throat, biting and
sucking and licking like a maddened beast.
His loins drew back, then thrust forward again, tearing his
sword about in my belly, thrusting it back and forth as he pulled
and jerked on my hair and forced my face up against his. His lips
came down on mine, no matter how I sought to avoid their contact.
Then they were locked tightly against my own soft, sweet lips,
pressing hard, bringing new pain to my tormented body. My eyes
opened in revulsion as I felt his tongue push into my mouth. I
would have bit it but was afraid he would murder me at once.
I fought down nausea as he began to rut into me like a maddened
thing. His hips rutted in and out, plunging his terrible back and
forth in my sore, agonized chamber. I groaned and whimpered as he
used me, his member pummelling me as he grunted and cursed.
Then he groaned and his eyes closed briefly as he held himself
still inside me. I felt a kind of seeping wetness deep inside my
guts and new that his seed had gushed forth into my belly. I sobbed
in misery and disgrace, my chest heaving as I wept.
He laughed again, tearing his softening thing from my crotch and
shoving it back inside his breeches. He grabbed my silken hair and
dragged me off the chest, shoving me in front of him, then pausing
long enough to rip the fragments of my gown and shift from off my
wounded body, leaving me clad in nothing but my skin.
Then he tightly bound my wrists behind me with leather bonds and
shoved me forward into the hallway. I moved hopelessly along, my
head bowed as he prodded at me with his dagger. He brought me down
into the throne room, where my father had once, but no longer,
His barbarian comrades were all about, laughing, screaming and
dancing, tearing at hunks of meat with their teeth as they abused
the younger noblewomen and serving girl.
Naked, I was led into the room and thrown to my knees before the
pirate lord who led this horde of savages. His eyes gleamed as he
gazed down at me.
My flesh crawled, already dark red and hot with humiliation at
being so crudely stripped and used, then displayed to the gathered
throng. The leader stood up, standing before me. He said something
in his barbarian tongue but I did not understand it.
Then the man behind me gripped my hair, savagely forcing my head
up and back. The leader fondled my breasts, a smirk of cruelty on
his face, then he drew out his manhood from his breeches to much
laughter from his men.
As the man behind held my hair, the organ was placed against my
lips. At first, I did not know what he wanted or intended, but his
thumbs forced my jaws apart and then his organ actually pushed into
my mouth! At the same time a razor sharp dagger was placed against
my throat, leaving me with no confusion about what would happen to
me should I do harm to him.
He began to slid the thing in and out of my mouth, snarling at
me in his awful language. One of the men looked over his shoulder
and made strange looking faces, his cheeks puckered, mouth round as
he pretended to suckle on something.
He pointed to his lips and I got the idea, reinforced by several
angry blows to the head. I closed my lips tightly around the lord’s
member, suckling on it as a babe would on its mother’s teat. He
grunted in satisfaction, slowly moving the instrument in and out of
my mouth as tears of mortified misery slid down my cheeks.
Abruptly, he pulled his instrument loose. I was whirled around,
my face forced down against the cold stone. He knelt behind me and
then thrust forward, his manhood driving deep into my exposed
loins. There was a cheer from his men and a round of deep laughter.
He began to use me then, riding me like a bitch Rocky(D) as the
onlookers cheered. I felt a terrible numbness at such utter
depravity, and yet… something… somehow… inside me there was
pleasure, not a pleasure of the mind by any means for I was in
deepest misery, but my body felt a strange, unfamiliar tingling
that was far from unpleasant.
The tingling grew and grew, a buzzing vibrating thing that
seeped outward from my womanhood. His organ continued to churn
inside my belly as he rutted into me with careless brutality. And
something inside me, down between my legs, responded to it,
responded not like a lady, like a Princess, but like a raw, wanton
I moaned in denial, trying to fight it back, but it was no use.
It grew, its heat engulfing me, flooding through my body, sending
wave after wave of numbing, terrible bliss and joy through my
trembling frame.
I grunted in mindless happiness, my own loins unconsciously
jerking back against him, my love chamber seeking more and more of
his pummelling, punishing organ. I moaned in pleasure, my body
trembling and shaking. A hand in my hair dragged my face off the
stone, pulled my body upright as he humped into me.
Exclamations from the watchers showed they recognized my
pleasure, yet I could do nothing, could not help myself, could not
even think of anything save the craven satisfaction of my own
burning lust. He pulled harder on my hair, bowing my body back as
he drove himself into me harder and faster.
Then there was a blinding light and I screamed aloud, my body
racked by convulsions as my belly exploded with maddened pleasure.
I felt his seed spraying up inside me, and rather than disgust,
felt a kind of gladness.
Then I was shoved forward onto the stone, laying there for only
seconds before being seized by the gathered barbarians. I was flung
on a table and another barbarian stepped between my legs, then
thrust into me. Again and again my body was used, all through the
night and into the next day. I lost count of the men who had used
me and the times I had cried out my happiness.
In the morning I would walk in chains, naked among the other
slave girls as I was marched southwards towards the waiting ships,
to be taken over the seas and sold as a sex slave. Instead of
terror, an odd kind of freedom sang in my breast. Then I cried out
as yet another massive eruption of ecstasy flared within me.
I’m sure other girls have the same sorts of fantasies, though
maybe they don’t dwell on them like I do. I had a real hard time
with mine as well because of how, well, how crude and degrading
they were.
Hell, I’m a feminist and I know I could do anything a man does.
If any man dared treat me anything like they way they did in my
fantasies I’d be furious. I don’t even tolerate it when they’re
condescending. So you can imagine how guilty and stupid I felt
after these dumb fantasies.
How it was that these awful fantasies about being abused and
molested and raped aroused me so much was beyond my understanding.
I tried to resist them, really. But they began to assume more and
more power as I studied the history texts and read all about that
Not long into the term, I mailed away for, and received,
handcuffs, leather bondage equipment and a big dildo.
I would chain my legs to the bottom legs of my bed, slowly stuff
the dildo into my cunt, and then manage to chain my hands to the
upper corners tightly enough that I could pull hard and not come
loose, but in a way that I could twist my hand around an get free
when I wanted.
Sometimes I would lie there, my eyes closed, my arms and legs
constantly pulling at the bonds holding them, my cunt squeezing and
clasping down on the dildo inside it. I would often arch my back,
and raise my ass upward so I could bring my cunt down against the
bed and force the dildo back into me after it had half slipped out.
This gave me a fantastic cum, but it was unsatisfying, because
it was, after all, only fantasy, and also the movement of the dildo
inside me was very uneven and tentative, governed by how fast it
slipped out from my cunt.
Oh, sometimes I only chained one hand, and that allowed me to
fuck the dildo in and out. But that sacrificed realism.
I invented a better way, eventually, though I berated myself as
a pervert almost every day. There was a floor to ceiling post in
the middle of my room and I found a way to screw the base of the
dildo into the side of the post.
With the dildo sticking out horizontally, I would kneel before
it, my wrists tied behind me and then back into the dildo, letting
it slide fully into my cunt. With my legs on either side of the
post and my shoulders and head pressed against the floor, I would
slowly grind and hump back against the dildo.
Bright sun shone down as the barbarian mounted me, driving his
steely pole into me from behind. My wrists tightly bound, I could
do nothing as he rutted into my torn virginal opening. Again and
again his member thrust into my body, and I grunted as the pain and
heat rose simultaneously within me.
I felt the slap of his hard body against my buttocks as he
grunted from behind me. My tightly bound hands twisted and pulled
at the tight rope binding them and tears of humiliation coursed
down my cheeks. Never had any man dared so misuse me.
Yet despite my horror and degradation, I felt my woman’s body
respond, as it inevitably must, felt myself drawn into arousal by
the force of his rutting and the fiercely plunging organ within my
tight sheath. There was nothing I could do of course, for my body
responded quite naturally to the lewd sexual poling he was giving
I felt the heat burning within my loins as his manhood moved
inside me, felt his hands roving over my body, pawing and
squeezing, then holding my hips as he drove himself even harder
into me. I came then, crying out in helpless ecstasy as the burning
heat flared throughout my body.
My head ground into the dirt as it twisted and jerked in a mad
paroxysm of sexual pleasure. My body shivered and trembled, and my
loins drove backward to meet his hot blooded thrusting, then I felt
his man’s seed spew down the length of his tube and gush into my
There was nobody I could talk to about these, well… disgusting
erotic fantasies. My friends simply wouldn’t understand, they’d
think me insane, certainly they would not sympathise. So I bore
them alone and in silence, fighting them during the day and giving
in during the night.
One day, the idea came to me about how I might be able to fulfil
my fantasies. It wasn’t intentional, coming quite by accident.
It was late at night in my dorm room. I had been up all evening
studying and had just finished at about three in the morning. My
three roommates were all asleep long since, and I was tired as
hell. I remember I was wearing a pink jumpsuit and t- shirt.
Tired as I was, I wasn’t about to go to bed without a shower. It
had been a really hot day and though the dorm was air- conditioned,
I’d played tennis earlier and hadn’t showered yet.
So I stripped, put on my robe, grabbed my towel, along with my
little bag of toiletries, and made my way down the dimly lit
corridor to the common showers we use in the dorm.
We’re very into feminism, equality, and all that kind of stuff
here, and so the bathrooms are co-ed. Now, that’s not as bad as you
might think. There are toilet stalls for privacy, and going past
them you come to the showers.
The showers are four little shower stalls, each about two feet
by two feet square, You go in, close the door, lock it of course,
then strip. There’s a little counter to put your stuff and a hook
to hang your clothes out of the way of the shower head’s stream of
Anyway, I pushed my way into the empty bathroom, went past the
stalls and down to the showers and got into one. I closed the door
and locked it, then opened my robe, putting it up on the hook. It
was then that I remembered that it was three in the morning and the
water would come out ice cold.
I grumbled at my own dopiness, pulled on my robe again and
stepped out of the stall. I leaned in and turned on the water,
letting it run until it was really hot. Then I turned the stream to
the opposite wall, stepped in and closed the door again, putting my
robe back on the hook.
I turned the showerhead back to me and let the hot water soak me
really good. When I was dripping wet, I pulled the lever that shut
off the water and soaped up. Now I don’t know about you, but when
my body is really tired it sometimes gets really horny too. As I
stood there, my body completely slick with white soap, sliding my
hands up and down my firm, smooth body, my mind flicked to my
standard fantasy.
I kind of leaned back against one of the corners of the stall,
sliding my hands up and down my body, cupping and caressing my fat
breasts, and sliding my fingers back and forth between my oily
pussy lips.
I was running through a village under attack by big, muscular
savages with their long steely swords. One of them caught me,
dragging me up across his Rocky(H) as he howled with triumph and raced
out of the village.
There were a lot of them, and I wasn’t their only prisoner, but
I mostly kept the rest in the background, most of my concentration
on my own captor. He was huge, almost seven feet tall, probably
three hundred pounds of solid bulging muscles. He had a granite
jaw, long gorgeous blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes.
He threw me to the ground and stripped off my long gown, then
with a grin of mastery, he forced my legs apart and entered me. He
was huge of course, his cock tremendously long and thick and it
slid into me like a log, thrusting deep, spreading me wide open.
My legs were held wide apart as his huge, powerful body covered
me. He grabbed my hair, twisting my head up as his lips crushed
mine. His tongue thrust into my mouth, whipping and wriggling
around as he sucked and mashed his lips tightly against me.
Down between my legs, his hard throbbing cock thrust deep into
my belly and my cry of pain was swallowed up by his hungry mouth.
I slapped at him but he easily held my hands away, forcing them up
above my head as he began to work his massive organ in and out of
my virgin pussy.
All around us were screams as other village girls were rudely
raped, but my concentration was on my cunt, where his fat prong was
rutting back and forth with such force my body was being jerked and
mashed against the sweet yellow grass beneath me.
His hard, muscular hips hammered down against my soft, tender
thighs as he drove his spear down into my belly. He pounded into me
with hard, even savage strokes, his cock thrusting with long even
movements, sliding back and forth inside my belly.
His hard body crushed down on top of me, flattening my fat
breasts, rasping against my soft skin as he rutted against me. His
hands worked under me, sliding beneath my ass cheeks and he started
jerking my ass upward to meet his brutal downward thrusts.
As the fantasy played before my closed eyes, my fingers worked
harder in my soapy cunt. I had three fingers thrusting rapidly in
and out of my cunny, grinding over my clitty with each stroke. My
other hand mashed and squeezed my breasts as I moaned and grunted
in pleasure.
The big barbarian pulled out of me, turning me over and forcing
me onto my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and thrust deep into
my cunt with a single stroke, his cock knob slapping against my
cervix with painful force.
In the real world I never fucked Rocky(D)gie style, considering it
far too degrading. I’d seen porno movies of girls getting it like
that and it was always so clear who was the boss. How could a guy
respect a woman as his equal when he’s had her on all fours, her
asshole winking up at him as he thrusts into her?
In my fantasy though, my degradation was merely a sign of his
power over me and my impotence.
I knelt like a Rocky(D) a he mounted me and pounded his cock into my
velvety pink cunt box. Men stood around watching as he used me, his
hands firmly around my hips or waist as he drove his staff into me
with hard, measured thrusts.
In the shower stall, I turned around, pressing my face into the
corner. I was incredibly high, my mind buzzing with lust, my body
throbbing and pounding with desire. I panted and groaned
helplessly, my vision blurring whenever I opened my eyes.
I was hotter than I’d been for ages, my body pulsing with sexual
heat. I bent over, sliding downward onto the floor of the stall,
consciously or unconsciously positioning myself in real life as I
was in my fantasy. I knelt on the floor, my shoulders pressed to
the floor as I mauled my breasts with my right hand and fingered my
clitty and fucked my cunt with my left.
I was trembling with erotic desire, my knees sliding on the
floor, my face lowering so my cheek was against the tile. My left
arm was down between my legs, three fingers pumping in and out of
my fuck pit as I spread my legs and raised my ass into the air.
Other images flew through my mind, including one of my
favourites, where my hands are bound behind me and I’m being pulled
along behind a barbarian on his Rocky(H), a rope around my neck as I
trudge along a few feet behind him.
I whimpered and mewled as my body was overloaded with sexual
heat. I felt my orgasm approaching as I pounded my fingers into my
box. My eyes were clenched tightly closed as I panted for breath.
The sound of my own breathing and my own heartbeat loud in my ears.
Now, the thing was, when I’d gone out of the stall to start the
water up and then come back in, I’d forgotten to lock the door.
Maybe it was because I was tired and it was three in the AM, who
knows. But the door wasn’t locked, and that was to be my undoing.
* * * * * * * *
Part Two
I was probably making a lot of noise there on the floor, noise
that was easily heard by the guy who came into the room to use the
toilet. If I hadn’t been so distracted I’d surely have heard him,
but as it was, I couldn’t have seen or heard anything.
I was rising higher and higher, climbing upward into a huge
orgasm, my body shivering and jerking under the hard pulsing
onslaught of sexual passion.
He probably pulled at the door a little, then peeked inside for
a few seconds, not wanting whoever was inside to scream and call
him a peeping tom. His eyes probably widened at once when he looked
down to see my soapy ass cheeks pointing up at him, my fingers
thrusting in and out of the cunt slit just beneath them.
The first I knew of him was a kind of massive presence over me.
I opened my eyes and turned slightly, my bleary eyes catching sight
of a really big body, a guy obviously, his chest bare and covered
with muscles. At first I thought it might be part of my dream, but
it wasn’t and that became obvious really fast.
I felt his hands around my thin waist, his fingers almost
completely encircling my slender body as he jerked me back and
knelt behind me. I felt his hips, his abdomen against my ass
cheeks, felt his big hard fingers digging into my flesh, and knew
he was no dream.
I groaned a protest, a half-hearted, confused bleating. He
ignored it, putting his hard erect cock against my oily cunt. I
felt it with my fingers, which were embedded in my furnace of a
He pulled them out, then rubbed his cock head up and down my
half open slit a couple of times. Then he pushed into me, sliding
his head inside, then thrusting hard. I remember crying out in
shock at the sudden, deep penetration.
His cock was nothing like my fingers and he forced my cunt box
wide as he drove his prong into my belly. I was in a state of
shock, totally stunned by this and still bleary and dazed from my
hot sexual torpor. I felt his cock push deep into my body and his
body, his hips press against my ass cheeks.
For a second I was balanced between my rapidly building fear and
mortification, and the sudden flaring rise in heat between my legs.
Then the heat won, I flashed into a humongous orgasmic explosion as
this guy, who I still hadn’t even seen, pounded his cock into me.
He was half kneeling over me, thrusting hard and fast as his
hands pawed and fondled my body. He slid them beneath my chest and
cupped my hanging, swinging breasts, mashing and kneading them as
he grunted and drove his prong into me.
All I could do was mewl and whine and whimper, my body snapping
and convulsing with ectatic delight, my nerve endings crackling
with electricity, my cunt blasting a hot steamy wave of pleasure
that washed away my thinking processes and left me a grunting,
mindless animal.
I wallowed in a raw, carnal, sexual pit of brutish, animalistic
rutting. I pounded my ass back against him as he drove into me,
grunting as he did, drool sliding out through my slack jawed mouth.
My face was pressed into the corner, against the floor. I didn’t
even see the man using my body, rutting into me. He was just a huge
shadowy presence, a hard maleness above and behind me, his body
touching, rubbing, squeezing mine as his organ slid back and forth
inside my gut.
I clenched my teeth as he hammered into me, my orgasm slowly
receding but not taking the hot sexual need with it. He continued
to thrust into me, his hips slapping loudly against my wet soapy
ass cheeks as he mauled my tender breasts.
I felt myself flying upward again into another orgasm, my body
trembling and shaking, my head bobbing and shaking like a Rocky(H), my
ass humping back against him as my cunt burned with desire. Then I
exploded again, my body screaming through a massive orgasmic climax
that blew out all my candles, turning me from an intelligent,
sophisticated young woman into a howling, grunting bitch Rocky(D).
Somewhere in the middle of that terrible, wonderful orgasm, he
came too, his cum gushing down into my fuck pit as he groaned in
pleasure. His rutting slowed, his cock moving slower and slower
inside my lower belly, then I heard him gasp tiredly as he pushed
away and stood up.
He backed away and closed the door and I never did find out who
he’d been. I never heard any gossip about myself, so he probably
hadn’t gotten much of a look at my face either, and with my hair
wet and slicked back he probably didn’t know who I was.
Whoever he was, he’d given me the idea, made me realize that the
barbarians of my fantasies could be real, could be rawly,
physically present in the real world. Reality, that one time had
come so close to my fantasy that I knew that I could recreate it
with a little effort.
The world was filled with big, muscular, clumsy, stupid men, men
with little more sophistication than the brutish hulks that
populated my fantasies. I would find them, carefully set things up
as I had my own sexual initiation so long ago, and then enjoy my
fantasy come to life.
I started out deciding that the men I needed to bring my
fantasy to life were not to be found at the college. Even the
ignorant football jocks were too smart for the kind of beast I was
looking for. No. I had to look elsewhere, outside the confines of
academic life for the brutes I wanted.
I started checking out gyms, looking for the places the body
builders hung out. I wasn’t looking for a guy that was merely well
built. I wanted one of those monsters with the huge, hard, rippling
muscles – hopefully with a small brain to go along with them.
There also had to be a certain presence to them, a kind of
meanness or cruelty to fulfil the danger part of my fantasy. I
didn’t want to get hurt, mind you. I wasn’t looking for a sadist.
I wanted someone fairly safe, but with a hint of nastiness so he
would take advantage of me like my dream barbarians.
I wasted a lot of time at first going to fitness centers and the
gyms that catered to the more upscale clientele such as myself.
Then I realized my error and searched out the trashier joints, and
that was where I found Al.
Al was a massive, monstrous looking man. He stood well over six
feet tall, his body rippling, bulging with muscles from head to
toes. He wasn’t handsome at all, his face blunt and kind of brutish
looking, showing little sign of intelligence.
He didn’t have the flowing blonde hair of my fantasies, instead
he was completely bald. He had little pig eyes and moved awkwardly,
as though his body spent too much time lifting and stretching and
pulling and not nearly enough walking, upright anyway.
Still, he wasn’t bad looking really. He was fairly young,
probably in his late twenties. The baldness was shaved not
congenital. Maybe he thought it made him look sexy. Who knows?
Anyway, I spent some time studying him before deciding for sure.
His interaction with other people was made up of gruff grunts and
scowls, not the friendly sort at all. I liked that. Also, the way
his eyes flicked to me every now and then when he thought I wasn’t
looking, indicated he was far from being a fag.
I was wearing a skintight little stretch leotard with no ass,
and I bent over a lot in his direction. I finished up, and went out
to my car, waiting and observing the door for him to show his face.
About half an hour later, he popped out, headed for a beat up old
Ford clunker.
As I said earlier, I’m a straightforward, no nonsense person
most of the time, but still, approaching men about something like
this wasn’t easy, even though they were complete strangers and thus
couldn’t do harm to my reputation. The first guy I’d approached had
been very difficult, but the second was much easier, and now I was
quite bold.
I pulled up in front of his car and waved at him. He looked
surprised, then got a crafty look, if you could call it that, on
his big flat face. He came sauntering over, bending awkwardly by
the side of my car.
“Hey there, baby cakes.” he leered.
“Hi, yourself.”
“Saw ya’ inside. You got a cute bod’ there.”
“You too. Wanna come and see more of it?” His eyes sort of lit
up and he looked around, maybe to see if he was being set up.
“Sure, babe. When and where?”
“Get in.” I said, nodding my head at the passenger door. He
laughed and went around, jumping inside. The car rocked under his
weight. I was wearing jeans, a checked blue shirt and a jacket, but
from the way he was looking at me you would have thought I was
I stepped on the gas and drove out onto the street, turning down
Grover street towards the cheap motel I’d passed on the drive in.
“Where we goin’ baby?”
“A motel.” I said. He chuckled happily.
Screwing a guy in a motel, even a sleazebag motel, was far from
my fantasy, but I wasn’t going to go to all the trouble of
arranging things, including time off from my studies, only to wind
up with a lemon who couldn’t fuck his way out of a paper bag.
If he was merely crude and untutored, well that was fine. That
was kind of what I was looking for . What I didn’t want was some
dorky muscleman with a teeny weeny who would cum ten seconds after
he’d gotten it inside me. I wanted a guy with staying power.
He wasn’t my first audition, as I said, four others I’d selected
had turned out to be duds. One was a fag, the other two, really
speed artists in bed. The fourth was the worst, he was the
sensitive type, the last thing I wanted.
Anyway, me and Al got to the motel. He went in and got us a room
for a couple of hours, and then I drove around and parked by the
As soon as the door was closed behind us he was all over me,
rough and crude and forceful, with more than a smidgen of cruelness
thrown in.
I was in front of him, walking towards the big double bed, about
to launch into my explanation of what I wanted from him. He wasn’t
about to wait for anything though. His big arms wrapped around me,
hauling me suddenly back against his brick like body.
His hands slid up and cupped my breasts, squeezing hard as his
groin pushed against me. He whirled me around, grabbing my thick
hair, twisting my head up and back as his lips came down on mine.
It was far from a gentle kiss. He crushed his face against mine,
his lips bruising as they savagely mashed and crushed my own.
He growled in lust, his tongue shoving far into my mouth as he
seized my breast in his free hand and mauled it, squeezing,
twisting and mashing the sensitive mammary.
His hand jerked off it only to dive down between my legs,
squeezing my pussy through my jeans. He squeezed several times as
he sort of frog walked me back to the bed. Then the hand squeezing
my cunt lifted me into the air and hurled me onto my back on the
He crouched on the edge of the bed, his long arms reaching out,
hands grabbing at my pants. He jerked them open and ripped them
down my legs, tossing them in a corner. I was naked underneath and
he stared hungrily at my bared crotch.
He crawled forward as I pulled my jacket open and quickly
unbuttoned my shirt. His weight crushed me as he simply dropped
atop my slender body. I grunted in pain a he pressed down heavily
atop me. His hands grabbing at my hair again, fondling and clawing
at my breasts, my cunt, my ass cheeks.
He was eager and in no mood to be restrained or slowed. He
didn’t speak and didn’t ask permission for anything. He jerked my
legs open, tugged his pants down to his knees and pressed his cock
against my gash.
It was all so fast I hadn’t had a chance to say a word. He
grunted as he lunged forward and jammed his cockhead against my
fuck opening. I gasped as he pierced me, driving several inches of
hot, fuck spike into my crotch hole.
I couldn’t see his cock to measure its size, but from the feel,
it was a good sized one. He mashed his lips against mine again as
he grunted and jerked his hips up and down. His cock tool jammed
and twisted in my fuck opening, jerking back and forth, thrusting
deeper with each passing second.
I grabbed at his t-shirt, tugging it upward so I could feel and
see his hard muscled body directly against my own skin. His flesh
was warm and soft, though the muscles pressed hard against it and
He threw his hips forward and I cried out in shock as his cock
drove deep into my belly. He was big all right, real big. I could
feel his cock head way up inside me, mashing against my cervix, and
my elastic cunt walls were forced wide apart by his throbbing
He continued to growl and grunt like an animal as he began
rocking up and down on the bed, his hips grinding into me as his
prick pumped inside my lower belly. I bent my legs, bringing them
back and then trying to raise them up and put them around him.
I couldn’t, his hands grabbed them behind the knees, shoving
them back and apart as he began to really pound into me. He sort of
propped himself up with his hands and began to thrust rapidly,
swinging his ass up and down and driving his cock up and down my
fuck channel with brutal strokes.
His big hands were like steel as they completely encircled my
legs and forced my knees back to either side of my body. My cunt
was exposed and helpless as he pistoned in and out of me. My fuck
channel clutched tightly around his fat tool as it ripped in and
out, and my cunt walls ached with the speed and force of the
I could hardly catch my breath: I was really getting a reaming.
Me cunt stung, his cock sawing back and forth so fast my flesh was
burning from the tight rasping of his skin on mine. My thighs were
being hammered by his muscled hips as he panted and grunted and
growled passionately.
His cock was stabbing into me again and again and all I could do
was groan and whimper piteously. My hands pressed flat against his
chest, caressing his hard male body, fingers probing, squeezing at
his muscular pectoral muscles.
He shifted his grip from my knees up to my ankles, shoving them
far back so they pressed against the sides of my head. He grinned
evilly down at me as I groaned in pain, my thigh muscles and
tendons aching from the stretching they were getting.
His body pummelled me, slamming down again and again, smashing
against my folded up, squashed, crushed body, hammering especially
hard against my buttocks as he drove his cock into me with furious
The ferocity of the sexual attack roused my own lust. I was
getting so cruelly fucked… FUCKED! I mean, I’d been screwed
before, that guy in the shower stall had been less than gentle, but
now I was really getting FUCKED. This guy, Al, was skewering me but
good, his cock plunging up and down my cunt box like he was
churning butter on high speed.
On top of the pounding my pussy was taking my body was being
squashed, mashed, squished and hammered, my breath coming in
strangled gasps and pants as my body was brutalized. Shoving down
on my ankles made my ass push upward into the air, and each time
his hips slammed into it my ass would be driven back deep into the
mattress, only to bounce back upward to meet his next furious
I groaned and mewled, my mind frantically trying to cope with
the overload of sensations, fears and pleasures racing through it.
Then he gave a load grunt, and if anything, speeded up. Since my
total concentration was on my cunt pit, I couldn’t miss the deluge
of wet liquid sperm that jetted down into my belly as he came. His
hips beat a rapid tattoo on my ass cheeks as he came inside me.
He didn’t stop, though he slowed down a little after his cum
juice had bubbled down into me. His cock hardly seemed to soften at
all, continuing to batter away at my poor twat. In a way I was
glad, but in another way I felt an shadowy fear and a
disappointment as the beating continued.
My cunt was now burning with lust, but I was being so utterly
pounded that my overwhelmed, blasted mind just wanted it to end.
But it didn’t. He continued to hammer down into me, his cock
slicing back and forth between my taut cunt lips as he drove his
cockhead deep into my body with each stroke.
I groaned, my eyes kind of unfocusing, rolling back in my head
as a state of erotic bliss became to take over my body. I know
longer cared about the pain and discomfort, no longer cared about
anything. I was in the ecstatic runup to orgasm, where nothing
counted but the continued pleasure.
The pleasure, the burning, grew higher and hotter, my cunt
sizzling and sparkling with desire, lust and passion. Then I came.
Boy, did I cum! It was a terrific, mind blowing climax that made me
shake and tremble like a leaf in a storm. And that was what I felt
like too, a tiny leaf being battered and bruised by this giant of
a man.
I grunted repeatedly, my mouth slack, my head back. My hands
pawed weakly at his chest as his thick cock pounded into me. The
mattress made my body bounce furiously, hurling my ass up only to
be hammered back by his downward thrusts.
His fuck tool was spearing deep into me, stabbing savagely into
my crotch opening, the head slapping, thumping against the pit of
my fuck box again and again. My mind faded out under the tremendous
onslaught of orgasmic pleasure, unable to think, unable to react or
cope. The only thing that was on my mind was the gut wrenching
pleasure, and the desperate, nearly crazed desire that it continue
as long as possible.
It was a deep, prolonged orgasm, but finally it started to drop
me back down. As I started regaining control of my senses again I
felt Al’s cock spit out more cum, felt it gushing and sluicing down
into my belly as his hips pounded into my soft, now well bruised
ass cheeks.
The second cum seemed to take the heat out of him. He leg go of
my ankles, allowing my legs to rise a little ways anyway. Then his
hands slid down to squeeze my chest from the sides, hauling me
upwards as he fell back to sit on his heels.
I came down firmly straddling him, my cunt impaled on his still
hard prick. I was so weak from the breathtaking cum that I was
trembling as he pulled my body up against his. His hands cupped my
ass cheeks, grinding my crotch down onto him as my head weakly lay
against his shoulder.
He ground himself up and down inside my belly for long seconds
before one of his hands abandoned its squeezing, kneading grip on
my ass and moved up to grab my thick hair. He jerked my head back
hard, forcing me to arch backwards with a little sob of pain.
Then his lips closed around my left nipple and he sucked hard,
his teeth chewing not very gently as his breath sought to inhale my
nipple and a big chunk of white tit meat with it.
My hands weakly slipped around his shoulders, trying for some
kind of balance, of leverage. Then his hands mashed down on my ass
cheeks again, crushing my loins against him as his cock slid even
deeper inside my belly. He bit down on the nape of my neck, sucking
hard as his hands mashed my buttocks and ground me against him.
I felt a finger probing hard at my little round anal opening and
mewled a protest, trying with renewed strength to pull back and
gain some control over the situation. My mind was fluttering and
dazed, but I could still sense, still feel his finger slowly trying
to wriggle into my asshole, and that was one thing I didn’t want.
No way was I going to let this guy fuck me in the behind. I’d
heard of it, of course, but as hard as my fantasies were sometimes,
in none of them did my ass get screwed. I thought it was disgusting
and utterly demeaning. Nothing degraded one more than to have that
happen to you, and I knew that this crude kind of guy was just the
type to relish the subjugation of a woman that an act like that
I tried to twist away but Al was having none of my protests. He
was bouncing up and down on his knees, the mattress sending us both
rebounding again and again, sending his fuck pole tearing up into
my cunt box. He jammed and ground me down against him as his cock
spurted yet again, and this time he fell forward, collapsing on top
of me with a deep, groan of satisfaction.
He was breathing like a bellows, and slowly rolled off me. My
body groaned in relief, my lungs fully expanding at last as my
chest was no longer compressed by his weight. I lay sprawled next
to him, recovering slowly.
He got up then, humming to himself and starting to draw up his
“W… wait a second.” I panted.
“Want more baby?” He leered.
“I want a lot more.” He gave snort and pulled his shirt down,
tucking it into his pants.
“Later babe. I got things to do.”
“Have you ever tied a girl up before?” His eyes opened a little
wider and he looked down at me with new interest.
“I never have ta’ tie em down, sweet cheeks.”
“I Like to be tied up.” I swallowed, sitting up slowly.
“Shoulda said somethin’.” He said, obviously interested,
studying me closely while his tongue swirled around inside his
“What are you doing this weekend?” I asked.
“Nuthin’ much.”
“How would you like a little holiday, a dream come true?”
“Yeah? Where?”
“In the country, a little cabin I know.”
“Doesn’t sound like my dream come true, babe.”
“You haven’t heard it yet.” I said, leering a little, laying
back on the bed and kind of arching my back, pushing my breasts out
“Ever thought about having a slave girl?” I queried, “Ever
wonder what it would be like to own a sex slave?”
He gave a short laugh, his eyes watching me even more closely.
“I’ve always wanted to sort of act out a fantasy of being
captured by this big, strong, handsome barbarian type, you know,
like Conan?”
“Those sword movies Arnold Schwarzeneger made?”
“Oh yeah!”
“I figure, we got out into the woods and you can play the big
barbarian that catches a pretty little thing and then…. ”
“Ties her up and fucks her ass off?”
“Yeah. You can tie me up and rape me in the woods, in the grass,
drag me along behind you with a rope around my neck and my hands
tied behind me. You ever thought of something like that?”
“Yeah.” What man hadn’t?
“You can push me around, boss me around, make me do what you
want?” He leered, coming to my knees, then standing up in front of
him, my hands tracing a pattern on his barrel chest.
“I want to be your slave girl for the weekend.” I panted, “You
can hang me from my wrists, stake me out on the grass, screw me on
my knees in front of a camp fire at night…. ”
“Now that’s starting to sound like some kinda fun.” he chuckled.
“You ever ride a Rocky(H)?”
“There’s a farm near my cabin and I could borrow a Rocky(H) so you
could play the barbarian.”
“I don’t need no Rocky(H), babe, less you wanta get fucked by one.”
I fought back a look of disgust. “It’s just that… well, I’ve
always had this fantasy about a big muscular barbarian man with a
big sword… ”
“I got a sword for you, baby!” he mocked.
“… riding along on his Rocky(H) and dragging me along behind him
on a rope.”
“You really are freaky ain’t you?”
“Will you do it?”
“Shit! This sounds so fuckin’ weird! Fuck, yeah! Yeah! I’ll do
* * * * * * * *
Part Three
So it was arranged. Since I worked in my spare time for the
history department archives, I was able to sneak out an old, not
particularly valuable sword and sheath. I had a dagger for him and
decided that despite reality, he could just wear cutoffs, just so
he wore nothing else with them.
Al though, decided a real barbarian would wear a loincloth I
think he was thinking more of North American Indians than
barbarians from early Europe but I didn’t argue. He only needed a
rope around his belly and a couple of small handtowels to hang over
it fore and aft.
He had big motorcycle boots which didn’t go too well with the
loincloth, but I didn’t much care. We drove up Friday afternoon
after my last class. It was a two and a half hour drive into the
country, down smaller, narrower roads until we reached the potted,
dirt road that led deep into the woods to the cabin I sometimes
borrowed from my friend Emily.
We unpacked food and other stuff, then I led him in the late
afternoon sun out through a long field of tall grass and across a
small fence to the Whittacker farm, where we arranged for Al to
come the next morning and borrow one of Jack Whittacker’s Rocky(H)s.
Then we went back to the cabin. I picked up a gauzy, ankle
length dress, a cheapo number I’d found at the goodwill. I changed
into it and then led him out back of the cabin and into the field
a half mile away. I started a small fire by the edge of the trees
and sat down beside it on a fallen log.
“Okay. This is where I’ll be. You get changed and try and sneak
up on me. I’m going to scream and pretend I’ve never seen you
before, and if I can, I’m gonna run away. You have to catch me.” I
“You sure as hell are a weird little chick.” he laughed, shaking
his head as his hand reached down to give my breast a squeeze. I
shoved him away.
“Remember, you don’t know me. I don’t know you. You’re a mean,
nasty, brutish barbarian and I’m the sweet princess.” He laughed,
shook his head some more and wandered off back to the house.
I sat there in anticipation, waiting for his return. Every sound
made my head jerk around anxiously, wanting to see him before he
arrived. I was tremendously aroused and kind of light headed,
almost trembling as I waited, but at the same time I was a little
frightened and anxious.
I knew I would be hurt, oh, not badly, but he would fuck me
hard, like before. My thighs and ass were still a little sore four
days after the wild fucking he’d given me at the motel. I wondered
what they’d look like come Monday.
I heard a noise behind me and swung my head around, eyes wide.
I stared into the woods but saw nothing. It was just past sundown,
the skies were still light but getting darker with each passing
minute. I frowned to myself, wondering what was keeping him.
I was on edge, anxious, hot, slightly afraid. My head turned
back and forth like a radar dish, searching out where he might be
hiding. Suddenly he exploded from the bushes behind me, screaming
horribly and waving his sword.
I screamed in startled surprise, then bolted, racing through the
grass. He pounded after me, howling with laughter as he waved the
sword around inexpertly in the air. Then he jumped me, tackling me
more like a football player than an old barbarian.
I gasped as I dropped face forward into the grass. Al jerked
back hard on my arm, dropping me on my back. I grabbed at him with
my hands, pretending to claw at his face. He slapped me, not really
hard, but it was a shock, despite what I’d said to him about
shoving me around and stuff.
In a second, his hands seized my loose gown and ripped it open
to the belly. Then he gripped me by the hair as he bent forward and
mashed his lips against mine. He bent lower, his teeth sucking on
my exposed nipple, for I had worn no underwear.
His massive right hand plunged down through the torn opening and
onto my crotch, ripping the gown further as he clamped his fat paw
onto my pussy mound and squeezed hard. I cried out again, trying to
pull away, but he cuffed me once again, backhanding me back against
the ground. I tasted blood and almost protested for real, but then
he pulled back, rolling me like I weight nothing.
On my belly now, I struggled to rise, which bothered him not at
all. His fingers seized the collar at the back of my dress and
tugged, ripping it open. He tore the thing apart, literally, then,
with me naked, was in position, kneeling behind me as he kept me on
all fours, preventing me from rising.
His fat arms slid around my belly, squeezing me so hard he
forced the air out of my lungs as he hauled me back against him. He
ground his crotch into my bare ass while he laughed triumphantly
and bit down on my throat, then slid his hands upward, crushing my
round tit mounds, his fingers mashing the pliable meat, sinking
deep into the fleshy mammaries, making it ooze through his spread
I groaned in pain as his teeth bit into my soft flesh and my tit
mounds screamed from his crushing grip. He threw me forward onto my
face, his hand pulling the stupid towel away from his crotch and
bringing out his hardened erection.
He slapped me hard, his hand making a loud crack of noise in the
early evening air as it hit my ass cheek. He laughed again, pushing
his cock knob against my cunt slit, then he thrust forward with
savage force, his hardened organ piercing my soft pulpy cunt lips
and spearing up into my body.
His hips smashed into my ass with such force my knees briefly
rose into the air and I was thrown forward like a bucking bronco.
I gasped, my eyes widening in shock a the speed and force of the
penetration. His cock was buried in my fuck pipe as he mashed and
fingered my sore tit melons.
Without any hesitation, he began to ram his cock in and out of
me, his hands holding me in position easily as he hammered his hips
back and forth, using his strength and muscles to tear his cock
shaft in and out of my tight little fuck opening.
“Take it, bitch!” he hissed, in a long stream of cursing
breathless grunts. “Bitch! Fucking Bitch! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Take it
bitch! Bitch! Slut! Fucking wh… wh… whooooore!” he groaned, his
hips slapping into me with bruising, jarring force, a rapidfire
hammering that pounded me with unbelievable speed.
His cock pistoned in my fuck opening as his hands locked tightly
around my hips. I groaned loudly, a stuttering, wavering cry of
pain and emotional shock as my body bounced and jerked under his
wild rutting. His pole was a furious jack hammer as it skewered my
pussy hole.
I had anticipated a hard, pounding ride, but this, this was
astounding. It made the hard fucking he’d given me at the motel
seem soft and gentle by comparison. In a way, I knew fear,
wondering whether I had mistakenly brought a madman up here and
placed myself at his mercy, or whether such savagery was in every
man and I had simply unleashed it.
And yet, as the brutal thrusting fuck went on, my fears began to
give way as I realized my fantasy was well under way. This was,
after all, what I had been looking for, a hard brutal using at the
hands of a powerful, muscular, and yes, brutal man.
He jerked me back against him, then thrust his member into me
again, throwing me forward. Then he hauled me back again and
pounded his steely prick into my body, throwing me forward again,
then hauled me back and thrust into me again.
He jerked me back and forth like a weightless rag doll, his body
hammering into mine with complete abandonment. His cock head was
using my cervix as a punching bag as he drilled my fuck box, his
hard cock pounding into me with painful force.
His cock rasped against my clitty like a band saw, ripping back
and forth with relentless driving speed. I grunted and moaned from
the terrible power being used against me, and yet my pussy was
purring with lust, despite the hard using it was getting, glorying
in my ravaging
I realized then, that I was getting exactly what I wanted, and
the burning spread throughout my belly, seeping into my guts, into
my organs, into my flesh and blood and sinew, sending a high and
increasing buzz and pulse of arousal through my brain.
I tried to forget anything about a game, about a fantasy, about
who I was and who Al was, tried to place myself within my fantasy,
to feel the raw, carnal force of the barbarian’s animal- like
attack, of his rugged powerful body against my soft female form.
My buzzing sexual heat rose from my body in waves and my
breathing came faster and faster. He continued to slam against me,
his prong rutting furiously inside my fuck tunnel. I groaned, my
body tired and worn from the several minute old raping it was
undergoing, and climbing ever higher into the realm of sexual
Then he came, his sperm a fat, gushing wave of sticky white heat
that flowed into my belly and exploded like a blast wave. I came as
well, my guts and cunt cramping around his cock, sucking at his
sperm, drinking it down and sucking hard for more.
I cried out in bliss, then, as the dim awareness came to me of
the complete emptiness around us, of the deserted landscape, the
trees, grass and open space, I gave voice to my passionate joy, my
cries getting louder, more expressive, less constrained.
My screams of joy and bliss echoed through the trees, stilling
the crickets which had begun to chirp, causing nearby birds to flap
their wings in alarm. Al’s fuck pole continued to hammer into my
slit tunnel, polling me with relentless stamina and vigour.
I collapsed, exhausted onto the ground, my cheek flattening the
grass beneath it as I groaned in fatigue, drained of all energy. He
ignored my collapse, his hands firm on my hips as he humped into
My mind dwelled on the image we presented, the fierce, bestial
copulation there amongst the grass, my naked form bent over, ass in
the air, legs apart, his powerful, muscled male body rutting me,
riding me, his big thick pole plunging in and out of my sex.
The heat grew within my loins. I groaned in worn, dazed
pleasure. Al grabbed my hair and used it to haul my head, then my
entire upper body up off the ground. The pain stabbed into me, yet
I did nothing, except groan louder as he held my head and upper
body up by the hair, then dragged me back against his chest.
His prick continued to saw between my cunt lips as he bit down
hard on the side of my neck again. He twisted my head around
forcefully, heedless of pain, discomfort, or even harm he might
cause, mashing his lips against mine as he ground his loins into
His left hand continued to pull and tug at my hair, his right
mauled my titties, crushing and squeezing them as he humped into
me, his cock sliding back and forth between my legs.
“OOoohhhhhhhhh! FUCKing BIIIIITCH!!” he groaned.
He pulled out then, throwing me forward onto my face. He leaned
forward, his hard knee coming down against my ass cheeks as he
jerked my arms up behind my back. He held my wrists together as I
lay there, panting and moaning, then tied them tightly together
with a foot long strip of leather.
I grunted and yelped with the pain as the leather dug into my
wrists, pinching my soft flesh. He stood up, dragging me up by the
hair until I was on my knees. He twisted me around, standing before
me, still holding my hair with one hand.
His cock pointed at my face and he held it with his right hand,
pushing the head against my lips as I swayed and moaned in pain and
a stupor that was half sexual high, half pained shock. His cock
rubbed against my face, wiping back and forth against my cheeks and
Then he pushed it into my mouth over my slack jaw and I closed
my lips automatically as he punched it hard against the back wall
of my mouth.
“Suck it! Suck it, you cheap slut! Fucking whore! Suck my prick,
He was a tall man and even kneeling as tall as I was I had to
bend my head back. He bent me even further, dragging on my hair as
he lunged downward, angling his cock to thrust into my face with
pitiless force. His cockhead lunged again and again into the back
of my mouth, almost making me gag a dozen times.
Then he thrust especially hard and the thick round meat bashed
its way right into my throat. I almost gagged, almost threw up, but
then my mouth acted as though a piece of meat was pushing, into it.
which was not untrue, and swallowed.
I swallowed his cock head and his shaft followed it right down
my throat. It was a very strange feeling, there was the ticklish
sensation, the hard, throbbing sensation of pain as it forced open
my throat tube, and the panicky sensation of suffocation as it
blocked and pushed against the sides of my pipe.
“OH Yeaaahhh!” he groaned, pushing his cock even deeper, the
cockhead inside my upper chest somewhere as his balls rested
against my jaw. He pumped slowly in my throat, his cock shaft
sliding up and down easily.
I made anxious muffled grunts, groans and moans as my lungs
struggled for breath, but his hand held my hair easily and my hands
could not budge from the tight binding strip of leather holding
them together.
He continued to fuck his cock up and down my throat, his right
hand sliding down to cup and squeeze my left tit as he fucked down
into my face. My body twisted and jerked and contorted desperately,
my skin reddening, then getting white as my head throbbed.
Finally, he pulled his cock far enough that his cockknob popped
free of my throat and I sucked in sweet cool air. My chest heaved
as I drew in great gulps of oxygen.
Al had pulled his soaking cock out of my mouth and was wiping it
across my face again, the wet, drool and cum covered organ wiping
against my eyes and cheeks and through my hair as he looked down
with a mocking sneer on his face.
He pushed the cock back into my mouth, twisting at my hair.
“Deep throat me again, fuck face!” he taunted. “Deep throat my
log, SLUT!”
He slammed his pecker into me, his cock head thrusting deep into
my throat, then sinking down the rest of the way until he was
buried in me once more. He sawed his prick up and down in my
throat, his eyes wide and intensely aroused as he watched his dick
disappear then reappear from between my lips.
Then he came again, just as his cockhead slipped back out of my
throat. My mouth filled with jism and I almost choked as I sucked
in air and tried to swallow his cum at the same time.
He staggered backwards and I fell back onto my heels, then
tipped over and fell on my side, breathing heavily. Around us, the
last light was going and it would soon be dark. I was glad, I was
so tired and sore, I could hardly wait to get a shower and drop
into bed.
Al came over to me and dragged me to my feet, then led me
forward, down the path towards the cabin. We didn’t get there,
though. We stopped some distance away and he pushed me down again.
He bent over me, pulling another strip of leather from a tool belt
he was wearing.
Yes, he was wearing a fucking tool belt, with a bunch of shit
hanging from it, including a hammer. Aside from that he wasn’t
wearing anything except the sword and the towel across his front
that was supposed to be a loincloth.
He slipped the leather around my ankles and tied them tightly
“What are you doing?” I asked, irritated.
“I want you talk, you talk.”
“Oh, fuck off with the barbarian shit. It’s time to go home.” I
In reply, he stuffed a rag into my mouth and tied another strip
of leather across it, gagging me. I glared furiously at him,
tugging at the leather binding my hands and feet to no avail.
I watched as he set about building a campfire, then cooked some
wieners he’d apparently set aside. It was soon full dark and the
fire crackled and snapped as he sat by it, munching. I lay on my
side, still naked and bound, tired but strangely excited.
I slowly blinked my eyes awake as the dawn rose just beyond the
trees. My body was sore and cold and aching in many place, one of
the most prominent being between my legs. I had, in the words of
the famous poet, been rode hard and put away wet.
My hands moved, or tried to, and I realized I was still tightly
bound. I moaned involuntarily, which woke the barbarian. He rolled
and sat up, yawning like a Rocky(D) and then giving me this nasty,
superior grin. My mouth mumbled dryly around the rag.
He got up and came over to me, untiring the leather strip from
my ankles. He pushed me onto my back and dropped on top of me,
crushing me into the hard, cold ground as he pushed his cock into
my fuck tunnel.
He did it with such calm assurance, such supreme self
confidence, that for a moment I was furious at him, the smug
arrogant bastard, and then of course, I realized that I had no say
in what he did to me, none at all, and that was the reason for his
nonchalant use of my body.
He could act like he owned it because he did, that was my
fantasy, after all. And that realization was bringing a warm spot
to my belly and my groin as his erection slid down deep into my
fuck tunnel and he began a slow easy fucking.
He wasn’t being easy on me of course, he just wasn’t interested
in high impact exercise so early in the morning. I was, in a very
real sense, just taking the place of his morning jerk-off session.
He humped and ground into me, sighing with pleasure as my cunt
sucked on his organ.
Then he came, his jism spraying down into my belly. He stopped
his humping, laying atop me as he relaxed again. Then he rolled off
me and stood up, grabbing me under the arm and dragging me up after
him. There was a rope by the fire and he tied it tightly around my
throat, then tied the other end to a tree.
Then he walked away. I looked after him in outrage, but my cunt
felt even hotter than it had when he’d been fucking me. I was being
treated like a slave, like a possession of his, like an animal. I
revelled in my own degradation, pulling purposefully at the leather
binding my wrists just to feel how securely I was bound.
My body shivered from the cold, and I was hungry and incredibly
thirsty because of the fucking gag in my mouth. I also needed to go
to the bathroom. I took care of the last in the woods, then moved
back into the grass as the sun began to shine down, letting it warm
The rumblings in my stomach faded to a dull murmur after a
little while but my throat was still tinder dry. It was hard to
figure the passing of time without a watch, but it felt like over
an hour had gone by easily. Then Al rode into sight atop the Rocky(H)
he’d borrowed from the farm next door.
He stopped and dismounted, then untied the rope – from the tree,
not from my neck. He mounted again, tying the end of the rope to
the saddle, then riding forward, away from the cabin. I could not
protest, I could only follow along behind or be dragged.
I had to walk fast, breaking into a jog every few seconds to
keep up with the Rocky(H). I was soon exhausted, but despite my
weariness and my discomfort, aches and pains, I was incredibly
aroused, for this was the culmination of my fantasies, being hauled
behind a Rocky(H), naked.
My eyes blinked back tears, a poor, recently raped virgin maiden
being dragged behind the barbarian savage. I smelled the Rocky(H), the
grass, my own sweat. I felt the sun and wind on my bruised, aching,
naked body and pulled repeatedly at my bonds.
I was dragged forward into a village, people all about, some
ignoring me, some pointing and laughing, children chasing along
beside and behind, some pinching my bruised buttocks, grabbing for
a feel of my breasts, others trying to trip me.
I was pulled into the center of the village, into the square,
where my barbarian captor dismounted and walked over to me. The
rope was removed from my throat and my hands unbound, then I was
pulled forward between two tall posts, my hands tied then to either
one as I stood between them.
My wrists were pulled high and apart, so tightly bound that I
almost had to stand on my toes as the pressure pulled at my arms.
Then he left me as a crowd gathered around, many of them chattering
to themselves about me, calling names and insults.
Some moved closer, pawing at my body, fondling my womanhood, my
breasts, my buttocks.
I tripped and fell, then as the slack ended I was dragged along
behind Al through the grass for several yards. He stopped and
looked back as I stumbled to my feet, then he continued on.
I think it was then that it hit me for good, and with jarring
force. I was in one of my own fantasies for real. Al might not be
from the middle ages but he wasn’t much smarter or more
sophisticated then the old savages were, and I was completely under
his control, to do with as he wished.
There was absolutely nothing, nothing at all I could do to
hinder him. I was his toy, his plaything, his actual, for real, no
kidding, no fantasising sex slave. He could fuck me and abuse me
and degrade me as he wished. Even if I protested, demanded to be
released, called off the game, Al probably wouldn’t agree. For the
first time in my memory I had absolutely no control over anything
that was going to happen to me.
All this kind of dazed me as the realization sank in. I was
still half walking, half jogging behind Al on his Rocky(H). I panted
tiredly, but as I looked towards him, seeing the bulging muscles on
his bare back, I felt a deep flaring heat within my body, spreading
out, reddening my skin.
The aches and pains and tiredness seemed to disappear before a
flooding sexual arousal that almost made me cum from its intensity.
When Al stopped a few yards on, it was all I could do to keep
from rubbing my thighs together in excitement. He came back to me
and pulled the gag out of my mouth. He had a canteen in his hand
and he opened it and grabbed a fistful of my hair, tilting my head
Then he poured a stream of water into my open mouth. I drank
greedily, slurping and gulping and swallowing as fast as I could.
Water splashed onto my face and trickled down my neck, falling onto
my ass and dribbling down my chest.
Al pushed me down to my knees and pulled his cock out. It was
semi-hard and he placed it on my lower lip. I opened my mouth and
sucked it in, munching on it, sucking, working my tongue over it.
It didn’t take long to harden, then I began bobbing my head on it
as he humped slowly.
He forced the cockhead down my throat and I swallowed it gladly,
glorying in the demeaning and degrading treatment. He stood before
me then, legs wide, arms folded together across his mighty chest as
I fucked my own throat up and down on his cock.
He stared down at me like some great arrogant barbarian type,
watching smugly as I moved my lips and mouth and throat up and down
the length of his erect organ. Then he reached down and placed his
huge hands against the back of my head, thrusting forward to bury
his cock down my throat.
My nose mashed against his abdomen and his balls pressed against
my jaw, then he spurted out wad after wad of fuck milk, sending a
salty, oily wave of jism down my throat and into my belly.
He pulled out then and dragged me aways back, then pushed me
down onto the grass. He cut several stakes with the sword, then
untied my wrists, positioning them above my head and spread wide.
Then he hammered the stakes into the ground beside them and tightly
bound my wrists to them.
He spread my legs and hammered two more stakes into the ground,
again, tying my ankles to the stakes. I was helplessly
spreadeagled, the sun beating down on me as I lay there naked in
the center of the field. He grunted and backed off, getting on his
Rocky(H) and riding away.
I stared up at the sun, pulling at the stakes, feeling a burst
of exultation each time my muscles pulled without result. I lay
back, wondering what next would befall me, my crotch moist with
* * * * * * * *
Part Four
I waited for a while. I don’t know how long. The sun heated me
up almost as much as my crotch, though it dried me out too. Then,
I heard the sound, or perhaps the vibrations of someone coming
towards me. Again, I pulled at the stakes, without effect.
Then I froze as I heard voices. Horror flooded through me at the
thought of being found like this by some middle-aged couple and
their children. But then I head Al’s voice and I groaned in relief.
He came into view, a big, taunting grin on his face. Beside him
was another body builder, this one with brown hair cut in a
crewcut. Another man appeared, he also had a crewcut, but he was a
blonde. Then a fourth and a fifth and a sixth man formed a semi-
circle around me.
I stared at them, wide-eyed. All were obviously body builders.
They all had huge bulging chests, narrow washboard stomachs, and
tree trunk legs, and all were naked as they stared down at me with
varying degrees of lust and mockery.
For an instant, I hovered on the verge of a protest, of a scream
of denial, then I tumbled back into my fantasy and dropped my head
back to the grass, waiting the inevitable. It was not long in
coming. The first man to mount me was the one with the blonde
He knelt between my splayed legs, his hands on them, slowly
stroking up and down from my crotch to my knees. Then he eased
forward and moved atop me, his hugely muscled chest crushing me
beneath it before his hands pushed him upward.
He still lay atop me, his weight heavy on my belly and lower
chest. He began squeezing and fondling my breasts then, turning his
head down to suck and chew on my nipples. I whined in response, my
limbs pulling at the ropes binding them.
His hard cock was pressed against my belly and my crotch yearned
for it. Then he grabbed it and rubbed the head up and down my very
oily slit several times. He pressed it between them, forcing them
apart as he slid it into me. Then he grunted and pushed forward,
thrusting his cock deep into me.
I groaned loudly, uncaring of what the gathered men thought,
glorying in the hardness within my fuck chamber. His elbows pressed
into the ground as he began to fuck into me, his hard body grinding
and jerking against me, causing little bruising stabs of pain every
few seconds when he hit me too hard.
His cock slid back and forth in my hot, sucking chamber,
grinding into me, sawing over my clitty as he humped. I grunted in
response to each thrust, my head back, staring into the sky as he
raped me. I continued to pull intermittently at the stakes, until
I felt my cum approach, then I pulled especially hard and
My head thrashed and jerked as his fuck pole stroked within me.
My back arched and I jerked against the stakes, exulting in their
tight grip on my limbs as I was swept into a wondrous orgasmic
storm of pleasure.
My mind blazed with excruciating pleasure as I was buffeted by
wave after wave of intense erotic satisfaction. My body was a
maelstrom of seething, crackling sexual electricity. I jerked as if
shot, my back arching upward in sudden shock as a concussion of
ecstasy exploded in my belly.
I fell back to the grass, just as another blast wave ripped
through me and again through my chest upward. I screamed, my body
bouncing and jerking as much as it could in the tight grip of the
leather restraints. Within my belly, the man’s girl-fucker
continued to rod back and forth, drilling into me with greater and
greater force.
Slowly, slowly, I eased back out of the climactic fever, my body
trembling as I panted for breath. The blonde continued to pound his
cock into my open and vulnerable fuck hole until he came also and
I smiled weakly as I felt his sperm shooting into me.
He got up, moving away, and another took his place. He was a
black man, but just as heavily muscled as the other. His skin
gleamed in the sun as he sweated. His teeth were white against his
black skin as he settled between my thighs.
His big, powerful hands roamed across my body, squeezing,
kneading, fondling. He pawed at my full breasts, mashing and
twisting the pliable meat. His lips came down on mine and crushed
against me, locked into place as he sucked the breath right out of
His tongue pushed into my mouth as he ground his lips into me
and squeezed my fat melons. I groaned, the sound weak as my own
tongue rasped against his.
He reached down and took his cock, then pried open my cunt lips
and thrust into me. I groaned at the fullness as his fat organ slid
remorselessly down the length of my twat channel. He began to grind
his cock into me, driving it back and forth between my fleecy
His chest came down tighter against mine, crushing my swollen
tit orbs as he humped into me. His hands slid down under me, both
of them clasping my ass cheeks, completely enfolding my soft,
cupcake buttocks in their large, rough palms.
He humped into me faster, jerking my ass upwards with each
thrust, his tool jabbing again and again into my cunt pipe. I
mewled in delirious pleasure, my face a mask of delight, my jaw
slack, eyes narrow slits.
He grunted as he fucked into me, his heavy, hard body mashing
and crushing my own slender frame. His hands continued to jerk my
ass upwards as he lay atop me. His face was buried against the side
of my head as he rutted again and again, his heavy body pulping me
It was like having a car rocking back and forth on top of me,
yet the pain and claustrophobia only added to the intense arousal
I was feeling, I was on a high no drug could emulate and my pussy
was sizzling with ecstasy.
I came again, my head jerking back as a powerful blast of
climactic energy battered at my mind. Blinding lights exploded
before my bulging eyes and my breath locked within my chest as I
shook under the awesome storm of orgasmic power.
My head felt like it was ready to explode, and I gritted my
teeth against the sheer intensity of the massive, powerful
sensations. Then finally they slowed and my trembling, shaking
contortions were diminished to the odd twitch or shudder as I lay
tiredly beneath him.
He continued to fuck down into me for a long minute, then he
grunted and more sperm splashed down into my belly. He got up with
a proud sigh of pleasure and another took his place, this one with
long brown hair.
He jumped eagerly atop me and thrust deep, burying his prick
inside me with one movement. I grunted and air hissed out of my
lungs. He began to fuck furiously, screwing me like Al did. His
cock was a triphammer as it thundered back and forth inside my fuck
After several minutes of hard fucking, he dumped his load,
adding to the deep, sticky pool of semen inside the pit of my
belly. As soon as he rose, another took his place, and again a
rapid, hard fucking resulted.
I think I came again, in fact, I think I came several more
times, but things start to get very blurry by then. I was raped
again and again by the huge, musclebound men, and not one of them
showed the slightest concern for my pleasure or comfort.
After each had fucked me at least once, I remember being flipped
over and re-tied. There was some kind of discussion, which I didn’t
understand at the time, but which I now know was a card game. They
played to see which would get my asshole first.
All I knew at the time was how exhausted I was. I lay there on
the ground, half asleep, my face pressed into the grass, into the
dirt. The card game took about five minutes and when the black guy
won, I was asleep.
I woke to his hands on my body. They were all gathered around
me, standing, kneeling or squatting as the black guy knelt between
my legs. His hands squeezed and fondled my soft white ass cheeks,
then a single finger pressed against my asshole.
I think I already told you that I was a virgin back there. I had
never permitted any guy to go near it and had never even thought
much about it. The very idea was so disgusting and degrading to me
that even in my fantasies about rape and slavery, being sodomised
hadn’t figured into anything.
It was something I should have expected from a crude, lowlife
like Al. His friends, of course, were no better. The finger woke me
up a bit as I felt it thrust into my little hole. I grunted in
pain, trying to twist my head around to look.
“N… no… NOooooo!” I groaned, struggling against the leather
“Shut up, slut, or I’ll gag you again.” Were Al’s cold words.
The black guy, his name was Joe, but I didn’t know it then,
forced his entire finger, which was pretty damned big and long, let
me tell you, into my asshole, and then wriggled and twisted it
around inside me.
My whimpering complaints meant nothing to the men, who had
already classified me as their plaything. I realized this, even in
my numbed and exhausted state, realized that they would do as they
wished and would ignore any protests.
I knew I was about to be sodomised, probably more than once, and
my belly was gripped with both anxiety and anticipation. By now, I
was past any kind of pride. I was wallowing in degradation, and I
waited, my breasts squashed into the dirt and grass, as he pumped
his finger in and out of my tail pipe.
Then he sprawled over me, his elbows on either side of my head
as his body rested down on mine. His cock pressed against my
asshole, which was pretty sweaty by now, of course, lucky for me.
I felt my little wrinkled opening spreading wider and wider as his
cockhead forced its way in.
I groaned into the grass, air puffing out between my lips as the
pain began to bloom in my asshole. His cock pushed open the little
wrinkled hole and slowly sank down into me as the watching men
cheered. The deeper it penetrated the louder I groaned and
I felt utterly impaled by his fat, throbbing cock. I gasped and
panted, groaning and then sobbing as his fat black prick forced its
way into my asshole, and drove deep, deep, deep into me, his
cockhead burrowing high into my guts.
It hurt. Boy did it hurt. Joe was being careful not to go to
fast, afraid he might tear something and cause actual damage to me,
but he wasn’t worried about a little pain, that was my problem.
His cock went so deep I felt cramps in my guts, terrible
gripping cramps from deep in my belly. I sobbed weakly, my belly
aching as his balls rested firmly against my ass cheeks. He
groaned, and slowly pulled his sausage back down my ass tunnel.
There was pain, but the cramping eased, then thankfully
disappeared. Then I wailed as Joe thrust back into me. His fat fuck
tool jammed down my rectum and stuffed me full, bringing screaming
cramps into my belly.
I pulled desperately at the stakes once again, my muscles
contracting, staining. His cock began to churn inside my still
super-tight asshole, running in and out with greater and greater
speed and power. The others called out encouragement as Joe went
faster and faster, his thick fuck meat pummelling my guts as he
slammed his thighs into my ass cheeks.
I grit my teeth against the pain as I was impaled on the long,
evil length of his enormous fuck spike. Joe’s hands came down on my
back, raising his upper torso off me, but shoving my poor titties
into the cold ground, grinding them into the dirt as he ran the
entire length of his prong in and out of my anus.
The pain slowly eased as my asshole went numb. Joe’s cock moved
more smoothly inside me now as he thrust repeatedly, using long,
deep strokes that rammed his cockknob deep into my guts.
My cries slowed, turned to grunts with each impact and low
murmurs and whimpers. He dropped his weight back down on top of me,
crushing me completely beneath his heavy weight. His teeth bit at
my throat as he ground his loins into my soft round buttocks.
His cock slid back and forth, back and forth as Joe humped into
my tender ass pipe. Then he began grunting, humping harder and
faster. I winced as his cock began to skewer me with furious,
driving thrusts. His body slammed into my round ass cheeks,
smashing me into the dirt, then his cock erupted in a furious
geyser of cock spit. His jism gushed down into my belly as he
groaned in pleasure.
Then he stopped, holding still atop me, his prick embedded in my
asshole, his body pressing down on mine as his heavy breathing
slowed. He rolled off me then, getting to his feet as the next man
took his place. Another hard, thick cock thrust deep into my anus
and began a hard stroking.
More cum sluiced down into my asshole, then another man took his
place, then another, then another. By the time they were all done
with me, I could hardly even feel my asshole and was barely
I was dragged to my feet as Al unwound a thick, coarse rope. One
of the guys held me, my arms tight against my sides, while Al slid
the rope around my belly and tied it tight.
He tied the knot directly at the center of my belly, then
brought the rope down between my legs and up in back. He jerked
suddenly and I shouted in consternation as the rope dug up between
my cunt lips, forcing them apart as the coarse, scratchy rope dug
into my pink cunt meat.
Al slid the rope through the loop around my belly, tying it very
tight indeed, so it dug up really hard into my cunt and ground into
my ass cheeks. Then he brought the rope up my back and across my
right shoulder. It slid down from there across my chest to the loop
around my waist, then went around it and back over my left
shoulder, so it criss crossed my chest.
The rope scratched against my breasts as he tightened it behind
my back. Then he brought several loops around and around my chest
and belly, pinning my arms to my sides and squashing the rope
against my tit meat.
My tits were mashed and billowed out in swollen, distended
masses of gelatinous meat as the thick rope dug into them from
below, above, from both sides, and from directly across them. The
coils around my chest and waist were so tight that it was hard to
Al seemed satisfied though. He finished tying off the loop and
gave me a shove. I fell over and he and the others laughed.
“Get up, slut. We ain’t carrying you.” he said.
I struggled to my feet and one of the men, the blonde crewcut,
who’s name was Andy, gave me a hard kick in the ass, which sent me
stumbling forward and falling on my knees.
“Look at the little whore, stickin’ her ass in the air again!”
“Guess she wants more.”
“Well, I got more for her right here!”
“Stick a few more cocks in her asshole an’ she ain’t gonna be
able to walk!”
“Who cares if she walks? Tie her to the Rocky(H) an’ drag her.”
“Go on, bitch, get your skinny ass up.”
“Move, slut!” Al grabbed my hair and dragged me up, shoving me
forward. I stumbled and almost fell again, but managed to keep my
balance. I began to walk back down the trail, wincing and gasping
as the rope dug into my cunt with every step.
“Lookit that tight assed walk!”
“You wanna ride me, sweet cheeks? I’ll give you a ride!”
“On his cock!” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”
I yelped, and lurched forward as something bit into my ass.
Riotous laughter erupted from behind me, and I turned to see Al
with a small branch, a thin switch he had used to whip my ass.
“Move your little pussy, babe. We ain’t got all day.”
I tried to move faster, but the rope dug in so painfully against
my soft pink cunt flesh that it was impossible to go very fast.
Walking at all was almost agony. The rope scratched and rasped
against my oily wet cunt flesh, biting tightly, causing terrible
stinging pain.
The switch slapped across my ass again and again I jumped
forward. The men laughed again, commenting on my ass and how my
tits had jiggled even with the rope coiled around and against them.
My body ached all over. There were bruises everywhere, and the
rope scratched maddeningly, like sandpaper was scratching at my
tender skin. My asshole and pussy were especially sore, though my
titties screamed in anguish as well. One of the thick, heavy loops
crossed directly across the center of my nipples, scratching them
My feet stumbled and I fell several times, only to be slapped
and kicked to my feet by my tormentors. All the while they kept up
a steady stream of obscene comments and insults, and every now and
then the switch would slash down across my ass cheeks or back, or
someone would grab my titties or pull my hair.
We weren’t very far from the cabin but it seemed to take forever
to get there. I gasped in relief when its outline finally came into
sight. If I thought I might be allowed some moments of rest to
gather myself together, though, I was sadly mistaken.
I was taken over to a tree just outside the cabin and then Al
and his friends tied a rope to one of the branches and tied the
other end to the ropes on both of my shoulders. Then I was pulled
into the air, swinging from side to side as the rope around me dug
even more painfully into my sore flesh.
The rope pulled tightly, squeezing on my chest and belly, making
it even more difficult to breath than before. The worst though, was
my pussy, for most of the weight, my weight, came down on the rope
between my legs, and it dug into my like it had teeth.
I moaned and whimpered, but Al and his buddies had heard a lot
of moaning and whimpering from women before. They just laughed. Al
gave me a hard shove and I swung wildly, twisting and turning
around in circles as my body swung back and forth beneath the tree
Some of the guys brought beer out from the cabin and they began
to settle into place on the ground and in the lawn chairs
overlooking the river. A radio went on and the guys started
listening to a basketball game as they swigged beer from the
bottles. Some of the guys dove into the water and splashed around,
leaving only a couple up beside me.
A couple was enough though. They were very conscientious.
Whenever my swinging and twisting slowed too much, one of them
would get up and give me another hard push to set me swinging
again. I was constantly on the verge of throwing up, and the main
reason I didn’t was that my stomach was so empty.
Finally, they pulled me down and unwound the rope from my sore,
dazed, bruised body. They left only one loop, the one around my
throat. Then the guys marched me down to the river and down the
length of the dock that stuck out into it – and threw me off.
I gasped as the cold water closed over me and my body screamed
in shock. The cuts and scrapes all over me sent burning pain into
my stunned mind and I could hardly move. The rope pulled me back up
to the surface, then began to pull me right up out of the water.
I grabbed at the rope, holding it as it lifted me clear of the
water and back up to the end of the dock eight feet above me. The
guys pulled me back up, then Al, the sweetheart, lifted me high
above his head, holding me in a horizontal position, one hand on my
arm, the other on my thigh, then he threw me off the edge of the
dock again.
I crashed into the water and sank deep, my mind even more dazed.
The rope pulled again, lifting me up through the water, then up out
of the water, strangling me in the process as my weary, bedraggled
mind failed to even raise my hands to hold onto the rope.
I passed out as they lifted me over onto the edge of the dock.
I knelt beside the King’s throne, naked. A proud lady of a
wealthy and powerful family, I had been caught in a web of intrigue
and was now to be the innocent instrument for my family’s
Now cruel manacles bit into my wrists and ankles, and an iron
collar was fastened around my throat. Thick, heavy chains linked
them together as I knelt dazed, my mortification so great I was
hardly able to understand the numerous filthy insults and obscene
comments directed at me by the evil King and his courtiers.
Already, my feet had been mutilated in a most painful way. I
would never walk again, but must crawl like a bitch Rocky(D) wherever I
went. Never again would I wear clothing either, so the King said.
I was to be an animal, subject to constant humiliations and
The King’s fool held a leash which was attached to my collar and
led me out and about on the elevated dais which held the throne,
laughingly patting my head and stroking my back as though I were a
Rocky(D). Every now and then he would lead me over to a member of the
court, a man or perhaps woman whom once had been my equal, and that
person would laugh and pat my head, or if it were a man, squeeze my
hanging breasts or slide a hand in between my thighs to cup my
Several times the fool led me back to the center of the dais
before the King, then one of the King’s men would kneel behind me
and mount me, riding me hard, his long organ thrusting cruelly into
me newly opened love hole as the people around laughed and joked at
my expense.
What was perhaps the worst of all, was that my poor female
organs had been denuded of hair and coated with a thin, now dry
substance that rendered them horribly sensitive to just this type
of roding. My humiliation was complete as I moaned and groaned and
cried my pleasure as I was ridden.
The obscene comments mounted as I yelped and wailed and humped
back a the man savagely roding his manhood into my hole. And as the
glorious blossom of pleasure enveloped me, I felt the cruel,
sneering eyes of the King on my young, nubile body.
I woke slowly. The guys were still moving around, splashing in
the water, listening to the ball game, drinking beer. They were
having a swell time. I held still, just laying there on the dock,
drying off and regaining some strength.
Al came over then and bent over me, blocking the sun.
“Hey, pussy. You’re awake, huh?” He nudged my side with his
foot. “Get off your lazy ass and make us some lunch, bitch.” he
nudged me harder, almost knocking me over the edge of the dock.
I groaned and slowly sat up, holding my head in one hand and
cupping my sore pussy in the other.
“Come on, slut. We want lunch.” He grabbed my arm and hauled me
erect, shoving me towards the cabin. I stumbled down the dock, only
the thought of food and water keeping me from collapsing. Making
lunch for them would be a pleasure compared to what I’d gone
through this morning.
There were more cat-calls and obscene insults from the guys
sitting around on the grass as I passed them. Their lust had been
at least temporarily sated for now, though, and they wanted food,
so they let me pass unmolested.
Once in the cabin I sat down and held my head in my hands,
groaning weakly, then I staggered across to the fridge and pulled
out the jug of ice water. I drank a full cup in a single chug, then
refilled it and drank another.
I sighed, then made several sandwiches, stuffing them into my
mouth as fast as they were done. I was starved. With the worst of
my hunger sated, I started to make some sandwiches for the guys,
but it had been a long, sleepless night and there’d been an awful
lot of energetic activity since the last time I’d slept. Now, with
a full belly, I could barely keep my eyes open.
I went over to one of the beds in the corner, just to rest for
a couple of minutes, and fell asleep.
I hung from my wrists, naked. A crowd of people were gathered
around, some snickering, some grim faced. The big, heavily muscled
guardsman strode up behind me, his hand holding the whip. My soft,
female flesh seemed to crackle with fear as the man let the long
length of his whip slide along the floor.
There was a tense moment of anticipation, then the whip lashed
across my back, sending pain flaring through my system. The next
blow sliced across my buttocks and I screamed in agony, my body
shaking and trembling, my breasts jiggling and bouncing.
My form was so beautiful as I hung there, that it was a wonder
that any man would want to use something so harsh as a whip on it.
My form was made for mens’ hands to slide across, for their lips to
caress, instead the whip bit into my back and again I screamed.
I could feel the eyes of the surrounding throng, could sense
their excitement, especially from the men. I knew that they were
aroused by the sight of me, and even more so by the cruel lash of
the whip upon my defenceless body. Again it struck and left a cruel
line across my soft white skin.
Al shook me awake, his angry face glaring down at me.
“You dumb cunt!” he glared. “Where’s our fuckin’ food?”
“Huh? Uh… wha?”
He grabbed my hair and dragged me out of bed, ignoring my yell
of pain. He dragged me across the floor, through the little kitchen
and living room and out the door of the cabin to where the guys
were still laying around listening to the game.
He flung me into their midst, the guys grabbing at me at once,
pawing and fondling my naked body, laughing and making more obscene
“The stupid bitch has been sleeping instead of making our lunch”
he complained. There was a chorus of criticism and accusations,
most of it obscene.
“So what are we gonna do with this lazy slut?” Al asked.
“Hang her!”
“Cut he tits off!”
“Fuck her till she bleeds!”
“Drown her!”
“Burn her at the stake!”
“You dumb fucks!” Al sniffed. “We do any o’ that an’ she won’t
be able to make our dinner, neither.”
“Lazy fuckin’ white bitches!” Joe complained.
“Maybe we should spank her.” Al said.
“Spank the little bitch!”
“Spank her!”
“Whip her ass!”
“Tan the little bitches butt!”
Al sat down and they grabbed me, tossing me across the ground
towards him. Al grabbed me by the arm and dragged me belly down
across his lap. His hand cracked down on my ass, then squeezed the
soft flesh as he laughed along with them.
I should have been fearful. I should have been outraged,
furious, that these stupid great beasts, these ignorant, muscle
bound assholes, would dare to treat me so. Instead I was hot. Maybe
it was the holdover from the dream. Maybe it was the sexual aspect
of spanking, of domination. I don’t know what it was, but I was
hot, and although I was anxious about the pain, I was looking
forward to getting my ass spanked.
* * * * * * * *
Part Five
Al caressed my soft ass meat with his big paw for long seconds,
then his hand pulled up and I tensed with anticipation. There was
no warning, just a sudden, harsh blow that squashed my ass flesh
flat. I felt the blow jar my body, heard the crack of his hand
against my flesh, then an instant later, an incredibly sharp,
violent pain ripped into my body.
I screamed in shock and pain. It had been a long while since
anyone had slapped me on the ass, at least, that hard, and I guess
I’d forgotten just how sharp and painful it could be. The pain
eased but left a burning ache behind as my legs kicked helplessly
and I tried to wiggle off Al’s lap.
He held me in place easily, his hand rising, then cracking down
on my ass cheeks again. Again there was that terribly sharp pain,
a lancing agony that shot into my ass and stunned my system for a
second. Again I screamed, forgetting the sexual aspect entirely,
wanting only to get away from him.
But it was hopeless of course. I was not even close to a match
for his strength. His hand cracked down again and again, and no
amount of wriggling or squirming or crying or sobbing was going to
do anything to stop it.
I wept as the spanking continued, and slowly, the sharpness of
the slaps eased. My ass was burning hot, and that heat seemed to
absorb and dull the sharpness of each new blow. The heat in my ass
began to spread too, spread downward into my belly, and down
between my thighs to my pussy.
I knew the guys were getting turned on too, and knew that I was
shortly going to get fucked hard by a bunch of them. I mewled in
pain still, my ass hurting, but it was not the kind of pain it was
before and it was rapidly giving way to a different kind of heat.
Then Al’s hand, the one slapping me, slipped between my parted
thighs and rubbed across my cunt mound. He pulled his hand out and
then slapped my ass again, then slid his hand back between my legs
again, giving my pussy a little squeeze.
Between each slap he would squeeze or rub my pussy. Then he
started to finger fuck me, two fingers sliding in and out of my
wet pink cunt flesh in between spanks. I started to grind myself
back against his fingers and he laughed. I knew I should be
embarrassed, and in a way I was, but in another way, well, this was
my fantasy. Why was I fighting it? I should be drawing it all in,
revelling in their abuse.
“I gotta pork this bitch!” Al groaned at last.
He pulled me around so I was sitting on his lap, facing his
friends, my ass hot ass cheeks pressing down on his bathing suit
covered thighs. He pulled his cock free and I felt its bare heat
against my anus. For a moment I thought he would fuck me there, but
instead, as I eased upward and bent forward, he pushed it into my
cunt tube.
I moaned in relief and sank back down on it, taking the thing
way up inside me. My eyes half closed and I started to hump up and
down on the thick meat as Al gripped my hips and bucked up into me.
One of his friends stood up and came forward, standing in front of
the chair.
He gripped my hair and pulled my face forward into his naked
crotch. My lips folded around his hard erection and I swallowed it
gladly, shaking my head from side to side just so my hair would be
pulled as he gripped it.
I was in a powerful high, fully in the thrall of my fantasy now,
all resistance gone. I didn’t even try to hold myself upward,
letting my arms fall at my sides as he held my hair and fucked his
cock into my mouth. I was leaning forward, my legs spread as Al
bucked up into me from the rear.
His hands slid down onto my ass cheeks and then he slapped them
both at the same time, sending a sharp burst of pain into my
system. I wallowed in it, sucking hard on the prick as it pumped
inside my mouth. I pulled my wrists up and put them behind me,
holding my left wrist with my right hand.
I groaned and worked my mouth on the hard prick within, bouncing
gladly on Al’s fuck tool as it pumped into my pussy hole. The
others gathered around us and my hands reached up as if on their
own accord, grabbing for the pricks on my left and right.
My small fingers slid around a pair of cocks and I began to jerk
them off as I sucked off the guy in front of me. I moaned, my
pleasure soaring as the erotic high of doing four men at once hit
my bleary mind. I wanted more, needed more. I wanted them all to
fuck me at once. I wanted to be a wanton, slutty, fuck animal, a
slave to their sex organs.
The cock in my mouth erupted in a long, sizzling stream of cum,
which I drank down greedily, sucking and licking at the rod until
it was almost soft. The guy pulled it out and another guy moved in
to take his place.
He pulled my head way back, using my hair. I moaned as the pain
shot into me. I thought he was going to stuff his prick down my
throat but he surprised me. He pushed my head way back, forcing me
to arch my back. Al grabbed hold of my hair then, holding it
tightly as the guy in front of me grabbed my fat, round titties.
He mashed them together around his cock and began to slide his
long, thin meat up and down my chest, using my fleshy milk bags to
squash down around his prick as he pumped it between them. His
fingers dug deeply into my pliable meat and mashed it hard against
his sliding prick, but the pain and degradation only excited me
I was on the verge of cumming and as my hands continued to
fondle the cocks beside me and Al continued to pump his staff up
into my fuck tube, I bent my own body backwards, my mind imaging
the sight I must present and using it to whip me upwards into a
powerful orgasmic cataclysm of sexual ecstacy.
I shook, violently. My head rolled as I arched my body even
further, moaning and whimpering, eyes closed as wave after wave of
sexual delirium ripped through my body. It felt glorious! I felt
glorious! My body was alive with explosive sexual energy that was
crackling and tearing all through me.
I bounced madly on Al’s prick as it spewed inside me, then more
cum spat out from the cock on my left. It splattered against the
side of my face and I sighed gladly. Then the cock pumping between
my tits shot off, the cum spurting against my chest, my titties,
and up into my face.
Al shoved me forward off his lap and I fell to my knees on the
ground. Hands grabbed at me, fighting for possession. A thick hand
gripped my ankle, pulling me hard, half lifting me off the grass.
Another hand grabbed my other ankle and for a moment the two pulled
me in opposite directions.
Then I was raised, one on either side of me, each holding a
thick hand around one of my slender legs, keeping them well apart.
My weight was as nothing to them as they held me in mid-air, then
began to insert their bloated fuck sticks.
The guy in front pushed his down into my cunt hole while the guy
in back forced his into my anus. They held me easily as they began
to work their pricks in and out of my body. I moaned in dazed
confusion, looking at the upside down world through bleary eyes.
Someone, Al, I think, fetched rope and my ankles were tied, then
I was hung from a tree branch, my legs wide apart. Now that they
had both hands free, the two guys fucking me really began to ram
their dicks into my belly.
I was getting dizzier by the minute as all the blood rushed to
my head. My hands hung down below me, sweeping the grass as I swung
between one rapist and the other. I had never been fucked upside
down before but it was just one more glorious degradation to my
tumbled down mind.
My crotch was completely open to them and they made full use of
it, their prongs humping down harshly, their bodies smashing into
mine, their hands gripping my soft, yielding flesh. All I could do
was moan and grunt and whimper.
One came, then the other. Both were quickly replaced and the
hard, almost desperate pumping continued. More semen gushed down
into my bowels and fuck box, and again the pumping continued. I was
doing little more than gurgling weakly by the time the last of them
used me, hanging upside down does strange things to your mind,
especially when you cum.
I came and came, and there was no strength left to do anything
except breath, and barely enough for that.
They cut me down and I tumbled to the ground in a heap, laying
there unmoving, my head heavy. Then I got lightheaded as the blood
began to rush back out of my head. The world swam around me and I
groaned in pain, my head throbbing.
I moved down the hallway, passing the heavily armoured guards
who eyed me with hunger in their eyes. I was naked, clad only in my
chains as I made my way to the Lord’s room. I stopped outside, then
tapped meekly at the door.
“Come in.” he called. I pushed open the door and moved through,
looking down at the floor. “You called me, master?” I asked.
“Come in, slave.” he said. I closed the door and hurried in to
obey. My master sat on a thickly cushioned chair, two slave boys
waving tall palm fronds to cool him. I moved to him and knelt at
his feet.
“My member requires your attention, slave.” he said, casually,
as though telling me for a cup of water. I crawled up into his lap
and opened his breeches, taking his limp member between my soft,
full lips as he lay back and yawned.
I slurped on it, sucking softly, running my tongue up and down
the shaft. My tongue licked down around his testicles, caressing
each with its softness, then running back up the shaft again. I
opened my mouth wide and engulfed the head of his organ, letting my
lips slide all the way down to its base.
His organ stiffened beneath my well tutored ministrations, soon
filling my mouth and then some. His prong stood up straight and
proud and my full young lips bobbed up and down its length as he
sighed in pleasure.
He pulled my head back by the hair, then shoved me back, moving
forward to the edge of the chair. I turned quickly, dropping
forward onto my hands as I pushed my behind up at him. I wriggled
back, my legs going beneath the chair as I backed into it, my
behind right up at the edge.
He grabbed my hips as he sat forward on his chair. Then I felt
his organ push against my puffy opening. He hesitated not at all,
pushing forward, forcing the entire length of his malehood into my
opening, pushing it deep into my warm belly.
I moaned in happiness, for it was a great honour to have the
master inside me. He worked his organ in and out as I squeezed down
repeatedly on it, the way I had been taught long years ago after I
had been captured. His member pumped quickly, and within minutes
his sticky white seed surged across the length of his tube, from
his body to mine, and gurgled down into my receptive belly.
He grunted in relief and pushed me away. I turned, still
kneeling, and he dismissed me.
“Thank you, master.” I said. He waved negligently and I backed
towards the door, then opened it and hurried back down the hall,
hurrying back to the slave quarters lest I be beaten.
In my dream there had been a rough metal collar around my
throat. It was still there as I woke, and so I thought at first
that the dream was continuing. But no, it was soon apparent that I
was back in my own time, my body still weak but a little more
coordinated now.
There was a long chain locked to the collar and locked also
around the tree I was lying next to. I realized then that Al had
gotten around to going through my things. I felt a surge of heat
between my loins and crawled forward to the end of the chain.
I was alone out here. It was late afternoon and I wondered where
they guys were. I cocked my head, aware as I did so that I was
acting like an animal, and happy. I heard their voices coming from
the cabin, and after a few minutes determined that they were
playing cards. I lay on the grass, content enough for now, in my
collar and chain.
I wondered what my friends, my teachers, my family would think
or do if they saw me now. The shock that would no doubt be on their
faces would be something to see. I had kept this side of myself
well hidden. There were very few people who would understand. Most
likely they would think I was sick and get me to a psychiatrist,
After a while, one of the guys came out of the house. I didn’t
remember his name but he was big and heavily muscled and had long
hair. He sneered at me as he approached, and shivers went through
my body.
“On your knees, slut.” he said.
“Yes master.” I replied meekly. His jaw dropped and he stared at
me as I got to my knees and turned around, showing him my ass. I
raised my ass and spread my legs as he stopped behind me.
“Fuck!” he said, dropping to his knees. I felt his hands sliding
over my ass cheeks, then his hard prick pushing against my fuck
opening. He rammed his hips forward, thrusting deep into me with
his first stroke.
“Ooooooohhhhh!” I groaned.
“Yeah! You like that, don’t you, whore!”
“Ye… yes, master!” I moaned.
“Fucking weird little whore!” he gritted, forcing the last inch
of prick meat into my tunnel.
His fingers clutched my hips, holding me still as he began to
fuck into me. His long, fat fuck meat began to churn back and forth
inside my cunt sheath. I whined and arched my back, pushing my ass
up and back. He cursed me, fucking harder, ramming his tool into me
with savage thrusts.
His body hammered against mine, his loins slapping hard against
my hips, thighs and soft round ass cheeks. I felt his long, thick
spear as it pumped inside my cunny, felt how it rasped across my
flesh, how its head crushed up against my cervix with each brutal
thrust, and gloried in it all.
I was totally submerged now in my sex slave fantasy, willing to
do anything, wanting to experience the total ruthless possession
and abuse by these mindless hulking males. Even the pain was a
necessary part of that, for I knew that pleasure would come with
it, and it did.
His cock spike ripped back and forth inside, sawing across my
clitty continuously, sending rippling orgasmic fires through my
system that ignited their own responses throughout my weary body.
There was such a freedom, such a total ease in submitting myself to
their will. I had no decisions to make, only orders to obey.
I felt my thinking processes altered as I wallowed in my
sensuous, sexual animal existence. I grunted in time to his hard,
cruel thrusts, acting the slutty bitch in heat, ramming my ass back
against him as he rode me. He pulled on my hair, jerking and
tugging and twisting it as he forced my head upwards. I screamed,
but not in pain, more in exultation, still grinding my pussy back
onto his prodding rod.
My whole body shook under the repeated blows of his powerful
muscled form. His hands were all over me, clutching, fondling,
squeezing, roughly pawing me as he cursed and pumped his tool into
my cunt box.
I felt the heat in my belly rising, spreading out, gripping me
in its tight embrace as it swelled and grew. My thinking processes
were blotted out by the throbbing arousal which gripped my body. I
whimpered and groaned, then shook my head franticly.
I grunted as his cock continued to stick me, my clitty sizzling
and crackling like a live thing. Then I came, my cunt spasming and
body shaking, my jaw going slack as my eyes closed. I rammed myself
back on his pistoning cock tool as I screamed in pleasure.
He fucked harder still, his cock like a triphammer as it churned
inside me. My belly heaved and shook from the heavy blows of his
fuck organ. I settled to the ground, my knees sliding apart, my
hands giving way. He continued to rut into me, holding tightly to
my hips as he pounded his shaft down into my cunny.
Then his white jism shot down into me, gushing out the tip of
his cock spike and splattering into my belly. He let me go
then, dropping back onto the grass and groaning in relief. After a
few minutes he got up and unchained me from the tree, bringing me
up into the house. As I’d guessed, the guys were playing poker.
They looked up with obscene comments and remarks as I was led into
the room.
They shoved me into the little kitchen to make them some dinner.
I set about doing it as best I could. I was, after all, hungry too.
Sandwiches were enough for a little bit but I wanted something hot.
The problem was that I kept getting distracted.
Maybe it was the sight of my cute round ass waving around as I
moved around the counter fixing the food. Maybe it was just that I
was available to anyone who wanted me and they knew it. Whatever
the reason, I couldn’t seem to go more than five or ten minutes
without one of the guys coming up and fucking me.
Al fucked me bent over the sink. Joe fucked me on my back on the
table, with my ankles bouncing off his shoulders. Mike screwed me
on the floor, on all fours. Pete fucked me up against the wall,
with me holding on for dear life.
Then there was a burst of laughter from the other room. The guys
came running over to me, grabbed me up, and carried me back into
the other room. Someone shoved all the cards and stuff off the
table and they put me on it, pulling my legs wide. I thought they
were just going to fuck me again, but instead they seemed to be
waiting for something.
Then one of them returned, carrying a can of shaving cream in
one hand and a razor in the other. He sprayed a wad of cream onto
my pussy and then began to shave my hair off. I didn’t protest. The
idea was very arousing and I found my pussy getting wet with more
than the cream as he carefully denuded me of my golden bush.
With happy indifference to me, they rolled me over and pulled my
legs apart again, continuing to cut off every bit of my hair. There
were a couple of suggestions that the hair on my head be cut off to
and I knew a little thrill at the idea of being shaved totally
Apparently the majority didn’t like that idea though. They
finished cutting the last of my pussy hair then rubbed at my crotch
with a towel and flipped me over again. There were happy comments
about how nice my pussy slit looked now and I had to admit it
certainly did look sweeter.
My slit was just so… so visible, so bare, so obvious now. The
tight little cleft was open and ready for whatever they wanted to
do with it. And of course, right away, one of them decided what he
wanted to do was stuff his cock down into it.
Hands from a half dozen guys fondled my pussy and slid back and
forth between my thighs, fighting for possession of my cunt before
they were pushed aside by a guy with a hard-on. My legs were still
spread wide as he stepped to the edge of the table and pushed his
cock head against my bare little cunt.
It felt strange as he rubbed it up and down my slit. I found
that my cunt was much more sensitive now without my pussy hair
getting in the way. His cockhead felt very soft as he stroked it
against my cleft. Then he held it firmly and pushed forward,
sending the helmeted head into my cunt, cleaving my pussy lips and
thrusting several inches into my cleft.
They were all gathered around watching, laughing, joking,
waiting their turn. Some of them had erections, but they seemed to
be patient, knowing they would get their turn at me. None of them
spoke to me. In an odd way, it was like I wasn’t even there. They
ignored me, at least, me the person, me the body they were
enthusiastic about.
They acted very much like I wasn’t a human being a tall, but
merely some kind of play thing, like a toy, a slutty little sex toy
they could use for their amusement. And the wonderful thing was,
they were right. The guy began porking me with steady strokes,
his fuck tool punching back and forth in my cunt tunnel. One of the
guys standing at the other side of the table prodded my lips with
his tool and then slid it inside my mouth.
The guys were casually holding me down, as though they feared I
would resist. Both my wrists were pinned to the table, and hands
held my ankles far apart. I had no intention of resisting them. All
I wanted was for them to use me, to demean me. And surely this was
demeaning, to be used like this as they watched and joked.
I sucked avidly on the prick in my mouth as the other one pumped
back and forth in my lower belly. There were no real thoughts in my
mind other than sex, and fucking and getting screwed and acting
like a wanton whore for these big muscular men.
Hands grabbed and roughly squeezed my titties, or clutched at my
ass cheeks as the hard fucking went on. My body jerked and wriggled
as I tried to work my cunt back up onto the pumping prick and tried
to push my titties up into the molesting hands that moved against
“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” the guy pumping my mouth said. “In
her face! In her face!” several of the guys shouted. The guy pulled
his cock out of my mouth and started fisting it, stroking the shaft
roughly. Then his cum spurted out into my face, wad after wad
splatting against my mouth, jaw, cheeks and forehead. He really
came with a gush, coating my face in sticky white jism.
Another cock took his place between my lips. Then he guy in my
cunt pulled out and let his semen spray up onto my belly and
titties. Another guy pushed his dick into my gash and started
pumping, and again I had two guys jerking me back and forth.
Then the guy in my mouth spurted his stuff into my face and
hair, squeezing his cock to get out every last bit as he rubbed his
pecker against my face. I groaned and licked thick gobs of it off
my lips.
They shifted positions again and whoever was holding my right
wrist let go. I brought my hand over to my face, rubbing the cum
around on me, covering every inch of my skin with its warmth. I ran
my hand over my titties, spreading the cum there around too, just
as the guy screwing my pus came on my belly and chest. Again I
rubbed it around. I wanted to have every square inch of my body
covered in semen.
Unfortunately, that was when Al got his idea. They carried me
outside while Al hurried on ahead. He and another guy carried over
an old fashioned bathtub that had been lying next to the cabin for
years. It was dirty and rusty, and disgusting. Al put a pair of
handcuffs around my wrists, locking my hands behind me.
Then they threw me into it the bathtub, laughing excitedly.
There was a drain at one end of the tub, really just a round hole
now. Al stuck the chain attached to my collar down the hole, then
pulled it out the bottom and tied it to something. That left my
head tightly locked against the bottom of the bathtub.
Al and Joe then stuffed rags into the hole around the chain. I
had no idea what the fuck they were doing, but I was uncomfortable
lying here on my back, with my neck pinned to the rust, dirty old
bathtub. Al stood above me then, with his cock in his hand.
I thought at first was going to spray more cum on me, but his
prick was mostly soft. Then he started pissing on me! I gasped and
sputtered and then yelped in complaint as they all howled in
laughter. I couldn’t do anything to avoid the stream as he played
it over my face and down my body.
I kept my mouth and eyes closed as he let his stream play over
my lips and face for a long while. There were limits to the
degradations I had fantasised about and this passed them. There
wasn’t a thing I could do though, as Al let his piss splash down
onto my titties and belly, then down against my pussy.
Just before he ran out, another guy started pissing. He too
sprayed most of it on my face, my hair and my titties, halfway
through his piss a third guy started pissing as well. They’d all
been drinking beer all afternoon and had a lot stared up.
Four of them pissed on me, then they all went back inside to
drink more beer and continue the card game. I lay there in a little
pool of piss, every inch of my body soaked in it. Since the bathtub
was a little angled, so the bathwater would all go down the drain,
most of the piss collected near the drain, or near my face in other
My face was pinned against the bottom of the bathtub, my right
cheek pressed right against the cold enamel. The piss collected
there, much of it being soaked up by my hair, but a good little
puddle right against the side of my face.
Five minutes later one of the guys came out of the cabin and
pissed on me some more, laughing happily as he played his stream up
and down my body. I was on my back, my legs apart, feet up over the
edge of the tub at the bottom. I no longer squirmed and tried to
avoid his piss, being completely covered in it anyway. I just lay
there, closing my eyes and mouth as he pissed down on me.
He let most of it hit my pussy and it felt kind of good as he
concentrated the hard, warm stream right against my puffy bare cunt
cleft. It hit my clitty like a water pick in a way and I can’t say
I didn’t like the sensation. He went back indoors then, leaving me
to myself.
Ten minutes later another guy came out and let me have it, and
fifteen minutes after him another, then five minutes later I got it
again, then ten more minutes passed and another guy came out and
pissed all over me. The puddle in the tub was getting deeper and
deeper and I had to turn my head up as much as I could and breath
out of the left side of my mouth to avoid swallowing it.
Still, I was getting turned on since most of them liked to piss
right against my pussy. Although my hands were cuffed behind me, I
was a slender girl, and kind of worked them, with much effort, down
over my ass, which was slippery with piss anyway, and then pulled
my legs through them so they were in front of me.
Then I started to jerk off, rubbing at my clitty as I worked my
piss covered hands over my piss and cum coated body. I wriggled my
ass around in the pool of piss, making it splash and swirl around
me. I came as the waves of piss splashed lightly against my cunt
* * * * * * * *
Part Six
After what seemed to be ages, Al came out and unchained me from
the tub. He tied a rope around my ankle and literally dragged me
out of the tub and across the ground to the river. There was a tree
with a branch hanging over the river and he tossed the rope up
across it.
The rope came down and he started hauling, dragging me down into
the water, then pulling me up out of it to hang by one foot,
wriggling and twisting awkwardly. He laughed and lowered me again
until my head and chest were underwater, then left me like that. I
twisted, pulling my body up out of the water so I could breath,
grabbing my ankle to hold myself in place.
He let me drop then, and I fell back into the water. He pulled
on the rope, slowly raising me completely out of the water, then
let me drop again to splash back into it. He seemed to be getting
a lot of amusement out of it.
He tossed me a bar of soap but I didn’t catch it. It splashed
into the water below me. Al dropped me into the river again, just
after telling me I wouldn’t be getting out of there until I had
cleaned myself off. I searched around for the soap but couldn’t
find it.
He hauled me back out of the water again after a minute.
“Find it?”
“No.” I said. He dropped me back again. I fished around until I
was out of breath, then surfaced, coughing.
“Find it?”
“No.” I said. He tugged on the rope, which jerked on my ankle
and ducked me under again. It took several minutes before I finally
found the soap, then Al kind of supervised, holding me aloft as I
soaped up my body and scrubbed at it, then dunking me again and
making me do it again.
I had to soap up my hair and then wash it off four times before
he was satisfied. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed at myself,
all the while hanging upside down from one ankle.
At last, he seemed to be satisfied. He dropped me into the water
again and let me crawl out to the bank. At the edge, I had to kneel
and suck off his boner, then after I’d swallowed his cum, he
brought me back up to the cabin.
It was almost completely dark by then. The cabin was well lit
though. The tv was on and the guys were watching a baseball game.
I was relieved, knowing it would take their minds off me for a
while and hoping I’d get a little rest, maybe a chance to eat
All I got was pushed against the square pillar in the living
room and fastened to it. My hands were pulled high above me and the
handcuffs which still bound them were hooked around a spike which
was up near the top. It had held a potted plant but held me just as
I was on my toes to keep from just hanging there. Still, my arms
were soon tired and my toes soon started to ache. I had to let most
of my weight fall on my wrists and arms and shoulders. Al taped my
mouth shut and left me like that as he joined his buddies at the
More than an hour passed as I stood there, my skin covered in
goose bumps from the growing chill of the night air. They mostly
ignored me for that time as the baseball game went on. Chicago got
five runs ahead in the third inning and they started to lose
The first one to get a little bored of it was Joe, who got up to
get another beer, then detoured on his way back to his chair to
stand in front of me. He stroked and fondled me as he gazed down at
my bare body. He cupped and squeezed my titties, tweaking my
nipples with his fingers, then slid his hand down between my thighs
and fingered my bald pussy.
I saw his cock getting stiff as he fingered my pussy, and my
cunt started to get warm at the thought of him stuffing his big
black prick into it. But instead, he pulled me around and shoved my
face into the pillar. Then he pushed his cockhead at my asshole.
He jammed his cock against my little round hole and slowly began
to push it inside. I gave a muffled groan through the tape, but was
almost as happy. I was becoming hotter and hotter with each passing
hour as a whore. It seemed that my cunt’s reactions were on a hair
trigger now and almost anything would set me off.
His cock began to push up into my ass tube as his hands cupped
and squeezed my tits. Then his hands slid down my sides and grabbed
my legs high up near my crotch. He pulled my legs apart and thrust
hard, jamming several inches up into me.
I gave a startled cry, but it made little sound. His own grunt
of satisfaction was louder. He pulled my legs further apart, so I
was hanging from my wrists, and rammed more of his pecker up my
shit hole. It hurt, but from within me came a powerful flare of
heat in response.
I felt his cockhead high inside my belly as the last of his
shaft sank into me. His balls pressed against the soft undersides
of my buttocks as he ground me into the pillar and bit and sucked
on my throat.
He started to fuck up into me, his hands lifting me by the
thighs to jam my ass back on his cock each time he thrust forward.
His prick head thumped against the back end of my ass tunnel,
causing hard pangs and cramps as it bashed against my guts.
My cunt drooled as my body overheated. Even though he wasn’t
touching it, my cunny was hot and bubbling from the hard pounding
my asshole was getting. He twisted and jerked his cock around
inside me as he rodded up into me, yanking his cock back and then
jamming it upward violently.
His cock reamed out my asshole as my body jerked and bounced
against the pillar. His fingers were like steel as they dug into my
ivory thighs. My tits kept smashing and mashing against the
unyielding wood of the pillar. And all I could do was moan and
whimper and grunt, hanging there by my wrists, my ass out against
Joe, my legs wide.
Then his sperm pumped up into me, what seemed like gallons of
it. He slowed his hard pumping and let his cock slip out of my
anus, then dropped my thighs, leaving me half hanging there as he
went back to the ball game.
Chicago was up by eight now and the rest of the guys were also
getting bored. Then someone found a video camera and they decided
to make their own show. Pete apparently had been interviewed on tv
once, well, on cable anyway, for some stupid bodybuilder show, and
he became the director.
They sat me down on a chair while Mike aimed the camera at me,
panning it up and down my body. I was kind of nervous, just sitting
there as they all gathered around in a semi-circle watching.
“This is Pete Volovich.” Pete said. “We’re about to interview
the world’s biggest slut.” Some of the guys made loud noises of
agreement and Pete glared at them. “Shut the fuck up.” he said,
then turned back to me.
“What’s your name, cunt?”
“Ahh… Julie.” I said.
“Julie, how many cocks have you sucked in the last twelve
“Uh, I dunno.”
“More than ten?”
“I guess so.”
“More then twenty?”
“How many times did you get fucked?”
“Uh, I don’t know.”
“You don’t remember?”
“You really are a cheap little whore, aren’t you. Were you
fucked more than twenty times?”
“I think so, uhhh… ”
“Yes, Julie?”
“Do you mean… I mean, does that include the ones that, uh…
fucked me in the ass?”
“Let’s keep it down to double digits and only include the ones
in your cunt.”
“Well, okay.”
“You’re a slut, aren’t you?”
“Uh, I guess so.”
“Has anyone fucked you when you didn’t even know their name?”
“You ever fucked more than one guy at a time?”
“Describe that, why don’t you.”
“Uh, well, like, uh… like one guy fucked me in the cunt while
another one fucked me in the asshole and I sucked another one. Then
I kind of jerked off a couple of more while another guy tit fucked
“You sure are a whore, Julie.” I lowered my head.
“You got nice tits there, though.”
“Uh, thanks.”
“Play with your tits for our audience, Julie. What size are
“Uh, thirty eight DD.” I cupped them and started stroking and
caressing them, starting to get turned on. I knew nobody was
watching but I pretended that there were millions and millions of
people watching me on their tvs.
“You like to get fucked, don’t you Julie?”
“Even up the ass?”
“Uh, yeah.”
“Why don’t you play with your pussy while we watch? I notice all
the hair is gone. Do you like that?”
“Yeah, kind of.” I said, starting to play with my pussy, getting
into the fantasy and stroking my body in a sensuous way. I slid my
hand down to my cunt and started to pump a finger in and out of my
tight cleft.
“Tell us about when you lost your virginity, Julie.”
“Uh, well, it was at my house in front of the fireplace. We
kissed and made out for a long time and then he fucked me. It was
great. He was older than me and knew what to do and all.”
“And gave you a good hard fucking, huh?’
“Uh, yeah.”
“You liked that, didn’t you?”
“Well, yeah.
“Tell, me something, Julie. All girls are whores, aren’t they?”
I knew what he wanted me to say, so I said it.
“All girls really want in life is to get rode hard, to get
really porked, right?”
“That’s right.” I said, my skin glowing red as I pumped two
fingers into my pussy.
“And when they try to push a guy away, what does that mean?”
“It means they want to get fucked real hard.” I panted.
“They want their clothes to be ripped off and then… ”
“Then they want to get fucked hard, to get their tits sucked and
their asshole reamed out!” I gasped.
“Do they like getting slapped around?”
“Yes!” I groaned. “They love to be raped. All girls loved to be
raped. It’s what we all dream about. Ohhhh! Uhhhh!”
“Here, Julie, take this.” he said, tossing me my vibrator.
“Let’s see you do yourself with that.”
I turned it on and started running it over my body, starting
with my nipples, then sliding it down between my legs as I slouched
back in the chair. I raised my feet and put them on the arms of the
chair as I rubbed the round nose over my slit.
I groaned in pleasure, grinding the vibrator over my cilt as I
moved it up and down my little cunt gash. I could feel my wetness
leaking out as I started to push the dildo into my oily pink cunt
box. I shoved it deep into my slit, pushing it hard, making it go
high up inside my belly until only the end was visible.
I started to pump it in and out as I writhed and wriggled for
the camera, squeezing and mashing my breasts as I humped my ass up
and down franticly. Then I came, my body exploding with ecstatic
sexual release. I let myself go, groaning, screaming, moaning,
cursing, exaggerating my movements and my cries for the camera as
they looked on.
Then Al jerked my legs back and shoved his cock down into my
asshole. The vibrator was still embedded in my pussy and both of us
groaned in pleasure as it buzzed away inside me. Pete focused the
camera on me, keeping Al’s face out of things as he showed me
getting ass fucked by Al’s thick, pumping cock.
I continued to groan and moan, happy to be doubly screwed again,
even if one was a vibrator. I played up to the camera even more,
acting as slutty as I knew how. One of the guys grabbed me by the
hair and jerked me against the side of the chair, then pushed his
cock against my mouth.
I started sucking on it as Al ass fucked me and the camera
watched. I turned my self on even more by imagining my parents and
friends watching the video with wide horrified eyes. Al pulled out
and they re-positioned me, then he punched his dick into my asshole
Over the next half hour I was fucked in every imaginable
position,k sometimes by one guy, sometimes by two or three or four,
up the ass, down the throat, in my cunt, you name it. I even did
tricks, crawling on the floor, rolling over, kneeling and begging
like a Rocky(D). I drank beer from the palms of their hands and licked
their feet. I was going crazy with the raw carnal force of my own
bestial sexual behaviour. I came repeatedly, my body shuddering and
writhing for the camera.
I did and said some of the most degrading things imaginable,
begging for my ass to be fucked, saying how I liked to fuck my
father and brothers and uncles and even my sister and mothers, how
I liked to get fucked by Rocky(D)s and Rocky(H)s and dreamed of making it
with little girls and boys. I confessed to selling my body
numeront, unable at fing it later today before we went back.
I saw a lot of movement on the shore and turned my head,
watching as the guys came flip flopping over to the dock, wearing
scuba tanks, masks, weights, and flippers. All but Joe soon dropped
into the water and disappeared. I paddled nervously in place,
wondering if they were just going to explore the river bottom
together or…
I just had time to draw in a breath of oxygen before something
grabbed my ankle and jerked me below the surface. I found myself
surrounded by the guys. They grabbed my arms and legs and pulled me
to the bottom of the river. They pinned me to the river bottom,
four of them each kneeling or squatting on one of my hands and feet
as they held them apart.
Then one of them, Mike I think, settled on top of me and began
pushing his cock into my gash. My cheeks were puffed out as I held
my breath. I stared at them in real fear for the first time, not
worried that they wanted to murder me but that they would
accomplish it by accident.
Already my lungs were bursting and yet they showed not the
slightest sign of being ready to let me surface. My back and ass
were pressed into the slimy, moss covered rocks beneath as Mike
forced his cock down my pussy. My cunt got cold as water got in
around his stabbing, twisting prick, but all I cared about was the
growing discomfort in my lungs.
I writhed and twisted, trying to pull myself free from their
tight grasp, but got nowhere. They easily held me to the bottom as
I stared up at the surface a good twenty feet above.
Mike’s cock started to slide back and forth in my pussy and I
thrashed my head in the water, trying to show them how desperate I
was for air. All I got was grins from them. Finally, I could take
it no longer. I was on the verge of blackinground, jumping
insideC:WP51WP}WP{.DI0CJOYCE .002k[ , CKINught much about it.
The very idea was so disgusting and degrading to me that even in my
fantasies about rape and slavery, being idn’t worry about anyone I
knew seeing the thing. Besides, I was planning on erasing or
destroying it later today before we went back.
I saw a lot of movement on the shore and turned my head,
watching as the guys came flip flopping over to the dock, wearing
scuba tanks, masks, weights, and flippers. All but Joe soon dropped
into the water and disappeared. I paddled nervously in place,
wondering if they were just going to explore the river bottom
together or…
I just had time to draw in a breath of oxygen before something
grabbed my ankle and jerked me below the surface. I found myself
surrounded by the guys. They grabbed my arms and legs and pulled me
to the bottom of the river. They pinned me to the river bottom,
four of them each kneeling or squatting on one of my hands and feet
as they held them apart.
Then one of them, Mike I think, settled on top of me and began
pushing his cock into my gash. My cheeks were puffed out as I held
my breath. I stared at them in real fear for the first time, not
worried that they wanted to murder me but that they would
accomplish it by accident.
Already my lungs were bursting and yet they showed not the
slightest sign of being ready to let me surface. My back and ass
were pressed into the slimy, moss covered rocks beneath as Mike
forced his cock down my pussy. My cunt got cold as water got in
around his stabbing, twisting prick, but all I cared about was the
growing discomfort in my lungs.
I writhed and twisted, trying to pull myself free from their
tight grasp, but got nowhere. They easily held me to the bottom as
I stared up at the surface a good twenty feet above.
Mike’s cock started to slide back and forth in my pussy and I
thrashed my head in the water, trying to show them how desperate I
was for air. All I got was grins from them. Finally, I could take
it no longer. I was on the verge of blacking out. I opened my
Just then someone shoved a mouthpiece from one of the tanks into
my mouth. I clamped my lips down on it and breathed deeply, never
so grateful in my life.
Mike continued to fuck me. It was a very strange kind of fuck,
all in slow motion and without a sound. Still, the cock working
back and forth in my pussy began to feel good to me, now that I
wasn’t in imminent danger of drowning.
Their hands squeezed and fondled my body as Mike did me. His
cock was hard and pushed deep as it fucked back and forth in my
box. I lay there on the rocks and began to heat up. I’d fucked in
the water before but never under it.
My pussy felt strange, cold on the outside, but really hot on
the inside. His body slapped against my puffy bald crotch as he
worked his fuck tube in and out of me. It was an incredibly weird
sensation laying there spreadeagled on the bottom of the river, and
I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to cum under water.
As his body moved against me, it sent little waves surging
across my exposed flesh, stroking me like the gentlest of caresses.
My nipples were incredibly hard, my breasts swollen with heat even
as they were chilled by the cool water.
One of them reached down and thumbed my right nipple. He held it
between his thumb and forefinger, then began to roll and twist the
little pink bud.
Mike fucked harder, and the wavelets continued to glide over my
body. I groaned into the mouthpiece, knowing only I could hear it.
My breathing was harsh and ragged as my body began to pulse with
fiery, rippling pleasure. My chest was rising and falling like a
bellows as crackling electricity rippled up and down my spine.
His heavy body was grinding my back and ass cheeks into the
rocks beneath me as he worked his hips in harsh, rutting thrusts.
My cunt gaped around his pistoning rod, the delicate white skin of
my cuntal opening gripping his round shaft as it moved in and out.
My fat, swollen melons bobbed in the water like balloons as my
body began to shake and tremble in climactic pleasure. My mammaries
floated above me, trying to break free of my chest and pull to the
surface. Someone’s hand came down on my right titty then and gave
it a harsh squeeze, sending blood surging through my veins.
I screamed, yet heard not a sound. My body writhed and undulated
in their grasp as I came, my orgasm ripping through me like a tidal
wave, swamping my senses with glorious orgasmic ecstasy. My muscles
contracted again and again, pulling against their hold. We all
swayed from side to side as my body thrashed and pulled at them.
Then Mike came inside me, his cum juice bubbling down my hole
and burning into my belly. As soon as he withdrew another took his
place. They twisted me around and shoved me face down into the
moss, then I felt a cock at my little anal opening.
I whimpered into the moss and grass as a hard cock forced its
way down my anal tube, the fit so tight that not a drop of water
could follow it in. My titties were being mashed and crushed
against the rocks, but nobody but me seemed to care about that.
My asshole was soon packed full of cock meat and whoever it was
began to jerk and twist it from side to side as he worked it in and
out. As soon as he could he started to ream me out, his fuck staff
rutting down my rectum like a pile driver.
My hips were scratched and bruised against the rocks as he
humped into me. Again, it was a really strange fuck. Not only
couldn’t I hear a thing, I couldn’t even see them anymore. My head
was pressed into a kind of depression in the floor of the river and
I could see nothing but part of one guy’s knee.
Whoever was sodomising me was stirring his cock around inside me
like he was mixing batter, and when his cock finally spewed cum
down into my bowels and pulled loose, my asshole gaped open and
water gushed into me, filling my anus with its coldness.
They clamped my wrists behind me and handcuffed them together.
Someone gripped my long hair and forced my face into the mossy
bottom again. I saw a couple of them swimming away and my legs were
no longer held.
My ass and legs floated upward of course, but someone pulled
them down, and knelt between them, then inserted their prick and
started doing me. I tried to get my knees on the bottom but unlike
them I had no weights on me and so kept floating upward.
fortunately they came soon, then they pulled me out of the
water, throwing my gasping body up onto the shore and letting me
lay there for a few minutes while they put away their air tanks and
gear. Al grabbed my hair and jerked me to my feet, then brought me
over to one of the picnic table and sat me down on one of the
They all gathered around me, and my head swivelled from man to
man, trying to tell what they were going to do now. Then my hair
was grabbed and I was forced back against the table. My chest was
thrust out as Al sat beside me and palmed my right breast.
It was hard to see what he was dong as my head was pulled way
back and held firmly. My tit was squeezed hard, the pliable meat
distended, forced into a tight cone. I felt something very cold at
my nipple, an ice cube, I thought. My nipple hardened rapidly.
Someone fingered the nipple, then pinched it hard several times.
Tape was placed over my lips and my chest forced out even more.
Then I felt a sudden sharp pain at my nipple. I jerked in their
grasp but couldn’t escape. The pain got worse, a terrible stabbing
pain right in the nipple.
Then the pain subsided. My eyes closed in relief. Someone rolled
my nipple in their fingers again, and then I felt something very
odd, as though something was biting into my nipple, yet without
causing any real pain.
A few moments later my left nipple was pressed against ice. It
hardened and soon burned with cold. Again there was a terrible
sharp pain, and then the strange kind of biting. My head was
released and I was pulled back upright.
I swayed a little and looked down at my titties. My eyes blinked
in astonishment, for both nipples had been pierced through and a
gold ring hung from each. I stared in astonishment, unable at first
to grasp what had happened.
Pete bent over then and took my left nipple, ring and all, into
his mouth and began to suck. Al sucked on my right nipple as his
hand slid between my splayed legs and rubbed at my puffy naked
pussy. I groaned and let my head fall back onto the table.
* * * * * * * *
Part Seven
I was fucked almost constantly that morning, one guy after
another taking me in whatever position he preferred. When I wasn’t
being used, I was ordered to kneel beside Al’s chair on the lawn
and wait for instructions. My wrists remained handcuffed behind me
and I stayed naked.
That didn’t much bother me. I’d been naked for so long now that
it would have seemed odd wearing clothes here. Late in the morning
though, the sound of a power boat echoed across the river and a big
powerful motorboat pulled into view upriver.
I started, and looked up at Al, but he didn’t look like he cared
a lot. The boat got closer and closer and I began to worry about
being seen. I began to rise, thinking of going back into the cabin
until they were passed but Al had tied my leash to the side of his
chair and I was jerked back to my knees again.
He cuffed me and glared.
“I’ll tell you when you can go someone, you slutty little
bitch.” he snorted.
“What’s the matter, slut? Afraid of someone else seeing what a
whore you are? Tough shit.”
The boat sailed closer to the dock and several of the guys went
out to call across the diminishing distance to the occupants,
inviting them over. As the boat pulled up to the dock I could see
that there were four occupants, two men and two women, all in
bathing suits.
They hopped out of the boat and climbed up onto the dock and I
could see that they were all yuppiesh, at least, they appeared to
be in their thirties. Even though none of them had seen me yet I
was embarrassed at the knowledge that they soon would.
The men were bad enough, though I was reasonably sure they
wouldn’t be much bothered by me: The women were something else
again. They would probably either be very angry, both with me and
with the muscleheads around me, or disgusted, uncomfortable and
embarrassed. In either event I didn’t expect they’d stick around
Joe and Pete gave them beers as the group moved down the dock
towards shore. They were all chatting happily in the way that
vacationers do when they come across one another. Then they saw me.
Actually, one of the guys saw me and stopped dead, then the others
saw me.
There were wide eyes and puzzled frowns, as if they were trying
to decide if they were really seeing what they thought they were
seeing. One of the guys, a blonde with a perfectly permed hair do,
started to grin, his eyes hungry as they watched me.
The other guy started moving forward again, Joe talking in his
ear, obviously about me. Of the two women, one had long, obviously
dyed blonde hair, and the other had very short brown hair. Both
were tall and well built, the blonde wearing a tiny lime green
bikini that emphasized her large bust and the brunette wearing a
very high cut one piece white suit that showed her excellent legs.
The blonde was looking at me with a contemplative frown while
the brunette looked very embarrassed and appeared ready to leave
right away. Joe was talking fast but I couldn’t make anything out
since he was speaking in a low tone, partly to the men and partly
to the women.
The blonde asked a couple of questions. I could hear her voice
now and Joe’s, but still couldn’t make out the words. I flushed
very red as they came closer, and tried to keep my face looking
down at the ground. Al wouldn’t permit that, pulling back on my
leash to force my head up.
The strangers came up to our group of chairs and tables and sat
down, all of them still staring at me. I tried to look away, over
their shoulders or at Joe or one of the other guys. I couldn’t meet
the eyes of either of the women.
The blonde had a peculiar look, half amused, half contemptuous.
The brunette tried as hard to avoid looking at me as I was at her.
She was very uncomfortable, though the blonde seemed less and less
Joe introduced everyone to everyone else, except me since I
apparently wasn’t worth bothering with. The four were two married
couples. Bob and Meghan Green were the blondes, while Sean and Tina
Prentice were the brunettes.
The guys were Systems Analysts, while Tina was a librarian.
Meghan didn’t do much it seemed, except stay home and look after
the kids. She had two daughters, both in their early teens. The
Prentice’s, who were younger, didn’t have any kids yet.
Then Al did introduce me… as Princess, who he described as
“… our pet Rocky(D).” He then stood up and tugged on my leash.
“Come on, Princess, come and greet the nice people.” he grinned.
He pulled me forward and I sort of frog walked across the few
feet that separated me from Bob Green. He looked vastly amused, as
did his wife. That hadn’t been what I’d expected from them and I
was a little confused. Nevertheless, I knelt before Bob’s chair,
looking down as Al told how friendly I was and told him to pet me.
Bob patted my head as though I were a Rocky(D), while Al kept my
leash tight. Then I moved over and let Meghan pat my head, it was
more of a stroke than a pat actually and her eyes slid up and down
my body in what was clearly an interested assessment.
Sean looked uncomfortable and barely touched my head, then his
wife got up and started back to the boat. He ran after her and
stopped her, and the two argued out of my hearing. Then they came
back and sat down again as Al led me back to my place beside his
For the next couple of hours everyone just chatted idly, like at
any normal gathering, and nobody paid much attention to me, except
for the newcomers who’s eyes kept flicking to me from time to time.
Meghan especially seemed interested and I knew she was hot for me.
I’d never fucked a girl before and wondered if I would do so
now. Clearly I’d have no choice in the thing. From the way she was
looking at me she shared the opinion of the guys towards what I did
and didn’t want. She made a number of remarks during the
conversation that were obviously double entendres and meant for my
They were contemptuous and scornful. She talked and acted like
a woman who thought of herself as the equal of any man and wouldn’t
permit anyone to treat her as anything less. But clearly, she was
at the least, bi-sexual, and like most men, wasn’t above taking
advantage of women.
I got the impression from the conversation that the pair were,
as the old people called themselves, “swingers”. I guess they were
on a fun holiday and sex played more than a minor part in it. I
could understand Meghan involved in something like that, but Tina
looked like the shy type and I wouldn’t have guessed her to be a
“swinger”. Maybe she was just weak willed and going along with her
husband’s desires.
Then Pete ordered me to go up to the cabin and get some more
beer. Al protested, saying I wasn’t capable of going on my own, and
that somebody had to hold my leash. Then, with a perfectly straight
face, he asked Meghan if she would go along and hold my leash.
Meghan said sure and stood up. Al handed her my leash and I
stood up as well. Then Meghan led me up the walk to the cabin door.
She walked just behind me and I could feel her eyes, as well as the
rest of the group, on my little ass cheeks.
She opened the door and held it for me as I went through and
down the hall to the little kitchen. She pushed me back against the
table then, and it did not come as a big surprise when her right
hand slid down between my legs and started fondling my bare pussy
She grabbed my hair in her other hand, pulling it back and
forcing my chest out. Her eyes were extremely hot as she played
with my pussy. “What a nasty little girl you are.” she purred, her
hand moving up and down my body. She cupped my left breast, as
though weighting it, then squeezed, her fingers digging deeply into
the pliable flesh.
“Nice tits.” she sighed. She bent then, twisting my hair and
thus my head to force my face towards her. Her lips came down on
mine, hard, forceful, demanding. Her hand mauled my breasts, then
returned to my pussy, a pair of fingers rubbing insistently along
my cleft.
She pushed with her fingertip, forcing the finger up into my
tight pink box, wriggling and pushing it up to the knuckle as her
tongue slurped in and out of my mouth.
“I bet you’ve drunk enough cum to float an ocean liner.” she
moaned. She pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees,
then pulled my head into her crotch. A simple pull of the string
around her waist and her bikini dropped off, baring her soft,
light brown bush.
“Suck me, slave girl.” she gasped, “Suck some pussy for a
I didn’t need to be asked twice. My tongue slid up against her
cleft, rubbing up and down its length as she moaned and spread her
legs, both her hands going to my hair and holding me firmly against
her as she began to hump her hips back and forth.
She ground herself into my face as her hands pulled at my hair.
She was heavily aroused, her pussy wet, her pubic hair damp with
sweat and juices. She gasped and panted as my tongue slipped
between her pussy lips and began to probe at her cunt tunnel.
“Harder! Harder you cheap little whore! I’ll whip your ass until
it bleeds!” she gritted, her breathing ragged.
I found her clit and began to work my tongue back and forth
across it as fast as I could. She groaned louder, shoving herself
against me with painful force, mashing my nose and cheeks against
her crotch as my tongue slurped and rasped on her hard little
I heard the screen door slam but didn’t turn around. I continued
to suck on her pussy, my tongue scooping out thick dollops of girl
juice as she mewled and whined above me. Then she came, her hips
pumping furiously as she groaned and moaned and poured fuck juice
into my face.
My tongue was a whipping snake as it buzzed up and down her cunt
slit, and I swallowed as much cream as I could get my lips and
tongue on. More rubbed against my face as she kept pulling me into
her crotch though and I could smell little beyond the distinctive
aroma of hot feminine cunt oil.
Then I was pulled back and lifted upward, pushed half over the
table. Her husband was here with us, and obviously more even more
excited than his wife had been. He jerked my left leg up, spreading
me as he pushed his erection against my cunt.
To my surprise, his wife took his hard cock and placed it right
against my slit, holding it as he sank the head between my lips.
Then she let go and backed off a foot or so, her eyes fi that
dildo?” Meghan laughed as she watched me doing myself on the tv.
She got off the couch and started looking around for the thing as
I worked my tongue over her friend’s cunt slit and rubbed at her
It became obvious very quickly that Tina’s cunt was super
sensitive. Either that or she was really, really not. She was
moaning and sighing and wriggling her ass on the couch almost as
soon as my tongue came into contact with her pouting little cunt
Her cunt entrance was moist and hot and her cunt cleft soon
began to drool fuck juice as my tongue pushed in and out and ran up
and down between her pussy lips. She, honey?” Tina ants were
convulsive and crazed. She was crying out in a piercing, shrill
voice, screaming her pleasure, cursing and moaning at the top of
her lungs. I’d never been with anybody so loud. Her cum was fast
approaching, just like my own, and her movements only became more
frenzied, her voice more impassioned.
Then she came, nearly twisting my head off a she screamed and
howled like a mad banshee, her cunt smashing hard into my face,
threatening to break my nose or cheek bones. My own body was
trembling and shaking as Meghan continued to pound the vibrator
into my cunt tube.
I was bouncing up and down on the couch, my head locked between
Tina’s thighs as the mad woman thrashed madly. Then the heat in my
loins blossomed and enveloped me. I shook in time with Tina, my ass
bouncing up and down and shaking from side to side as my cunt
flared with pleasure.
I grunted into the small woman’s cunt as she twisted from side
to side. My mind was ablaze with heat, my eyes rolled back in my
head and my body seared by the powerful sexual storm ripping
through me.
Then it was over. Tina came so hard she lost consciousness. I
fell back onto my back on the floor, the vibrator still jammed in
my f her hand as she pulled his cockhead against my little anal
opening. Then I felt Bob’s cock pushing against my sphincter, the
pressure growing by the second. His cock slowly sank down into me
as Meghan’s ragged breathing showed her excitement mounting.
Bob’s hands gripped my hips while Meghan held my hair with her
left hand and stroked my buttocks with her right. Bob’s cock sank
to the hilt in my buttery back hole and he ground himself into me
as he and Meghan kissed deeply.
She watched avidly as he began to pump his cock in my anus, her
face a mask of lust and desire as his cock tore in and out of my
“Harder!” she breathed. “Harder! Fuck the bitch’s little ass
till she bleeds!”
“I’ll rip her asshole open!” Bob vowed.
“Ream her out! Fuck her! Harder! Harder!” Meghan moaned,
fingering herself as Bob hammered his hips into my buttocks and
skewered my tight asshole. His cockhead was spearing high into my
guts as he rode me into the table, his body was hammering painfully
against mine as well and all I could do was moan and whimper, my
hands still handcuffed behind me and Meghan keeping my head pressed
against the table.
She reached under my chest and clawed at my breasts, mashing and
twisting them as her husband brutally sodomised my poor little
anus. I think she derived more pleasure from his brutal use of me
than he did.
She pulled my head up and twisted me around again, though my
hips remained pinned to the table as her husband continued to pound
his shaft up my asshole. She’d pulled off her top and she jerked my
face up against her chest, shoving the tit into my face.
“Suck my tit, honey! Suck it good!” I suckled on her nipple as
she moaned and fingered her cunt, my asshole burning and aching
from the tremendous pounding Bob was giving it. His fat baton was
really rutting into my asshole.
There was another slam from the door but again I wasn’t in any
position to turn and see who had come in. I heard their voices
though. It was Sean and Tina.
“They all took off in the boat.” he said. “I loaned it to them
for a couple of hours.”
“Then we get this little slut while they’re gone.” Meghan licked
her lips.
“Don’t hurt her, Bob.” Tina cautioned as she watched him
pounding into me.
“Fuck off, Tina. Don’t be such a wimp.” Meghan sniffed. “Did
you see those fucking animals out there? I bet they’ve been
pounding their cocks into this bitch all weekend. Haven’t they,
slut?” she said, twisting my hair.
“Ye… yes.” I gasped.
“Fuck her harder, Bob.” she sneered. They all kind of watched as
Bob drove his fuck-pole into me with hard, savage thrusts, throwing
all his weight into each stroke as I grunted and moaned as his
staff pistoned in my rectum.
Meghan pulled my hair again, pressing on my back as she pulled
my head back towards Bob. “Look at her tits.” she said. “I wish ~
had a set of knockers like that.”
“You have nice tits.” Tina said, her voice soft.
“I like big fat tits like this that you can dig your fingers
into.” Bob grunted, his hands coming up from my hips to cup and
mash my titties. “Oh Fuck!” he said then. “I’m gonna cum!”
“Shoot it up her asshole.” Sean laughed. “It’ll make it easier
for me.”
“That giant Rocky(H) cock of yours will rip her asshole open!”
Meghan laughed, not sounding at all worried about that.
The whole table was shaking and pounding against the wall as Bob
hammered his loins into my ass cheeks. His cock was like a sword
as it stabbed deep into my guts and ripped in and out. Then he
came, his seed gushing up my asshole and adding a layer of oily
film to my butter ass pipe.
He no sooner pulled out and stepped back when Sean stepped in
behind him. Tina had gone around beside Meghan and their arms were
around one another, softly caressing each other’s bodies as they
watched Sean position himself behind me.
I felt his prick probing at my fuck entrance, then felt my pussy
lips forced inward and back as his big tool pushed into me. It was
a big cock all right, bigger than any of the muscle heads that had
fucked me in the last couple of days.
I sighed a little, closing my eyes as my cunt was slowly stuffed
by his big sausage. I felt it slowly travelling up the length of my
fuck tunnel, forcing my cunt walls wider as it pushed its way
through to the center of my belly.
All I could do was breath heavily and open my legs a little more
as his cock embedded itself in my cunt pipe. Then he began to
withdraw, sliding it back down my fuck tunnel until only the head
was inside, holding my cunt lips wide open. He held still for a
bare instant, then thrust forward, forcing the long, fat length of
his tool back into me.
He started to pump, slowly, working up speed, using the full
length of his cock staff as he rode it in and out of my pussy
tunnel. The two women were becoming more and more occupied with
themselves but they still watched as Sean began to pump into me.
Tina’s suit was gone and she and Meghan were fondling each other’s
breasts and bellies, their hands sliding over their pussies as they
kissed and sighed in pleasure.
Sean built up speed and was soon giving me a really good
fucking, his massive prong pumping in my tight cunt sheath with
hard but steady strokes. My clitty was buzzing with pleasure and my
titties swollen and hard. His hands slid under me and forced me
upward as they massaged and kneaded my wobbling melons.
My body was overheating and my belly was churning and fluttering
as my cunt burned with sexual power. My head was throbbing and my
blood racing. I knew that I was approaching a great cum and felt no
hesitation or embarrassment about it. These people, though hardly
from my fantasies, were still playing the game, so to speak, and I
was still massively aroused by my degradation and servile position.
Then I felt Sean’s cockhead pull out of me entirely and shift
upward, pushing against my anus. I grunted, for though my asshole
had been well reamed out by Bob, Sean’s cock was really fat and
really long. I gritted my teeth as pain flowed up from my asshole.
Sean was pushing firmly, slowly forcing my asshole open to admit
his monster of a cock.
“Look. He’s pushing it into her asshole.” Tina sighed, in
between hot, smacking kisses.
“Fuck her ass, Sean.” Meghan groaned.
“What a sexy little bitch.” Bob commented.
“Wonder if they’d sell her.” Sean grunted, working his cock
deeper into my rectum.
“Think so?” Bob laughed.
“Why not?”
“But where would we keep her?” Meghan laughed.
“Well, there’s the basement.”
“And how do you think you’d explain that to the girls?”
“Maybe she’d teach them a thing or two.” Sean snickered.
“Hey. You’re talking about my kids, you shit.” Meghan growled.
“Hot assed little bitches, both of them.” Sean replied, driving
his cock the last inch into my anus and rubbing his balls against
my ass cheeks.
“You watch your mouth.” Meghan snapped.
“Come on, Meg,” he grunted. “Do you really think they’re both
“That’s none of your business. You keep your mind on this slut
here and forget about my daughters.”
“No problem, babe.” He threw his hips forward and thrust hard,
his cock spike jamming high into my guts.
“Hey. Look at this.” Bob’s voice called from across the room. I
could hear the tv on and the sound of my own voice. Obviously he’d
turned on the vcr to see what the guys had been watching.
Sean wasn’t interested but the two women moved over to watch as
Sean rutted into my asshole. I could hear the sound of my voice as
I groaned and screamed in pleasure on the tv. But my mind was more
than a little distracted by the hard pounding Sean was giving my
Then he came, his load pumping up into my asshole and his cock
slowing down and then pulling free from my hole. He moved away,
grabbing my leash at the last second and pulling me after him. I
staggered and almost fell but regained my balance and followed him
meekly to where the others were watching tv.
At the moment I was deep throating Al’s cock on the screen, at
least I thought it was Al. None of the pictures showed the guys
above the shoulders. Al’s cock was pumping in and out of my mouth
as another guy pounded his cock into my cunt from behind. I was
groaning and moaning and crying out for more.
“Bring the little whore over here. I want her to suck off Tina.”
Meghan said. She took my leash and forced me to my knees in front
of the couch where Tina was sitting. She herself was sitting right
next to the little brunette and stroking her body.
“Suck her cunt, whore.” she sneered.
“What was her name?” Tina asked in a low, quavering tone.
“I don’t remember, oh yeah, Princess, they called her.”
“What’s your name, honey?” Tina asked.
“Uh… Julie.” I said meekly.
“Suck her pussy, Julie.” Meghan said, pulling on my leash. My
head came down between Tina’s legs and she spread them, lying back
on the couch and bring her cunt up into my face.
I began to work on her cunt, trying to ignore the sound of
myself cumming on the tv. Then the scene on tv shifted to the one
where Pete was getting me to jerk off and I closed my eyes in
embarrassment as they all watched.
“Where’s that dildo?” Meghan laughed as she watched me doing
myself on the tv. She got off the couch and started looking around
for the thing as I worked my tongue over her friend’s cunt slit and
rubbed at her clitty.
It became obvious very quickly that Tina’s cunt was super
sensitive. Either that or she was really, really not. She was
moaning and sighing and wriggling her ass on the couch almost as
soon as my tongue came into contact with her pouting little cunt
Her cunt entrance was moist and hot and her cunt cleft soon
began to drool fuck juice as my tongue pushed in and out and ran up
and down between her pussy lips. She that dildo?” Meghan laughed as
she watched me doing myself on the tv. She got off the couch and
started looking around for the thing as I worked my tongue over her
friend’s cunt slit and rubbed at her clitty.
It became obvious very quickly that Tina’s cunt was super
sensitive. Either that or she was really, really not. She was
moaning and sighing and wriggling her ass on the couch almost as
soon as my tongue came into contact with her pouting little cunt
Her cunt entrance was moist and hot and her cunt cleft soon
began to drool fuck juice as my tongue pushed in and out and ran up
and down between her pussy lips. She, honey?” Tina ants were
convulsive and crazed. She was crying out in a piercing, shrill
voice, screaming her pleasure, cursing and moaning at the top of
her lungs. I’d never been with anybody so loud. Her cum was fast
approaching, just like my own, and her movements only became more
frenzied, her voice more impassioned.
Then she came, nearly twisting my head off a she screamed and
* * * * * * * *
Part Eight
Bob didn’t wait for Tina to regain consciousness. He just sort
of pushed her onto her side on the couch and stuffed his cock into
her cunt, then started pumping. Meg sat on the floor behind me
watching, pulling me back against her so she could fondle my body
as she observed her husband fucking the unmoving brunette.
As for Sean, Tina’s husband, not only wasn’t he bothered by this
but he decided to take advantage of her as well. They positioned
the unconscious woman between them and Sean began to work his own
erect cock into Tina’s asshole, something that she apparently never
let him do when she was awake.
Meg let me fall back onto the floor, then sat on my face as I
ate her out. She came, then came again, then came a third time. My
face was soon covered in her juices and my tongue and jaw ached,
but still she squatted over my face, watching the others and
demanding I suck her.
If I slowed she reached down and dug her nails into my titties
until I sped up.
Tina woke up to find herself penetrated fore and aft, the two
men rodding into her with smooth strokes as she blearily shook her
head. She tried to pull away but neither of them were about to let
her, not until they’d cum. She apparently realized that and stopped
struggling, resigned.
A few hours later, we were still going at it when the motorboat
returned and the guys came up into the house. The orgy lasted most
of the day. I was fucked a lot, but this time I wasn’t alone.
Meghan and Tina were both fucked hard and long by the big
muscleheads, and far from protesting, their husbands took part.
Meghan looked like she was in seventh heaven as two guys fucked
her standing up. Her slim body was crushed between Pete and Joe, as
they slid their erections into her cunt and asshole.
Eventually I fell asleep on the floor. Fucking is hard work
after all, and I’d been fucking most of the day. I’d cum a dozen
times at least and my energy levels were way down. I woke up a
couple of times during the night, discovering that I’d been chained
to the fridge next to me.
I was a little pissed at that. I had planned to drive back to
school late Sunday night and now I’d miss the early classes. If I
hadn’t been chained I’d have driven back on my own and let Al get
a ride with his buddies.
It was Monday morning after all and as far as I was concerned,
the fantasy was over. My mind set was fast changing from
subservient sex slave to confident young lawyer even as I slept.
The problem was, nobody else seemed to be taking note.
I was awakened just after dawn by Pete. I was on my side and
Pete was raising my top leg and pushing his cock into me. I woke up
with a groan, tiredly blinking my eyes in the sunlight that shone
through the windows.
“Hey… “I grunted. “Stop it. What time is it? I have to get
back to school.” I tried to push him away but he would have none of
it. He force the entire length of his prick into my hole and
started rutting into me. I glared over my shoulder at him as my
body was pounded against the floor.
I couldn’t do anything to stop him though so I just simmered
angrily, waiting for him to cum. I knew it wouldn’t take long.
These early morning fucks were sort of a jerk off session for the
guys. In two minutes he spurted his white wads into my cunt and
gave a sigh of relief as he pulled out.
“Take this chain off me.” I snapped. “I have to get back to
school.” “You don’t give orders, pussy.” He grunted, slapping my
ass once as he rose. I sat up but that was as high as I could get
as the chain pulled tight. I jerked at it, trying to lift the
fridge so the chain would come out from around the leg.
I was on my hands and knees as I tried to tip the thing over and
someone came up behind me and knelt down, pushing himself against
my ass.
“Get off me!” I snarled. “I’m finished with this fucking game!
All right? I have to get home!” In response he cuffed me on the
side of the head and pushed his cock into me from behind.
“Stop it! Get off!” I cried, trying to wriggle away.
“I’ll shut the bitch up.” Joe said, kneeling in front of me and
pushing his cock at my mouth.
“Here baby, here’s something to suck on.”
I kept my mouth shut and twisted away but he reached beneath me
and grabbed my hanging tit, squeezing and twisting it until I cried
out in pain. He stuffed his cock into my mouth as I opened it and
then slapped me on the side of the head.
“Suck it you whore.” he glared.
He started pumping his cock in my mouth in time to the guy
behind me, Mike’s, pumping of my pussy. Both came within a couple
of minutes and got up. They didn’t let me up though. I tried
telling them that the game was over, that I wanted to go, tried to
convince them that they should unchain me.
Al woke up then and unlocked the chain from the fridge, then
pulled me to my feet.
“Al!” I said. “Take this off me, will you. I have to get back to
“When we’re ready, babe.” he laughed.
“Not when you’re ready!” I snapped. “Right now!”
“Ahh, shut the fuck up.” he sniffed. He pushed me against the
counter and bent me over, kicking my legs apart.
“Let me go! Stop it! Fucking BASTARD!” I screamed, struggling
furiously. He shoved me down easily, no matter how hard I fought,
then began to work his cock into my pussy. He ignored my screams,
my insults and my struggles as he calmly fucked my cunt box.
I was furious. I guess I thought they were all having a last
fling, a last fuck-off at my expense and the hell with me being
late for school. I glared into the counter top as Al pumped faster
and faster, then spewed his wad up into me and backed off with a
I think it wasn’t until hours later, that it hit me. I was
hanging from my wrists from a tree branch, and had been for over an
I was seething with rage, and then it suddenly occurred to me
that they might not let me go at all, that this wasn’t just a delay
on their part, that they really didn’t intend to let me got…
ever. The thought stunned me for several long moments as my mind
raced through the implications.
My friend was in Europe and wouldn’t be back for a couple of
weeks. I’d be missed at school but nobody knew where I was so they
certainly couldn’t check up here. When my friend got back and heard
I’d gone missing she would, eventually, come up here to see if
something had happened to me.
But what… what if these creeps didn’t stay here. My eyes
widened in disbelief, and for the first time I started to get
scared. Fantasy was one thing, reality another. The weekend had
been hot and frantic and aside from a few bad moments I’d had a
real great time, but I wasn’t eager for a life of this.
I tried reasoning with them. I tried begging. I tried crying.
Then I tried bribery. Finally I raged and cursed and used the
vilest insults and most horrible obscenities I knew, doing my best
to scratch and kick and claw at them whenever they came near me.
None of it had the slightest affect. Monday was the same as
Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday followed, then Thursday and Friday,
then we were into another weekend.
They continued to fuck me whenever the desire hit them, and
enjoy the swimming, and fishing. Sometimes I was almost alone, as
three or four would go back to the city for one reason or another.
There was never any chance to escape, for I was always chained or
tied up.
The second weekend, all six were back, and they’d brought three
others. I had given up protesting. Protests had only brought slaps
and cuffs, and several spankings, the last one with a belt that had
fairly singed my ass cheeks and left welts on my flesh.
Two more weeks passed, during which I was used as their sexual
plaything. The original six guys, plus the three who’d come up on
the second weekend, had since been joined by eight others. Not all
were around at any one time. They seemed to be using the cabin as
a sort of club house, or home away from home, and I went with it
just like the furnishings.
Some of the guys were really mean, and liked to grind my face
into it. The slightest hesitation would earn me a hard cuff, or get
my cunt or tits squeezed really hard until I cried out in pain. I
learned to obey their orders instantly.
I was, in fact, living out the very fantasy I’d thought I
desired. The play fantasy the first weekend was only that, playing.
This was the real thing. For the first week I was consumed with
rage and resentment, but it slowly eked away, and the second week
I came several times as one guy or another rutted into me.
By the third week, incredibly, my mind seemed to have accepted
things and adjusted. It was really amazing, as I look back, just
how much of a slave I became. They never really hurt me, it wasn’t
like I was tortured or anything, but my will was utterly suppressed
by them. I did nothing that would be considered disobedient and
scurried about like a little mouse as I cooked and cleaned for
After we’d been up there three weeks, the guys packed me, along
with a bunch of stuff from the cabin they were stealing, into the
back of a van and rode back to the city. I was still naked, and
still tightly bound, with my mouth gagged.
It was late at night by the time we reached the gym where I’d
first approached Al. We drove in through the back alley and backed
into the big back garage entrance. A couple of the guys pulled me
out the back of the van and brought me inside.
They took me to a small back room, empty except for a mattress.
I was thrown down onto it and then left alone. Over the next
several months, I stayed in the little room, more and more of my
personality and will disappearing as I assumed the persona of a
slave girl.
Often I was alone. Maybe five or six times a day a guy would
come in and fuck me, then leave and lock me in. Several times a
week though, after the gym had closed, they would bring me out and
have a really big gang bang, where four or five guys at a time
would jump my bones.
Finally, someone made a mistake. During one of the late night,
boozeathon gang bang parties, someone went out the back door to
fetch more beer just as I was coming back from the bathroom. The
guys were pissed out of their minds and nobody was watching me.
I stared at the door for the longest time, months of slavery
having sapped my will. Then I started walking towards it, and the
walk became a run. I ran out into the alley, right past the guy,
who was bent over as he tried to pull a case of beer out of the
trunk of his car. He didn’t even see me.
I ran naked through the streets until the police picked me up.
I was taken to the hospital and examined.
The police knew something had happened but I wouldn’t tell them
what. I claimed amnesia and eventually they stopped asking. Why
didn’t I turn the guys in? How could I? Can you imagine the trial?
Can you imagine what a total slut I would be shown as?
All I wanted to do was forget it and get on with my life. I’d
failed all my course, but after a few months of rest I went back to
school and started them over again, this time keeping my fantasies
in check. The months of slavery had done something to me, though.
I didn’t have the confidence and willpower I had once had. I’d
turned kind of mousy.
I found it hard to argue, to stand up for myself. During dates,
the guys easily took advantage of me, ignoring my weak fluttering
hands and mumbled protests to fuck me if they wanted to.
Then one day, as I was walking on a street just off campus,
headed for a drugstore, I almost ran right into Al. He was standing
still right in the middle of the sidewalk and I was walking with my
head down, as was normal for me now.
I glanced up as I was about to move around him and froze. My
eyes widening and body going rigid. “Well, well, well.” he smirked.
“Hi there, Julie.” I didn’t say anything, just trembled.
“Let’s go, slut. The guys and me have bought us a cabin where we
can have some fun.” He slipped his hand around my upper arm and led
me towards a waiting van. I shuffled along with him, my mind in a
daze. Then he shoved me into waiting hands and I was pulled into
the van.
My clothes were quickly stripped off me, and as Al placed the
metal collar around my neck a long, slow sigh escaped my lips. My
hands were handcuffed behind me and I was forced to my knees, my
legs apart as Al knelt behind me. Then his cock pierced my cunt
lips and sank deep into my belly.
I made no protest, not one. My cheek pressed against the dirty
floor of the van as we moved through traffic. Al rutted into me,
his strokes firm, his hands clutching my hips as he worked his cock
in and out. For long minutes he stroked away at my pussy, his loins
slapping against my ass cheeks.
“She hasn’t lost any of her tightness.” he commented to the
“She’s still got a nice ass.” Someone said from behind me.
“And nice tits.” Someone else said.
“Give it to her, Al.” another added.
And he did, his body hammering mine, his cock slicing back and
forth between my pussy lips, his cockhead punching deep into my
fuck box as he grunted and muttered in pleasure.
His powerful hands jerked back on my body, pulling my cunt back
for each thrust as I sighed and grunted in response. A low purring
sound came from deep in my chest as my body loosened up and
accepted the deep, ruthless penetration and possession by the
powerful man.
My breasts shook and trembled beneath me and began swelling. My
cunt warmed and my guts roiled. My breathing got heavier, faster,
more ragged, as my senses swirled and danced. Behind me, Al slid
a finger down between my legs and jammed my clitty against his
pumping prong.
Finally he came, his fingers digging in harder as his sperm
pumped into my belly. As soon as he moved away another took his
place, Mike. Mike took me the same way as Al, fucking me from
behind with my face against the floor.
After him came Pete, then Joe, then two guys I didn’t know.
Minute after minute my fears dropped away and I relaxed. After the
first couple of fucks I was pumping my ass back towards the guy
riding me, and when the fourth guy stuffed his cock into my hole I
From then on it was nothing but total, passionate sexual
gratification. My will, such as I still had, slipped away and I
reverted to my obedient slave self. And in that I found freedom,
cumming as they fucked me on my knees, cumming as they fucked me on
my back, cumming as they fucked me in the ass, and down the throat,
one, two, and three at a time, cumming as their big hands pawed and
probed my body.
The truck bounced and rattled as we moved down a rutted,
potholed road for what seemed like ages. The guys had all fucked me
at least once, and sometimes twice and so I was just sitting there
against the side of the van, in a soft buzz.
The van stopped and Mike and Pete got out of the passenger
doors. Then they slid open the side of the van and Al moved towards
it, pulling me with him. Then, as I stood there, bent over a
little, my body gave a long shudder.
We were in the middle of nowhere, it seemed, and a cabin stood
a few dozen yards in front of me. Between us and the cabin was a
crowd of big musclebound men, at least two dozen, and they were all
looking at me with desperate lust.
I gave a moan as they surged forward and hands pulled me down
from the van. They were all over me like Rocky(D)s fighting over a bone.
Cocks came at me from every direction and all my holes were soon
speared by savagely rutting cocks.
But I was at ease, happy, back in the element that had become my
own. I didn’t care about school or escape, wanted only to be used
and fucked and ridden hard, wanted to be chained and hung and yes,
spanked and slapped and whipped.
Cums rippled through my body in a steady stream as cock after
cock pushed into my holes and cum poured into me. My mind cleared
of all problems and all worries as I gave myself over to the life
of a sex slave, and exulted in the realization of my total
I was to be the first of many young women that would come up to
the cabin here, all carefully selected for their beauty. Most of
the others were unwilling, but tears would give way to acceptance
for them all, and soon they would grow to love their new lives.
Years and years would pass, and our group would grow, the men
powerful, strong, the women chained and obedient.
Children would be born, I myself had twelve. If they were boys,
they would grow up on a steady diet of meat and exercise, learning
to pump iron before they could tie their own shoelaces. If they
were girls, well, they never had to tie their shoelaces because
they never wore any shoes, or anything else. They were trained in
obedience and submissiveness.
I was deeply satisfied, and took pride in the beauty and sexual
skills of my daughters, and the strength and virility of my sons.
Mostly though, I took pride in the fact that I had, more than
anybody else, been responsible for the formation of this wonderful
community. For it was my fantasy that had become true to life.
For the guys, of course, it was even more of a fantasy. It
wasn’t just the free use of women, but also the domination and
possession of a lovely, young, to them, snooty college girls. I
knew that simply from the girls who arrived at the farm, as they
called it.
Certainly they were all lovely and young, some just into high
school, but there were more than a few college girls, and even a
few older women in their mid to late twenties, doctors, lawyers,
police women, army officers. All would be broken to the chains and
the will of the men, and all would be glad of it.
Life was a sexual picnic, with orgy following orgy and gang bang
following gang bang. There were no taboos, no restrictions, no
constraints or limitations on sexual expression, and all of us were
happier and healthier for it.
My first born daughter, Tammie, never wore a stitch of clothing
until her seventeenth birthday, when she left for her first whoring
session in the city. Each of the girls spent a few weeks of the
year in the city, under tight control of course. This earned us
enough money to get by on.
By then we were so well settled, that there was no need to
kidnap new women. Our own kids provided the fresh young blood and
bodies. This then, is more than a fantasy, this life of mine. It is
nothing less than the complete fulfilment that all humans long for
and so few discover.

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