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Crossdressed for a TV show and the Director Fucked me hard

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Hi friends, this is Krishna. I am a male, 23 years old. I want to become an actor. Because acting is my passion. I don’t dream of becoming a superstar or a hero in the industry, I just want to be an actor because I love acting. I love to do comedy as well as intense roles. But to set my foot in the industry, I had to try to bag smaller roles first. I came to Mumbai just a few months back and have joined an acting cum theatre school here. I have not got any chance to perform at the theatre yet.
I was a bit frustrated. So I went to the drama director and begged him for a role. Let the character be a silent one, but I needed to perform. Our Director Ashok ji told me “There is one vacancy. You are a perfect one for this role but I doubt if you will do this or not.”
I said “Ashok ji, I am an actor. Just tell me about the character and the role & I guarantee that I will perform well.”
Ashok ji said “Ok Krishna, We are conducting a theatre play on the famous Jodha Akbar. Your role will be to become an eunuch who stays with Akbar’s begum. Eunuch means a man who has turned himself into a woman.”
I said “I will do that. Many famous bollywood stars have done a role of crossdressing so why cant I?”
He said “Good, Payal.. Come here.”
Payal was Ashok ji’s Assistant. Payal was a girl in her mid 20s, she came near us and Ashok ji told her “Krishna will play the role of Razia. Make him understand about the character and ask the costume & make up artist to work on him. I need the character tomorrow.”
Payal nodded as an obedient assistant and took me with her to the director’s cabin. She also said the same thing about the character Razia who is an eunuch (chakka) and I had to crossdress and behave like an eunuch and be besides the Begum in the play.
She called the costume manager and told him about me and my character. He took me with him to the costumes section. His name was Vijay. He told me that I would have to wear a yellow saree with a lot of jewellery. I had never crossdressed in my life. But this was for the character so I agreed.
When the make up artist was called in, he wanted all my body and facial hair removed. I followed what was expected of me. Finally all my body hair was removed, though there were some traces of facial hair however with make up, they would not be visible.
Next day, on the day of the play, I had to get ready and meet Ashok ji because he wanted to make sure that I was perfect for the character.
In the costumes room, I removed all my clothes except my vest and underwear. But Vijay, the costume manager told me that I had to wear female panty and bra also. I hesitated but later agreed. He handed me a black bra and panty set and told me to wear them.
Before I could go the washroom, he took out two breast forms from his trunk and asked me to wait. I understood, that I had to transform myself into a complete female. He attached the pair of breast forms on my chest. I was feeling very odd, because two large breasts were hanging from my chest.
For your information, breast forms are fake silicon made breasts which look like real breasts and they adjust with your skin tone because of silicone property. I had breast forms attached on my chest which were 36 inch sized with black nipples on them.
I went to the bath room and wore the panty. It was tight, later I hid my penis in between my thighs and wore the panty. The panty was made of polyester and I somehow got an instant hard on. I started feeling hot. Then I wore the black bra and hooked it from behind. The bra was a bit tight and thus it formed a nice cleavage.
I came out of the washroom, feeling very shy. Then Vijay gave me a black petticoat to wear, It was a cotton petticoat and I wore it and tied it just under my belly. Then I started wearing the black sleeveless blouse and hooked it from front. The blouse was a bit tight and had deep back cut and neck cut. After wearing the blouse I had formed a deep cleavage.
Then I sat near the dressing table and the makeup artist was called in. He started applying a lot of liquid make up on my face to hide my facial hair. First of all he applied lac, then liquid foundation and then covered it with powder foundation. He applied mascara on my eyelids and beautifully designed them.
Then he applied red lipstick on my lips and same color nailpolish on my nails. Even my toes nails were covered with nailpolish. He made me wear all types of jewellery like gold necklace, earrings, nose ring, gold bangles, payals etc.
After make up and jewellery, I wore a pink saree. Then a wig was placed on my head which had long black hair. When I saw myself head to toe on mirror, I was surprised to know that I could be so beautiful when transformed into a lady. While walking, my bangles and payals were clinking to each other and I was feeling very feminine.
Actually I had to wear a yellow traditional saree for the play but the show director wanted me to try different sarees so that I gain confidence while playing the role.
When I walked out of the costumes section, every eyes were on me. I entered Ashok ji’s office. When he saw me he couldn’t recognize but when I came closer he removed his spectacles and stood up from his chair. He came near me, put his hands on my shoulders and said “ Krishna!!! Is this really you?? Damn you look so beautiful.”
I didn’t know why I was shying like a woman. I said “Thank you”
Ashok ji said “I doubt if you can play the role of an eunuch.”
I was worried and asked him “Why Ashok ji?? You told me that I was perfect.. I became a lady just for this role and now you are saying I cannot play the character!!!”
Ashok ji said “Dear Krishna, you will not fit in the character of an eunuch because you don’t look like one. You look like a beautiful woman. I think you should play the role of the Begum’s saheli.”
I was overwhelmed with joy. I hugged him tightly. Ashok ji started laughing and said “Begum’s saheli character is of a negative woman who is wants to take her place. For this she can sacrifice anything.”
He continued “To fit in this character, you have to feel that you are a complete woman. Forget that you are Krishna, adopt the name Karishma.”
I was already feeling feminine. I said “But Ashok ji, I know that I am a male, how can I forget my identity?”
Ashok ji said “Just a matter of one day. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you forget Krishna and become Karishma.”
Before I could respond he hugged me and started kissing me. I lost my senses and gave in. I also started sucking his lips. He was pressing my fake boobs from over my blouse. He removed my pallu and exposed my bare blouse. He removed my saree and I was just in blouse and petticoat.
He sat on the sofa and unzipped his pants. I knew what I had to do. I went closer and removed his pant and lowered his underwear. His 8 inch long dark tool sprang out. It was mouth watering. I had forgot that I was Krishna. I was behaving like Karishma. I took his hard cock in my hand and started pressing it.
Ashok ji was moaning in pleasure “Ohhhh.. Suck it Karishma, take it in your mouth.”
I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking it madly. I started fucking my mouth by moving his penis in and out of my mouth. While sucking his penis, I unhooked my blouse and removed it. Then I removed my bra and exposed my 36 inch boobs. I took his penis in between my boobs and he started fucking my boobs.
Then he stood up from the sofa and made me lie down on the floor like a bitch. He wanted to fuck me in Rocky(D)gy style. I was feeling very horny. He lowered my panty and lifted my petticoat. He couldn’t let his penis adjust into my asshole, instead he directly inserted his full penis with just 3-4 stokes. It was painful but at the same time very enjoyable.
He started fucking me like a mad Rocky(D). I was shouting “Youu Dogg, fuck me harder.. fill my hole with your sperms.. spank me…”
By hearing me, Ashok ji started fucking me more hardly and soon he spurted out all his hot sperms in my asshole. I felt so horny at that time that I held my hard penis in my hand and started shaking it very fast. While shaking, my bangles were making clicking sounds and soon I took out all my sperms on the floor. I was a lady with a penis.
After such a fucking hot session, I was given the role. After the play also, I started doing feminine roles and had physical relations with Ashok ji for 2 years. After that I entered bollywood however I cannot reveal my true identity.

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