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Crossdressed with Mom – Hot mother son crossdressing story

18 Min Read

Hello friends, my name is Sanjay. I have a secret habit of Crossdressing and whenever I crossdress, I like to call myself as Rani. My age is 18 & my height is 5.8 feet and I am a bit fat. I have loved crossdressing since childhood. This is a story of how I crossdressed with my mom. Her name is Ananda. She is 44 years old, her height is 5’3 feet and she is a very curvaceous woman. Her figure is 36 – 34 – 36. Most of the time she used to wear sarees and at night, she prefers to wear nighty.
I always adored her while she did her household chores. The way she wore her sarees, the way she did make up and the way she walked. In fact I wanted to behave just like her and wear her clothes.
Whenever mom was not in house, I would wear her bra and panty and roam around the house. One day, mom decided to go to a faraway temple and told me that she would return late in the afternoon. I though this was my chance to crossdress fully in mom’s clothes. The previous night, I had removed my body hair from my hands, thighs and legs. I even shaved my facial hair to perfection.
So when the day arrived, as soon as mom left for the temple, I quickly had a bath and wrapped myself in a towel from my chest just like ladies do. I stepped out from the bathroom and went to mom’s bedroom. I had decided that it is high time I have been wearing only bra and panties. This day, I wanted to wear a complete ladies’ attire.
I opened her wardrobe and took out a black colored padded bra, a brown colored cotton panty, a black petticoat, black blouse and a black saree with yellow border. I trapped my semi hard penis in between my thighs and wore the brown cotton panty. The panty was really soft and it perfectly covered my round ass.
I was feeling so feminine just by wearing my mom’s cotton panty. Then I took the bra and adjusted its straps before wearing so that the bra perfectly fit my body. I wore the black padded bra and hooked it from behind. It was a bit tight on me but this tightness gave me a special feeling. The straps and hooks which I was feeling on my shoulders and my back made me feel like a woman.
I filled the cups with two folded towels and made fake breasts. I looked in the mirror and adored myself. Now it was time to wear the rest of the clothes. I wore the black velvet petticoat. The material of the petticoat was made of velvet and thus my thighs and ass felt really good when ever the material brushed against them. I tied the knot of the petticoat just under my belly.
Then it was the time to wear the most exciting thing, the Blouse. I took the blouse in my hand and just felt it for a moment by looking at it and adoring it. Then I slipped my arms in the blouse, adjusted the bra cups (my fake books) in the front section of the blouse. The hooks were at the back. So at first I adjusted the bra straps so that they are inside the blouse and then by looking in the mirror, I started hooking the blouse one by one. Just have a look at my mom’s pic at the beginning of this story to get and idea about the blouse.
Finally when the blouse was hooked, I just closed my eyes and felt each and every cloth that I was wearing. The bra was a bit tight and so was the blouse. But it fitted me perfectly. It perfectly covered my arms, my back, my boobs. The petticoat was so velvety that I started getting a hardon inside the panty.
Then I opened my eyes and looked myself in the mirror. I was so engrossed in watching myself that I didn’t notice my mom standing behind me. When I watched her standing behind me in the mirror, I was completely horrified. I couldn’t say a word and not even I could turn around to face her.
I thought that she would return late however she had returned very early. She made the first move and asked me “What is going on Sanjay?”
I turned around and didn’t say a word, I just dropped the saree I was holding in my hand to the ground. She said again “Sanjay, why are you wearing my blouse and petticoat? Please tell me.”
I gathered enough courage and said “I was getting bored and thought to wear your clothes just to find out how it feels.”
She was amused by my answer and started laughing. She said “What an idea of doing time pass. Seriously, people should learn from you on how to do time pass.”
I was greatly relieved and relaxed but felt a little embarrassed. She again said “So how did it feel?”
I said “It feels good. We men have so fewer options in clothes to wear and our clothes are a bit harsh on skin as compared to your clothes. Okay I will remove the clothes now.”
Mom said “Wait, don’t remove it half way. I want you to wear the saree as well and stay like this for the whole day.”
Her words gave me goosebumps and a sudden rush of shock in my penis. I was turned on by what she said. But I know that she didn’t have any wrong intention as she was taking this in the fun way as well. I said “Okay, but I don’t know how to drape a saree, you help me in wearing this thing.”
My mom at that time was wearing a blue saree and she collected her back pallu and tied it at her waist and came forward to help me. She smilingly unfolded the black saree and placed one end of it at my belly and tucked it inside the petticoat. Then she draped the saree around my waist and made very neat pleats and tucked them just under my belly inside the petticoat. I had started feeling very feminine for the first time in my life. Firstly I was wearing saree for the first time and that too by the help of my mom.
While mom was adjusting my blouse to make pallu from the saree, her smile vanished and she said in a surprised voice, “You rascal, you are wearing a BRA inside!!! I though you are just wearing the blouse and the petticoat.”
I said “Mom, I am even wearing a panty beneath the petticoat. I told you, that I wanted to feel each and every thing that a woman wears while she is draped in a saree.”
Then she said nothing and noticed the fake boobs that I had made and shyly smiled a bit. She made the pallu and covered the front of my blouse with that pallu. She took a safety pin and tied the shoulder end of the pallu to the blouse. Then the back end of the pallu was tucked under my belly inside the petticoat.
Now I was completely ready in a female attire and I was feeling very feminine and horny as well. Mom said “Now you are in complete saree. Do you want to apply make up and wear jewellery as well?”
I though if I said yes, then that would be too much and my mom may mistaken me by assuming that I am womanly or gay. So I said “No, mom. This is enough for today. Jewelery and all maybe later I can experiment.”
Mom said “Okay, cool. Now help me in household chores just like an obedient daughter.”
I was overwhelmed by hearing this. I was in saree in front of my mom and this means that now I have complete access to all her clothes and she will never deny my cross dressing. So together we cut the vegetables while watching a saas bahu soap opera, then we prepared dinner. After having dinner, we washed clothes and then mom went inside her bedroom to change.
She changed her blue saree and wore a pink nighty. When she came out of her room, she brought a blue nighty in her hand for me. She said “Now, change your saree and wear this nighty.”
I said “I am feeling good in saree.”
Then mom said, “Common, remove the saree and wear the nighty. While sleeping it is better to wear loose clothes.”
I agreed and mom carefully removed the safety pin from my pallu. While she was removing my saree, I was feeling really very horny. my dick was rock hard inside the panty and I badly wanted to relieve myself.
After removing my saree, mom started unhooking my blouse hooks from behind. Then she removed the blouse. She came in front of me and smiled mischievously by looking at me in bra. I was blushing very badly. Then she untied the petticoat and made it fall in the ground. Now I was just in bra and panty and was feeling cold and horny like hell.
Then she asked me to wear the blue nighty. I wore the nighty and oh God the feeling was insanely better. The cloth of the nighty was made of satin and I started feeling so great. Mom then sat on the bed and while I was just beginning to sit, she asked me to remove my panty from under the nighty.
She said “While sleeping you must removed your bra and panty from under the nighty. But if you remove the bra, then you may not feel like a woman, so just remove the panty and come to sleep.”
I had a very hard penis inside the panty and I said “Mom, let me wear the panty. Don’t make me remove it.”
Mom said “No dear, you must remove it and sleep peacefully.”
I don’t know why I asked her this question but it was without any thought that I asked her “Have you also removed your panty?”
She removed her gaze from my eyes and just looked down a bit and said “YES.”
I felt so horny that I couldn’t stop myself from removing the panty. I slowly removed the panty and felt very horny by doing it. I removed the panty from under the nighty and my hard rock dick sprang open and made a bulge in the nighty.
My mom noticed the bulge and said “Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t know that this may happen. Otherwise I would have never asked you to remove the panty. Anyways, this will be alright, now you come and sleep beside me.”
I sat on the bed and lied down just next to my mom with the bulge intact inside my nighty. I was feeling damn horny. I couldn’t lie down with peace. I had to masturbate otherwise my hard dick will start paining.
This feeling was like a nasha (Intoxication). I said to my mom with breaking voice, “Mom, I wont be able to sleep, I want to relieve myself, I can’t control.”
Mom just crossed her legs and told me “How can you not control!!!”
I was so horny that I said “Mom, I just want to hold my hard penis and shake it up and down.”
Mom started sweating and said “Okay, please go to the bathroom and do it.”
I said “I can’t control mom, I can’t go to the bathroom, my legs are shaking, I want to do it here in front of you.”
While saying these words, my breathe started getting heavy and I took out my rock hard penis from under the nighty and started pressing it.
Mom just looked at my penis and started sweating a lot and said “Okay just do it beta. Relieve yourself here.”
I was so horny that I started rubbing my dick and pressing my fake boobs slowly. I closed my eyes and just then I felt my mom’s warm breath on my face. I opened my eyes and saw her eyes closed and she was biting her lips and breathing heavily. When I looked down I was that she was fingering her hairy pussy.
Now the extent of horniness was out of control. I got up, removed my mom’s hand from her pussy and spread her legs wide. She didn’t say a word. I got in between her thighs, placed my rock hard dick in between her pussy lips. I was feeling like a horny lesbian.
I gave it a hard thrust and now my dick was completely inside my mom’s wet and hairy pussy. I couldn’t control myself and started moving my dick in and out of her pussy very madly. I fucked her with great force and within 5 minutes I ejaculated a lot of hot white thick sperms inside her pussy while moaning loudly “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
I filled her pussy completely with a lot of sperms and just then she blasted an orgasm which was very heavy. After lying down just there for a few minutes, my mom said “This happened in the heat of the moment and it is better that you forget it.”
Then I said “Yes mom, lets forget this incident as this happened in the heat of the moment.”
I wore my panty and mom said “My whole wardrobe is yours now, you can wear whatever you want. But we will sleep in our respective bed rooms and we will never discuss what happened just now.”
I agreed and went to my room. I was really happy because now I would openly cross dress in front of my mom and in her clothes too. I though of the past minutes and masturbated 4 times in the whole night and I know that mom would have also done the same in her bedroom.

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