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Crossdressing with Wife – Hottest Crossdressing Experience

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Hi friends, my name is Ajay and today I will tell you about the crossdressing experience I had with my wife. My wife is 27 years old, her figure is 36 – 32 – 38. Her height is 5’4 feet and she is very fair. Yes she is a plump woman who likes to wear traditional clothes mostly sarees. From a very young age, I liked to wear and feel female clothes on my body. I just loved the feel of the straps of my mom’s bra whenever I wore it. The panties used to be so soft and perfectly covered my ass.
As my wife was a bit fat, I would secretly wear her bra, panties, blouse, petticoat etc whenever I could get my hands on them. We used to have sex 3-4 times a week but I didn’t have enough courage to tell her about my love for crossdressing. One sunday afternoon, we were having sex and after ejaculating inside her pussy (I was wearing a condom). we lied down hugging each other and started talking.
She had become very open on the subject of sex. She told me “Ajay, sex has become boring. We have to make it more spicy.”
I said ” Tell me, what do you have in mind?”
She said ” You have to fuck me wildly or else let me dominate.”
I said “We’ll make our romance much hotter if we indulge in roleplay.”
I got an idea about how to put my crossdressing desires in front of her. So I said “Foreplay means that we’ll imagine as if we are not husband and wife. We can imagine ourselves as Teacher and Student, Captain and Airhostess, Owner and Maid etc”
She said “This is interesting. Tell me more.”
I said ” We have to dress up for each role and enact as characters. In this way, we will feel more horny and we can then have wild sex.”
She said ” Lets start from next week. So what will be our first enactment?”
I said ” You always wanted to dominate. So lets start with husband and wife. But you will be the husband and I will be the wife.”
She said “Interesting, but how is that possible?”
I said “I will dress up in your clothes with full make up and wig. You dress up as me in my clothes. and then we can carry on as per situation.”
She said “Let me arrange everything for this roleplay. I will arrange everything to make you my wife next week.”
Yes. she agreed for a crossdressing session. Just thinking of it made me so horny which made my dick rock hard. Without speaking anything, I took my dick in my hand and lied in between her thighs and completely inserted my dick inside her wet hairy pussy. She was surprised but also excited. I just kept on thinking about the crossdressing session we will have next week and fucked her so hard that within 1 minute I spurted out all my hot sperms inside her.
She said “Just thinking about it can make you so wild, I am wondering what it will be like when we will have roleplay in real.”
The most awaited week finally arrived. After I came home on saturday evening, my wife Pooja was waiting for me. She had already worn my clothes. She was wearing a white shirt, jeans and a black blazer. She said ‘Ajay, let us not waste any time. You go, take shower and I have kept clothes for you to wear in the wardrobe.”
I was super excited. I had removed my body hair a day before. I had a bath and came out of the bathroom wearing a towel. My wife was waiting for me. She had kept some clothes on the bed.
She made me wear a brown color cotton panty. I adjusted my penis in between both my thighs and wore the panty. It perfectly covered my ass and it was so soft that I felt great. Then she asked me to wear her black bra. I wore the bra and she hooked it from behind. Then she folded two clothes and inserted in the bra cups to make fake boobs.
The straps of the bra were pressing hard on my shoulders and my back which made me feel horny. Then I wore a black colored petticoat and tied it just under my belly. The material of the petticoat was very soft and when it brushed against my thighs, my legs and my round ass, I was feeling great and very feminine.
Then my wife gave me a black blouse to wear over the bra which I was wearing. The blouse had deep ‘U’ cut at the back and a deep ‘V’ cut around the neck. It had hooks at the front. The sleeves were short and just covered my upper arms. The blouse perfectly fit me.
Now I had started feeling great and very womanly. Then my wife made me wear a black colored silk saree. She made good pleats and made a two fold pallu which was over my blouse and I adjusted it with my shoulder.
Now it was time to wear all the ladies accessories. I wore glass bangles of red color. 10 each in every hand. Then I wore payal in both legs, sindoor on forehead, a bindi on forehead. Earrings on both ears and a mangal sutra around my neck. After that I applied my wife’s red colored lipstick on my lips.
I was feeling so womanly and so horny that I never felt in my life. Now we were in roleplay. Pooja enacted as a man and she came home totally drunk and I was lying on bed watching a saas bahu serial.
Just as she opened the door, I gave a shocked expression and sat up on the bed. In this process, my pallu dropped and my blouse and cleavage was exposed. Pooja had lust in her eyes. As I quickly started adjusting my pallu, Pooja came near me, held my hand in her hand and slapped me. Then she slapped me twice.
I was feeling great at the feeling of being r a p e d by my husband. Then pooja sat besides me and stared rubbing my thighs with her hands. She started kissing me on my neck, my back while pressing my boobs over the blouse. Then she bit me on my neck and made me go ‘ahhhhh’.
Then she completely removed my saree and I was just in blouse and petticoat. I though of making this roleplay more spicy. I said ‘Please leave me, I don’t want to get r a p e d.’
This excited pooja and she removed her black belt. Then she hit me with her belt on my back and said ‘Just let me do this. I am very horny. You are my wife and it is your duty to fulfill my needs. I will take you to seventh heaven while fucking you bitch.’
Then she removed her jeans and then her underwear. She grabbed me by my back and removed my panty from under my petticoat. She she inserted one finger in my ass hole. I felt a jolt of pain and pleasure at the same time. Then she inserted one more finger and fucked my ass with her two fingers.
As my panty was removed, my solid rock hard dick sprang out from under the petticoat. She made me lie down on the bed. Grabbed my rock hard penis and started sitting on it. She started pushing my dick inside her hairy wet pussy. When it was finally totally inside her, she started jumping on my dick.
Both of us were like ‘ ahhhhh… ohhhhhh… yesssssss’
She fucked me as hard as she could and When I was about to cum, I grabbed her and made her lie in bed while I was in between her thighs with my hard rock inside her hairy pussy. I gave her more pleasurable thrusts and just blasted my hot creamy sperms inside her pussy.
While cumming both of us moaned as loudly as we could in pleasure ‘ aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’
wow, it was a wonderful experience. I know that while reading, you must have become horny. Ladies, try this experiment on your husbands and boyfriends.

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