Cuckold brothers

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About a month ago I got a phone call from my mother.
Delores and I were eating a casual dinner in our sweats
when the phone rang. I picked it up.
“Hi mom, how are you and Ray doing?”
“We’re doing fine, dear.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“William, would you be a dear and do me a favor?”
“Sure mom, what is it?”
“Darren’s coming over for a little while this summer,
but you know we’ve got your grandparents staying, so I
was wondering…”
No, I didn’t want Darren to stay at my house. The
bastard was a public menace. A complete and utter louse.
College had done nothing to appease the inner prick
within him. In some ways he was even worse. The few
times I had talked to him since I had moved out ended up
becoming a monologue on his part about how much pussy he
was getting in college. Even on my wedding day.
“When and for how long, mom?”
“Oh, not for too long, a week at the most. I think he’s
coming in tomorrow. I know you don’t like him, but me
and Ray are in a real pinch.”
“Okay, mom.”
“Oh thank you, dear.”
“It’s my pleasure, mom.”
“I’ll tell Darren right away.”
As I hung up the phone I groaned to myself. A week with
Darren, god the humanity. At least I had work to keep me
away from the bastard most of the time.
“What’s wrong honey?” my wife asked, obviously seeing
the pain on my face.
“That was my mother. Darren’s going to stay over for a
little while until my grandparents go home and my mom
can spare a room again.”
“Over here? At our house?”
“That should be fun,” Delores said. “I’ll make up the
spare room.”
“Yeah, fun. Whoopee.”
“What’s this? Sibling rivalry?”
“We’re not siblings,” I muttered.
Delores gave me one of her critical looks, one of those
looks I knew meant I would be changing something in my
life, which she assumed was for my own good.
“You know, maybe this will give you two a chance to bury
the hatchet.”
I wanted to burry a hatchet. About five inched in
Darren’s back. But instead I said, “Maybe.”
We spent the rest of the night preparing the guest room.
We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The next day, while Delores was at work, Darren’s truck
roared into our driveway. The heavy footsteps stomped up
the walkway and the doorbell rang.
When I opened it there was Darren carrying a duffel bag,
a grocery bag, and wearing what appeared to be his
school’s colors, an extremely faded blue and orange.
“Hey, bro,” Darren said jovially.
“Hey, Darren,” I said, in what I thought was pretty
cheerfully under the circumstances.
“Rosie said you said it was cool if I crashed here for
the week.”
“Yeah, we’ve got the guest room set up for you.”
Darren walked into the house like he owned the place.
“Cool. Thanks man, I appreciate this.”
I must say, this was a pleasant surprise. Not at all the
louse I was expecting. Perhaps Delores had been right
and we might end up burying the hatchet.
“So is your wife still a hottie?”
Five inches in his spine….
“I tend to think so,” I said playing along through
gritted teeth.
“Yeah, I always said she could have made a living as a
stripper or something.”
That was true. Although technically an accounting nerd,
Delores had been blessed with a beautiful face and well
proportioned body. But raised by strict parents she had
grown up incredibly conservative. Her past social life
had turned out to consist of a pastor’s son and me.
Surprisingly when she had taken me home to meet her
parents they had approved of me almost off the bat.
I was born Bill Underbrook. I was a foul mouthed little
kid. One of the ones that tore the legs off bugs and
couldn’t stop playing with pointy things, or fire. I
wasn’t a trouble maker, but people avoided me just the
same, calling me weird. My first grade teacher actually
told my mom I was scary.
But my parents died when I was eight, and to tell you
the truth I didn’t really care. They hadn’t really been
there for me, so their deaths just meant that their
absence was made permanent.
I ended up with a foster parent. Her name was Rosie
Leuter. She was friendly enough, but insecure as all
out. She was a little overweight and it made her
uncomfortable. Somehow I ended up being her source of
pride. It was an incredible responsibility, and I liked
it. I actually went out of my way to make her proud.
Unfortunately this meant I had to subvert every instinct
I had. It’s hard to get A’s in school when your teachers
are afraid you’ll come back one day and shoot them. So
instead I hid all my real personality traits and became
Rosie’s idea of the perfect son; smart, dutiful, polite,
and dull. You know the type, math club, physics club,
A/V club, quiet, reading Tolstoy at lunch.
Needless to say all my dates came from the same pool of
nerds that I had adopted into. The kind of girl you can
take home to mother. The kind of girl that thinks that
making out requires a long term commitment.
Right before I moved out for college Rosie, or mom as I
was calling her, got married. My new step-father was
named Roy. I liked him, he was the town dentist. He made
mom feel special, which was a relief to me since I was
going to be gone for months at a time.
The only thing I didn’t like was Roy’s son from a
previous marriage, Darren. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t
jealous for a parent’s attention, I just didn’t like the
guy. He was a year younger than me but he was already a
dick. He smoked, he drank, he lied, and that’s when his
father was around. Basically Darren got through life by
being one of the school’s star athletes. He was an
arrogant prick and I hated him. We were both glad when I
went to college. Him because it meant my “perfectness”
wouldn’t outshine him and me because I hated the prick.
At college I held on to my adopted personality. It had
become second nature to me. I was Bill Leuter, the
perfect son, majoring in engineering. For some college
is an endless series of parties. For me it was studying.
I didn’t want anything to get back to mom.
I became a research scientist for a pharmaceutical
company. I married a woman I met in college, a nice
blonde accounting major named Delores. We moved to
Seattle, a mere fifty miles from mother. Our marriage
wasn’t as open as it could have been. She was
conservative by upbringing, I by choice.
It wasn’t as bad as you might think. We weren’t one of
those couples who ONLY had sex in the missionary
position. We both enjoyed oral sex, although rarely.
There was an unspoken agreement that we didn’t
experiment beyond what we knew, which considering we
were both virgins when we were married, wasn’t much.
“Yeah, she just needs to stop wearing those dresses that
go all the way to her ankles and those shirts with the
big collars. She dresses like a nun for Christ’s sakes.
She needs to show some skin, show off what God gave her.
And I don’t need to tell you bro, that’s a lot.”
I just stared at him, trapped in the insanity and poor
manners that was Darren.
“What’s sex with her like? All the little prissy, church
going chicks I manage to get the panties off are like
animals when you get them to drop the attitude. You know
what I mean?”
I smiled weakly. “Look, Darren, I have to go to work
now. The guest room is on the top of the stairs to the
left. You can have anything you want from the fridge,
except the meatloaf, that’s for dinner. And…”
I hesitated. I really didn’t want to, but Delores and I
had talked about it.
“… there’s a copy of the house key in the cupboard
above the washing machine next to the garage in case you
want to go out.”
“Hey thanks bro. Oh by the way, I brought a present.”
Darren pulled a six-pack of beer from the grocery bag.
“I got a bunch more in the truck.”
“Um, thanks. But Delores and I don’t drink.”
Darren shrugged.
“More for me,” he said.
He pulled one off, popped it open, and took a chug.
I began to walk out the doorway. I heard him shout from
behind me.
“I appreciate this, bro!”
“No problem,” I said through gritted teeth and went to
When I got home I was pleasantly relieved to find Darren
sitting on the couch watching television. He had a beer
in his hand, although from the way he looked he hadn’t
gotten through the first six-pack.
“Hey, bro,” he shouted.
“Hi, Darren.”
“Made myself at home, hope you don’t mind?”
“No, that’s fine.”
“Cool. Hey, the guest room’s the one with the fruity
flower painting in it, right?”
“Oh, good. I had some trouble finding it. But I made
“Oh. Good.”
“Yeah, sorry if I made a mess in the other rooms.”
I looked at him straight in the eye.
“Mess?” I asked.
“Err, yeah. I wasn’t sure if I was in the right room so
I went through some of the drawers to make sure. Hope
that’s not a problem.”
I didn’t speak at first.
“No. No problem at all.”
“Cool.” Darren went back to watching his reruns.
I dashed upstairs and began checking each room. The
bathroom was fine. So was the spare room. I wasn’t sure
what Darren was talking about until I got to my bedroom.
Darren had been through the drawers all right, but
curiously only Delores’ underwear drawer. Plain cotton
panties and bras were in a heap in the floor. Garter
belts were all over the room, as if they had been used
like sling shots.
It took me a while to clean up the room. When I was
finished I went downstairs again.
Some time when I was trying to put away Darren’s mess
Delores had come home. I hadn’t heard her car, I guess I
had been to engrossed with my task. She was sitting next
to Darren, laughing at some joke he had just told.
“Hey bro,” Darren motioned at me.
“Oh, Bill,” Delores said between giggles. “Darren was
just telling me about some of the games he played.”
“I was just telling her about this one cheerleader on
the opposing squad,” Darren explained. “She wasn’t
wearing panties, although no one really knew that. But
our mascot somehow found out and pulled her skirt off,
showing her pussy to everyone.”
Delores burst into a fit of giggles again.
“In the middle of a game?” I asked.
“No, in our locker room.”
Delores’ giggles tapered off. She blinked a few times.
“What?” she asked, confused.
“Yeah, see we’ve got this tradition with Ohio State,
where the losing team has to send over some cheerleaders
to the winning team’s locker room after the game. It’s
nothing bad, the cheerleaders totally agree, and all
they have to do is some cheer praising the winners.”
“Oh,” Delores said, although she still looked unsure.
“Um, I think I better get dinner ready.”
She got up leaving me alone with Darren. When she was
clearly out of the range of hearing Darren leaned over
to me and began whispering.
“Bro, you are so gonna get it tonight.”
“Didn’t you see her? When she thought we were banging
those cheerleaders? Man, she is horny. She’s going to
ride you like a woman possessed. I always wondered by
you married such a prude, but bro, man now I understand.
She must be like a total nympho.”
“No, not really,” I admitted. “It’s all pretty tame.”
Darren looked genuinely surprised.
“You sure, bro? I mean I’ve seen types like her before,
pretending to be quiet and shit, but deep down they want
to be used like a ten dollar…”
“That’s enough,” I interrupted.
“Sorry, bro.”
“Besides, you said it yourself, the cheerleaders just
did a cheer.”
“Fuck, that was just because I could see she was getting
uncomfortable. Of course we banged them. Bro, those
girls were grade A prime pussy. Once we got ’em naked
there was no stopping them. The losing team only sends
over the sluttiest cheerleaders on the squad. Those
girls fucked us so long we almost missed our bus back.”
Darren was right, we did have sex that night, and
Delores seemed more into it than usual. She even gave me
a blow job. It felt good to have my cock in her mouth,
and I returned the favor by eating her out. She must
have orgasmed twice, although she shouted out a little
louder than usual.
The next day went by without incident. Darren tried to
get us to try some beer. Delores tried a sip but said it
didn’t agree with her. I declined.
Delores and I were in bed, preparing to go to sleep.
Delores was reading a book on new tax laws and I was
skimming a technology magazine someone from work had
leant me. Darren had been out all day and we didn’t
expect him home until late in the night, or even the
next day.
His truck roared into the driveway right then. We heard
the door get slammed shut and a pair of voices, Darren’s
and a girl’s. They seemed to be giggling and slurring
their words a lot.
“Shh. Shhh. You don’t want to wake up my brother.”
“Oooh. Is he as cute as you?”
“No. He’s adopt… adoptt… He’s adopted.”
“Yeah, he and his wife are probably sleepin… So shhh!”
“Okay. I’ll Shhh! Why are they sleeping? Shouldn’t they
be partyin?”
“Not my bro. He’s a pussy…”
I sighed and Delores put a supportive hand on my arm.
“Biggest pussy in the world.”
“Bigger than this?”
“That’s a nice pussy, but it’s not as big as my
“Oh. You still want it.”
“Of course I do. I love your pussy.”
There was another opening and shutting of a door,
presumably to Darren’s room.
Delores turned to me.
“Bill, do you love my pussy?”
In the three years of our marriage I had never heard my
wife say the word “pussy”. So this came as something of
a shock to me. But I’m not an idiot either.
“Of course.”
“Then let’s go.”
She threw her book away and turned off the light. The
sex we had that night was more wild than anything we had
done before. We could over hear Darren and his partner
as she shrieked her happiness. I’m not sure but I think
Delores was trying to drown them out. As she pounded her
hips on my penis she shouted her ecstasy. When it was
over she collapsed onto my body and kissed my chest a
couple times before going to sleep.
The next morning Darren was hung over. He came into the
kitchen only for coffee and water.
“Good morning, Darren,” Delores said cheerfully.
Darren grunted his assent.
“You seemed to have a good night, last night.”
“Yeah. You guys too from what I heard.”
“So where’s your lady friend?”
“Oh. Sorry.”
“‘m not. Best kind of fuck. Gone in the mornin.”
Darren want back upstairs to get over his hang over,
leaving Delores and I together alone.
“What was that about?” I asked.
“Your sudden interest in Darren’s sex life.”
“Just curious about what’s going on under our roof.”
Nothing exciting happened at work. When I got home
dinner was already prepared and Delores was dressed in a
shorty black dress. It hugged her body and the hem cut
off well above her knees. The neckline was low enough
that it showed off an ample amount of cleavage.
“Hi hon, dinner will be ready in a second.”
“What’s the occasion?”
“Nothing special.”
“Where did you get that dress from?”
“Like it?” She did a quick twirl in it.
“Yeah, definitely.”
“I bought it today. I thought I might get some less
conservative items for special occasions.”
And even though this contradicted what she said earlier,
I let it go.
Darren bounded down the stairs, much more energetic than
this morning.
“Hey bro. Look, sorry about last night, and this
morning. I’m not on my best when I’ve had a few too
“It’s no problem, really.” I wasn’t really paying
attention to him, rather I focused my attentions on how
sexy my wife looked in that dress. It was a side of her
I had never seen before.
Darren followed my gaze.
“Yeah, she looks hot doesn’t she?”
I nodded dumbly.
“I saw that and I thought of her. I couldn’t resist
buying it for her.”
I swear, that comment just flew past me.
“Dinner’s ready,” Delores sang.
We all sat down. Delores sat across from me, Darren next
to both of us. I spent most of dinner looking at what
the dress revealed of my wife’s breasts.
After we had finished she got up to clear the plates.
When she picked up Darren’s I noticed she coughed a
little, but then she excused herself. Darren brought his
hand from under the table, ran it over what was left on
his plate and licked his fingers.
“Great meal, Delores,” he complimented.
“Thank you, Darren.”
“Can I get desert a little later? I think I’m a bit
“Of course, dear.”
Darren got up and left.
When she picked up my plate, Delores kissed me on the
“Your desert is coming later too, right before we go to
At which point I noticed a trickle of liquid roll down
my wife’s thigh.
When she came back in for a second load of dishes she
raised the hem of her skirt ever so slightly and flashed
her bare pussy at me. She hadn’t been wearing any
“Are you ready?”
I put down the magazine and looked up to where my wife
was preparing to make her grand entrance.
She walked into the bedroom dressed in red thong panties
and a sheer red bra. Red stockings went up her leg,
ending at her thigh, held in place by a red garter belt.
To complete the red motif, a chocker was stretched
across her neck.
“Do you like?” she asked seductively.
“Yes,” I agreed.
She gave me an inviting smile. Slowly she slinked over
to the bed, and began to crawl up it towards my awaiting
body. Her fingers played delightful games up the length
of my thigh and then teased my penis gently. Delores
crawled up the length of my body, licking various body
parts along the way. Finally she kissed me.
She pushed up from my body so that she could straddle my
chest. She removed her bra to reveal her perfectly
shaped breasts and then pulled my hands towards them so
I could play with them. As I did that she pushed her
panties to the side so that my penis could slide into
her eager pussy. She moaned loudly.
I don’t know what it was but for some reason our sex
seemed to get better and better as the week progressed.
The trend was not broken that night. Before I described
my wife as a woman possessed. This time it was more like
a woman possessed, exorcised, possessed again, and then
made into a horny slut.
At work some idiot mixed the wrong chemicals together
and they had to close down the lab. Most of us got sent
home early.
When I opened the door I could see clothing strewn
everywhere. Obviously Darren had brought home another
one of his conquests. She must have been pretty slutty
too, the dress on the couch with his sweatshirt was a
small black leather thing with barely enough material to
cover the chest region. By his jeans was a pair of black
crotchless panties, and where his boxers were was an
empty condom wrapper.
I really hoped he cleaned all this stuff up before
Delores got home. For all I know he had done this all
week, but I had never gotten home early enough to find
the evidence.
“That’s it cunt!” I heard Darren shout from the guest
Suddenly I felt I shouldn’t be in the house. I decided
to retire to my own room. Quiet as could be I climbed
the stairs as Darren began shouting more obscenities at
his partner.
“You’re a fucking whore aren’t you?! That’s right slut!
You love cock, don’t you?! You’re just a cock whore!”
I shook my head.
“Who’s cock whore are you?!”
“Yours Darren! I’m your cock whore!”
Okay, that was Delores’ voice. I’d recognize it
anywhere. I ran to the guest room door and eased it
Delores was on the bed, on all fours, completely naked.
Darren was behind her, doing my wife Rocky(D)gy style,
pumping his cock into her cunt like a mad man.
“Yesss!” Delores moaned. “Give it to me!”
Which is when I shouted louder than ever in my life.
They both stopped, and as if suddenly aware of my
presence for the first time, looked up.
Even if that was the loudest I’ve ever shouted, my wife
screamed louder.
Almost at a dead heat she pitched forward, dislodging
Darren’s cock, crawled off the bed, shot past me, and
ran into our bedroom, slamming the door behind her.
Darren was alone on the bed, naked.
“Hey bro.”
I walked out of the room to disgust. When I tried to
open my own bedroom door I found it locked. I knocked.
“Go away!”
“What was that?”
“Go away!”
“I think we need to talk?!”
“About what?”
“Well adultery comes to mind.”
There was a long silence. Finally my wife said, “I’ll
talk to you in the kitchen in an hour.”
An hour later my wife came down the stairs dressed in
one of her long skirts and high collared shirts, what
Bill had called days earlier “nuns’ wear”. Close behind
her was Bill. They sat next to each other, across from
“So what’s going on?” I began. “Would someone possibly
like to explain why my wife is having sex with someone I
begrudgingly refer to as family?”
“Bill, Darren and I are sleeping together.”
Well that shut me up.
“I’m sorry Bill, we didn’t mean for it to happen but I
needed excitement in my life. Bill can provide that
excitement in ways you can’t. We’ve been doing it for
the past few days. I’ve been taking the days off and
fucking Bill.”
“So you’re leaving me?” I asked weakly.
“No, I still love you. But I also love fucking Darren.
Here’s what I propose. I’ll stay with you, as your wife.
We’ll go on living just as we have, I’ll still be your
devoted wife, but whenever Darren wants to, we will
fuck. I’m going to be his fuck toy, at his beck and call
twenty-four/seven. You and I will still make love on
Friday night, but every other night I’m going to be with
Darren. During the day, when you’re at work I’m going to
be with Darren. Darren’s going to pick my clothes from
now on so I can dress like the slut I truly am. I think
you’ve seen how that’s going to look. From now on I
belong to Darren.”
I thought about this. “So when do I get you?”
“Any time Darren doesn’t want to use me.”
I thought about it. I gave it consideration. I could go
back to my life as if nothing had happened. Return to my
perfect life as the perfect husband to a perfect on the
surface wife, who secretly was my step-brother’s sex
slave. But as far as mom would know I was living the
American Dream, I would still be the perfect son to her.
Then my step-brother gave me one of his stupid shit-
eating grins.
“Well, fuck that,” I said.
I swear to god, both Delores and Darren stared at me as
if I had just told them I was Elvis.
“Bro…” Darren started, but I cut him off.
“No, don’t fucking call me bro,” I shouted angrily.
“Just ’cause your fucking father married my mom doesn’t
make you my fucking brother.”
“Bill, why are you talking like this?” my wife asked
timidly. “It’s not like you.”
I turned to look at her. “Well it looks like the fucking
floodgates are open, doesn’t it Delores? What, did you
think I’d be happy sitting by while my wife let’s
someone else bone her? My fucking step-brother on top of
everything, a guy she fucking knows I hate! That she
thought I’d see this as some fucking Wonderland and not
a fucking insult! What kind of fucking moron are you?!”
“Oh she fucks really good,” Darren laughed.
I’m not really sure how I did it. I hadn’t done
something like it since I was eight, but I grabbed
Darren, threw him onto the table, pulled his arm behind
his back and broke it. The arm, not the back. It felt
I was Bill Underbrook again.
When I let him go Darren fell to the ground screaming
about his arm. Delores called an ambulance. I got a beer
from the fridge. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it
When the paramedics showed up Delores collaborated my
story that Darren ran into a wall while he was drunk.
The beer I shoved down his throat probably helped
convince them. They left and I was alone with my wife.
And damned if she wasn’t scared of me.
No reason she shouldn’t be. Bill Underbrook was a scary
“What are you going to do to me?”
I looked at her, all fear and guilt. “I don’t know. You
sure as hell aren’t the woman I married.”
“I could be.”
“No you couldn’t. The second you started to want
Darren’s cock instead of mine the woman I married ceased
to exist. I don’t know who you are now, but I don’t want
to stay married to her. I’ll talk to a lawyer tomorrow
about divorce.”
“B-but I still love you,” she cried.
“No,” I told her calmly, Bill Underbrook was always
calm, which was probably why he scared so many people.
“You loved the perfect, dull Bill Leuter. But I think
he’s ceased to exist too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m
going to bed.”
That night I was awoken as Delores got into bed next to
me. I think she was purposely loud in order to awaken
“I’m sorry,” she whispered eagerly in my ear. “Let me
make it up to you.”
Her hand began to massage my cock. It grew hard in her
soft hands.
“Do you really want to do this?” I asked her.
“Yes,” she said. “Make love to me.”
I didn’t. I fucked her. I got on top of her and shoved
my cock into her cunt. I abused her cunt for a while
until I heard her start to moan. I pulled out and pushed
her body over. I spread her ass apart until I could see
her back hole. I slammed into it like there was no
tomorrow. Delores screamed in pain, but I just continued
to dry fuck the anal passageway as she wept in pain.
Then I got bored with that. I pulled out and grabbed her
“Bill, what are you doing?” Delores asked between sobs.
“Suck it,” I told her. “Taste your own shit.”
I pushed her face into my rock hard cock. She didn’t
resist and I felt my cock enter her moist, fuck hole of
a mouth. Apparently Darren had taught her something
because she sucked on my cock with such skill that I
shot my load in her mouth almost instantly. She
swallowed it and tried to pull away, I pushed her head
back into my crotch.
“Don’t stop until I tell you, bitch” I commanded. Her
tongue brushed against my shaft as she resumed her oral
attention and soon I was hard once more.
I pushed her head away from me and she fell back on the
bed. I dragged her hips towards me and pushed my cock
into her cunt again. This time I went for slow,
controlled strokes. It wasn’t long before she was making
loud happy noises I had never heard from her before. She
must have came at least three times before I did. After
I shot my load into her I pulled out.
“God, you’ve never been like this before,” Delores
Well of course not, I told myself. She’s never fucked
Bill Eastbrook before.
“Better than Darren?” I asked.
“Much better,” she confirmed.
I leaned in close and whispered in her ear. “But you
shouldn’t know that.”
I got up, took my pillow and a blanket and went to sleep
on the couch in the living room. The next morning, when
I woke up, Delores wasn’t home. I was about to call a
lawyer when the phone rang. It was my mother.
“Bill, Delores is over at our house and she’s crying.
She says you want to divorce her. And then we got a call
from the hospital that Darren’s arm is broken and he
says you did it. What’s going on?”
I explained everything to her. Even about how the
perfect life I had been leading had been for her benefit
and seemed to be over. She took it pretty well. Then she
put Ray on the phone. I could hear her yelling at
Delores in the background.
“Yeah Ray?”
“Sorry about what Darren did.”
“Uh. Thanks.”
“Rose tells me you’re not going to be the perfect son
“Probably not.”
“Can’t say I blame you, after everything that’s happened
to you. Just want you to know you always have a place in
the family with your mother and me. I don’t know if
you’ll want to be a part of it with Darren, and you
coming to terms with your life before you were adopted,
but there’s a place for you.”
I can’t help it. I like that man.
“Thanks Ray. I appreciate it.”
“Bill?” It was my mother on another phone.
“Yeah ma?”
“Delores wants to talk to you.”
I sighed. “Okay, put her on.”
“Bill?” asked Delores between sobs.
“I’m sorry.”
“I don’t really care.”
“Damn it Bill, you can’t leave me?”
“Why not?”
“I love you?”
“You should have thought of that before you messed
around with Darren. Look, is this all you’re going to
talk about? Because I need to call a lawyer.”
“Okay, okay, just hear me out. You’re not who you used
to be, right?”
“Right, so?”
“And you say I’m not the woman you married, right?”
“Well, why can’t we start all over as two new people?”
I wanted to tell her why not, but for the life of me I
couldn’t come up with an answer.

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