Cuckold Fantasy

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A couple after seeing my pictures and reading my blog. They happen to live nearby and want me to be the Bull. I’m reluctant at first, so they offer to pay me $1,000 in “acting fees” as they would like to video the event for later enjoyment. Their house is nice and pleasantly decorated, if a bit conservative, and they’re both very excited and happy to see me in real life, and eager to get started. The wife is blushing because she can’t believe her husband has agreed for her to live out her fantasy of fucking a big cock. In the bedroom, the wife, now nude, asks if she can undress me. I tell her it’s her fantasy and I’m just here to do what she wants. Before any clothes have been removed, she’s already unzipped my pants, pulled them and my underwear down and gives an audible gasp followed by a low moan as she sees my cock up close for the first time. Unable to help herself, she holds it in her hands, commenting on the weight and how it looks even better in real life. Greedily, she slides it into her mouth and starts sucking it, rolling her tongue around the head of my cock and testing to see how much of it she can take into her mouth. After only a few minutes she stops and comments about how her jaw is starting to hurt because it’s so much larger than her husbands.
Her husband, who has been meekly standing off to the side watching eyes his wife enquiringly as to what she’d like him to do. In answer she commands him, “Get undressed already! Show us that little cock of yours!” Being told this just arouses him more, and by the time he gets his clothes off his 5″ cock is fully hard, only as thick as my thumb, and poking straight out beneath his huge, protruding “bowling ball” of a gut that reminds me of a pregnant woman. Completely naked I can see that in addition to his skinny arms, he has extremely skinny legs, which make his enormous gut even that much more prominent. He has bad posture and stoops over a bit, and I can’t tell if it’s something genetic or physical or if it’s from a life of cowering, hunched over. He walks over to a camera on a tripod and starts pressing buttons until I see a small red light come on. His wife yells at him, “Bring that little dick over here so can compare it to this Bull’s cock!” She then holds both cocks in her hands, and this close together, the comparison makes his cock look just that much smaller and mine that much larger.
After she drops her husband’s dick and has sucked mine for another few minutes, she moves over to the bed and lays on her back. Massaging her sore jaw again, she tells me, “Show my little dicked husband how a Bull fucks a woman. Let’s see how much of that cock I can take!”
I get on the bed, and slowly put just the head of my cock in her pussy when she says, “Hold on, slow down! Holy fuck that’s big. We’re going to have to work that in slowly.” Her pussy feels tight even on the head of my cock, and try to hide my amazement that his little dick has only opened her pussy up that much. She nods for me to slide some more in, and as it goes maybe another inch deeper, her hands grab the bed-sheets tight and she arches her head back. In a half-whisper she tells me to keep going. I slide another inch in. Her hands are grabbing the sheets so hard I can see her knuckles turning white. She blurts out, “More!” I’m half way in, and she brings her head back and squints her eyes like she’s in pain, but then gives out a long, warm moan. I slide an inch more, then another inch, and not seeing or hearing her stop me, I slide it all the way in-or so I thought as before I have the whole thing in, I feel the head of my cock hit the back of her cunt. Her eyes, open wide and she stares at me panting, and screams, “fuck me!! pound that fucking pussy!” I give it a few good hard strokes and start working up the speed, feeling my cock hit the back of her pussy each time. It doesn’t hurt my cock to do so, so I start pounding away, building up to a furious speed. Half-screaming, she says, “oh my god, I’m cumming already!!” Her mouth is hanging open, and her eyes roll back. She looks like she’s having an out of body experience. After awhile of this, she starts squinting in pain again, and says, “Fuck, that big Bull cock is hitting my cervix, ouch…ouch…ouch…” I slow down, and don’t go as deep. This is exactly what she needed and she starts moving her hips in unison with mine. I ask her if she wants me to stop and she tells me she wants me to keep fucking that pussy until she comes at least one more time.
I hear some grunting off to the side, slightly behind me, and I look to see her husband standing, cum dripping off his hand, and off the head of his dick that’s already shrinking after having blown his load. Within a few seconds his dick looks like the tip of my pinky, and unable to help it my eyes go wide with shock, not used to seeing a cock that small. His wife grabs my ass and starts pulling me deeper. I turn back to her as she tells me she’s getting close again wants me go quicker. “I want you to fuck me deep again, I want you to fucking hurt that pussy. Hurt it good! I want that pussy to fucking hurt tomorrow, so all day long all I do is think of the good fuck I got from that big Bull cock of yours! Pound that cunt!” I speed up again until I’m furiously fucking that tight cunt-feeling my cock hit her cervix with every thrust. In the back of my mind I’m wondering how the head of my cock is going to feel tomorrow…
She throws her arms up behind her to hold herself against the headboard of the bed because my hard thrusts have pushed her body all the way back on the mattress. Her head is moving back and forth as I go deeper and deeper. Her face is red and I can see her crying, but she has a smile and it’s obvious to both me and her husband that she is in absolute ecstasy. She throws her head back, hitting the headboard but uncaring, and reaches out with her hands and starts clawing the shit out of my stomach and chest with her nails, starting at the sides and pulling towards her. “That’s going to leave a mark,” I think to myself, silently chuckling. She digs her nails into me, gripping my sides and lets out a primal scream as she comes for the second time.
Her husband rushes up to the side of the bed between us, and looking back and forth between me and his wife, says, “Holy fuck, you’re still fucking her? You haven’t cum yet?” I just give him an arrogant smile and look back at his wife as I fuck the last of her orgasm contractions out of her cunt.
“Oh, you want to see me cum all over your wife?” I ask her husband.
He’s taken aback by the question for a second and then enthusiastically answers, “Yeah! Blow that big Bull load all over my wife! Give her all that hot cum that I’ll never be able to give her!”
I can’t help but laugh aloud a bit, and then I say, “Well then..” I move so that I’m now kneeling in front her, my hands holding up her ass while I start fucking her pussy hard again, and teasing her I ask, “So, you want your Bull to blow his big load all over you? Is that what you want? You want your husband to stand by and watch my big cock cover you in cum?”
Exhausted from coming for the second time, she slowly nods, and then focusing on me, says, “Yeah, show this tiny dicked husband of mine what it looks like when a real Bull cums!” Recovered now, she puts her hand down to her clit while I’m still fucking her pussy, and starts getting into it. “Let me see that big cock cum!”
That’s all I needed to hear to put me over the edge, and sliding my cock out, I sit up, and work that rock-hard engorged cock for about 10 seconds before, I gasp, “Oh fuck!” My cock starts spewing like a firehouse, huge volumes of cum with each spurt. The first huge spurt of cum flies over her head and hits the headboard landing with a splat, so I aim my cock a bit lower and the second spurt hits her right in the forehead, slowly dripping down. The third spurt hits her just above her upper lip and before it can even drip down, she’s eagerly licking it with her tongue while she’s furiously moving her hand over her clit.
“Fuck! yes! yes! yes!” she’s yelling as she comes for the third time, her hand moving so quickly on her clit that it’s just a blur.
Not done cumming yet, I aim my cock a bit lower and shoot a nice long spurt over her left tit, then the next on her right tit. I explode out another 10 or 12 spurts, slowly diminishing, but still leaving a huge puddle of cum on her stomach.
“Sorry about cumming on your headboard,” I apologize. “I tend to do that…”
I’m thinking we’re all done, but she moves over in front of me and sliding my cock in her mouth, starts sucking it. After half a minute, she pulls my cock out of her mouth with her hand and points it at her husband, “Get over here you little pencil dick. Get down and clean my Bull’s cock off. I don’t want a drop of cum left in that cock.” Before I can even say anything, her husband is greedily sucking my cock like his life depends on it. My cock is really sensitive by now, and I push his head back with my hand and say, “Enough!” in a pissed off voice.
Everyone gets dressed. She hands me an ice cold can of Red Bull.

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