Cuckold Savours The Smelly Cumload

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This is a story about a man that who feels the need to
be cuckolded and convinces his wife to fulfill this
need. She agrees happily with her husband’s proposal,
but asks him a special favour. The husband agrees and
discovers the pleasure of eating another man’s sperm.
It happened while I was working away from home. I was
in a hotel room masturbating and watching a porno movie
when I started fantasizing about my wife.
I suddenly felt the need to be cuckolded. It’s
difficult to explain, I felt it inside, I wanted to
see her with other men, hear her moans, jerk off in
front of her while she would do it or ask her to leave
her cell phone on close to the bed so I could listen
while she got screwed. I felt so excited; my balls were
filling up with sperm just at the thought of it…
First I was a bit embarrassed, but then I took courage
and told her about my desires on the phone that same
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, my love.”
“You never told me about it.”
“I imagined it before but now it entered inside of me,
I feel it as a need.”
“I want you to be a free woman and know that you get
screwed by other men.”
“And if I get to like it? Would you let me go on?”
“Yes, my love, I’m born to be a cuckold, I feel it. You
don’t know how much you would make me happy.”
“Oh, I think I would like to do it, but this doesn’t
mean that you have to have other girls.”
“Of course not, my love, I’ll be just happy to jerk off
with the stories you’ll tell me or with the movies
you’ll make with your lovers.”
“That’s really nice, I love the idea, I’ll call you
later. Now go on jerking off, I can assure you that
soon I will fulfill your desires.”
I masturbated a lot that night thinking about her and
the next day she called me.
“I thought about it, I would like to get screwed by a
friend of mine, you know Alessandro?”
“Yes I know him.”
“I have always dreamt of having sex with him.”
“Oh my love, I’m so happy.”
“Well I called him this morning.”
“Oh Angela, I’m so excited.”
“Me too, I feel really hot. Tonight we are going out
and then I’m bringing him home. I’ll call you on the
phone tonight. Have your phone on at all times.
“When it will ring sharpen your ears because I won’t
say a word to you, you’ll have to listen while we make
love and masturbate. I also thought about something
that I consider very important,” she said with a very
serious voice “W-what, my love?”
“That you masturbate in front of one of your friends
and that you lick up your own sperm after you cum and
get filmed by your friend while you do it… all this
while you listen to me having sex with Alessandro…”
“My sweet love I don’t know, I’m a bit shy,” I said.
“You’ll do it for me?” said Angela.
“Y-Yes my love, I’m going to do it.”
I called a very good friend of mine and explained him
the situation.
He was a bit surprised of my needs but decided to help
me. He took a movie camera and prepared the set. I was
very excited and every time the phone rang my heart was
beating so fast… Then she finally called.
As promised she didn’t say a word and I said to my
friend to start filming. I undressed holding the phone
close to my ears with the other hand. I started jerking
off slowly, increasing the rhythm when I started
hearing the telltale sound of my love sucking
Alessandro’s cock. After a while I started hearing the
moans and the dirty words Alessandro was saying to my
love, “You are really a juicy slut, where’s your lovely
I could hear Angela reply, “Don’t worry about him and
screw me. Didn’t you know that he’s a happy cuckold?”
Then he started fucking her harder and harder and I
decided to pass the phone to my friend who was filming
me jerking off.”
My friend then said, “Mmmmm, she’s liking it very
much… are you happy?”
“Oh I’m so happy that she’s with Alessandro, she wanted
it so badly, I’m such a happy cuckold.”
“You like to hear your girlfriend’s moans…mmm…”
said my friend. Then I shouted to him “Pass me the
plate, shooting soon.”
My friend looked very happy and excited and put the
plate under my cock waiting for me to shoot my load.
Then I squirted in the plate.
That was a painful moment, I cried after that. I
realized that I was a cuckold and that I had been
humiliated in front of my friend.
He reassured me by telling me, “Luca, don’t worry, it
is normal, you’ll see that in no time you’ll have sperm
forming in your balls again and you will be willing to
drink your own cum…
I also have to confess You that I also feel the need to
empty my balls after having heard your needs and having
listened to your girlfriend’s moans.”
He gave me the movie camera and told me to film him
while he jerked off. He took his dick in his hands and
started stroking furiously, then to my surprise, he
took the plate where I had squirted and shot his load.
There was a moment of silence. The smell of sperm had
filled the air.
I felt very excited.
After a while my friend said, “Are you ready to eat our
I smelled the plate, It had a very strong sweet scent.
“Y-Yes they smell good, I realize that the smell of
sperm is really good.”
“I’m happy that you like it,” said my friend. “Your
wife is going to love it.”
Then he passed me the plate filled with our spermies
and started filming again.
I said to the camera very excited, “Angela, this is the
fruit of our manhood. I’m so honoured to drink the
smelly spermies. Next time, if you want, I will be
ready to clean Your pussy after your lovers have shot
their loads.”
Then with a big smile, hungry for the sperm I licked
the plate clean until the last drop…
Angela loved the video and said that she was going to
fulfill my desire to drink her lovers cum. Every time
she would have sex with a new guy I was asked to
position myself under the lover’s balls. That was a
period when I saw many hairy and smelly balls. When it
was time to cum most guys would pull out their cocks
and they would squirt their loads directly in my open
and hungry mouth.
Sometimes they would squirt on my girlfriend’s pussy or
belly; in that case I had to lick everything up.
It arrived the moment when I needed my daily doses of
smelly sperm. I started going into the men’s toilets
and give money to guys to jerk off and to give cum for
I would give them a container where the loads had to be
discharged. I confessed it to my girlfriend and she
said that a good place where to get fresh spunk was in
teenagers schools. At 13-14 boys masturbate a lot, and
I think they would be happy to give you sperm.
I decided to follow her advice and I went to school. I
approached a few boys, gave them some money and some
porno magazines with blonde, big titties girls and in
no time I had them going out of the toilet with
containers full of fresh, hot, yellowish, smelly spunk.
I made friends with a boy who was a regular sperm donor
and I decided to bring him home where he met my wife.
He was very horny and in need. Angela took him in the
other room and sucked his young and almost hairless
cock, then sweetly opened the legs for him.
I entered the room while he was fucking her, first
slowly, and then faster, with so much passion.
It was time to position myself under his young balls.
He seemed a bit shy but I told him, “Don’t worry I just
want your smelly load.”
The boy was so curious to know why I wanted to swallow
his cum.
“Mister, w-why do you like my ball juices so much?”
“My dear boy,” I answered him “When I was just a bit
more than a teenager I started tasting my own cum and I
liked it. Recently my girlfriend has started taking all
these dudes home and I discovered the pleasure to be
cuckolded by and to drink her lovers cum. It’s so
rewarding for a happy cuckold like me to have the mouth
filled with their hot spermies, it’s the fruit of their
love, their lust, their intimate ball juice.”
“Mister, I’m going to cum soon, if you want, I’ll be
giving you sperm,” said the boy.
I gave another lick to his balls and I felt them harder
on my tongue, then he grunted loudly and squirted his
He did It on the pussy and Angela asked him not to go
away and watch me lick his sperm. It was a tasty cum
and smellier than usual.
I finally decided to go, advised from Angela, to the
sperm donor association and make my situation public
and ask them advice and information.
“Dear Luca we have good news for you. At our research
centre we are making studies on all related subjects
about sperm: Taste, volume, testicular draining
sessions, sperm based diets and influence of food in
sperm smell and we need some volunteers who would
submit themselves fully for the project.
I was then shown the area of where the so called
testicular draining sessions would take place.
They were gloryholes and I had to position myself at
the other side of the wall as a cocksucker.
I was given a pen and a piece of paper and I had to
write down the characteristics of smell, taste, colour
and type of ejaculation of each cock. The centre had
the order list of the cocks as they were presented to
me in the gloryhole, so, afterwards, for them, it was
so easy to relate my comments to the men that I sucked,
understanding more about age, diet, weight, everything
related to sperm. One day I was told that they needed
me for a big experiment on big amounts of sperm
swallowing and how and if it would affect the throat
and stomach walls.
I was taken into the so called bukkake room where there
were many young and old guys jerking off and they put a
tube in my mouth connected to a big wide funnel where
the horny men would discharge their loads. Before
coming to the research centre men were asked to abstain
from sex and masturbation for a week, checked their
testicular volume entering the centre and asked to
watch porn movies before entering the jerk-off room. It
was so nice to see them all stroking and ready to give
their seed. At that moment I had got used to suck a lot
of cocks so I would have with pleasure fellate them. My
girlfriend, in fact, before entering the research
centre, had made me suck some of her lover’s cocks. I
had to suck their dicks before and after they had sex
with her.
I’ll never forget when she asked me for the first time
to do it.
I was in the living room, I had just woke up and my
wife comes in and asks me, “Please can you come in the
other room?”
There was a guy who had slept with her and was just
waking up. The guy was lying on his back, naked, with
his hairy cock exposed.
“He just woke up.” Angela said. “He’s already hard, go
and suck on him.”
I had never had sex with a guy and I felt very shy.
That was a last taboo that I had to get over if I
wanted my daily loads. A friend of mine had said “Man
to man fellatio is so good, I really love when I meet
a guy at the gym that wants his cock to be sucked
clean, mmm… I like especially when his balls smell
a lot.”
“Come,” said the guy, spreading his hairy legs and
showing his hard cock
I literally dived for his cock, letting myself
transport by the smells, the desires and the body of
this guy.
I started smelling him, his balls, his asshole, his
armpits. While I was sucking his cock, my wife came to
me and started pushing my head up and down on his shaft
“You like to suck cocks?” she asked.
“Y-yes my love.”
“Good, you’ll suck many.”
I started then licking his balls while holding his
shaft with my hand, they were so beautiful.
“I made love with your wife last night” said the guy
“she told me not to wash my cock after because you
wanted to smell it.”
“It’s true, I always smell the guys that have sex with
my love.”
“How does it feel to be a cuckold?” the guy asked me
“It’s very good to know that your girl gets other cocks
and that then there’s a reward for you.”
“What reward?” the guy asked and I answered promptly,
“The smelly loads… I love eating sperm so much.”
Angela then came and said “Now it’s my turn, position
yourself under his balls.”
then she spread her legs to him. In no time the guy was
pumping her like a good stallion and I was licking his
asshole. The guy was not so clean, his asshole was
quite smelly and while he was fucking my love, he even
farted, adding more spice to my first experience with a
After that experience it was going to be easier to
enter the research centre because one of the requisites
was to suck the president of the centre in front of
many smelly guys who purposely didn’t shower for weeks
making the sperm students get used to all situations
that they will encounter. During the first test the men
discharging their loads had eaten asparagus for a week
that is said to make the sperm smell awful. My
response, after having eaten their smelly sperm was,
“There’s no bad sperm, every testicular juice has its
distinctive smell, I love them all, I’m a sperm lover.”
I was them promoted to “sperm supervisor.”
I had to weigh men’s balls when they entered the
centre. They were lining up and I would take them in
my hands and feel the cum inside.
Lessons also were given on how to be confident with the
intimate juices and lick them.
Once I took my class to the “sperm room” a place where
horny kids regularly came in the morning to jerk off
and leave their loads in a big bowl. The class was boys
and girls. As soon as we entered the room there was
such a strong scent of spermies. Girls were quite used
to that strong smell but boys were a bit shy and
“Don’t be disgusted guys, this is the juice that comes
from your dearly balls, the intimate juices of lust and
love, you should taste them.”
First I passed the bowl to everyone so they could put
their nose inside and get used to it. “Before letting
you drink from the bowl I want to see the shy guys in
action” I had invited an old man to the centre and he
entered the sperm room. I asked the guys who was going
to be a volunteer for the fresh sperm tasting. “The old
man is just going to jerk off, you just have to be with
the tongue out when he’s going to shoot and taste his
spermies.” The old man started jerking off and two guys
took position.
The old man asked if the girls could lower their
panties so that he could give a peek while he was
masturbating. Two girls positioned themselves with
their asses almost on the face of the two drinkers who
were so horny and waiting for the smelly load. So, as a
sperm supervisor, I caressed the balls of the guy who
was jerking off and said to the drinkers to get their
tongues out because the guy was going to shoot soon.
From the class there was a loud support to their
friends going to receive fresh spermies and they
started themselves feasting on the smelly bowl, “Mmmmm
it’s so good…. mmmmm,” were their comments.
One comment that I particularly liked was one of a guy
who said, “I will ask my brother to keep his cum for me
when he jerks off.”
Then the old guy came hard shouting “come on boys get
this special cheese… ahhhhhhhhh!”
The load messed their faces and I asked them to clean
each other with their tongues.
Me and my wife had started leaving messages on the
The message said, “Men of all ages, husbands, single,
old men, teenagers please donate your sperm to Luca and
Angela, we are a sperm loving couple. We’ll receive you
in our home if you want to donate in person or you can
send your sperm loads in a sealed refrigerated
container to our post box.
Extreme confidentiality. We accept also full
condoms(please tie them before packaging).
Sperm donors will receive money and videos of their
sperm being licked up if they leave address.
We had started receiving not only the loads but also
videos of guys masturbating or couples making love. One
video me and my girlfriend like very much is one when
there’s a girl just waking up who takes his boyfriend
to the toilet, takes a container and starts jerking him
off until he grunts and shoots his load and while he’s
cumming she says, “Here you go, my love, lots of juice
for Angela and Luca,” and then she shakes her
boyfriend’s cock until every drop has fallen in the
container. Then she looks at the movie camera and she
says, “A friend of mine gave me your address. she says
that you love eating spermies and that you love them
especially when they stink a bit, well I can assure you
that my boyfriend’s spunk is very smelly indeed. Bon
Of course there were less shy people who would show up
at our house. I was very happy because there was one
guy who would come almost everyday to shoot his load
and this would assure my daily sperm doses. There was
also a couple coming very often. We gave a condom to
them and a private room.
When they started fucking hard me and my wife would
enter and would go behind the guy and lick one ball
each. Our tongues were so close…
Some guys didn’t want to be ball licked while fucking
my love and they wanted me to wait in another room
while they screwed her. but then they always came on my
girlfriend’s pussy or belly so I just showed up and
cleaned everything.
It was also good when my girlfriend was inviting her
friends telling them that I wanted to swallow cum.
Sometimes I would wake up in the morning with a guy
asking to be accompanied to the toilet.
He would lower his pants and I would take his semi
flaccid penis and make it hard in my mouth or with my
hands. Once I felt a bit embarrassed because Angela
entered the toilet just when I was kissing the guy ass
cheeks. Then I asked the guy “do you shoot very liquid
or thick?”
“It depends,” the guy said.
I was on my knees devouring his dick when my wife
entered and said, “Luca, I want to taste him too,” and
she bent on her knees next to me. We would suck
alternating ourselves touching his balls to see if he
would ejaculate soon. “I want his spermies,” I said.
“His balls seem full enough, I think we should get
ready to fill our mouths,” said Angela.
After a few minutes he grunted loudly and said, “My
special cheese is coming. It fermented a week in my
balls. Have a taste… ahhhh!”
One good thing for the guys coming at our house was
that they could also have sex with us. I had also
started to be fucked in the ass and I have to admit
that I got to like it very soon and I started getting
hooked on getting screwed almost every day. There was a
guy that I particularly liked and I asked him if he
preferred that I shaved my asshole before the
“I like hairy assholes, don’t worry,” he said.
I had become a slut for him. Once Angela laughed
because she entered the room while I was on the bed
shaking my ass and opening my cheeks waiting for the
guy to come and fuck me. I was so horny and my ass had
become so elastic Angela would usually be there during
the penetrations and would lick the sperm deposited on
my asshole.
“You have a smelly arsehole my love,” she would say.
Sometimes I had to dress like a girl during sex, with
nylons and heeled shoes.
One thing I really liked was when my girlfriend would
supervise my blowjobs.
I was used to suck cocks in a fast way, up and down, up
and down, with lots of lust and crave for the spermies.
I would take the balls in my hand while I sucked and
massage them, fondle them, feel them in my hands.
I would also peek at guys in urinals at their ball
size. Once a guy I was peeking with lust said to me,
“You want to suck?”
“Mmmm…I want your sperm…”
“You are lucky, today I had sex with my girl but I
didn’t shoot and my balls almost hurt.”
“I noticed while you were peeing that your balls were
full …I’ll give you relief…”
The guy followed me in a private toilet and we locked
ourselves in. His cock was already getting bigger and
his balls were hard and waiting to be emptied. I
smelled them, lick them.
The guy said, “Suck my cock!”
So I took his dick in my mouth sucking with pleasure
and lust. I was making a lot of noise,”
Then the guy became rigid, put his hands on the hips
and grunted, “Ahhhhh, here it comes, sperm is cumming,
He shot a lot of spunk. His sperm was so hot and so
tasty… mmm…
I came back home and I told Angela about my encounter
with the guy. “It’s good that you gave him relief,” she
said. “How were his spermies?”
“He shot deep in my throat and his spunk was a lot and
very liquid. Sometimes they shoot closer and their
spunk is so thick.”

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