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Cum In Her Underwear

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I’m not sure this is much of a story, but I felt better by writing this all down. (It feels almost like I’m telling someone about this situation now.) My wife is a very active mom to our two young kids (both in school.) I work from our country home and she goes into town every morning to take the kids to school, workout and help her friend with her babysitting business. (She goes over to the friend’s place more to socialize than anything.) Her friend is an attractive MILF in her own right who is ignored by her husband in the bedroom. (I’ve encouraged my wife to “help out her friend” in that department, but she doesn’t like that idea at all. In fact, it usually annoys her when I mention it, so I don’t bring it up any more.)
Anyway, most days of the week, she’ll get back home in the mid-afternoon, after picking up the kids from school. Out of necessity (and being tired of the mountain of dirty clothes that built up in the laundry room), I started doing the laundry chores about 5 months ago. While I wasn’t thrilled with this new duty, my wife was and it did keep things tidier (something I like), so it was a good move on my part. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve enjoyed seeing the soiled crotches of women’s panties…not quite a fetish, but I still enjoy seeing the leftover marks of something most women will never show you. My wife has a big pussy with large, hanging lips…I’ll admit that I still like looking at her dirty undies to see all the dried juice she just naturally flows into the cotton panel on a given day. I sometimes get turned on by inspecting her knickers to the point that I have a quick jerk while looking at them, adding my own juice to her dried remnants on her panty crotches. She doesn’t know I do this, but then again, it’s harmless fun, so I doubt she’d do more than give me that “you are such a pervert” smiling look and think nothing more of it.
So now that I’ve told you all that, here’s the interesting part. I’d say it was probably 8-9 weeks ago when I was doing the laundry again, sorting it all out and having my usual ogle at her undies. I was sorting the last pair (a deep red pair of bikini panties) when I noticed something unusual. There were more secretions than usual in the crotch of this pair. Usually, my wife’s dried juice is a little yellowish in color, but these had a white, shiny color about them. I immediately thought it was cum, but I couldn’t tell if it was girl cum (as if she had a jolly good orgasm on her own and that was her cream) or if it was semen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on, but I was a little more than curious as to what caused it. However, my wife is a moral, bright (but somewhat introverted) woman, so I couldn’t even picture her having sex with another man and not talking to me about it. (She’s really not interested in sleeping with other men…I’ve suggested it several times. She’s had sex with others since we’ve been married, but those have been like lightning strikes. I can’t predict if and when they’ll happen…and lightning hadn’t struck in quite a while around our house.) So, I wrapped another pair of her panties around my cock and looked at her “cummy” panties while I rubbed one out. I then cleaned up, got the washer going and went about the rest of my day.
About 2 weeks later, I was doing laundry again and having my usual pervert’s review of her underwear. It was the usual…several cotton bikinis with yellowish dried juices in them. However, there was a black pair that was wadded up with the crotch stuck to itself. This caught my attention right away, so I unwadded them and peeled open the stuck crotch. The crotch on this pair was white, so I couldn’t tell right away if there was white stuff in them, but they were definitely stiff in the crotch. My wife had definitely done something different that day…I flaked off a few whitish flecks that looked like cum, but it smelled like her. Now I was definitely wondering what the fuck she was doing…was she balling some other guy?…was she getting it on with her friend?…or was she just quickly jilling off at some point and putting her pussy away wet?
Being officially suspicious, I started finding “innocent” excuses to call my wife on her cell at different times while she was gone. As I expected, she was always where she said she would be, usually at her friend’s house or in the car or working out (and the background noise helped lend credibility as well.) I wasn’t consumed by this issue, as I have a lot of stuff to do everyday. However, I was thinking/wondering about it several times a day. She knows she can have sex with someone else (with my blessing) as long we talk about it shortly before (or after, in the event of an impulse encounter.) One night in bed, I brought up the topic (her having sex with another guy) one night, but I got the usual response from her, as well as no admission about any new activity or desires for others. I was getting nowhere in trying to solve this little puzzle…
The next week, I found two “heavily-used” pairs of my wife’s underwear, which were pretty similar to the ones from the previous week. And the next week, two more…it was happening more often now, whatever it was (but I now suspected she was fucking another guy.) I discretely tried to get her to open up about whatever it was, but she’d admit to nothing more than her usual routine. One day, she came home after Noon because she’d forgotten to take something important she needed to mail that day. She looked like she’d come straight from the gym, as she was in her baggy workout clothes. I saw her car coming up our long driveway, so I met her at the door with a smile, hug and kiss. I was horny as hell that day, as we hadn’t had sex or even played with each other in like a week, so while she strode over to get her letter, I asked her if she could “give me a quick hand downstairs” (which is our code for midday sex.) She turned and gave me a quick scowl, saying she didn’t have time. I persisted, telling her that we didn’t have to fuck…just drop her shorts and pose for me so I could jack off to her. My wife started walking towards the door, apologizing and restating her lack of time when I reminded her that she hasn’t touched me in a week and it wasn’t too much to ask for her to give me 5 minutes. She stopped at this, pausing for what appeared a thoughtful moment, then looked at me and begrudgingly agreed.
We quickly headed downstairs and I sat on the loveseat next to our bed. She started to untie her shorts in preparation to quickly yank everything down when I stopped her and said that I wanted to do it. I had her turn around and bend over at the waist to lean her torso on the bed. I pulled down her shorts, leaving her semi-sweaty grey bikini panties in place. I then pulled down her panties to mid-thigh, teasing her ass cheeks with my nose while I savored her smells. I sat back to pull them down the rest of the way when I finally saw it. The grey crotch of her panties had the usual dark smear from her pussy, but right about where her vaginal opening would rest, I saw a quarter-sized smeared puddle of semen…there was no mistaking it. I acted like I hadn’t seen it (but I was screaming like “A-HA! GOTCHA!!” on the inside) and pulled them the rest of the way down. I had my wife lean forward and spread her legs while I leaned forward and smelled her pussy while I rubbed off. She smelled like wet pussy and semen, which only confirmed what I had seen moments earlier. I was hard as a diamond, so it only took a couple minutes for me to shoot my load. Right before I blew, I grabbed her underwear and rubbed the head of my dick against the sticky spot and shot a massive load all over it. I tried to get my wife to put the sticky undies back on, but she refused and grabbed a fresh pair from her dresser. (Gee, she’ll wear his cum home inside her, but not mine on her…oh well, I guess a soaked crotch probably isn’t the comfiest way to wear them.) My wife quickly got dressed and gave me a hug and a kiss, telling me she’d be home in a few hours.
Several nights later, my wife finally admitted to me that she’d had sex with her friend’s husband…once. Somewhat relieved at the confession, I asked her why she did it and she told me that he has a big dick, which we both know is one of her few sexual cravings. (Like I said before, my wife has a big pussy. Her last boyfriend before me had a thick schlong that I know she misses sometimes. I’m strictly average in the dick-size department, so we use strap-ons sometimes to scratch her big-dick itches.)
I had her tell me more about the encounter…where it happened, how it was for her and him, etc. She told me that he came home for lunch most days, so his wife would usually take advantage of having two adults in the house to run some midday errands. He’s always been flirty with my wife (even when I’m around)…which is pretty much his personality. One day, when the kids were in the midst of a “tickle fight”, he started tickling her and my wife tickled back. They were rolling around on the couch, with him clearly getting the best of her in the tickling, as he’s a big guy. Finally, she tried to stop it, so she pushed herself up and straddled him, holding his hands while telling him to please stop now (between heavy breaths and giggles.) He playfully struggled underneath her and that’s when she felt his hard dick under her. She got a little spooked at this and tried to get off, but he must’ve thought they were still playing (and the kids thought it was hilarious to see him tickle her.) My wife told me that the few more times she bumped into his hard dick, she could tell it was big (and that in itself turned her on.)
She eventually broke free from him, laughing and claiming between breaths that she was going to pee herself if he didn’t knock it off. She excused herself to the bathroom to recompose herself (and calm down a bit) when he came to the door. He said through the door that he hoped he didn’t hurt her. My wife laughed and opened the door and said that she was fine, but thought they were both getting too worked up, smirking and casting a look at the bulge in his pants. This is the point where I know I’d be embarrassed and apologizing, but this guy just smiled and stepped in and closed the door behind him, locking it. My wife recoiled a little in surprise at this move, but he didn’t even stop to notice, as he’d pulled down his fly and tugged his dick out. It was big-headed and thick and growing more erect with each pulse (my wife did describe that part in detail, so I know she could still see it in her mind.) He just looked at her and smiled, as if to say, “the next move is yours.”
Well, other than the quick second-guessing-herself look she gave him, move she did. There wasn’t any kissing or petting or sucking…no time. My wife just quickly pulled her shorts and underwear down, turned around and bent over the sink for him. He quickly stepped in behind her, dropped his pants, spread her ass cheeks with his hands and stuck the head inside her pussy. (Once again, my wife has a big pussy and is pretty wet normally, so he went in a few inches without any problem.) She just steadied herself on the sink with her hands and couldn’t believe how nice it felt. He didn’t say anything either…just grabbed her hips and worked all the way inside her. He started pumping her with long, hard, grinding strokes and grunting softly. After couple of minutes, he pushed deep into her and shot his load inside her, an act in itself that gave my wife a mini-orgasm. He let out a relaxing sigh and said how nice that felt without a condom. (Apparently his wife had mentioned my wife’s IUD…a topic they’d discussed when talking about ways to get her husband back into sex.)
My wife was starting to feel very guilty and wanted him out of there, so she asked if she could have some privacy to clean up. He wiped off his dick with some tissues, zipped back up and left quietly. My wife backed onto the toilet and sat down, fighting off tears.
She then heard her friend coming in the house, so she quickly pulled up her pants and flushed and left the bathroom. My wife made an excuse about needing to leave and then drove around for an hour or so (in her cummy red panties, I assumed…which were the first ones I found in the laundry.) I then asked her if they had been together again after that, but she quickly denied that, saying she felt too guilty to do it again. (I knew right away that was a lie…he’s been fucking her at least once/twice a week ever since.) I was happy that she finally admitted *something* and tried to be reassuring. (I was hard as a rock at that point, but my wife was acting very vulnerable right then, so I suppressed my libido and just held her. We didn’t fuck or anything…just talked quietly for a little while longer and eventually went to sleep.
I never let on to my wife that I could tell from her underwear that she was still fucking her friend’s husband. For the past several weeks, I’ve found one or two (and three, one week) pairs of her undies with crusty crotches…each signifying another “nooner” with him. I couldn’t understand it myself, but I wasn’t going to open my mouth either. My wife and I are both friends with her friend…I’m social with her husband, but we’re not friends or anything. It was kind of hard on me not being able to tell her what I know (and still is) because I go over there myself sometimes to help their son play his little student guitar or to fix their computer. (Not to mention, my wife’s friend is a hottie…dark brown hair, radiant smile and a small body that always gets my attention.)
So anyway, I went over one afternoon after my wife came home and told me they were having computer problems again. My wife’s friend still had some kids to baby-sit for the afternoon, but it was only a couple and they were napping in front of a video. She had me come in the house through the garage (as to not wake the kids) and greeted me at the side door. She was wearing some sort of sleeveless summer blouse and a pair of short, whitish jean shorts…proper and dick-stiffening at the same time. It took about 15 minutes for me to diagnose the computer problem (spyware crap), so I started an anti-spyware scan and we went out on the back porch to chat while it ran.
One thing about me is that I can’t keep my damn mouth shut when I’m around a woman that looks nice…I have to honestly compliment them on how they look or it drives me nuts. So I complimented her, saying she looked really nice today. She just lit up and smiled at that, thanking me. (I know she almost never gets compliments from her husband…something my wife told me…so I try to make a point to compliment her.) I told her that it’s just the truth, so no thanks were necessary. She thanked me again and said it was nice to hear that once in a while. Picking up on her hint that she doesn’t get compliments from her husband, I asked her if she missed that, which she shyly indicated she did. I just smiled and told her that we had a few minutes, so I’d set her up for the rest of the day then. She looked at me nervously and smiled, but didn’t say anything, so I proceeded to compliment her from head to toe…starting at her hair, eyes, face, smile…skipping down to her nicely-painted toenails, her slim legs, and then her clothes. By the time I got to her flat tummy, hips, boobs and butt, she was blushing and smiling. (And I was trying to hide the tent pole I was producing in my shorts.) When I was done, she hugged me and thanked me, trying to hide the emotion in her voice.
And, as you can expect, her hip bumped into my stiffening dick, which startled her into a quick laugh, saying “I’ll take that as a compliment too.”
Now it was my turn to blush and laugh too, now that we’d broken the ice. I hugged her and told her to “hang in there…you have friends who’ll always be there for you” while she slowly rubbed her hip back and forth against my dick. (I think she was really enjoying the fact that she turned me on…her husband must be fucking crazy…or more likely, using it all up on my wife instead of his own.)
I knew the answer to the next question, but I had to ask my wife’s friend myself (otherwise she’d know that my wife and I talked about their sex life…not sure if that would’ve been appreciated.) I asked her, “How long has it been?”
“Over a year,” she said wistfully.
My mind was racing about as fast as my dick, so I asked her if that was long enough.
She let out a small, emotional laugh and looked up at me and said, “Yes.”
We slipped back into the house and, seeing the kids were still napping, headed back to their bedroom. She locked the door behind us, turned on the baby monitor and turned to hug me tight and kiss me softly on the lips. She stepped back and smiled, looking as if she was waiting for me to say or do something. Knowing we didn’t have all day, but had some time, I got things started by unbuttoning her shorts and putting my hands down the back to gently rub her panty-covered butt. She put her hands around my neck and rested her head on my chest, sighing softly and enjoying the physical attention she’d missed for too long. Her shorts slipped down to the floor and she stepped out of them while I slipped my hands inside her panties, kneading the smooth, soft mounds of her ass. She looked up to kiss me softly again, then laid her head back on my chest. It was obvious that she was sexually-passive (wanting me to lead), so I slipped down her underwear and she stepped out of them as well. (I left her top on in case we needed to make a hasty redress and retreat.)
I picked her up and gently lay her down on the bed, with her butt at the edge and her legs dangling over. I can still see the scene in my mind…her lying there looking up at me and smiling, her eyes glistening with moist happiness…her hands gently tracing over her bare stomach, just above the small, but thick patch of dark brown hair between her spread legs. I knelt down in front of her and smelled her readiness (not as sharp as my wife’s pussy…more musky and sweet…wonderful!) I kissed down her thigh from her knee to just outside her outer labia, then skipped over and kissed up the other thigh to her knee. I did that twice when she pulled her legs back, offering me her moist pussy. I rubbed her thighs while I licked my way around her lips, slowly zeroing in on her slit. She was moaning softly and slightly moving her hips in rhythmic anticipation of that first lick between her folds. My tongue parted her wet flesh and I licked from her entrance to just below her clit several times, occasionally swirling from side to side to flick her labia. I didn’t know if she like direct clit stimulation (some women don’t), so I ventured a few light licks circling her clitoral hood. She loved it when I circled it, but she seemed to jump when I licked her clit directly, so I went back to circling her hood with my tongue and rubbing around her entrance with my finger. She was getting really wet and I knew we didn’t have unlimited time. I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor, which were quickly joined by my boxer-briefs. My dick was standing at full attention, which she looked at and smiled. She looked at me and mouthed, “condom” while pointing to the nightstand. I quickly retrieved a Trojan from the 36-pack (past their expiration date, I’m sure) and rolled it on. I told her to get on her hands and knees on the floor (so we wouldn’t make any “bed noise”.)
She got into position on the floor, putting her breasts on the carpet and her ass high in the air. I knelt behind her and rubbed my tip between her lips, wetting it in preparation of going deep inside her. I pushed forward inside her, just an inch or so and was amazed at how small her pussy was. (She’s a smaller gal, so I guess it shouldn’t have been to much of a shock, but compared to my wife, her friend’s pussy felt like heaven-on-earth.) I put my hands on her hips and started slow-stroking her, both for her pleasure and to keep my nuts from boiling over too soon. She started pushing back into me, meeting my slow, deep thrusts while we tried to remain completely quiet. After a few more minutes, I was already close and I wanted her to cum too. I tried a trick that works wonders with my wife…I licked my index finger and lightly rubbed around her asshole. She seemed to really get into that and started pushing back harder until she finally came…hard! Her hips stiffened and shook slightly while I felt her pussy grab the base of my dick. I tried to keep pumping in and out, but I couldn’t hold off any longer. I pushed in deep one last time and shot a huge load of cum into the condom.
I pulled out and stripped off the condom, noticing that I was still hard enough to go again. Figuring she might want more, I quickly put on another condom and slipped back into her. I wasn’t rock-hard, but hard enough to still be able to fuck her well. (In fact, it was a little easier this time…I didn’t have to hold off as hard.) I tried fucking her faster this time and it was great. She had two smaller orgasms (she told me later) and I ended with another cum myself. After it was over, I pulled out of her with a slick pop (I personally love the sound a condom-covered dick makes when it’s pulled out of a tight, wet, happy pussy) and she wiped both of us off with tissues, which was nice in itself (I never had a woman do that before.) We both got dressed pretty quietly, only sharing happy looks and smiles. She gave me one last hug and kiss, both of us having mightily enjoyed our little fun time.
My wife still goes over to her friend’s house almost every weekday, and she’s still leaving cum-filled panties in the laundry at least once per week. I haven’t told her about me and her friend…and I don’t think I will. I know she’s lying about only fucking her friend’s husband once and I don’t feel bad about helping out our mutual friend the way my wife and her friend’s husband should be. We’ve only been together once more since then, but I’m sure we’ll continue to “friend fuck” when she wants. She did tell me after the last time that she loves the way I “make love”…her husband is quick and rough and often used to hurt her a little during sex. This made some sense of why they drifted apart in the bedroom…he likes it quick and hard, she likes it a little more relaxed. My wife usually just wants me to fuck her, no foreplay at all…and I like to really warm things up with massages, games and oral. It makes too much sense to me that we’re all fucking the person we want to be, but with the kids in all of our lives, there won’t be any “permanent” roster changes in the marriage line ups. As long as her husband doesn’t start counting their condom stash (which I had the presence-of-mind to replace all that we had used, including the last time), he’ll never know. And as long as I’m doing the laundry, I’ll continue to know every time my wife fucks him by the cum in her underwear.
THE END (or so I thought)
Epilogue: ———
A few weeks after the end of this story, something else happened in this ongoing saga. My wife and our common friend were going out on a “mom’s night out” without husbands or kids. Usually, these evenings consist of a sumptuous dinner and a movie they’d never get to see with their families in tow.
Well, my wife and our friend went out as planned, but my wife started to get a migraine during the movie. She toughed it out through the rest of the film as the migraine slowly intensified, but she had our friend bring her home right afterwards. Upon arriving at home, my wife went straight down to our bedroom (gulped down some Immitrex, I’m sure) and went straight to bed. Our friend came in with her, wanting to help, but there wasn’t much she could do. (My wife gets migraines often enough to have a routine when they happen.)
I was up working and watching a movie, but I came down when I saw them coming up the driveway. Other than at a school event, I hadn’t seen our friend since our last “meeting”. She felt bad for my wife, but was also a bit bummed that their “big night out” was cut short. I told her she could hang out here for a while if she wanted (she did), so I poured us some coffee and invited her upstairs to finish watching the movie with me.
Well, as you can expect, we didn’t really get to watch much more of the movie. We sat down on the couch and set our cups on the coffee table. Before long, she scooted up close next to me, so I put my arm around her. She set her head on my shoulder and, after several minutes, ran her hand over my crotch, which was a little surprising and very nice at the same time (as she’d been pretty passive during the other two times we were together.) My dick rose to full-tent status in no time, so she unzipped my shorts and fished out my cock through my open fly. “Is this the same woman?” I incredulously asked myself as I watched her lower her head and felt her start licking around the head of my dick. I reached over and pulled up the back of her skirt, revealing her white thong undies. I ran my hand around her ass and hips before letting my hand slip between her legs, feeling a very moist and hot panty crotch. I slipped a finger under the side of them and rubbed her entrance with my finger, bringing a full-mouthed moan from her. It sure seemed like neither of us really needed any more foreplay at that point, so I gently lifted her gifted mouth off my shiny pecker.
I kissed her deeply and then started to get up to grab a condom when she stopped me, asking me where I was going. I told her and she gently pushed me back down, telling me we didn’t need them anymore. (She’d gotten her IUD put in. SWEET!) She stood up, bunching her skirt around her waist and straddled me. I reached around her, pulled her thong to the side and she started kissing me and rubbing her pussy against my dick. Soon enough, I found my mark and the head poked inside her and it happened again…that heavenly, sweet feeling of a small pussy hugging my cock slowly worked its way down my shaft. We made out passionately as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, pushing me around inside her in a most wonderful way. The kissing continued as I ran my hands up and down her back and over her bum, pulling her hips into mine and driving me deeper into her. She started moaning more and more, so I increased the pace of my push/pulling on her hips and, after another minute or two, she pulled her lips from mine. She was quiet for a second, and then made a guttural grunting noise, followed by large gasps as she came really hard. Man, it felt and sounded so good when she came; my own orgasm overtook me and I pulled her hips against me hard as my dick started twitching inside her…my heated seed coating the insides of her naked pussy for the first time.
We both fell together and just held each other quietly for a minute or so. My dick soon softened and popped out of her, prompting her to whisper in my ear.
“Can you do it again?” she said.
Sadly, two-in-a-row is a rarity for me these days unless I take those magic pills (which I hadn’t taken in the past several days), so I told her I didn’t think so. Even so, I rolled her over so she was sitting and knelt in front of her. I stuck a finger in her pussy to rub her g-spot and started licking her hood.
I ate her to two more orgasms before my jaw felt like it was going to fall off (and it was also my first time eating a creampie, which was kind of interesting in itself.) In retrospect, it was a little unusual for us…the sex wasn’t rushed, but it wasn’t leisurely either. Also, neither of us took off a single item of clothing the whole time…in some ways, it almost felt like some of those long-ago teenage fucks I enjoyed, but only this was two thirty-somethings doing it.
As for me, I felt like a gigantic asshole not long after she left. My wife was sick in bed downstairs and I fucked her best friend two floors above her. I couldn’t get over that feeling, so I told my wife about it a few days later and she was pretty pissed off for a day or two. We pretty much didn’t talk for those days, but when we did talk later, she was calmer about it.
In addition to discussing my activities, my wife told me that she’d lied about only doing our friend’s husband once…and I told her that I knew. We had a pretty long talk about the whole situation, so it was good in that the tension about the whole situation seemed to be released in our end of things. However, we both eventually agreed that it should only happen again if everyone wanted it, so that left a big question of “How do we go forward from here?” In the end, the front-runner idea was to get together with our friends as a couple for movie nights and just do the full-swap thing in separate rooms. Time will only tell if things actually work out that way, but at least it’s something better than the way things have been.

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