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Cumslut ends up without a face

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hi, this is a short story that has no direct dialogue and is somewhat over the top and maybe even a little cartoony in a way. it’s fairly graphic and involves death so be warned.
Amy had a long day so far. She had been going around town begging to give head to random people in a crazed frenzy. She couldn’t control her craving for cum so she had been asking guys all over the place. She had no problem sucking them off in public, in broad daylight on the sidewalk, under the tables in diners, on the bus, wherever she could. She even went so far as to pay several men to let her blow them. Amy degraded herself sucking balls and slurping cum in front of anyone and the men she sucked seemed to respect her even less than she did herself but she didn’t care.
It was mid afternoon and she was growing tired. Her jaw ached and her belly was slowing filling more and more with cum. The pathetic cum dumpster stopped and took a break by an alleyway leaning against the wall to ease her aching body. a vagrant stumbled from the shadows excited by her presence. He was enticed by her body. Despite her petite frame her belly bulged out tremendously. It stuck out like a soft fleshy bulb from her torso making her look almost pregnant. Her pot belly stretched out of her tight shirt. It was obviously too small. Her butt jutted out in a similar way. Round and bulbous it’s bottom curves hung out of the bottom of her short skirt. He noticed cum dripping off her enormous and plump pouty lips. He had an idea of what she had been doing and wanted some himself.
Before he could even say anything to her the cum craving slut had already squatted down and in seconds had his balls in her mouth. She moaned and squeaked as she slobbered on his nuts, saliva dripping everywhere. She began to suck him off and within only a minute he was filling her mouth with thick cum. She gulped it down greedily but his load did not stop. Somehow, someway he kept cumming. She continued to guzzle, her body trembling with ecstasy. Her pussy was swelling and bulging, dripping juice onto the ground.
He pulled her off his dick and cum sprayed all over her face and tits. The cum just didn’t stop and some of it got on the ground. She dropped down and began to slurp all the warm gooey cum right off the filthy ground. The man realized now what kind of pathetic cum guzzling slut she was so he pinned her against the wall and shoved his spurting cock back into her mouth. As he throat fucked her as violently as he could he grabbed an old plunger that way laying with the trash against the wall. At this time her already bulging pot belly was beginning to swell even more from being so full of creamy cum. She was so overwhelmed and by the amount of cum she was drinking that her fat pussy began gushing in a sloppy mess.
When he finally stopped cumming a full gallon later he pulled out of her mouth and stepped back. Amy was gasping still squatted down. Cum dripping all over her. She was licking cum off her hands and slurping it out of her hair, her big cum filled pot belly bulging over her waistline. Looking at the worthless cum guzzling slut with a smile he took the plunger and shoved it into her face as hard as he could hitting the back of her head against the wall. She let out an abrupt squeaked right as it enveloped her face. He began to plunge her face back and forth with extreme aggressiveness and at the same time he kicked her plump soaking pussy over and over yet she just took it without any resistance.
He was forcing the plunger in and out as her head kept banging against the wall and her fat pussy became fatter with every kick. He figured she wasn’t resisting because she knew she had it coming. He didn’t know and didn’t really care. She trembled and convulsed throughout the abuse yet still never fought back. He then pulled his foot back as far as he could and kicked her square in her cum filled pot belly. Cum rushed up her throat at great speed and filled up her mouth, nasal passages and behind her eyes but with the plunger stuck to her face the cum couldn’t escape. This caused great tension in her entire face. He sensed a stress as her body tensed up and convulsed, her face couldn’t take the pressure from all that cum. Then with a loud pop the plunger exploded in a splash of red and white. Blood, flesh and cum splattered everywhere and the man shielded himself as best he could to avoid the mess.
When he looked at the aftermath Amy, still in her squatting position, began to slump. Where the young suck sluts face was was now just a gooey bloody hole with cum dripping from it. No facial feature remained, only a gaping hole. The hole ran just above where her eyebrows once were to right below where her chin was just moments ago. Her body fell forward and she fell face(less) first on the ground making a splatting sound where the gooey hole hit the pavement. He stared at her lifeless cum drenched faceless slut laying there with her ass in the air. He figured she deserved it anyway and wasn’t really affected. He was more bothered by the mess she had made all over his clothes.
He picked up the faceless body and dumped it head first in a small metal trash can that was sitting beside him. Her ass stuck out of the can, exposing her fat swollen pussy. Deciding to give her one last humiliation, he picked up a metal pole and shoved it deep in her asshole. The deeper he pushed it in her ass, her body squeezed further into the trash can. The hole where Amy’s face used to be began filling with garbage, bits were packed tightly into hole until it filled the entire bloody gap as if she had a new face made of trash. After cramming her in as far as he could he left her there, ass sticking out of the trash can leaving the pole sticking out of her ass.
The man walked away chuckling over how pathetic and worthless the cum hungry slut was and how it only seemed fitting for a lowly cum drinker like her to die without a face to recognize. The next day her body was crunched up in the trash compactor of a garbage truck then tossed in a landfill, chunks of her mixing in with the trash where she belongs. It seems Amy got what deserved for being a cum drinking slut.

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