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Dad and daughter become regular lovers – FATHER AND DAUGHTER

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My daughter is very much like her mother. She dresses sexy like her mom and she loves to tease like her mom. Amny times we have been out driving about and my wife and my daughter would flash truckers or let someone see up a skirt when getting in or out of the car. All this would do nothing but get me extremely excited. The sight of my hot looking wife and my sexy teenage daughter flashing and teasing was a huge turn on.
At home we were all very open about nudity so I had seen my daughter in various stages of undess for many years. But that doesn’t mean the sight doesn’t get me excited.
One thing my daughter loved doing would be to come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her and sit on my lap or lay on the floor in front of the tv. One night I was sitting in the living room in just a robe when she came in and sat on my lap with just a towel around her after getting out of the shower. I immediately got a raging hard on.
And it didn’t take much and soon my cock was rubbing against bare skin. She leaned back and sighed. I moved a little and my hard cock slide between her thighs and was rubbing against her pussy. I put my arm around her and hugged her and she began to relax in my arms. the feeling of my cock against her pussy and her softness did nothing but make me more excited. I realized that she was getting excited also because I could feel he hot pussy become moist against my cock.
She reached down with her hand rubbed the head of my cock against her swollen clit. As she did this she began to moan and move and soon the towel was completely open and she was grinding her clit against the head of my cock. Suddenly she began to shudder and I knew she was in the middle of an orgasim. It was more than I could stand and suddenly I too was cumming. I shot cum all over her clit and hand.
When we both had calmed down she kissed me and got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I sat there with the most satisfied feeling I had had in a long time .Even though my wife and I enjoy a very active sex life this was intense.
This continued for several weeks. Each time it was as intense as the last. One night she had just sat on my lap and her mom walked down the hall. She looked over at us and smiled and came over and bend down and kissed me and then kissed out daughter. She was in one of her see through robes and I could see her nipples get excited. I reached up and tweeked one of her nipples and she smiled.
By this time my cock was rock hard and was pressing against my daughter pussy lips. My wife smiled and reached down and undid my daughters towel and then sucked on one of her nipples. My wife’s hand began to slide down and when it reached our daughters clit there she also found my cock. She looked down and then looked at us and smiled and continued to play with both out daughters clit and my cock. After a few minutes of this my daughter and I were both getting very excited. My wife took my cock and slid it up and down our daughters slit and suddenly positioned the head at her opening. She smiled at me and asked doesn’t she feel hot. I uttered yes she does. Slowly she slid the head until it was just inside her opening. By this time our daughter and I were both getting very excited.
My daughter began to push down and then rise up. Slowly working my cock in a little deeper with each move. My wife smiled at her and said. “Go ahead baby take it in”. My daughter slid down harder and finally my cock slid all the way in. The feeling of my cock being buried inside of my duaghter was intense. My wife by this time was as naked as us and was frantically rubing her clit.
SHe asked me. “does it feel good in our duaghter?”.
Yes I replied. We began to fuck. Sliding my cock until just the head was in and then sliding it all the way until it was buried deep in her. The feeling was so intense I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer and I could tell our daughter was on the verge of an immense orgasm.
I began to think that I would have to pull out so as not to bury my seed in her but when she started cumming the feeling was so intense I couldn’t help it and I slammed my cock deep and let loose with one of the most intense explosions I have ever had. My seed spilled deep inside of her. My wife realizing we were both cumming squealed and began to cum herself. My daughter was begging for more of it. The feeling of my hot cum shooting in her drove her crazy and the idea that I was coating my daughters pussy with hot seed made me shoot even harder.
When we had calmed down she pulled off of me and left the room and went to clean up. my wife smiled at me and asked how it was filling our daughter. I told her it was one of the most intense feeling I had ever had. She smiled back at me and told me “I know. I know how it was the first time my daddy filled me.” That was the first time I knew that my wife had actually done her own father also.
After the first sexual encounter I knew there would be more of them for us. The next time was within a few days. My wife was at work and my daughter had taken her shower and had come into the living room where I was sitting. As usual she had just a towel wrapped around her and I immediately had a huge hard on. She came over and sat on my lap as she usually does but this time before sitting down she took the towel off and let it fall to the floor.
Smiling down at me she sat on my lap and immediately began to play with my cock while I stroked her small firm tits. Smiling she got off my lap and kneeled down and began to run my cock against her face and her lips. Then she opened her mouth and slid the head into her sweet hot mouth. Taking a deep breath she began to slide it in and out of her mouth.
Slowly she began to take it farther and farther until the head was hitting the back of her throat. At first she gagged and I told her to relax and let it slide in. Taking another deep breath she let the head slide all the way in and into her throat. The feeling of my cock sliding into my daughters throat was extremely erotic. She began to suck it like a pro and worked it in and out until she was taking the whole thing down her throat.
After sucking it for several minutes she smiled up at me and said, “let me feel it in my mouth daddy. Shoot it in my mouth for me.”
Suddenly I felt like my head was spinning. The excitement sent me into a mind blowing orgasm and my cum rushed up my hard shaft and erupted into her mouth, splashing down her throat. She swallowed feverishly on it trying to get all she could but there was more than she could take at once and it began to ooze out around her lips. But not wanting to waste any she sucked and licked until she had gotten every drop.
She continued sucking on my cock until it was standing straight up again and then she climbed up and straddled me and slid it into her hot wet pussy. Sliding it all the way in she squealed and began to ride it up and down. With each stroke of my shaft inside of her she moaned louder and louder. Begging me for more with each thrust. He hot pussy wrapping my cock in pure pleasure.
We continued to fuck for what seemed like an hour. She bend down close to my ear and whispered, “Give it to me daddy. Fill me up with your hot cum. I want to feel it deep in me.”
I looked at her soft eyes and told her “Its risky baby.”
She looked into my eyes and said “I don’t care daddy give it to me. Let me feel it in me. Give me your seed daddy. Fuck me. Make me pregnant daddy.”
With that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I slammed my cock deep in her and shot a huge load deep inside her pussy. She began to cum also at the same time. She screamed as she felt my hot cum erupting inside of her.
After we both calmed down she kissed me and thanked me and slid off my lap and went in to take a shower. Deciding not to waste any time I waited a few minutes until I head the shower running and went in and slid into the shower with her. I began to soap her back and slowly worked my hands down and cupped her nice round ass. She leaned back and sighed at the feeling. After we finished showering and drying off we both went to my bed and slid in under the covers. She slide up next to me and I put my arms around her we both fell off into a blissful sleep.
By now my daughter and I had become regular lovers. She and I would have sex whenever we got the chance. I had to leave on a buisness trip for a few days and asked her if she would like to come along and see some of the sigths. She was excited about the prospect of taking a trip with me.
We sat out on the trip the next morning. It was going to be an all day drive so she had dressed in some short shorts and a cute little blouse tied just below her tits. As we drove I couldn’t help but notice how hot her body had become. After driving for about 3 hours we pulled off into a rest area to stretch out legs and use the restroom. When we walked up to the restroom there was a sign on the door saying they were out of order. Both of us having to go decided to walk off into the woods a little ways and find a spot to go. After a short walk we found a little clearing that was well hidden from the road so she went first. She pulled down her shorts and squatted down and began to pee. The sight of her there more than I could take. My cock sprank to attention almost immediately. After she finished and cleaned up with some wet wipes we got from the car she stood up taking her time pulling up her shorts.
“Okay daddy your turn”, she said.
I stepped into the clearing and pulled out my hard cock and slowly began to pee. She walked over to me and said “I never seen you pee before daddy”. reaching down she took my hard cock into her hand and began to stroke it slowly while watching my stream of piss slow and eventualy end. “that was fun” she said. I smiled and hugged her and ran my hands over her cute ass. “watching you wasn’t bad either”, I said.
After we straightened up we started walking back to the car. As we were walking out of the woods a young couple headed into the woods. They asked “Is there someplace in there where someone can go to get some relief?” We poiinted them in the right direction and headed back to the car.
After we got to the car my daughter giggled and asked “you think they having fun too?”.
“I’m sure they are.” I said.
“Daddy I am so horny now. Lets sneek into the woods and see if they are playing around.” We walked back into the woods and hadn’t gone far when we heard some moaning and talk coming from the area. We snuck slowly up to the area of the noise and sure enough the couple were naked and going at each other. She was on all fours and he was behind her driving it in her for all it was worth.
My daughter kneeled down behind a bush and I kneeled behind her. Soon I was rubbing my hard cock against her sweet ass. I pushed her shorts down and pushed down my pants and slid into her already steamy wet pussy. As we watched we could see the couple going after it. I could hear the girl saying “fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy”. Soon we were matching them stroke for stroke. Suddenly I heard her tell the guy ” come on fuck your little slut sister. Fuck my pussy and fill me up.”
At that moment I felt my cock get harder and felt my balls begin to swell even more. It was a brother an sister fucking and my daughter and I became even more excited.
Sliding in and out of her I flet my cock sliding deep into my little girls pussy and could feel her squezzing it with each thrust. As the action in the clearing got hotter we too were getting hotter. My daughter looked up at me and begged me to fill her also. As the brother and sister went at so did my duaghter and I. Suddenly I heard him tell her he was gonna cum. After a few more thrust he slammed his cock home and began to fill his sisters pussy. She began to cum also begging him for more. I heard her telling him “yeah thats it fill me up with your seed. I want your seed in me big brother. I want your baby in me”.
With that I slammed home into my duaghter and suddenly filled her pussy with my own hot seed. She too began to cum when she felt my hot cum filing her up. Shooting deep into her hot fertile pussy. After we finished we cleaned up and watched as the other couple cleaned up and got dressed and left. After they were gone we walked out arm and arm and my duaghter looked at me and smiled. She still had that look in her eyes and I knew she wasn’t finished yet. We stopped just before the edge of the woods and looking around and no one else was around. My daughter decided she wanted to be alittle daring and took off her clothes and walked to the car naked. After we were in the car she pulled on just a tee shirt leaving her shorts off for the drive.
As we drove down the road she got a little hornier and soon was spreading her legs and playing with her little pussy as we drove. The sight of her playing with herself didn’t do much for my frame of mind either. Soon we came up on an 18 wheeler and as I pulled into the fast lane to pass him she giggled and said “I wonder what he will do if he sees me playing with myself?”. As we pulled along side I slowed and she pulled her t shirt higher so that he could see her pussy. As we passed she got so excited she started cumming. The truck driver tooted his horn in approval of the sight as we pulled ahead.
Later that day we stopped and got a hotel for the night. After we were inside we each showered and then just layed out on the beds naked enjoying the freedom of no clothes.We soon were having fun exploring each other with no interruptions to stop us. As we started fucking she looked into my eyes and said in her soft sexy voice” Daddy I want you to make me pregnant. I want to have your baby.”
At that point I was in no position to argue. Sliding dep into her I told told her “Whatever you want baby.” At that point I slid deep into her erupting with a huge load of fertile cum deep into her belly making her moan with pleasure. We fucked the whole trip each time filling her until she was overflowing with cum.
We were heading home from out trip and my daugther and I both were still horny from all the fucking we had done. Feeling horny on the way I reached over and slid my hand up her skirt and felt her wet pussy. She spread her legs and let the skirt ride up revealing her bare pussy to anyone who may look down into the car. She too was still horny and was more than willing to have some fun. After a few minutes she pushed her skirt off and then took off her blouse and sat on there in the car totally naked. He little tits with her hard nipples and her sweet sexy smooth pussy.
“Ummm I feel so nasty daddy. I want to just ride naked and let someone see me”.
“You like beeing seen don’t you baby”, I asked.
“Yes daddy I do.” she replied.
As we drove we came upon a truck and she began to realy breath hard. As I passed I slowed and she sat there with her young sexy legs spread so that he would get a good look at her hairless slit and her hot little titties. I slowed as we passed and without touching herself she began to cum with the thrill of him seeing her naked on the seat.
“Oh god daddy I’m cumming”. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
She came hard and continued cumming for a long time as she had one orgasim after another.
As we pulled away from the truck he blew his horn with approval and she smiled at me and said “Daddy I need to get fucked” We quickly exited at the next exit and I found us a little hotel. She sat in the car as I went in to get the room. When we pulled into the parking lot there was just a couple of other cars as we pulled up to our room. I got out and opened the door and my daughter got out still naked and walked into the room. We wasted no time getting down to buisness.
She kneeled on the bed and I walked up behind her and slid right into her hot wet cunt. Buring my hard cock deep inside of her. We began to fuck hot and hard. It didn’t take long for either of us to get to a roaring climax. I slammed it hard and deep into her and began pumping htou cum deep in my little girl as she begged for more of it as she too came. As I began to come down from my climax i realized that the curtain in the room was still partially open and a woman was watching us from outside of the room. I whispered to my daughter that someone was watching and she got even more excited. After a few seconds she left and I head the door of the room next to us close. The walls being so thin you could hear people talking in the next room. My daughter and I could hear her telling someone what she had seen and it wasn’t long before you could hear them going at it in the next room. The sound of the couple next to us having sex got us both hot again and soon we were going at it just as they were. We listened carefully and we could hear when the woman next door began cumming and could hear her begging him to cum for her. And we both smiled when we heard her say cum for me daddy. We knew we weren’t the only ones enjoying a father daughter incestious relationship. With that we began to fuck hard. Me on my back and my daughter on top ridding my hard cock.
“fuck me daddy” my daughter began to call out. I knew she was letting the woman next door know she too was getting it from her daddy. With that we both began to cum again. When we were through we both colapsed and fell fast asleep.
The next morning we woke up and showered and played somemore. As I was walking back to the bed I noticed a piece of paper slid under the door that ajoined the two rooms. Picking it up it was a note from the woman next door thanking us for the show she had seen and heard and saying she would love to meet us. I unlocked the ajoinging door to find the door on her side of the wall was open as well. Peeking in she smiled and said come on in. I walked in and she was alone. I asked where her company was and she said he had to leave earlier. We began to chat and I found out she to had been having sex with her father since she was a teenager. It was him that had been there with her. After a few minutes my daughter came in and joined us and we all chatted about our incestious affairs. She told us she had two childern for her father. Both of them girls. She said she was trying to have another one and that was why she and her dad had been there.
We smiled and told her we had been having sex for about a month and that we had decided on this trip that we wanted to have a baby. She smiled and told my daughter “there is nothing more erotic than feeling your daddys baby in you.” My daughter smiled as she sat on my lap.
As we were leaving she told us good luck. Hope you get pregnant. My daughter smiled and told her she hoped so too.
As we closed the door my daughter let her robe fall to the floor and we fell into the bed and began to fuck again. Sliding deep into her she moaned and smiled at me and said ” Daddy I want your baby. Please get me pregnant.”
I smiled and looked into her eyes and said “You will baby. Daddy will make sure of that.” We fucked for hours that day. Each time filling her belly with more and more cum. Making sure my seed got buried deep inside of her. Each time looking into her eyes and seeing the lust of a young woman wanting to please her daddy and wanting to become a mother to daddys babies.
After returning home from our trip my daughter and I continued out regular sexual encounters. Finally after 3 months she got the word she had been waiting for. I came home from work to find my little girl all excited to see me when I came in. She hugged me and gave me a big kiss and told me “daddy I have some news for you “.
Not wanting to keep her waiting I sat down and she came to me and sat on my lap and whispered into my ear, “Daddy I’m pregnant”. Smiling I hugged her and kissed her and talked her that was great news. “Does your mom know?” I asked.
“No. I haven’t told her yet daddy. I wanted you to know first”.
“Well she will be surprised I am sure” I said.
“Well I don’t know why she would say anything daddy. She has been fucking Uncle Keith almost everyday”.
“I know baby but she might not like that her daughter is pregnant with her daddy’s baby.”
“Well I heard her tell Uncle Keith that she wanted to have a baby for him so she shouldn’t say anything.”
With that she kissed me and stood up and undid her dress and let it fall to the floor and stood before me naked. I reached out and carressed her breast and she moaned and came into my arms and we began to kiss as she grabbed the ziper of my pants and undid them and pushed them to the floor. Soon we were both naked and fucking like two mad lovers on the couch when I heard the door open and in walked my wife. At this point I ahould have stopped but the excitment sent me over the top and I buried my cock deep into my daughters pussy and began spilling my cum deep into her. As I looked up my wife stood at the door frozen as she watched me pouring my seed deep into our daughter. When we were through and we had both calmed down I pulled out of her and stood and my wife looked at us and starred.
Finally she spoke “I can’t believe What I just saw”. That is our daughter you were fucking like a commom whore”.
My daughter spoke up “No worse than you doing Uncle Keith everyday after daddy leaves for work”.
My wife was shocked to hear that. Knowing that our daughter was right she couldn’t say anything.
I looked at her and spoke “Well is it true you have been doing him everyday?”
Stumbling for words to say she finally admitted that yes she had been doing her own brother every morning.
I looked at her and told her”you told me you did your dad when you were young so why shouldn’t our daughter?”.
She just stared and then sat down and said I guess your right. How long have you two been having sex like this she asked. I told her We had been having sex for 3 months.
My daughter tells her, “And I am pregnant mom”.
With that my wife sighs and says I guess then Its not going to be a problem when I tell you I am pregnant for Keith then.
We all smiled at each other and realized we now had what we all wanted. My wife was pregnant for her brother and my daughter was pregnant for me.
My wife looked at her “are you sure you want this honey”.
Yes mom she replied. I want it more than anything.
I asked my wife ” Is this what you wanted with your brother?”
“Yes” she replied. ” I’ve wanted to have a baby for him for a long time but I didn’t know what you would think of me if I told you”. I was worried what you were going to say when I told you I was pregnant for him.
I asked her if anyone else knew she was pregnant for her brother and she replied ” Just one other person.”
“Who?” I asked.
“My mom” she replied. “My mom had told me how she had gotten pregnant for me and my brother by her brother”. You see daddy couldn’t get her pregnant for she so wanted to have children she turned to her brother who was more than willing to oblige her. She never told daddy that he wasn’t the father. He just assumed we were his. Ever since she told me I have wanted to do the same thing she did and see what it was like. She told me it was the most erotic thing she had ever done having her own brothers baby.
I asked her if she felt the same way and she said yes. She said it is so erotic knowing her brothers baby is growning in her.
Our daughter looked at her and told her and its the same way for me mom. It is so erotic having daddys baby growning in me. She smiled at our daughter and said I guess we are really keeping this in the family.
I too felt proud to know that I had given my girl the one thing she wanted the most. A baby. The idea that she had my seed growing in her made me feel erotic too.
“Well. I guess we all have something to look forward to now.” We all smiled at each other and taking each others hands we headed up the stairs to the bedroom where we all climbed in the bed together and fell fast asleep.

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