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Daddy’s girl – Daddy’s fuck toy

49 Min Read

James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of 2008. He watched his seniority, benefits, and retirement all go down the drain along with the economy. He was still bitter about the factory closing and because of his resentment he had struggled to keep work in the years since.
He had only been able to find entry level odd jobs since the factories closing and he was dissatisfied with the jobs and people he worked with. James was used to working with real men who cared about their craft. He had gone from running the shop floor and making beautiful doors to taking orders from punk kids half his age. His resentment was hard to hide and it caused him to lose jobs because of his attitude. He had been fired from a grocery store, a couple of fast food jobs, and most recently as a pizza delivery man.
He lived in a modest ranch style house with his wife and his adult daughter. His wife, a nurse, worked the noon to midnight shift at the county hospital. She had become the bread winner since 2008, paying the mortgage and all the bills from her nurse’s salary. James was grateful that she had the means to keep them afloat but not having a decent paycheck of his own made him feel less of a man.
His relationship with wife was another subject that caused him grief. She had neglected herself over the years since the factory had closed. Her once nice figure and their active sex life had both gone away. She had put on too much weight for is taste, looking like the Michelin man with tits.
He still managed to fuck her every few weeks just because it was better than jerking off but there was no passion in it any more. She was like fucking three hundred pounds of biscuit dough. So when James felt the need he would just climb on, hump away, roll off, and go to sleep. It was a terrible situation for them both.
The few times he had encouraged her to take care of herself it only resulted in an argument. She would remind him of her long hours and she was the one paying the bills. Adding in how she was too tired to exercise at the end of her shift. It was a useless circular argument and he had given up trying to change her. Being reminded daily by her that he could not pay the bills only made things worse.
Of all the shit life had dumped on James the hardest blow was his daughters change toward him. She was thirteen when he had been fired from the factory. She had idolized her father during all those years. Her attitude toward him had changed though. Slowly in the beginning but now that she was twenty one she had no use for him at all.
Seeing him fired from job after job, coupled with the way her mother treated him had eroded her respect for him as father and a man. She had no time for him and spoke to him any way she pleased. Tabitha worked evenings as a waitress and bartender at a local club. She never lacked for male company and kept a steady stream of men picking her up and dropping her off at all hours of the night and day.
Tabitha or Tabi as her father called her when she was young, was a good looking young woman. She resembled her mother or at least how her mother used to look. Medium height, pale complexion with raven black hair, and bright blue eyes.
Tabitha was a full figured girl with healthy curves. Her bust size was a 34DD and her plump round ass filled her jeans to the point of stretching the seams. James was no fool. He knew his daughter was hot looking and he fully knew what was going on with all the male attention she received.
As much as it hurt him he knew his daughter was a slut. She was the town pump so to speak. A text or a phone call was all it took and within the hour she’d have her legs spread wide and her feet in the air for her boyfriend du jour. Tabitha liked to fuck and she didn’t care who knew it.
The town ladies whispered about her behind her back when they saw her. At the barbershop or hardware store James had endured not so subtle questions regarding Tabitha’s late night activities. None of this concerned Tabitha though as long as she was getting a steady dose of cock she was happy.
This day started like most others for James. He awoke with his wife at seven and made coffee and breakfast while she got ready for her shift at the hospital. After eating he would shower and shave when she was finished in the bathroom. She would leave for work by ten thirty and present James with a list of chores she wanted him to finish as she was walking out the door.
To James it was emasculating to do the cooking and cleaning and run the errands but this was his role each time he found himself between odd jobs. He poured himself another cup of coffee and began wiping down the counter tops and started a load of laundry. He was busy ticking of the items on his list when he heard his daughter shuffling down the bedroom hallway toward the kitchen.
Tabitha was still wearing her make-up from the night before. Her dark eye shadow and mascara smudged a bit from sleeping. She was wearing the white fitted shirt she wore to her waitress job, the black skirt that went with it was missing.
Her legs and the bottom of her ass hung out from the shirt as she made her way past James. Her shirt was open enough in the front to make it obvious she was not wearing a bra. James looked at her with disapproval over her choice to dress this way in front of him.
Tabitha often did things that irritated James on purpose. She wore skimpy clothes around him all the time, or did yoga in skin tight shorts in front of him. He was constantly telling her to put on more clothes or saying things like, “If you could just see how cheap you look dressed like that.”
Tabitha poured a cup of black coffee and set it on the counter so she could reach up into the cabinet shelf. With her arms stretched over her head, her shirt tail rose up to expose her bare ass. She was wearing no panties. James was standing behind her and now had full view of his daughter’s plump butt.
“Damn it, Tabi how many times have I told you to cover yourself in front of me!” he fumed.
“If you don’t like it then don’t look,” She quipped back at him and rolled her eyes.
James opened the fridge and took out a beer and opened the cap. He lifted the bottle to his mouth and took a long pull. He thought to himself it was going to be one of those days again where his daughter acted like a bitch.
Tabitha with her coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other slid past James and took a seat at the small table at the eat-in kitchen. She munched her breakfast and watched her father unload and load the dishwasher then begin to mop the floor.
“You’re a regular little Suzie Homemaker aren’t you,” she snickered at him.
“Boy, if your old friends could see you now”, she laughed, “one of them might ask you out for a date.”
“Tabitha keep your smart ass comments to yourself please. I don’t want to fuss with you today,” James said as he polished off the beer in his hand and reached for a second.
James started to drain the second beer when Tabitha finished her coffee and joined him in the kitchen area. Tabitha set her cup and dish on the counter not even attempting to put them into the dishwasher he had just emptied. She leaned back against the counter edge and watched her father finish his second beer and resume cleaning. She thought he looked like a total looser drinking and doing the chores her fat mother had dumped on him.
“I’m not working tonight so I have a new boyfriend picking me up at seven. It’d be nice if you weren’t shit face drunk when he gets here,” Tabitha said as she walked past him to return to her bedroom.
“What did you just say to me?” James stopped his cleaning. He was still facing away from his daughter. If he weren’t she could have seen James face was turning blood red with anger at how she had spoken to him.
“I told you to not be drunk when he gets here but maybe if you are you will pass out again’, Tabitha continued, “If you do I can just fuck him in my bedroom and save the hotel money.”
“So, on second thought, go ahead and drink up looser,” Tabitha said with her hand on her hip, staring at her father’s back.
James anger had reached beyond the boiling point and he spun around counterclockwise with his hand raised in the air. He slapped Tabi across the face and side of her head with a strong blow from his right hand. Tabi was completely caught off guard and had no time to duck or raise her arm to ward off the blow.
The shock of the impact knocked her off balance and she staggered in a semi-circle to her left and landed flat on her ass with a plop on the hard floor. James stepped toward his stunned daughter and grabbed her by the hair on top of her head.
In one move he lifted her to her knees and started taking her down the hall that led back to her bedroom. Tabi did her best to get to her feet but a knee walking crawl was all she could manage. As she tried to gain her feet, her hands flailed above her head in an attempt to grasp a hold of James arm or wrist and keep him from jerking her hair out by its roots.
“You are not going to talk to me like that, who in the hell do you think you are?” were the only words that escaped James lips and he forced Tabi through the door way of her bedroom.
Letting her get to her feet but still holding her hair he thrust her toward her bed. Tabitha stumbled again and fell belly down on the thick pink and black comforter that covered her mattress. Getting to her hands and knees on the bed she turned herself over to a sitting position just in time to glimpse James out of the corner of her eye.
He was already delivering a backhand blow to the other side of her check and face. Once more Tabi felt the sting of his hand and her ears rang inside her head. Tabi slid off the edge of her bed and again landed butt first on the floor. With her ears ringing and her head swimming she could see her father standing over her shaking his finger and ranting but could not make out all his words.
“I know what you are, you’re the town whore,” James shouted at her.
“I refuse to let you rub that shit in my face, you little bitch,” He continued his rant.
Tabi felt warm tears well up in her eyes and run down her cheeks. “Oh my God, he’s going to kill me,” she thought to herself.
“You’ve got this coming to you young lady,” he said in a matter of fact tone.
Shaking her head to clear the fog she heard the last part of his ravings clearly. Like a lightning bolt from the past Tabitha remembered hearing her father say that phrase before he would spank her as a child. Once again James grasped her by her hair and lifted her to her knees. He held her head low so she had to bend at the waist and walked her back and forth at the side of her bed.
Finally he took a seat and using Tabitha’s hair he drug his daughter over his lap. She lay across his legs shaking from her soft sobs. Tabitha’s fitted white shirt had ridden up over her hips and around her waist during all the commotion. Being drug across her father’s lap had slid the front of the shirt back over her tummy and covered her pussy but she was quite aware that most of her plump ass was still exposed.
James paused to examine the target of his wrath, which was going to be his daughters’ plump butt. Tabi had a nice ass that was smooth and full. Her rounded cheeks rolled out from the small of her back and disappeared into the tops of her thighs. The crack of her ass went deep between her cheeks.
James began to lightly stroke his hand over the curve of her buttocks and down the back of her thighs. He ran his hand back up over her rump again letting his fingertips dip slightly into the crack of her ass.
“I am too old for this,” Tabitha mustered the courage to challenge him.
James answered her with five fast swats on her butt. Tabitha jerked each time his hand landed on her ass. James alternated between rubbing his daughters’ ass and swatting her cheeks. He delivered her a flurry of loud popping smacks until her flesh glowed a soft pale pink.
“Are you enjoying this?” Tabitha sarcastically questioned.
James then sunk his left hand into the hair on the back of Tabitha’s head and pulled backward hard. Tabitha cried out and arched her shoulders her upward and back to relieve the pain in her scalp. With Tabitha arched in this position it caused her to unwillingly lift her ass into the air and clench her butt muscles tightly.
“Perfect,” James thought to himself, “this is just how I imagined it should be.”
James began again. He landed swat after swat after swat on Tabitha’s backside to the point his arm began to tire from the effort. Tabitha moaned out in pain and jerked and twisted from each of the punishing blows across her ass.
“Yes, I am enjoying this very much,” James answered between swats as he panted from his efforts.
Tabitha lay still across her father’s lap with her ass burning from his strokes and she could feel a lump against her tummy. “Holy shit, he has a hard on!” Tabitha’s brained screamed out at the discovery.
James continued rubbing her soft ass with his cupped hand. Her flesh was a bright rose color now and in many places he could see his finger marks on her skin outlined in deeper red.
James directed Tabitha to get off his lap and stand up. She complied slowly and carefully fearing another slap, but mainly due to her ass being so tender it hurt to move her legs. The daughter stood before her father facing him with her legs held closed together and she pulled down the hem of her tight shirt. She suddenly felt very small and wished she had more clothing on than what she had flaunted around in.
James, still breathing deeply, began to speak.
“Place your hands by your sides and stand up straight bitch,” He ordered.
Tabitha did as instructed.
“I have watched you fuck the guys in this town like a whore for too long,” He said.
“I know you sneak out at night to meet guys, I know you sneak guys in my house at night after I go to sleep, I hear all the snickering about you from people I know and till today I just pretended like I didn’t see it,” He said bluntly to his daughter, “but that shit stops today.”
“If you’re going to throw your pussy around like a Frisbee then you can give me some of it too you fucking cheap slut,” He said.
With those words James grasped the bottom of his daughter’s shirt and ripped it apart. Buttons popped off and scattered over the hard wood floor with a clicking sound. The white shirt flew open and Tabi’s big tits spilled out. She gasped and tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms. She stood naked in front of her father trembling.
“Shit!” Tabitha cried out in shock taking a defiant stance, “What the fuck are you doing?”
James stood and raised his hand into the air as a warning of what might be coming her way.
Tabitha cried out in response, “No, don’t hit me.” As she covered her face preparing for the blow.
“I’m sorry. What do you want from me?” she sobbed. Her demeanor no longer defiant but cringing.
James retook his seat on Tabitha’s bed and instructed her to remove the torn shirt and allow him to examine her body. Tabi slipped the remains of her shirt off her shoulders and let it slip to the floor. It lay at her feet as a reminder of what she had done to get herself to this situation.
James eyed his daughter up and down. Her big heavy tits jutted out from her torso and angled slightly downward above her flat tummy. Her fat pink nipples pressed outward from their silver dollar sized areolas a good half of an inch and seemed to be looking at the floor from the angle of her soft tits. Her nipples were rock hard and James wondered if it was the cold room or the spanking that caused this.
Tabi shaved her pussy lips but left a nest of curly black hair over her pubic mons. Eying the dusky pink flesh of her meaty pussy lips was making James cock begin to throb in his jeans. Tabitha moved her full hips from side to side as she shifted her weight while uncomfortably waiting on her father’s next command. James snapped back to attention from his gaze on her delicious pussy.
“Do that yoga thing where your hands are on the floor,” he said quickly.
“You mean downward facing Rocky(D)?” she asked in a confused tone as she began to touch the floor and strike the pose.
“Yes that’s it but do it facing away so your ass in front of me,” He instructed.
“You’re not going to spank me again are you?” Tabitha’s voice trembled as she asked.
In this position James walked around her. He was looking her over, inspecting her naked flesh as he decided what to do next. Her big fucking tits dangled outward from her body and he liked what he saw. Her round plump ass was exposed for whatever he wished to do to her.
“She was totally defenseless in this downward facing Rocky(D) pose,” he thought quietly as he paced around her. Finally he stood above and behind her taking in the view of her form, curvy full hips, slender waist, small shoulders, her arms and legs toned but not muscular, her raven black hair a contrast to her pale milky flesh, she was beautiful like her mother once was.
James settled onto the edge of her bed with her ass directly in front of his face. He instructed her to spread her legs further apart and she did so quickly so as not to incite another round of spanking. James leaned slightly forward and began to trace his fingers over his daughter’s ass cheeks. Her ass was still bright pink and tender from the spanking.
He slowly traced the outline of her hips and down the backs of her thighs with his fingertips. He returned his hands to her ass and cupped both her cheeks in each hand, he began gently massaging and kneading her fleshy bottom. Tabitha moaned ever so slightly under his touch. Her ass tingled still from the spanking but his warm hands felt good on her tender buttocks.
James slid his thumbs into the crack of her ass and slowly, gently, spread her ass apart. Her plump cheeks parted to reveal her delicate pink asshole. Her wrinkled asshole made a pink star in her pale flesh. The puckered skin at the center of her anal passage was a soft pink with a darker ring of light purple surrounding the entrance to her sphincter.
James wet his lips and leaned forward to delicately kiss his daughters asshole. Her flesh was warm and soft on his lips and he began to trace the tip of his tongue along the wrinkled rim surrounding her asshole.
Tabitha’s legs began to tremble from the strain of the yoga pose and from the touch of her father’s tongue on her most personal places. James ran the tip of his tongue over his daughters pink ass hole and flicked the tip back and forth rapidly.
Tabitha’s butt hole puckered and quivered in response to him working it like a pro. He pressed his tongue even deeper into her ass and she moaned out loud in response to his effort. James knew what he was doing was wrong but at this point he did not give a shit about it or what anyone else would think either.
James could smell the scent of his daughter’s pussy mingling with the musky smell of her asshole. He leaned back from working her tail hole to examine her cunt. Tabitha was shaking noticeably harder now as she struggled to maintain the yoga pose her father had demanded. James saw that Tabitha’s cunt was swollen to the point where her inner lips were peeking out and a thin bead of her womanly dew was beginning to form along the fleshy seam of her meaty pussy lips.
James leaned forward again and this time ran his tongue lightly over her cunt. He tasted the warm sticky dew that seeped out from her gash. He placed his hands on her ass and once more he leaned in. This time pressing his tongue in hard enough to spread open her moist lips so it could dive into her cunt. Tabitha groaned like a bitch in heat as her father’s tongue probed the entrance to her fuck hole and flicked across her burning clit.
Tabitha’s body ached for more. Her clit was swelling up in her pussy and throbbed each time James ran his tongue over its sensitive location. She longed to have her father push his skillful tongue deeper inside her cunt and ream out her fuck hole. Her nipples were hard as glass and they begged for attention too.
However, Tabitha’s conscience was screaming inside her head, “This is wrong! He’s your father, you have to quit right now before you go too far!”
Tabitha cried out, “Stop, this is wrong, you’re my father!” She broke out of her stance and collapsed to the floor in front of James.
Furious that his daughter had stopped him while he licked her pussy, James stood and raised his hand to strike his daughter again. This time Tabi made it to her feet and ran through the door. She made it to the hallway but James was stronger and faster and grabbed his daughter by the wrist.
He wrenched her arm behind her back in arm lock and grasped her hair again with the other. Tabitha cried out in pain from the wrestler’s grip her held her in. He turned her head using her hair as a bridle and marched her back to the bedroom. James threw Tabitha onto the bed and shut and locked the door behind them.
“It’s payback time you little whore,” James said as he stood at the edge of the bed and eyed her nakedness.
He began to undress, first pulling his polo over his head, and then kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his pants. Sliding his jeans off his hips and legs he stepped out of them leaving them in a pile on her bedroom floor. He stood before her in only his boxers listening to his daughter softly crying. James slid his underwear down over his ass and thighs to release his big cock from its confines. His thick meat pole bounced upward and slapped against his hairy stomach as it freed itself from the waistband of his boxers.
Tabitha watched in disbelief as her father dropped his underwear on the bed beside her. He rubbed his thick shafted dick and tugged at his heavy scrotum to loosen his balls from their clenched position. His cock was huge, normally she would be all over a piece of meat this large but this was her father. She had never really thought about how big his cock might be but she never would have imagined he was packing this much meat in his pants.
“For Pete’s sake why doesn’t mom treat you better if you can pump that big thing into her every night?” she thought.
Tabitha snapped out of her thoughts when James placed a knee on the comforter and began to climb onto her bed with her. Tabitha could see in his eyes that James was intent on fucking her but she thought that maybe she could reason with him. So far there had only been inappropriate touching but nothing taboo had happened between them and she wanted him to stop.
“James you can’t do this to me,” she pleaded, “this is wrong, I’m your daughter and your my father, we can’t do this together.”
“Please stop,” she continued again, “what if I get pregnant?”
James ignored her pleas. Kneeling on the bed with Tabi seated cross legged in front of him her arms crossed in attempt to conceal her huge tits he placed his hands around her throat and squeezed ever so slightly.
“Tabi, you’re going to be a nice girl for me or I am going to have to be very mean to you,” James said. “Do you understand me?’ James asked as he tightened his grip further, not enough to choke her but enough to show her who was in control.
Once more tears poured from her eyes as she knew she was in over her head. She was about to get fucked by her own father and she was painfully aware there was nothing she could do to stop him. “Why had she been such a smart mouth bitch to him?” she asked herself.
Tabitha felt James pull her toward him using his hand around her throat to guide her. He was pulling her downward so her face was level with his erect penis. Inches from her father’s cock she gazed at his length and girth. His balls dangled beneath his fat rod like two plums in a hairy meat sack.
Unlike most of the guys she’d fucked, James did not shave his cock and balls. His long fat cock protruded out from dark pubic hair. His meat was thick and was covered with veins, its bulbous purple head flared out wider than his shaft.
“Put it in your mouth Tabitha,” James commanded of his daughter in a calm flat tone.
“Please don’t do this,” She begged.
“It’s not too late, we can stop now and no one will ever know what you did to me today,” She pleaded he case.
“Put it in your mouth Tabitha,” James repeated in the same calm flat tone as He pressed his daughter closer to his waiting cock.
Tabitha opened her mouth and slid the head of her father’s cock between her lips. James pressed his hips forward slightly and Tabitha took his head deeper and slipped her lips around his thick shaft. Tabitha pulled her mouth upward then pressed back down, moistening his tool with her tongue so it would slid smoothly over her trembling lips. Tabitha began to pump her mouth up and down on her father’s cock. James could feel his daughter’s warm tears falling on his thighs as she worked her mouth over his cock.
James stroked his daughter’s dark black hair as she sucked his cock. He petted her head and rubbed her shoulders. He reached under her arm and played with her tits, gently rolling her fat hard nipples between his thumb and finger. He spoke softly to her as she worked her mouth over his dick.
“That’s a good girl Tabi, suck daddy’s cock real nice for him,” James encouraged his daughter.
Tabitha could feel her father’s pulse beating in his cock as she slid his warm penis in and out of her mouth. She knew from his groans he was enjoying how she used her mouth up and down on his dick. Tabi rolled her tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft and circled the head of his cock with it as she pulled up ward on his pole.
Tabitha’s tears had dried up as she was now concentrating more on the big cock in her mouth than who it belonged to. She fondled her father’s heavy balls in her left hand as she used her right hand to stroke his thick shaft in unison with her mouth. She made a circle around his penis with her thumb and forefinger and held her mouth just above her hand as she bobbed her face up and down in her father’s groin.
James moaned out deeply as his baby girl worked her magic mouth over his tool. He was nearing an orgasm but he was not ready to let his load loose. James wanted in her pussy before he dumped his sperm. He pulled Tabi’s head off his cock and James noticed for the first time that Tabitha had two fingers in her cunt. She had been fingering herself as she sucked his cock. James instructed his daughter to lay back in the bed.
“Yes daddy,” Tabitha cooed as she lay back and open her legs wide apart.
“Come fuck me daddy,” Tabitha said as she rubbed her fingers over her cunt spreading her lips apart to expose her deep pink fuck hole as she spoke.
“Come fuck your little girl daddy,” Tabi continued.
“I want your big fat cock inside me daddy. Don’t make me beg daddy. Please come fuck me,” She moaned out as she squirmed deeper into the comforter and writhed with desire.
James watched his daughter play with her pussy for several seconds. This was to let his urge to cum subside. He didn’t want to bust a nut inside her too quickly. She was a beautiful site. Her pale skin on her belly and thighs contrasted by her dark black pubic hair and the pink gash she so willingly spread open before him.
“You are such a little whore aren’t you Tabi?” James questioned her.
“Yes daddy,” Tabitha moaned, “I’m such a slut daddy, I love to get fucked all the time.”
“Well now it’s daddy’s turn to fuck that nasty pussy, you little fucking whore,” James said as he mounted his daughter.
Tabi spread her legs wide apart so James could settle deep into her hips. James lay his hairy stomach on her soft flat belly and positioned his cock at the dripping wet gates of her cunt. James pushed the head of his cock against his daughter’s pussy lips and rubbed its head up and down through the secretions seeping from her gash.
When the head glistened wetly in her fluids he pressed his cock into Tabitha parting her meaty lips and opening her fuck hole. Tabitha moaned out loud like the little whore she was as James pushed his meat inside her. The head of his big cock disappeared into her tunnel and he pushed the shaft in deep behind it.
Taking her father’s big hard cock into her pussy put pressure on her cervix and womb she had never felt before. Tabitha thought his big dick would go on filling her pussy forever. James forced in all of his cock and held it deep inside her. Tabitha felt her pussy opened wider than it had ever been before. The sensation of this huge meat inside her teetered between pain and pleasure.
James began to pump his cock into his daughter slowly at first. He knew what he was doing to her with each stroke of his big tool. Tabi grunted under the pressure of having her pussy opened up so widely over and over as her father pumped into her slit with increasing speed. James began pumping her more forcefully now. His hips pounding into her body made a fleshy slapping noise with each powerful stroke.
Tabi groaned as her father slammed her pussy full of his cock.
“Oh God, fuck me daddy,” She moaned
“Make me cum daddy! Fuck my pussy faster! Oh God, I’m gonna cum daddy,” she groaned.
With her last moaning words Tabitha let loose a gush of her fluids from deep inside her throbbing snatch. Her pussy ejaculate sprayed out of her cunt and covered James cock in slippery juices. Her wet sloppy pussy gushed a second load then another. Tabitha had never had such an intense orgasm.
She cried out in passion, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck the shit out of me daddy!”
Tabitha wrapped her legs around her father’s back and locked her feet together. Doing this put her hips in a position to lift her ass off the mattress so she could buck her pelvis in unison with James hard stokes into her cunt.
Tabitha rocked her pelvis back and forth sliding her pussy up and down James cock as he pumped her from the top. Tabi clenched her legs harder around her father as he stroked her. Clenching her legs like this tightened the muscles in her cunt around his cock tighter and tighter.
James loved how hard his daughter was screwing him. She wasn’t laying there like a dead fuck, she was returning all the energy he put into her. She was fucking him back as hard as he was fucking her. Her big soft tits mashed against his chest as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. James pushed his big fucking cock deeper into her dripping wet fuck hole and held it there. Tabi gyrated her hips grinding her sloppy wet cunt against his body.
“Am I fucking you good enough daddy?” Tabitha asked in a baby talk voice
“Lift your legs up higher baby,” James instructed his daughter as he continued pumping her cunt.
Tabitha grasped her ankles with both hands and pulled her legs up higher and wider. James repositioned himself with his weight on his forearms and his chest held up off of Tabitha. He fucked her harder now than he did before. Each dominating stroke jostled her limber body, her huge soft tits jiggled with every deep, vigorous stroke he made into her cunt.
James could feel his cock throbbing and knew he was close to dumping his seed. “I’m gonna cum baby,” He grunted to his daughter.
“I’m on the pill daddy, cum inside me. I want you to cum inside me daddy,” Tabitha assured him she was ready and willing to take his load.
With that exchange James powered his hips into Tabitha one more massive stroke and busted his nuts inside his daughter’s pussy. James groaned loudly with his release. The eruption of sperm from his cock was so strong he felt like his balls would implode on themselves. Again and again and again his hot sperm vomited out from the head of his cock filling Tabitha’s womb. Each jet of sperm made his balls ache as they propelled their contents forward.
Tabitha delighted in the feel of her father’s warm seed filling her womb. The load of cum she took was so massive she could not hold it all inside her. It drained from her sloppy cunt along with her own female juices and oozed around her father’s withering cock. James rolled off his daughter and lay on his back exhausted from his efforts.
“Clean me off baby, I’ve got your pussy juice and my load all over my cock and balls,” James said to Tabitha.
Tabitha sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed to begin to get up.
“What are you doing?’ James asked.
‘I’m going to get a wash cloth and clean you off like you asked me to,” Tabitha replied as she was confused by his question.
“Use your mouth Tabi and clean me off,” James said, pointing at his flaccid cock.
Tabitha grinned, “Yes daddy, I’m sorry I didn’t understand.”
Tabitha crawled between her father’s thighs and began to suck and lick the mess off his cock. She worked diligently to make sure she got every drop of his seed, even sucking the sticky mess from his pubic hair. She commented on how good his sperm tasted and she hoped he would cum in her mouth sometime soon. James stroked her soft black hair as she sucked and licked him clean.
“Tabi, you’re such a good little cunt. I don’t want you seeing any other guys. After today you’re my fuck toy now,” James spoke.
James cock was starting to get hard again as his daughter sucked and licked clean the thick meat that she had just begged him to stuff up her love tunnel. She popped his cock back into her mouth and began sucking his cock rock hard again. Bobbing her head up and down on her daddy’s growing shaft her pussy was tingling as it was again ready for a second round with him.
“Daddy as long as you don’t tell momma we can do this every day she’s at work,” Tabi paused to look at her father with wide doe eyes. “Don’t you worry about those lists she leaves you either, I’ll take care of all that stuff too,” Tabitha then resumed enthusiastically sucking her father’s cock.

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