Dad’s old bike

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Losing my temper was a very unusual occurrence, and for me to lose it completely unbelievable. When Wendy told me I was incredulous with rage, screaming at her selfish thoughtless bitch.
Then without warning I grabbed her by the shoulders shaking her, it happened so quickly before either of us new or had time to think minds full with our joint anger and disappointment. Wendy was across my knee panties down round her ankles her ass cheeks glowing red under my heavy hand, I was spanking Wendy’s arse harder and harder and it felt wonderful, I could hear her whimpers and feel her rubbing, yes, rubbing her sex against my rough serge trousers. Even to this day I don’t remember how long it took me to realise Wendy’s whimpers were really moans of excitement and she was enjoying this as much if not more than me Wendy my prim wife wanted to be spanked.
My spanking slowly began to diminish, just short softer slaps now between strokes of a very red sore looking ass cheeks I stroked, soft strokes easing the hurt then my fingers found her sex, she was like a swamp absolutely soaking wet, I recall her juice was spread between her thighs like thick strands of a spiders web. I filled her cunt with my fingers first three then four I would have sworn they could hear the squelching clear down to the end of the street.

Wendy slid off my knee her eyes were full of lust, I looked down at her and for the first time in my life and new what to do. Releasing a rock hard cock from tight retaining trousers “suck it suck my cock you dirty cow” I screamed at her, Wendy didn’t suck me she devoured me like a starving women. I held her head tight fucking her eager throat deeper and deeper until I was balls deep then I started to flood her mouth with rope after rope of red hot sperm. Wendy gagged and gagged but she never pushed me away or objected to my treatment of her.
When I’d finished I pushed her off and leant her across the arm of the settee, without any hesitation or objections from Wendy my tongue found her cunt, god, only someone who knows can imagine how good it felt the smell the taste, her clit I had only ever felt it with fingers before. Now it felt like a small hard bullet under my tongue, I began to explore opening her labia folds, tongue entering her succulent body then pulling back to that wonderfully erect clit then all the way along her lips smelling and tasting everything including for the first time her anal passage poking my tongue in that most forbidden hole. It wasn’t long until she achieved her first orgasm. Then a second as my newly hard cock slipped between the folds of her cunt.
I don’t know and never asked how many orgasms she had before we finally slept, but I do know I came three times and was running dry when we finally finished.

Let me introduce us Wendy my 46 year old wife, pretty without being outstanding, a good figure with 34c tits and wide hips on her 5’6” frame. She has never dressed to please others, frumpy is the word I’d use. Me I’m Bill 43 year owner of a tiny engineering company specializing in CNC machining. Financially very comfortable and set in my ways, like many others without noticing I’d sat back and let our life drift It had become pretty dowdy
Maybe even our vanilla sex life was my fault, in the early days if Wendy had said no I’d thought she’d meant it and that was it, how wrong can you be.

Oh!!! The old bike well it had hung in the garage for more than a year, in fact since dad had died it was his, an old Carlton “Franco Italia” 10 gear racing bike “they don’t make them like that any more” he’d always laugh. I knew I’d never have used it, but giving it to the metal man with not a word, but most of you men must understand my fury dad had loved that bike.
It was the following morning she came down while I sat with my tea and toast….. Good morning darling I’m truly sorry, her lips brushed mine, The bike had changed our lives forever.

Over the next few weeks things changed gradually but continuously Wendy’s hair became shorter and blonder her make-up vibrant and almost slutty. Between the two of us we started to change her wardrobe some from shops some from the internet. We decided, or rather I decided on two types of wardrobe. Her skirts and dresses got shorter and a lot tighter, likewise her tops chosen to enhance her figure we bought ribbed jumpers and semi sheer blouses. She laughed I’m only dressing like this to please you her hand stroking my chest oh she was loving it to.

The second wardrobe mainly came from the websites, tiny skirts and dresses, fully sheer tops all very bright and sexy colours. Skimpy bra’s and panties that would be wore with both wardrobes. Then black, red and white high heeled platform shoes, And a large amount of sex aids dildo’s vibrators nipple clamps and rings chains and whips. Finally two spanking skirts leaving the booty always on show.

Neither of us could complain about their new sex lives, free and really open lots of oral, some anal fingering and rimming but not quite achieving full penetration. There was still one thing missing though, EDGE…. I loved Wendy and no matter how I tried just could not find the aggression I’d had shown a few weeks earlier. Without the temper I could not give Wendy the true spanking or whipping she needed or in deed the humiliation she craved I could plan it in my head but never carry it out, I new that soon it would matter for her to scratch that final itch.

Wendy was now fully submissive loving to be mastered whether it was for sex or just house cleaning her compliance had come easily and I knew for all her words she wasn’t just dressing for me she liked displaying herself, liked others looking and admiring her new look one or two friends had even commented on the new Wendy, and now it was just that final obstacle to overcome…. But how.

It took a few weeks and a few different contacts and finally a couple of meetings, thank you internet. I decided on a man named who was Tim 29 fit and healthy with proof, also articulate and a lover of women and more importantly some experience in training them.

Two weeks later another Friday night, my computer room had become an office, just a large clear leather topped desk and a leather chair to one side a box containing punishment aids. Tim stood in the doorway a big man fully two inches taller than me, as I called Wendy to come down he moved to the corner of the room.
She was dressed in the outfit I had left out for her, a crisp sheer white blouse without a bra her tits were fighting to get out of it’s confines, a plum coloured leather skirt four inches above her knee a pair of six inch high platform heels, over a pair of sheer seamed black stocking held up by a plum coloured waspie corset, and a sheer plum thong.

Seeing Tim in the room was quite a shock she actually gasped for breath, Wendy had never met him before and didn’t expect him to be there.
She new just by the way he looked at her what he was there for. Just stand a little closer to the desk Wendy, he smiled across at me, a reassuring smile put your hands on the desk that’s it flat on the palms and push your legs back, just a little further. Now Wendy Bill tells me you want to be spanked, is that right, Wendy couldn’t speak this stranger was stood behind her ogling her. She new her skirt had ridden up has she’d pushed her legs back and bottom up. Well Wendy is Bill wrong, his voice sounded more powerful now, she nodded… ANSWER ME WENDY… Yes….. YES that’s not clear is Bill wrong or is he right. She felt confused excited his hands a strangers hands were caressing her bottom, right she moaned Bill is right. Finally Wendy do you like to be spanked hard on your bottom… Yes…. Why Wendy do you like the pain, yes, and the humiliation you like to be humiliated just like this Wendy
Yes, she spoke so softly the men could barely hear her, this complete stranger had two hands on her butt cheeks spreading them open his hands she thought, disappointedly still over her skirt. Wendy felt hot and wet between her legs she wanted to touch herself so badly.
Then his hands moved so quickly swish, swish, swish six, seven blows each harder than the one before.

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