Damage has been done now what else would happen – Innocence Girl Part 1

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How you came early, you were supposed to be here by the evening with others” I asked Bushra while consoling her for what she was been through all because of me.
I sensed something fishy when Zuhair left along with Aliya, saying that Chotu had to leave for his home early, as he had some business to attend, so for your caretaking he would be staying at home as you were unwell and may required assistance, to which all agreed as they depart, I also left the group by saying that I would also like to join them as you would feel more comfortable around me.
And rest was history but why had you not told everything to me before, see what happened when friends keep secrets with friend. Bushra said while crying. I hugged her and said I would never keep any secrets from now on Bushu just forgive me this time I am really sorry for what that devil had done to you please forgive me.
Don’t blame yourself for what had happened, Rimsha it’s all about destiny but now think, what would happen if we didn’t find any solution for him he had warned us that for one day he would use us like his dolls and we have to follow whatever he would say as we had promised for deleting your video. Yes you are right we have to find a permanent solution otherwise our life would remain in a constant threat and our pride would be at stake.
As we were discussing the events we heard a knock on the door as we turned towards the direction, it was Aliya with a bag she came silently and stood beside us, “Zuhair had send these clothes for you two and said that tomorrow for village fair you both have to wear this only nothing else or you both are aware what he was capable of”, she left without even waiting for our response as she know we were not in a state of having any choice.
Bushra was surprised by her behaviour which I was used to, we opened the parcel and shocked to see what he had send for us to wear. There was two garments one for me and one for Bushra, the slip having my name on it was a knee length frock with zipper at the back and straps around the shoulder the frock had plates down the waist it was same like what I had at Amir’s birthday party last year and for Bushra it was a loose t-shirt with mangoes written at the chest and a skirt which was knee length with zipper at side.
We looked at each other then out of curiosity I asked what did she mean only this where were the undergarments, I could not wear this frock without shameez and panty. “so do I” said Bushra while searching for an answer to my question though I was getting what was laid ahead for us he wanted us to wear this dress at Village fair so that he could degrade us further in front of the whole villagers.
I went out to know about his plan as I came out of the room I collide with Amir as he was passing from the door. “look where are you going Dumbo.” He said irritatingly, by the way Zuhair was looking for you he was in the hall meet him as I am going for to get my clothes from cleaner. He left before even waiting for my reply. He was always like that in a state of hurriedness.
As I stand to look for Aliya someone caught me from back and dragged me in to the washroom adjacent to my room. I was about to shout at the person for this inappropriate move I stopped dead in my track as I turned to face my intruder it was Zuhair smiling at me and before I got recovered from his indecent assault he said “like what I had send for you.”
I was amazed from his boldness and was about to enquire about the terms he had negotiated through Aliya, he came forward and in an instance kissed me on lips, my eyes went open in shock and while I was stand stunned from his move he instantly held my waist and pushed me on the wall of the washroom and started groping my boobs frantically. I struggled to get free from his hold but he was way much stronger than my expectations he held me tightly against the wall and while I was struggling he inserted his right hand inside my pajama and started rubbing my nether lips.
His movements immediately had effect on my body and I started responding to his kiss though I want to get free from my intruder but again my body had gained control over my conscience and against my will I started gyrating my hips against his palm which was stretched over my mound and his fingers were massaging my pussy over my panty.
I was again loosing my will and to my shock I started moaning while kissing him back he sensed what I was going through and within a moment opened the knot of my pajama and pushed it down along with my panty I know I was loosing it and my body had betrayed me again.
As he lowered my pajama along with my panty his hand directly groped my nether lips which was by then glistening with moisture and I was completely lost in emotion and lust his other hand went straight to my boobs and in a swift motion he rolled my kurti to my neck and started sucking my eager nipples which were dying for to be sucked roughly to the core my boobs were aching against his palms for mauling I was completely taken away by lust and for a moment forgot everything else.
He had made me naked once again and this time I wasn’t even resisting but actively participating in my own assault. He lowered his trouser and started rubbing his bare dick over my pussy the moment he touched his snake at my horny pussy lips I felt a building orgasm which was about to explode as I was so lust driven that I completely forgot about my state and didn’t even realise he was about to take my virginity, his dick was slowly sliding between my pussy lips well lubricated by my own vaginal fluid then he suddenly stopped.
I was irritated as I was almost on a verge of my building orgasm it was then I felt the tip of his dick at my lower entrance before I realised, he thrust forward and his dick went inside my pussy breaking the poor hymen which could do nothing to stop the pulsating invader pushing deep inside my pussy, I felt an immense pain in my lower abdomen and my whole body got stiffened by the impact I held his back tightly to bear the pain and tightly closed my eyes in reflex.
The damage had been done and I was standing there with my eyes tightly closed hands holding my tormentor in a tight embrace with his hot shaft jammed inside my pussy which was then trying to accommodate the size of the pulsating cock pushing deep inside my abdomen. Because of the shock my voice had lost in my throat and tears dwelling inside my eyes from the pain and the guilt of what happened.
Zuhair also held me like that for a moment to gave me enough time to recover from the shock of loosing my virginity, then he held my left leg and raised it up to his waist and before I knew again thrust forward to push more deep inside my pussy and in three strokes his long nine inches monster was completely inside me. My pussy was burning inside and I was convulsing from the pain.
I was crying silently and tried to shout but my voice was dead inside my throat because of the shock It was then he said it’s time for to enjoy the fuck baby. And before I could sense what did he mean, he started thrusting his dick in and out in a rhythm the friction was creating a pain along with pleasure which I never felt before I tightly held him to maintain my balance and he started fucking me pussy first slowly then furiously like maniac.
The in and out movement of his pulsating cock driving me crazy and I openly started moaning loud, He whispered in my ear don’t be so loud baby you would bring everyone here for a show. Sensing the danger I closed my mouth and my moans get muffled inside he was fucking me like maniac and I was getting towards my orgasm and with a loud moan I came while having his cock buried deep inside my pussy.
He stopped for a moment to allow me to catch some breath and then again started sliding his cock in and out my pussy he was gaining speed and said yeaah! Rimsha my darling I am cumming, before I realised what he was saying his hips got stiffened and his dick was jammed deep inside my pussy he stopped his movement and his dick started convulsing inside, he was shooting his seeds deep inside my fertile womb as I could feel the warm fluid coating the inner walls of my fertile womb.
Out of reflex I slapped him saying, ” you rascal what have you done!” you cum inside me don’t you know I might get pregnant, you son of a bitch. He smiled at me and said don’t worry my love I have a solution for that you just enjoy the moment. I was crying frantically and he was slowly moving his now limp cock over my pussy lips his semen was flowing out of my pussy down to my thighs mixed with blood of my popped cherry.
As he move away I felt to the floor weeping loudly over what he had done and why had I allowed this to happen? He came close and said now don’t create a scene, here is the water clean yourself and get ready for tomorrow as you and your friend have to wear what I had send and remember no undergarments nothing inside the dress you must go commando. It would be of great fun, with that he left me half lying on the floor of the washroom on the pool of semen and blood coming out of my destroyed pussy.
“Where have you been Rimshu!” I was looking for you since one hour. Bushra asked in a concerned manner sensing my state, I was lost thinking again and again over what had happened in the washroom was rape or consensual sex?
I looked at her and said, ” Bushu I had lost everything the bastard had deflowered me and took away my pride and dignity and the worst was that I didn’t even protest to his assault” with that I embraced her waist and started weeping loudly she immediately held my head around her arms and said out of panic over my revelation what had happened my darling what he had done? I will kill him for sure don’t cry my love I am here don’t cry.
She held my hand and dragged me out of the room frantically looking for Zuhair if someone had caught us in that state they would surely understood something terrible happened as Bushra was fuming with anger like never before as we were passing from the hall we caught Aliya, Bushra held her tightly and asked her about Zuhair she understood by our state and behaviour that something was not good she instantly said okay go to the store I will bring him there please don’t create any scene here if anyone saw you like this we all have to face worst consequences..
We were waiting in the store Bushra was burning with rage and walking to and fro in a desperate manner to confront the creep. All of a sudden there was a knock a the door and before the arrival had entered Bushra ran towards the door caught the collar of the intruder and started slapping his face she had taken him off guard as he was startled with the sudden blow and out of reflex pushed her forcefully to the floor, she fall on her back and was ready to attack him again but before her execution he said Enough! What the hell are you doing bitch?
Oh! What am I doing? You pervert you rapist you motherfucking son of a bitch you had guts to ask me about my doing. What about you? You raped my sister and now you are talking shit I will kill you for that you scoundrel! With that she again jumped on him with a fist but this time he was prepared he caught her in the middle and slammed her hard against the wall catching both of her wrist beside you bitch you tried to hit your master now have this.
Before we could understand he turned her against the wall yanked her skirt with such a force that it torn apart in two pieces immediately, pushed her panty down in a swift motion lowered his trouser and without any warning pushed his now hard cock in to her pussy from back.
It was so sudden that we couldn’t react at once as I came back to my sense and realised what was about to happen I move towards them to stop his advancement but caught in a middle by Aliya she draped her arms around my waist and held me tightly against her saying don’t! Please don’t!
I was stunned and looked at her with amusement that why was she assisting him not us and there he missed his first attempt of penetrating her folds instantly he made a second attempt while pinning her firmly against the wall he said you talk too much whore now face the punishment for slapping your master and with that he aimed her pulsating monster at the opening of her folds and with a forceful thrust he penetrated her pussy roughly without any lubrication she screamed at the top of her voice which was immediately muffled by his palm over her mouth and her body started shaking with unbearable pain caused from this sudden onslaught.
I was pleading to them please leave her leave her for God sake but my words were falling on the deaf ears. They didn’t spare us and right before my eyes, he deflowered my best friend forcefully against her will. Blood was flowing from her ruptured hymen passing down her thighs and she was nearly lost her consciousness out of shock and pain she had with this drastic intrusion.
Aliya had a hard grip of her arms around my waist and said have patience everything will be fine. I looked at her furiously and said don’t you dare to show this fake condolence you were aware about his intention and wilfully given your support and assistance so keep your kindness to yourself we didn’t need anything from you.
While Zuhair was holding Bushra against the wall who was nearly unconscious started thrusting his hips and fucking her blood covered pussy slowly he said what a tight pussy she had warm and soft like feather I will show this bitch what the real fucking was, with that he increased his pace and started sliding his dick deep in to her gaping pussy wildly.
After a while she had gained some consciousness and started groaning with pain, I was feeling pity for her state as I was listening to her groans after a minute or two with a constant fucking her body started responding to the impact which was causing by his invading cock her groans were replaced by moans of pleasure and she started moaning loudly.
As I watched she had an earth shattering orgasm and collapse on her back resting against his chest on the other hand he was still pumping her pussy with his pulsating cock and after a minute or two he groaned and buried his shaft deep inside her pussy and from the convulsing of his hips and thighs I know he shot his seeds deep in to her fertile womb and with a pop sound he pulled his cock out of her gaping pussy which was by then filled with his cum which was flowing out of her shining pussy mixed with her blood down on her thighs.
She laid unconscious for a while and I was holding her head in my lap Zuhair was sitting at the trunk and Aliya was standing beside him, Bushra gained some consciousness and started weeping after remembering what had happened to her against her will. I consoled her that I was with her then suddenly Zuhair came forward with his mobile and played a video in which the whole event of our last ordeal was recorded we were surprised and shocked at once that when he had time to record that and how?
He sensed our quarry and said don’t be surprised you know how I record this we looked at Aliya in unison and stared at her for her betrayal she resented her head down in shame as if saying I was forced as before. He said now you know if you open your mouth again what I would do to you and to your family so be a nice submissive dolls and do what I asked otherwise you have to face my wrath again.
We cried on our situation and destiny that why was all this happened to us what was our fault and why we were we not wise enough to understand his trick before. He left smiling at us knowing that now we were his fuck dolls and he would do whatever he likes.
As he left Aliya came forward and said this is my stole wrap this around her and go at once before everyone came back from market leave this mess on to me I will clean the place and will take care of the rest. But you two go now and make her presentable I will met you at dinner and please forgive me I know I have done things which are beyond forgiveness but do believe me I am working for us to get away from this creep. With that she left us and we silently went to our room to clean Bushra from the mess and make her presentable before everyone at dinner.
Losing our pride was not enough as we lost our identity
“Sleep well dear as you look exhausted,” said Zain while hugging me before going to his bed. I was thinking what would happen when he came to know what happened to us while they were gone for shopping their clothes for village fare.
That night Bushra and me slept together as we had enough torment to bear alone we were in dire need of affection and sympathy which was nowhere to be found as no one knows about what we were being through.
“What do you think how could we tackle the upcoming ordeal?” Asked Bushra in a perplexed manner. I think we have to stick together in order to minimise the risk of being caught without our undergarments as there will be huge crowd at the fare as it is an annual gathering; what you say?
Yeah! You are right we need to stay together in this way we will be able to protect each other from the crowd as well as from that creep. What I was thinking how long we would be able to keep him away from doing anything to us which could be risky as well as revealing. We need to be very careful and stay together away from him as well as from his bitch.
She was also forced Bushra like us she too is a victim she had suffered a lot and now she had just given up. If we want to seek freedom from this creep we need to seek the help from her.
Yes I agree, whatever she is doing was not her own will but the commands given by Zuhair. Anyway when we are supposed to leave for the fare, I am worried what we are going to face.
Me too Bushra, but for now let’s get ourselves ready before he changed his mind to switch on some new ordeal for today. I will catch you in a while as I need to take a shower before we left for the fare.
Okay, I also need to take a bath, will see you later I am going upstairs to get dressed as it was rarely occupied.
Feeling fresh! Aliya said while closing the door behind, I was taken aback by her sudden intrusion in my room. She was standing with a grin on her face.
What do you want? Are you here to check on me or you are summoned to see whether I have followed his instructions or not. I said irritatingly.
No I just came here to tell you that I was not a traitor I really want to help you both but searching for a right opportunity, have faith we will find a way for all of us to retrieve our freedom. With that she left me staring at her while her frame disappeared from my sight.
I know she would help us and with her assurance I regained my lost confidence and now determined to teach this brat a lesson of his life.
I was feeling little awkward as I was wearing the frock without anything beneath. Though I have been commando many times before but this was something different as this time it was non-consensual and I would be surrounded by strangers. The frock was little tighter at waist but long enough to cover my knees. Just by look no one can see that I was bare beneath the frock.
Bushra was also feeling awkward as it was clear from her face her t-shirt was loose enough to cover her bosom but it was evident from the look that she was not wearing bra underneath, her skirt was long but slightly tight around her waist and if closely observed it was clear she wasn’t wearing panty beneath. She was clearly terrified and we both were waiting for the upcoming torture.
We all gathered around the front door, waiting for the bus to arrive as we are more in number we can’t take the car so it was decided that we would take bus to the fare. After a while bus came and we somehow boarded the bus it was fully packed and there was hardly any space left for us to stand properly.
We were standing at the back trying to push around the people to get ourselves in the middle of the bus rest of the members were standing around us in a protective manner to prevent any possible jerk or touch from the rest of the passengers. I was standing close to Bushra holding her hand.
It was then something pressed at my lower back as I turned my face to look at the person I felt a palm pressing my hips over my frock my eyes went wide open at the sudden boldness of the person standing behind me as I looked at his face to tell him to take away his hand, he shifted his gaze toward the window and pretend that he wasn’t aware what his hand was doing.
I was about to ask him to remove his hand when he lifted the frock from behind and held my bare hip I was shocked and tightly held Bushra’s hand she looked instantly at me asking what happened? I was searching for words how am I going to tell her that the person standing right behind me was groping my bare ass by lifting my frock from behind.
I don’t want to create a scene therefore decided to remain silent and said nothing she came forward to stand beside me the person took my silence as approval and by now he know that I wasn’t wearing anything beneath he started groping my ass more firmly and pulling my ass cheek apart. He started sliding his finger between my ass crack and slowly messaging my nether lips from behind I was getting aroused the moment he started touching my pussy from behind.
It was like a torture he was playing with my emotions he understood that I would not resist further as my pussy started leaking my juice from what he was doing to it and he surely know as his fingers were soaked with it by then.
Soon his other hand also started feeling my soft ass and he roughly massaging my ass cheeks and massaging my pussy with his fingers from behind. I was aroused to the core and felt a growing orgasm building right there in the bus standing among the crowd.
As I was lost in my emotions the bus stopped with a loud screech as our destination had arrived and we all moved forward , he sensed it too and quickly pulled his hands out before someone observed that his hands were moments ago inside my frock feeling my bare pussy.
I was relieved but irritated because of my incomplete arousal but as we move forward we all gathered at the ticket counter the fare was quite large and divided in various sections on one side there were many stalls on which various goods were selling and other side there were amusement park particularly for kids having different swings of different size and shape and straight ahead there was a food stall selling various items mostly fried and baked.
As we entered from the main gate Aliza demanded to go for swings before eating something majority of us were instantly agreed but Faizan uncle and other elders want to explore the stalls selling different articles for men and women so it was decided that we would split up in two groups one would go for amusement park and one would go for trade counters and after one hour we would meet at food court to have lunch.
I was with my brother and the rest of us to go for swings and all elders except Amir’s father went with others. There were many swings installed at the fare ranging from small to big and there was a huge crowd at each swing we headed for big wheel rotating horizontally pulsating at rhythm to add extra thrill to the ride.
We all boarded the wheel the instructor told us to fasten our belts before the wheel started to swung. I was with Bushra and Zain rest were behind us pairing in three as the wheel started spinning we all screamed in excitement and thrill as the wheel started gaining speed the wind had its effect my frock started lifting up with the moving wind and my thighs were on display for every one to see.
I was panicking and instantly held the hem of my frock with my palms over my knees to stop its further movement but it was then the wheel started jerking to and fro while spinning and to maintain my balance I caught the front railing and before I realised my frock lifted up to my waist and my pussy was on display before the whole crowd I instantly drop my hand to my thighs but the damage was done.
After two or three more rounds the wheel started slowing down and I was there sitting half naked with my frock lifted up to my waist and my pussy was on display before the whole crowd to see I didn’t know how many have witnessed the view but I was sure I wouldn’t come to this village in future for sure.
I frantically searched for the hem of my frock around my thighs then on my stomach and instantly pulled it down to cover my bare pussy which was by then revealed to the whole crowd. I looked beside to tell Bushra about what happened a moment ago it was then I got a shock of my life, her eyes were tightly shut and she was gripping the railing for support but what caught me off guard was her state of vulnerability her t-shirt was ridden up around her shoulders and her skirt was bunched around her thighs her soft boobs were bared with all her naked glory before the whole crowd and her thighs were on display showing glimpse of her nether lips.
I screamed her name loud enough to get her attention she opened her eyes in reflex and looked at me but my scream also had Zain attention towards us and his mouth hung opened in shock as he saw the bare boobs of Bushra right before his eyes with all her naked glory, she stared at me for clue and I instantly lowered my gaze to tell her about the malfunction she followed my gaze and her eyes went wide upon the revelation of her state she instantly dropped her t-shirt to cover her bosom while I adjusted her skirt to cover her thighs.
Zain was astonished to see what was being revealed right in front of his eyes his first-ever crush sitting half naked besides him it was an eyeful for him as he was not believing what he was witnessing. I stared at him and he averted his stare from her perky boobs his cheeks went red in shame and Bushra held her breath to digest what had happened a moment ago.
Just inAs the wheel stopped the instructor came forward to detach the safety railing before us and as I looked at him he smiled at me as if telling me that he like what he saw and then looked at Bushra he extended his hand to us for support and we left the wheel avoiding his gaze and stare given by the nearby crowd they were surprised by the show but also keen to have more ahead.
We hurriedly left the swing and headed toward the boat moving like pendulum Bushra and I excused us by pretending feeling sick as the rest of the group boarded the boat to have their fun. Zain looked at us knowing why we were avoiding the swing. We averted our gaze as if not knowing anything about it.
From then we almost stay away from the swings and passed our time while observing the rest of the group having their share of joy. After an hour we met with others at the food court As we’re sitting for to had our lunch Zain came to me and asked me to come aside for a moment.
What is happening sister? Would you like to explain or what? Why she was not wearing anything beneath and what was that all about is this some kind of bet or something or your stupid dare game? I want bloody explanation you know how people were staring at her the whole village has seen what is suppose to be my treasure to explore. You know I like her now will you tell me what the hell is happening?
I know you are irritated and confused, I can understand what you are going through with but believe me it was a sheer accident nothing intentional and why she wasn’t wearing bra that’s her concern I don’t know the god damn reason for that you understand it’s her choice what to wear or not and neither you nor me have any right to ask her the same so please don’t create an issue just forget about it and pretend that you haven’t seen anything it will add more embarrassment to us specially her, you know what am I saying?
Okay I will not discuss it further but ask her to be more careful from now on, its village not our town where people are blind enough to notice such incidents. So please take care of her.
What is he saying?, asked Bushra in a worried tone. Everything is fine don’t worry I explained the situation to him that it was an accident not intentional and he understood it so don’t bother yourself anymore dear.
After having our lunch we spend some more time together wondering from one stall to other searching for something that we could carry on our way back to home. But most of the stock was filled with garments and accessories which were mostly out fashioned and cheap so we hadn’t buy anything and around 5 we all decided to go back as it was getting late and we need to return home before sunset as after that the journey was not safe enough on our route.
We were waiting for our bus suddenly Zuhair came to my side and said it was a nice show at the swing with that he step back and waited for me to respond. I decided not to mess with him while having everyone around so I stayed quite and turn my head to avoid his gaze.
The bus arrived and as before it was nearly filled there was no space to sit, the front section was loaded with lots of luggage so having no option left we tried to accommodate but having very less space we all could not board the bus at once as we were wondering what to do next Zuhair said you all can move we can take another bus don’t worry I am with them as I was left behind I looked around and saw Bushra me and Aliya were there with Zuhair.
So it was decided that we have to travel with him all alone but having a crowd of strangers I felt relieved that he would not be able to take advantage of any of us but I was wrong which I later regret.
Another bus came but it was more packed then before having no choice we boarded the bus. I was holding the hand of Bushra in order to stay together Zuhair and Aliya were standing right behind us I was little afraid but having Aliya besides I thought I was save somehow as he would not do anything before her or the entire crowd. We adjusted ourselves and the journey started which would be the creepiest journey of my life.
As the bus moved on its way people started pouring in at every coming stop by the third stop the bus was fully jammed and there was hardly any space left inside we were standing almost in an embrace and because of that Aliya move forward to came right in front of me leaving Zuhair right behind my back.
As I was about to ask Aliya to come back Zuhair said don’t you dare just stay where you are and enjoy the ride. I know he will take undue advantage and pressed Bushra’s hand she knew what I was thinking and looked pleadingly at him not to do anything here. But he had his devilish grin.
Inside the bus there was a dim light and because of the dense crowd the faint light coming from outside was only nominal, it was very dark inside the bus as we could only be able to see the face of our adjacent passenger nothing beyond that. As the bus was drifting slowly while jerking because of the poor road our bodies were also moving along with the jerks and push.
Hardly a moment or two went by I sensed a hand on my ass I instantly know it was Zuhair I turned around to stare at him but he was looking outside through window pretending as he wasn’t aware of his act, in order to avoid him and creating a scene on a public bus while having so much people around I ignored him and turn my head to look at front.
Considering my silence as my approval he got bold enough to lift the hem of my frock and grope my bare ass. I closed my eyes and started drifting my mind to other thoughts so to avoid his touch which would ultimately turned me on to the core. As I was struggling with my mind and heart his other hand went to hold the hook of the zipper of my frock at the back and before I could understand he started lowering the hook.
Groping is something which can be concealed in such situations but removing the dress right in front of the people while in a moving bus is something which would lead to public humiliation for sure I was stunned by his move and was about to held his hand to show my denial he quickly lowered the hook all the way to my waist and with that the frock got loosened from above, the straps were already loose and with the loosening of the frock it fell forward.
I was shocked and stunned and looked around to see if anyone observed what he did to me to my relief everybody was either looking out or resting on their seats with their eyes closed. Before I could say something to Zuhair about his advances his hands slide inside my frock from behind and within a moment he held my boobs from back and started groping them alternatively.
I was again defeated by my lust over my conscience and closed my eyes in anticipation of what was coming ahead. He started massaging my left boob while caressing my right ass cheek. His hands were inside my frock feeling my bare skin and while I was lost in feeling his rough mauling and groping I felt a warm sensation at my ass.
My eyes went open wide and a gasp escaped from my mouth loud enough to have the attention of Bushra she looked at me with an open mouth as she observed my state, his hands inside my frock mauling my boobs. She was about to say something but choose to remain silent as she know she could do nothing to stop him, instead she held my hand more tightly and gave a consoling look.
He took out his cock which was nestling between my ass cheeks I was again aroused and my pussy started getting wet he held my nipples in between his fingers and started rubbing it with his thumbs it was like a torture what I was feeling right inside the bus with so many people around.
He parted my legs a bit and aimed his now erect cock at the opening of my nether lips it was already wet and he started sliding his tool between the folds of my pussy lips as if lubricating his cock before fucking me from back I know what he was up to and in anticipation I pulled Bushra holding her waist in a tight embrace.
He slowly entered the tip of his pulsating monster holding my waist from behind and without any delay thrust forward to invade my gaping pussy. I tightly held the waist of Bushra because of pain and pleasure and in order to avoid moaning I rested my head on her shoulder.
He again push forward and this time his whole cock was jammed deep in to my burning pussy. I was again leading towards my orgasm which was left incomplete before, for a moment I closed my eyes and started feeling the pleasure his cock was giving to my desperate pussy he started fucking my folds in rhythm and with the movement of the bus it was not so evident that what we were doing right in the middle of the bus.
The time seems like suspended for a while as he keeps on fucking my pussy burning with desires at then I had an earth shattering orgasm my knees went weak and I leaned on Bushra for support I heard a moan escaped my lips and it must be heard by the surrounding people, I closed my eyes to avoid any possible eye contact.
He keep sliding his dick with a little increased pace and the sensation his dick was giving was unbearable and within moment he tensed and pushed him cock deep in to my pussy with a convulsing cock he shoot his cum covering the inner folds of pussy and as he took out his cock the cum flowed out covering my thighs.
He leaned on my shoulder and whispered now turn and go ahead I want to enjoy my other doll. I instantly opened my eyes and looked at him in surprise. You had what you want now spare her for God sake.
Why should I? You both will go tomorrow this is my chance to have my share of fun and with that he pushed me forward and pulled Bushra towards him she was startled by the act but instantly understood now it was her turn I turned to face her and he made her turn to face me. We both looked each other and sighed knowing what was about to happen.
Like me he caught her waist and started feeling her ass I was so lost in the pleasure that I completely forgot about my own state my frock was still opened from the back up to my waist and my whole back was on display whosoever was standing behind me and because of the loose frock the straps are loose enough to create a deep cleavage and would fell down with a slight push.
Zuhair had pushed Bushra forward and with that I also move back pushing around people at first I didn’t get why he was pushing us this far until I observed that we were now at the back of the bus leaving Aliya behind now I was having my back to the strangers and Zuhair was standing just behind Bushra as he was standing in the middle.
I was terrified and before I knew I felt a hand on my bare back it started moving down and before I could do anything whosoever he was he parted my frock from my shoulder leaving my whole bare back on display, I was shocked by his move as I looked at Bushra for help it was then I got a chill down my spine as Zuhair had pushed her t-shirt to her neck and openly massaging her now bare boobs I looked around to see three men were staring at her and as I turned to look at back two more men were staring at us with lust in their eyes.
I was terrified to the core and as I turned my face to look for her what I observed that Bushra had her eyes closed and Zuhair was holding the zipper of her skirt and as I saw in complete horror he slide it down to make her skirt loose and right before my eyes her skirt fell down leaving her nude all below her neck I was not believing what I was watching in utter disbelief.
As I was digesting what was happening the person at the back came forward and whispered in my ears, ” your friend is bare now let’s make you same” and before o could realise what he means he gave a slight push to the straps of my frock and before I could understand my frock fell forward leaving me naked above my waist. I started crying silently and hope to get away from this worst ordeal.
As my frock fell down he started feeling my boobs and while he was groping my boobs another hand creep around my thighs I looked below to see the man who was sitting joined the rest to feel me up he caught the hem of the frock and in one pull my frock slipped past my knees to pool around my ankles. I was naked in my all glory right inside the bus with strangers around feeling my soft skin and my best friend was standing naked in her all glory as her t-shirt was already pulled over to make her completely naked.
The people gathered around us making a shield and started feeling us I don’t recall how many hands were there but I was lost in complete pleasure and guilt someone was massaging my boob someone was sucking my nipples one hand was at my pussy lips and I felt more than two cocks rubbing on my thighs one at my waist and one on my naval.
Bushra was also in a similar state two pair of hands were massaging her naval and one was mauling her right boob while some one was sucking her left boob I can see a large cock was sliding in between her thighs right below her pussy lips and she was holding a cock in her hand.
As I was lost in complete pleasure from what these villagers were doing, I felt a cock pushing at my lower entrance from back and I closed my eyes to feel its warmth, the cock was very thick and large and I was feeling sweet pain and immense pleasure I opened my eyes to look at Bushra she also had her eyes closed and being fucked by someone from back I thought it was Zuhair as I had lost my sight because of intense pleasure.
It was then I felt a cock at my ass and before I could say anything a large hand came over my mouth and my eyes went wide in shock my ass cheeks were pulled apart and I felt a warm liquid at the opening of my ass it was sticky and before I could realise I felt a sharp pain as the cock started inserting in my ass, tears were flowing like stream and my eyes were stretched to max, I screamed but my voice was muffled. The cock had invaded my ass and it was burning like hell.
My nipples were being sucked while I was having cocks in my pussy as well as in my ass I can’t explain what I had felt at that moment words are not enough to elaborate the sentiments but I can only say that it felt like immense pain and extreme pleasure I couldn’t recall how many times I had my orgasm that night as if it felt like eternity. One last time I had looked at Bushra she was struggling as she was also being fucked at both holes which she told me later; there were multiple hands on her nubile body and she was lost in ascetic pleasure.
I lost track of time and felt unconscious when I regained my senses I was resting on a pile of clothes I was still naked and felt a sharp pain at my pussy and in my ass there were dried cum all over my body Zuhair was standing there and collecting money from group of people’s for letting them fuck us like whores. Bushra was lying unconscious beside me her hair was messed and she also had dried cum all over her body, my head was like spinning and I felt like vomiting.
After some talk the group of people had left and Zuhair came with a smile towards me and said, ” stand up whore now it’s time to go to home as everyone was waiting for us, cover up yourself and wake up your friend she was moaning and screaming like a true whore what a piece of beauty she is and they like you too my darling”.
I know that we were being used by the group of villagers and they have fucked us but never knew that Zuhair will go this much and present us like prostitute fucking people for money. We had lost our pride dignity and respect forever now. I went to Bushra and woke her up she started crying frantically I consoled her and asked her let’s get away from here as soon as possible.

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