Dee has a fetish and discovers she’s not alone – Dee’s Panties Obsession

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Dee was nineteen and lived with her young Aunt, Sara. Sara had moved in with Dee after the tragic death of Dee’s parents in an horrific car accident when Dee was just fifteen years old. Sara was Dee’s mother’s much younger sister, she was twenty six at the time and felt it her duty to look after Dee after such a devastating event, and after all she had lost her dear sister so shared her loss.
The house had been left to Dee in her parents Will so at least she was secure in that way and of course the life insurance took away any immediate money worries although of course it wouldn’t last for ever.
The whole series of events had worked out well for her Aunt Sara, not that she would have wanted it to happen in quite such a tragic way but her marriage had just broken down so moving in with Dee solved a problem for her too. Dee and Sara had always got on well together which helped ease the grief they both felt.
Dee had always been a loner. She was a friendly enough girl but had never had any real close friends to speak of which suited her fine, she never felt the need. She lived in her own, some might say ‘dream world’ and was quite happy with it.
With the help and support of her Aunt she settled in to her young adult life and now at the age of nineteen she worked in the supermarket which was within easy walking distance of her home. Sara worked as a secretary for a solicitor just a couple of miles away so with the house all paid for they lived comfortably enough with no real money worries.
Dee really did live in her own little world. Although her and Sara lived together and were both quite happy they really didn’t see that much of each other. They would share meals together sometimes and chat about the days events but otherwise Dee would spent most of her time in her bedroom.
You see Dee had an obsession, her life revolved around it. Pretty much every waking moment of her existence and often even in her dreams was taken up with her sexual desires and fantasies. She loved playing with herself while sniffing her panties.
She had no interest in boys and knew that her desire revolved around girls and women. At work her days were consumed with observing any women that took her eye, young or old it didn’t matter, if she found them attractive she would fantasise about sniffing their knickers. A good day at work for Dee was seeing a sexy woman, that would give her good wanking materiel for that nights session.
Most days Dee would come home with damp panties. If they were ever dry it would just mean that her juices had had time to dry after her last fantasy at work. The only time she would have to put her fetish on hold was that time of month, a time she hated and despised but had to endure.
It was late one Friday evening, laying on her bed with her finger playing with her wet pussy and her dirty panties under her nose, her bedroom door flew open. Totally startled Dee looked as her Aunt standing in the doorway, “Have you seen my…” Sara didn’t finish her question.
An awkward pause ensued as Sara looked from Dee’s panties on her face to her eye’s and then back again before regaining her power of speech, ” Oh God, I’m so sorry Dee I shouldn’t have burst in like that, I’m so sorry, Oh God!” she quickly closed the door completely embarrassed for herself as well as for Dee.
That certainly spoilt the moment for Dee. It had never happened before, Sara had always been respectful of her privacy as had Dee of Sara’s.
The next day was obviously very awkward to say the least. Neither of them had work that day which didn’t really help. They both managed to avoid each other most of the day but Sara knew she must resolve the situation as it was her fault that it had happened in the first place.
Early that evening Sara Knocked on Dee’s bedroom door, “Come in,” called Dee somewhat reluctantly.
“I need to speak to you Dee,” said Sara as she closed the door behind her.
“I was totally out of order last night Dee, I’m so sorry, please forgive me,” said Sara not being able to look Dee in the eye, “I embarrassed you and I would never do that intentionally.”
Dee seeing how upset her Aunt was said, “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, can we just pretend it never happened?”
“Oh God yes,” said Sara as she quickly sat next to Dee hugging her and kissed her on the forehead, “You know I love you don’t you whatever happens.”
They both sat for a while in silence before Dee asked, “Do you think I’m a pervert?” her thoughts back to the previous night.
“NO Never,” said Sara with total conviction, “I should tell you… Oh hell it is embarrassing to talk about it but… well I enjoy doing the same thing, if what I saw you doing is what I think.”
“REALLY!” said Dee with real surprise, “I thought I was some kind of freak. Oh God what a relief.”
“I know love, It’s a relief for me as well you know. I’ve never told anyone before, thought I was the only one, some kind of pervert as you said,” admitted Sara, “after saying that though I don’t think we should admit it to anyone else, just don’t think they’d understand.”
“Our little secret hey! I feel so much better, thank you Sara,” Dee said with sincerity.
“Me too Dee, me too,” said her Aunt as she kissed her on the forehead again before standing up, “Now enjoy the rest of your evening, I know I will now.”
Dee laid there for some time thinking of her Aunt’s confession, feeling so much happier that she wasn’t alone in her, well fetish or what ever you would call it. It didn’t matter any more.
Hearing a knock at her door and then, “Dee, I won’t disturb you any more but can I just open the door for a second?” asked Sara.
“Yeah of course, come in,” replied Dee.
The door opened just enough for Sara to throw something towards the bed and was quickly closed again without a word of explanation.
As Dee reached down she soon realised that Sara had thrown a pair of panties on the bed and as she picked them up realised they were her Aunties. The sudden excitement she felt at that moment she had never felt before. As she started studying them she soon realised they were not freshly washed. Sara’s scent was going to be on them.
She instantly felt aroused. She had never enjoyed anyone else’s panties, this was a whole new experience, this was her fantasy come true. Her fingers soon found their way to her pussy. She was wet,very wet. She had never felt this excited. Her fingers wet from her pussy, she gently stroked her clit covering it with her juices.
She was almost scared to lift Sara’s dirty panties to her nose, what would they smell like? These were her Aunties panties! It seemed wrong, but she couldn’t deny she had secretly fantasised about Sara before, after all Sara was a very good looking woman.
She was a little taller than Dee, perhaps five five as opposed to five three, and had a figure that made Dee quite envious. Slim with curves in all the right places, made Dee consider herself fat in comparison. Not that she was, just carried a little more weight.
With a finger now gently sliding in her wet tight slit she tentatively brought Sara’s light blue panties to her nose and held them perhaps two inches away and started sniffing. She caught the slightest aroma of what was to come.
Her pussy was so wet as her finger pushed deeper inside. Bringing Sara’s panties closer she sniffed again and thought she was going to cum. The aroma was beyond anything she could ever of imagined.
Laying the panties on her face she moved her hand to her breast and pinched on her nipple whilst her other finger still worked its way in and out of her pussy. Sniffing in the musky odour of her Aunties dried pussy juices and still finger fucking her own sopping wet pussy, she lowered her hand from her nipple and stroked her stiff little clit, still wet and slippery with her juices.
Slipping another finger in her slit to join the other and with her other fingers working her clit ever faster she took another long sniff, her hips now thrusting against her fingers a little cry escaped her lips as her whole body tensed with the onset of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.
It seemed to last an age, she barely breathed as jolt after jolt of sheer pleasure racked her body. Eventually subsiding and panting for breath her body feeling like she had just finished a marathon, she laid back feeling exhausted. She kissed Sara’s panties before stuffing them under the pillow.
As Dee drifted towards sleep her last waking thought was of Sara, and she knew she wanted more.Awaking next morning to her alarm call, Dee hit the snooze button as usual to give herself a couple of minutes for her brain to engage. ‘Sunday,’ was her first thought, ‘work,’ was her second. Yes she had work today she soon realised and headed to the bathroom for a shower.
After showering she slipped on her bathrobe and returned to her room to dress. The supermarket where she worked supplied her with trousers and jumpers which of course carried their name. Opening the draw where she kept her clean underwear she was just reaching for some panties when she hesitated as a sudden thought occurred.
Pulling a bra out she closed the draw and crossing the room to her bed she retrieved Sara’s panties from under the pillow. She decided she would wear them for work today. Feeling wonderfully naughty she pulled them on and quickly finished dressing.
Work was different today. Instead of looking for the next attractive woman to fuel her fantasies she found her thoughts where more on Sara, and Sara’s panties, Sara’s dirty panties, the panties she was now wearing.
Dee’s pussy was wet with the thoughts running through her head and with the thought of her fresh juices mingling with Sara’s and her own from the night before. Dirty thoughts, lovely dirty sexy thoughts.
Taking a comfort break as it’s become known as, she pulled her knickers up after having a pee and realised just how wet she had become. Looking down as she pulled up her trousers she was horrified to see a small wet patch, she was so wet her juices had soaked into them.
Knowing she had to do something before it became too noticeable, a solution suddenly occurred to her as she left the cubicle and saw some discarded cellophane packaging in the store room. Tearing a small piece off, she pushed it down between her panties and trousers when no one was around to see. Feeling relieved she returned to work and more importantly her fantasies.
Later, eating dinner with Sara’s at the small kitchen table where they often ate their meals together, with a cheeky grin on her face Sara asked, “So Dee, how was your evening.”
Dee blushed, and after a short pause answered, “Incredible…”
Then Sara probing further, “so I take it my panties worked for you then!”
Overcoming her embarrassment Dee replied, “To be totally honest I’ve never been so turned on.”
“It turns me on just hearing you say that,” said Sara, “I don’t know Dee, what would people think of us if they knew. Surely though we can’t be alone in our… don’t know what word to use… lets just call it our ‘thing’ shall we?”
“Yeah, our ‘thing,’ sounds better than perversion that’s for sure,” replied Dee with a laugh.
“Very true. So what do you think, there must be other people with the same ‘thing,’ mustn’t there?” asked Sara.
“Well I suppose if there is they’d be like us and want to keep it quiet, I mean it’s not the sort of thing you bring up in conversation is it!” said Dee.
As Sara finished her dinner and placed her plate in the sink she said, “Would be nice to know though, but never mind. I’m off to my room so see you later my dear.”
“OK, see you later,” answered Dee.
Dee was soon in her own room and after stripping off her clothes, except for her panties, pulled on her nightie and got comfy on her bed. She’d been waiting for this all day. She closed her eyes and was soon lost in her fantasy world.
Her hand was soon on her panties, but of course they were Sara’s panties. Gently feeling her pussy through the fabric she found them still a little damp. Knowing how wet they’d been most of the day meant there’d be lots of dried juice, and of course not just her own.
She tried to take things slowly but she was too impatient. Her pussy was already wet again under her stroking fingers. Her thoughts back to the previous nights pleasure so vivid in her mind she was soon removing her panties, Sara’s panties.
She was trying to prolong the pleasure, as she raised the panties to bring them to her nose she would pause, a little further then pause again, teasing herself. As they got closer she would take a sniff to catch the first faint aroma.
Stroking a finger between her pussy lips with the palm laying flat against her clit she finally had Sara’s dirty smelly panties under her nose. Coating her clit with her juices from her finger and taking a long sniff she was close to coming. She couldn’t stop and just had to cum. With the aroma of her juice from today, and last night, mixed with Sara’s she rubbed her clit franticly and came…and came again.
She laid there for several minutes, with the panties laying across her face and her hand on her wet clit and pussy. On a sudden impulse she jumped up and catching the knickers falling from her face raced to Sara’s room.
She knocked lightly on the door, “Come in Dee,” called Sara.
Opening the door and stepping inside Dee threw the panties towards Sara saying, “Thought I’d better return these.”
Recognizing them straight away Sara picked them up from where they landed, “You still got those!” and when she realised they were wet, “Oooh…you naughty girl, don’t suppose I have to ask what you’ve been doing with them,” said Sara smiling up at Dee.
“I have a little confession, I’ve been wearing them all day,” said Dee smiling back at Sara.
“Oh My God Girl…just the thought of it…how horny…I’m, I’m lost for words!” said Sara.
“I kept getting so wet, all day, I’m afraid they’re a bit messy,” Dee teased, “anyway I’m off to bed, see you tomorrow and… have fun.”
Before Sara could respond, Dee had gone closing the door behind her.
Sara, sitting up against the headboard with the duvet covering her legs looked down at the panties in her hand. She rubbed the gusset between her fingers feeling the wet patch. Dee’s wet juices. She’d been wearing them all day. Her own panties she had been wearing herself the previous day.
With these thoughts racing through her mind she suddenly realised she was tweaking her nipple through the thin fabric of her nightie and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Still holding the wet dirty panties between her fingers she lowered her other hand to her pussy.
Not wearing anything under her nightie Her fingers found her clit without restriction.
As she gently rubbed her sensitive little bud she raised the knickers to her face. As she smelt the aroma her fingers rubbed harder. Thinking of where these panties had been was driving her crazy.
As she felt the wet material on her nose and sniffed in the musky dirty odours from both Dee’s and her own pussy juices, she slipped a finger deep in her hole. Her whole body shuddered.
Leaving the panties laying across her nose she lowered her other hand. Now finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit she suddenly froze as her orgasm took her breath away. It seemed to last forever…
Before settling down to sleep, Dee had another little session and started to wish she hadn’t returned Sara’s panties. But she found that just the thought of Sara, no doubt playing with herself just metres away, was enough to give her another orgasm. She slept well that night.
They both had work the next day and didn’t see each other until evening when they shared dinner together in the kitchen.
“I was thinking, I’ve never asked you what happened for you and David to split up,” began Dee, “sorry, perhaps you’d rather not talk about it.”
“No that’s OK I don’t mind,” Sara began, “I found out he was playing away from home, we’d only been married a year.”
“Oh no that’s terrible,” said Dee.
“Yeah it wasn’t much fun at the time, but all water under the bridge now. He was so sorry and kept apologising, said he’d never do it again, so I did think about trying to patch things up but I knew I’d never trust him again, and of course there was the other thing,” she said.
“The other thing?” questioned Dee.
“Thought you might of guessed to be honest, what with our ‘thing’ we share and everything. Truth is Dee I prefer girls to boys, didn’t you realise?” asked Sara.
“Well I did wonder but, well I wasn’t sure. So have you… you know,” Dee didn’t finish.
“Have I been with another woman, no I haven’t but I know what I want now. I guess being married to David really made me realise it somehow. Anyway, think I’m gonna have a long soak in the bath and an early night,” said Sara as she finished her dinner. “See you later.”
A little later as Dee relaxed in her room, reflected on what Sara had said. She preferred girls. Dee knew it was wrong but couldn’t deny she wanted more from Sara than just her panties.
Laying back in her hot soapy bath Sara could think of nothing but Dee, she knew she wanted her, but also knew it was wrong…

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