Deny of My Freedom

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Amanda was 5’6” tall, with Auburn hair, 38 D bust set on a medium frame she considered to be fat rather than meaty. Her most striking feature were her piercing green hazel eyes, they had a habit of appearing to see right into your soul. Although she was only 26 years old, she already had a very responsible job as head of the typing pool for Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield attorneys at law. There were 8 legal secretary typists working beneath her and all of them would agree that she was strict but fair, she even allowed the girls to call her Mandi.
Sure when she first rose to the job, three years ago she had been seen as a push over for sob stories and most of the older women had tried to pinch time off with some excuse or other. She had always managed to see through the fake stories and recognised the truth. She was happy to help in genuine cases but did not suffer fools gladly.
Tomorrow, she was about to start her first vacation in 5 years and had arranged a temp cover for the six weeks she planned to be away in Europe. She had planned every last detail to start her journey in London and finish flying back to the states from the Mediterranean coast of France. Little did she know how much her plans would be changed?
She flew from JFK in New York to London Heathrow aboard an American Airlines 757 jet, treating herself to an upgrade to business class. She was not aware of the interest she had already started seven rows of seats behind her. Once in the air, the unfasten your seatbelt sign flashed on and people began to walk around. She rose and decided to head for the in flight lounge bar, she swore a Margarita had her name on it and was constantly calling her.
A man approached her, she estimated to be 27 or 28 years old, he asked if he could buy her a drink and she defensively declined until he persisted and she found his eyes very enthralling, they seemed to swell and draw her very soul into them.
She found herself now agreeing to have the drink with him as they slid into one of the alcoves seats near the bar. As the drinks were being made, they made small talk and she found herself telling this stranger all about her plans to tour around Europe.
She answered his seemingly innocent questions about her safety plans travelling alone, and how often she would be calling home to let loved ones know she was ok.
She admitted that she had not planned to call anyone for those reasons but would call her work to make sure everything was ok about every two weeks.
Seven hours later she had inadvertently divulged where she worked, where she was staying in London, how long and her plans for the next leg of her tour. The man then excused himself and said “I have to make a business call! I will be right back” he then slipped away.
Thirty minutes later the Captain announced, “Would all passengers please return to their seats as we are coming in to land!”
She immediately returned to her seat passing the guy she had been speaking to, she should have been more worried if she had seen properly the nudge and point he had given his colleague sat beside him.
Everything progressed as normal, the plane landed ok; they disembarked and made their way through passport control and eventually to the baggage hall. Suddenly she was tapped on the shoulder and the same young man asked if they could offer her a lift into central London as their employer always sent a limo to pick them up. Again the guy’s eyes seemed to hypnotise her and she found herself accepting.
Carefree and without a single worry, she stepped from the terminal building and straight into the black limo, with her new found companions. Again alarm bells should have been ringing as she found herself sat between the guy and his colleague in the back of the limo with blacked out windows.
As the car weaved through the traffic, she suddenly felt the two guys closing in on her, it seemed her arms were being pinned to her side by their manly bulks. She struggled as a cloth was placed over her nose and mouth and as she fought she found her strength fade really fast. She began seeing the light fading away to murky blackness and then suddenly she went limp and almost fell to the floor unconscious. She was grabbed by the two guys and held in place between them.
When she started to come round she noticed the car was no longer moving, in fact as she began to become aware of her surroundings she noticed she was no longer in the car at all. She scanned the room around her and noticed it was decidedly bare of furniture, the walls were stone with no plaster on them and the floor was also stone and cold to her naked feet. Her eyes travelled up from her feet and she realised she was naked but unable to move her hands to cover her pussy or breasts. She tried to step forward but her back was immediately pulled back and she felt the hard restraint of the wall against her spine.
She began to panic as how she got here and why she was now fastened to the wall. The first question began to dawn on her as she recalled accepting the lift from the man she had spent time talking to on the flight. Why she was here was a complete mystery to her but she feared the worst as she spotted the heavy silken ropes that bound her hands and arms to the carefully placed wall mounted rings.
Suddenly her attention was drawn to a voice, which said “Agh, Good morning Miss Brown, or should I call you slut Mandi!” she scanned the room but could see no one, here ears detected the sound coming from a beam some ten feet in front of her and then concentrating she saw the small camera.
“You may not call me anything!” she demanded, “not till you release me and explain why I have been brought here!” she continued.
“OH good, it is as I hoped you are strong willed and willing to fight, your training will be all the more pleasant for me then. But unfortunately far less so for you!” the voice continued.
“Rest as much as you can, Slut Mandi, for your training will begin in around two hours time and I can promise you that by the time the training is underway you will be more co-operative” the voice stressed. Mandi struggled against her bonds until she actually caused severe Indian burns to her wrists but the bonds held.
Suddenly she saw the man who had got her into this mess enter through a door, she screamed at him “Bastard, if you don’t release me, I will make sure your done for kidnapping!” he smiled.
“Silly bitch! You would have to be free to report me and besides, did you not accept my offer of a lift of your own free will!” he snapped back at her. “Even if you were to escape this room, this house and ultimately these grounds, you would never make it the 200 miles to London” he lied.
She was just about to scream at him again, when with a quick flick of his elbow he slapped her smartly across the face. She was stunned into silence. He leaned forward and pinching hard on her left nipple he declared this place is inescapable, sound proofed and miles from anywhere. A perfect torture chamber, where I can do what ever I like to you and no one would hear, see or do anything about it.
He turned and walked around the corner, returning shortly with a large fire hose, turning it’s nozzle full on he washed her freezing body down with icy cold water under immense pressure. So much pressure in fact that she could not get her breath and soon fainted.
Ten minutes lapsed before she stirred again, only this time she was on her back on some sort of table or bed, but the only thing holding her off the floor appeared to be a frame and the fact her arms and legs were tied tightly to this frame. Next she heard the squeaky wheels of a trolley of some sort getting ever closer, when suddenly the noise stopped, she tried to raise her head to see where the noise had come from but the ligature around her neck prevented her raising her head enough.
Then into view came Adam, the man who started this nightmare for Mandi, He smiled down at her and said that she needed to lose a few pounds before the real training was to start and he had the perfect way for her to do so. She then felt her legs being forced open and what she thought was a solid four-inch object being forced into her cunt, deeper and deeper it went till she felt it hit her womb. She began screaming when Adam threatened to pour a clear plastic tube of cockroaches into her cunt. He laughed as he said, “that’s only as a punishment”
She then felt something being forced in to her anal ring, not quite as wide as the thing up her cunt but still as hard and forceful. This item stretched her anal ring and seemed to reach into the very pit of her stomach before it stopped advancing deeper. Next she saw Adam come towards her with a rigid plastic tube, two inches in diameter and he simply said “Open wide and breath through your nose”
She refused to open her mouth, shaking her head from side to side to avoid him pinching her nose. Suddenly she felt an excoriating pain in her right nipple and it felt like something was tearing into her flesh. She immediately stopped struggling and meekly opened her mouth. The tube was pushed into her mouth and part way into her throat; she found she could still breath through her nose, despite the feeling of her throat being filled with this tube. Expecting something to be poured down the tube, she tensed her body as tight as possible, hoping that they would think she would be fatally harming herself and have to release her slightly so she could at least lash out with her feet. But it never happened; instead Adam began wrapping her feet in muslin cloth working his way up her body. When he reached her cunt and ass, he wrapped around the obstructions and continued tightly wrapping her up mummy fashion. Just as he reached her tit level, he stopped and delighted in showing her the thing which had caused her so much pain earlier. It was a two-inch wide crocodile clip with serrated edges and not only that but there were wires coming from these clips.
She sensed before she felt the biting pressure of the crocodile clip’s jaws, and then Adam wrapped them inside the muslin cloth as he continued to encase her full body. Now only her head remained uncovered and he seemed to delight in teasing her that even this would be remedied shortly. He went on to explain that the tube in her cunt was so things could be added directly into her cunt, the same with the tube up her ass, only that ones main use would be for her to expel her shit after all if they pump it in through her mouth tube it would need to have an exit route.
She tried to beg him to release her but with the tube down her throat the only sounds she made were almost unintelligible grunts. Adam then held up a large 5 litre bottle and explained this was a special formula of proteins, diet aids, glucose and laxatives, he delighted in telling her she would be having one full one of these bottles every day for the next week, and that was all she would be allowed by way of food. Further more he explained that the wires attached to the clips would be attached to a low voltage system that when her body temperature reached the point where she would start sweating she would receive minute electrical shocks passing through her nipples to the earthing rod he would be soon fastening to her big toes.
He then further explained that an outer layer of cling film would ensure a quick build up of body temp to assist in reaching that sweat temperature point. Next he continued to wrap her in the muslin cloth finally covering her eyes and ears. She then felt total isolation as all sight and sound was denied her. Her body already felt encased in a steel corset covering her from head to foot and taking deep breaths were virtually impossible resulting in her panting with rapid short breaths. This also helped generate the heat in her body; She began to feel the extra tightness being applied as the cling film wrap was applied, it spread like a creeping sickness from her feet up and with in a short space of time engulfed her entire body.
Unaware that a large buck was placed below her anal tube and heaters brought in to surround her, she found it difficult to concentrate on anything and frequently lapsed into unconsciousness, only to be brought round by the air tube becoming blocked with the next dose of her revolting liquid food.
It was not long before her naturally urges to pass water and waste, began to cramp up her stomach muscles and she found it difficult to pass water as the tube was pressed against her bladder, but she found the passing of solid waste easier but constantly running through her mind was the notion that she could imagine this sliding slowly down the clear plastic tube. Why would they want to humiliate her like this, what had she done to deserve this treatment.
Even more worrying was the nagging feeling at the back of her mind, why did they want her to lose some weight, Ok she was not happy with they way she herself perceived her weight to be, but that was her prerogative.
All the time her body was warming up, when suddenly the burning throbbing pains started, they began in her nipples and began shooting down towards her toes. At one point they became so bad that she actually pissed herself and could fell the wetness around her arse as it soaked the muslin. All the time more and more of this revolting food was passing down her throat and into her stomach. Occasionally she sensed that the food supply had been removed because her breathing became minutely easier and this was always followed by a warm wet sensation flooding her throat. She tried to believe this warm wet flooding was just warm water to wash her food further into her stomach, but she more than suspected that it was urine from her captors.
She lost all sense of time, day or night and found it become more and more difficult to concentrate for any length of time, what with the electric shocks almost constantly burrowing through her soul to her toes, and the almost constant feeling of being bloated and sickly, even the act of passing her own urine seemed a million miles away. She tried to concentrate on anything that would stop her mind from shutting down. She suspected that this was the ultimate aim of this sensory deprivation so they could brain wash her into what ever they wanted her to become.
She tried to concentrate on anything that could give her an idea of some type of timescale, she decide the only regular occurrence at the moment was the passing of the contents of her bowels into the tube, which was always accompanied by a muscle spasm in her anal ring. So it became her regulator clock, her day was measure by the cramping of her anal ring instead of hours and minutes. This worked for a while but even that had its drawbacks, as she now could not remember if she had felt it 15 times or 18 times.
She was slowly losing her mind; she mumbled her name and her co-workers names in her mind to prevent total loss of identity. But even that failed to help as she started of naming all eight colleagues and their heights, ages and hair colours. All too soon she could only vaguely remember them and now struggled to name three of them the remaining eight had been lost to her memory. The three she managed to name were the company directors she worked for, as for her typists, she could not even name one.
How long this went on for she could not say, until suddenly she felt her tightness around her head being released, or was she going insane. No she was sure the tightness was fast fading away. Suddenly small chinks of light broke through the wrappings hurting her eyes as they stung them back to life. She was soon totally unwrapped and immediate became aware of the awful urine smells emanating from her own body.
She tried to stretch her muscles which severely cramped up on her after so long with out movement and she received one almighty shock as a cascade of freezing cold water drenched her hot sweaty body. Then she noticed two naked women using towels to wipe her body down, they tried not to look at her face as they did so. She managed to see that each of them wore a tattooed mark in the form of a blue butterfly with yellow numbers on its wings.
Freedom Denied 02
Chapter 2.
The woman with the tattoo with the number of 1001 began pulling the bin out from under Mandi’s body, whilst the one with 0909 tattoo began to mop the floor area beneath Mandi. Mandi heard one of the women say, “Fuck this bitch has nearly filled this shit bin!”
The other responded “Never, the most anyone has filled it in the past would have been two months ago and she only managed about a third of the bin!”
They both sniggered as they moved out of Mandi’s line of sight; then suddenly Adam appeared and immediately slapped Mandi’s ass real hard. Mandi swore and Adam heard it, before replying he scowled and said, “So your still defiant are you!” “May be you will be regretting that after your next ordeal!”
Mandi yelled “Don’t fuck with me, I have friends!”
Adam laughed in Mandi’s face and added “So get your friends to come on over here and they too can fuck with you!” he continued, “You must be physic or how else do you explain your knowing your going to be fucked!”
The two tattooed ladies, reappeared and following Adam’s instructions they untied Mandi and prepared to reposition her into a kneeling position. As soon as they untied Mandi, she tried to throw her weight against Adam but because of the time scale of her being mummy bound her muscles were very weak and she barely nudged him. All she got was a crashing blow in the middle of her back for her trouble and the promise of an extra six lashes with the riding crop to come.
Mandi was forced on to her knees and her arms were stretched straight out sideways where they were then anchored to two upright stock pillars. These prevented her from moving or standing. Adam then unceremoniously removed the three tubes; he cared not that her cunt would be sore as he forcefully yanked the first tube from her pussy. He took even less care as he removed the tube up her arse, he noted a little blood on the end and was almost tempted to make her lick this tube clean. However he did not, but he did take his penis out of his trousers and placed the head near the tube still sticking from Mandi’s mouth. He then took great delight in informing Mandi, he was going to piss into the tube and she would be unable to do anything except swallow all his urine.
He even made the two tattooed women berate Mandi as being a piss drinking slut bitch. When he began pissing the tube could not take the flow away fast enough and so the tube appeared to fill up with the golden coloured fluid. They watched intently as it slowly filtered through into her stomach. By the time he had finished his piss, Mandi’s stomach was bloated and she herself had a severe need to go piss. She relaxed her bladder muscle only to receive Adam’s boot in her cunt area as he spotted the first trickle of her urine. Instinctively Mandi tightened her bladder muscle cutting of the flow but not cutting off the spreading pain emanating from her reddening pussy lips.
Apart from this pain in her pussy, the rest of her body, like her mind was numb. She managed only the basic of thoughts now and what amazed her was the fundamental level of those thoughts. Like thank god breathing was an automatic instinct or she would have stopped long ago.
Adam had known that the lengthy period she had been deprived of sight and sound would have the effect of wiping her preconditioning in her brain. No one had ever lasted more than three full days, yet Mandi had held out for five full days. One hundred and twenty hours of total abstinence of sounds or sight had slowed her reactions and thought processes, even to the point of making her slow at repeating her own name. Adam did note though that she was still a little aggressive in her backchat but the next seven hours would surely remedy that.
A rigid collar was then fastened around her neck and adjusted between the two upright posts forcing her to raise her chin. Her legs were then pulled back behind her and spread wide apart and a four foot spreader bar was attached, Adam delighted in the fact that now not only was her cunt and anal ring on full display but there was nothing she could do to hide them from prying eyes or fingers for that matter.
Adam then told Mandi that he was going to remove the tube from her throat, she should relax or the reflux syndrome would kick in and she could drowned in her own vomit. Mandi tried to Relax but was taken by surprise with the speed at which the tube was withdrawn. Her throat muscles contracted so quickly she could not help but begin retching and throwing up all the urine and bile from her stomach; most of which went all over her 38D breasts. The two tattooed ladies mumbled something like a swear word until Adam scowled at them, then they simply brought the hose and sprayed freezing cold water over Mandi again.
Adam ordered the two women to own up who had mumbled the swear word or both would face the punishment. Woman 0909 admitted it was she and immediately turned her back to Adam and bent over gripping her ankles. Adam produced a large leather paddle with studs attached and promptly laid it heavily across the woman’s arse drawing blood with every slap.
He then informed Mandi she could expect similar treatment if she persists in not obeying her instructions. Adam looked at his watch and announced it is time for the fun to begin, he pushed a button secreted in the panel three feet in front of her face and a section opened up to reveal a TV and video. He quickly turned them on and the screen sprang into life with the view of a woman bound and servicing three men. All the men were well endowed and the woman was being a complete cum slut eagerly sucking on one man’s impressive member whilst taking the other two deep inside her cunt. Mandi had never seen a woman taking two cocks up her pussy before and the sight began to turn her on very much, but she was not about to admit that to Adam.
She screamed at him that the images were vile and obscene and typically male orientated perverse crap. He allowed her rant to continue smiling to himself; when she finally stopped thinking she had shocked him, he suddenly announced “You should have waited to hear the rules, stupid cuntin’ bitch, they are behave well to the images and become rewarded with proper food and good experiences react badly and you suffer”
With that he turned a dial and the clamps still attached to Mandi’s nipples burst into life applying terrible electric shocks through her nipples to her toes. Adam merely laughed at her discomfort, Mandi lost control of her bladder muscle from the intense spasms and a full flood of urine splashed around her feet. Adam added, much to Mandi’s humiliation, “Normally you would be made to lick up your spillages but as your still not subservient yet, you will have to endure the stench of it!”
After what seemed like a lifetime Mandi’s wracked body stopped its violent shaking as the current was turned off. She thought she was being clever as she mumbled almost under her breath “Bastard”.
Adam anticipated this response from her and applied a quick 10-second burst of electricity to her nipples; immediately her body convulsed.
Further images we shown to Mandi, and where she passed good comments like wow that’s hot or bet that really feels good, she was rewarded with light pleasant strokes of Adam’s hand either over her nipples or her now soaking pussy lips, but when she made disparaging remarks like that’s perverted or it’s sick she received the electric shock treatment. So her conditioning to accept began and Adam knew the real test would be when the action was live and happening to Mandi, rather than on screen happening to someone else.
Unseen by Amanda, five men entered the room behind her and promptly stripped off their clothing; then they grabbed her and released her from her bindings. As they held her the men took liberties of feeling her tits and cunt despite her attempts to prevent them doing so. She was then unceremoniously held by four of the men whilst the fifth one set about her arse with a leather tawse, he laid it across her lily white arse until it resembled the red lines of a street map. The whelts springing up deep red and angry looking.
Almost making Mandi, believe he gave a shit, Adam stepped forward and offered to apply a lotion to her stinging buttocks, she meekly nodded and he smiled as he applied the aftershave to the area. She screamed as the alcohol took its toll on the sore skin, stinging worse than ten thousand nettle stings.
Even before the stinging sensation had abated the tawse was laid across her sore marked cheeks a further 12 times as the angry sounding man threatened even more pain if she denied these men anything.
They then dumped her thrashing body over a wooden saw Rocky(H) and one guy slipped his cock into her mouth and grabbing the back of her hair he forcefully fucked her mouth, never caring whether she was breathing or not. He soon shot his thick white cream into her mouth, deliberately pulling back to spray her face with the final few spurts. A flash suddenly exploded in her face and Adam announced this picture would look real good on the office wall at Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield attorneys at law. She suddenly panicked at the sound of this and regretted having been so free with her chat on board the aeroplane, when was that she tried to remember, how long had she been here already. She actually thought that someone in her office must be getting worried about her not keeping her agreed schedule of contacts with them and surely they would be informing the police that she was missing.
The next guy, caring little for her discomfort merely used her cunt as a depository for his cum and never even considered whether she would get any sexual satisfaction from his fuck, Over and over they used her tired and battered body for their pleasures only. Never allowing her any pleasure from their acts and berating her at every opportunity, she was called two penny whore, tramp, slut, worthless screw, even being told she was not even fit to be a Rocky(D)’s fucking bitch. In her weakened mind she began to slightly believe these words, but always fought to believe she was far better than they intimated.
She cursed herself and her predicament and wondered if her life would ever return to normal.
Freedom Denied 03.
Mandi had been used and abused for some three hours by these guys, when Adam entered the room and blew a whistle. The guys grabbed Mandi and immediately retied her binds before grabbing their clothes and disappearing; Adam approached Mandi with out her seeing the ball gag in his closed hand. Seconds later the foul smelling and tasting gag was forced into her mouth and the straps tightened.
Adam delighted in telling Mandi of the sponge interior of the object wedged tightly in her throat, but more importantly of the soaking it had had for the last six hours in the urine tank of the women slaves here at the centre. (Adam stressed the word centre as if it was his pride and joy). He also took great pains to explain that as she salivated the urine trapped in the sponge would mix with her saliva and eventually trickle in to her stomach. Laughing he said it would be like taking the worlds longest piss as it has been known to go on for several hours.
Mandi unable to utter a intelligible response looked wide eyed and scared. Further discouraging events unfolded when Adam produced Mandi’s own mobile phone asking “Is your company’s number in here?”
Mandi, unable to answer and bound in such a way that she could not struggle very well, felt the tears welling in her eyes as she realised that he latest chance of being listed as missing in London was quickly disappearing. A quick text message later and Adam left the room laughing like a hyena. In the lonely solice of her predicament, Mandi began to realise that fate and circumstances had conspired against her. She could now see no way of getting out of this mess in the near future; but she promised herself at the first opportunity to make good her escape she would make sure she took it and vowed to seek full revenge of Adam, who she now despised more than any other male in the world.
Suddenly her concentration was interrupted by two tattooed ladies entering the room and approaching they began untying her wrist straps; Mandi pretended to be so drowsy that she hoped they would be lax in their handling of her. At what she perceived as the right moment, she thrust out her arms with all the strength she could muster and managed to knock the two women over. She then turned and began to run as fast as she could towards the open door. In her mind she was running in quicksand and the strides became heavier and slower as she ran. She was going to make it, only three more strides and she would be out of this room and home free.
As she passed through the doorway everything suddenly went black, immediately after she had felt this heavy thud in her stomach. She did not register falling to the floor as she was out cold. The two women then gathered themselves up and grabbed her dragging her back into the room. The hose of freezing water soon began to revive Mandi; Adam stood laughing over her shaking his head as he did so.
“Tut, you should know better than to think you could escape so easily, and now you will need to be punished for your foolishness” He insisted.
At this he clapped his hands and three guys carried into the room, a full standing stocks with leg spreader; placing it carefully on a set mark they fastened the unit to the floors with heavy bolts. Mandi was then dragged over to the stocks, still unable to struggle her wrists were placed in the stocks and her head forced into the central retaining hole, she remembered hearing the sickening thud as the two halves of the stocks were locked shut. Next her legs were forced apart and placed in the leg spreaders. This caused her head to jerk back and her breathing became a little restricted.
Less than three inches in front of her face was the maniacal laughing face of Adam; “I suppose I should offer you the choice of quick or slow!” he commented.
Mandi tried to speak but the ball gag prevented her as did the awkward angle that her head was being forced into by the height of the stocks.
“What no preference!” he taunted. “Very well I will choose for you! Fast I think, as we have to catch up on the time you have just wasted trying to escape!” he added. “Oh Mandi, what a bad choice you have just made as the quick method is far more painful! But still if you want it over and done with quicker then you have to accept the extra pain” he teased.
The two women with the tattoo’s came forward and Mandi could see that their number were different from the last pair she had seen, one was 1013 and the other was 1045, but they looked like identical twins. Adam must have noticed her looking and he asked “Do you have any sister’s Mandi? 1015 her did and sure enough she traded punishment in exchange for delivering her twin sister to us!” He continued “we like them so much that we kept them here at the centre instead of sending them to our clients”
Mandi struggled to shake her head, “Shame because if you did you could have avoided this next punishment by simply calling your sister to meet you, at a location of our choosing”
The tattooed women then accepted whispered instructions from Adam and quickly disappeared. They returned after a very short time carrying a long wooden box. Placing it on the table in front of Mandi, they opened it; but because they had it facing away from her, Mandi had no chance to see what was inside the box.
They then removed what looked like a corset and promptly fastened it around Mandi waist, then attached several wires to strategic places and ran the cables back to the case, obviously plugging them in to units inside the case. Next Adam attracted Mandi’s attention with a cat-o-nine tails, pointing out the studded ends of the leather braided tails. He then said “Think of a number between one and a hundred and tell me your number!” Mandi mumbled her number 7.
Because of the gag it was unintelligible, so Adam said “Ok thirty it is!” Mandi panicked as she tried desperately to correct him shaking her head trying to fight back the overwhelming feeling of nausea welling up in her stomach from the vile urine tasting gag and fear of what was about to happen to her. Adam merely walked behind her and in the space of ten minutes laid the cat-o-nine tails across her arse cheeks thrity times. Such was his skill with the weapon that he left almost parrallel red lines of his strokes and where the studs had connected with her tender flesh, small gouges of bloody stains now congregated.
Twice Mandi passed out from the pain only to be shocked back to consciousness by the electric shocks of the corset administered with glee by the tattooed twins. Thankfully for Mandi, the punishment was soon over and she was released from the stocks. All immediate thoughts of escaping banished from her mind; she could barely stand let alone run. Suddenly she was bent double whilst still wearing the corset and her left hand was tied to her left leg, her right hand to her right leg and the same muslin bandages were being applied to her from the ankles up.
Soon she was cocooned inside the swathed bandages with only two drinking straws which had been pushed up into her nose for breathing. It felt really weird for her to have her head inside the bandages level with her pussy and she really felt the pain in her spine and her now burning arse cheeks.
Then a canvas sailor’s kitbag was put over the whole arrangement and she was unceremoniously dumped on to a trolley and wheeled out of the room. The only movement and sounds Mandi could detect was when she was paced in the back of a van and she heard the engine start, she also felt the movement of the van. She dreaded to think where the van was taking her now.
Freedom Denied 04
The van continued its journey for over thirty minutes, with Mandi jostled around in the back of the van at every turn, Eventually the whine of the engine changed so she assumed she was now on a motorway. Fifty minutes later she heard the engine drop some revs, as it was obvious she was now back on non-motorway roads.
Shortly after that she felt the van lurch to a stop, thinking she had arrived she tensed herself waiting for the guys to man handle her out of the van; five minutes passed then another ten, still nothing, another ten minutes; still no sign of her being unloaded and now she was becoming really scared that they were going to leave her permanently like this and she may die of starvation waiting to be rescued. A further 20 minutes lapsed when she heard the door of the van open, the breeze across her ankles told her it was the back door, Suddenly she felt herself being prodded with some sort of stick.
She tried to lay very still thinking that if she appeared dead they would just dump her body and she would eventually attract attention to be released and rescued. No such luck all that happened was she felt the electric shocks from the corset again and she screamed with the pain, the scream through the gag was muffled but enough for the guy to know she was still alive and with them.
Thirty-five minutes more of driving and this time she was dragged out the back of the van and frog marched away. Slowly she felt the canvas bag being removed from over her head and she felt the bandages being loosened and then removed. The light hurt her eyes when her face was finally exposed. Although she tried to look around she found that the bright daylight was too much and all she could actually see and recognise was the green grass by her feet.
Now her hands were fastened behind her back and the corset was loosened and removed. Only to be replaced by a stiffer corset but without the electric wires. She was then led away to a large what appeared to be a stable area, with some 20 separate stalls but the stalls were more like cages. In some of the Cages were women but they had bushy hair extensions which gave the appearance of being similar to a Rocky(H)s mane and all the women looked really strange as they had obviously something stuck out of their arses with bushy artificial hair hanging from it, this created the appearance of a Rocky(H)’s tail. Mandi now realised she was at a Pony girl training school.
Did they really intend to train her to perform like one of these fetish bitches; She had seen pictures of the girls pulling various carts but mainly two wheeler buggy type carts. The photo’s she recalled seeing showed the girls doing obscenely high stepping trots or being whipped to go faster. Her heart sank thinking this was to be her fate after so much punishment and segregation.
She was pushed towards an empty cage and securely locked inside; Adam then disappeared, she tried to attract the attention of her nearest neighbour but they all seemed to ignore her. Only one pointed to a large sign, with the singular solitary word of ‘SILENCE’ upon it.
After a restless two hours of dreadful anticipation, two men came into the stable area and literally dragged Mandi from her cage. The positioned and fastened a rigid bar in the small of her back and fastened her wrists into cuffs attached at each end of the 1 metre bar. This prevented Mandi from closing her arms or protecting her breasts from any view or assault.
She was led through a series of corridors until she finally entered a large oblong room. The walls were painted white and a high intensity lighting rig almost blinded you as its luminescence bounced back of the silky walls.
She was led to the centre of the room, where she was made to sit in on a hard backed dining room chair, the bar was then fastened to the chair preventing her from moving. Suddenly her feet were grabbed and stretched out at 45-degree angles and anchored at her ankles to two large securing rings.
Mandi was offered a drink, by one of the men and when she refused, they literally held her nose till she opened her mouth and poured the liquid in, snapping shut her mouth and whilst still pinching her nose they massaged her throat till she swallowed. Mandi knew not what they had forced her to swallow but suspected it was not vitamin drink; soon a desperate thirst over took her. She managed to mumbled about needing a drink and the guy nearest to her said “Oh course what would you like, ice cold water, maybe a coffee or tea, or how about a large bottle of champagne, silly bitch”
“Please, please just give me something to drink, there is a fire in my stomach and I need a drink,” Mandi pleaded.
“You want a drink, then drink from this!” the other guy laughed as he unzipped his pants and removed his penis. Mandi shook her head.
“This is the only source of drink for you, so if you don’t want it, just say so now because once it gets put away it isn’t coming out again!” he scoffed.
Knowing she needed to quench the burning fires in her stomach, she finally agreed to him pissing into her mouth, as he did so she swallowed as quickly as she could. No sooner had he finished, the two men burst out laughing and delighted ion telling Mandi, “That’s better the drug you were given needed a warm drink to activate its full potential, so drinking my hot piss should do nicely”
The retired back to a safe distance as despite her bindings Mandi tried to kick out at them. They simply sat and watched her, as she tired she felt this strange feeling develop in the pit of her stomach, it was like a hunger, but a hunger she had never experienced before. In her minds eye she kept seeing images of various pricks all shapes and sizes but always fully erect, even when the images began spurting their seeds they remained fully erect.
Her body began sweating, her nipples burned and her pussy suddenly had a life of its own, no one was near her and she began to experience orgasm after orgasm as the minds images became stronger and stronger, no longer one prick at a time now several all delivering their loads and always into a eager open mouth, or cunt. Suddenly it dawned on Mandi the mouth and cunt was her very own.
When she realised this; her body visibly began shaking as intense orgasms wracked her ravaged body, she was moaning incoherently and could not get these images to fade. Almost an hour and a half after her first orgasm her body finally shut down from sheer exhaustion due to the intensity of these orgasms.
How long she had been passed out for she could not say, but she was rudely awoken by the stinging cold particles of water as she was hosed down. Now awake again she still could not get the images from her mind, although now no longer as intense.
She became aware of movement in front of her as a large black male began to approach her. Her upbringing had always been that the black male was a taboo area for a white female and she should never date or screw with one. He know stood immediately in front of her and seemed to be staring at her 38D breasts and alternately her shaven pouting pussy lips. He then reached out and placed his hot sweaty hand on her stomach; the heat seemed to burn into her very soul, she knew this was wrong but the contrast between his ebony black skin and her alabaster white tones seemed so much more sensual and erotic than she could ever have imagined.
His feather like touch as his hand moved up to her breasts ignite the desires in her stomach once again, her pussy already awash with juices suddenly became a fountain head bubbling extra juices on to her thighs. Her breathing became erratic as she now saw the object of her mind’s desire; the large bulge in his trousers.
Slowly he lowered his pants, revealing his 15inch monster cock, Mandi immediately began shaking her head, as she seemed to be trying to shake loose the image fixed and pounding in her brain. The coloured guy smiled, as he seemed to be reading her mind, his cock jerked into life began to harden and lengthen to its full 15 inches. Despite her protestations Mandi began to want to touch the magnificent member bobbing just before her eyes, despite her upbringing and situation she desperately wanted to sample the throbbing member stretching her tender pussy.
Her mind was in turmoil should she abandon her self will and give in to the passion coursing through her veins and devour the cock before her. Or should she fight the animalistic urges now invading her body and deny herself the largest cock she has ever seen let alone fucked. As it turned out she had no choice as the cock now nudged her pussy lips as the coloured guy rubbed his big black hands over her over sensitive nipples causing gasps of pleasure to tumble from her lips. Mandi tried to bite her lip to prevent her being swallowed up in the passion of the moment, but all this did was to cause a trickle of blood to enter her mouth.
Suddenly the black cock parted her pussy lips further and began to really stretch the walls of her pussy, instead of picking up on the pain her mind and body concentrated on the pleasure now forcing its way up her virginal canal.
In a matter of seconds further even more powerful orgasms shock her already exhausted body. She could not help herself as she began begging fervently for him to fuck her as hard as he could. It was around her fifth or sixth orgasm that he finally filled her pussy with his black baby seed. It sent her senses reeling like a thousand firecrackers going off together; such was the intensity that again she slipped into the black pool of submission.
Freedom Denied 05.
Whilst she slipped into unconsciousness, Mandi was not aware of the preparations that were going on for her next surrender of her will. Behind the scenes twenty-five strapping males were being coached by Adam; and finally the two Tattooed ladies were sent in with the freezing cold hose.
Mandi woke with a start as the icy cold water soaked her skin; Adam stepped forward saying “You want this trial to be over, bitch!”
Mandi although she was down as far from beaten, she still planned for her chance to escape and to turn the tables on Adam, but she realised that till the chance presented itself she would have to go along with whatever they planned for her. But she gritted her teeth as she thought of the chance see Adam being fucked up the arse by the same sized cock as that which had recently fucked her pussy.
“Yes, I want this over” she mumbled “and I will do what ever you tell me to, in order to avoid further punishment!” she lied.
“Ok then, Bitch” Adam added, “here is your final task, to service all these guys in what ever way they want!” he continued, “when the last once is satisfied you will be free from any more of our demands!” he coyly added.
Mandi’s heart leapt at the sound of this, were they really going to let her go if she serviced these few guys! Would she really be able to carry on with her tour of Europe with out being molested any further. She almost let her defences down, but the gnawing feeling in the back of her mind, kept telling her that they would not be able to let her go in case she reported them for rape and group torture.
Her joy was short lived as she saw, what appeared to be a never-ending line of guys entering the room; She stopped counting them at thirteen and wished she had never agreed to the deal. The first guy stepped forward and displayed his five inch cock demanding she suck him till he was hard and he wanted to fuck her pussy. She thought that her pussy still would not have returned to its normal size since the big fat black cock earlier and she wondered how this puny small dick was going to get any friction whilst fucking her cunt to make it spurt.
Never the less she sucked him hard and to be honest she hardly felt him inside her still stretched pussy but she did feel him shoot up her. The next guy presented a similar sized prick but maybe just a bit fatter, for her to suck and he fucked her up the arse, pulling out just in time to spray his seed all over her back. Quickly he was replaced with a slightly bigger prick but still a thin model, hardly anything to write home about she thought to herself.
So it went on as the men came up her, or over her and left, each time the pricks were getting longer or thicker and she soon got the message that the bigger cocks would be nearer the end of the line, each larger cock using the previous load of cum as lubrication. She had reached male number eight before she even started to feel them fucking her cunt or arse.
She imagined that there were maybe twenty guys in total so she was nearly half way and although she was beginning to look a cum slut mess, she was not yet reaching that critical point where her own climax was building. It suddenly struck her that she felt not like a woman but a walking talking wanking machine, there for the good of the males and not to enjoy herself. With this thought fastened in her mind, she decided to roll with the punches and hope to get it finished with quickly; She even decide to use some vocal encouragement to persuade them to speed up their cum shots.
She lost count of the guys that had fucked her by now and tried to concentrate on those still to come, She figured maybe five more remained, but soon realised she had miscalculated as there was still no end to the guys queuing to slip their pricks in to her. Her jaw began to ache and her tongue began to go numb at all the cocks she had been sucking to make erect.
Suddenly she saw that she was done to only black guys remaining, and the smallest cock of these was eleven inches by three inches wide, she seemed to buck up at this sight and eagerly sucked on the first one. As soon as he was hard, he moved to between her legs and the next one now stepped in to be sucked. She felt her anal ring being stretched as she opened her throat to accept another proud black cock into her mouth.
By the time she reached her last cock to suck, she had indeed managed only one climax herself whilst 24 guys had used her as a cum bucket, she was streaked in white rivulets of sperm across her back, her cunt and arse were awash with the baby making seed.
This last Black cock measured almost as long as all the white cocks put together and was as thick as her forearm. She was thrilled but dreaded the idea of taking this one into her pussy or arse. She immediately imagined in her minds eye this cock in comparison to that of a large donkey and thought this cock would have just about won for length and thickness.
Eventually the last cock ploughed into her anal chute and she almost felt it knocking against the inside of her teeth when her mouth was closed, such was its majestic size. She actually had four orgasms as it ploughed its furrow in to her.
Suddenly she felt it throb and sense the burning heat of its spurts as it coated the inner walls of her shit chute. Such was the intensity of her climax and the force of the cocks climax at the same time she slipped momentarily into blackness, waking only as she felt the monster cock being pulled from her anal ring, she was sure she felt her entire insides being ripped out as it receded.
Adam stepped forward and asked, “Did you enjoy that, bitch!”
She responded breathlessly and honestly “Yes, I have never felt so full or satisfied as just now!”
Adam laughed as he declared, “Good but I have to confess, I lied!” he continued, “You have just been filmed fucking those twenty-five guys and that film will be on sale world wide by tomorrow, the first copy will be delivered to Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield by midnight tonight!”
Mandi screamed “Bastard, you promised, I would be released and if you send the film to my firm I will never be able to return to work!”
“You could never return anyhow, your life is now one of servicing hard cocks and following instructions from your male masters” Adam jeered.
Adam delighted in telling Mandi that she would begin her pony girl training tomorrow and after that she would be paraded at the show ground for her prospective new employers. He also warned her that if she messed up in front of her prospective employers, she would be branded and rejected as unsuitable for pony girl work and become a bondage slut who could look forward to endless whippings and beatings for the entertainment of sadistic clients here at the compound.
Just so she knew, he explained in detail that the bondage girls rarely survived more than two months, before they either took their own lives or one of the sadistic men had her flogged to within an inch of her life leaving the woman scarred and disabled for life. Once this happened she was only fit for preparing food for the other women slaves and would be treated worse than Rocky(D)s. In fact more often than not, they were occasionally brought out as a special show to be fucked by various animals like Rocky(D)s, pigs, Rocky(H)s and they even had one that was mated by a silverback gorilla, who unfortunately did not take to his mate too well and ended up pounded her head into the floor.
Mandi’s heart hit rock bottom at the prospects that lay before her. Secretly she still planned on escaping at the first opportunity and the new information on what the future held for her made that resolution to escape all the stronger.
That night in her cage, she tried to sleep but could not and a quiet voice suddenly called out to her. The voice whispered that since she had been here, in the last six months two of the female prisoners had escaped and as far as she was aware had not been recaptured, as they had never returned to the camp. This steeled the resolve to become the third to do so in Mandi; but how and when would the chance present itself to her, she decided she would need to be on the look out for that chance at all times and was prepared to chance her arm at the slightest opportunity.
Still, happier in the thought that people had escaped, sleep failed to come to her as her mind was crowded with un common sexual thoughts of being made to fuck with a giant gorilla, or having a pig’s corkscrew cock pushing into her pussy. Although the thoughts disgusted her, she had to admit they also intrigued and turned her on as well.
Freedom Denied 06
During her sleep, Mandi had several vivid dreams where she was always the centre of the wild sexual action, usually her dreams involved other people but sometimes it was with animals or with machines. She found herself more turned on by the thought of the never ending fucking of a machine than of anything else.
After all a machine did not need to consider its own climax and could therefore concentrate all its actions and energies on making her cum. Also in her minds eye the machine always had the distinct size and colour of a taboo black male.
Suddenly she was awakened by her ankles being grabbed, in her semi conscious state she did not relate to anything real, but thought a machine had read her mind and was taking its revenge on her highly aroused body. As sleep finally left her mind, she saw two males dragging her from her cage towards a large raised box in the centre of the open space.
Laid on her back upon this box, her arms were then tethered to large rings attached to the floor and the two males held her legs wide apart, Her aroused pussy was on display for all to see. Mandi failed to notice the shadowy figure approaching with the leather case, she still failed to notice when he placed the case between her legs and began to remove the apparatus.
The first she noticed was when she felt the excruciating agony in her left nipple and through teary eyes witnessed the clipping of her nipple ring into place. Further pain then emanated from her right nipple as this was similarly pierced and ringed. Just when she thought the pain could not get any worse she felt a blood curdling scream emanate from her lips as her left labia lips was pierced not once but twice and a single ring was inserted through both holes. Even further pain originated from her right labia lips as this was also pierced twice and again a single ring passed through both holes.
Just before she passed out from the pain she felt something being forced into her cunt opening and no matter how hard she tried to look to see what was happening she could not make out the two egg shaped objects being pushed up inside her, then a six inch vibrator was also pushed up her cunt. Just as she grew accustomed to the fullness of her vaginal cavity, she almost screamed the roof down as a single sharp pain began in her clitoris and spread like a burning forest around her pubic area. She vaguely made out the ring being inserted into her clit hood.
She then felt the first rumblings of the vibrator embedded in her cunt start and some how the fullness and the other love egg shapes amplified them as she felt her sore and bloody labia lips being pulled until she heard the undeniable click of a padlock as it sealed her cunt closed from prying fingers. The clit ring though caused the clit head to be pushed forward and clear of the restriction and as she discovered when she felt the guy’s fingers playing with her clit, it left her exposed and randy.
Cuffs were then placed around her ankles and they in turn were then tethered to other well-placed rings set into the floor and she was spread eagled on her back over this raised box shape. She was securely fastened in a position where she would not be able to move nor could she rest enough to sleep. Within 20 minutes her calf muscles ached and cramped up on her, her arm muscled tightened and stung, like a thousand bee stings. Her neck tensed and knotted up as she tried to prevent it hanging loosely and obscenely looking back towards her now empty cage.
The hours till morning seemed to drag; there was no respite from the constant aches now wracking her body. Each minute seemed to last an hour as she tried so desperately to relax and rest. The buzzing in her cunt also prevented her from sleeping and it began to feel like three separate vibrating sources were centred inside her, all slowly leading her to a most wonderful powerful climax. Just before the two guys disappeared, their last acts were to each place a bell clip on each of her nipple rings, they tested these bells by flicking her swollen and sore nipples and ting-a-ling was clearly heard, they walked away laughing.
In the stillness and dark of the night, Mandi still feebly hoped for the chance to escape but she had to admit whilst she would not have chosen to endure the things she was made to do, she now cherished the feelings and experiences they had given her. She felt herself flush and blush at the thought of what her dear old mother would have thought of her if she had known what Mandi had experienced over the last days, weeks? How long had she suffered, she tried to remember but as she could not even recall what day it was today let alone the date she failed miserably to work out how long she had endured these things.
Almost the second her eyes finally gave way to sleep, she was awakened by the icy cold rush of water as it cascaded over her secured body. She had in fact managed an hour’s sleep before the two women had washed her to make her awake. She was roughly dried and released from her bonds. As one woman turned to retrieve a garment and the other was distracted for just a fraction of a second, Mandi seized her chance and knocked them both down, in seconds she reached the outer fence of the court yard and with some difficulty she managed to scale the eight feet high wall and headed towards the green cover afforded by the trees and bushes. Behind her she heard the chaotic commotion erupt as sirens and bells seemed to invade the air. She then became aware of the yapping of Rocky(D)s as she assumed the bloodhounds had been released. The panic inside her now spurred her on to even more energy in her attempt to avoid recapture, she raced as fast as she could away from the crescendo of noise behind her and her mind kept telling her she could escape their clutches if only she kept her wits about her.
Suddenly she plunged down an embankment and tumbled into a small river. The water whilst cold did not feel as cold as that which had woken her just minutes ago, She dived under the water and swam down stream thinking the hounds would soon loose her scent and they would be useless for tracking her. After some thirty minutes of panic running during her escape, she now tried to clear her mind and work out a plan to avoid being found. First she needed to find some clothes, as a naked pierced woman would certainly look out of place in the English countryside. She suddenly felt the first pangs of hunger as she realised she had not eaten since the meagre meal last night. Food would be another main concern as she fled from her captors.
She then swam under a bridge and spotted a small country cottage, it was a typical chocolate box appearance cottage, roses round the door and a wisp of smoke lazily drifting from the chimney. She decided to take the chance and tell the occupant that she had been attacked in a nearby lay by after hitchhiking and could she borrow some clothes and she would send reimbursement later for them.
In her mind it seemed so logical and she had already decided that if the occupant wanted to phone the police so much the better as she would love to see Adam’s face as he was arrested for sexual crimes against her. She knocked at the cottage door and was greeted by a silver haired old lady who introduced herself as Betty Done, who immediately bade her enter and rustled up a blanket to wrap her freezing body in. Mandi quickly explained about her reasons for being naked and in the state she was in to Betty.
Betty graciously smiled and then invited her to look through an old wardrobe in a bedroom for something that may fit her, whilst she made Mandi a cup of tea and phoned the police. Great, Mandi could see in her minds eye the long arm of the law and rings of justice closing in around Adam. She managed to find an old button down dress in the wardrobe and hastily putting on the garment, she returned to the kitchen to an eagerly anticipated cup of tea, she thought how lucky she had been to find this lonely cottage out here in the wilds of England. She sat facing Betty as the old lady poured the cup of tea and explained the police would be here in about fifteen minutes. Mandi failed to notice the old lady smirk as she handed Mandi the only cup of tea from the pot.
Mandi grasped the hot mug of tea in both hands as she smiled for the first time in months at this kindly old woman. The heat permeated through her hands to her chilled to the bone, body as she sipped the warm sweet tasting tea. Mandi heard movement outside and began to stand up but never made it as she fell over, becoming unconscious before she even hit the floor.
She was not sure how long she laid there but suddenly she heard voices and one of them sounded familiar as she heard “Well done, Margaret, you sure she never suspected you of phoning the lodge?”
“No, Adam she was just thanking me before she heard you arrive!” “So she had no idea I was part of the organisation!” then she added, “Even told her my name was Betty Done, you know B Done!” laughing as she finished.
Adam then added, “Your right there, Mandi here has been done, right and proper!” he laughed.
Then Mandi was man handled to her feet and faced the woman she knew as Betty as she stepped forward and slowly unbuttoned the dress and carefully removed it, folding it up, she then reached out and ran her finger over the still visible clit held in place by its ring. Mandi initially shuddered at the touch but then her hair trigger climax cut in and she could not help but orgasm on the spot. Betty leaned forward and kissed Mandi full on the lips and promised, “I look forward to training you later, my little bitch!”
Mandi was unceremoniously dragged from the cottage and dumped in the boot of the waiting car, her world plunged into darkness and disarray as she now had to contemplate the fool hardy action of running away and being caught. She dreaded to think what torture she would have to now endure, although she did not regret her failed flight to freedom, she did fear the consequences of her actions.
Once back at the Lodge, she was dragged out to the yard and secured to a standing height stock. Although she could not see behind her she sensed the yard filling with other slaves to witness her punishment for daring to try to escape. She felt before she sensed the arriving searing burning sensation as the cat-o-nine tails whips struck her naked rear cheeks. Rapid further lashes rained down upon her burning and scarred arse cheeks, she actually lost count of the number of strokes but the continued until she finally passed out and hung like a limp rag from the stocks.
She was then roused by freezing cold water being directed in her direction from the fire hose, then dragged off, she was dressed (If you can call a skin tight corset which forced her 38D breasts high on her frame, as dressed) and then felt her hands being cuffed behind her back. Mandi then felt the weight of the shackles pulling on her straining nipple rings as her body was placed between the yokes of her cart. Then Margaret appeared and took great delight in finishing the securing of Mandi into her pony-girl trap; when all was ready she felt the flicked tip of the whip on her already extremely sore buttocks as she was told, “walk on”
Several times she was reprimanded about keeping her knees up higher as she strode around the yard and on more than one occasions tasted the wraith of the driver for failing to adhere to the demands. Almost at every step she felt Margaret tug firmly on the reins, which were attached through her nipple rings to her bridle bit securely fastened in her mouth and around her head.
For three solid hours, Mandi was paraded like a new pony around the yard and her muscles ached and her buttocks stung from the constant whippings. Finally she was led to the stable area and led to a single trough where she was allowed to drink. Again she was chastised for trying to drink as a human and was told that as a pony girl she drinks like a Rocky(H).
During the next seven hours, several different drivers put Mandi through her paces, each subsequent driver was heavier and stricter than the previous one and the final driver delighted in actually drawing blood on Mandi’s crisscrossed scarred buttocks. By 11 pm she was exhausted and fell into a deep sleep when turned free into her cage.
At 3 am next morning she was again roused, and half expecting further punishment was surprised when she was gently stretched over a soft stool and soothing balm applied to her streaked buttocks. She found the balm not only soothing but also almost erotic as it cooled and eased the pains. One of the women tending her needs whispered that she was scheduled to be sent home with in three days but only if she reached the required standards of her new masters.
Mandi cannot recall at what point her desire to escape disappeared, and the desire to service her masters replaced it. But the first she became aware of the current situation was when she had the chance to escape and simply ignore the opportunity. Further more when presented in front of Adam, she carefully knelt before him and literally begged for the chance to accept his cock into her mouth as his personal urinal. All of this was without prompting from anyone; and received a generous smile from Adam, he asked if she would prefer something other than him pissing into her mouth and she replied “I would love to taste your cream, if my master thinks I am worthy of this act”
She could not believe her own mouth had uttered the words, and yet she knew she not only meant them, but also hoped they would be believed. Her will to fight had gone and she now only sought to please her masters in any way they chose for her to do so. She was rewarded with gentle caresses from Adam and smiles from all around her. She was led off to a secluded room where for the next three hours she was the centre of an orgy of cocks, they fucked her every hole, singly, in pairs and even once or twice she took three cocks at once. She still longed for her toys to be put back up her cunt as soon as the erect cock had vacated the cavity, she simply could not get enough of the cocks and sexual feelings. She longed for her new life to be endlessly filled of Cumming cocks and juicy cunts, occasionally interspaced with whippings and bondage. In deed her attitude towards these things she would have once declared as perverted had now become a case of wanting them, no needing them to find her new level of sexuality.
By the end of the orgy she had become a true cum slut sampling seventeen different cocks and had numerous loads of fresh spunk blasted over her face and tits, or up her cunt or arse and she freely admitted now that she loved every second of every single stroke of cock up her well-used pussy.
She dreaded the thought of the orgy finally finishing and her being deprived of any further cocks, almost hoping that a never ending supply could keep her enjoying the slutty feeling of being a wanton sex object at the centre of all these males desires.
Freedom Denied 07.
Eventually the cum streaked Mandi was exhausted and led off to a cell like room where a warm bath awaited her. She was visited by Adam who told her “You have not only passed our required standards, but you have exceeded them in your desire to accept any cock put before you” he continued, “I can now tell you that you will be flying back home to JFK airport in two days and will be met at the airport by your sponsor. You will live with your sponsor for three weeks and then you will be given a apartment of your own, where your owner will expect you to accommodate his wishes and friends”
Mandi, could not believe her ears as she heard herself thanking Adam for showing her the error of her ways and describing to him in great detail how she longed for and craved cocks, any cocks, any size shape or colour so long as it was hard and erect!
For the rest of the night Mandi was pampered in luxury with two female attendants to bathe her and powder her dry. She was feed the best food and wines and then just before midnight three men and a woman arrived with a large Doberman Rocky(D). The Rocky(D) was initially shut in another room as the men invited Mandi to dance for them whilst she slipped out of her clothes.
Mandi was more than eager to please and the thought of extra cock was spurring her on, she did a seductive striptease as she revealed her pierced 38D charms to the four visitors. Even when told to undress the other woman, Mandi never shied away and her eager hands soon had this other woman naked and breathing heavily as she managed to manipulate her nipples. The as Mandi turned around, the three men where all stripped naked and sporting throbbing erections, ranging from nine inches long and three inches thick to an impressive white cock of fifteen inches in length and five full inches in thickness.
Normally Mandi would have been embarrassed and tried to cover up in situations like this, but now she was like a cat on heat, she did not know which to lick first. She literally knelt in front of the three guys and purred her satisfaction at the thought of servicing these cocks, only to be told by the woman that she had to earn these magnificent specimens. Mandi immediately begged for instructions on how she would earn the cocks and was not even shocked when told she would have to service the Doberman Rocky(D) whilst the four of them watched.
Eager to prove her worth for these cocks, she nodded and begged to have the Rocky(D) brought in so she could begin. The Rocky(D) was then let into the room where it immediately circled Mandi and sniffed at her genitals before its long rough furry tongue lashed across her already sensitive cunt lips.
At the woman’s command Mandi managed to slip her head beneath the Rocky(D) and initially using her hand on its furry sheath began to entice the pointed Rocky(D) cock from its hiding place. As the hot stiff pointed cock appeared she began to run her tongue over its slimly shiny length and was soon sucking the animals cock deep into her throat. The animal instinctively began rutting her face and Mandi felt the sharp pointed tool probing the back of her throat as it sought access to deeper with her body.
Suddenly the Dog was pulled away from Mandi and she was told to lie on her back over the low stool with her head on the floor and her cunt high in the air. Caesar the Rocky(D) was then brought between her legs and instructed to mount her. He instinctively pounced upon his job and his first few thrusts missed their mark as he blindly stabbed towards her cunt. The woman’s hand soon had the Rocky(D) cock hitting the mark and Mandi felt the tip begin to penetrate her cunt, the cock felt ten times hotter than it’s human counter part but she still relished it as a good hard erect cock.
She suddenly threw her head back and let out a long lustful moan as the Rocky(D) slipped his knot in to her. The knot stretched her cunt more in a split second than she could remember it having been stretched in years. So joined to the Rocky(D) as she felt the hot streams of Rocky(D) cum hitting her cunt walls when the Rocky(D) turned tail on her and tried to extract its cock, the knot locked them together for ten minutes, until it finally reduced in sized enough to slip from her cunt’s grip. The Rocky(D) limped off to the side and lay down before licking his own cock clean. Surprisingly Mandi felt a little jealous as she watched the Rocky(D) do this as she would have loved to clean the Rocky(D)gy cock up in payment for such a wonderful screw she had just experienced as her first animal sex scene.
Her swollen cunt now oozed greyish white leaking Rocky(D) cum, as the men all gathered round to watch it trickle from her stretched cunt lips. Rachel the other woman did not hesitate; she sat over Mandi’s mouth and had her lick out her already soaking wet cunt. Then Mandi felt a stiff cock forcing its way into her cunt, she figured that this cock was the smaller of the three and felt it was much more gentle than the hard fucking she had received from her Rocky(D) lover. Her legs were then grabbed as another cock squeezed up alongside the one in her cunt. Mandi was in seventh heaven as two cocks now plunged in and out of her cunt. She had never ever experienced two cocks up her cunt before and she instantly decided that she loved it.
The third cock although Mandi could not see it, she knew the woman must be sucking it as she could hear the tell tale sounds of a wet mouth on a hard cock. Although it was not long before she felt the force of this cock pushing against her anal ring. At first Mandi feared the pain as she already had two cocks up her cunt and now this largest cock was forcing its way up her anal entry pressing tightly against the other two cocks.
Never in the field of human conflict had suck a woman owed so much pleasure to so few cocks as Mandi did now! She was rapidly becoming delirious with the passion and sexual excitement of being so soundly fucked. Her mind went into overload as she saw stars and heard firecrackers going off in her head.
Suddenly as if orchestrated by some unseen conductor all three cocks fired their salvos of baby making cum together. The throbbing of three cocks during this triggered an out of this world orgasm in Mandi and she collapsed gasping for air as they all bathed in the distinct afterglow of great sex.
When Mandi opened her eyes, she was alone in the room; had she dreamt the entire thing but she soon spotted the tell tale trickles of spunk which proved to her the action had not only been real but had been hot as hell and so recent.
Mandi slipped into a contented sleep and dreamed of even more erotic escapades as she now fully accepted her new roll in life to service as many male cocks as she could.
Next morning she was awoke by the two female slaves who informed her that she was to be mummified for her trip away from the lodge; Apparently as a security precaution to prevent her from identifying the lodges location. This time she willingly surrenders to being wrapped in the bandages and transported away from here.
Within hours she was being unwrapped at a hotel and was given her old clothes and luggage to travel onwards and back to America. Her first action was to phone her family and friends in the states to tell them she was all right and would be home with them in a few days. She never mentioned her trials and tribulations, which had corrected her sexual demeanour.
Next morning she boarded the American Airlines flight to JFK airport but this time kept herself to herself during the flight. Once landed and clear of customs and immigration she followed her instructions and met up with a young man who escorted her to a hotel in New York, she was allowed whatever she wanted as long as she was always available to him and his clients.
Then a week later she returned to work; all the woman in her pool seemed exactly the same all fussing about did she have a nice holiday? What was Europe like? The usual endless rounds of questions; She answered every single question with the same answer “The Trip of a lifetime and it certainly changed my life!”
Then The Senior consultant at Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield summoned Mandi to his office. She looked a little bemused at the thought of her first day back and being summoned for what she expects to be a ticking off by the senior partner.
Meekly she approached his office door and knocked once, she entered the room upon his command of enter and stood almost school girlish at the end of his desk. What then happened shocked her beyond her wildest dreams and he gave her a simple one word command, “Strip” Shocked and before she realised what she was doing she had her blouse open and was showing she was not wearing a bra, her nipple rings causing her excited nipples to itch for the tender touch of a man’s fingers.
He then said “Adam informs me you made excellent progress once you stopped trying to fight the regime!”
“Yes master!” she instinctively responded.
“Very good my little cum slut, I knew you would be the right choice to become the company whore!” he continued, “Now show me how good a cock sucker you have become and if your really good I will get the other partners in to fuck you good” he demanded.
It all fell into place for her now, How Adam had been so confident about there being no possible chance of anyone causing a massive fuss back here in the states as she disappeared for what turned out to be six weeks. How everyone covered for her extended absence with out raising awkward questions. But most importantly now Mandi felt she truly belonged to the firm and was prepared to give her all in its causes and needs. The doubling of her salary also helped deflect any awkward questions from family as to why she could not get away for a weekend or so….It is now three years since Amanda was inducted into being Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield’s company whore and she had genuinely lost count of the number of cocks she had taken in all three of her holes. The duty of servicing the company premier clients had become mundane and they were rarely interspaced with peaks where she could excel.
One such peak was about to happen and Amanda found herself becoming highly aroused as the days counted down to the meeting. What Amanda had now found to be so erotic were events which had her servicing women more than men. The forthcoming Friday night was to be such an event; for Stanton, Stanton and Wakefield had been nominated for the Golden Legal Eagle award and an assessment team of five people were due to arrive on Friday and spend most of next week evaluating the company.
Amanda knew the team would consist of three women and two males and she had agreed to act as host to them over the weekend, in the company owned apartment; which of course included entertaining them during the day and servicing them over night. She just hoped that the women would not want a full blown orgy and instead would need her to wait upon them alone. The newest company slut was to help out under Amanda’s management.
Friday dinner time the team arrived and as expected it consisted of three women and two men; she Amanda warmly shook hands with the two men and as she spoke in a soft silky voice; she hoped that the men would find her friendly and accommodating. Whilst shaking the women’s hands she informed them that she was there to carry out absolutely any of their wishes no matter what that was.
The afternoon dragged as Amanda and Sally flittered around the office fetching and carrying for the evaluation team. Several times the five foot six inch Amanda managed to squeeze past one or other of the team and always made sure that her rounded arse brushed the groin area of the person she was squeezing past. The four foot three inch frame of Sally often disappeared into walk in cupboards with one of the male team members and she always emerged with a broad smile on her face and a rather blushed look.
Finally the afternoon drew to a close and Amanda announced that she had arranged a meal in a local restaurant for them all including herself and Sally. Sally managed to position herself between the two men as they sat down in the restaurant; Amanda was sure on several occasions that Sally was stroking one or both of the men and they seemed to be enjoying her special attention. Sitting herself between the two senior females of the trio she winked towards the third woman. She was pleased to see her return the wink and smiling as she did so.
Deliberately dropping her small purse; Amanda knelt on the floor and on the pretext of looking for her purse she lightly touched the upper thigh of the lady to her right; Florence, responded by opening her legs further as if to give permission for Amanda to continue; Rosemary to her left saw this and quickly moved her foot to stroke Amanda’s arse with her bare foot. Amanda simply turned and smiled at Rosemary.
Now taking her seat again, she rested her hand on Florence’s thigh and Florence slid her hand down over the top of Amanda’s and gently squeezed her hand before leaning forward and whispering to Amanda that she should visit her later when everyone else had retired to bed. Amanda simply nodded but she suddenly realised that she may be spreading herself a bit thin when Rosemary whispered in her other ear that she was looking forward to seeing a lot more of Amanda as soon as the other’s disappeared. The atmosphere around the table seemed electric but they all tried to calmly take their time in eating hoping that no one else was aware of their individual plans for later. Amanda excused herself as she said she needed the loo and Sally responded by say me too. As the pair of them walked towards the loo Sally announced quietly that she had arranged to visit both the male members during the night. Amanda told her she would need to bring them together so both knew what was going off and then we would have a bigger bargaining chip.
Informing Sally that Rosemary and Florence were in the bag and she suspected that the younger woman Karen would be easy to involve. They had not been in the toilets for more than two seconds when the door opened and in stepped Karen who looked at Sally and motioned for her to disappear; she quickly entered a cubicle and closed the door; almost instantly Amanda was pressed back against the wash basin and Karen slid her hand up under Amanda’s skirt and grinned when she found no panties; declaring I knew you were a horny slut and now finding your hot wet cunt knickerless has just proved it.
Karen then began thrusting three fingers into Amanda’s wet cunt and declared she was going to fist fuck her before the night was over; Just as they began to kiss the sound of a flushing cistern disturbed them as the second cubicle door suddenly swung open and out stepped a young woman who realising what was happening, scurried from the toilets. The pair of women parted and Amanda made her way back to the table whilst Karen knocked on the door to the cubicle in which Sally was busying herself.
What Amanda did not see was Karen pissing into the pan from a standing position whilst fingering ally’s arse and then Karen made Sally lick clean her cunt before dragging her back to the table. When the party was complete Karen announced loud enough for all at the table to hear that they had a wonderful system her in the toilets for cleaning up after your business; Sally simply blushed.
In two separate cabs they made their way back to the house where as dutiful host Amanda tended the clients ensuring they had sufficient drinks and anything else they wanted; when Karen called Sally and Amanda into the room. Without further ado; she ordered them both to raise their skirts and delighted in telling her colleagues that these whores were there for their benefit and she suspected that the two women would not refuse any requests or demands.
Paul the older of the two men delighted in telling Sally to completely undress and let them all see her charms; Without complaint Sally quickly stripped off showing her 40 DD breasts with pride. The three female’s seemed to discuss the merits of shaving your pubes or not; when David the other male simply said fuck whether it’s shaved or not, it is surely more important that it is wet and willing and whether the bitch takes it up her arse or not. Amanda broke the conversation when she said that both Sally and I are here to fully entertain you. Amanda then followed Sally’s lead by divesting all her clothes; delighting in displaying her 38 D charms.
Paul and David then lead Sally away to a separate room as the three women surrounded Amanda; for Amanda the sensation of three pairs of hands exploring her body was awesome. She shuddered when it seemed like two of the women tried to insert fingers into her soaking cunt at the same time.
There was no resistance when Amanda kissed Rosemary passionately, sliding her hungry tongue into the willing woman’s mouth.
Breathlessly Rosemary broke away and said come on girls let’s not leave this slut as the only one undressed; and in a trance Amanda stood alone as the flurry of activity took place around her as the three women undressed as quickly as they could. Soon Florence’s 36 B tits were mashed against her own as Florence showed she too could kiss and wow what a kiss it turned out to be for Amanda, for electric sparks seemed to emanate from Florence’s tongue which seared into Amanda’s mind and seemed to head directly towards her clit.
Once more Amanda’s tits were being pinched and her cunt probed by the other two women and for her it felt like she died and gone to heaven. Suddenly from what appeared to be voice in the distance asked if there were any toys in the house; the words seemed to rumble around in her mind just like echoes in a large cave. Reluctantly Amanda broke the suctioned kiss of Florence and she headed up to the bedroom where she fetched down a large cardboard box. Placing it on the table she lifted the lid and the three pairs of eyes peered inside.
Karen was the first to break the new deafening silence; when she said Wow there is everything you could want for bondage and female to female love; as she grabbed the large monstrous black strap on dildo. She could not close her hand around its thickness; and its length she guessed to be at least twelve inches. Quickly she adjusted the straps as she put it on and Florence gasped as she said you look like a fucking Rocky(H) with that between your legs. Karen’s response sent a shiver of delight down Amanda’s spine as she heard “Well, let’s see if this fucking horny bitch can cope with being fucked by a Rocky(H)”.
Rosemary and Florence then gathered some restraints and quickly trussed Amanda up like a turkey, her arms fastened behind her back and then she was forced on to her knees where her ankles were attached to the arm fastenings. Now Karen stroking the obscenely grotesque rubber cock stepped behind Amanda and knelt down. Hold the bitch steady, she demanded; then Amanda felt the tip of the rubber cock sliding against her slippery cunt lips. Spreading them even wider the rubber monster began to invade her body; Now Amanda had grown used to cocks of all sizes but this thing was by far the largest she had seen let alone tried to take up her. She began to beg for Karen to take it easy and allow her to get used to its size but Karen snarled back that she had better just take it as afterwards she was going to get fisted; Amanda took a deep breath and waited for the inevitable surge of pain just before she knew the sheer passion would overcome her.
Suddenly Amanda felt like her cunt had ripped open as the thick cock head slipped past her cunt entrance; then it seemed like the air in her body was pushed out like a piston in a hypodermic syringe pushes the fluid out of its cylinder. Meanwhile Rosemary was sucking on one of Amanda’s tits while pinching and twisting the nipple of her other breast; Amanda’s brain was now awash with wild sexual thoughts and desires. After what seemed like hours Amanda felt totally full and she could feel Karen’s large floppy tits against her back; it was Florence’s comment which would stay with her the rest of her life; fucking hell she has swallowed the lot, how could any man fuck her and make her cum if she can take that size.
Karen began rocking back and forth as Amanda became like a ragdoll, alternating between her cumming and the feeling of needing to pee. Now Florence and Rosemary had left her as they busied themselves indulging in their own pleasures; with Florence buried between Rosemary’s legs slurping away at her hairy horny cunt, whilst Rosemary played with Florence’s tiny tits compared to all the other women’s breasts. With a final thrust Karen quickly released the straps of the strap on, leaving it buried up Amanda’s gaping cunt.
Within Seconds, Rosemary was staring up close at the throbbing cunt lips surrounding the monster rubber cock; suddenly she leaned further forward and stuck her tongue into the crinkled brown anal ring of Amanda. The shock of finding her arse being rimmed and the fullness the dildo gave her soon had Amanda grunting her way through another orgasm. Seeing the effect she was having Rosemary began lapping at the twitching anal ring; trying to push her tongue as deep as she could into the tight hole. Curiosity over came Florence as she pulled Rosemary aside and began to explore Amanda’s anal muscle with her finger; the intense tightness giving way slowly to the pointed finger.
Soon she had her finger buried into the tight shit chute of Amanda and she began to work in a second finger; Amanda now began shouting that she could not stand it any longer and needed to pee. A surprised Florence found herself telling the fucking bitch to do her worse and if she did pee on the floor she would have to lick it up. Amanda let out a long low groan as streams of hot piss splashed on to the floor between her legs and Karen suddenly grab handfuls of her hair and dragged her face down to the gathering pool of golden liquid. Between the two of them the made Amanda lick up every drop of her own urine before pulling the big rubber cock from her cunt; before she could relax though Amanda found Florence’s hand pressed against the gaping opening to her cunt and it quickly slipped inside. This was the first time Amanda had been fist fucked by another woman and she loved it, the feeling of a fist moving around inside her cunt; catching her cunt walls was nothing like she had ever experienced before and soon her mind rumbled through a deep misty wilderness full of cascading lights and fireworks.
For Florence the feeling of a throbbing cunt pressing all around her hand was also very erotic and she found she was having a series of small electric shocks in time with the throbs of Amanda’s cunt; She was amazed that she could feel the entrance to Amanda’s womb, opening and closing in time with her orgasm; she tried to insert her finger as it clenched close and found that Amanda seemed to respond even further to her efforts.
By now Karen and Rosemary were locked in a sixty nine position using smaller more powerful vibrators on each other’s cunts along with their mouths; the whole room now smelling like an old fashioned bordello. With tiredness over taking them, Amanda was hardly aware of Florence slipping her hand out of her cunt but she must have for now she held Amanda’s head in both her hands and leaned in planting a firm deliberate kiss full on her lips and snaking her tongue inside seeking Amanda’s electric tongue.
The night seemed to Florence’s gently breathing body; out of the corner of her eye she could see the other two women cuddling each other but still asleep; hazily she wondered how Sally had got on with the two men; David and Paul; but that is another tale for the telling later.

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