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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 1

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Next morning they were super excited to go to class, as they knew that today they would be able to meet Devika. As usual Anand had a round of masturbation, but this time he played himself creating evil thoughts about innocent devika. He is the only one, who has met her among his friends.
Today they were the earliest to reach the school, they reached the class before everyone. They thought that they would get enough time to have a look at Devika. After keeping their bags in respective seats, they went outside for the hunt. They checked everywhere to see whether she has arrived or not. They spent good half an hour waiting for their dream teacher to arrive, but to their utter dismay the first bell rang at 9:25 forcing them to retreat back to their classes. Again their search went in vain and they need to wait more.
That day Devika arrived just few minutes to 9:30 after the bell rang. She swiftly walked to her allotted room, kept her bag secured, and drank some hot water from her bottle.
The bell for commencing the day rang, followed by prayer and pledge through the mic. She checked her schedule for the day after morning ceremonies. It read, first hour she is free, followed by class in 10th grade , then the break. After the break, she has to go to 12th grade and last hour is scheduled for a meeting with Rahim, Anand and Vishnu.
She was relieved to see that she got a free hour first ,so she can prepare for the day. Devika was going through her notes, when she heard a knock on the door. The door opened and loud mouthed Ganapati came inside with a cup of tea.
Ganapati- Good morning, madam..how are you friend.
Devika smiled at him and replied
Devika- good morning ganapati ji, I’m good and how about you?
Ganapati- I was not feeling good until now, but after seeing my friend here, it all changed and now I’m feeling absolutely good haha..
Devika- why suddenly you are fine after seeing me.
Ganapati started his nonsense ” How can I not feel good, when I got the most beautiful friend in the earth..haha”
Devika blushing little ” Ganapati ji did you start again”
Ganapati- No madam, I’m telling the truth..you are indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever scene.
Devika- listen Ganapati ji ..I don’t like you talking to me like this..if you continue talking like this..I don’t want to be a friend with you.
Ganapati frowning- No madam, I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to hurt you ..I was just telling the truth..sorry sorry..don’t say that I’m not your friend.. I have told everyone here that you are my friend.. Now everyone will tease me..sorry sorry…
Devika laughed at Ganapati’s innocence and replied
Devika- ohh..you are so innocent Ganapati ji..OK i will be your friend.. But on a condition…no more non sense talking to me..be carefull talking with me..is it ok?
Ganapati- yes I promise.. Now I will not again say you are beautiful.. OK.
Devika again just laughed at his loose talks
Ganapati- btw did you meet the trio?
Devika- which trio?
Ganapati- Rahim, Anand and Vishnu
Devika- No I didn’t meet..why?
Ganapati- No..from yesterday itself they were looking for you…couple of time they asked me about you.
Devika- no I didn’t meet them. But why do they have to look for me.
Ganapati- may be like me, they also might have found you beautiful..
Devika- Ganapati ji again?
Ganapati- No No …That’s what they asked me about you?
Devika- What did they ask about me?
Ganapati- They asked, did I meet you?..How are you looking ?and..and…….
Devika- And what tell Ganapati ji
Ganapati laughed and without thinking what he is telling said ” And they also asked, how big is your assets..haha” he grinned widely saying that.
Devikas face became red and she shot back ” Do you know, what are you talking Ganapati.. How can you say this to me? Do you know ..one complaint ..your are done with is job…
Ganapati shivered with her sudden tone change
Ganapati pleaded ” Madam I’m sorry, but that’s what they asked about you…what can I do about this…I just told as a friend.. What did they ask me…sorry madam”
Devika calmed down and realised, Ganapati is innocent and do not have evil thoughts, because he is dumb he just talked without thinking.
Ganapati- And I warned them, do not talk like this, that you are their teacher and respect must be given….but they the worst brats in this school..we cannot turn them good.
Devika fully relaxed, got her composure back and calmly said ” I’m sorry that i shouted at you, I just got shocked thinking how can kids talk about teacher like that and I lost my control…I’m sorry Ganapati ji..
Ganapati- that’s OK.. its nothing new to me , everyday everyone shouts at me saying I’m a dumbo…
Devika- eey you are not like that, you are good at heart…
Ganapati- you are the first one to tell me that….but you should be very careful dealing with those kids, they are too bad and we cannot predict what they are upto..
Devika- its ok ..I can take care of them..its my duty to bring them good and I’m sure they would be good when they pass out from this institution.
Ganapati- OK I gotta go my friend, I came to give you tea..here it is ..I have to serve others also.
Taking the cup from Ganapati
Devika- thank you…Oh its black tea…
Ganapati- Yeah here it is black tea..and you will be getting one in evening also…why ? ..don’t you like black tea?
Devika- hey its fine, I just asked
Ganapati- Alright friend, let me leave will see you later
Devika- OK see you ganapati ji
Ganapati turned back and walked to open the door. On halfway, he suddenly stopped, turned and with wide smile told devika
Ganapati- Otherwise I got an idea..
Devika- what is it ji?
Ganapati- if you really want to have tea..you can do it yourself
Devika without getting any clue asked back ” what are you talking about, how can i make tea here, you got a tea maker or what?
Ganapati laughed again ” yeah, you just need to use your own milk…you are breastfeeding, so you must be having plenty of milk with you…why can’t you just squeeze some to the cup…then tea is ready for you….see ganapati got solution for everything and still these guys tell I’m stupid..haha”
Devika was shocked, hearing what this guy has just said. She thought how can he speak like this to woman.She was numb for sometime and spoke after a moment. She understood, there is no point in shouting at Ganapati. Because, to understand he needs at least a small bit of sense. So she chose to avoid him.
Devika with low voice said ” OK , you have served tea, now you can leave …I have plenty of other works to do”
Ganapati getting worried asked ” did I tell anything wrong, I was just giving you an idea for the problem “
Devika again stressed calmly ” you can leave please “
Ganapati in a confused state left the room.
Chapter- 15
Clear frustration can be seen from the faces of 3 kids, as they were unable to see Devika so far. They were trying to meet her, but somehow they were denied. They knew eventually she will come to the class for taking session, but they are impatient and cannot refrain their curiosity.
The bell rang for the first break, immediately Rahim got up and started to set off. But Anand reminded him about the maths problem they have to finish for the next hour.
Rahim- Oh shit, yeah we have to do that..I totally forgot that…yesterday sir was saying he will be checking mine first…
Vishnu- Anyway we would be able to meet her soon..so don’t worry dude
Anand- yeah
Saying that they settled down to do the problem, and they spend next 5 minutes copying the answer from one of their friends. Bell again rang, reminding that the break is over. Instead of maths sir, it was their class teacher who entered the class.
Rajesh- Hello students, I came to announce about a change in the time table….instead of maths in the next hour, it is changed to a new subject psychology. And maths is shifted to the afternoon session. OK…
When they heard psychology as their next hour, the whole class got thrilled and excited to meet their new teacher. Rahim, Anand and Vishnu are equally delighted and were over the moon. They looked at each other and smiled.
Rajesh- OK and this subject will be taken by a new teacher. Her name is Devika. She is new to teaching, so better you all be nice to her. Now I will go and call her_ please remain silent.
Saying that Rajesh went outside the classroom and few minutes later arrived Devika.
The whole class was equally mesmerized by her beauty upon arrival. Rahim’s mouth was wide open in disbelief, Vishnu skipped a heartbeat and Anand could not even blink his eyes trying not to miss and capture all her beauty.
Devika entered the classroom with a dashing smile and greeted the whole class. She was wearing a white green bordered saree with design in it and a matching green blouse. She was indeed a beauty in that attire, her whole curves were so enchanting and inviting.
Devika- Good morning class, My name is Devika and I will be your teacher for psychology classes. How are you all?
Her question was unanswered, as still everyone in the class are not back into their senses. Rahim was checking her from head to toe, appreciating every inch of her body.
Devika smiled and had to repeat her question once again.
Devika- Hellooo…I asked how are you all??
With that they came back to reality and greeted their teacher back. But still some of them are in trance, stranded in her heavenly charmness.
Devika- so I will have couple of classes weekly with you and it will be more motivational classes and if you are having any problem of any kind , I would be there to help you. You can approach me personally.
Devika- First I want know you kids..so i want everyone, one by one stand up and tell their name..ok let’s start from here.
She pointed to her left side, and each student got up and introduced themselves. And she greeted each one with her friendly smile. But Rahim, Anand, Vishnu was still not aware what was going on the class, they had their gaze fixed at Devika and shutting down all their other senses.
Devika- OK next..
Devika- Hellooo ..you are the next..please stand up and introduce
Still not getting any response, she smiled and walked towards the back of the class and stopped at near Rahim, who was sitting there numb. Whole class turned back to see what was going on. Devika knocked on his table and said ” hello gentleman, are you sleeping with your eyes open. Please tell your name”
Rahim woke up from his wild imaginations, stood up , not knowing what he was asked to do.
Rahim- What madam?
Trying very hard to fix his eyes on her face itself. The whole class burst into laugh, hearing Rahims response.
Devika with a smile answered ” so you were not listening at all, were you day dreaming, the students were introducing themselves and you don’t have any clue what is happening here isn’t it? What is your name boy?”
Rahim- My.. my name is Rahim
Devika was little surprised to see the major trouble making kid in that school. She still with her smiling face replied.
Devika- ohh so you are Rahim..You are quite famous here aren’t you? The moment I came here i was hearing about you.. Where is your other friends Anand and Vishnu?
Both Anand and Vishnu stood up very surprised, wondering how does she know their name.
Anand scratching his head asked in confusion ” how do you know our names madam”.
Devika laughed a little and told them ” I heard, you guys are the most sought after students in this school..is it so?”
Vishnu with little shy told ” there is nothing like that madam, we are good students. So everyone like us very much”
Again the class could not hold their laugh hearing that. Devika also couldn’t help, but laugh.
Devika- yeah yeah, I’m already aware about all your good deeds. But what I heard is you guys causing trouble for everyone..is it so?
All three kids looked down to the floor scratching their head and with a forced smile.
Devika- hey, there is nothing like that. I find you students as good and will be considering you like rest of the students. I know you guys are good and cannot make any trouble.
Devike- Alright ..are you good students?
Rahim replied ” we are good madam”
Devika wants to make them good, even if how bad they are. She believed anyone can be changed with love and nice behavior. So she opt to be nice with them and don’t want to embarrass or humiliate them in front of other students and teachers. That was quite unlike compared to other teachers, who used to avoid, shout and humiliate them.
Devika- Alright, you guys can sit down and let’s continue with introduction part
Saying that she turned back and moved to the front of the class, walking past the students.
While sitting in their seats, Anand nudged Rahim with is elbow and indicated towards Devika with his eyes. Rahim followed his eyes to find the beautiful curvaceous ass of Devika, jiggling with each step she is taking. All three of them had their eyes fixed at her buttocks, conceiving slightest of its movement while she walks. Her saree beautifuly captures every contour of her accentuated backside. Rahim felt it will be so soft to touch and appreciated its curve. Anand felt like hugging her from behind, enjoying the warmth and softness of her curve on his erection. He thought it will be like heaven.
All three and some others had an instant hard on seeing Devika walking back to the front of the class. The rest of the hour finished without any events and when the bell rang, Devika called Rahim, Anand and Vishnu and moved to the exit door.
They tried hard to cover their erection and carefully walked towards her.
Rahim- What is it Devika Ma’am?
Devika- Nothing , we need to improve your studies, I know you are good boys but you guys need a guidance to help you get back on the track.
Devika- I’m there for you for any problems ..you guys are facing but we need to improve your studies…remember this your final year here…you guys need to do your best..alright?
Vishnu- Yes madam
Devika- You treat me like your friend and approach me …I can be your teacher, a guide and your friend.
Rahim – OK madam
Devika- rest we will talk later.. Are you guys aware that, you will have a special session with me weekly.
Anand- Yes Madam..we are informed about that..
Devika- Ok, So I want you to come today at 1pm at my cabin..we will have a talk and know better.
Rahim- OK ma’am
Devika- Alright then kids, see you later
Devika bid them goodbye and left. They again can’t help but to notice that beautiful woman walking away.
They looked at each other and smiled, they have never been treated so nicely by any of the other teachers. They really liked her and her personality. Anand was the first to break the silence
Anand- What do you say about her, did i exaggerate anything ?
Vishnu – no dude, she is better than what you said.. She is indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
Rahin- She is gorgeous and lovable
Anand- I’m already in love with her
Rahim- I can’t still forget that image of her beautiful ass jiggling in front of me, inviting to be loved
Vishnu- even I’m in love with her.
Rahim- She is so innocent, I want to meet her again and again.
The classes again started, so did their never ending wild dreams about heavenly Devika.

Devika had an awesome day so far, as she came outside the classroom after her final lecture for the day on her first day. It was 1pm already and she had a half hour our session with grade 10, which went smoothly. Today, actually she was little nervous for her initial class but things went as plan and she has now full confidence on her abilities. Students were respectful towards her apart from some occasional glances, which she took lightly as it is expected from students of this age. She could tolerate those.
And she was also able to handle Rahim, Anand and Vishnu very comfortably. She thought they were little different from other students with their total mannerisms and behavior. She knows very well, that’s where she pitches in to change their ways into good deeds.
Devika walked back to her room elegantly, forcing everyone to appreciate her enchanting beauty. From a distance she could see that Rahim, Anand and Vishnu are waiting outside her room. That’s when she remembered that she got to have half an hour session with them before she leaves for the day. Devika was surprised to see them very punctual for the meeting, which is very much contradicting to what she had been briefed by other faculties.
When she approached them, Devika greeted them with a ravishing smile and said
Devika- Hello..it seems you guys are little early for our session..what happened its quite unlike you guys..?
Vishnu instantly without even thinking replied back
Vishnu- Early bird catches the fish Ma’am haha…
Rahim without getting attention from Devika stamped on Vishnus foot and signalled him to stay quiet. But innocent Devika didnt understand, what actually did he mean by that. She raised her eye brows in a questioning expression and asked him back
Devika- What is it Vishnu? What did you mean by that?
Bravo Rahim intrupted and stammered to give cover for what Vishnu said
Rahim- Uh uh Actually Madam…Uhm..Actually he was just saying..uh how much early we are..that much more we can learn from you..so you can cover more topics for the session.
Anand supported his friend ” Yeah yeah Madam that’s what he said..isn’t it Vishnu?” And turned to look Vishnu. Vishnu gave a silly foolish grin and nodded.
Devika understood, they are no different from all those teenage kids, who are so obsessed with girls, adult materials etc. That’s what making them spoiled kids, deviating away from studies. She knows very well, how a kid changes psychologically when they enter teenage. They are going through lot of conflicts and turbulence, they come across a new term called sex which were unknown to them till then. If not properly guided, the whole character of the kid can be spoiled. That’s when the atrocities against women goes uphill because there were no attempt to correct or guide them.
Devika has always believed, that proper sex education should be introduced to the school curriculum. Because it is from there the character of the child is built. There is no point in punishing after a crime has occurred, we all should be proactive and teach our children good behavior at growing stage itself, so no criminal minds are created when each one grows up.
Sex education is must in schools or religious preaching centres, so there won’t be any misconception in students about this topic or they can be inculcated about the importance of sex as a sacred divine fruit offered by god as symbol of love to upkeep the human legacy.
All our young minds should be taught that sex is love, never to be misunderstood with lust. It is the purest form of love. All sexual crimes transpire, because you let yourself the evil power of lust take over your body, brain and soul. If everyone perceive that the golden rule of sex is consensual, then sexual atrocities in society can be eradicated completely.
But Devika had no intention of giving them any kind of sex education to these spoiled kids, its not at all her subject. Its totally up to the institution to take care of it.
Devika laughed and said
Devika- ohh ohh…are you guys like this for every other classes..that’s not what I heard from other teachers..
All three smiled and looked to the floor. But Devika do not want them to feel bad, so she quickly took back her comment.
Devika- Hey…I was just kidding boys..I know you guys wanted to come early and learn more. And you should be always like this. Don’t ever miss or be late for any appointment. That’s always a good quality to have.
They cheered up again
Anand- yes madam..we will make it a habit .
Devika- Alright good..OK so let’s move on..There is only half an hour for us….No time to waste at all boys.
Saying that Devika walked inside the room, followed by them. They couldn’t help, but to notice the protruding curvaceous ass of Devika in that beautiful green saree, twitching with her each small step. Now their gaze automatically falls on her soft butt, the moment she turns back; like a habit.
She went to the other side of the table, kept her books on top and pulled her chair to sit. She then asked her 3 students to take the chairs in front of them.
But they stood there, mouth wide open and looking at her;as if they haven’t seen woman. A smile came to her lips, seeing that they didn’t hear her.
Devika: Hello my dear kids, I asked you to sit…
Still there was no response from other side. Her smile turned to a laugh and she asked again
Devika- Hello friends….here please..what are you looking at?
Vishnu the dumbest of three responded still stranded in her beauty
Vishnu- You are beautiful…very beautiful….
With that statement everyone came into their senses. Rahim scratched his head, thinking what his idiot friend has just said. Anand couldn’t hold his laughter and burst into a laugh. Devika was taken back a little, but quickly regained her composure and laughed at the light moment.
Devika- hahaha…thank you for the compliment Vishnu..it seems someone already started liking me..he he..
Vishnu’s face was flushed, and he looked down to the floor thinking about his stupidity. Meanwhile Rahim tried to cover is friend and searched for words.
Rahim- uhm.uh..actually he meant…madam..uh..
Devika- its OK..its OK Vishnu no need to blush or feel bad. I know you said that innocently and in a friendliest way. Its ok to tell what you feel rather than hiding it. And I take that compliment in the purest way.
Vishnu- sorry madam..
Devika- oh oh…no need to feel sorry dear, I had told you earlier that we will be freinds and I mean it…we will be treating each other like friends and not like teacher and student..you guys can talk to me like your own friend ..alright?
Vishnu- Yes madam..
Devika knew exactly, how would be their psychology and what do kids their age will be thinking about women. But she can’t be furious at them, that will not do any good. She has to be friendly and teach them in a good manner, that’s the only way she can change their behavior.
Rahim, Vishnu, Anand were all surprised at her behaviour, no else in their entire life has been so friendly to them nor have anyone treated them so nicely. They all got enchanted by her personality as well as her beauty.
Devika- Now come on, I don’t want to make my friends stand any longer, please sit down
Three of them smiled and sat infront of her. They were trying so hard to concentrate on what she is saying and not letting their mind deviate to enjoy her charmness. They do not want again to feel embarrassed and humiliated, so they though with much difficulty tried to fix their gaze on her beautiful eyes itself.
The next 30 minutes went very fastly, with devika doing most of the talking and others listening to her in their semi trance state. Devika explained, why she is here and what they would be doing to improve, what is the importance of this hour, and what are the efforts they should offer to bring them back on track.
She asked them to share anything with her, whatever problems without feeling embarrassed or bad.
Devika- Kids at your age will be facing lot of problems, you might be feeling lonely, unwanted, unloved etc. You are at maturing stage physically and mentally. The word sex might be the most confusing, frustrating and complicated topic for you right now. You might have lot misconceptions about sex.
Devika- And at this age, you will be wandering everywhere to get more information and to know more about it.
When Devika told the word sex, their eyes widened and their face again became red; as if they were caught red handed
Devika- I can see the change in your expression when I talk about this topic. You do not have to feel bad, its the major problem of teenage phase of life. At this age, you will be so obsessed with sex topics and if there is no one to guide you, you guys can end up in trouble.
Again they looked to floor, embarrassed to discuss this topic.
Devika- again dear kids don’t feel bad…but you should not allow these things to take over your life and spoil your character and future. This is the time for making goals in your life and build a strong base to chase those goals. Sex and all will come later in your life, its divine thing and should be treated sacredly after the marriage. Now its time to study..alright? Are you guys understanding me?…
They forcefully pulled their head up to look at her face, still feeling ashamed and nodded.
Devika giving them cute smile continued
Devika- “I’m not saying you guys are like that, but its a common problem at your age..so if you guys are facing such problem or any other family or personal problem , you should not keep it your mind. But you should come to this friend; this beautiful friend of yours” she said the last sentence looking at Vishnu to tease him.
Hearing Devika teasing Vishnu, again everyone got cheared up and laughed at him.
Devika- So whatever it is, we will sort it out ..alright?
Rahim- Yes Madam..
Devika- Alright kids, let’s end today’s session here..it was indeed my pleasure to meet you kids and make friendship with you..will see you later byebye..
She got up and shaked their hands and bid them goodbye. Upon coming outside the room,
Rahim- Omg,..did you see, how soft those hands are..ohh..I can spend days, simply holding those hand..ohh fuck soft..super soft..
Anand- I can simply get hard, and cum; just holding that soft hands.
Vishnu- I wonder, if her hands are this soft, how soft would those milk leaking breasts..ohhh..I’m getting erection itself
Rahim- her curvaceous ass could be even softer. I will make that as my pillow and sleep on her beautiful spongy butt..haha..
Vishnu- But she is so good man…
Rahim- I’m telling you guys again, I’m in love with her..she is mine
Anand- ohho….what about us..we are also in love with..we also want her…
Vishnu- her personality is so good, matching her beauty..
Rahim- No one have ever treated us like that , she is cool.
Anand- she is my angel…I love you Devika…
Rahim then became little serious and said
Rahim- OK guys, let’s make a plan
Anand- ” what plan?” in surprise
Rahim- Now we are friends with her, and we can discuss anything with her. Remember!..she asked us to share our problems.
Vishnu- what’s in your mind bro?
Rahim- we will make utilise of that
Anand- but how?
Rahim- we will first gain her sympathy, we will tell some sad stories as our problems to get her sympathy.
Vishnu- Then?
Rahim- Then we will behave really good and innocent; we will not make any kind of trouble in school, we will make real effort to improve ourselves and in studies also.
Anand- Then?
Rahim- our sad stories will make her sympathetic towards us, then once we make efforts to improve; she would be really happy and our friendship with her also grows with it. And it will reach a point, we could discuss anything with her and we could behave anyhow with her. She will then take everything sportingly and lightly.
Vishnu in a confused state asked, ” is it possible “?
Rahim- yeah dude, we will gain her trust first. Once she trusts us, then everything would be easy. Then we will have our moments without any problem.
Anand- So it will be like, we will win her trust first
Vishnu- Then decieve her with that same trust..wow
Rahim- oh yeah ” HEAVENLY ANGEL, DECEIVED BY TRUST” .haha..hahaha..
Rahim and Anand also joined in his friend’s laughter and gave HiFi to each other
They all were convinced with the plan and then proceeded towards their class for the lunch break, treasuring the beautiful moments they shared with her and dreaming about the moments to come.

Two months later
A lot have changed, during this 2 months; Devika became every students favourite teacher. She is really enjoying her job and started doing wonders in that school, the results can be seen in the students. And the biggest news was that Rahim, Anand, Vishnu have become really close with Devika.
They tried really hard to get into the good books of Devika. Everyone thought that the worst troublemakers in the school have started to change their ways. As they tried to improve themselves, other faculties also start noticing them. They were punctual, listened to teachers, did their home works and did not make any trouble at all. The whole school was surprised by their improvement and everyone gave credit to Devika.
But Rahim, Anand and Vishnu did exactly know; why they are doing this?.
They are not bothered about whether they pass in the exam or not. The only thing they want is, somehow to get friendly with Devika and take advantage of that friendship. For that they are ready to do anything. And as of now their plan is working out superbly, they are impressed about the progress so far. Now they are really friendly with Devika and were able to gain her trust.
Devika seriously thought that these kids are improving, And she also believed that this result was achieved because of her influence and advices given to them. She didn’t have any clue at all, that these kids are cleverly executing their plan to become close with her.
First they faked some sad family background story to get her sympathy and love. And innocent Devika really believed their fabricated stories and felt sad for them. It really touched Devika, when they told that their parents do not have time for them, everyone hates them, they feel neglected, unloved and unwanted. They made her believe that their rude behaviors towards teachers, cause of not studying and making nuisance; are all occurring because of their sour family background.
As a young mother, Devika felt sympathetic for them. She felt that their primary problem was the feeling of unloved and neglected. Devika believed , they can be brought back with the love and attention that is missing from their life. She realized, if she can give the love that a kid deserve at this age; surely they can be brought back to good ways. If she can act as their sister or mother and guide them with love as their parents should have done, then these poor kids will change and make everyone proud.
Devika decided to change her approach, and wanted to treat them as her own little brothers to provide the needed love and support for their better future.

Devika was occupied with work, when she heard a knock on the door. She checked her watch and it was 1 pm, soon realized its time for one of those weekly sessions with Rahim, Anand and Vishnu. She was impressed to see they are punctual again.
Devika- Come in please
Three of them entered the room, gave a smile and greeted the teacher.
Anand- hello madam
Vishnu- Good afternoon madam
Rahim- hi, How are you madam?
Devika gave them a beautiful smile back, and was really impressed with their courtesy. She felt proud of herself, for helping them to improve.
Devika- Good afternoon, my dear little ones…I’m doing good…how about you?
Rahim- We are also feeling really good
Vishnu- Yeah, since we met you
Devika- haha…why since meeting me Vishnu?
Rahim is the one who has to cover his friends, for their dumb statements with sexual tone.
Rahim- uh madam..uh…he was saying..its because of you , that we had made this much progress in our overall behavior.. Isn’t it Vishnu?
Vishnu smilingly said ” yes that’s true..that’s what I meant”
Devika- its not like that, you were good before also…I just helped you guys to identify your good parts that’s it. Anyway I’m really happy for you guys.
Anand- We are also happy to get such a nice teacher as you..otherwise we would have spoiled our future.
Rahim- yes, that’s true.
Devika once again gave a lovely smile and asked them to sit down. While sitting, Rahim couldn’t help but to notice the beautiful saree she is wearing.
That day Devika was wearing an off white saree with blue border and a matching off white blouse. As it is white blouse, he could easily spot the white bra strap hiding underneath the blouse supporting those soft beautiful breasts. He had an instant hard on, just seeing her white
bra strap.
All three made themselves comfortable in the seats and tried hard not to loose concentration. Within these 2 months, they have learned the art of ogling without getting attention from Devika.
Devika- As I said I’m really impressed with your progress and well being.
Vishnu- thank you madam
Devika- yeah, Actually when we started this class, I wasn’t confident or I had doubts; whether I would be able to help you or not. But after this 2 months, I have to say that I was wrong.
Devika- Upon hearing your stories and family background, I felt really bad and started to like you guys more. I realized that there are so much good things in you guys, which went unnoticed by others.
Everyone carefully listened to her with a serous look.
Devika- I felt, what you are lacking is the love from your parents and family. Now I’m emotionally very much attached to you guys. You guys never have to feel neglected or unloved. I’m there for you. You can consider me as your mother or sister or as your best friend. I will be there for you to love you as a mother, to guide you as a sister and to share everything as a best friend.
They could see that her eyes getting wet, when she said that statement and realised she was emotionally moved and literally meant what she said. Rahim without getting attention from Devika, nudged the elbow of Anand who was sitting next to him and asked him to act sad. And then proceeded to wipe his eyes, as if he is crying and tears are rolling down.
Seeing Rahim wiping his eyes, both his friends followed him and tried their acting skills. But the funniest part was, Vishnu the dumbo, took it seriously and literally started crying. Initially his friends thought he is just acting, but he didn’t stop crying even after they stopped their acting part. By this time he started crying loudly like a fool. Rahim thought, this stupid fellow will spoil everything. They all acted as if they are sad, just as a gesture, so Devika would be deeply connected with them. But their stupid friend seems to spoil their hard work, by overacting. Tears started rolling down his cheeks and his small weep turned to a loud cry. Rahim again nudged Anand and asked him to tell Vishnu not to make a scene.
Anand stamped on Vishnu’s foot and gestured him to stop his nonsense without inviting devikas attention. But he still didn’t stop and kept on crying. Now everyone was confused on what’s happening, and it was again Rahims turn to cover his freind’s childish act.
Rahim- Uh..um..Madam..actually he is very sensitive and childish..he do not know to hide his emotions.
Anand- yes madam..small thing is enough for him to get emotional.
Rahim- yeah..when you told that you will be like our mother…he was literally moved by that…because in our life, we never really knew..What would mothers love be like. Even we are quite emotional to get consideration from you. Atlast we can also say, that we also have experienced mother’s love and know how it is like.
Anand- we are extremely grateful to you and we thank god almighty to get a teacher like you.
Devika’s eyes again got blurred with tears, and she took her handkerchief to wipe it off. She noticed that Vishnu was still sobbing, and felt pity for him. Again a sweet smile appeared on her face, she got up and moved to Vishnu’s seat by saying
Devika- Hey..what happened dear Vishnu..seems one of my little brother is so light hearted.
Vishnu had stopped crying, but still his eyes were watery and he was looking down to floor.
Devika stood beside him, Vishnu could smell her sweet fragrance. She held out her hand and raised his head by chin, Vishnu looked up at her with tearful eyes.
Devika- why are you crying so much dear..I’m there for you ..don’t cry from now onwards…you are not alone..you are like my own little brother..now stop crying.
Saying that, Devika wiped his tears using her handkerchief and brushed his hair smiling at him.
Devika- Now stop crying..and give us a lovely smile..come on..come on dear..
Vishnu stopped weeping and forced a smile on his lips. Devika gave a soft pinch on his cheeks with love, and his friends sat there amazed to see his luck. For Vishnu, he sat there, feeling how lovely is Devika and enjoying her loving motherly touch.
Devika went back to her chair, sat down and continued to say.
Devika- Now onwards, no more tears in your life..you will be here for only one year and afterwards moving to next stage of your life. So this last one year, you have to enjoy to the fullest along with your studies. And when you pass out from here, there should not be any regrets.
Vishnu got stirred up, with that small touch and got active.
Vishnu- As along, you are here with us..we would be enjoying to the fullest madam.
Rahim understanding the hidden meaning in it again scratched his head , thinking what explanation he should be giving now.
Devika without getting the inner meaning replied back.
Devika- hey, my cute brother got cheered up again isn’t it ?..hehe
Anand and Rahim also joined her laughter
Devika- yeah I would be there to guide you..but what I meant is , you guys have to be more active in the school.
Anand- more active means?
Devika – means, there are lot of extra curricular activities happening in the school..I want you guys to join those and actively participate.
It will be a new experience for you, and I’m sure that you will enjoy it. Along with it you should concentrate on your studies. That’s how you can make the school life memorable and enjoyable. I want to change the impression, the whole teachers have on you guys.
So are you guys up for it.
Anand- we will do anything, you ask us to do madam.. Because we love you so much
Devika- I also love you so much dear../
Devika- Alright, so I think the time is up for today’s session. So I want you to join any of the cultural groups tomorrow itself.. alright?
Everyone nodded yes.
Devika- OK then ..bye for now and see you later.
Upon, coming outside the room, they smiled at each other and said
Rahim- That was cool dude..I never expected, she will fall on our trap so soon…
Anand- amazing..
Rahim- I think everything is nicely set now…now its time to take the next step.
Anand- What next step?
Rahim- We have to work out a plan…I think, as she said, joining in extra curricular activity could benefit us..we can make a plan based on that and see how it goes…
Vishnu- what are you saying.. We don’t understand anything you are saying.
Rahim- first I have to think about and then tell you guys..
Anand- Alrite…anyway what ever it is..we have to fully utilise this mother-brother drama..
Vishnu- we have got very good scope there.
Anand- I can’t still believe, she loves us so much..wow..
Rahim- he he…BTW..Vishnu what was that crying drama all about..you freaked me out
Vishnu- I thought you guys were actually crying..but couldn’t help it..it went off control.. Hehe..
Anand- how did you feel..when she touched you..
Vishnu- hehehe…her hands was super soft..but it was her smell..it was too tempting….
Anand- you got rewarded for that crying episode…
Vishnu- hehe…I think friends… She loves me more than you guys…she got a special feeling for me..I can feel that….so I seriously believe, that you guys will not be lucky with her..
Rahim- oh..fuck you dude..let’s see who gonna be lucky with her..
Anand- with my smartness, I will be the luckiest one…
Rahim- alright guys, i got an idea, let’s make it more interesting… We will part our ways and chase her seperately..let’s see who will be more luckier with her…
Vishnu- That’s sounds good… I don’t want to share my Devika with anyone..I myself have the brain and smartness to bring her to me…
Anand- OK..if you guys want to play that way..I’m also in for it..
Vishnu- deal..
Rahim- OK. Then from now onwards, we will each make individual plan to manipulate her..use your ideas and intelligence in this…and we will see who will be the winner…
Anand- one thing ..there is no cheating in this game..
Rahim- agreed
Vishnu- agreed
Rahim- one more thing..whatever progress we are making, that should be shared..so we could change plans accordingly.
Anand- All right ..agreed..

Devika reached the school after 3 days of leave, she had taken for being with her family. She really wanted that break, to stay away from work and be only with her little Adi and her husband. She enjoyed this small break and felt fresh to be back at school.
On seeing Devika is back, all her students felt excited and enquired about her well being. She felt good to see the love of her students and gave a lovely smile back to them.
She made herself comfortable in her cabin, and was preparing for the day, when loud mouthed Ganapati opened the door.
Devika jolted a little, with his unexpected surprise entry.
Ganapati- Good morning madam…how are you?
Devika- Oh Ganapati.. U scared me…u should have knocked the door..isn’t it…anyways good morning Ganapati ji..I’m fine..
Ganapati- why do you have to get scared..when Ganapati is here..No one will dare to touch our beautiful teacher..when I’m here..hahaha
Devika sighed, thinking how long she has to bear this guy and his stupid talks, and gave an animated smile to his boring joke.
Devika- What is it..? U wanted to see me this morning itself ji?
Ganapati- why ? do I have to wait for any particular time to see my gorgeous friend?…haha
Devika didn’t smile at this joke, and Ganapati understood that she didn’t enjoy that, so he quickly changed topic.
Ganapati- I just came to say hello..you are coming after some time..just wanted to know ..how are you doing?
Devika- I’m good Ganapati ji…thanks for asking..how are you?
Ganapati- I’m also fine, except I couldn’t see my friend for 3 days.
Devika again gave a forced smile
Ganapati- You are very beautiful in this gorgeous red saree and blouse
Devika- “Ganapati ji ..don’t you have anything else to tell me..” Clearly showing her irritation
Ganapati grinned and said
Ganapati- I’m just trying to be friendly.. Madam
Devika- yeah..you can be freindly without complimenting me all the time..I might not enjoy it every time…
Ganapati- OK ..I’m sorry…btw ..why did you take leave?
Devika- oh ..just to be with my kid and family..
Ganapati- That’s good, your kid might have been missing you very badly….
Devika- yeah..it was good to be with him sometime…
Ganapati- He also would have missed his mothers milk for long time..hehe..did he get to drink enough for these 3 days?
Devika raised her voice a little this time
Devika- Ganapati..I have told you several times..this is not the proper way to talk to a woman…I clearly do not understand.. What’s wrong with you?
Ganapati got worried at her sudden tone change.
Ganapati- I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I thought we are friends and that’s how friends talk.
Devika snapped back
Devika- No that’s not the way to speak with friends… You can speak like that your other friends.. But not to me..
Ganapati scratched his head, thinking of his stupidity and said sorry once again
Ganapati- Sorry madam… You know I’m a stupid guy…do not know to talk..
Devika calmed down a bit and accepted his apology.
Devika- Alright…now Ganapati ji don’t ever talk to me like this..next time I will not hesitate to complain.
Ganapati- no no…there is no need of that…I will be more carefull and will watch my mouth..sorry madam…
Devika- its OK..now you can go.
Ganapati- are we still friends madam?
Devika gave a cute smile at innocence and replied
Devika- yeah we are…but next if you don’t hold your big mouth..then no friendship
Ganapati- Thank you madam..I’m happy now..now have a good day..
Saying that he started turning to leave, but before turning back, something caught his attention. He saw a small prominent red mark on the left side neck of Devika. As her skin was white, it shall be noticed easily.
Ganapati turned back to Devika and asked about it, as he was certain it wasn’t there before.
Ganapati- Devika madam, what’s in on your neck?
Devika- What?
Ganapati- yeah, on the left side of your neck…there is bright red mark…what is it?..did some thing bite you madam?
Then only Devika realised and started blushing immensely. She did not know, what to tell him. She cannot tell him, that it is the work of her husband. It was done by Venki, on their romantic love making session last night. She recollected, how naughty he was last night, and a small blushing smile came to her lips.
Venki was too naughty and horny yesterday, that he first drank all her milk to dry her left breast, and then they had a wonderful satisfying love making session. While making love, he became too horny and gave small bite to her neck, which she liked very much.
Even though it was a small bite, she never thought that it will make a mark on her skin. She has a very sensitive skin.
Now, Devika was blushing, her face came red and there was small smile on her lips. But dumbo Ganapati didn’t
understand, what could be the reason for such a mark.
Ganapati- Why are you smiling madam..what is it..I think you didn’t have that before.
This time it was devikas turn to stammer and search for the words.
Devika- uh actually..uhm Ganapati ji…I think.uh..something bit me yesterday while sleeping…it might be because of that
Ganapati- ohh..is it painful.. You should have applied some ointment.
Devika- its OK…it will be ok after sometime..its fine..
Ganapati- but ..why are you smiling for that madam..?
Devika again blushed, and it was very cute to see her blushing
Devika- its nothing ji..I thought about something else..that’s why smiled..
Ganapati- OK then madam ..see you later..
As he was stupid, he didn’t understand and left the room confused. The moment Ganapati left the room, Devika covered her face with both hands, thinking about how embarrassing it was. She then quickly untied her hair open and made it fall to cover the love bite she received from her naughty venki. Otherwise there will be more embarrassing situations.
Chapter- 20
While Devika was away on leave, our trio Rahim, Anand and Vishnu had already started making their own plans to have fun with Devika. Now its a competition for them, racing to win her. All 3 of them had individual plans to manipulate the situations, they want to know, who have more skills or who can be more lucky with her. For that, they started brainstorming to make plans that can work out.
They thought that through joining some extra curricular activities, they could be more active, impress and be close with Devika.
After very detailed thought and checking all the possibilities, all three of them came with some individual plans and decided to join some extra curricular activities available in the school.
Rahim opted to join the film making club, which deals with students who are interested to know about the basic aspects of film direction, script making and moreover it deals about how a movie is made.
Vishnu joined the drama club, which deals with stage play making, acting etc. He was very interested in acting classes and theatre arts. So he thought joining in drama club, it would be easy to create situations to take advantage of Devika.
Anand had a special skill in drawing, he enjoyed painting during childhood, but deviated from his interest when grew up and entered teenage. So Anand did not dither, when joined the drawing arts club.
So all three of them joined in their interested clubs, and worked on their plans to trap Devika. All thought that they have got the edge within themselves and will be more successful in enjoying Devika than their friends.
Rahim- what are you guys gonna do with your silly painting and drama clubs…you guys are simply wasting your time.
Anand- No dude, I know exactly, what I’m doing and have got clear plans created for Devika… Haha…may be Vishnu is waiting his time.
Vishnu- fuck off guys…I’m telling you guys..u don’t stand a chance against me..if you guys accept defeat now itself…I will be little generous and will allow both of you to enjoy her a little.
Rahim- you guys wait and see…soon you guys will see, me screwing her…I will make both of you watch…and you guys will be helplessly playing with yourselves, being not able to lay your filthy hands on her divine body..haha.
Vishnu- let’s see dude..who will win her…she will be mine..
Anand- haha..chill down..take it easy..we all know it will be like hit and miss..let’s try…be a sport…
Rahim- lets go and see her…she must have come after her leaves..
And they proceeded to see her, before the morning class starts. When they reached near her room, they found ganapati coming outside in a confused state. They didn’t like Ganapati always roaming around Devika, now they are little possessive about Devika; and do not want anyone else being close with her. They started considering Devika as their own property and do not want anyone else lay their eyes upon her.
They stopped ganapati on his way and confronted him
Rahim- hey..stop there..what were you doing inside her room?
Anand- yeah, why are you always wandering around her?
Ganapati- what’s with you…I have told you..she is my best friend and I don’t need your permission to see her?
Rahim- I know, how your dirty mind works…you act like a stupid..I know your intentions..
Ganapati- what intentions… I’m not like you guys..anyways why are you guys so bothered about her.
Anand- its because, she is like our sister..its our duty to ensure her safety here…
Ganapati- hahaha ..like sister… Haha..
Vishnu- wtf…why are you laughing dumbo?
Ganapati- like sister..haha..best joke I have ever heard….you guys are the most perverted in this school and still you say that she is like your sister…haha…
Rahim- stop it idiot Ganapati… We are very close now and she likes us very much…and we don’t want you to stay around with your stupid friendship story alrite…
Ganapati didn’t understand anything, and became really confused. They gave him a small push and proceeded to enter devikas room. Ganapati remained silent and watched them going, scratching his head.
When they entered Devikas room, she was opening her clipped silky hair and it was falling on her shoulders. This was the first time they are seeing her hair without clipped, spreaded and falling back. They felt, she was more beautiful this way. Devika carefully, covered the love bite mark on her neck with her hair, while watching her little brothers coming in.
Devika- hello and welcome my dear little ones….come in..
Vishnu- Wow….
Devika smiled and asked him
Devika- what happened Vishnu?
Vishnu- You are looking beautiful this way
By this time, Devika was very much comfortable with them and didn’t mind sharing light talks with them.
Devika- what way Vishnu?
Rahim- no madam..he was saying that your hair style is different.
Devika again blushed and smiled, thinking about the love bite.
Devika- yeah..actually.. Uh..my hair clip broke..so thought keep it this way…hehe…is it looking good?
Rahim- yeah yeah..its better this way…
Vishnu- you look more pretty this way…
Devika again blushed
Devika- Thank you guys…then what’s up…how was your last few days?
Rahim- it was good madam..
Anand- ma’am , as you said …we guys joined some extra curricular activities…
Rahim- yeah we thought it will be good for us..
Devika- that’s really good children…. I’m really happy that you did….
Vishnu- thank you..
Devika- where did you join ..?
Rahim- I joined in film making club…
Devika- that’s cool.//were you interested in that?
Rahim- I was always had a interest on that ma’am
Devika- what about others
Anand- ma’am ..I used to paint before and always had a passion for that..so I joined the drawing arts club
Devika- ohh…so one of my brother is a painter..I never knew…that’s good to here…
Anand was delighted to know that Devika was impressed with him.
Anand- yeah ma’am
Devika- what about you ..my dear Vishnu?
Vishnu- I joined in drama club…I like theatre arts a lot…
Devika- hmm…good good…. It will be really beneficial for you guys…as it will help grow hidden talents in you and moreover you would be able to use the free time fruitfully…
Rahim- yes ma’am
Devika- you will fall in troubles only when you don’t have anything to do.. Have you heard ‘An idle man’s mind is devils workshop’…so when you got enough time and do not have anything to do..you will start thinking all unwanted things…
Vishnu- Yes ma’am…now we have something to think about and work on while we are idle…
Rahim sensed a hidden meaning in his friends statement and gave quick glance to Vishnu.
Same time, the bell rang announcing first hour is going to start.
Devika- alright guys, bell rang.. We will see later…I got class now…
Rahim- will see you later ma’am..bye
Devika- make sure..you guys be good..OK…see you
Anand- sure ma’am
Saying that they all left the room for their respective classes.

Almost one month have passed since then, after the trio joined in some clubs to become more active in the school. Things have changed a lot, they are now in the good books of all the teachers; everyone credited Devika for it. They are obedient, studies well, good mannered and actively participates in all school activities. Everyone was amazed by their swift character change.
Rahim is busy with his film making classes, while Anand was trying to reinvent his lost touch in painting and Vishnu tried his skill in acting and stage play making.
But, they only know the real reason behind this disguise, they have only one intention, to get Devika in vulnerable situations, like in their wildest evil dreams.
It was a Friday afternoon, Devika had finished her classes and was preparing to leave for the weekend to spend with her loving family. It was 1:15pm and she could leave in another 15 minutes. She was just relaxing and thinking about Adi, when she heard a knock on her door.
Devika- Come in please
The door was slowly opened with a creaking sound, and Vishnu stepped inside with a smile.
Vishnu- hello ma’am..how are you?
Devika– hi my dear..come inside.. I’m fine
Vishnu came inside and moved closer to her table.
Devika- what happened Vishnu…I guess our session is scheduled for Monday..isn’t it?
Vishnu- yeah its on Monday.
Devika smiled and continued to enquire
Devika- Then what is it Vishnu..where are your friends? My other little brothers?
Vishnu- yeah ma’am ..they are in the class…busy with something…
Devika- Oh ok….so why did you come to see me dear?
Vishnu again gave a sheepish smile and continued
Vishnu- Yes ma’am, uh ..I came to ask you something?
Devika- yeah…go ahead..what do you want from your sister..dear?
Vishnu- Actually I have told you that in drama club ….we were actually working on a theatre play.
Devika- yes ..you have told me and you are directing the play..right? ..I’m so proud of you Vishnu?
Vishnu- yes ma’am , I’m directing it…..so we have finished with it and will be staging it tomorrow for the competition…
Devika- ohh..I forgot…you guys are going for the competition tomorrow right?…have you well rehearsed it?
Vishnu- yes..rehearsal ..everything is done..now we are all set to go…..I’m pretty sure that, we will bag the winning prize.
Devika- yeah..I have seen the rehearsals once..it was damn impressive..I’m also sure that you will end up as winners…Vishnu, you seriously have some talent in this.
Vishnu blushed and thanked for her compliment
Vishnu- Thank you ma’am… Its all because of you..I’m deeply indebted towards you.
Devika- hey ..there is nothing like that..BTW when are you guys leaving tomorrow…
Vishnu- that’s why I came here…we will be leaving by 9 in
morning…but I want to ask you something…
Saying that he scratched his head and blushed a little.
Devika- what is it dear?..you can ask me anything….
Vishnu- actually madam… We want you also to accompany us?..
Devika- mee???
Vishnu then pleaded
Vishnu- no madam ..please please…please don’t say no….please come with us…pls pls…
Devika- But..why me dear?
Vishnu- because you are the best teacher in this school…we want someone like you to keep our confidence high….and moreover personally I want you to be there….because you made me a different person….you showed me that I’m wrong and paved way to goodness… Its only because of you I’m directing this play ….please come madam…please..
Devika was pondering over it , whether to go or not. When Vishnu felt , she was thinking about it; he changed his approach and tried to become more emotional for persuading her.
Vishnu- ma’am , every students going tomorrow, wants you to come with us..please….you are like my sister…you are like my mother….you cared me like mother….my mother hasn’t cared about me till this moment….but I never miss her…cause ma’am, you are here to fill that space for us…..please ma’am…consider it as a request from your little brother….
Vishnu was really good in acting, tears started rolling down his cheeks. Devika watched this, and whatever Vishnu told; it really moved her emotionally.
She got up from her seat, and went near Vishnu.
Devika- hey hey…why are you crying for that Vishnu… You are very sensitive and emotional… Now please stop crying…
Saying that, Devika brushed his hair, took her pallu end and wiped his tears off. Vishnu could smell her sweet fragrance, and once he realised that this heavenly angel was so near to him, an instant hardness formed in his pants.
Devika- stop crying, my dear
After wiping his tears, Devika took out her hand and pinched both his cheeks lovingly.
Devika- You are not a child…you have to learn to hold your emotions.
Saying, she brushed his hair once again and came back to her seat.
Vishnu- So will you come ma’am?
Devika smiled and said ” Yes.. I will come “. Vishnu jumped out of happiness and thanked Devika.
Vishnu- Thank you ma’am ..thank you very much…other students would be really happy….when they hear about this…
Devika- I have to first get permission from principal..and who else is coming from teachers?
Vishnu- our drama club teacher is coming and also class teacher is coming…I will ask them to take permission from principal for taking you also.
The bell rang for the lunch and it was time for Devika to leave for the day
Devika- Alright then..will see you in school tomorrow.. We are going by school bus right?
Vishnu- That’s correct
Devika- OK… anyway ..I will speak with your class teacher and know about the details..
Vishnu – Yes..thank you once again ..madam…
Devika again gave him a lovely smile and bid him goodbye. Once Vishnu came outside the room, he fist pumped for successfully persuading Devika to come with his theatre troop.
After the class in the evening, Rahim, Anand and Vishnu settled back into their hostel room. Vishnu was unusually happy and was working out his plans for Devika. He has to do something tomorrow, because chances like this rarely comes. He must have to utilise this opportunity to the fullest.
Anand noticed that Vishnu was really in a good happy mood; humming songs, laughing to himself etc. He called Rahim and showed Vishnu’s unusual behavior. They watched him for some moment, but Vishnu didn’t even notice that his friends were watching him. He was in his own world, dreaming, thinking, laughing_ making plans..etc.
Rahim- Bro..Bro…
Vishnu still didn’t hear him and was occupied with his activities. Rahim went behind him and gave a kick to his bum.
Rahim- hey fucker….
Vishnu got angry and snapped back
Vishnu- Fuck you dude…what do you want?
Anand- What happened to you bro?… Why are you laughing and talking to yourself?
Rahim- he was half mad before, now I think he turned fully…
Vishnu laughed at them and said
Vishnu- fuck you guys..hahaha…if you hear, what happened…it will be you guys, who gonna be mad…really mad…hahaha
Rahim- What are you talking about?
Vishnu- You guys wanna hear…you guys really wanna hear….haha I bet you guys gonna faint hearing this…please make yourself comfortable before hearing this….otherwise you gonna fall and will be hurting yourselves…hahaha….
Rahim got irked by his nonsense and snarled back
Rahim- stop your fucking nonsense and tell …what the fuck is it?
Vishnu- OK… then hear it from my mouth…..Tomorrow.. Haha…
Anand- Tomorrow what?….tell you dumbo…
Vishnu- Tomorrow..I’m going for inter school stage play competition…you know the one I was directing…haha…
Hearing this Rahim and Anand looked at each other for a moment, and burst into a synchronized laughter.
Rahim and vishnu- haha haha…
Rahim- is this the big thing you wanna tell us….haha
Anand – Oh Vishnu..oh I feel like fainting…oh no I’m fainting ..hold me please Rahim.. Hold me…hahaha
Rahim – Fuck with your stage play…and you are directing it….haha
Anand- You don’t have to go for the competition… I can give you the judgement….haha
Rahim – Before you go tomorrow, don’t forget to get the cricket helmet and pads from our sports room….because you have to bravely tackle, all those bottle throwing, stoning, rotten eggs..in the midst of your fucking play…haha..
Teasing him, Vishnu’s friends proceeded to leave, when Vishnu spoke from behind.
Vishnu- Are you guys done with your teasing…. Because I’m not done…I didn’t finish, what I intended to say.
Rahim and Anand stopped where they are, standing still without turning to face their friend. Vishnu proceeded
Vishnu- I’m tomorrow going for the competition not alone with my team members. But Devika ma’am is coming with me….hahaha…..how about that ..you little fuckers ..haha
Rahim and Anand turned back swiftly to exclaim “What” again synchronized with utter disbelief
Rahim and Anand – What?
Chapter – 22
Next day, Rahim and Anand woke up early morning itself; they couldn’t get much sleep thinking their friend Vishnu is going out with Devika ma’am today. They worked out in their sinful minds, all those things that could possibly happen today. More they thought about, more anxious they became.
Rahim, got up and sat on his bedside working his mind out. He can also see that Anand is already awake and doing the same. After some time Rahim spoke out.
Rahim- Didn’t you get enough sleep yesterday?
Anand- No, What about you?
Rahim- same here…..
Rahim- What are you thinking?
Anand- whatever you are thinking..same here…
Rahim, gave a big sigh and thought for some moment and spoke out
Rahim- This bloody asshole Vishnu ..outsmarted us…
Anand- Yeah…..
Rahim- is it going to happen?
Anand- Actually, I thought I was way ahead of you guys in making plans to trap her
Rahim- Even I thought..I could be the one who will lay hands on her first…but this dumbo…I thought he never gonna have any chance without our help….but he seriously outplayed us.
Anand- Do you think..that this idiot will have enough guts to do something
Rahim – I don’t know…anything can happen…it is Devika she is so beautiful and charming…anyone would take that extra risk to be close with her…..
Anand – Uhhmmmm
Rahim – But I don’t think…he can be lucky today..
Anand – Why?
Rahim – Because, they are going with a group and other teachers would be there…and also it is a competition happening there…there will be people everywhere around….in midst of this, what would he be able to do?
Anand – That’s correct, even if he tries to do something…it will invite him big problem….
Rahim – That’s correct …he is an idiot….will not think twice before doing something…if he does something out of his stupidity….then it will be a trouble for us also….
Anand – Yes…whatever work we have done will be in vain and Devika will never talk to us…if he is caught…we could also get punishment….
Rahim – Oh fuck that’s correct…..this fucker will spoil everything
Anand – let’s go and talk to him….
Vishnu was coming outside from the bathroom after a shower, he saw his friends coming with a serious face. And he knows the reason for it, he thought they are envy about him, going for the competition with Devika. So he thought he will tease them a bit.
Vishnu – Hey friends …how was your sleep…it seems you guys didn’t get nice sleep…haha…what happened brothers?..something is worrying you guys…haha
Rahim – Hey Vishnu…bro… I know you are too excited about this trip…but I’m warning you …you should not try anything stupid…because one bad move will spoil our future.
Vishnu – hmm guys… I thought of taking a good nice shower….because this whole day I’m going to be with her…I should be smelling good ..right?
Anand – Listen bro…its a public place.. There will be lot of people and lot of teachers..this is not a good chance.we will have other better chances coming our way…be patient friend…..
Vishnu – I’m wondering.. What perfume she will be applying today…even if there is no perfume only, she would smell fucking awesome….guys do you have any guesses on which sari , she will be wearing today….I think it could be the orange one…she looks beautiful in that isn’t it?
Vishnu kept on making fun of his friends, which irked both Rahim and Anand. Rahim pushed Vishnu back and shouted at him
Rahim – Are you fucking listening to us….its risky…
This time Vishnu kept his jokes apart
Vishnu – its nothing but jealous guys…
Anand – Jealous… For what?
Vishnu – Because we made a bet and we are in a competition of winning Devika…we are in a race to see who could be more luckier with devika…So now you found out, with my intelligence I’m running ahead than you guys…that’s what you guys are envious about.
Rahim – No dude…we are just warning you…because if you do something, which is not pleasing to Devika….then all the work we have done is in vain….that’s why….
Vishnu – Oh please!!….if I know to make her come with our group, then I know how to utilise this opportunity without any fuss…I know how to play safe…..
Anand – What?.. You got any plan?
Vishnu – Dude, your friend Vishnu never works without proper planning
Rahim – What is your plan dude?
Vishnu – That I will not tell…you guys wait and see…but I assure you, I will play it safe and will never put you guys in trouble…
Rahim looked at Anand and told
Rahim – OK …whatever you do be careful and remember we are not jealous of you…we are together in this and it is just for fun…
Vishnu – yeah dude..I know..I was just kidding.. I know you guys very well
This time Anand came close to Vishnu and kept a hand around his shoulders and gave a cheeky grin
Anand – still I can’t believe you..how did you make her come for the trip….but promise me?
Vishnu – What promise?
Anand – That you will be telling us, whatever happening today as it is, without exaggerating or without discounting any details. You will tell whatever happens as such..alright?
Vishnu – That I promise…that’s part of our game right.. Whatever success we make in this game, we will share the details among us….I will not add any additional thing nor i will skip anything…its a promise…if the plan doesn’t work, I will tell that also…OK
Rahim – Ok then , best wishes bro…play it safely… And also perform well in the competition…
Vishnu smiled and thanked them for their wishes
Anand – see you at evening.
After half an hour, Vishnu left for the competition with his group, and his dear friend’s endless waiting period started. Even though they said they are not jealous, reality was opposite. They were little envious about Vishnu for grabbing the first opportunity.
That was the day they felt, that time was handicapped and it is literally limping its way forward. They didn’t talk to each other much, kept on looking at their watches wondering, when will this endless torture of waiting ends.
The day ran very slow as if there is no urgency at all, and kept on teasing this poor little kids for their predicament. They skipped their lunch, because they did not feel any hunger at all; they felt anxious, the pounding sound of their heart can be heard outside. The more they thought about, what might happen between Vishnu and Devika, more nervous they became.
Its already half past five, and still they were waiting for their friend with sweaty trembling hands.It seems their edgy moment will not end soon. They kept waiting, waiting and waiting at hostel front door.
And at last by 6:45 pm , they heard some footsteps from a distance. They looked and realised that it is their friend Vishnu. That moment was inexplicable, they felt joyous, as their long wait is over; They also felt nervous, as they are about to find out the moment of truth.
Honestly, they do not want anything to happen between Vishnu and Devika, because by then unknowingly they had started to love Devika. Their enviousness is coming from that possessiveness.
Both Rahim and Anand jumped to their feet and sprinted towards Vishnu, who was coming from a distance. They stopped at their friend and gasped for air. Rahim tried to speak while panting.
Rahim – uh.hm…hello bro…we were waiting for you..
Vishnu played, as if he is ignorant
Vishnu – what happened dude…is there anything you guys wanna tell me?
Anand – No, but there is something, you promised to tell us…now start talking.
Vishnu – what is it?
Rahim was impatient and asked his friend to speak
Rahim- Now don’t play a fool…please tell..what happened today
Vishnu gave a smile at them and told
Vishnu – You know what…hahaha
Vishnu’s laugh made them more insecure
Anand – Now stop laughing tell us truthfully what happened.
Vishnu – You guys are so excited right?
Rahim – Tell fucker…
Vishnu – Then there is space for more excitement dude….hahaha…our stage play won the 3rd prize….haha haha. And I was the fucking director..oh yeah..I know you guys
are so happy for me…enjoy dude….
Rahim and Anand looked at each other for a moment and looked back at Vishnu. Then Rahim blurted out
Rahim – Fuck with your stage play…we are talking about Devika, now don’t act dumb..stupid…
Vishnu smiled at them
Vishnu – hehe..Devika ma’am…hmmm….no need to worry dude.. nothing happened, the plan did not work out…it was too crowded there…
Saying that Vishnu looked down sadly and watched his friends from the corner his eyes.
Vishnu saw his friends looking at each other again for a moment and smile appearing on their lips after a big sigh.
Rahim – I told you before, it will be difficult to happen in such a place.
Anand – You need better place and better plan dude…
Rahim – its OK, it can happen….as this is your first time, now I will show you, how to tame her…haha..
Rahim and Anand got a big relief as nothing they worried occurred.
Anand – Come bro..we will go to our rooms, I can advice you with better plans…so you will be successful later..come let’s go…
Saying that Rahim and Vishnu turned back and started to walk back to their hostel. Vishnu watched them walk and a big grin came to his face. He called them from behind.
Vishnu – Hello friends hold on…don’t walk away like that…please be kind enough to hear, what I have to say.
Rahim and Anand stopped and turned back to look at his friend. Vishnu with a smile, slowly walked near to his friends and whispered to them.
Vishnu – Do you guys seriously believe that my plan will fail….do you?…haha
Both his friends, glanced him emotionless without understanding him. Vishnu continued with the same grin.
Vishnu – Then you guys are wrong…terribly wrong ….You guys wanna hear, what happened today…wanna hear…hahaha…this time you will definitely faint dude….
Rahim and Anand stood there motionless with no expression at all
Vishnu – Then hear it from me guys…you know what…. today, the most beautiful, enticing, charming, alluring, tempting, hypnotizing woman in this whole world…our heavenly loving angel Devika ma’am
Both Rahim and Anand felt light headed and their heads started spinning, they couldnt believe what they just heard. They might faint, but managed to tell “What” in the most feeble voice with a pale face.
Rahim and Anand- What did you say?..

They couldn’t believe, what they just heard from their friend. They just stood there completely drained out, sweated, numb, without knowing what to do.
Their friend Vishnu already left to his room with a smile, leaving behind Rahim and Anand, who stood there stunned. Vishnu thoroughly enjoyed, both his friends freaked out faces. Rahim and Anand didn’t even realize, that Vishnu already left from there to his room, with lot of unanswered questions.
It took another 10 minutes for them to regain their senses and come back to reality. They realised that they are standing there alone, outside the hostel like an idiots. Without talking, both of them returned to their rooms and looked for Vishnu. He had gone to take a shower. They laid down at their bed, waiting for Vishnu to arrive. Still they found impossible to calm themselves down.
Rahim – What are you thinking about brother?
Anand – I don’t know, I can’t believe it?
Rahim – Do you think , he is telling the truth?
Anand – I don’t know…if he is..then we are fucking losers…
Rahim – Shit…
Anand – I wish, he was just kidding us…
Rahim – What if its not?
Anand – uhmm…we can’t do anything right?
Rahim gave a big sigh and spoke
Rahim – uhmmm….yeah we can’t do anything other than congratulate him….
Anand – Anyway, he is our friend and let’s not be spoilsports
Rahim – yeah, whatever it be…let’s take it like ..he scored the first goal…good OK…and let’s try for the second goal…
Anand – Yes..yes…let’s take that way…
Rahim – I feel lot better now, when I first heard it from his mouth… I felt terrible dude…as if someone gave me a big fucking blow to my head..
Anand gave a smile at his friend’s overwhelmed emotions and then with excitement he told
Anand- if he has done, what he claimed….then we should make him tell every details… I mean every inch of it…
Rahim – that he will tell..otherwise we will make him tell..hehe…
It took another 5 minutes, for Vishnu to arrive after the shower. The moment he came, he was pushed back to the bed.
Rahim – Fucker…are you telling the truth?
Vishnu gave a cheeky smile, at his friends elevated excitement and replied
Vishnu – Why should I lie to you guys?
Anand – Did you seriously saw Devika in that way?
Vishnu scratched his head and gave a grin. Rahim this time again pushed him back flat to the bed and held him by his shirt collar.
Rahim – Fucker..Why are you grinning..tell the truth…Did you see her topless?
Vishnu pushed away Rahims hand, got up to sit upright and continued.
Vishnu – Yeah ..I saw her..but not the away that you guys think….
Anand – Then how?
Vishnu – not completely topless, but yeah somewhat near to that…
Anand – What somewhat near to that?
Rahim – You got some serious , explanation to do dude…
Vishnu – Yeah, I will explain it to you…
Anand – You should explain ..all the details..without leaving anything…
Rahim – And from the beginning, you should tell…
Vishnu – yeah yeah.. Relax guys..I will explain every details from the beginning…
Rahim- OK.. Now go on….
Saying that, both his friends, sat beside Vishnu very excited. And Vishnu started to recollect the events.

Today morning, we left from the school by 9am to the competition venue. It was almost 45 mins drive and we reached there by 10.
Devika ma’am, had told our class teacher that she will be reaching directly to the venue, by the time our play starts. 2 pm at noon was the time given for us to stage the act. We were a group of 10 people, including our class teacher and the drama teacher. We settled down, arranged our props and had lunch by 12:30.
I had already made a well thought plan for Devika, if she turns up. As you know, I was the director of the play; it was me, who was making decisions considering with the drama training teacher.
And in our stage play, there is one female character; as we could not get any girls to play that role, the role was given to one of our junior boy in 10th grade. And I had told him yesterday, that the costume part, he doesn’t have to worry and assured him that I will get the costume for him.
The decided, female costume was a sari and blouse. The junior boy has to wear the sari and act. So I arranged one, white sari and a red blouse for him. Along with it, I had made a plan for Devika, but was never sure whether it will work out or not. But still I thought I will take my chances and try my luck. If it works out, it will be awesome; otherwise, no problem. Anyway, I was sure that I will not be in any danger situation nor I will get caught.
As promised, Devika ma’am came to the competition venue by 12:45 in a gorgeous beautiful orange sari and matching blouse. She looked really beautiful in that sari. Even though, it is neatly wrapped, her womanly curves could not be hidden. Everyone, including students and faculties from other institutions, could not refrain their glances upon her.
When she arrived, we were doing the make up part. She arrived and with her usual dashing smile, greeted every one of us.
Devika – Hello guys, how is it going…are you guys ready for it?
Me – Yeah, we are getting ready ma’am, …thank you very much for coming…I thought_ you will not come….
Devika – Hey…I promised my little brother right?…how can I break it…hehe…
Me – Thank you ma’am….
After that, she also helped with the make up part and by 1:30, we were all set except for the costume change. Our drama trainer announced everyone to change into their respective costumes as there is only 30 minutes left. So everyone went to the changing room with their costumes.
And as I guessed, this junior guy, who has to play the female character, came to me and asked for the sari and blouse.
Me – Yeah, its here in the bag I will get it.
Saying that, I started my search in the bag for the sari. Devika smilingly said
Devika – Oh..someone is playing as girl here…hehe.. good.
I was still acting, as if i was searching for the sari in the bag, I can see the sari I have brought, inside; Actually I’m holding the sari inside the bag. I’m having a last minute thought, whether to fetch it out or not. I was really nervous, if I take it out its all over now; if choose to keep it there and start with my plan, then I don’t know I might have a chance here.
I was really confused, nervous and my hand inside was shivering. At last I thought, now or never and gained all my courage to stand up with empty hands and a frowned face.
I told the junior boy.
Me – its not in this bag, there was another bag..I think I left it inside our bus. Let me have a look…you stay here
Junior boy – did you forget to bring
Me – No dude, I’m sure I have brought it , it must be there in the school bus…there is still enough time..you wait here.. I will go and get it.
Saying that, I asked Devika ma’am to come with me
Me – I will get it…ma’am can you please come with me…I need to tell you something.
Devika ma’am with a confused look, accompanied me. I took her to a classroom in an isolated area of the school. Since it is a holiday, there were no one around; everyone were at venue place. This is my only opportunity, if it doesn’t work out, I always have the option to go back and get the costume from the bag.
I ensured that no one was around, and we got inside a classroom. And with a scared face I spoke
Me – Ma’am ma’am
Devika – What is it Vishnu?…why are you looking so worried?.. Why are you not getting the costume from the bus?
Me – Ma’am… Uhm uh..I don’t know… I think I forgot to get the costume…oh god..what will I do now??
Devika looked serious, after hearing this
Devika- Oh..god…what we will do now…
Me – I don’t know… Ma’am I brought the sari with me…but I forgot to get the other things…..
Devika – What other things…. Actually what is the costume for him?
Me – Ma’am, the character wears sari..so along with it other things like blouse, underskirt and and
Devika- And?
Me – And bra also?
Devika was little embarrassed to hear bra from his student.
Devika – Why do you need that…he can just wear sari and blouse right?
Me – No ma’am, the costume won’t look perfect with just blouse and sari..its professional competition right, and there are points for costume selection. And other teams have girls doing the female character_ so they will not be having any problem, but since we could not get any girls, who ever doing the female character should exactly look like a woman itself…..otherwise my character will look like a comical character…. That’s why we need everything_ that can make him look like a woman…we should not have any flaws in the costume part.
Devika thought about it for a second and told him
Devika – Yes Vishnu you are right….I got the point..Now what can we do?…can we go out and buy it or can we go and get it from your place?
Me – No ma’am, we don’t have time for it..its only 20 mins left for our call..if we go, we will not be able to make it on time.
Both of us kept quiet for 2 mins, thinking about the possibilities. And I decided to do a little emotional acting part. I started to weep and tears were rolling down my cheeks. Seeing my poor state, Devika came to me and started consoling me.
Devika – Hey, Vishnu its OK…why are you crying.
Vishnu – No ma’am, its because my carelessness… I should have double checked….now because of me others also have to suffer…oh no..
Devika brushed my hair lovingly and lifted my face by chin and tried to comfort me
Devika- Hey, there is nothing like that…it happens..you don’t have to worry about it.. You got the sari right? Give it to him and ask him wear it over his t-shirt. That’s the only solution.
Me – He will be looking like a clown then, its a serious stage play..if he does that…my play will lose its importance and audience will consider it as a comedy.
Devika – What else we do ? Remember its already 1:45…
I continued weeping for 1 more minute, and Devika stood there helplessly wondering, what to do. Then I realised that its time to bring out the plan. So far everything worked out as I intended, now its the correct time as Devika ma’am is in a dilemma.
I wiped my tears, turned to face Devika and spoke with a stammer.
Me – Ma’am, I think I have a plan..uh um…but I need help from you..u only can save us from this problem….
Devika was little confused
Devika – What plan?..what help do you need from me? I can help you any way Vishnu..so my little brothers stage play happens.
Me – ma’am ..uh.um..the only option we have in front us is…umm.uhh…I know this is ridiculous… But we don’t have any other option
Devika – What is it Vishnu ?
Me – Ma’am uh..can you help us …by giving your blouse and and…uh …and bra…
I managed to finish the sentence. I was totally flushed and I could not look on her face as i don’t know , what reaction could be anticipated. I looked down, scratching my head. And Devika was stunned to hear such a ridiculous idea.
Devika – What? I cannot believe…is that your plan?
Me – Ma’am I’m sorry…I know its ridiculous… But what option do we have….ma’am please I request you…please help us ma’am please.
Tears again started rolling from my eyes and I started begging to persuade her.
Devika – But Vishnu this is….how can I ? Noo..please don’t tell me this…
I kneeled down on her feet and literally started begging
Me – ma’am please… Please for me…for your little brother… Please help us….
Devika- hey what are you doing Vishnu..get up ..get up please….but how can I stay here like that until your play finishes… What if someone sees me?…no Vishnu I can’t do this…
I got up from the knee and continued persuading her, I was glad that at least she started considering it. Now I thought, I would be able to convince her.
Me – Ma’am our stage play is only 45 minutes, after that immediately I will come and give your clothes… And till then, you can sit here in this classroom.. No one will come here…
Devika – No, what if someone comes and see me in that state….no Vishnu please….
I thought for a second and told
Me – OK I will do one thing, I have one lock with me…I will lock the door with it from outside and open it once I come back ….so no one will come inside the room……
Devika was quiet and thinking about it
Me – ma’am please..
Devika – are you sure Vishnu, we don’t have any other option… Because please…
Me – we don’t have other option ma’am ..please ..its getting really late…please…
Devika again thought for a second and told
Devika – OK I will do it…I will do it for my little brother.
That moment I was the most happiest person in the world. I did not show that on my face, my face gave a thankful relieved face.
Me – Thank you ma’am ..thank you very much…
Devika – Yeah Vishnu, but one thing….promise me?
Me – what ma’am?
Devika – promise me that no one other than us will come to know about this …not even Rahim and Anand…no one should know about this …promise me…
Me – I promise ma’am, i will not tell anybody about this…don’t you trust your brother ma’am?
Devika gave a forced smile and replied
Devika – I trust you Vishnu…and Vishnu ..please come as soon the play gets over and lock it from outside…ok….oh god please..don’t let anyone come here please….
Me – That I will do ma’am …now its already late its 1:50…please give me the dress ma’am.
Devika – ok
I was standing there, looking at Devika with evil eyes, expecting she would strip now. She looked at me and a shy, embarrassed sweet smile came to her lips.
Devika – hey dumbo brother… What are you doing here..do you expect me to strip here like that in front of you . Go outside and wait
And she pushed me outside and I walked outside with a stupid face, scratching my head. Once I was outside, she closed the door, again giving me a shy smile. And I was in heaven. My fantasy of seeing her breasts will soon become reality. I thanked god for helping to execute the plan. Then I stood there, imagining those perfect, whitish, lacatating breasts; her soft curvaceous hips.
After 5 minutes, the door was opened slightly and I thought I can go inside. But to my utter dismay she asked me to stop.
Devika – Vishnu don’t look inside please…Ok..
She then leaned forward from behind the door, I could see her shy smiling face and her naked right white shoulder. My gaze involuntarily went down to check, if I could see anything more, but she caught me instantly.
Devika – hey boy…what are you trying to look…I don’t want my brother to be naughty…hehe
Me – I’m sorry ..I couldn’t help it …
Devika – I know… Boys are always boys…..
I gave a sheepish grin, she then extended her right hand from behind and gave me the orange blouse she was wearing, holding as a bunch covering the bra inside. I didn’t know the bra was inside, so I asked her
Me – where is your bra ma’am?
Devika – idiot, its there inside the blouse dumbo…
I looked inside the blouse, and found her intimate cloth , which was lucky to hold those beautiful juicy breast. I found the white bra, she was wearing inside and looked back at her and gave a smile of a winner.
Devika- What ? As if you have never seen any bra…now go..don’t make me more embarrassed… Go…and please lock the door from outside.
I can see her full, right hand till her shoulder. Her skin looked so smooth, it was white and also noticed her shaved arm pit. It was beautiful, the moment I saw her soft intoxicating armpit, I could feel something stirring inside my pants. I wanted to kiss those armpit..wow fuck..its beautiful
She closed the door and bolted from inside. I looked at the watch, there is only five minutes left for play. Swiftly, I locked the room from outside and ran towards the venue.
On the way, I could not help but to check our angels white bra. The material was so soft, I took it for a sniff. Wow…it had the most hypnotizing smell. I smelled it deeply, enjoying our Devikas enticing womanly smell. Then I checked that part of bra, where her nipple would fit in. And to my disbelief, I saw some wet spots there. Then only I realised, it could be her milk drops, as she is lactating. She would have leaked some drops from her milky breasts.
I again smelled and then extended my tongue to taste it. And it tasted really good, a bit on the salty side, might be because of the sweat. But I enjoyed it.
I reached the venue on time and handed Devikas costume to junior guy and asked him to dress quickly. Our team was called by 2:15 and acted out our play very well. By 3 pm it was over. Through out this time, my mind was occupied with Devika. I was wondering, whether I would be able to see her topless. I didn’t even realise, that our play was over. It was only when that junior boy came to me after changing the costume, I came to reality.
He handed me back, Devika ma’ams blouse and bra. I took it from him, and found all students and faculty are
back after changing their costume. And when enquired, we came to know that results will be announced only by 5 pm. So everyone decided to wait and watch other teams drama act. I took this opportunity, to go back to classroom, where Devika ma’am is sitting without her blouse and bra.
On the way, a new idea came to my mind; without getting attention I took out her bra and snapped its strap, making it look like an accident and kept it inside my pant pocket. This time i was determined to enter inside the classroom somehow. Because, I thought I should get some benefit for the amount of risk I’m taking.
I reached at the classroom, quickly opened the door and pushed it little, but it was locked from inside. I knocked on the door and there came the reply
Devika – Who is this?
Me – Its me Vishnu, open the door maam
Devika – Oh god at last you reached….thank god…I was scared to death
Devika unlocked the bolt from inside and opened the door little to lean from behind, to show her face and bare shoulders. I somehow wanted to get inside, so I acted as if someone is coming and pushed the door slightly to get inside.
Me – oh no jeez…I think someone is coming ma’am…I can hear the footsteps…please let me in…
Devika – oh no…oh my god…come inside fast…
As she was very innocent, she did not understand my evil mind and stepped aside for me to come inside the room. As soon as I’m inside, devika quickly closed the door and secured it. Once I was inside I quickly turned to see Devika, she was locking the door and her back was facing me.
Oh fuck, that view was unbelievable; her back was naked except for the sari, she is wearing. She was covering her breasts with the sari and the pallu was falling back over her shoulder. Except for that, she was naked from behind till her hip region. I had an instant hard on and found difficult to hide my emotions.
From behind, I can see orange pallu falling back, her hair and then her smooth white skin. Even though she has covered the front part with her sari, from backside i can see small portion of her side breasts. That small curve of the soft breasts can be slightly see from the sideways while watching from backside. Only a hint of breast is seen, rest everything is carefully secured with her sari.
And the place where her naked skin ends, there it forms to a curvaceous smooth hips and round tempting bottom. Her ass felt more inviting, in her topless posture. I felt like going behind her and press my throbbing erection on her warm soft ass and hold those milky breast while squeezing all the milk out of it. But I maintained my composure and didn’t try anything stupid.
After locking the door, she turned back to face me with a worrying face.
Devika – seriously, anyone is coming…did they see you? Vishnu?
I didn’t hear what had she asked me, i was enjoying my Devika ma’am’s scarcely attired body. I was checking whether I could see any hints of those lactating breast from front side. But to my dismay, the sari material isn’t flimsy and transparent, so nothing could be seen.
But sari could not hide the curves and contours of her round breasts. The outline of her breasts could be seen, i can easily understand, how soft are those juicy breasts. It was like 2 round shaped firm soft mounds with a valley in between. To my surprise, the sari also could not hide those protruding nipples, it was really poking through that sari material as she is a breastfeeding mother. Anyone one can easily identify those two nipples sticking out from those soft breasts. I really wanted to go and strip off those sari and chew those nipples, sucking every drop of milk from it. But I was helpless and couldn’t even move an inch.
Devika understood her state of dress, took her hands and folded over her chest to hide her treasures from my ogling eyes.
Devika – Vishnu ..Vishnu…stop looking me like that dear….
I quickly came into my senses and apologized to her.
Me – I’m sorry maam …really sorry…first time I’m seeing a woman like this..I’m sorry.
Devika – But remember…I did all these because I consider you as my own little brother…And i want to you to see me like your own sister….understand….
Me – I’m sorry…if I hurt you….I totally consider you like that only..you are my sister..ma’am…
Saying that my eyes became wet, I think I’m getting good in acting, whenever I say something emotional, I could also bring tears to my eyes. Its amazing and by now I have realised shedding tears is the weak point of Devika. Devika ma’am also noticed the wetness in my eyes and now it is her turn to console me.
Devika – Hey Vishnu..you started crying again..you are so silly.. I was just kidding.. I’m sure that you are a good boy and you treat me like a sister only…stop crying.
I wiped my tears and brought a smile to my face. She now felt comfortable with me and dropped her hands from the chest, again giving me unrestricted view of her breast shape through her sari. With a shy smile she said
Devika- Now my brothers naughty eyes should stay on my face itself…OK …hehe
Saying that she came near to me and pinched my cheeks.
Devika – Now where is my dress.?…I can’t stay here like this forever…give me those… director sir…
Me – Ma’am , actually I have blouse with me here….but uh umm…you cannot wear the bra it is torn….sorry ma’am the strap got snapped.
Devika – oh no ….how?…and now what am i going to wear Vishnu?
Me – Actually ma’am , it was little tight for the junior boy and after the skit..when he tried to remove it, the strap broke…sorry ma’am…
Devika – oh shit…and where is it now?
Me – He threw it away…anyway it can’t be worn…
Devika took the blouse from me and was thinking about what to do.
Me – what will you do now maam ?….can you wear the blouse without the bra?
Devika – hey dumbo…I cannot wear like that… You know the blouse is little transparent , so it will show…uh …you know what I mean….it will be too indecent to wear blouse without it.
She was too embarrassed to tell me that , if she wears blouse without a bra , the shades of her aerola could be easily visible for onlookers and also nursing nipple will be poking out little bit.
Me – then what will we do?….okay if you want I can go and buy you one.
Devika – What you will go and buy a bra for me…uh…
Me – Yeah whats wrong in it?..I think that’s the only solution for us…don’t feel ashamed…im your brother right?…you helped me when I was in need…now its my turn to help you back…I can go and buy …its not a problem…
Devika – oh god…I shouldn’t have come to this place first of all…first I had to strip and give my clothes to you and now I’m making my student buy a bra for me….this so humiliating for me….
Me – Why are you taking it that way ma’am…. I consider you as my sister and I don’t feel any wrong about it.
Devika was still thinking about it, and I took that time to quickly enjoy her soft breast outlines once more. The way her nipples sticking out sexily was a thing to cherish for ever.
Me – its getting late ma’am, I will go and buy..there is a ladies apparel store around the corner
Saying that I proceeded towards the door, when Devika stopped me from behind.
Devika – hey Vishnu stop…what are you going to buy?
Me – Bra
Devika – How are you going to buy without knowing my measurement?
She asked that question with a shy embarrassed smile on her face. I hit my head thinking about my dumbness.
Me – oh forgot that…I’m sorry ..what’s your size ma’am?
Devika slowly walked near to me, making sure that her sari is not drifting off her shoulder to expose her secret treasures. With a shy smile on her lips she came near to me and whispered in my ear
Devika – its 34 c
Saying that, she shut her eyes with shyness and she really looked cute with that expression. Hearing those magical number, my gaze naturally went down to her breasts to measure it with my eyes. She playfully hit me on my head and said
Devika – hey Mister, eyes up on my face…and don’t keep all these on your head…
I smiled at her
Devika – don’t ever tell these events to anybody outside…ok Vishnu….
Me – I understand that ma’am ….don’t worry ..you are hear with a gentleman
Devika – oh yeah…my little brother is a gentleman
I opened the door, checked if anyone is outside and walked out. After locking the door behind, I rushed to the ladies store outside. While going, I recollected the events one by one. I still could not believe that my plan worked out really well, even in my wildest dreams, I never thought that my favorite angel would stand in front of me like that and even have the privilege to buy a bra for her. I fist pumped the air, thinking about my luck.
Within 15 minutes, I returned buying a 34c white bra for her and knocked on the door again, as I was eager to see her in that hot posture. She opened the door and I came inside, as she was comfortable with me. I took out the packet, opened it and held it in front of her. Devika with a smile took it from me and checked the tag to ensure it is the correct size.
Devika – How was your purchase experience?
Me – to be honest, it was pretty embarrassing
She laughed about it and politely asked me to leave as she needs to change.
Devika – OK thank you…now my little brother please go and wait outside for me to change
Me – OK
I turned and opened the door a little and checked outside, if there is anyone. To my surprise and luck there were couple of students standing at a distance and talking. This was not something that I planned, this is something god gifted me as a bonus. I quickly closed the door and informed Devika ma’am.
Me – oh shit..oh…there are couple of students standing outside….I can’t go out now
Devika – oh god did they see you?
Me – No, they are little away from here… But they will notice, if I go out now.
Devika – what we will do now?
Me – they might go now…we will do one thing …
Devika – What?
Me – You can go to that corner and change…I will turn my back and stand here…by then let’s hope they will go….
Devika stood there pondering about it. And I asked her to go fast as they might walk down here and if they look through window, could catch us in compromising position.
I was also really worried about that possibility. I don’t want a sad end to my plan. I equally scared and excited about this development.
Me – maam fast…go and change fast…they can walk this side… Please quick….
Devika – OK….Vishnu first promise that you will not look back…..
Me – no ma’am ..I promise.. Why would I do that?…I’m not that bad and devlish to look at my caring sister…I promise I will not do that..see I’m turning my back on you….
Devika – OK I trust you.
Saying that, with a worried face she moved fast to the opposite corner of the room from where I’m standing. I was standing, turned back to her. I could hear the the sounds of her bangles, notifying that she has started her work. I had a huge urge to look at her, I was also scared, about getting caught by her red handed. My heart was pounding hard anticipating, what might be happening behind me
At last, I decided to look. I prayed to god and asked to keep everything good and don’t make a bad day for me at the end. And with the gathered confidence and strength, I turned my head to left, keeping my body as such. And through the corner of my eyes, I looked behind me.
And there, the heavenly angel standing topless, again her back facing me. She was holding her bra and was preparing to wear it. Her sari pallu was dropped on the floor, and I can see her whitish soft half back completely without the hindrance of a sari.
And she was not standing drictly opposite towards my backside. But was standing slightly towards the left side of my back at the opposite corner. This created a 10 degree angle between us. From the corner of my eyes, I can see not only her topless backside, but also a good unrestricted partial side view of her left breast starting from her backside.
Half of her left, sideway view of her round breast is there in front of my eyes for me to enjoy. What a fucking sexy view dude…? From her backside, I can clearly see the curve and roundness of left breast. It looked super soft and also I can see the fold at the base of her left breast from the side. The fold of her breast is so beautiful and a sudden stir felt on my loins.
But, I was disappointed of not getting a view of her areola and her poking nipples. That’s OK, I’m satisfied with whatever I saw. Now devika started wearing the bra I bought her, stretched the cups and carefully placed her soft delicate breast inside it and extended her arms back to strap it secure like an expert.
She then didn’t waste any time to wear the orange blouse, hooked it up in the front and again neatly draped the sari to look gorgeous. I managed to turn back my head on time, escaping from being caught in awkward position. But I had huge erection inside my pant.
Devika – OK I’m ready..now you can turn around…dear..
I turned to see a beautiful Devika ma’am with charming smile. I also smiled back at her
Devika – OK now let’s not waste anymore time and go back…its already 4….
Me – OK ma’am
Devika – check if there is anyone outside…
I opened the door and checked outside, to our relief there was no one out there and I proceeded to step outside. Devika ma’am stopped me, before I could move out and told me.
Devika – OK Vishnu… Let me tell you once again…don’t tell anyone about the events here… Its the duty of my little brother to take care of the dignity his sister…understand ? …..only we know what happened really , and I was just trying to help you out of the problem…. But others might not take it …in its purest way…..so promise me again…you won’t tell this to anyone….
Me – I promise ma’am , I will not…
Devika came near and brushed through my hair and gave me caring assuring smile
Devika – so it will be our little secret ..OK..
Me – OK ma’am
After that we went outside and joined other students to know the results. We received 3rd price and celebrated the joy. By 5:30 ,we left from the venue in our school bus, dropped her at her place and returned back…….
Vishnu gave a long sigh and with a big grin looked at Rahim and Anand. They were blank in expression and did not say anything for sometime.
Vishnu – So what do you think guys?
Anand came and patted on his back and said
Anand – You are damn lucky dude….
Rahim – Yeah…outplayed us…now its our turn dude…our lucky day also will come
Vishnu – Yeah I’m sure about it…I would be happy to see those moments..
Rahim – Hmm
Vishnu – OK guys listen now, I have brought something for you guys
Anand – What is it?
Vishnu- its a kind of souvenir..haha….
Then he slowly took out the cloth from his pocket. It was the torn white bra Devika was wearing earlier today. Rahim and Anand snatched it from Vishnu and started inspecting it, as if they got a new toy. Vishnu laughed at them, laid back on the bed and tried to bring back the beautiful enticing body of his heavenly angel.








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