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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 2

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Its been 2 weeks, since that day, which turned out to be the most luckiest day in Vishnu’s life and obviously one of the most embarrassing day for devika. Vishnu seems to be very happy these days. He must be cherishing those precious moments he had spent with devika. And his friends, Rahim and Anand have become increasingly frustrated, as Vishnu achieved little success with Devika.
They were determined to do something, and want to get Devika in vulnerable position, just like Vishnu had. They were very much desperate to find their way. But Vishnu seemed little lazy to make next plans to progress through the ranks. He thought his friends will never have any success with Devika, so he thought he has got enough time to make next move.
Classes were happening as usual, some students were listening, some are engaged with something else. Rahim and Anand, were busy thinking how to get intimate with
Devika, while Vishnu was replaying those private moments with Devika for the umpteenth time.
The bell rang for the first break, bringing everyone back to the reality. Before the students could go outside, their class teacher entered, asking everyone to settle down.
Class teacher – OK ..please settle down and give me a moment please…settle down please everyone and listen
Everyone went back to their seat, despite not wanting and cursing their teacher for spoiling the five minutes break. But the next statement from their teacher, shifted everyones mood and cheered up the students.
Class teacher – OK, the management has decided about your yearly field trip and it will be happening next month.
Students – Oh wow, to which place sir?
Class teacher – Alright, this year we will have different activities and it is going to be very interesting. We are going to Coorg.
Rahim murmured ” oh fuck with this trip..I’m not going anywhere..,”
Class teacher – we will have a lot of activities like trekking, mountain climbing etc and what’s different is we will be staying in tents, to be close with the nature.
Students had a questioning look, when they were told that they will be staying in tents.
Class teacher – You guys don’t have to worry. Its a resort which is offering this accommodation and they have separate toilet areas outside for both boys and girls. And also they have nature experts to take care of the activities being held.
Class teacher – its 4 days trip and its planned for next month 1st week, means only 2 weeks left. Whoever is coming should give names within 3 days. And the amount is 2500rs. OK…that’s it…so if you got any questions, you can ask me on my lecture hour later today. Now you can go for your break
Saying that, he proceeded to leave, but stopped suddenly near the door and turned back. And what he said next, made everyone to make instantaneous desicion to go for the trip, wherever it is, without a second thought.
Class teacher – And one more think as per the desicion by the principal, myself and Devika ma’am would accompanying you.
Rahim – Oh shit, I’m in for this
Anand – Oh yes….
Vishnu – Hahaha….Sir can I pay the money..now itself…?
The whole class burst into laughter.
Chapter – 26
Two weeks passed very quickly and most of the students,
except some girls opted to travel for their last trip in their school life. Everyone was very excited to go for the trip, as Devika was coming for it. Rahim, Vishnu and Anand were in ecstatic mood and were anticipating all possible situation with their teacher. They thought, that this time they could get more opportunities and make their relationship more rigid.
All three of them, haven’t had any specific plans for Devika, but were determined to play by the situation and to utilise all the opportunities that come their way.
Everyone gathered at the school on Friday evening to set out for the journey. They will be reaching at the destination, next day early morning. Devika ma’am was dropped off at the school by her husband.
Actually she never wanted to come for the trip, as she has got little baby to take care. But the principal insisted to go, as she is the new faculty there and it is going to be a new experience for her. Hence she complied.
Devika arrived, wearing a light blue sari and matching blouse and looked fresh and beautiful. Everyone greeted her and got excited to see her coming. She was carrying a bag, stuffed with clothes and other important things for the trip.
Seeing Devika coming, Vishnu went near her and forcefully took the luggage from her and carried it himself to the bus, making everyone envious. Vishnu did this to show everyone else, how close he is with Devika. Actually Devika also felt more comfortable and confident with Vishnu after that drama competition episode.
Both Anand and Rahim also went near to greet Devika and to make friendly talks.
Rahim – Hi ma’am, how are you?
Devika with a big smile replied
Devika – Hi Rahim and Anand..I’m good..how about you..feeling excited for the trip?
Rahim – Yes ma’am …in fact very excited
Anand, seeing his friend carrying her luggage offered a hand to help and thus impress Devika.
Anand – hey Vishnu, it seems you are struggling with that bag. Give it to me…I will carry..you might fall down , as you are not strong as me.
Vishnu didn’t like his friends teasing, became serious and shot back
Vishnu – shut up dude..as if you are very strong…I’m stronger than you. Along with this bag, I can also carry you on my back. You wanna see dude.
Devika interrupted them
Devika – Don’t start a fight over my bag.. Give it to me I can carry myself.
Vishnu – No ma’am we were just kidding…I can carry it..
Saying that, Vishnu gave a angry stare, to make Anand smile sheepishly.
Vishnu carefully loaded the baggage to the trunk and everyone started boarding the bus. Devika ma’am occupied a vacant seat in the front with few girls and boys filled the backside seats. They watched a movie and then played some games, in midst they stoped for dinner and later everyone drifted off to sleep.
Our trio didn’t get much opportunity to take advantage of the situation as Devika ma’am spent most of the time with girl students.
Next day early morning by 5:15 am they reached their destination, everyone were sleepy and they slowly got down from the bus. It was cold outside, the moment they stepped outside, they woke up from their sleeplessness.
They walked to the reception area, to escape from the cold. Resort staffs greeted and welcomed them.
After the check in formalities, they were briefed by the resort staffs about their stay and activities they will be doing.
Staff – OK there are 10 tents for the students…8 for the boys and 2 for the girls…and each tent can contain 5 people…
Class teacher – Ok..
Staff – For the teachers, there are 2 separate tents…And we have separate washroom area for both gents and ladies.
Staff – And today’s activity goes like this, you will depart to your tents now, get fresh and relax for sometime. And by 8am the breakfast will be ready. After breakfast we will go for a trekking. We will have lunch on top, there is one temple there..we will visit that and later we will return back…ok
Students – OK…
Staff – Then you can all leave to your tents….
They all took their bags and followed the resort staffs to their respective tents. It is still dark and cold outside.
Rahim – Anand…let’s try to get tent near to Devika maams…you know what I mean..
Anand and Vishnu thought about it and a grin came to their faces.
Anand – but how can we get that…
Rahim – let’s see..first let’s have a look at the room allotment paper
Rahim got the paper from the resort staff and found that the ,first 2 tents are allotted to girls and the 3rd one is for Devika ma’am. And from there the next 8 for boys and last one is for the class teacher. From the list, they came to know they were allotted to the 6th tent with 2 of their other friends.
Vishnu – Ours is 6th one and Devika maams its 3 rd
Rahim – who is on the 4 the one…
Anand – its that book worm Gopal and friends
Rahim – Oh then its easy…we can ask them to swap our
Gopal and gang had already entered into their tent. Devika ma’am and class teacher were still at the reception area talking with the hotel staffs. So Rahim, Vishnu and Anand entered to gopal’s tent and offered them their own accommodation. When they refused, Rahim threatened them and forced them to leave.
Rahim – if you want, 2 of you can stay here, remember in one tent its for 5 guys.
Gopal – No..we will leave and send the other 2 in your tents…we don’t want to stay with you….
Rahim grinned at him
Gopal – But Rahim ..this is not cool at all…why do you want to stay here…
He was not aware that Devika ma’am is gonna stay next door. Rahim playfully mocked, as if he is going to hit him and asked him to leave.
Gopal left and two other guys, who were supposed to share spaces with Rahim, came to the tent and settled down.
Each tent is 20 m away from other and is surrounded by big trees and small bushes to give it a forest appealing.
Anand who was standing outside the tent, saw Devika coming from the reception area talking with the class teacher. And he signalled his friends that Devika is coming. Rahim and Vishnu who were standing inside the tent, asked their 2 tentmates to stay inside and told they will come now after a smoke.
When Rahim and Vishnu joined Anand outside, they saw Devika ma’am going inside her tent and their class teacher, walking towards them. He got the last tent towards extreme end.
Class teacher – Hey..why are you staying outside…you got some time to sleep and get ready by 8 for the breakfast… Its going to be a long day
Rahim – we were just enjoying the cool air..this place is so beautiful…
Class teacher – Be good and don’t make any trouble OK….
Vishnu – No sir..we will be good and taking care
Class teacher – good…ok then c u guys for the breakfast…
Anand – See you sir…
Saying that, the teacher slowly walked towards his tent.
Anand – What we will do now?
Rahim – I thought we will have some talk with Devika ma’am ..but she has gone inside..
Vishnu – Then we will speak with her on morning…its cold outside and I’m also feeling sleepy…
Rahim – Yeah..do you guys want a smoke..after that we will sleep…
Anand – Yeah that will be good
Vishnu – Where will we go…we can’t smoke here..what if someone catches us….
Rahim – hey its dark no one will see
Anand – we can hide inside this little bush here..there is enough space here…
Vishnu – it looks like a forest dude../would there be any snakes there
Rahim- don’t get scared bro…we won’t go far..let’s go towards the side of our tent.
Three of them, without inviting anyone’s attention slowly walked into the tree area.
Rahim- hey there is a big tree there…let’s make that as a cover and quickly have a smoke.
They walked further inside, almost 10 m towards Devika ma’ams tent and hid behind the tree. From where they are sitting, they could clearly see left side of Devikas tent and right side of their own tent. They are halfway between those two tents.
Rahim – I will light one and watch out for anyone coming…I don’t want to get us caught.
Vishnu – Hey fucker…you are only lighting one…light at least 2
Rahim – Fuck you dude..we have only one packet..we got 2 more days…and here we will not be able to buy new.. So we will share it…understand dumbo…
Vishnu – OK
Rahim lighted the cigarette, and sun still hasn’t come outside to push away coldness
Vishnu – Give me one puff…its freezing here..give give..
Rahim – Shut your big mouth dude…you saw.. I just lighted…let me have some smoke..after that will give you…
Vishnu – hey give it dude
Rahim – Fuck you….
Anand – sssshhhhh keep quiet…. Quiet quiet….look there dude…
Anand intrupted his friends quarrelling session, and asked them to look towards Devika ma’ams tent 10 m away from them.
When they looked, they saw light was turned on in her tent and they can clearly see the shadow of Devika standing inside. As it was dark, and tent material is not very thick, when light was turned on, they could clearly see the shadow inside and were able to make out what is happening inside.
They kept quiet and concentrated on Devikas shadow. They could see that she was standing and brushing her hair with a comb.
Anand – Be quiet… What’s she doing inside?
Rahim – I think she is brushing her hair…
Vishnu – even her shadow is so beautiful.
Devika kept the comb aside and picked up her baggage and kept it on her bed. She opened the bag and took out some clothes and kept it on the bed surface.
Rahim – Fuck, I think she is going to change her dress..fuck man
Anand – don’t make any sound
They watched her shadow without blinking their eyes. They could see, Devika raising both her hands towards her left shoulder and unfastening the pin securing the sari on her shoulder. She opened the pin and in one swift motion removed the sari covering her chest. The pallu was dropped to the floor. The dark shadow of her prominent blouse covered breast, came to view for her peeping students.
Anand – Fuck …she removed her sari…
Vishnu – Look at that shape…
Rahim – it is so round..wow…
Anand – its still covered in that blouse… I wonder, how good its going to be when she releases those melons to the open air..
Vishnu – is she going to do that…
Rahim – do you think ..she will remove her bra also…
Anand – I think she will do that…it was a long trip… She might want to relax a little…she might remove the bra to get comfortable…
Rahim – that’s correct…it will be really soothing for her…if she can release and expose those round milking breasts to this cold air….I’m also saying..she will do that.. No woman will prefer to lock their breasts in a bra for a long time…I have heard..its not comfortable to do that..
While they were guessing about the possibility, Devika had already opened her sari knots from her waist and had completely removed her sari from her beautiful body. She kept the sari safely on the bed and proceeded to open the hooks of her blouse slowly.
Rahim – Wow…she has started opening her blouse…oh god….
They carefully watched from outside, Devika opening each hook of her blouse. From the movement of her shadow, they saw Devika opening the blouse wide open and peeled it off from her body.
The shape of her breast became more prominent, when the blouse was removed. Devika had only a small bra to cover her upper body.
Rahim- is she gonna remove bra…would we be able to see the real shape of her breast
Anand – yeah I think she will remove…
When they were saying this, they noticed Devikas both hands going behind her and trying to unclasp the bra. Seeing that, they could not hide their excitement.
Vishnu – yeah yeah yeah…she is opening it…
Anand – Fuck oh yeah…
Rahim- keep quiet dumbo…..
After trying a little, she opened the bra hook and removed the straps through her shoulders. And without delaying,
removed the only piece of cloth from her chest, showcasing, every curves and shape of her lactacting breast. Her breasts jiggled a little, when she removed the bra. The three of the people standing outside the tent were super excited to see the real shape of her lovely teacher’s milk leaking breasts
Rahim – oh fuck did you see that….
Anand – see that shape dude…
Vishnu – its so good…no sagging ..even after nursing a kid
Rahim – I wish I was inside that tent
Even if they can’t see her breasts directly, even if only they could see her shadow, the view was mesmerizing. They could see the whole shape of that beautiful creation of god.
Devika felt so relieved, when she removed her bra. She was wearing it continuously for some long hours, and when that cool breeze of coorg brushed upon her soft
breast, it was so soothing for. The naughty cool breeze started playing with her breast, and it had a sudden effect on her breast.
Her sleeping small nipples, started waking up and got erect in no time. As she was lactating, her nipples had become little bigger and it has become erect and hard.
Rahim – dude dude…see her nipple see her nipple…
Vishnu – oh yeah, I can see that…wow..
Anand – it was become hard…I can easily notice its shape…
Rahim – its not very long..but definitely it has become very erect
Vishnu – its because of the air….
They were very excited and had big hard ons. Anand even started stroking his erection over the pants. Devika stood there for a moment, enjoying the cold air on her breasts. After some time, bent down to take her nighty from the
baggage. When she was searching the dress, her breast hung down and jiggled at her every movement.
Anand – Fuck , see her breast hanging down…its cute and big man
Rahim – I want to go there and hold those hanging breasts
Vishnu – I want to go inside and milk her, while her breasts are hanging like this..I will milk every drop from….
Rahim- imagine if I’m able to suck those breast like this…while she bending down…I will position myself below her breasts….latch to those erect nipples and squeese the milk into my mouth…wooow…ohhhh fuck…
Devika took out the nighty, opened it and started to wear it.
Rahim – the show is over dude
Anand – if I can get turned on..just seeing her shadow… What if I could see her really naked
Rahim – we will wait for that moment..
Devika wore the nighty, and the light inside the tent went off.
Rahim- ohh…that was a treat to watch….
Anand – let’s go back..
Vishnu – what’s the time…
Anand – its going to be 6 now
Rahim – ouch ouch..ouch …fuck….fuck
Anand – what happened bro….
Rahim – its the cigarette…. The light touched my finger…it has burnt full
Anand – haha we didnt smoke…hehe
Rahim – yeah…hehe
Vishnu – we came to smoke to get rid of the chillness… But see even without smoking …I’m sweating hard in this cold weather.//
Anand – Haha…that’s our lovely Devika effect…haha
Rahim – come let’s go and sleep for some time…
Vishnu – yeah…have to get ready for breakfast…..

Devika freshened up and got ready by 7:45 for the breakfast. She chose to wear a yellow churidar and dupatta with some embroidery works. She thought churidar would be fine, as they are going for trekking.
By 8:00, everyone gathered for breakfast and students were seeing her for the first time in a churidar. Its a simple churidar, but still she looked really beautiful in it. Her womanly curves were still prominent though. She started receiving compliments from students on her churidar and looks.
Vishnu – hey watch this..Devika ma’am is wearing a churidar
Rahim – oh yeah, she looks beautiful
Anand – come let’s have a closer of this beauty
They walked near to her and started appreciating her assets
Rahim- hmm..she looks equally good in churidar as well
Vishnu – shape of legs can be seen from side
Anand – good..look at the curve of her soft ass..
Rahim – I want to go and grab those buns…
Vishnu – wait bro..you will have your own chances
Anand – fuck u…u shut up….you had your moments..now we should have
Vishnu – haha
They went near devika and greeted her
Rahim – hello…good morning madam
Devika – hi dear…good morning…how are you all
Vishnu – we are good… Our sister looks beautiful in churidar…isn’t it guys?
Devika gave a blushed smile
Rahim – yeah gorgeous actually
Devika – hey now stop pulling my leg and go have breakfast…
By 8:30 everyone finished breakfast and got ready for trekking. Its 3 hours trekking and they are planned to have lunch on top. Resort experts guided them upfront. Rahim, Vishnu and Anand staid close to devika talking with her.
Initial part of trekking was easy, but later it was becoming hard as there was couple of steep paths. Devika stopped in front of one those rocks, which is little difficult to climb.
Devika – oh I don’t think..I could climb this..
Rahim – what happened ma’am?
Devika – Its a sharp slope…I might slip..
Rahim – OK don’t worry I will help you
Saying that he easily climbed top and extended his hand, so devika could climb with his support
Rahim – Now ma’am, hold my hand for support and try to climb
Devika – oh..u did that so easily..OK now hold my hand strongly ok..
Rahim – yeah ..I will not make my sister fall..be careful
Devika held rahims hand strongly, and climbed up by bending forward, gripping the rock with her other hand.
The moment devika bent forward, rahims eyes widened and for the first time he saw her soft breasts in front of his eyes. Her beautiful cleavage, was open for everyone to feast upon. Rahim could see her white two lactating breasts stuffed together, creating a beautiful valley in between. Certain portion of white bra is also visible, with her mangalsutra exploiting the warmth of those soft breasts. Rahim had an instant hard on at this unexpected exposure.
Anand and vishnu , who was standing down behind devika understood, what rahim is seeing from his expression. At last devika with the help of rahim climbed to the top and rearranged her duppatta over her delicate breasts ending the show.
Devika – Thank you rahim..
Rahim – oh its alright..I can help you anytime..
Anand came from behind and nudged rahim with his shoulder and whispered in his ear
Anand – you enjoyed it ..huh..fucker
Rahim gave cheeky smile to him
They finished their trekking within half an hour reached top and relaxed there for some time. After that, they visited a temple there on top and had their lunch there.
Suddenly, when they were about to return, the sky became dark and soon rain started pouring down heavily. They waited for some time for the rain to subside, but it was like no stopping for rain. At last they decided, that there is no point in waiting and they have to leave now, otherwise it will get darker soon. The group got out into the rain and started their descending towards their camp.
It was raining heavily, and within seconds everyone got all wet. Again devika started getting attention, as her churidar got wet and transparent. The cloth was clinging to her body, making her assets more prominent.
Anand, Rahim, Vishnu was walking behind her, and they didn’t miss this show from their lovely teacher. Her back was completely transparent, they could see the shades of her white bra. But more sexy was, her curvaceous ass became more prominent. The cloth was sticking to her body all wet, so the shape of her entire bottom was visible for them. For the first time, they noticed, how curvy and juicy was her soft ass. The cloth climbed to her ass, making the outline of her panty and crevice visible to everyone.
Rahim – Fuck, look at her man..
Vishnu – I’m watching…
Anand – she is wearing a white bra…
Rahim – yeah , but look at her ass man..
Vishnu – seriously its not that big…but its shape is making me cum
Anand – ass crack is visible dude..
Rahim – I want to go and cup those ass globes forever
Anand – I want to put my cock in her ass crack..wow..
Rahim – ooh..
Devika was completely unaware of the show, she was giving. But she managed to keep her dupatta intact, so no one was able to see her boobs from front. The churidar bottom also became transparent, and soon her legs became visible from side. Everyone was able to see her legs till her upper thighs. It seemed, she was not wearing the leggings, as it became so transparent and skin colour became visible. The shape of her thighs made everyone go mad and they tried to peek, to see her panties. But they were unfortunate in that.
Vishnu – OK I’m going to dissapoint you guys..
Rahim – what you mean?
Vishnu – I have got an idea…but it will dissapoint you guys..
Anand – What idea?
Vishnu – Watch and see?
Saying that, he ran to devika leaving his friends behind. Rahim and Anand watched him without knowing what’s happening. They so their friend, whispering something to devika and she started looking to her body and started blushing. Devika gave slight push to Vishnu and said something laughingly. Then he took off the jacket, he was wearing and gave it to devika. They found them talking a little and devika was smiling and wore that jacket and made herself look decent, ending the show for everyone.
Vishnu returned back, smiling at their friends.
Anand – Fucker why did you do that , we were enjoying the rare chance to see her body..now spoiled that.
Vishnu – I know..even I was enjoying the view…but now see…just with that gesture, I became more close with her and she trusts me..for anything haha
Rahim – u clever bastard
Vishnu – haha…see now I’m few steps ahead of you guys in our little competition..haha
Rahim and Anand looked at each other and shakes their head.
Rahim – hm..we will see..who will be the winner at last..
Anand – but what did you tell her..before giving your jacket.
Vishnu – I told her that.. everyone can see her white bra…
Anand – you actually told her that….oh fuck
Vishnu – that’s what..you guys don’t know women psychology… When I say that.. She will consider me as frank, truthfully person and will trust me..and when I give the jacket, she will think…I really care for her…winning trust is very important.. You guys don’t have a chance against me
Rahim – what did she say, when you said that you can see her bra.
Vishnu – she looked at herself, adjusted her duppatta to make sure , she is covered properly and started blushing looking at me…lol that was cute. She then pushed me playfully and told ” Vishnu stop looking at me that way.. Remember I’m your sister.understand”…
Rahim – then?
Vishnu – that’s why I came to save my sister
And I gave my jacket to her and again tried pull her leg. I told her ” anyways this not a big deal for me…anyways I have seen more of yours..so seeing a bra is not big deal..because I have seen you without it” then I gave a cheeky smile at her.
She got embarrassed and blushed a lot and said ” oh god Vishnu..don’t make me remember that..it was so embarrassing and..u also my dear little brother…delete those from your memory…stop being naughty” saying that she pushed me again and wore my jacket and thanked me.
Rahim – fucker..bastard…
Anand – why we are not lucky as him…
Rahim – wait dude .//we will be and make him jealous of us.
By evening they reached back to their tent got refreshed and rain also stopped by that time.

It is the second day in their trip and it is activity filled day. It is humid and out there, and they will be engaging in rappelling session in the morning and evening they will go for cave exploration.
Devika chose to wear a blue sari, since she is not be participating in any of these activities. She likes to wear sari most of the time. By 8:30, they had their breakfast and was set to go. They have to walk 30 minutes, to reach the rappelling point. As usual our trio, didn’t miss any opportunity to talk with her.
Rahim – hey ma’am, why are you wearing sari today?
Devika – nothing rahim, I like sari mostly
Vishnu – but yesterday, you wore churidar
Devika – that was because, we went for hiking and sari will not do the purpose.
Anand – so that means ..are you not doing rappelling today…
Devika – no no…I’m not doing..that’s all meant for you guys..I cannot do..
Rahim – why…you can do it..its not that tough..I can help you
Vishnu – ohh..you gonna help her.?by the way ..how many times you have done this before….hahaha
Anand – hahaha…..
Vishnu and Anand teased rahim, which he didn’t like at all, as it was in front of devika. Devika also joined in their laugh and supported rahim, when she felt that he is not enjoying the light moment.
Devika – Rahim ..its OK..at least..you were ready to help me..thank you…I but I can’t do it..you guys have the fun.
Half an hour later, they reached the place to do the rappelling. The trainers secured all the ropes, they showed a demo to students. And also they gave five minutes lecture, on how to do this.
Devika watched, everyone trying it one by one. Rahim, after his session came to devika and tried to boast, how easy it was for him. And showed, his friends struggling to do it.
Everyone was tired and after 3 hours, they stopped the activity to have lunch. After a quick lunch, they walked to another place to explore the cave. The cave is a narrow and is dark. If they want to go inside, they have to walk in a line inside the cave. Because its so narrow and the width can fit in only a person.
So they need to walk one after another in a line through the cave. This time devika also joined the group. Devika was walking behind a girl, and Anand was lucky to go behind devika. Rahim and Vishnu got disappointed, missing out that opportunity.
They entered the cave, and it was five minutes walk through inside. The guide was going first, and showed way to others. Since it was dark inside, they had to hold
onto each other for not falling down and for easy move ment. After moving inside, Anand complained that he can’t see anything and do not know, were to walk. Devika who was walking ahead of Anand, helped him.
Anand – oh no ..I cannot see anything..its full dark here..I might fall down.
Rahim, who was walking behind Anand, and who was annoyed for not being able to walk behind devika respond ed in an irritated voice
Rahim – oh its same for everyone..can you please walk ahead…
Devika – its OK Anand..I can help you…you can hold my shoulder..and move like that..otherwise we will not be able to move. Rahim can hold Anand like that…and all will go like a train.
Hearing Anand will get a chance to touch devikas shoulder, rahim whispered in his ear ” fuck you dude…just shoulders nothing else..understand you idiot”
Devika, took his right hand and guided to her right shoulder. Without any invitation Anand took his left hand and held her left shoulder from behind. They walked few steps like that.
Anand could feel her soft skin over the shoulder, and it felt so smooth. He felt like caressing her skin, measuring its softness. But he doesn’t want to try anything stupid and was happy with whatever he got.
After walking few steps, rahim who was walking behind anand, accidentally stamped on his foot. This made Anand about to fall down, and in order to avoid falling down, as if it was reflexes; he had to suddenly hold devika’s waist from behind.
In the process, he lowered his left hand from shoulder and grasped her waist through open side of her sari. Anand fell to his knees, but managed, not to fall down fully by holding devika’s waist with his left hand and
shoulder with his right hand. The grip was so sudden and hard on her belly, which made her to squeal a little. Even though Anand was falling, but the moment touched soft waist he realised where is his hand. And took his own time to get, enjoying the softness of her skin.
His whole left palm, held the soft flesh from behind and for getting up he held her waist more tightly, squeezing it a bit. He also realised that one of his figures even touched her beautiful navel a bit.
Devika -” Hey what happened Anand? Are you OK?” in her innocent voice
Anand – I’m OK maam, rahim accidentally stamped on me and I lost my balance
Devika – be careful boy..
Anand – yeah I’m OK…you get up..don’t pull me down
Anand got up, he brushed his along the soft skin of her waist, while taking his hand off. And enjoyed the smoothness one last time. Even though the event was quite unexpected, Anand utilised most out of it.
They had to walk few more steps, before coming outside of the cave. They were relieved, coming outside and their dresses were all soiled, because they had squeeze through the rocks.
Devika’s some portion of sari and blouse had become dirty and soiled. Everyone’s hands had mud. They tried to dust of the mud, but still, not completely.
By that time, it was 3 in the evening and they walked back to their camp. By 4, they reached back in their camps. All students went back to get fresh. And male teacher, also returned to his tent as he was not feeling well.
Devika, stopped in the resort to discuss tomorrow’s program with the guide.

It was 4:30 pm, the students all freshened up and was taking rest after a heavy tough day. Anand came to their tent after getting fresh. His friends were waiting to for him to talk about that small incident inside the cave with devika.
Rahim – Fucker, What did you do to my devika inside the cave?
Anand – Hhahah…..
Vishnu – What happened bro tell?
Anand – Bro..i didn’t do it purposely…it all happened because bastard stamped on me.
Rahim – So what if i stamped you…you could have just fallen down…why you have to hold on her for falling down…
Anand – Hhahah..it was reflex action..bro
Rahim- I was standing behind you…you could have held me before falling.
Anand- I was falling forward and you were standing behind me…how do you expect me to hold you..
Rahim – noooo!…i don’t want to hear you..if it was me instead of you..the moment i realise, im gonna fall down, i would have turned back and could have held you….rather than taking advantage of the situation and enjoying poor devika ma’am ..
Hearing Rahim’s silly fight, Vishnu couldn’t help, but to laugh…
Vishnu – hahaha…that is hilarious…..
Anand – Fuck you bro….look ..who is speaking…if it was you in my position, im sure you would have held her soft boobs, instead of waist…..hahah….
Rahim – Hey, wait..how do you know…that her boobs are soft….so that means…you touched her there..right..?
Anand – no…I was just saying…..you fucking speaking like, as if you are her boyfriend…..
Vishnu – hey guys ….calm down..relax…everyone would have done the same in that situation….now chill…….
Anand – Yeah…relax rahim…
Vishnu – bro…but still….how do you know her boobs are soft…did accidently by any chance touch her there……you know…im not jealous or something…but you know….uh..umm just curious…
Anand – Fuck you….now you started….what the fuck wrong with you guys….i cant understand….plsss….
There was a little silence for some time, they looked at each other and smiled..
Rahim – Ok….Ok..Ok…uhh..uh…still..where did you touch her?
Both Anand nd Vishnu broke into laugh…
Rahim – What?….Dont you want to know Vishnu?
Vishnu –Yeah… Yeah…..
Anand – Ok..i held her waist..yeah….it was really good….it was super soft…..And even on of my finger..went into her deep navel for a moment…wwow..ohh….thinking about that itself making me hard….ooh..
Vishnu – Fuck..did you touch her navel….oh thats great…we havnt even seen her navel ever…she always covers it…..
Rahim – That’s why she squealed a little….
Anand – Her skin was so warm and soft……..
Vishnu – Lucky bastard….
Saying that both of hi friend, playfully hit him…….
Vishnu – So..alright… What is activity for rest of the evening?
Anand – Now we don’t have any activities…..after sometime we will have evening tea… and rest of the day is free….
Rahim – In that case, we will spend time speaking with her…..
Vishnu – btw….where is devika ma’am…is she there in her tent?
Anand – While i was coming after my shower, she was in the hotel reception speaking with the guide…..Oh fuck….the water stopped in between, while i was bathing… i was kind of standing there soaping…then sudden water went off……
Rahim – Oh.yeah..while you were in shower…one of the hotel employee came and told, that the water supply pipe towards hotel was broken….and they do not know, when it is going to be repaired…..
Anand – Oh thats fucking bad news… how are we going to do things….there is one more day left in the trip…
Vishnu – I think they will arrange, some other source…but it might take time…
Anand – Hmm… Hmm…..Ok im so tired…im gonna sleep for some time…wake me up for the tea…
Rahim – Ok..even we will take a nap….it was so tiring day…..
Saying that they all went for a quick nap before the evening tea at 5:30.
Chapter – 30
He hugged her so tightly, enjoying the warmth of her body. Her body spread exotic fragrance to the air. He slowly, removed the fallen hair from her shoulder and neck; brought his face near to her neck and gave soft kiss. He then inhaled her aromatic body fragrance to the deepest, which made him crazy.
He again started to kiss her neck, which made her breath harder. She enjoyed his soft kiss on her sensitive neck. Devika squirmed with pleasure, She took out her left hand supported his head, so he will never stop kissing her.
Anand took her face in his hands, and looked lovingly to her hypnotising eyes. Her eyes conveyed that she is fully submitted to him and pleaded him to take her to the peak of absolute pleasure.
Anand gave a small smile, and proceeded to kiss her forehead; she closed her eyes. He still holding her delicate face in his hand gave light kiss to her closed eyelids. She opened her eyes and gave loving smile to anand.
Anand brought his face down and gave a loving soft bite to her nose. Devika responded by saying “ouch” and gave playfull hit on his chest.
Anand – “Can i kiss you”
Devika closed her eyes, moved closer to him, put her hands around him and with her right hand pulled his face closer to her; expecting to meet his lips. And their lips met. Anand was waiting for this moment from day, he saw her in the school. He wants to enjoy this momen to the fullest. He doesn’t this to end. He planted soft, nervous kiss on her lips. He gave couple of soft kisses.
Using his left hand, he supported the back of her neck and his right slowly brushed its way down along her smooth hand. And he held her bare waist, through the open end of the saree. Anand parted his lips and took her lower lip and kissed passionately. Devika also corporated by willingfully allowing him to do whatever he wanted. Anand chewed her lips one by one, by enjoying her taste. Their kiss became more passionate and rough, his right hand started squeezing her bare waist roughly. He enjoyed the smoothness of bare stomach, squeezed it tightly.
They continued kissing, exploring each other’s lips for another 5 minutes. And when they parted the faces, they were breathing very heavily. Anand looked in her eyes and gave a wide smile. She blushed immensely and looked down. He lifted her chin, with his fingers and looked at her and smiled. This time she smiled back.
Anand dropped his eyes to her heaving soft lactating breasts, and got mesmerised by its shape. He then looked at Devika, and gave grin. Devika understood, what he is thinking, And naturally got blushed and crossed her hands over her breast to cover it from the prying eyes of Anand.
Anand – “ Can i see those please”
Devika was blushing and replied “ No…you cant”
Anand – Please…..
Devika – Nooo
Anand didn’t wait for her concent, he touched her nose with his index finger and slowly slided to her lips. Devika gave a playfull bite on his fingers and laughed like a innocent child. Anand again touched her lips, and took her lower lip between his thumb and index finger to squeeze it.
He then proceeded his finger to move down to her neck, making her tickled. Slowly the finger was from her neck to her upper chest. Using his finger tip, he pulled out the mangalsutra outside from her saree. He then tucked his finger inside the edge of her saree at from her upper chest and traced it along to her shoulder were it was securely pinned.
All this time, devika had kept her eyes closed, nervous, shivering at his each touch and anticipating anxiously, on what he was about to do.
Anand opened the pin which secured her sari, and slowly took it from her shoulder. He had full erection, thinking about what he is going to see. He started sweating, he couldn’t believe that he is going to see her breasts. The beautiful breast of the heavenly angel of his dreams.
He took out the sari in his fingers and slowly peeled it off from her chest, dropping it to the ground. Devika was breathing heavily, her beautiful white breast was heaving with her breath.
Anand dropped his gaze to her breast, his eyes got widened. He can see see her cleavage and her upper soft portion of her. He dropped his hands to her waist and held it from both the side and gave a squeeze, which made devika squirm with pleasure.
He then bend down a little and brought his face down to her breast and kissed the upper portion of her breast, outside the blouse. He then kissed the starting point of her deep valley. He kept the nose on her cleavage and inhaled her smell. He again kissed soft upper breast. She was sweating a liitle, he took out his tongue and licked her cleavage tasting her sweat. Devika pushed out her chest wide and held is head firmly.
Anand then brought his hand forward, and held her blouse from top, and poised to open the blouse hooks. His knuckles were resting on her upper soft cushion, while he was trying to open the first top hook. He opened the first hook, after some fumbling and proceed to next.
He is able to see more cleavage now, this time he opened the second hook more easily. There are 2 more hooks, to see her breast in just a bra. He started opening the 3rd hook.
Devika – Vishnu……
Devika – Vishnu…
He can hear, devika feebly calling Vishnu. But he continued with his gesture. Now he opened the third hook, and he can see her most of deep valley between those lovely breasts. And some portion of her white bra also can be seen….With trembling hands, he proceeded to next hook.
Devika – Vishnu can you please come out.
Anand – Hm…
Devika – Vishnu…..
Anand replied “ What happened ma’am?..this is anand” Saying that he opened the fourth hook of her blouse.
He felt, devika holding his shoulder and shaking him. He caught the loose end of her blouse and started to part it. This time devika shook his shoulder more harder. He can see for of her breast covered in white bra. Again he shaken by her more harder.
Before opening her blouse fully, he looked at devika and asked “ what..what happened ma’am”
Devika replied “ Fuck you..ass hole”
Anand – What ?..What did you just say ma’am?
Devika – I said fuck you bastard….hahahahahahaha
Anand – What?!!!!
Devika – Hhahahaahahaha…fuck you…bro…
Anand got stunned and looked at her face, not understanding what is happening. He saw devika laughing like a mad woman. Anand looked at her twitching hiss eyes.
Slowly, the beautiful woman who was laughing infront of him changed to a ugly man like face..
Anand – Oh fuck…
Slowly he recognised the owner of this ugly face is her friend Rahim. He was laughing like a mad man.
Rahim – Get up fucker….who is your ma’am…haha..
Anand opened his completely to see his friend infront of him. It took him little time to understand, that this was fucking dream, And he cursed himself.
Anand – Oh fuck….what you want fucker..i was sleeping bastard..
Rahim – Hey listen…Vishnu is not here…
Anand – So what..where is he…..?
Rahim – I don’t know…i was in sleep and i heard someone calling him, but by the time i woke up, he is not here..
Anand – So what, he might have gone to washroom or something……go fuck sleep for sometime…what time is it?
Rahim – Hey dumbo…listen..i heard some girl calling him…..and uh .uh..i thought it was the voice of devika ma’am
Anand – What?…how could it be devika ma’am?…are you mad…
Then only he realised, in his dream, also he heard devika calling vishnu’s name.
Rahim – i went out and looked, he was nowhere to be seen and so does devika ma’am.
Anand – What the hell..where did they both go?
Anand got up to his feets, in disbelief
Rahim – I don’t fucking know…only thing i know is both of them are not here….and i heard devika ma’am calling his name….

Rahim and Anand got outside the tent, and started looking for Vishnu. First they looked at devika’s tent, but she wasn’t there. So they became sure that both are together somewhere. They don’t know what is happenning and their heart started to pound fast, anticipating what they are about to see.
Their search was in vain, they couldn’t find them anywhere. At last frustrated, angered , they stopped looking for them and poised to go back to their tent. When they started to leave back, from a distance they noticed devika and Vishnu coming together. Both of them are laughing and talking to each other. They waited for them patiently to approach them.
They noticed that devika’s ma’am’s hair is all wet, and she has a bunch of wet clothes on her left hand. They saw devika blushing, when they found, she saw them. She blushing and her face was all red. She was looking down
to the ground, when she approached near Rahim and Anand.
Rahim covering his anger, asked Vishnu
Rahim – Where were you?…we were searching for you
Devika was looking down and blushing, she had small smile on her lips. And Vishnu was also laughing looking at his friends, without knowing what to say..
Anand – Why are you laughing Vishnu…where did you both go?…you should have told us.
Devika regained her composure and replied her students.
Devika – uh..uhm..hm..actually, when I came back after talking with hotel staffs, there wasn’t any water in the pipe. And after the cave exploration, my dress was all soiled and wanted to take a bath. But unfortunately there wasn’t any water.
Rahim – then?
Devika – I went to reception, and asked. But they said it will take some time for the water supply. So I was in this dilemma, what to do?
Anand – OK
Devika – They understood my situation, and they told there is a lake nearby and small waterfalls also. And they told , no one would be there.
Anand – Hm…OK
Devika – but I was scared to go there alone, so I called Vishnu to accompany me there.
Anand and Rahim looked at each other dumbfounded, without believing what just heard. Vishnu understood, what they are thinking and before they could ask anything he tried to explain things. Because he doesn’t want to put devika in a bad situation.
Vishnu – hey guys….I …I just went to make sure, that she is safe and no one is there….at last she is our loving sister
right…we don’t want anything bad happen to her..right guys?
Devika – yeah…you three are my dearest brothers…. I should appreciate, how much you three care about me.
Rahim started talking little disappointed.
Rahim – if you consider us also as your brothers, why didn’t you call us to accompany you.
Anand – So that means, you love Vishnu more.
Devika laughed at their childish behavior and told
Devika – hey there is nothing like… You all are same for… And I love you three equally.
Anand – then y did you take Vishnu with you.
Devika – its because, when I came to look for you guys, only Vishnu was awake. You both were sleeping. That’s why…now don’t make any story out of this.
Devika – OK, now let me go, my hair is all wet …I will catch cold. See you guys for the tea.
Saying that, she started walking to her tent quickly leaving them behind. After taking few steps, she turned back and said
Devika – And guys, don’t tell this to other students. They might take it in some other way. We only know, how pure is our relation..okay..
Rahim – OK ..devika ma’am.. Don’t worry…this will be our little secret.
Devika gave a cute smile at them and started walking back. And they looked at her hot figure moving away. She looked so fresh and beautiful. Rahim adjusted his cock, seeing devika’s swaying curvaceous ass.
After she was gone, they turned to Vishnu in utmost anger. Vishnu knew, that he has got some serious explanation to do.
Vishnu – Guys, relax..I will explain everything to you..don’t worry. Let’s go back to our tent..and I will tell you everything.
Rahim – better you tell ….otherwise I’m gonna beat the shit out of you fucker.
Anand – I don’t understand, why the fuck is he getting all the chance…shit
Vishnu – its because I’m more smarter than you guys..haha…
Suddenly, Vishnu got punch on his stomach from Rahim.
Rahim – who the fuck is smarter, its not about smartness.. Its just you are lucky. Our turn also will come.
Saying that, rahim and Vishnu caught him by the shirt and dragged him to their tent.
Chapter – 31
I was in half sleep, when I heard some one calling my name. It took me few moments for me to realize that it was devika ma’am. She was standing outside our tent and you both were sleeping. I got outside, and there she was standing with a worrying face. I asked her what
Devika – Vishnu , I need a help from you.
Vishnu – what happened ma’am, you look worried?
Devika – Actually, I think I have a small problem
Vishnu – what is it?
Devika – The water supply here, is stopped due to some reason and it will take some time to fix it.
Vishnu – yeah, one of the staff came here and told us
Devika – yeah, actually I was going to take a shower. After the cave exploration, my sari and body is full of mud.
Vishnu – so what we will do now..without water.
Devika – yeah, I spoke with the staffs, and they told that there is a lake and small waterfalls nearby. Its 15 minutes walking distance. And they told no one would be there.
Vishnu – OK
Devika – but I’m scared to go alone there….so Vishnu..if you..if you don’t mind..can you please accompany me there.
I couldn’t believe my ears. Oh fuck, did she just asked me
to go with her to watch she bathing. My fucking heart bear raised and I thought I will faint thinking of devika bathing in front of me. I was imagining all possible things, so I didn’t hear her.
Devika – Vishnu..Vishnu….
Vishnu – yeah ma’am
Devika – I know, I’m bothering you… Can you come with me….because I cannot ask anyone else here about this. I trust you. And I’m comfortable with you. You are like my real brother.
I got into my senses and behaved like normal.
Vishnu – its OK ma’am, I will come…who else will take care of the sister other than the brother. OK then let’s go.
Devika -OK…just a second, let me take my clothes and towel..pls wait here.
Saying that she went into the tent. I already had a hard on thinking about, what might happen later. I adjusted my
underwear. Without delay, she came outside with towel and a new sari.
Devika – OK Vishnu…let’s go
Vishnu – were is it ma’am?
Devika – its near, that’s what they said.
Vishnu – I never new there was a waterfall here
Devika – I think it’s a small one
Vishnu – hmm
Devika – thanks Vishnu
Vishnu – its not a problem… Its my duty…BTW ma’am , why did you tell me that you are only comfortable with me ma’am?
Devika ma’am smiled a little and replied
Devika – I think you are the most innocent among you three. And you are a decent gentleman.
Vishnu – why do you think so?
Devika – you don’t know?
Vishnu – no..I don’t know
Devika blushed a little and told
Devika – I don’t want to remember it, but you don’t know I will tell. You forgot about drama competition day.
Vishnu played dumb, he wants devika to talk more about it.
Vishnu – what happened that day?
Devika – now Vishnu ..I will hit you , you don’t remember anything.
Vishnu – what happened? What are you talking about?
Devika – OK ..if you don’t remember.. Better don’t remember then
Vishnu – no..tell na ma’am….why happened.. We won the third prize right?
Devika – yeah…what did you do for getting that 3rd prize?
Vishnu – What happened?
Devika – Vishnu don’t act smart…OK I will tell you.. Don’t you remember that you made your teacher topless and made her sit like that locked in a classroom for an hour.
Vishnu – ohhh that one../hahaha
Devika – I know you wanted me to say it…I think I should reconsider my perception of you being innocent.
Vishnu – no ma’am , really I forgot it.
Devika – if you had forgotten that, good and don’t try to remember that…
Vishnu – but I was a perfect gentleman right… You remember I even bought you a bra..haha
Devika – Vishnuu…stop it ..enough… I don’t want to talk about it.
Vishnu was really enjoying this conversation and thought he will push this conversation little more bold.
Vishnu – so I forgot to ask you ….are you still wearing the bra ..I bought you.
Devika – omg…Vishnu ..what are you asking… You are not innocent at all….
Vishnu – what ma’am ..I didn’t ask anything bad.. I just to make sure that the bra I bought you is fitting you well.
Devika – my god Vishnu ..its time for you to stop..you are getting carried away….I should have called some one else
to come with me.
Vishnu – no…a brother can freely speak with her sister without inhibitions…. Tell please ma’am , is that bra fitting you.
Devika – why want to know?…
Vishnu – because I bought it for you?..tell ma’am please
Devika – nooo
Vishnu – so you don’t consider me as a brother…/that’s why you are not telling me…
Devika – no there is nothing like that… You are my sweetest brother Vishnu…
Saying that, she casually brushed his hair.
Vishnu – then tell..is it fitting you
Devika – OK…I surrender… Yes it is fitting very well
Vishnu – oyye…wow./so I am good in selection
Devika – yeah
And she laughed.
They reached at the lake. It was a beautiful lake and there
was a small 8 ft waterfalls on one side. And it is not that deep also. No one was there except them
Devika – wow, its a beautiful place
Vishnu – yeah..its great ..I think we should come here with everyone later
Devika – yeah we will think about it.
I went near the water and checked it and told her its not that cold and its a perfect for a swim
Devika – is it deep , Vishnu ?
Vishnu – no its not that deep..you can go to that waterfalls easily.. Its not all deep.
Devika – OK
Vishnu – so ..go ahead
Vishnu cannot wait anymore to see her bathing. He was shivering with anxiety.
Devika – go ahead ./what?
Vishnu – go ahead and take a bath.
Devika gave a blushing smile at him
Devika – I don’t know… I’m scared if someone comes here or not
Vishnu – hey no one will come here….
Devika – are you sure..
Vishnu – yeah..no one will come…I will look, if anyone is coming
Devika – OK
Vishnu – OK ..so go ahead ..no need to worry its only ./we both are here..you can have a happy bath…
Devika – I don’t know.. How to take bath here…
Vishnu – its simple.. Change your clothes..get into the water and bath…
Devika – ohh Vishnu ..how easily you said….how can I do that..when you are standing here.
Vishnu – oh ./you only asked me to come…and ma’am now you are saying ..you cannot do it …when I’m here….
Devika – I know ..you are good…but still
Vishnu – I consider, you as my sister.. You don’t have to feel any bad at all
Devika was still in confused state.
Vishnu – OK …if you are shy and don’t believe me I will go back
Saying that he started walking back. But he was sure that devika will ask him to stop.
Devika – no no…Vishnu..stop..its OK..I’m comfortable with you
Vishnu – look ma’am …I have already seen you before…so what’s the big deal
Devika – what do you mean by../you have already seen me…what have you seen
Vishnu – no no ..I was saying that..you were standing in front of me without blouse and bra..just sari pallu covering your……
Vishnu realized the mistake he made, he was just got carried away and was about to say her ” breasts”
Devika – covering my….
Vishnu – no ma’am nothing… It was just the slip of the tongue ../sorry sorry
Devika – oh dear..you are getting bold…remember you should consider me as your big sister.. OK….
Vishnu – yeah yeah ..I’m sorry sister
Saying that he gave sheepish smile…
Devika – OK then…now turn back…..
Vishnu – why?
Devika – oh you expect… You can watch me..while I change…. Turn back you dumbo…haha
Vishnu – OK…
Saying that he turned his back at her.
Devika – don’t look at this side please… Until I say so..
Vishnu – OK OK…I’m not doing anything..go ahead….
Devika made sure that Vishnu is not looking and she turned back facing the lake and started to take off her blue saree.
Vishnu couldn’t resist the urge to look back, so he slowly turned his right side and looked over his shoulder. Vishnu saw that devika just took the saree pallu from her shoulder.
He see her blouse covered back and her naked hips. Devika started to unhook her blouse from the front slowly. After opening all the hooks, she looked back to see Vishnu, before peeling off the blouse. Vishnu was lucky enough to turn his head back, before he was caught.
After a moment, he again looked over his shoulder. This time had finished taking off her blouse completely. She kept the blouse on a rock. And she took her hands back and proceeded to unhook her white bra. In a quick motion, she unhooked it and took it off from her body. This was the second time, he was seeing her bare topless back.
He had a full erection, he wanted to see more of his teacher this time. He kept looking at her over his shoulder.
After taking the bra off, she bent down to keep the bra securely on the rock.
The moment she bent down, Vishnu had the most mesmerizing view. He was able to see her beautiful breasts from back hanging down and swaying a little because of her movement. He never thought that , this would happen in front of his eyes.
Devika kept the bra on the rock and stood straight. She then took the pallu of the sari and covered her motherly breasts and tucked the end of the sari tightly on her hips.
Vishnu – can I now turn back
Devika – OK now you can turn back.
Vishnu turned back with a erection and found devika walking towards the small waterfall. She went under the waterfall and started to wash herself. She looked at Vishnu and smiled at him shyingly
Vishnu – how is the water, is it cold..
Devika – a little…Vishnu ..pls watch if anyone is coming
Within seconds, she became all wet. The flimsy material of her sari clung to her beautiful breasts. Her ass had become more prominent and protruding. Her white stomach and navel was visible. And through her left sari open side, her left side of the breast was partially visible.
Vishnu inserted his hand into his pocket and started stroking himself. The blue saree had become little transparent was clinging to her breasts. Because of the cold water, her lactating nipple had become hard and made a proking impression on her sari. Vishnu wanted to chew those nipple in his mouth forever.
The dark colour of her aerola was little visible on her sari. Vishnu was continuously stroking , enjoying the view. While looking at her like that and unexpected thing happened.
Because of the force of the water falling down, suddenly the left open edge of her saree got shifted, making her left breast outside completely. Vishnu was shocked, couldn’t believe it. He is having an unrestricted view of her left breast. He has been dreaming about her breast till this day. Now he cannot believe his eyes, that he could see it in full glory.
Devika didn’t realise that her saree moved away, and one of her breast is outside for the eyes of Vishnu. She continued bathing. Vishnu could see the most beautiful thing in the world. Her white medium sized round milk filled lactating breast. Her brown coloured nipple coupled with round beautiful areola was sticking out , asking to be sucked.
Devika’s nipple was so hard, Vishnu felt like going there holding that nipple with his fingers and pulling it. He increased the speed of his stroking , through his pockets.
Suddenly devika saw that one of her breast is visible. She
quickly looked at Vishnu and found him watching. She turned back and covered it.
Devika quickly finished her bathing and walked back to the shore. She saw Vishnu had a grin on his face.
Devika – I know , why are you laughing…
Vishnu – what happened ..
Devika – did you see anything
Vishnu – what?
Devika – I know…you saw it…don’t act smart
Vishnu – what..I didn’t see anything
Devika – Vishnu… Tell me //if you love me as a sister… Tell me did you see it?
Vishnu – OK …I saw it….I’m sorry
But even , when he was saying sorry he was looking at her breasts and the shape of her nipples.
Devika – I know you saw it…Vishnu don’t tell to anyone and erase it from your memory.
Vishnu – don’t worry ma’am its already erased..
Devika – good boy,.. I know you are good..
Vishnu smiled at her
Devika – now my dear good boy, pleas turn back let me change
Vishnu – now what’s the big deal ma’am.. I have already seen you..
Devika – that’s different…now turn back…
Vishnu – this is so bad ma’am…
Devika – if you are good boy and obeys me..I will give you a gift.
Vishnu – what gift…
Devika – first you turn back..if your good.. I will give you
Vishnu – OK
Saying that, Vishnu turned back and after a moment, he started to peek over his shoulder. He could see devika has standing facing the lake and her back facing him. She has taken the saree completely off her body and was standing in her just petticoat. She was wiping her body dry. Vishnu could see the sides of her boobs from back. She was towelling her breasts and her back. He could see her breasts jiggling from the sides, while she was wiping.
After that, she loosened the strings if her blue petticoat, stretched it little and her went inside and doing something inside. She the raised the petticoat and tied it on top of her breasts covering it.
She then bend down little raised the hem of her petticoat and moved her hand inside. Vishnu could now see her beautiful thighs. He also found that devika taking out her wet panty from inside, without showing anything other than her thighs. She took her little cute pink panty and put it on top of her wet saree.
She then took a fresh orange petticoat, and wore it on top of her wet petticoat and rose to her chest. She took her hand inside and untied the wet petticoat. It was dropped into the ground. Devika tied the new one around her chest, and stepped out of the dropped petticoat.
She again untied the petticoat and tied it on her waist, again making her breast free in the air. She then took a white bra and wore it. Vishnu checked out her panty less ass.
It was so inviting and round. It was sticking on to her butt and the whole shape was so visible. Looking at the curve of her ass, Vishnu had a big orgasm in his innerwear.
Devika completed dressing up, took her wet dress and towel and came near to Vishnu. She looked so beautiful and fresh.
Devika – let’s go
Vishnu – wer is my gift?
Devika – thanks for coming Vishnu..I really love you as my brother..and don’t tell anything happened here to your friends..
Saying that he brushed his hair and pulled his cheeks near her face and gave a kiss on his cheek and smiled at him. He couldn’t believe the things happened on this day.
And they started walking back to the tent.

Rahim – So your clearly so her breast?
Vishnu – yeah in full glory…haha
Anand – You saw the nipple as well?
Vishnu – yeah man../how many time , I should tell you guys. Her nipple was perfect, it was so hard and pinkish..and her aerola was round and big…may be because she is breastfeeding. That breast was full of milk…
Rahim – fucking lucky bastard
Vishnu – She is so close to me now…and she is ver way comfortable to strip in front of me….she really trust as a brother and thinks I’m innocent…. I can even speak about her breasts or bra to her…we are that close…haha….
Rahim and Anand looked at each other with sheer disappointment
Vishnu – How far have you guys reached in getting close to her?…not even an inch huh?…haha
Rahim – bastard…
Vishnu – haha…/if you guys need any tips…I can give some advice.
Anand – we don’t need any advice…we know exactly, how to proceed…
Vishnu – OK then let me sleep then for some time…and dream about my angel devika../
Rahim – come bro, we will go for a smoke …
Rahim and Anand went outside the tent to have a smoke. They went little far from the tents to smoke, so that no one would notice.
Rahim – shit man …why vishnu is getting always lucky…I can’t believe this.
Anand – our chance will come bro…..yeah
Rahim – we will light here…no one would notice it here…
Anand – OK
They stopped and lighted one, and started smoking to calm their minds and release frustration. They didn’t speak anything, both of them were immersed in their own
Suddenly they heard the footsteps of someone coming. Getting scared, they threw away the half finished cigarette and got alert.
Within a moment they saw a man walking to them, he was dressed differently. It took them a little while to understand, that he is a tribe from the local community. They are aware that this place have some protected tribal group, who lives in the forest and who doesn’t like urban life.
The shabby looking dark guy came to them and smiled at them
Tribal – hello sir how are you…are you tourists staying in resort
Rahim – yeah
Anand – Who are you…
Tribal – I’m from the local community…. Did you enjoy our place
Rahim – yeah , its beautiful
Anand – what is your name?
Tribal – my name is chaami sir….I’m the leader of tribal village.
Rahim – Good to see you
Chami – were you guys smoking?
Rahim – uh..hm…yes…
Chaami – do you guys want to smoke some natural weed…I have it with me…if you want , we can smoke one.
Rahim and Anand looked at each other without knowing what to say.
Chaami – its OK, I know you both are students, its a mild one..no one will know…
Rahim nodded with a small grin
Chaami took out the leaves, and started to roll one.
Anand – Are you sure, no will catch us
Chaami – don’t worry sir, no one will come to know.
They lighted one and started passing it around.
Rahim – wow…its really good..best I have ever smoked
Chaami – try to hold the smoke inside for a moment..it will feel great ../
They tried it, both were felt really good.
Chaami – its good isnt it ?
Anand – yeah
Chaami – why don’t you guys come to our village tonight?..we have a festival happening , you can be our guest. There dance, songs and food..i
Rahim – is it?
Chaami – I actually, came to meet the resort people, asking them to send the tourists to our village , to be part of our festival
Rahim – what did they say?
Chaami – they said they will speak with your teacher’s
Rahim – if they, allow we will come
By that time they had finished their joint
Chaami – OK then …I need to arrange things for the festival.. Please do come guys…it will be a different experience for you all…
Rahim – yeah will see.
Saying that chaami started walking. Suddenly an idea struck Rahim and he immediately called Chaami.
Rahim – hey wait…
Anand – what happened?
Chaami, stopped and turned back to them, Rahim ran to him, while Anand slowly followed him.
Rahim – Uh actually, can you do a favor to us…uh..
Chaami – What favor?
Rahim – No one should be aware of this…
Chaami – yeah ..I won’t tell anyone, what happened?
Rahim – Actually we wanted to come for the festival, and we will take permission from teachers
Chaami – That would be great../so what do I need to do?
Rahim – uh.hm..uh…actually there is teacher with us, her name is devika
Chaami – OK
Rahim – uh..we like her very much…so..
Chaami – OK…
Rahim – so for the festival she will also come with us….
Chaami – That’s all fine…there will be lot women from our village there, she would be safe there…
Rahim – OK ..its not that…
Chaami – Then?
Rahim – So when we come there, can you just…uh..can you just make us wear the traditional tribal dress of yours.. You know what I mean..
Chaami – For what?
Rahim – Actually we wanted to..uh see her in hot revealing dress….do you know what I mean….
Chaami had a grin on his face
Chaami – oh I see, so you guys are not that innocent
Rahim and Anand smiled at him
Chaami – so you guys wanted to see your teacher in tribal dress.
Rahim – yeah, if you could help us..
Chaami – I know , what you guys are thinking….OK what will I get, if I make her wear that
Rahim – uh..we will give you 1000 rs
Chaami – no..you should give me 5000
Anand – OK …done….
Rahim – 1000 we will give you now….rest after the festival, if everything works out
Chaami – OK done
Anand – the dress should be really revealing OK…
Chaami – I know , what you wanted…you guys just come for the festival, rest I will take care
Rahim – And one more thing, she should be safe and there should not be any forced thing
Chaami – our village people are really good, we won’t harm anyone.
Rahim – OK
Chaami – OK then see you guys at night…
Chaami left, and rahim and Anand both gave a hifi to each other. And they both happily returned back.
Chapter – 32
Rahim and Vishnu spoke with the teachers and took the permission. As it is night, girls did not get permission and that’s what they wanted. The male teacher wasn’t feeling good, so he opted to stay at the hotel with girl students, while devika had to take them to the village festival with some hotel guides. Everything was working according to their plan and they even told their plan to Vishnu also. He was happy to join them.
Hotel had arranged a vehicle to take them there, and it
was a 20 minutes drive.
When they reached there, they were welcomed warmly by the tribal group. Everyone was greeted with garlands, and there were lot of men and women in tribal dress celebrating. Chaami was the leader and was the one who is giving orders to everyone.
Chaami is a 65 year old man , with white beard and long hair. He looked very old. He is dark complexioned and looked very ugly.
Men was wearing just a black decorated cloth over their waist. And as expected women was wearing very revealing dress. They are wearing the same decorated cloth over their waste. It is tucked in the waist on the centre leaving a pleat in the centre..Unlike men’s , the cloth is coloured white and only reaches 2 inches top of their knees. And on top their breast is coverd with another white cloth. It is worn like a sari pally over the shoulder and a rope is tied at the waist to secure the top cloth. So basically, they are wearing two separate cloth on bottom and top and top cloth is tied with a rope at the waist.
Chaami welcomed everyone and informed them that the celebration is going to begin
Chaami – welcome all to our village. So we are privileged to meet you all in our festival. We are about to begin, but before that it is our custom that, who ever visiting us should be just like us only. What I mean is , we request you to dress like us and join our culture. It is tradition, please join us.
Devika hearing this got scared, how can she wear such a short dress in front of her students.
Devika – sorry chaami, actually we just came to watch your tradition
Chaami – no ma’am , you have join our tradition it is a request.
Devika – actually we are not used with your type of dressing and it will be very uncomfortable for us.
Chaami – you don’t have to worry ma’am, here everyone will be safe and it is our duty to send you back safely. And also you don’t have to feel shy as you can there are lot women just like you…And here all of us are innocent and do not know the corrupt mind of urban people.
Devika – still
Chaami – you can deny our request, but we will consider that as insult and everyone one will consider that you don’t like our tradition
Chaami – why do you have to worry, there is no one from outside world, its just us and the students. And these students are little innocent kids, and you should not have problem with them
Devika after thinking a little, made her mind. She thought what, chaami said was true. She consider them as little innocent kids.
Devika – OK…we will join your celebration.
Devika called all the students, and told them that we have one hour and after that we will return. And also mentioned that , this was not there in the official itinerary. So no one should tell in the school. I’m allowing this, just because you are my dear students. Everyone readily agreed.
Chaami – OK the boys can go to that hut to change their dress, and ma’am you can go with ladies to change to our traditional dress.
Devika walked with other tribal ladies half mindedly.

All the boys were taken to a big hut, were they was given black towel like cloth decorated to wear. One of the tribal guy showed them how to wear the cloth. They all got changed to their new dress. They were ready to go outside the tent , when chaami came inside to meet them.
Chaami – hello kids, how is it going… Wow you all look good in this dress.. Thanks for coming here…we have arranged the food outside, please be comfortable.
After that chaami called Rahim and Anand to a corner to talk with them. Vishnu also followed them. Chaami then spoke to them softly, without getting anybody’s attention.
Chaami – So..how do you feel…is everything going according to your plan.
Rahim – oh yeah… Thanks chaami for making this happen…
Chaami – even if you haven’t told me , if you had come
here; I would have made you wear this dress….especially your teacher
Anand – Why?
Chaami – oh she is so beautiful, I’m also waiting to see her in our dress..she has the perfect body…..
Rahim – What would be she wearing?
Chaami – he he…she would be wearing the same cloth our women was wearing…
Anand – that means, she will take off her blouse and bra
Chaami – I have asked, the ladies to make sure and persuade her to wear our tribal cloth only….that means she will remove all the clothes she is wearing now…
Rahim – that means bra too….
Chaami – yeah everything including her bra and panty too…she should be completely naked underneath the waist and top cloth she will be wearing…
Rahim – oh fuck….I want to see her that way…it will be too hot
Chaami – I’m also waiting for it..by the way..who is this
Rahim – oh this is our friend Vishnu… He also knows about our secret….
Chaami – oh so you are also want to see her..huh.?
Vishnu – I have already seen her…
Chaami – wow how?
Rahim – yeah this fucker has already seen her breast and nipples
Chaami – wow…
Vishnu – yeah ..her nipples are pink and it was so hard at that time
Anand – its because , she is breastfeeding, milking women have swollen nipples..
Rahim – if that is the case, I’m sure , those two milking nipples will be sticking out through that thin material of cloth
Anand- it will be a treat to watch…
Chaami – oh so she has milk in those cute breasts?…wow..then I wanted to see those melons….wow….
They all went outside, and joined the celebration. Students started having the traditional food items
prepared for them. All the students were waiting for devika to come outside. They all wanted to see their favorite teacher in the exposing tribal dress.
After 5 more minutes, they saw couple of women coming outside the hut. And all the women who were outside, went near the hut and started singing a focal song. They all are ready and was singing to welcome devika to step outside.
And in the next moment, two women on either side, holding devika’s hand stepped outside. Devika was in the middle and was guided by these to local women to step outside the hut.
Devika was looking extremely sexy in her new attire. She was very shy to come outside in this exposed condition. All the students stopped eating their food and looked at devika in absolute disbelief. The moment devika stepped outside, all the celebration started. Women and men were singing and dancing. They had set fire in the middle and
every was dancing surrounding it. Devika was guided towards the centre and all the students was in utter shock.
Devika was wearing the same dress that other women are wearing. Devika has tied a white towel like on her waist, it was tucked in, on the centre below her navel. There are two separate piece of cloth. One is tied at the waist and the other one is covering her breasts. The top cloth is just worn like sari pallu over her shoulder. It is a thin material , unlike the one she is wearing on the bottom.
The top cloth is secured by a string tied at the waist, so it won’t drift away while she is walking, exposing those lovely pair of breasts to prying eyes. Even though the top cloth is thin material, but its not transparent and nor does it show any shades of her aerola. But her nursing nipples were sticking out through the material. Everyone could easily spot her nipples as it was hard and poking out.
Her bottom cloth was reaching above her knees, exposing some part of her milky smooth thighs. As she was not wearing any panty inside, the curve of her ass was very prominent. No one thought, that she was having such a sexy round inviting ass. Usually, through the sari her ass never looked this prominent and curvy. But now, there is hindrance from sari, petticoat and panty. It is just a small piece of cloth wrapped around her ass.
Everyone wanted to go there, and lift her skirt from behind and palm those perfect ass globes.
Devika was guided towards the centre and all the tribal woman started to dance around her. She stood there, embarrassed and shyly in front of her own students. She thought everyone is innocent, and no one will care about her appearance. She wore the dress, because she doesn’t want to disrespect their tradition. And on top of it everyone was wearing the same dress.
She folded her hand in front of her chest, to cover the shape of her breast and protruding nipples from everyone.
Rahim – look at this man…are you guys watching this
Anand – I’m not missing anything
Vishnu – Can u see those nipples sticking out, that’s what I was talking about..
Rahim – yeah man its really hard, I really want to suck those nipples and drink all the milk from it….
Vishnu – its mesmerising
Anand – did you guys see her ass….I never thought it was this big and round…look at its shape man…ohhh…its so curvy..
Rahim – yeah..the whole shape can be seen, see the way it sways while she walking
Vishnu – even the shape of her ass crack is visible…
Rahim – yeah, its because she is not wearing any panty underneath.
The old ugly chaami came to them
Chaami – Are you guys enjoying the evening….
Rahim – Thanks chaami for this
Chaami – haha, thank you guys for bringing such a beautiful lady….she is the sexiest item I have ever seen…so beautiful….
Rahim – so what is the next program…
Chaami – there will be dance and singing for some time and you can eat food, and last there is some traditional rituals….later you could go.
Rahim – OK
Chaami – now let’s just celebrate…
Saying that, chaami pulled them to join the dance. All the students joined the tribal dance. And the all the women asked devika to join with the dance.
With so much persuasion, devika at last agreed and joined with women in the dance. The moment she started dancing with the ladies, all the students was awestruck and stood there, with their mouth open. Devika’s breasts was bouncing heavily with her each step. It was shaking hugely.
Even though it looked like her breast might come out of the thin material she was wearing, but it never happened.
Students were trying to ogle through the open side of her cloth, to see her beautiful breast. They were lucky to see some portion of her milky side portion of her left breast, but not lucky enough to see the whole breast nor her pink pointy nipples.
They danced like that for 30 mins, and after that chaami invited everyone to have dinner. Everyone one was rushing to find place to seat near devika while having food. But Vishnu was the lucky person to get the chance. Rahim and Anand was again little disappointed.
Vishnu wanted to become more bolder with devika and tried to initiate conversation pushing his luck.
Vishnu – so are you enjoying ma’am
Devika – you don’t know, Vishnu how embarrassed I’m feeling sitting here like this in front my students… If my husband sees me like this..he will faint.
Vishnu – why are you feeling embarassed, you are not
Showing anything…
Devika – but Vishnu …still its very revealing…. I’m feeling very exposed…
Vishnu – but you were more exposed in front of me today evening
Devika – vishnuuu….now don’t talk about it…be a good boy..
Vishnu – I thought I would be lucky again to see it once again, when you were dancing
Devika – see what?
Vishnu directed with his eyes to her breast and smiled at her.
Devika – cheee….don’t become naughty, remember you are my little brother… So don’t talk to me like that…
Vishnu – so is it Ok, for the little brother to see the sisters breast….
Devika – omg Vishnu..you are getting really bold….it was accidental isn’t it?.. And you should not keep it in you mind …delete it from your memory…..its seems like after getting back to the school, immediately I have to start the counselling session with you…..
Vishnu – haha../.I don’t keep anything on my mind… I was just kidding…
Devika – I know…you are a good innocent boy.
They all finished their food and was about to go for changing their dress, when chaami came and announced
Chaami – wait wait… There is one more program…actually it is the core of our festival….
Devika – what is it chaami?
Chaami – we have a prayer offering ritual and getting blessing from our tribal god….it won’t take much time..
Devika – we are getting late…chaami
Chaami – its a small function madam…
Devika – alright we will stay…we don’t want to be the spoilsport here..he he…/
Chaami – OK ….but the students cannot come
Devika – why?
Chaami – because as per our tradition, only elder people can offer the prayers to our god…
Devika – oh is it? So what we will do?
Chaami – your students can go back to the resort…but you can attend it…please ma’am…. There will be women also…you don’t have to worry anything…..after the prayers, we only will take you to the resort..
Now again all the the women started persuading devika with their love, and last devika had to agree to it.
Rahim – why bro..we can’t attend it …
Vishnu – I don’t know bro….
Anand – and its not safe to leave her alone with them….
Rahim – we will tell them that we will wait here , until the prayer session gets over…
Anand – yeah bro, then she will be impressed by us…we can be more closer to her
Rahim spoke out
Rahim – Actually, ma’am let other students leave. Me Vishnu and Anand will wait here , until the prayer blessing
gets over.
Devika – yeah..I think that will be great…..
Chaami – yeah that also is fine….OK then let’s not waste time , we can start our prayer ceremony…..
Chaami asked his people to make everything ready. Meanwhile devika addressed the students, and asked them to change their dress and leave back to the resort. All other except the trio, half heartedly left the place, ogling devika for one last time.
After a while, chaami came and told devika everything is ready and asked the women there to guide devika inside. They have a small temple there, and women took devika inside.
After devika was gone, chaami spoke to rahim
Chaami – So you guys please wait here…
Rahim – hey chaami, what is this all about ../what is this prayer and all?
Chaami – its a small yearly tradition of ours…it won’t take much time…
Rahim – Are you sure, that you don’t have any other intention
Chaami – what other intention, there will be women and everyone present there….and what intention old man like me can have….
Rahim – hmm OK…
Chaami – so As our agreement, I have made her dress like one of us….so please give me the rest of the money that we agreed.
Rahim took out the remaining 4000 and gave it to chaami thanking him
Chaami : so guys wait here…
Saying that chaami along with other elder men and women went inside the temple. Once everyone was inside, they closed the door of the old temple; leaving all the younger people outside.
Rahim , Vishnu and Anand went inside the hut and changed into their original clothes. They could here some sound of bells inside and the sound of people chanting.
After changing the dress, they came outside and lighted a cigarette and started smoking. After may be ten minutes, they heard the temple door opening and they saw people coming outside.
They thought the prayer session is over and they could return now. But they were wrong, the temple door again got closed after leaving some people outside.. They didn’t understand what is happening. Devika ma’am did not come outside.
After a moment only they realised that all those who came outside was males. All the males, except chaami came outside and started walking to their huts.
Rahim, Anand and Vishnu looked at each other without understand anything.
They overheard some of the tribals walking past them. They were saying,
Tribal 1 – oh..we should have allowed to stay inside
Tribal 2 – Yeah I desperately wanted to see that..but what to do…we can’t protest against Chaami isn’t it?
Tribal 1 – anyway chaami is going to be a lucky bastard….
Tribal 2 – I think chaami had preplanned everything
Tribal 1 – who knows…anyway today is chaami is day….
Tribal 2 – but I still can’t believe she agreed to do this….
Tribal – I think chaami knows how to persuade someone with loosing their trust
Tribal 2 – that’s true…..
Tribal 1 – Anyways she is so beautiful…I haven’t seen a women like this…did you notice her breasts bouncing.
Tribal 2 – I liked her ass more, it was so round…
Tribal 1 – And I want to chew those protruding nipples….
Rahim, Vishnu and Anand did not understand what is happening inside. They looked at each other in confusion. They tried to ask couple of tribes who came from the temple about what is happening inside.But they just replied its a usual blessing receiving from our god. They didn’t say anything else.
They are very anxious and their heart started pounding in anticaption what is happening inside. Time moved very slowly and it took another 30 minutes for the temple door to get opened.
They looked without blinking their eyes towards the temple searching devika. Couple of ladies came out smiling from inside.
And at last devika ma’am came outside with some elder ladies. All the elder ladies was smiling and saying something to her. But devika’s face looked flushed and it was red like an apple. She was looking to the ground in shyness and was not looking on anyone’s face. Devika with the group of women walked fastly to one of the huts, to change back to her normal dress.
Still Rahim and other 2 are got getting anything. They had lot of questions, why devika ma’ams face looked so flushed and red. ?
Why she shying and blushing so much, and was not looking to anyone’s face?
They stood there pondering upon these questions, when they at last noticed chaami coming out of the temple. He had a wide grin on his face and was walking towards them. Chaami was holding something in his hands. He slowly reached them.
Rahim noticed, he was carrying a coconut shell his hand . As chaami reached near them, he smiled at them and offered the coconut shell to them and asked to have it.
Chaami – Hello , did you guys had to wait for too long..I’m sorry now we are done…..please have this.
And extended the coconut shell
Rahim – What is this chaami?
Chaami – it is ” prasad” from the prayer offerings. You can consume it.
They noticed that there is some white liquid in the coconut shell. Rahim first took it and had a sip followed by Vishnu and Anand. All the time chaami was smiling continuingly at them. Atlast when they finished, chaami asked them.
Chaami – How was the “prasad”?
Rahim – it tastes really good…
Anand – best thing I have ever had
Vishnu – Good..what is it actually?
Chaami – Thank you guys for making this happen. I just saw the most beautiful women in the purest form..

The words from chaami hit them hard, and they stood there shocked and disbelief. They didn’t know, what to ask or say to chaami. Chaami was grinning at them.
Chaami – thank you kids…for making this happen… This old man can happily die…thank you
Rahim was little angry and he raised his voice
Rahim – you …what did you do to her..ugly old piece of shit…..what the…
Chaami – Relax kid relax…why are you getting angry on me….As if you guys are so innocent… Why did you bring her here…..uh..just to see her exposed isn’t it?
Rahim – so what ?…we have the right to do that….she is ours only….. And this wasn’t part of the deal.
Chaami – yeah I know it wasn’t part of the deal…but I couldn’t resist..she was so beautiful, so I took a step further…
Vishnu – what fun?
Chaami- she will be going now, and after I would not seeing her forever… So I thought , this could be my once in a life time chance, so I took my chances…
Anand – what did you do old man…did u fuck her?
Chaami – Don’t talk about your teacher so dirty….she is a princess.
Rahim – then what the fuck , did you do to her…?
Chaami – Haha..I will tell you…
Chaami was about to tell the story, but before Devika came outside, changing back to her normal dress. There were some other ladies also with her. And Devika was saying bye to them. They were laughing and Devika was blushing a lot.
Chaami – oh..she came back….may be I will tell you later
Saying that he walked to the ladies , without waiting for any reply from. And 3 of them, followed him like idiots.
Chaami – How is our princess?
Devika’s face became red and she did not look at chaami’s face. One of the woman replied that devika is leaving.
Chaami – oh are you leaving, may be you could stay for little longer.
Devika replied back, still looking at ground and with a slight smile.
Devika – No..chaami …I need to go..students are alone…
Chaami – Oh.OK…it seems our princess is still shy..haha
All the women along with chaami laughed, making devika blush more. Rahim, Anand and Vishnu stood there without understanding anything.
Chaami – OK…thanks devika ma’am for coming and
joining in our rituals and festival. What u did was great thing and our whole community is grateful to you for helping us.
Devika – OK
Chaami – And one more thing, always wear , what I have tied on you.. It is sacred and will keep you and your family away from all the omen.
Devika again got blushed and nodded her head. The three friends got really confused about what they are talking about.
Rahim whispered – what did this rascal tie on her..
Vishnu – I don’t know, I cannot find anything on her neck or arm…
Chaami – make sure you are tying it always, next time when you come here, I will check whether its still there or not… Haha
Again chaami and all the women laughed, and devika stood there blushing
Devika – OK …let us leave now, come students we will go..
Rahim, Vishnu and Anand looked at chaami. Chaami winked at them , thanked and bid them good bye. Now they don’t know, how to know , what had happened inside. The three friends, followed devika back to the resort.
But their heart was still beating fast, they wanted to know happened inside. And atlast , Vishnu took initiative and asked devika about it, while they were walking back.
Vishnu -uh..hm..so ma’am..
Devika – what is it Vishnu?
Vishnu -.uh…uh..so what was their ritual, uh what happened inside the temple?
They could clearly see, that devika was blushing.
Devika – ..hm uh..nothing…it was some prayers and some tribal stuffs….nothing else…..
Devika never wanted to talk about it to anyone else, may be not even to her husband
Rahim – so ma’am what was he talking about something that he had tied, that you should not remove…
Devika- oh its nothing… It was all part of the puja…let’s walk its getting late
They understood, that devika do not wan to speak about it and was avoiding their question.
So they didn’t ask more about it and walked back to hotel. They was wondering , how could they know about the truth.
Chapter – 36
They woke up, in the morning and today after breakfast they will return to the school after the trip. They got freshened , got dressed and had their breakfast. And the bus would be coming in 30 mins. So rahim , Vishnu and Anand was just sitting in the tent, when a hotel staff came there said
Staff – you rahim ?
Rahim – yes
Staff – there is a letter for you
Rahim – for me
Staff – from chaami
Saying that, he gave the letter to them and left
Their face lit up and fought to read the letter. The letter started by thanking them for bringing the most beautiful to him
The letter took them back to the events happened at yesterday night.
From letter:
The moment I saw her , I felt I need to plan something so I could really cherish. When she changed to our clothes, I had a instant hard on seeing her figure. I never had a hard on for years.
So usually in our festival after all the celebration, we have a ritual of prayer in the temple and offering something to our god to please him. Usually as the leader, I’m the one who decides what to offer our god.
And actually it is played out like, our god will be speaking through me, asking what he wanted. So definitely decided to utilise that opportunity.
So convinced her to take part in our ritual. And inside the temple we started with some prayers and chanting. And towards the end I will act like I’m communicating with god.
After some silent prayer and meditation I announced
Chaami – OK …yes I can hear god and he is communicating with me…yes I can hear what he wants…yes I can…
Chaami – so for our community to stay blessed..he needs something… He is saying that he is thirsty and needs milk….he is saying, he knows from where he needs the milk..
OK he needs milk from a woman present here. Oh is it?…OK he is asking for milk from Devika
Everyone looked at devika and devika stood there shocked
Devika – What?../how is it possible…? No I can’t ..its non sense
Chaami – no ma’am its not nonsense.. That’s what our god needs…he communicated it with me…
Devika – no ..its not possible
Chaami ,- no ma’am its true… How else then I would know that you are breastfeeding mother… I’m seeing you for the first time../I don’t even know you…its a divine communication ma’am
Devika also wondered, how he got to know about she is a new mother
Chaami – pleas ma’am if you don’t do it …our community will be cursed and bad things will start happening to us…please ma’am for us…
And all the people started begging and persuading devika. And devika was in real confusion, without knowing what to do.
Chaami – please ma’am ..please save us..
Some of the women even knelt in front of devika , asking for help. And at last half mindedly devika agreed
Devika – So how I’m supposed to do it…
Chaami – don’t worry… U don’t have to do anything..we will take care of it…
Devika – what you mean by that?
Chaami – our woman will help you to get the milk
Devika – can I go to the hut and do it..and I will bring you the milk…
Chaami – no ma’am , you to do inside the temple, in front of the god.
Devika – I can’t do it
Chaami – please ma’am ..please save us from bad things
Devika – OK.then at least I want all the males here to leave. I can’t do it in front of them
Chaami – OK ma’am ..if you are so so shy..we can do that
Saying that, he asked all the males to leave the temple. And they all left disappointed, missing the opportunity to see her breasts. Everyone except chaami and women left.
Devika – What about you chaami?
Chaami – oh I’m sorry ma’am I can’t leave…I have to stat
here. Because god communicates with me. And god sees through my eyes. So I need to be here and thought god sees it.
Devika – no ..I can’t
Again everyone started begging
Chaami – don’t worry ma’am ..don’t be shy..I’m as old as your grandfather… You are like my daughter…
And at last devika agreed
Devika – OK
Chaami laughed in his heart , thinking about his luck and also he started having on thinking what is about to happen.
Chaami – thank you ma’am…we would be grateful to you forever. Now please come forwarded
The women surrounding her guided her near to Chaami, who was sitting near the idol of the god.
Chaami – OK ma’am you don’t have to worry about anything.. Our women will help you…you just have to close your eyes and chant the mantras I’m telling you OK..
Devika – OK
Chaami now took a coconut shell and gave it to the lady nearby.
Chaami – now ma’am close your eyes and repeat what I’m saying please
Devika – OK
Devika closed her eyes
Chaami ,- now please remove her top cloth…
The women around her, untied the rope on her waist and slowly took out the white top cloth from her body. As reflex action Devika quickly covered her white breasts with her hand
Chaami – don’t be shy madam../please allow them ..please …
Devika closed her eyes and slowly moved , both of her hands down. Chaamis eyes popped out, seeing her beautiful breasts in front his eyes. It was big as it is filled with milk. Devika have round aerola and her nipples was sticking out , inviting to be sucked. Nipple was pink in colour


Her mangalsutra was dangling over breast, which made her more beautiful. Chaami wanted to make all this look genuine, so he started chanting some mantras. And Devika repeated it. Through out the time, Chaami eyes were fixed on her breasts.
One of the woman then brought the coconut shell near to her breast and held it just below her protruding nipples. And another lady, then supported devika’s left breast from the base and using her other hand started milking her. She used her thumb and index finger and started squeezing the breast. She squeezed and pulled the nipple towards the coconut shell. For the initial couple of times, the milk did not come. But soon the milk started flowing and sprayed to the shell.
Devika clenched her teath, shut her eyes, because its for the first time she is experiencing something like this. First time someone other than her husband seeing her naked. She felt shy and humiliated, she wanted to get over with
this as soon as possible.
Chaami licked his lips and looked at her nipples with prying eyes. Due to the squeezing and pulling, devika’s nipple became more hard and was really sticking out from her breast. Devika continued repeating the mantras chanted by Chaami.
The whole process continued for 10 minutes, until one coconut shell was full. Now the woman switched to Devika right breast and continued the same. As she hasn’t breastfed for 2 days, lot of milk was flowing from her breast.
Again it 10 minutes to squeeze out all the milk from her breast. Chaami stopped chanting the mantras when the milking was done. Slowly Devika opened her eyes. The women who milked Devika, brought the 2 coconut shell to Chaami.
Chaami announced – in order to please our god we have to offer this sacred milk to the god. So the god will consume it through me. I will drink this, and it is equal to god drinking this. With that he will be pleased and our community will be blessed.
All the women cheered and started praising their god. Meanwhile, Chaami drank the milk from the coconut shell. It was best think , he had ever tasted in his life. He drank the full milk in that coconut shell in one gulp. Devika was so embarrassed by the situation. She can’t believe that some stranger is drinking her milk.
After finishing the milk , Chaami got up and came near Devika and thanked her for doing this. He informed her that, with her help the community is going to stay blessed, and they deeply grateful to her.
Devika did not say anything, and looked for her top cloth, so that she can cover up. Suddenly Chaami noticed one thing, there was drop of milk on her right nipple. It was about to fall down. Chaami took his left hand , stuck out his index finger and wiped the milk drop from her pink protruding hard nipple.
It was so unexpected for Devika, she jerked and took a step back.
Devika – what are you doing?
Chaami – sorry ma’am, I saw a drop of milk was about to drop from your nipple. We consider your milk as sacred and cant be allowed drop it to the floor. That’s why I took it with my finger. Sorry if I scared you ma’am
He then showed the milk drop in finger to Devika, smiled at her and he licked his finger. Devika was getting irritated with all theses rituals.
Devika – OK..now give me my cloth, let me cover up..
Chaami – oh wait wait ma’am , there is one more thing
Devika – now , what ? Are you not done
Chaami – yeah , we are about to…so this is not part of ritual…but to show our gratitude towards you ..we wanted to offer you something
Devika – what is it Chaami?
Chaami – we will tie a blessed thread, and this will keep you away from all bad things. It will keep you and your family safe. And you boy would be healthy forever
When she heard about her family and child safety, she was moved. And that’s what she wanted. And Devika was very religious and believed in all these things. So she agreed
Devika – OK chaami
Chaami – thank you ma’am
He can’t believe his luck. So he went back took out a thread and pretenteded like doing some praying and puja and came back to Devika.
Chaami – now I will this, and your family will be safe and stay blessed
Devika thought he is going to tie either on her neck or arm. But what he said next shocked Devika
Chaami – ma’am , I wanted you to remove your waist cloth
Devika – what?…
Chaami – ma’am , this is supposed to be tied on your lower waist and should not be visible in public. So if I wanted to tie it on your lower waist, the cloth has to be removed
Devika – no you tie it over the cloth
Chaami – no ma’am , it should on your lower waist..
Devika – or can someone else tie it.
That was answered, by one elderly lady. She told Devika that ” its not Chaami who is tying it. Its god through Chaami is tying. And you should not have inhibitions in front of god daughter”
Another lady told about the bad things happened in their community, for those who opted not to wear the thread. She told couple women lost their babies.
When she heard about death of babies, she got scared and doesn’t want anything to happen to her baby. So at last after some persuasion she agreed.
Devika – OK..I will do it.
Chaami – thank you ma’am, ladies please help ma’am to remove her waist cloth
Devika was not wearing anything underneath the cloth, she though that , there are only women here and Chaami is very old. And also she doesn’t want anything to happen to her family.
Two women came forward and untied her white waist cloth and started removing it. Chaamis heart was poundind like drums and he wait to see the beautiful woman stark naked in front of him.
Devika covered her most private part with her hands as soon as the cloth removed . The ladies took away the cloth, and Devika was standing completely naked in front of Chaami.
Chaami came forward with the thread and knelt in front of Devika. His was face was on level with her pussy.
Chaami – now I have to tie it ma’am, can you please keep hand to side , so I could tie it easily. Don’t be shy daughter… You are like my daughter itself./please its for your safety.
Devika again closed her eyes out of shyness and removed her hand to side. Chaami couldn’t believe his eyes, the most sacred part of Devika is right in front of his eyes. He thoroughly looked at her pussy, studying its shape and colour.
Devika always keep her pubic hair trimmed and neat. Chaami could see her neatly trimmed bush and he shifted his focus towards the lower part of the bush. There it is, the valley towards the heaven.
He can easily find her pussy lips, it was so beautiful. Her clit was sticking out through her lips. He studied her pussy lips and clit for a moment and proceeded to tie the thread. He moved closer to Devika, his face was now just few inches away from her vagina. He took his hand ,put it around her waist to tie the thread.
His palms and some part of her hands was touching her side hip. It was almost like Chaami hugging her waist. Chaami tried to tie the thread on her back.
He couldn’t resist himself from smelling her pussy as it was so close to his face. On the process of tying the thread, he deeply inhaled to get devika ‘s womanly aroma.
The smell was so exotic , it could get any man crazy.
As this is the only opportunity he could get, he doesn’t want to miss it. Chaami wanted to see her beautiful round ass as well. So he acted like, he cannot tie properly and fumbled with the thread.
Chaami – ma’am I cannot tie it on your back, can you please turn around, so it can be properly tied.
Devika waited for moment and slowly turned around. She thought there is no point in arguing with him and wanted to get done with this as soon as possible.
Chaami now took time to appreciate her round curvy ass. It looked so round and curvaceous, and was definitely her best asset. As Chaami was kneeling down, devika’s inviting ass was just inches away from his face. He felt so tempted to press his face in that soft cushion and kiss it. But resisted as he knew the consequences.
He slowly tied the thread by making some contact on her upper portion of her ass. He had full hard on and might cum in his cloth anytime.
At last, he was done with tying and his heart urged him to feel her ass. So once the tying was done, when he was taking his hand back; Chaami just casually brushed her ass while his way back. Even though it was a brief touch, he could feel the smoothness and softness of her buttocks.
With that he had a one last look at her ass and got up hiding his erection
Chaami – OK thank you ma’am , I finished tying it…make sure you are wearing it all the time
Devika without looking at Chaami, quickly took the clothes from the women and started wearing it. Chaami just watched changing to her clothes. Everyone gathered there thanked Devika and showered their gratitude for helping in their rituals.
Devika acknowledged everyone and after a moment the ladies took her outside the temple.

After some hours of journey they reached the school, everyone was so tired from the trip. They had a very active few days, and also they were very lucky to see her beautiful teacher in scantily clad clothes.
Everyone got down from the bus , took their luggage was preparing to leave. Devika’s husband also has come to pick her up. Devika saw, venki was waiting inside the car. Before leaving to her home she wants to have a quick word with Vishnu, Rahim and Anand. So she called them
Devika – hi…OK before leaving …I just need to have a word with you guys
Rahim – what is it ma’am ?
Devika – uh..its nothing.. Ok so yeah..you guys are like my little brothers… So during our trip the tribal community visit was not as per our actual planned itinerary. So I want all of you , all the students to keep it to themselves. Otherwise I will be in trouble. Do you understand _ what I mean?
Rahim – yeah…ma’am we won’t tell anyone
Vishnu – it will be a secret
Devika – thanks… And please let other students also know about it…OK?
Anand – yeah…we will tell them ?
Devika – OK then …it was a great trip…so you can go home and take some rest and see you guys on Monday.
Rahim – yes ma’am it was really great trip..we enjoyed your company really
Anand – yeah especially at the tribal village..he he..
Rahim nudged him on his arm , asking him to keep quiet. Devika looked at him with raised eyebrows.
Devika – what do you mean Anand ?
Rahim – no no..he just meant all the celebration there was great..isn’t it ? Anand?..yeah
Anand – oh yeah yeah that’s what I meant ?…
Devika – oh stop…I know you guys..don’t act innocent…. I know whatever happened there was so unexpected… So
forget it guys…..alright then let me go …see you guys later..
Saying that they all prepared to leave, but devika just called Vishnu alone to talk with him in private for a moment
Devika – Vishnu …can talk to you for a second
Vishnu – oh ..yeah …yes ma’am
And they both moved a little far to talk, making both Rahim and Anand wonder , what’s happening
Vishnu – what is it ma’am?
Devika with a little shy smile spoke to him
Devika – OK Vishnu…I just wanted to remind you whatever happened in the trip.. Pls don’t tell anyone.. Forget everything OK…
Vishnu understood, what exactly she is speaking about , but decided to play dumb, to make her say it.
Vishnu – what is it ma’am… Are you talking about the tribal village…no I will not tell anyone….
Devika – no no Vishnu …not that the other one
Vishnu – what is other than that?
Devika – oh Vishnu don’t act innocent..u know what I mean
Vishnu – no ma’am …I don’t have any idea what you are talking about
Devika has a sweet smile on her lips out of shy.
Devika – OK …then if you don’t remember anything..better it be that way..I don’t to make you remember anything
Vishnu – no ma’am ..tell na ..what are you talking about… Otherwise unknowingly I might tell someone else..the thing you are talking about.
Devika – if you tell, I will kill you…don’t even think about it
Vishnu – OK .ma’am if you tell me only right ..I would know about it.
Devika – vishnu…I’m talking about the river
Vishnu – what ma’am.? What river?
Devika – now…Vishnu ..I know you are acting
Vishnu – seriously …I don’t know what you are talking about
Devika with immense shy looking down told him
Devika – OK…I’m talking about …uh.hm..when I took bath in the river
Vishnu continued playing ignorant
Vishnu – yeah..what happened there.. When you took bath
Devika – Vishnu this is too much
Vishnu – I know, you took bath in the river…but what is there, so I should not tell anyone else.
Devika – I know…u saw me bathing…..
Vishnu – yeah… I saw…so what’s in it…
Devika – vishnuuu…stop it now….I know Vishnu ..you saw something more….
Vishnu – what I did I see…I don’t remember ma’am
Devika – Vishnu ….I know you ..that you watched me when..when my sari slipped during the bath….and you saw it…
Vishnu – what did I see….?
Devika – omg Vishnu.. This is tooo much…do you want me to explain… What did you see?
Vishnu – OK let me think…what did I see?…hmm..I remember, you taking a beautiful lady taking bath in the waterfalls….hmm….then yeah..I suddenly saw the waterfalls made her sari to move away little…then I saw the most beautiful scene..
Devika – stop it Vishnu….
Vishnu – I saw the sari moving away, and someone who is usually shy to come out to open air, came to see the beautiful world for the first time. The cool air and cold
water made her wide awake and I saw her in its full glory..wow…
Devika – vishnuuu…do you know what are you talking
Vishnu – ma’am …yes ma’am ..I saw your beautiful breast in its full glory….
Devika – Vishnuu..I’m gonna kill you…
Vishnu thought , he will tease her a little more
Vishnu – ma’am , what was the pink round colour I saw on the middle of your breast…. And also I noticed something pointy and erect in that pink colour… What was it ma’am?
Devika – Vishnu… You are so bad…now stop it…I know you saw it…
Vishnu – yeah ../ma’am I won’t tell anyone…it will be our little secret..don’t worry…
Devika – ..thank you…I know you are good boy….though little naughty…/
Vishnu – tell me one thing ma’am?
Devika – what?
Vishnu – why ma’am …your nipple was so erect and pointy…why it was really sticking out….
Devika – omg…what are you asking Vishnu?
Vishnu – no ..I’m just curious…pls tell na ma’am?
Devika – what?
Vishnu – why your nipple really hard and pointy
Devika – its because Vishnu I’m a young mother
Vishnu – what’s special about young mother
Devika – arre ..dumbo… Its because I’m breastfeeding…
Vishnu – oh OK…
Devika – OK Vishnu then see you later….I will see you later
Vishnu – ma’am?
Devika – what is it Vishnu?
Vishnu with a wide grin asked Devika
Vishnu – ma’am ..would I be lucky again to see it again?
Devika – see what?
Vishnu looked around and made sure no one was looking at them, and took few steps close to Devika. And next what he did, took Devika by surprise and unexpectedly.
Vishnu came closer and took out his right hand , and through the left open side of devika’s sari, using his index finger and poked on her left breast over the blouse. He used his index finger, touched on the side of her breast and pressed it little.
First time Vishnu taking such a risk, and he was able to feel the softness of her breast by poking on it.
Vishnu – would I be ever lucky to see this again
Devika quickly recovered and snapped his hand away. And Vishnu laughed at her
Devika – what are you doing Vishnu?
Vishnu – I was just kidding, with who else I could irritate other than my sister
When vishnu called her sister , she was able to calm down and thought Vishnu was just kidding and was his playful prank, took it easily
Devika caught his ear and pinched it hard and said
Devika – my brother is acting so bad these days and need this punishment to remember , no more pranks like this with sister…understand?
Vishnu -..aah I’m sorry ..I’m sorry ma’am leave me ma’am ..its paining..I’m sorry ..I won’t do it again…leave
Devika – whenever u think of being naughty, think of this pain
Even though it hurted a lot, he was able to touch her breast and it is a big advancement in their relation , he thought and he was so happy

They had two days to take rest, before the classes start again after the trip. They returned to their hostel, still not fully recovered from the details given in the chaami’s letter.
Saturday morning, they woke up after a good nice sleep; they were so tired yesterday and slept the moment they hit the bed. Morning after the breakfast, the kids joined in Rahim’s room as usual. Nowadays, after devika joined in their school , the three of them have only one topic to discuss. In Rahim’s room they casually started talking about her. They had a small retrospection of the events so far and assessed, were each one of them standing in getting close to Devika.
They all agreed, that they are very special to Devika unlike other students. They also unanimously agreed , Vishnu is far ahead and Devika is more comfortable with him. They also understood that, Devika is the most beautiful
personality they have ever seen and she will never ever going to cooperate with any of their wildest fantasies. The only way to do something and get some pleasure out of it , is through making her believe that their intentions are innocent and pure.
They are also sure, that if she feels, they had other intentions and is trying to take advantage of her; then she could easily jeopardize their future and would not hesitate to do it. She is very strong and bold woman. Each step they take should be with utmost care and planned.
Anand – she is the best lady ….how would we move forward
Rahim – if you compare from the time she came here , we are fairly successful
Anand – yeah… We are very close with her now….she treats us special
Rahim – we have even tasted her milk
Anand – wow, the taste is still there on my tongue
Rahim – and it was because of my plan, that we were able
to see her in the tribal dress.
Vishnu till then who was quiet intrupted their friends with sarcasm
Vishnu – yeah , amazing plan and Chaami had enough to shag for rest of his life.
Rahim – stop it…yeah he exploited, but at least I made an opportunity for whole class to feast upon her scantily clad beautiful body…you can’t deny that…
Vishnu – I’m not denying anything bro…just told the truth..
Anand – and this fucker is way ahead of us…he even has seen naked breast
Vishnu – yep..haha..not only that I have even bought her a bra….
Rahim – fucker….
Vishnu – oh.oh..forget to tell one thing…yesterday.. I even touched her breast…haha…
Rahim – what..? When?
Vishnu – I forgot to tell you guys..he he…its not that big…I just gently poked my finger on her breast… But believe I could sense the softness….
Rahim – how did that happen…how did she allow you?
Vishnu – she didn’t allow me… I just casually touched it with finger….you know we are that close now.. She won’t think that I have other intention..she trusts me..
Anand – and she didn’t say anything?
Vishnu – she asked me to not to do it again and pinched me hard on my ear…but she took it casually…. She is a
great lady….
Rahim – so she would allow you to do it again?
Vishnu – no…that’s why I said..she is a great lady…if I try to do next..may be I will get slapped….I just pushed my luck once….
Rahim – oh…so what is your future plans for her….
Vishnu – yeah.. I have several plans for her….but whatever it is …as said ..she should not lose trust in our innocence…I think in that way only we could be lucky with her
Anand – yeah…deceive her by trust…
Vishnu – we should make an illusion with trust…so within that illusion , she should consider whatever we do , doesn’t have any wrong intentions.
Rahim – yeah true…even I have some plans ..let’s see
Vishnu – what about you…Anand?
Anand – I always consider myself as a winner…even I have solid plans for her….
Chapter – 38
Monday morning the three conspirators when to school with an anticipation to meet their favorite teacher. They just reached the school , when the classes are poised to start. As usual they had 2 boring lectures, and the students are yet to recover from the hangover of their trip. Even when the classes are going , they all were discussing about their trip.
There was this guy vivek, who couldn’t come for the trip asking his friend sameer about the trip. And Rahim, Vishnu , Anand who were sitting in front of could clearly here what these two are chatting about.
Vivek – hey buddy, so how did the trip go? Was it fun?
Sameer – oh man…this was most fun filled trip I had ever gone.
Vivek – great, was the place that good?
Sameer – not because of the place dude….just because of Devika ma’am..
Vivek got curious
Vivek – what happened with her?
Sameer – don’t tell anyone else..
Vivek – no man I won’t tell anyone…..
Sameer – bro…we visited a tribal village…and they made us all wear their traditional tribal dress….
Vivek – ohh
Sameer – imagine what, they also made Devika ma’am to wear those….
Vivek – so what’s in it?
Sameer – hey stupid..haven’t you seen in movies, what a tribal dress looks like…..
Vivek – so what was she wearing?
Sameer – fuck man….she was just wearing a waist cloth and towel to cover her breasts…
Vivek – seriously?
Sameer – yeah bro…she wasn’t wearing anything underneath
Vivek – how do you know..she wasn’t wearing underneath..
Sameer – we were able to see her side boobs…and her nipples were rock hard and sticking out through the towel she was wearing
Vivek – she might have at least worn a panty…
Sameer – no bro..she wasn’t …because the shape of ass was so visible from the waist cloth…like whenever she walks ..the ass was swaying and jiggling…even the shape of her ass crack was visible…..
Vivek – fuck man…
Sameer – and she was giving free naval show….she got a perfect deep naval…
Vivek – oh man …I missed the trip…
Sameer – and when she was sitting.. Her waist cloth rose up and I was able to see her milky thighs…I felt like biting those….
Rahim lost his patience hearing all those, he turned back and looked at vivek angirily
Rahim – hey asshole…can you please keep quiet… Didn’t I told you not to mention about those incident to anyone…. If anyone knows about it ..we will be in trouble…moreover she will lose her job…is that what you want…she is only beautiful teacher here….so keep quiet…
Everyone was scared of Rahim, so sameer kept his mouth shut.
At last the 2 lectures before the break got over, and the students went out.
Vishnu – come let’s go and say hi, to Devika ma’am…
Rahim – yeah ..what color sari our angel would be wearing today
Anand – more than that..I’m wondering.. What color bra and panty she is wearing….haha…
Vishnu – haha..she was wearing blue panty and white bra…during our waterfalls adventure….
Rahim – we didn’t ask you fucker……
Vishnu – hahaha…..
They were going to devika’s room, when they saw Ganapati coming outside devika’s room.
Rahim – hey Ganapati bhai…how are you?
Ganapati – hello friends..how was your trip..
Anand – it was good….
Vishnu – is Devika ma’am inside?
Ganapati – yeah she is inside…you guys are after her huh?
Rahim – why do you bother about it?
Ganapati – beware kids..she is my best friend ..don’t play anything stupid with her…
Rahim – you get out of way stupid dumbo…..
Vishnu – Ganapati bhai..we are also her friends…
Anand – what were you doing inside?
Ganapati – oh..I just went to say hello to my friend….and guys tomorrow is ” world breastfeeding day”
Rahim – so?
Ganapati – so I just went inside to get some milk from her….hahaha
Rahim – what the fuck ?
Anand – what are you saying dumbo?
Ganapati – what ?…is it bad to get milk from her…
Rahim – you are crazy….
Vishnu – OK ..and did you get milk?
Ganapati – no..she said she will give me tomorrow..
Rahim – are you guys crazy to listen to this idiot…come let’s go and see Devika ma’am.
Saying that, three of them walked past Ganapati. Ganapati turned back and told them
Ganapati – yeah…go and ask your teacher, I’m telling the truth…. Ganapati won’t lie..
Rahim knocked the door and the three entered. Devika greeted them with a lovely smile.
Devika – good morning, three musketeers….how are you my little brothers
Rahim – good morning ma’am.. We are good…
Anand – just wanted to ask something
Devika – yes Anand ..what is it?
Anand – uh..hm…actually we met Ganapati outside….
Devika – yeah…
Rahim – and he told us a bizarre thing…
Devika – I’m sure ..he might have told you some crazy stuff…you know he is like that
Vishnu – uh .he told..you will be giving milk to him..tomorrow….
They were all nervous, how to tell this. There was a moment of silence from devika and next she burst into laughter
Devika- hahahahahaha…..
They looked at each other, and after a moment they also joined with Devika laughing
Rahim – I knew, that Ganapati crazy guy was making stories
Devika stopped laughing and told
Devika – no…actually.. What he said is true….
Chapter – 39
Devika was also very tired after the trip. This was a trip she wanted to forget. She never felt so embarrassed before. But she is a strong woman and easily could come out of it.
Tribal village trip was the shocking one for her, she still cannot believe, how did she endure with it. It was so embarrassing. She can take the waterfall incident lightly, because she consider Vishnu as a kid and as her little brother. She is confident that Vishnu doesn’t have any wrong intention and is an innocent kid.
But what happened inside the temple with Chaami, cannot be easily forgotten. Anyone other than venki has never seen her naked.
Devika tried to console herself by saying , that Chaami is old enough to be her grandfather was just doing the ritual.
She forgot everything, the moment she saw adi after she reached home from the trip. She took adi in her hands and hugged him. Adi was also smiling with joy, after seeing his mom after few days.
Devika – I missed you so much …adi boy…my lovely baby…
Tears started flowing from her eyes. Venki also joined them and hugged Devika and adi. They were the most loveliest and happiest couple. They stood like that for some moment
Devika – I’m so tired venki..let me get freshen up….
Venki – how was the trip…
Devika – it was good….all the students enjoyed it
Venki – OK….
Devika – hw was adi…was he good
Venki- yeah ./he is dad’s boy….OK you fresh up..I will make a coffee for you….
Devika went bathroom to take shower, after putting adi in the cradle. Meantime venki prepared coffee for both them. He poured the coffee into two cups and brought it into the bedroom while sipping his.
Devika had finished her shower and changed to pink traditional nighty with sleeves and which reaches till her foot. As she was inside and will go to sleep soon , she didn’t bother wear any bra and panty inside.
Venki came in and gave Devika a sweet kiss on the cheek and gave the coffee cup
Venki – you don’t have cook anything , I have already got
food from outside.
Devika – thank you my dear hubby….
She got cup from venki and kept it on the table beside, as she was towelling her hair.
Then they spoke about some general things and about their parents before adi started crying.
Devika -…oh is my baby hungry..my poor little kid…
Venki – yeah he was missing his favorite food…
Devika – oh..mommy is now here to give your food baby…
Venki – even I was missing mommy’s food…
Devika – Adi..see..daddy is now trying to be naughty with mommy….adi ..you should we give any of your food to daddy
Venki – my boy has already learned the art of sharing..hahah
Devika opened the buttons in the front to feed adi.
Venki – daddy wants to see mommy naked…..
Saying that he grinned at Devika. Devika playfully pinched on venki’s cheek. And smiled at him. She then took the hem of her nighty and peeled it off her body to stand naked in front of her loving husband.
Venki – see Adi.. How shameless is your mommy.. Haha
Devika – my boy knows…who is shameless here
She then lifted the crying adi from cradle and sat on the bed to feed him. Adi immediately latched onto Devika’s already leaking nipple and started sucking.
Venki came near sat beside Devika and looked at his son feeding from Devika
Devika – what are you looking at?
Venki – I’m waiting for my chance
Devika – you don’t have any chance
Venki – daddy is even ready to snatch it from mommy haha…
Devika – then daddy will get a slap from mommy haha..
Venki got up and stripped off his clothes and sat near Devika and put an arm around her shoulder.
Devika – what are you up to Mr.
Venki – haha..
He pulled her near and gave kiss on her cheeks and came down to her neck. Devika closed her eyes, enjoying the moment while feeding her son.
He brought down his hands to her waist and gave small squeeze. He felt something on his hand looked down to see a thread tied on her waist
Venki – what is this devi..?
Devika doesn’t know to lie, she is an angel in all the senses. She told her embarrassing story inside the temple. And assured him , that for the safety of the family only she agreed. And her world is only limited to venki and adi.
Venki also trust her wife to the core, he is the perfect gentleman. But still he was curious to know.
Venki – so you are saying a tribal man tied this to your waist, when you were fully naked
Devika was very shy to speak
Devika -..uh..hm..actually yes…I’m sorry venki… But when they told, if you wear this , your family will prosper…I had to do…I don’t want anything bad happen to you both….
A tear drop formed on her eye, and she was about to cry. Venki sensing that her wife is hurt, took the matter lightly
Venki – no dear, I know you..I was just curious you know?
Devika – hm
Venki – hey don’t spoil the mood..chear my girl..come on smile
Devika gave a forced smile, venki examined the thread on her waist for some time and told her
Venki – anyway the thread looks really sexy on you…I liked it.
Saying that he gave small pinch on her waist
Devika – ouch…what are you doing venki..
Venki again started kissing on her neck, and took out his and gently squeezed her left breast. He rubbed her already erect nipple and played with it for sometime. That was enough for the milk to leak out. Venki slowly dropped his mouth to her chest and brought down to her breast kissing along the way.
He first stuck is tongue out and licked the milk drops on her nipple and then opened his mouth and presses himself to her breast and slowly started sucking.
Devika with one hand was holding her kid and with other hand supported venki’s head. Milk started flowing to his mouth and he eagerly sucked.
Devika – its enough venki…adi might need it
Venki took out his mouth and gave one final lick to her breast. Then he bent down and kissed on her smooth thighs and gave it a small lovely bite. He couldn’t resist himself from touching her well trimmed pussy. With his index finger, he touched her pussy lips and found her clit. Venki gently brushed her clit couple of times, making Devika close her eyes and clench her teeth.
Adi had finished his feeding by that that and had fallen into sleep. Venki got up and took adi from Devika and carefully kept him inside the cradle without waking him
They both then cuddled each other for sometime , and later enjoyed the ecstasy of the most beautiful gift given by god.
Two days passed very quickly, they spent time loving each other and caring adi. And now it was Monday morning and again usual routine of going to work is starting.
As usual , devika’s parents came to take care of adi and by 9 he dropped Devika at the school. She was wearing a yellow sari and matching blouse. She went to her room and got settled. She has only one lecture in the morning before the break.
After that lecture , Devika came back to her room and started preparing for her next class.
And when it was 10 minutes towards the break, Ganapati came inside with his usual nonsense.
Ganapati – hello my dear friend…. How are you?
Devika – hi Ganapati how are you?
Ganapati – how was your trip ma’am, was it good?
Devika – yeah it went very well……
Ganapati – friend ..I have a doubt
Devika – don’t ask any nonsense.. Ganapati
Ganapati – no no
Devika – what is it?
Ganapati – ma’am …you were alone for the trip, without your kid…so what did you do for breastfeeding….. I have heard that breast will be paining, if kid is not feeding properly…what did you do ma’am?
Devika started getting irritated with Ganapati
Devika – Ganapati… I’m in no mood to here your nonsense…please leave…
Ganapati – sorry… I’m just worried about you….and just wanted to know, what women does in that situation
Devika – Ganapati please../
Ganapati – I have heard that a lot of women asks help from their husband by asking them to drink the milk…to get pain relief…. But your husband also wasn’t there at the trip….that’s why I got worried……did anyone else drink milk from your breast
Devika had enough, and she raised her voice at Ganapati
Devika – can you please stop this and leave from here…..
Ganapati got scared, seeing Devika getting angry
Ganapati – I’m sorry ma’am..I don’t know about these things…that’s why asked…I’m sorry if you didn’t like it.
Devika – now leave me alone….
Ganapati – I actually came to tell another thing
Devika – no I don’t want to hear any of your things
Ganapati – no ma’am its serious…I wanted you to help me
Devika – OK what is it …please tell it quickly…I have lots of work
Ganapati – ma’am actually during weekends I’m working in a orphanage in the town….I’m not getting paid…but as a charity I’m working there
When Devika heard about orphanage, her anger subsided and got her attention. She likes to help people who really needed help. It is another part of her divine personality
Devika – that’s good Ganapati..that’s so kind of you….
Ganapati – yes ma’am… So the orphanage people need help from you…
Devika – how?./how can I help ? Do you need some donation.
Ganapati – no ma’am not donation.
Devika – then?
Ganapati – actually.. You might be aware that tomorrow is world breastfeeding day. So in our orphanage there are small babies who were left behind by their parents after the birth. So orphanage took responsibility of raising up these babies and kids. They don’t have their parents.
Devika – OK
Ganapati – as tomorrow is world breastfeeding day, the orphanage is looking for some willing mothers to feed this poor kids. Just to let them know, how does a mother’s milk taste like. And also you know, its from the mothers milk a kid will get all the nutrients for being healthy…. So orphanage is also worried about them growing unhealthy…. So ma’am can you please come tomorrow and feed those poor little kids…..
Devika was really moved by the situation, she just moment thought about adi and realised how lucky he is to get parents… Then she thought about those numerous kids out there, who doesn’t have parents and mothers. It will be really a wonderful thing she could do to those poor little babies.
Ganapati – and so for no one was willing to volunteer…. So we might have to drop the plan..can you help us ma’am
Devika smiled at Ganapati and she also had tears in her eyes. She nodded and said yes
Devika – yes Ganapati.. I will help..that would be a wonderful thing I could do to those children
Ganapati – thank you ma’am..thank you very much…I will inform the orphanage people…. And its the shanti bhavan in the town…can you come there after class tomorrow…
Devika – OK I will do that….I have only class till noon…so I could come there and spent couple of hours
Ganapati – thank you ma’am…OK ma’am then I’m leaving …
Devika – alright…
Ganapati turned back walked towards the door and before opening he turned and said with a smile
Ganapati – ma’am… Please make sure that your two breasts are full of milk tomorrow…so no kids will be disappointed…. Haha
Devika – Ganapati you won’t change…please leave…I can’t shout at you anymore…..
Ganapati smiled at her and left the room. After 5 minutes she heard a knock on her door. She asked to “come in”. Devika found her favorite 3 students coming in
Devika – good morning, three musketeers….how are you my little brothers
Rahim – good morning ma’am.. We are good…
Anand – just wanted to ask something
Devika – yes Anand ..what is it?
Anand – uh..hm…actually we met Ganapati outside….
Devika – yeah…
Rahim – and he told us a bizarre thing…
Devika – I’m sure ..he might have told you some crazy stuff…you know he is like that
Vishnu – uh .he told..you will be giving milk to him..tomorrow….
Devika- hahahahahaha…..
They looked at each other, and after a moment they also joined with Devika laughing
Rahim – I knew, that Ganapati crazy guy was making stories
Devika stopped laughing and told
Devika – no…actually.. What he said is true….

Rahim – oh ….the story is like that…
Anand – Ganapati just scared us….
Devika – what did Ganapati say?
Vishnu – he told that you are going to give milk to him
Devika – haha….it’s not like that…its for the kids in the orphanage…..you know how stupid is Ganapati..don’t take him seriously….
Rahim – yeah…right away I knew that he is cooking up something…
Devika – he he….
Bell rang
Devika – OK kids../break is over..its time to go to class…
Rahim – OK c u later madam bye..
Anand – bye…
3 of them started to leave,
Vishnu – you guys walk ahead …I will come now…
Rahim – now what you gonna do?
Vishnu whispered into their ear ” I think , she needs a nice little squeeze on her boobs. I’m gonna give her that..haha…u guys carry on”
Anand – then u will slap also on your face
Rahim – bro we know you are ahead of us….but we also know you haven’t reached that stage
Vishnu – I will soon reach…its just matter of time….now you guys get your ass of from here…I wanna personally talk with my angel..
Anand and Rahim walked outside the with ire. Vishnu turned back and came near to devika.
Devika – what is it Vishnu?
Vishnu – so my big sister is going to do some charity today
Devika – haha isn’t it good?
Vishnu – yeah of course… You are the most wonderful person I have seen
Devika – there is nothing like that
Vishnu – so how many kids are there in the orphanage
Devika – they have a lot of kids…more than 50 I guess
Vishnu – so are you going to feed everyone
Devika – no not everyone…. Only for little kids..may be 5 – 8 babies they have I think./
Vishnu – ohh..so will you have that much milk in you…so all can drink…
Devika – I don’t think..I will have that much
Vishnu – so what you will do?
Devika – so whoever comes first will get it …haha
Vishnu – he he…what if I come first….
Devika – you will get one slap…/
Vishnu – he he
Devika – Vishnu..these days you are getting naughty….
Vishnu – i know…that is after seeing your beautiful puppies in that waterfalls…
Devika – OMG…Vishnu what are you saying….
Vishnu – puppies…he he ..it is the nickname I have given to your breasts..
Devika – Omg ….you have become so unbearable….. You are talking to your teacher
Vishnu – no im talking to my best friend…I’m talking to my sister..with whom I can share everything…
Devika got little relaxed after hearing the caring words from Vishnu
Devika – but my little brother is definitely getting naughty..
Vishnu – he he
Devika – with a smile ” btw how did you get the name puppies”
Vishnu – puppies are really cute na….likewise when I saw your breast I thought it is really cute and beautiful. I liked the nipple the most…it was really hard….
Devika – enough Vishnu …enough…you are thinking dirty
Vishnu – seriously I don’t mean it with any wrong intentions.
Devika – yeah I know..you are my little innocent brother.
Vishnu – he he…
Devika – so my dear…the class is gonna start soon….stop talking nonsense and leave
Vishnu – so today…your puppies are going to be really sore and red
Devika – how?
Vishnu – after all the biting, chewing and suckling from orphanage kids
Devika – oh..he he….that’s ok its for a good cause isn’t it?
Vishnu – but tomorrow, would u able to come?
Devika – why?
Vishnu – both puppies would be sore na?
Devika – aree Vishnu enough ..shut up and go….I told u its gonna be fine….
Vishnu – but definitely.. You will not be able to wear a bra….
Devika – oh god…
Vishnu – how..would u able to wear… It will be paining…
Devika – its OK …I will manage
Vishnu – or else u can come braless….. Or u can wear the dress u wore in tribal village…that doesn’t need a bra..he he..
Devika – oh..don’t make me remember that..it was so embarrassing….
Vishnu – but u were looking beautiful that day…..
Devika – I wanted to ask u something…..its only to you I can openly ask
Vishnu – what is it ma’am?
Devika – tell na one thing ?….on that day…was I exposing too much?
Vishnu – he he…no ma’am ..u were fine
Devika – tell na ..Vishnu…honestly plss..
Vishnu – to tell the truth..u were damn sexy on that day……
Devika – means
Vishnu – means….everyone was aware that u were not wearing underneath that dress…..
Devika – how?
Vishnu – because…your nipples were really sticking out and was really hard….everyone could make out it….thanks to your pointy nipples…ma’am how come…your nipples are so pointy….
Devika – ayye..you shameless… Don’t talk to me…
Vishnu – tell naa..pls
Devika – Vishnuu….its because I’m a feeding mother….oh god
Vishnu – and also…it was very evident that..you were also not wearing any panty inside……
Devika – Omg….how?
Vishnu – because…because…I’m shy to tell
Devika – tell na Vishnu… Don’t feel shy…I’m your best friend
Vishnu – because…your your…butt was so round and big…and when you walk the shape of your ass crack was visible through the thin cloth..
Devika – ohh…gosh…its so humiliating..all of students so this..
Vishnu – its OK…ma’am… We all are good kids…you don’t have to worry
Devika – I know that..but still….oh god
Vishnu – ma’am what happened inside the temple…. Why we were not allowed in there…
Devika’s face went red hearing that question. She fumbled with words trying to answer it. But the bell rang on the correct time to save devika from the situation.
Devika – oh..Vishnu ..u should leave..the bell rang..
Vishnu – OK…then c u later

Devika reached the orphanage in the evening and she was met by Ganapathi at the entrance.
Ganapati – Thank you ma’am for coming
Devika – its for a good cause right…its OK
Ganapati – OK everyone is waiting for you..I will take you there
Ganapati took devika to the office, where she was met by the manager of the orphanage. They had a brief conversation, were in the manager thanked devika immensely for her generous activity.
Devika – so sir how many kids are here in this place?
Manager – there are more than 50 kids…in that 6 are really small who were left by the parents in the orphanage gate, just days after the birth.
Devika – oh ..that’s so bad..
Manager – yeah…we need your kind service for these little ones , they are the ones who missing mothers milk
Devika – I’m happy to be part of this good cause
Manager – now Ganapati will take you to the kids
Devika – OK
Ganapati took devika to nearby room, where some kids were playing. There were like 15 kids in the room of ages up to 10.
Devika- oh all these are big kids…
Ganapati – no you will not be feeding them….I vl bring babies to…these are big kids…if you feed them..they will bite off your breast..haha
Devika- oh….Ganapati…no more jokes…let’s finish this…I don’t have much time….
Ganapati – do you want me to take this kids out…
Devika – yeah…that would be great..
Ganapati – hey kids….pls go and play outside now…enough playing here
Kids – noooo…Ganapati mama….we just started playing…we wanted play here..
Ganapati – no no….not possible
Kids- pleaseee Ganapati mama..pls..
Devika – alright.. Its OK Ganapati… Its fine ..let the kids play…I’m fine them being here…anyways they are small children….
Ganapati – OK
Kids – thank you….didi
Devika – welcome sweet hearts…
Devika love kids, and she started asking their names and talking with them.
Ganapati – OK ma’am.. I will bring the babies..you can sit in that chair and feed them..
Devika – OK
Ganapati – so how are you going to feed them…
Devika – means?
Ganapati – ma’am you are in sari and blouse…so are you going to take your blouse off completely….
Devika – dumbo..why should I take the blouse off…
Ganapati – then how is it possible..
Devika – that I will take care….you bring the babies…
Ganapati – OK I was just wondering…
Saying that Ganapati went outside to get the babies. Devika kept her bag in the table and took out a towel from inside and sat in the chair, looking at kids who were playing.
Devika decided to be ready, before Ganapati comes with the baby. She took her left hand inside her sari with out removing the pallu and started opening the blouse hooks. She unhooked all the hooks and opened the left flap of the blouse. She was wearing a white bra, her nipple impression was visible through the bra’s thin material. She just raised the cup of the bra from her left breast, just enough to bring out her nipple.
Her nipple became more hard, when the cold air started brushing on it. She then covered her breast with the sari pallu, making sure nothing is visible outside.
Ganapati came inside after a moment with the baby and gave it to devika. She carefully took the baby from him, without exposing her breast
Ganapati – are you not ready yet..I thought you would get ready by the time I got the baby
Devika – Ganapati…. How do u expect me to get ready?
Ganapati – how are you going to feed the baby, without removing your sari and blouse
Devika – what do you expect….I will sit topless in front of you…Ganapati?
Ganapati – no…I was just asking
Devika – your stupid questions…. OK now you please and come after 10 minutes with the next baby…
Ganapati – OK
Saying that he left, and devika slided her sari and brought her protruding nipple to the baby’s mouth. It immediately latched on to her nipple and suckling. Milk started flowing from her breast. She covered her breast and baby’s head with the towel she brought. So even if anyone comes in, nothing is exposed.
Devika felt so happy being with this children and thought how fortunate their life is , for having the family and relatives. These children do not have anyone in their life. Devika thanked god for all the good things happened to her and prayed for making these children life good. While feeding the baby, devika engaged in talking with other kids asking about their life. They all started chatting with devika, while they were playing. One of the kid came close to devika and started talking with her
Kid – what is your name aunty?
Devika – hello cutie my name is devika …what is yours?
Kid – my name is raju..everyone call me chotu
Devika – then I will also call you chotu…you are so sweet…
Kid – thanks aunty.
Devika – in which class are you studying..chotu
Raju – I’m studying in 3rd grade aunty..
Devika – smart boy…are you not playing with them..
Raju – I’m out of the game
Devika – oh..that’s so bad….
Raju – aunty…what are you doing with the baby..?
Devika – oh chotu..I’m feeding the baby
Raju – feeding what?
Devika – feeding milk….
Raju – but I don’t see any milk bottle in your hand ….
Devika – haha..oh chotu..there is no need of milk bottle…I’m feeding him my milk…
Raju – how..do you have milk aunty…
Devika – yes…baby is drinking now
Raju- but I have only seen bottle and packet milk…
Devika – oh…this is mother’s milk…
Raju – aunty… Can I see the milk…
Devika – oh…no chotu….
Raju- pls aunty…I haven’t seen mother’s milk..pls…
Devika smiled at the innocent kid. Raju was a cute little boy, devika loved him
Devika – OK..chotu.. I will show you
Raju – thank you aunty
Devika removed the towel which was covering the baby and slide her sari pallu towards the centre of her breast, exposing her left breast to raju. Raju inquisitivily looked at the baby, drinking the milk.
Raju – Aunty, but where is the milk..I cannot see it
Devika -Chotu… Baby is drinking it, that’s why your not able to see..
Raju – when baby stops drinking…would I be able to see
Devika – yes chotu…
Raju patiently waited for baby to finish drinking. At last baby stopped sucking and released the mouth from her nipple. But raju didn’t find any milk still
Raju – Aunty…now the baby has stopped drinking..but still I cannot see the milk
Devika – oh raju…I will show you the milk… Give me your hand
Devika took raju’s hand and kept it below her pointy nipple. She then held her breast and squeezed some milk into his hand. The milk squirted out from her nipple to his hand.
Raju – oh aunty…here is the milk
Devika – yeah.//that’s how the milk comes
Raju – can I drink this..aunty
Devika – oh sure..drink it chotu
Raju drank the milk in his hand
Devika – how is it …?
Devika asked with a smile
Raju – its the best milk I have ever drunk…its so tasty..
Devika – haha..
Raju – can I have more aunty pls..
Devika – no raju…this nor for you..this for the babies
Raju – pls aunty…I have never drank mother’s milk..they give packet milk…pls aunty ..plsss..
Devika felt really bad for this kid..
Devika – chotu..I have to feed other babies as well… That’s why I said
Raju face turned sad and tears started flowing from his
eyes. Devika felt really bad about this situation.
Devika – OK raju..we will do one thing…I have 5 more babies to feed..after that if I have any milk..I will give you…is it OK..
Raju – What if there is no milk after that../
Devika – no raju..I will make sure there would be something left for you….OK
Raju – promise?
Devika – promise….now you go and play…
Raju – OK…thanks aunty….

After a moment Ganapati with the next baby and gave to Devika.
Ganapati – were you able to feed the baby properly
Devika – yeah it was fine
Ganapati – ma’am I think you would be more comfortable if you remove your blouse completely. No one would be coming here other than me.
Devika – yeah you would be coming right, that’s why..
Ganapati – I’m your friend isnt it? …so I can see you
Devika – see what?
Ganapati – see your breasts…because I’m your friend
Devika – oh …so that’s what in your mind…Ganapati I thought you are a good friend…but you have dirty mind
Ganapati – no ma’am …I didn’t mean any other way…
Devika – no..enough…no more nonsense talk…its getting late …let me finish it…you take this baby and bring the next one after 10 minutes
Ganapati – OK ma’am
Ganapati took the baby and went outside, closing the door. Devika continued feeding the baby, watching the kids
After having finished feeding her 3rd baby, she switched the 4th baby onto her right breast as milk stopped coming from her right breast. Devika continued feeding the babies one by one, and when she finished feeding all the babies, her nipples were sore and red after constant sucking from the babies. She gave the last baby to Ganapati.
Ganapati – OK ma’am that was the last baby.
Devika – OK..
Ganapati – are you tired ma’am?
Devika – no I’m fine
Ganapati – but your breast might be paining…
Devika – a little… Its OK
Ganapati – do you need balm or something to apply on your breast
Devika – no Ganapati… I’m fine
Ganapati – I can apply it for you ma’am
Devika – shut up Ganapati…. Now go outside..I will get ready and come out…
Ganapati – OK ma’am …I will be there in the office
Devika – OK
Ganapati went outside again closing the door. Devika removed her sari pallu completely from her chest, exposing both the breasts out to open air. She was wearing the blouse, but it was open and she had pulled bra cups up for the feeding. She looked at her breasts, her nipples were so hard and pointy, and it was glistening with all the saliva and milk mixed together. She took out a tissue paper from her bag to clean her nipple before dressing up.
Raju came running towards her joyfully, devika had forgotten about raju and was on the process of dressing up and leaving home
Raju – Aunty, have you done giving milk to the babies
Devika – oh raju….
Raju – now can I drink milk
Devika – oh raju..its getting late and aunty has to go…and also there is no more milk now…everything is finished
Raju – but aunty… You promised me
Devika – but raju , what to do…no more milk…its finished
Raju – aunty… You had promised me….
Raju started crying saying that, and now devika started feeling so bad since she had promised him. She tried to console him
Devika – don’t cry raju….you are a big boy…don’t cry like this
Raju – I have never seen my mother…I never had mother’s milk….
Devika – don’t cry raju….OK we will do one thing
Raju – what?
Devika – OK you can try drinking from me…but I’m not sure you would get the milk or not…
Raju – OK
Devika – OK ..come close to me
Raju – what should I do aunty?
Devika pointed towards her left breast protruding nipple and told raju
Devika – you have to come closer and take the nipple in your mouth
Raju did as per the instruction, he came closer and took devika’s left breast in his mouth
Devika – now raju suck slowly…
Raju started sucking slowly, but he was not getting any milk from her
Raju – Aunty, I’m not getting any milk
Devika – that’s what I told raju….try sucking little harder
Raju started, sucking little harder but the no success. Devika’s nipple was already sore, now it started paining because of raju’s sucking.
Devika – ouch …raju its paining..now stop doing it…you won’t get any milk
Raju – no..aunty I want milk…I want milk
Saying that he sucked her breast harder and harder and even bite her nipple, as he got angry and no milk was coming..
Devika – aah..no no raju..stop it../its hurting..don’t bite …leave raju..//
Raju with all his strength started sucking the nipple and at last he got some milk, this encouraged him and started sucking more and more hardly
Raju -now I’m getting milk aunty
Saying that he returned to his duty, devika thought she will bear some pain for him to get some milk from her. Devika closed her eyes, clenched her teeth because of the pain. Raju chewed ,bites and sucked her already sore nipple for drinking the milk.
Devika – ouch…rajuuu…don’t bite..you can suck..but just don’t bite
Devika had kept her eyes closed, until she felt another mouth on her right open breast. She opened her eyes and looked down to find another kid trying to drink milk from her. She didn’t have any other choice but to offer breast to that kid. Devika held his head from back and supported him.
Raju – hey friend, if you want to get milk then you have suck really hard like this
Saying that raju demonstrated his friend how to suck for getting milk from the breast. He took the whole nipple in mouth and gave it a hard suck, along with sucking he squeezed the breast into his mouth for getting the milk. His friend followed raju’s steps and started sucking hard and squeezed the remaing milk into his mouth.
Devika allowed them to suck her for five minutes, thinking let them have the taste of mother’s milk , but had to stop them when it started to hurt a lot.
Devika – aaah…oh god…oww…OK…now stop..that’s enough…there is no more milk…
Devika had to push their head from her breasts in order for them to leave. Raju gave one last suck before leaving.
Devika – enough raju..
Raju – there is still more…
Devika – there is nothing more…you had the last drop of milk from me…now leave
Devika’s nipples had become swollen and sore, it was so pointy and hard. Raju took the nipple in his fingers and started pulling it, hurting devika more
Raju – aunty I want more milk…I want more milk
Devika- aah..ouch…raju stop doing it…its paining….
Devika removed his hand from the breast and pinched his ear scolding him.
Devika – now get up and leave you both….leave leave…
Both of them got up half mindedly and joined back with their friends for playing. Devika looked at the condition of her breasts and with tissue tried to wipe of her wet nipples. It was hurting a lot when she tried to wipe her nipple. She cleant it carefully, and got dressed and left the place.

Next day morning the trio was inside the class and discussing about Devika. Nowadays the only thing they have to discuss is about devika.
Anand – huh….after the tour..v haven’t had any progress or got any lucky with devika ma’am
Rahim – yeah the trip feels like ages ago..
Anand – trip was only treat for that fucking chami…
Vishnu – I still can’t believe that fucker saw devika without even a thread….
Anand – that’s y …he tied a thread on her waist
Rahim – it would be really sexy to see her naked with just a black thread on her waist…/
Rahim – imagining that itself makes me hard…bro…
Anand – what are u guys planning for her next?
Vishnu – I have lot of plans….I’m in a stage now..that I can just go grab her boobs or squeeze her soft ass….haha
Rahim – fuck u…..
Anand – I also have a lot of plans…
The bell rang for the break, and three of them got outside the class to see devika ma’am. While on the way Ganapati stopped them
Ganapati – where are you guys going?.. To meet devika ma’am right?
Rahim – none of your business Ganapati
Ganapati – haha. .there is no use..she has taken leave
Anand – oh is it….what happened to her?
Ganapati – she told principal that she is not feeling well…but I know the real reason for her absence.
Vishnu – why did she take leave?
Ganapati – haha she has some repair work to do…after yesterday’s heavy breastfeeding session…haha
Rahim – what the fuck do u mean by repair work?
Ganapati – haha….I was saying..her breasts might have got sore after breastfeeding so many kids
Vishnu – how many kids?
Ganapati – 6 kids….and 2 other big kids
Rahim- why big kids?
Ganapati – yeah 2 eight year old kids…. They both might have chewed her nipples off…..her breasts might have become sore..that’s why she has taken the leave
Rahim – what the fuck?
Chapter 42
The next day devika came to college wearing a beautiful yellow sari and matching blouse. Her breasts were still little sore and paining. She had little difficulty in wearing her bra, but still managed to wear a little loose one.
The three of them came to visit her in the break
Devika – hello my dears …how are you guys
Anand – hello ma’am…what happened to you yesterday
Devika was little shy
Devika – I wasn’t real well…
Rahim – how are you today
Devika – I’m fine now
Vishnu – how did the orphanage thing went?
Devika – it was good Vishnu…got to meet a lot of cute kids
Devika – by the way../how is your studies going on
Rahim – its really going good
Devika – good…I want u all three to score good marks in the final exams
Anand – sure we will do that
Devika – good…OK then I have class now after the break…will meet later
Rahim – OK ma’am
Vishnu – you guys leave.. I want to ask something to devika ma’am
Rahim – what is it?
Vishnu – its our personal thing… You guys don’t know
Rahim – what is it ma’am?
Devika – I have no idea..what Vishnu is talking about
Vishnu – aree there is nothing ..its a doubt
Rahim – OK
Anand and Vishnu left the room with half mind.
Devika – what is it Vishnu?
Vishnu with a naughty smile came to near to the side of devika
Devika – what is it?
Vishnu bent down and whispered in devika’s ear
Vishnu – I wanted to know, how is your puppies
Devika – vishnuuuu…..this is your doubt huh?
Vishnu – I know the puppies are sore…..he he
Devika – shut up….Vishnu you are getting naughty day by day…
Vishnu – I’m just asking about the well being of my sister
Devika – no you are not asking the well being of your sister…you are asking the well being of your sisters…….
Devika was hesitant to tell it
Vishnu – sister’s.. What?…
Devika – well being of sister’s ..puppies..
Vishnu – haha…that’s also part brothers duty….
Devika – Vishnu ..don’t talk stupid… Now go.. I have lots of work
Vishnu – tell me na… Is puppies are hurt?
Devika – why it would be hurt?
Vishnu – after all the biting chewing and sucking from kids…it should be hurt…definitely
Devika – noo
Vishnu – is that why you took leave yesterday
Devika – no
Vishnu – hey don’t lie to your brother…tell the truth na..
Devika – OK…yeah
Vishnu – what?
Devika – yeah… puppies were hurt..
Vishnu – oh…poor puppies….. Let me check
Saying that Vishnu kneeled down the floor and just lifted the open side of sari a little to check devika’s breast
Devika – Vishnuuu…what are you doing?
Vishnu – relax ..don’t worry ma’am… I just wanted to see if puppies are OK or not?
Devika – puppies are OK …get up now….
Vishnu – ma’am…I don’t have any wrong intention….I’m like your brother right….
Devika – I know..you are innocent and I love you as my little brother…still you can’t see your sister like that
Vishnu – but I have already seen the puppies in full glory na
Devika – arree Vishnu…you are bad…you are still thinking about that
Vishnu – no..I was just telling….
Vishnu then pretending as sad, told devika
Vishnu – its OK…I’m not checking, if you don’t consider me as brother and trust me…
Vishnu started to get up and devika felt really bad seeing his sad face.
Devika – OK..alright…now don’t give that sad face…I love you my dear naughty little brother…OK you can see if the puppies are OK or not
Vishnu’s face again lit up, he kneeled down again and slowly raised the open side of her sari pallu again. He started getting erection seeing the shape of her breast so close in yellow blouse. Even though he has seen her breast naked, this was different. It was perfect round shape and blouse was full and tight.
Devika – OK..that’s enough
Vishnu – wait a minute…ma’am… I think the puppies have grown bigger
Devika – vishnnnuuu
Vishnu – it is bigger than that day in the waterfalls…
Devika – stop it Vishnu
Vishnu – seriously ma’am….is it still sore
Devika – no…yeah a little
Vishnu – wer is it paining….is it on the nipples
Devika – omg..Vishnu. What all things you are asking?
Vishnu – I’m really concerned ma’am… I can see the shape of your nipple through the blouse..its protruding a little… The kids might have sucked you hard….. Poor nipples…it is also big now….
Devika – it might be because it is still sore now….
Vishnu – is it ?….how did u manage to wear a bra then…it might have hutted you
Devika – oh god Vishnu..its not that painful now…so its fine…
Vishnu – still…u should have avoided wearing bra today….for healing
Devika – how would I come without bra…
Vishnu – that’s also true….definitely the puppies are bigger now….I think..I have to buy another bra for you…
Devika – stupid…enough now get up…
Vishnu took out his left hand and with the four fingers stretching out, softly pressed her left breast from front directly at the nipple area. He did that so unexpectedly, without giving any time for devika to react. He was able to feel devika’s hard nipples on his fingers. It was the softest thing he had ever touched. Even the though the press was gentle he was able to feel the softness and protruding nipple of her breasts.
Devika snapped his hand, and pinched his ear so hard and pulled him up by the ear
Devika – Vishnu.. What are you doing
Vishnu – I was just checking…did it pain, when I touched
Devika – stupid….you are a bad boy….
Vishnu – No..did it pain ma’am
Devika – no…it didn’t pain..but never do that again
Vishnu -OK ma’am …ma’am is there any wrong with your nipples…it was so hard and I could feel it on my fingers
Devika – oh Vishnu….stop talking ..now leave…bad boy
Vishnu – tell ma’am …I’m worried
Devika – nooo…there is no problem..its because I’m nursing mother and I’m little sore there..now dont talk about it…
Vishnu – so my puppies are fine….
Devika – how come its your puppies
Vishnu – oh …then my sister’s puppies are fine?
Devika – yeah its fine…
Vishnu – occasionally I will come and check ..if it is fine or not
Devika – if you do the same again..I’m gonna kill you…
Vishnu – haha
Devika – seriously… Promise me..you will not do it again
Vishnu – he he…I promise..I won’t do it..he he…I didn’t mean anything bad../I’m sorry
Devika – its OK ../I know you are a good kid…OK..now leave../I have classes
Vishnu left with the room with a big grin and big hard on, he was happy that he could make progress in their competition.














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