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Devika & her Adventures from A Rich high class housewife Chapter 1

57 Min Read

Devika was sitting alone with doctor.
Doc: “Maam , Are you having sex with your husband ?”.
Devika got shocked
Devika: “What ?”.
Doc: “Yes, Please dont hide anything from doctor, did your husband Raju fucks you well ?”
Devika: “Sir Please, dont ask such questions”.
Doc: “Maam, dont feel shy in front of doctor, I am just asking few husband wife questions only.”
Devika have no other choice and answer doctors questions.
Devika: “Yes sir”.
Doc: “Yes what ? Maam, if you are not comfortable I cant explain his disease”.
Devika: “Ok sir, I understood, we have sex on every alternate days”.
Doc: “Did he ejaculate at climax of your session”.
Devika look confused, and thinking what sort of question.
Devika: “Yeah, he does that.”.
Doc: “Does what ? Maam Please answer me well, Does What ?”.
Devika bite her lips and controlled her shyness.
Devika: “Yes he cums at climax”.
Doctor: “raju, cums in your pussy or he take out and cum on your body”.
Devika felt humiliated with his question, also also directly pointing Raju here. She dont want to get involved into this conversation.
Devika: “No, when is about to cum he will go to bathroom and cum there”.
Doc: “Now i understand why this disease came to your husband Raju”.
Doc: “Maam, your husband never cums after having sex with you, that is why all cum got septic inside his body.”
Doc: “Maam, so your husband Raju is in very critical stage, he have very rare disease”.
Devika started acting as loyal wife, and kept her face very sad and surprising.
Devika: “What doctor your are saying ?”, she asked as she was in shock, as she has to act as Raju wife, as no wife can sit without reacting when someone says that her husband’s life is in danger.
Doc: “Yes maam, your husband is suffering from xxxxxx disease, it is very rare, only one will get in crore, this disease.”
Devika, acted like she was cry, also she felt bad for Raju.
Doc: “If he is not taking remedy for this disease, he will suffer all day, vomiting blood, and cant sleep, and more symptoms he will suffer”.
Doc: “Raju needs to freed from his septic sperms inside his body.”
Devika was listening to doctor, who called her sexy, with crying.
Devika: “Sir please dont say this, please give him medicine and cure him, I cant live without my husband. I will spend as much as possible for any kind of treatment, but please save him, doctor”.
Doc: “I have medicine for this disease, but.”
Devika: “But, please tell sir, I love my husband, I dont want my husband to die.”
Doc: “Dont worry maam, i understood your feelings, but this medicine can be provided my a woman only”, saying this he took a bottle under his table.
Devika: “So what, I am a women, and i am his wife, i can give this medicine”. saying that she asked for the bottle.
Doc: “BUt with one condition. This medicine cannot be poured into spoon or cup. This medicine should be feed from a woman to men, by mixing their saliva”.
Devika shocked hearing this, now she understood why doctor needs Raju wife help to cure this disease.
Devika even stopped acting.
Doc: “yes maam, only a woman can mix this medicine with saliva and feed it to men directly through her mouth or tongue. each drop by drop by you have to give directly from your mouth If you pour this medicine in hands or spoon, this medicine effect will go, and your husband wont get cure.”
Doc: “You have to pour this medicine into your mouth where saliva concentration is more, for example, your toungue, you have to pour a drop of this medicine into your tongue and ask Raju to take the medicine which is mixed with your saliva directly from your tongue, or you can pour on to your inner lips, and tell him to suck the medicine from your lips.”
Doc: “And one more thing, this medicine is to dilute his spectic sperms inside his body. so while giving medicine, you have to make him cum, but not by having sex, but by seducing and masturbating him, also wear sexy clothes while giving medicine, so that it will be easy for him to cum. so with medicine and your seduction, his septic sprem will be out of his body, and cure his disease.”
Doc: “Maam, It is time to prove you as loyal wife, by curing your husband disease”.
Devika, dont want to act as uncomfortable hearing this treatment, she decided to hand over this medicine to Raju and go home.
Devika: “Doctor, how long this medication i have to give him ?”
Doc: “It depends, may be a month or an year, it is all in your hand, if you gave the medicine properly without any mistake, and seduce him and take load of cum all day, you can cure him within a month.”
Devika: “Ok, Doctor.”
Doc: “Ok Maam, Take care of your husband, remember your husband life is in your hand. see the progress and come for next checkup after 2 weeks.”.
Doc: “Also this is my mobile number, in case any problem you can call me anytime.”

Devika came out of doctors room, Raju was waiting outside for devika, he acted very happy seeing her, Raju went to her and asked her,
“Maam what doctor said ? whether my disease will be cured ?”,


Devika came out of doctors room, Raju was waiting outside for devika, he acted very happy seeing her, Raju went to her and asked her,
“Maam what doctor said ? whether my disease will be cured ?”,
Devika felt bad for Raju, as she dont know how to convey this treatment to Raju, she gave the medicine bottle to Raju, and said, “Dont worry Raju, doctor said to take this medicine, every night after food.”
Raju acted happy and took the medicine bottle from devika.
Raju: “Thanks Maam, I never forgot this help in my life.”.
Devika: “ok Raju.”
Devika felt bad as she was not able to tell Raju the truth, how the medicine works, and his problem.
Raju: “Did doctor said anything about the disease ? What is the disease I have, why i am vomiting blood.”
Devika: “It is a kind of stomach infection, if you take this medicine, your disease will be cured.”
Devika hide the fact that this disease is not due to stomach infection,  but due to not releasing his cum.
Both took the auto, and went home.
Raju came home with disappointment, as he expected devika tell the truth and he then play the drama to make devika to feed the medicine, but unfortunately devika didnt tell anything about the medication process and lied about the disease.
This disease drama is already planned by both Raju and Doctor, Raju called Doctor asked whether said devika everything about medication and disease, he also confirmed that he said to devika, as Raju suggested.
Raju was thinking may devika was not comfortable about the treatment, or may be she came to know about the plan. Raju imaging devika hot rubbing session in auto and masturbated and slept.
On the other end devika came to home and changed her maid saree to nighty and thinking about Raju, she felt guilty that she lied Raju about the medication process, also she was dull thinking about Raju deadly disease, what happen if he is not taking this medicine as doctor advised, and he will die, whether I am responsible for his death, those thoughts are running through her mind. She struggled to sleep, She somehow slept, and got up morning, still those thoughts were in her mind, she felt like she cheat Raju to death, because of her Raju will die, she started crying thinking why she went to doctor as Raju wife and heard all the medication process.

Days were passed normally, Raju still have hope, that devika will come back to him and tell the medication process.
After 2 days, still devika felt difficult to come out of thoughts of Raju, but she cant, as she stay alone, she cant divert her concentration on other things. She was thinking to tell the truth, but what will Raju do just by knowing the truth, he needs a women to fulfill the medicine the effect. Already her husband went to dubai and not talking to her often, also having affair with some other women, she now dont have anything in her life, life became dry due to her husband. with these thoughts she decided to help Raju for his medication, but how, this medication process is may ends up having sex with Raju, but she dont want to have sex with any low class men, how she can keep herself and Raju in conrtol, also she have to seduce Raju wearing sexy dress, and make him cum, she have to allow raju to lick medicine from her tongue and suck her lips, she cant imagine how a old low class men can suck and lick her tongue, she cant expect raju to be clean, he always chew pan, smoke bidi, and his tooth are full yellow, and dark patches of pan, also she have to allow him to feel her body to manage him to cum more, definitley he will cum more, if raju feel her body, beacuse low class men like raju never get chance with beautiful women like deivka, also she has to give hand job to help him to ejaculate, she cant discuss this to any other person. But whats wrong in helping him, as she can save Raju life with this medication, if every thing goes well, she can cure him in a month, all will be over after he got cured. yeah this is just medication, she has to think as therapy to cure Raju. So decided to call Raju and tell the truth. But she decided to not give him hand job on his naked dick, instead she can jerk him over his cloths, and try her best.

She called Raju, Raju seeing Devika contact on his phone, he jumped in joy, he picked the call, but he dont want to show any excitement, so he kept his voice very sad and low.
Raju: “Hello maam.”
Devika: “Raju, how is your health, did the medicine works ?”
Raju: “Maam, you are really sweet, you really care  about me and called me, thanks maam. But maam, i was taking the medicine, as you said to me after food. but still vomiting blood, looks like the medicine is not working. I feel the doctor cheated us, Now I have anyother choice than dying.”, saying that he acted like crying.
Devika felt bad for him, because she is one cheated by not telling the truth, not the doctor.
Devika: “Raju, the medicine is correct medicine only.”
Raju: “then why maam medicine is not working ? Am i taking the medicine at wrong time ?”.
Devika: “No Raju, you are doing correct only. But…”
Devika dont know how to tell Raju, that medicine will have effect only when it is consumed from her mouth.
Raju: “But what Maam please dont hesitate, tell me maam”.
Devika made her mind and started telling Raju about the therapy.
Devika: “Raju, you have to take the medicine from a woman saliva, thats why doctor asked you to call your wife, but you dont have wife, so I came, and doctor explained me how to do the medication process.”
Raju: “Woman saliva, maam I didnt get you.”
Devika: “Raju, listen me carefully, you have very rare disease, the medicine can cure you, but only if you take it in correct way.”
Raju: “Correct way ?, I was doing as you said only maam, after food i am taking this medicine without failing”.
Devika: “This is not correct way Raju, this medicine have effect only if you take from mixed with women saliva, and that too directly from women mouth.”
Raju inside feeling cloud nine, as finally devika came by herself and said the truth about medicine.
Devika: “Yes Raju, first a women have to take a drop of this medicine into her tongue or lips, and then the medicine will mix with her saliva, after that a men have to lick or suck the medicine from that women lips or tongue.”
Raju: “Now i understood, why i am still vomiting blood, this medicine has no effect on me.”
Raju continued..
Raju: “Now i need a woman for this medicine, i dont have my wife also, if she is there, i can tell her to give this medicine, now what i will do.”.
Raju acted like he was sad.
Raju: “I think i will die in few days, i have no hope in my life.”
Devika felt sad whenever raju says that he is going to die. Devika heart was beating fast, when she thinks of telling that she is ready to give mdecine to Raju.
Devika: “Raju, dont worry, If you dont mind, I can help you to take this medicine.”
Raju was happy inside, he never expects devika will accept for this, but he controlled his joy, acted as he is shocked.
Devika: “Yes Raju, I can help you to get your disease cured”.
Raju: “Maam, i really dont know what to tell, how I can use you for this, i cant even imagine taking this medicine from your mouth.”
Devika: “Why Raju ? You want your disease to be cured, also you have any other woman other than me, so there is no wrong in helping you, also it is just a treament, also it is not good, as i knows everything and leave you in this condition. i felt guilty, that is why I called and said you the truth, also I know i only can help you take this medicine.”.
Raju: “Maam please think onemore time, you should not take risk by doing this, also you are married, so if someone founds, it will be problem for you.”
Devika: “I have already decided to help you, so dont think about me, no one will know this, unless either one of us tell to others, also dont think I am married, my husband is in dubai, and he never cares me.”.
Raju: “Ok, Maam, but you do many good things for me, not sure how I am going to repay all this.”.
Devika: “Dont think about this, all we need your disease to be cured, also from today night we will start your therapy. Come to my home by 8 pm, we will do the therapy in my house itself, as i dont want to take any risk by meeting you out. Also dont forgot to bring the medicine bottle with you.”
Raju: “Ok Maam I will come to your home at 8pm.”

Devika cut the call, and she started thinking about the treatment, she didnt tell Raju about making him to cum, Raju also thinking why devika didnt tell about making him to cum during therapy. devika decided to tell him after he comes home, for this therapy itself she was thinking Raju may take her wrong and wont accept, so decided to tell about seduction and cumming after he comes home. Now Raju was happy thinking today night he is going to taste devika lips and tongue, devika has very hot sturcture, not so fat and not so lean, she got average body, can make any men to think of having sex with her on first sight, devika got body that can make any men, even men at 60’s also to raise their dick. Raju started jerking his dick over his lungi, but he controlled, as today night Devika will help him to ejaculate his cum.

It was 6pm, in another 2 hours, Raju will come, so she started to prepare herself for therapy, she wants to seduce him, to make him to cum as much as possible, so she decided to wear saree, with sleeveless blouse, she took a dark orange color saree from her wardrobe and matching blouse, and kept in bed, and went to bathroom for taking bath, after bath she came out wearing a towel, and searching for bra and panties inside her wardrobe, she found a set of see through bra and panties, she worn those and standing in-front of mirror, she was imaging how she can get ready for a 50 years old man. without thinking much she started her petticoat, and blouse, then wrapped her saree, her blouse looks extremely low and dangerous, even without bending, her cleavage was exposed through her blouse. she worn her saree below 3 inch of her navel, and exposed more of her hip regions, also her blouse back also low. she also removed her hair on her armpit and kept smooth and sexy, she was checking raising her arms and seeing in mirror, 
she applied little makeup, and perfume over her armpits and neck region, she applied little lipstick and imagined how raju is going to suck medicine from her lips with his dirty mouth, she felt shy thinking that.

Raju in his house, thinking of devika, also he dont want to cum fast during his theraphy, so he took a tablet suggested by his doctor to delay cumming process and rushed to devika home.

It was 7:45pm.
She heard knock on the door, she thought it will be Raju, and went to door and see through the hole in door. Yeah raju was standing outside the door, Devika opened the door.
Once Door opened he saw devika a sexy housewife standing infront of him
Raju: “Maam…”
Raju was not able to speak, after seeing devika in saree with sleeveless blouse, he is scanning her from top to bottom, once his eyes reached her mid portion, his eyes got stucked at her exposed hip regions, her hips  was white, curvy and looking like butter,  even though she covered her navel with pallu, he can see her navel from side of saree.
Devika was standing infront of Raju, and was not able to look raju directly, as she was shy, this is first time she was dressed like this infront of another man, other than his husband, she was shy, as she was newly married.
Devika: “Come Raju, your are staring me like you have seen any women before.”
Raju: “I never seen any women like, you look gorgeous in this saree.”
Raju continued..
Raju: “Maam, you have plan to going out for any function ? But you told me to come to your home at 8pm only”
Devika: “No Raju, I just took bath now and worn this saree, thats all.”
Devika: “Ok Raju, come inside, lets go inside and talk”.
Saying that devika grabbed Raju’s hand, took him inside, Raju’s heart started beating when he felt Devika hands on his hand, her hands are chill due to bath effect and smooth as always, Raju followed Devika inside, watching her back, her structure is clearly visible, as she wore saree tightly, he cant take eyes from her ass swaying infront his eyes.
Raju came inside her home and standing near a single seated sofa, he was wearing a dirty lungi, and a white shirt, with one button opened, his white hairs are visible over his shirt. He was holding the medicine bottle.
Raju: “Maam your saree looks expensive, but why have to wear this saree now, you can wear normal dress ?”
Devika: “I will tell later, why i worn this saree.”
Raju while talking to Devika, he constantly eyeing her exposed hips area.
Devika also noticed that, but she didnt tell anything.
She went inside, kitchen and brought juice for him.
Devika: “Raju, here, take this juice”.
Raju: “Maam, you are really Angel, No rich house wife will take care of low class men like you”.
He took juice from devika hand, and drank completely.
Devika was nervous, to start the topic of therapy, but she had no other choice, as time is running, she has to complete this treatment as early as possible and send Raju back, as the time is already 8:30 pm.
Raju hasnt bored of devika beauty, exposed skin, her arms, hip folds.
Devika: “Raju, Shall we start the treatment ? Come to bedroom”.
Raju: “But maam, we can do here in the hall itself ?”.
Devika: “No Raju, I will tell you why we have to do in bedroom.”
Raju: “Ok Maam.”
Devika: “Ok lets go to bedroom, we cant do treatment here in hall”.
Raju: “Ok Maam”.
Devika stood from sofa and started walking to bedroom, Raju too followed her, watching her ass, Raju never except devika will call raju to  bedroom for therapy.
Devika sat on the edge of bedroom, Raju with some hesitation, standing near her, she thought to make Raju comfortable, she pulled Raju near and made her to sit near her, raju can feel her thighs and arms with his body. Raju acted as he was shy
Devika: “See Raju, dont be shy, I will explain the process again, so listen carefully”.
Both were sitting side by side and seeing each other. Devika took the medicine from his hand.
Devika: “Raju, this medicine i will pour a drop into my tongue, after that you have to take the medcine from my tongue using your tongue, if you find difficult licking the medicine from my tongue, you can directly suck the medicine from my tongue, like that you have to take 5 drops and next i will pour drop of the medicine onto my lower lips, yon can suck my lips to get the medicine.”
Raju was acting as he was listening devika carefully.
Devika: “Yeah I know this therapy is quite uncomfortable, but we had no other choice to feed the medicine.”
Raju: “Maam, I have a doubt, how long i have to suck your tongue to take the medicine, i mean How i know the medicine is consumed from you by me?”
Devika: “You can suck each time for 30 seconds, hope with that time, the medicine will get transfered to you.”
Raju: “Ok Maam, I got it.”
Devika now she has to tell about cumming.
Devika: “One Important thing.”
Raju gave her a confused look.
Raju: “What is that maam ?”
with Hesitation. Devika: “Raju, you have this disease, because you are not ejaculating your sperm, these sperms stays in your body, and become poison, so we need to take your sperms also, this medicine is to neutralize the sperm, but we have to take out.”
Raju: “But how maam, Do i have to masturbate ?”
Devika: “Yes Raju, you have to masturbate, and at the same time you have to take the medicine”.
Raju was flying inside. But he kept his face as he is confused.
Devika: “I have to seduce and make you hard and same time you have to take medicine, you have to keep hard during this whole medication process, at the end you have to ejaculate your sperm.”
Devika: “I will help you to make you hard and jerk your dick. so that you can concentrate on medicine, and at the end you have to cum.”
Raju acted as he is not comfortable.
Raju: “But how maam, you are my angel, how can I think you in sexy way, my dick never raise, i cant think you in that way”.
Devika knows he was acting, as she knows raju was eyeing her exposed region, and devika got hot body, even 60 year old men become hard.
Devika: “Raju, why you are thinking me as angel, because i helped you a lot ? Forgot about that. Think me as your lover, think me as your wife, i already acted as your wife, see Raju, we can cure your disease only when do the therapy, so nothing wrong in think me as your wife, That is why I wear this saree, and also in sexiest way. But raju you can strip my saree during seduction, but dont go beyond that, dont strip my blouse or petticoat, as it may become more complicated, which i dont want to happen.”
Raju: “But maam …”
Devika inturrpted raju and kept her finger on his lips and signaled not to speak words.
She stood from bed and came opposite to Raju, she bend close to him and looking into his eyes.
Devika: “No Buts, and Ifs, lets start our therapy…. Dont you think I am sexy, you can hug me, kiss me. I know you are looking at my hips from beginning, look at my sexy curvy hips, dont you want to keep your hand on my bare hips, dont you want to press my sexy hips. you can strip my saree, kiss my navel, kiss my cleavage, press my soft boobs over blouse, eat my neck, do whatever you want to do to your new sexy wife”.
Raju was sitting in the cot with his mouth opened by seeing devika sudden change and calling herslef as his wife.
Saying this Devika started the game of seduction, she turned on a music in her radio, and came near Raju, and made him to stand.
Devika: “Lets start with some dance”
Raju: “Maam I dont know how to dance.”
To turn raju fond of her, she decided to act as his wife during the therapy session.
Devika: “Stop calling me maam, I am your wife, call me by my name. also Dont worry about dancing, just hold my shoulders and hands and dance along with me”.
Raju: “Ok Maam.. sorry Devi…. Devika”.
Raju put his hands on her sholder and hold her palm and moved along with devika, devika constantly watching his eyes in romantic mood. Slowly devika brought his hands from her shoulder and placed over her bare hips. a current shock went for both of them, as it is long devika feeling a men hand on her body, raju also never thought he will get a chance to a sexy housewife’s hips,
Devika: “Treat me as your wife, not like a stranger”, saying that and pulled him more closer to her, due to hard pull he crushed devika boobs with his broad chest, and kept tightly pressed, he was feeling her boobs over his chest, and slowly Raju moved his hands over her hips and pressed her hips flesh, devika got cute folds on her hips, raju also felt her hip folds while pressing, devika felt happy, as raju also started to take initiative. Due to closeness Devika started feeling his dick getting harder, she felt his dick on her navel.
Devika: “Looks like my hubby finally gets into action”, saying that she smiled at him, hearing devika calling him as hubby, he got more excited and pressed her hips harder..
she gave a slight moan.
Devika: “sssshh… ahhh….”.
Raju: “Devikaa….”.

Devika took 6th drop and poured into her inner lips and signaled raju to suck, raju without waiting time, sucked her delicious lips, she also closed her lips over his lips, it appeared like both are smooching, devika also applied some pressure on raju dick, feeling its full length. she felt awkward, to hold his dick, but she had no choice, jerking him, devika closed her eyes and allowed him to suck her lips, and feeling his foul smell on her face. after sucking her lips for 1min he left her lips, 

Raju: “Devika, i need more stimulation to keep my  dick hard.”

Devika understood what raju said, without saying anything, devika moved further close to raju, resting her legs with high heels over his thighs, also her petticoat shifted due to the position, her calves were exposed and looking great with high heels, raju pulled her bare calves and made her more closer to him, and he wrapped his hands on her bare hips, and feeling her smoothness,
now devika liked the way raju sucking her lips, so this time she poured drops on her both upper and lower lips, and signaled raju to take the medicine, he sucked her lower lips, and then her upper lips, and repeated this, devika also mutually responded him by sucking his lips, raju felt extremely sexy holding devika hips and kissing her lips, he continued sucking her lips, and pulling her more closer, which made devika to sit partially on his thighs, she found difficult to jerk his dick at that position, but still she dont want to lose focus on his dick and tried her best to jerking him, most part of his lungi drenched with his pre-cum, even devika started feeling the wetness in lungi in her hands. she leaned sidewards over him, her complete body weight was over raju. devika was feeling raju bare body, devika for balance, she holded raju other end shoulder in a hugging posture, her entire arm was resting over his bare body.
raju left her lips, this time her took 1 min 30 secs to consume the medicine, both were looking each other. still there are 4 more drops left, both lips were glistening each other saliva, devika hands were tired because of continuous jerking, raju felt that and he removed her hands and he continued jerking, he looked her exposed calf muscles, there are no hairs, completely smooth, slowly her massaged her calves, and bent and gave a kiss, devika felt different sensation, her husband never worship her like this, this is the first time in her life she felt like this, she can feel his beard and mustache all over her sexy smooth waxed legs, on every kiss he kissed like he is eating her calves, he ate her calf muscles with his lips, also he licked her calves with his tongue, devika closed her eyes with excitement, seeing that he slowly raised her petticoat till her knee. her legs looked extremely sexy with her high heels, raju didnt remove her heels, as it added more beauty than her bare feet. raju continued licking devika calves till her knee, raju slowly raised her petticoat up, reveliving her full length of leg, he raised her petticoat till her knees, an alert went inside devika.

Devika: Raju, No…. Dont do it…. dont raise my petticoat, sssshhh ahhh …. raju..

hearing that raju didnt go beyond knee, as she dont want to lose her trust, and continued eating her calves. Raju in first time feeling a women leg without any hairs, he  cant control, and eating her smooth calves, devika also never felt this feeling, as her husband never kiss and worship her body, like raju, raju is better than her husband in worshiping her beauty.

devika opened her eyes and saw raju.

Raju: “Devika, Do you like this ?”

Devika: “I dont know, i feel different. I never felt this before, my husband never did this to me, this is different feeling for me..”

Raju: “Ha haaa.. dont worry… today your new husband will worship you like a devi, and will show how a real husband and wife will be, I will worship your whole body with my tongue, each and every part of your body with my sailiva”.

Devika got bit irritated as he says his as her new husband, she knows for this therapy she called him as his husband, only to make him comfortable and also she allowed him to call her by her name, but now he is taking advantage of that and he too started calling him as her husband. But she didnt tell anything, as this will help raju to stimulate more on consider her in sexier way and cum as much as possible at the end of therapy.
Hearing Raju comments, devika gave a sexy smile.

Devika slowly called raju, who was tasting her legs, “Raju, still we have 4 more drops to complete, we need to hurry up”.

Raju came back to sense, “Yes devika… I am sorry, you look so good and sexy, also you smell great, which i cant control..”, devika smiled within herself, and poured 7th drop into her lips, this time also both upper and lower lips, raju was waiting like hyena, which will wait for its prey, and quickly invaded her lips. devika also smooched him, now he brought his hands from calves and controlled her hips and rubbing her exposed belly and feeling its smoothness with his rough hands. now raju raised his hands little further upwards, and feeling her exposed upper portion of her back, which is above blouse knots. devika felt tickling sensation when he moved his hands on upper back region, so she moved her shoulders in sexy way, after 1 min devika pulled her lips, but raju didnt leave her lips, after some struggle she pulled her lips out of his mouth very slowly in seductive way.

Devika poured 8th drop, and went near raju, raju again sucked her lips, he continued resting her hands on her back below neck region, he slowly moved his hands below and rested on the knot where blouse is tied, an alarm went inside devika, as she felt raju is trying to remove her blouse, devika already stripped her saree and sitting side by him with her legs on his thighs, if she allows raju to remove her blouse, it will be extremely dangerous, and end up having sex with raju, she also knows she cant control, as her blouse and petticoat is removed, so while raju sucking her lips, in attempt of stoping raju from removing her blouse, she brought her hands and tried to stop his hands, she grapped his hands and pulled from the knot region, she thought raju may become sad with her action, and he may not cum at the end, and entire therapy will go waste, so she acted like having romance with him, by holding his hands joined her fingers with his fingers like real lovers, devika fingers with nail polish appeared sexy with fingers, raju felt happy that devika wantedly holding his fingers with hers, and reacted by crush her fingers with his fingers, devika tried to moan due to raju action. But her lips are jailed by raju, Raju other hand continued jerking his dick over his lungi.

Devika :”Mmmmm …. “

Devika pulled her lips out from his mouth.

Devika: “Ahhh…. Shhhh Raju…. Slowly”, and trying to release her finger from his hold, raju stopped crushing her fingers, but didnt leave her and kept hold withing his hands. Then he brought her hands and replaced his hands on his cock, she realized what raju needed and started jerking without wasting time. Raju brought his hands back to her hips and rubbing her hips.

Again this seduction continued for one more drop, and came for last drop of this season, raju wants to enjoy each and every moment of this last drop, so after devika pouring drops into her lips, he didnt wait and started sucking her lips, he even generated more saliva and start sending into her mouth, she felt when this all kissing seasons will get over, she cant take raju’s dirty foul smell, and his pan mixed saliva, she started feeling pan taste now. now she came to last part of the therapy, so she didnt thinking much and cooperated him, and jerked his dick faster, as now after this last drop, he needs to cum as much as possible also. she also generated  more sailva, both of their saliva mixed and started flowing through side of their mouth, devika can feel saliva dropping to her chin, neck, and few drops into her exposed cleavage, devika felt akward feeling the saliva traversing into her cleavage. raju also feeling sailva dropping through his side of his beard. devika pulled her mouth from raju, but raju still continued with a strong kiss pressing her lips, it appeared like he is not trying to get medicine, instead he wants to feel her sexy lips with lips, devika also kept pressed her lips with raju lips, after sometime raju separated from the kiss, saliva was extending from their lips, their saliva strings appeared to broken slowly from each other.  she felt like she wants to run to bathroom and clean her mouth, but she thought raju may think bad, so she stayed still without doing aything allowing the sailva flowing into her cleavage, raju cleaned her chin and beard and again pushed into his mouth, she also dont want the sailva visible outside, by seeing raju action she too, cleaned the sailva with her fingers, and brought back to her mouth, she didnt bother abt the sailva  went inside blouse though her cleavage, but raju can see wet patches on her blouse due to saliva and smiled inside him.
Devika stood from bed, as all 10 drops of medicine are feed.

Devika: “Raju now what are you waiting for, come on, you have to cum, and take sperm out”. Raju acted like he was struggling to cum.

Raju: “Devika I dont know why I am not able to cum.”

Devika got shocked, as if he is not able to cum soon, this whole therapy will go in vain, 
Devika: “Be serious, dont scare me, you have to cum, tell me if I have to do from my side”.

Raju: “I think i need more simulation from you”,
Devika got irritated, when raju says like this, she already did her best , she stripped her saree, she allowed raju to feel each and every part of her exposed region, she got gorgeous body which can cum many man without touching, just by seeing her. Also she did not stop, or disappoint raju between therapy process, but still he is asking for sexual situational.

Devika: “Tell me Raju what i have to do ? I already did  everything to make you hard”

Raju: “But still you can help me”.

Raju was breathing heavily and jerking at his maximum speed, while talking.
Raju: “Devikaa, the most liked part in women is her navel, I need your navel… I want to kiss your navel, come on devika, give me your sexy navel and make me cum”.
Devika already standing with petticoat and blouse, also she kissed raju like mad women, now she dont have any shame in allowing him to do whatever he wants with her navel, she with an irritated face, went near to raju with her exposed navel. raju sitting at the edge of bed, with one hand on his cock, and with other hand he wrapped devika by her belly, and pulled closer and digged his face into her navel,
devika felt tickling sensation, due to his beard and mustache, 

Devika: “sss… ahhh … your beard”, devika closed her eyes.

he stuck his nose into her navel, and smelling her navel like a mad Rocky(D). again her took his face away, and hit her navel with nose, eventhough devika dont have fat on her belly, her belly bouncing sexily due to his force, and he is rubbing his face sidewards left and right with his nose inside her navel. now again he brought his face away from her belly and watching her navel like a mad Rocky(D), devika closed her face with shame, this time raju planted a tight kiss on her navel, and started sucking her navel flesh with his dirty lips, he sucked her navel for sometime, and his hands jerked faster to cum.

Raju: “Sruppp… srupppp ….”

Devika worndering how long raju take to cum, her navel was surrounded by his saliva after complete kissing, sucking and eating, even drops of saliva filled her navel, now he stoped eating her navel, and used his tongue to explore inside her navel, he was swirling his tongue inside her navel, each and every part of her navel raju invaded with his tongue, now again he was kissing her navel, ‘chup, chup’ sound was coming due to raju kissing devika saliva filled slippery belly
he is almost verge of cumming…. he pressed devika white milky hips hard with his wrapped hand. Devika shouted with pain caused due his hard press

Devika: “Raju… ahhhhh… “

Raju: “Ahhhhh…. devika I am cumming…. Ahhhh…. sexy devika…… Ahhhh…… “.

Raju left her hip, and focused on cumming… devika pulled herself from him and watching raju cumming in his lungi, his lungi completely drenched with his cum, raju twisted his head upwards towards the ceiling of the roof with his eyes closed. raju released his cum atleast 5 times and finally calm down, and lied on the bed. devika also finally become relaxed and sat near raju, by adjusting her hair, and tie into a bun knot by raising her arms, and looking at this cum drenched lungi, she was wondering how much liter of cum he stored inside his body. She also lied near Raju as she was lying in bed near her husband after sex session, letting her legs flowing the free end of bed.
After 10 mins Devika took her saree, and Raju shirt, she placed his shirt near raju and quickly went to bathroom, and cleaned herself from all mess caused by sailva of Raju and changed into nighty and came out of bathroom returned, and saw raju continued lied on bed unconsciously, he never cum this much in his life.
She dont want to disturb raju and went to kitchen and made coffee for her and grape juice for raju and kept in hall, and again came to bedroom to wake up raju, as it is already 10pm, and he has to leave her house before its too late.

Devika: “Raju…. Raju…”

Raju responded slowly, “Maam… Yes maam…”

Raju again started to call devika as maam. As he dont want to lose the trust on him.

Devika: “Chalo come to hall, lets have some juice, and it is late, you have leave fast.”

Raju: “Oh… sorry maam”

Devika: “Its ok.. come fast”

Raju worn his shirt, and adjusted his lungi (he forgot to wear his jetty, as he was hurrying to leave, also his jetty was felt inside devika saree, which she didnt notice while taking her saree to bathroom, now raju jetty is along with devika saree, which she kept inside bathroom for washing).
Raju came out of bedroom, and came to hall, and sat at opposite single seat sofa. Devika saw his lungi with his wet cum patches, she felt shame inside her, and looked at other side, he didnt say anything, drank the juice,

Raju: “Why maam for me juice ?”.

Devika: “How can I explain this ?… I mean you have to cum lot every time, grape juice will increase you sperm count..”

Raju: “You are really angel… I am happy as i got person like you in my life.” saying that he started to leave.

She blushed when raju prasied her as angel.
while he was about to leave, Devika saw raju wearing wet cum drenched lungi.

Devika: “Raju, next time when you come, bring some additional clothes with you so you change your clothes after the therapy.”

Raju: “Sorry maam, I didnt expect I cum this much, as it is long back i cummed, and i thought i never cum again, but today, i am very excited with your sexy body, and your womanly smell.”

Devika felt shame on his comment

Devika: “chee naughty… you call me angel, now commenting me as sexy… you are very naughty”, said with mock anger.

Now she was comfortable with raju comments and his attitude. raju also liked devika didn’t take serious on his comment, this encouraged raju to give comments on her using bard words.

Devika with shyyness
Devika: “Raju… Am I looking that much beautiful ?”

Raju: “WHat short of question is this maam…. your are the most beatiful woman in this planet.. i never seen a sexy women like you”

Raju: “If you are my wife, I never go work, and all i will behind you only maam..”

Devika smiled within her, feeling proud about her beauty and showed mock anger..

Devika: “Whaaat ? Ok enough flirting…. Now leave… Its very late”

Raju: “Heeheee…. ok ok maam”

Raju left her house.


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