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Devika & her Adventures from A Rich high class housewife Chapter 3

253 Min Read

ramlal become normal.

devika: ‘oh my god, i thought you had died… phew’. she was still sitting in the sofa armrest near him,  still she can feel ramlal body was shivering in cold.
ramlal: ‘yeah maam, you have saved me with your timely help.’, devika smiled in acknoledgement.
devika: ‘you are still shivering, you have to change your clothes fast as possible, or else you will get cold, here take this dress’, saying that she gave her husband costly night dress to him
devika: ‘here is the bathroom, go and change the dress fast’, she showed him the way to bathroom, 
ramlal get up from sofa and went inside the bathroom, inside the bathroom, he removed his wet phants and underware and dried his naked body with towel, he wrapped the towel and covered his lower body, he dont have any dry underwear to wear, so he decided to ask devika for her husband underwear, so he opened the door, and called devika.
ramlal: ‘maam, maam…’.
devika sounded from the hall, ‘what ramlal ?’.
ramlal: ‘please come here maam, once’, devika wondered why ramlal is calling her, so she went to attend him, she found ramlal peeking from behind the bathroom door, devika felt shy as she can understand ramlal is standing behind the door naked, but actually ramlal was wearing the towel.
devika from a distance looking down, and asked, ‘what ramlal, why you called me ?’
ramlal: ‘I dont know how to ask this to a woman…’.
devika: ‘it is ok, you can ask me’
ramlal: ‘maam, my underwear is wet, i need a underwear to wear, if you have any of your husband jetty, please give it to me, i will wear it’.
devika bursted into laughter, ‘so for this only you called me… ha ha… you need a jetty, thats all right, why you are hestitating to ask ?’.
ramlal suprised by her open and bold talk,
devika: ‘wait, i will see, if there is any underwear of my husband’, saying that she went to her bedroom and searched for her husband’s jetty, but unfoturnaltley she cant find anyone of her husband underwear, she wondered, where all the underwear gone, so with confused state she went to ramlal,
ramlal: ‘what maam, did you find any underwear ?’
devika: ‘Sorry Ramlal, i searched everywhere in my husband wardrobe, but coudnt find one, i dont know where he kept all his underwear’.
ramlal: ‘that is ok maam, i can adjust without underwear, but to feel little warm, i thought i can wear a undewear’, saying that he felt sad. devika got an idea,
devika: ‘ramlal, if you dont mind, can your one of my underwear’.
ramlal cant believe his ears what devika said.
ramlal: ‘what ? your underwear ?’.
devika: ‘yes my panty.’.
ramlal: ‘but maam, it is wrong men wearing women underwear’.
devika: ‘yeah usually men wont wear women innerwear, but now we dont have choice, also you said you want to keep yourself warm, so wearing panty is not wrong’, she said and looked down with shyness.
ramlal: ‘ok maam, as you said’.
devika again went to her bedroom and took one of her hispter type panty, and came back to ramlal.
devika: ‘here take my panty’, saying that she handover her panty to him.
ramlal with eager got her panty and closed the bathroom door, inisde the bathroom, he closely looked at her panty, it feels more expensive and silky, he moved the panty closed to his nose and smelt it, also he rubbed her panty all over his face, and smelt it, eagerly he unwrapped his towel and put her panty, as ramlal is quite fat, his ass fit her panty, his cock felt instanly hard, when he felt the smoothness of devika panty in his dick, he controlled that and worn her husband night dress, and came out of bedroom, and came to hall where devika sitting in sofa and watching tv. seeing ramlal in her husband’s dress, she blushed, also she knows he was wearing her panty, she felt shy thinking that ,she smiled at ramlal, he also smiled in return, he came near to devika, and felt nervous standing near hear.

devika: ‘how are you feeling now ramlal ?’.
ramlal: ‘feeling better, it is all your effort, now i am feeling ok.’
devika: ‘why are standing, come on sit on sofa, and watch Tv’.
ramlal: ‘maam… how can i seat in sofa near your, your are rich beatiful women, i am a poor old gurka, i feel uncomfortable sitting near you.’
devika: ‘dont feel inferior ramlal, there is no such difference with rich and poor, all are human, everyone has to repect all, also think me as your friend’, saying that she grabbed his hands and made him to sit near her. devika was careful not touching him, she made him to sat with a small gap between them, he saw devika’s bare arm in her sleveless blouse, devika saw ramlal ogling at her body, you can watch tv not me, ramlal got fear and watched tv, devika felt proud of her beauty, even a 60 year old man having eyes on her body
in tv it was movie, where hero and heroine got married and read for first night scene, they both sat on bed and chatted for sometime and hero kissed heroine on her neck, both lied on bed and light goes off, next a song came, and they had a baby, just like that movie went.
ramlal: ‘wow.. that guy kissed that woman neck and she gave birth to a baby, that is great maam’.
devika laughed at his innocent talk.
devika: ‘ha ha ha ha’.
ramlal: ‘why maam you are lauhing, i said correct only na’.
devika: ‘it is not like that ramlal, they have to do more than that to get a baby’
ramlal: ‘maam, you are lying to me, i had seen many movies, like hero kisses heroine on her neck, and new baby will come, he acted like dont know anything’.
devika: ‘dont act ramlal, you are not married ? you talk you didnt have any sex ?’
ramlal: ‘yes maam, i am not married, my parents died when i was kid, after that noone cares me, and so i didnt marry one’.
devika: ‘sorry ramlal, i feel pitty for you… that is you dont know anything about how ….’, she stopped .. as she dont want to talk intimate things with ramlal
ramlal: ‘how ?’, but ramlal didnt leave her
devika: ‘i mean, how a baby will born’.
ramlal: ‘if i dont know means you can teach me na, so i will also marry and give bith to a woman’.
devika: ‘what ? no… i cant… ‘
ramlal: ‘why, you said you are my friend, why cant you teach me then ?’
devika: ‘you can get the knowledge from your wife only’
ramlal: ‘but i dont have wife, i can ask my beatiful friend only’, he continued
ramlal: ‘also maam, if i too kiss your neck, you will give bith to my baby, and mother of that baby ?’
devika: ‘no stop talking like, how can you talk to me like this, i am married, and i have my husband, also kissing alone wont give a baby’
ramlal: ‘no i wont believe you, you are lying to me’.
devika: ‘no i am telling truth only, i am no lying’.
ramlal: ‘also you mentioned sex, and what is that ? where i can buy that ?’
devika: ‘hha ha ha… it is not a thing to buy, it is feeling between a woman and men’.
ramlal: ‘can i get the feeling from you, will you give sex to me’
devika: ‘stop this, you really dont know how to talk to a woman, dont talk like to anyother woman, or else you will be in trouble’.
ramlal: ‘why maam, if you are not telling i will ask smitha madam, or any women in this are, they will teach me how to give a baby’.
devika: ‘dont do that, you will be thrown out of this area.’
ramlal: ‘you are also teaching me, and not allowing to ask others too, then how i will learn give baby. then i will kiss a woman on her neck and make that women to bear my child’.
devika: ‘ramlal kissing is just express love, not to make baby’.
ramlal: ‘no i wont belive you’.
devika acted like she got irritated.
devika: ‘aree baba…how can i prove this to you ?(asked within herself) … ok kiss me, on my neck nothing will happen, i think after that you willl believe me’, saying that she pointed her neck. ramlal cant believe devika asking him to kiss her neck. but he acted like he is feared
ramlal: ‘no maam, if i kiss you will get pregnant, and give birth to my baby’.
devika: ‘no nothing will happen, i gave permission right, so just kiss me on my neck’.
ramlal: ‘but mamm’, devika pulled him near her
devika: ‘kiss me on my neck and i will show you that you are wrong’. saying that she raised her head and show her neck
ramlal leaned on her and went near her neck, “wow, what a sexy bomb she is and her smell ,it is great” ,he said with himself and gave a peck on her neck, but he is not yet finished, he opened his dirty mouth and placed on her neck and applied some pressure and take her neck flesh inside his lips and smooched her neck, devika felt current shock passing inside her body when she felt his lips eating her neck, she thought he was innocennt, but his kiss said he is more experienced, ramlal left her neck after a strong kiss.
devika felt wet on her neck with his saliva.
devika: ‘see nothing happens, i am not pregnant’.
ramlal: ‘how can you get pregnant instantly, it will take time’.
devika: ‘eventhough we wait for 100 years nothing will happen’.
ramlal: ‘ok i agree your point, that kissing on woman neck wont give baby, then tell how to make a woman pregnant’.
devika: ‘ok fine i will explain you’, she took a deep breath
devika: ‘to make a woman pregnant you need to have sex with her.’
ramlal with confused look, ‘so if i have sex with you, you will pregnant’,
devika: ‘no no you cant have sex with me, i am already married, may be you can marry a girl and make her as your wife, and have sex with her and make her pregnant’.
ramlal: ‘you said you can have to sex with woman, not with wife, i dont understand, now you are telling only with wife i can have sex’.
devika: ‘it is not like that ramlal, any men have sex with a woman, and make her pregnant, but there are certain norms, and culture, that we need to follow’.
ramlal: ‘but this sex, what is exactly i dont understand’.
devika: ‘aree baba, ramlal you are asking everything, that you are not supposed to ask’.
ramlal: ‘then whom i will ask, i dont know anyone other than you’. devika felt pitty for him.
devika: ‘ok fine i will explain’. ramlal acted like he is very eager to listen her lecture
devika: ‘sex, is some sort of physical activity in which men and women touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc’
ramlal: ‘but i kissed you now, that means i had sex with you ?’
devika: ‘no, not only kissing, as i said earlier. sex is where both women and men get aroused seeing each other’.
ramlal: ‘aroused ?’
devika dont know how to explian him about sex with using words like fuck, dick, pussy.
devika: ‘yeah, when a men see a woman, he will be aroused and a men toches a women and she arosue, and they both will have sex’
ramlal: ‘what you mean by aroused? how i can get aroused’.
devika: ‘it is feeling.. i mean how to explain… ‘, she decided to be more open, as she had no choice other than to be open to explain him
devika: ‘not just by seeing a woman, you have to think about her in a sexier way, you have to think, about her attire, like’
devika: ‘like you can think, ‘what a sexy structure she got’, ‘her curves are very hot’, ‘what a chest she had’, ‘her lips are so cute to kiss’, thinking such things, make a men arouse’.
ramlal: ‘what happen if a men arouse ?’
devika: ‘if a men got arouse, i meann..’ she struggled
devika: ‘if a men got arouse, his penis will become hard, and excited’, ramlal is excited to hear from a richclass ssexy housewife.
ramlal: ‘penis ?’.
devika: ‘you dont know penis ?, the one between your legs, the one hangs between your legs’, now she become hotter with this conversation, also she decided to seduce him with her words. ramlal tiouched between his legs
ramlal: ‘you mean, dick ?’
devika: ‘yes correct.’
ramlal: ‘we call this dick, lund, cock, now only i am hearing penis.’
ramlal: ‘if i think a woman in the way as you said, my dick also will become hard ? i thought dick is only for pee, i never felt my dick getting harder, by seeing a woman, only sometimes while sleeping i feel my dick getting harder, i thought it may be a disease’.
devika: ‘no ramlal, it is not disease, and not only for urinating, and also with that part only you can have sex with a woman’.
ramlal: ‘but dick is dirty, whether women accepts that’
devika: ‘yeah every woman like dick’.
ramlal: ‘you too ?’
devika: ‘yeah, but only my husband’s one’.
ramlal: ‘oh that is why we need to marry?’
devika: ‘yes correct ramlal, after that your wife also likes your penis’.
ramlal: ‘so what i have to do to make my dick harder, yes yes, i remember i need to think about a woman’, saying he closed his eyes.
devika: ‘what are you doing ?’
ramlal: ‘i am just thinking about actress, i saw in movie, but my dick is not raising’
devika: ‘may be for your age, you need to do more than thinking’
ramlal: ‘tell mamm, what i have to do’.
devika: ‘you need to see a woman lively like i said, instead of thinking’, after that devika releasied her mistake that she said him to see a woman lively, she know what next ramlal will ask her.
ramlal: ‘you mean a live woman, mamm can i think about you like how you said, i want to see my dick raise’
devika: ‘no no you cant think about me, i told you right i am married and you cant, you can try later with some other woman’
ramlal: ‘but maam, i dont know anyother woman other than you, also i want to see whether my dick raising now.’
devika: ‘ok, but ramlal dont tell this to anyone, or else i will die’.
ramlal: ‘no mamm, i promise i dont tell anything to anyone’.
devika: ‘ok thanks, go ahead, look at me, and think me in a sexy way’, saying that she turned to him in seating posture in sofa and gave a sexy smile.
ramlal sititng near her also turned towards her, and scaned her body from top to bottom, he can see her side hips in that position, she is looking like a sexy bomb tightly wrapped dark purple color saree, her structure in saree is more hot, also her sleveless blosue wiht more exposed arms are irrestiable to handle. ramlal saw her, as he is going to eat her, devika was uncomfortable allowing a men to watch her body with her permission.
ramlal: ‘i feel nothing man, my dick is not getting harder, i think i never get arrousal’.
devika: ‘may be, i think you are thinking me as your friend, that is why you are not getting aroused of seeing me, may be this time think me as your wife, imagine we both are married, and i am your wife, and you are my husband’, ramlal cant belive the luck, as devika gave permisson to think her as his wife. devika also thought he need some seduction to get arroused, so instead satying like statue, she decide to get active.
ramlal again saw her face into her eye, devika felt shy, but she too look into his eyes, she licked her lips seductively and puckered her lips and gave a kiss from distance.
devika: ‘what are you looking at your wife’
devika: ‘dont you think i am sexy’, she slowly raised her hands and adjusted her hairs exposing her armpits. ramlal become excited to see her clean shaven armpit, also he can see her exposed bare boobs on side of her blouse, he cant belive the luck he had today, he brought his hands near her and tried touching her armpits, devika snapped his hands
devika: ‘ahh ahh.. only seeing, not touching, i know you can get aroused by just seeing’. sayign that she kept her hands on her blosue sleave and pulled and adjusted, in that process ramlal saw her boobs was jiglling inside her blouse.
devika agian looked at him: ‘you naughty, dont look at me like this i feel shy’.
devika slowly slide her pallu near her chest area, stretched hersefl front, and showed her cleavage, ‘look at my cleaveage, dont you like those mangoes’, ramlal was slienet and licked his lips seeing her cleavage.
ramlal: ‘yes you are sexy, i never seen a beautiful women like you, everything in you is beautiful, your eyes, lips, neck,… wow your boobs… so nice’. devika wondering whether he is making roleplay or really he is prasing her, but she ignored that continued her act.
devika: ‘ah ah ha…’, saying that she hide her cleavage with her pallu, and then she brought her hands slowly down rubbing her boobs over saree, and slide her pallu at her midriff region, and showed her hips, due to sitting her midriff, her bare hips are folded at front region.
ramlal: ‘your hips are flat and fleshy’, saying that he brought his hands on his coutch area and pressed his dick over his night pants.
devika: ‘now you feel your dick raising ?’.
ramlal: ‘no maam, but i feeling different after seeing you in sexier way, and my dick is itching’, saying that he scratched his couch area, devika felt shy seeing a men scrathing his couch area, looking at her. she ignored that and concentrate on making ramlal hard.
devika: ‘yeah keep the phase ramlal, look at me, look at my sexy eyes, my lips’, saying that stood from sofa and stood infront of ramlal, she raised her arms and showed her clean shaved armpit, and head and looked upwards, she turned facing away from ramlal, showing her ass to ramlal, ramlal was few inches away from her ass, her well shaped ass looking hot in tightly wrapped saree, ramlal felt like her want to grap her fleshy ass and give a hard press, but he controlled.
devika was slowly moving her ass in circular phasion seductively.
devika: ‘look at my ass, dont you think my ass is sexy’, devika started using the word ‘ass’, as she dont know how to describe her assests and make him excited, ramlal also excited heraing the word ‘ass’ from a conservative housewife like devika.
ramlal: ‘yes maam, your ass is hot and sexy, i never seen a woman ass sexier as yours’.
devika: ‘oh is it, how about my curves, look at my hips’, her hip side folds are created while she was moving her ass.
ramlal: ‘so nice, and cute folds on your hips are temptaing all men’.
devika: ‘so you are very experience in prasing a women beauty ?’. continued swaying her ass .
ramlal: ‘no maam … no maam… only you, by seeing you words are coming automatically, i never seen a beautiful women like you’.
devika: ‘now can you get aroused ? your dick is raising ?’
ramlal: ‘yes maam i am getting arroused, after thinkig you as my wife and in sexier way, but my dick is got getting raised’, saying that he was jerking his dick over his night pants, devika thought for a moment and she understood, that his dick is not getting raised because of his age, also she understood he needs more sexual simulation other than just seeing and thinking her in sexual way, she thought of giving a chance to feel her body, and see whether is dick is raising, but she was was thinking hiw she can allow a low class gurka to touch her volptorous body, she didnt think much and decided to give a try.
devika: ‘oh… i think you need more simulation, seeing me or thinking me alone wont work, you need to touch and feel a woman, then only i think your dick will get raised’, now she used to words like dick, ass, as she has no choice to explain him without using these words.
ramlal: ‘so i have to touch and feel a woman, but whom i will touch now ?, which women will agree me to touch her, i am a low class gurka, no women will allow me to touch her, what i will do now’, devika felt irritated hearing this, as he knows very well that she is going to allow him to touch her, but he is acting like as he wont know anything.
devika: ‘i am already seducing you, allowing you to think me as your wife, then why other women to touch and feel, you can touch me and use me for sexual simiulation’.
ramlal licked his lips with excitement thinking devika gave permission to touch her.
devika came near to ramlal, ramlal was sitting in sofa and watching devika, she gave her hands to him indicating him to stand by holding her hand, ramlal understood that and grabbed her hands and stood near, both were looking into each other eyes, devika acted like showing fake lust on ramlal, but inside her, she also simulated with lust, after she gave breath to ramlal, and all these dirty direct talks with old gurka, ramlal smiled at devika showing his yellowish teeth.

devika: ‘remember, still i am your wife and your are husband, concentrate on getting aroused, this time your dick get raised for sure’.

ramlal: ‘ok maam’, devika kept her index finger on his dirty lips to stop talking.
devika: ‘no maam…. devika… your wife… call me devika’.
ramlal: ‘ok… devi.. devika’,
ramlal was standing acting like what to do next, as devika understood he dont have much knowledge on sex, she wants to took intiative 
devika: ‘looks like you dont know anything’, saying that she pulled him near by grabing his shirt, he lost balance due to sudden assalt from devika and collapsed on her, he felt devika soft spongy boobs crushed and bounced on his chest, they both were standing very close, such that devika saree covered boobs pointing towrards his chest, slightly touching his chest, ramlal can feel her boobs moving up and down, over his chest due to heavy breath, he understood devika also excited. devika took his hands and kept on her silky bare side hips, and guided him to feel her hips.
ramlal kept his hands still on her side hip flesh, and didnt do anything, devika got irritated with his action

devika: ‘what are doing, standing like dumb, come on feel my hips, press my hips with your hard hands’, devika was thinking, ‘if anyother man was there in your place he would have striped me naked by this time, he is really a dumb, and he needs to learn more on sex, and i am only woman he knows, i need to help him to get rid of his shyness of women’.

ramlal slowly felt the smothness of her hips, he started rubbing her hips, devika felt hot feeling a male hand on her body.

devika: ‘how is my hips…’.

ramlal: ‘hot…. and smooth as sliky, my hand is very slippery on ur hips, hard to hold’.

devika felt shy and proud heraing his comments.

devika: ‘oh really…. if my hips are sliky and smooth, why cant to grab it so hard’.

ramlal with innocent smile pressed her hips and grabbed it lightly, and released it, and continue to palpatting her hips, i was like maida in his hands, he never thought in his life get a chance to keep his hands on hips of sexy rich housewife like devika.

devika: ‘ssshhh ahh…. harder, press harder’, she titled her head upwards closing her eyes, ramlal continued enjoyed her smothess of her skin, and waited for devika next instructions, his dick started getting hard and poked through the panty which he was wearing. devika also felt his hardness poking her navel.

devika: ‘ahhh… keep it up, i can feel your dick growing harder’.

ramal: ‘yes maam, after touching your body, i can feel something strange in my dick.’
devika: ‘now kiss me…’, devika without realizing her she instructed ramlal. after that felt she did wrong by asking him to kiss her.

ramlal went to her neck and gave a peck on her neck, and again switched to other side and gave another peck on her neck, and slowly moved to her shoulde and gave a peck on her shoulder arms, as she was wearing sleveless, he can directly kiss her on his shoulder. devika felt romantic  and erotic feeling with a low class old gurka.

ramlal came to her face and looking into her eyes. devika also looked into ramlal eyes. devika was expecting him to kiss her on her lips.

ramlal: ‘maam, your body is sexy and curvy, your hips are hot and soft, i want to feel the softness of your hips for entire day, so hot and curvy. thanks for making me hard.’, saying that he pushed his body on her pressing his chest on her boobs, her cleavage poped out from blouse, she felt his hardness pushing more to her mid region.

devika want to stop this, as she felt she is losing control. ramlal leaned on her and tried to kiss her lips, but she pushed him away.

devika: ‘that is enough, i think you know what is arousal now.’. ramlal looked devika with disappoint, devika saw ramlal dick was stiff like a pole, as he was wearing panty, it didnt stop his hardness from his pants..

ramlal: ‘yes maam… it is really hard like rock’, saying that he holded his dick. devika felt uncomfortable, as a men standing infront of him and hodling his dick. devika can see the size of his dick and it huge, but not length, she understood, it is not fully erect.

ramlal: ‘see it is hard….’, saying that he was holding his dick over the pants. devika felt embarsed seeing this, but she understood he is innocent, and ignored.

devika: ‘dont do like this infront of any women. they will slap you.’

ramlal: ‘why maam ?, you said every women like dick’, devika dont know how to explain him.

devika: ‘i mean, you can do only before your wife, that too when you are aroused, not everytime.’.

ramal: ‘ok maam, but what happens when a men arouse ?, and what is sex ? i am so much confused…’. devika was thinking, ‘what i am doing ?, am i a sex teacher, asking me all sex doubts, and how i am going to explain him.’

ramlal: ‘tell maam… what is sex ?’.

devika: ‘ramlal.. today i am tired… and it is enough… i can tell you everything.’

ramlal: ‘then tomorrow can i come. will you tell you what is sex ?’

devika: ‘i cant ramlal… i am married woman… whatever i have said is very big risk… and i cant tell you everything.’

ramlal with a sad face, ‘then shall i ask pooja maam, she is not married… so she can teach me..’

devika: ‘no… no… dont ask like this any women, they will complaint to police. and your life will be trouble…’

ramlal: ‘but maam, without knowning sex also my life will be trouble.’, devika took deep breath.. and said to herself, ‘poor ramlal, he is very eager to know about sex… and no women will be ready to teach him, but what is harm in teaching him… i can teach him, make him understand about sex.’

devika: ‘ok… ramlal, i will teach you about sex. but promise me you should not tell anyone, or else i will die…’

ramlal: ‘no maam, i wont tell anyone. i promise you.’

ramlal: ‘come tomorrow, i will teach you about sex, both theoritical and practical.’.

next day evening ramlal came to devika home.

devika welcomed ramlal, and asked him to sit in sofa. in her early stage before marriage she was a biology teacher , so she had already teached reproduction class for students, so she had few biology books, she refered few books so that she can teach ramlal clearly.

she also had few nude and porn pictures to show him, so that she can avaoid using herself as practical example. but still to make him to realzie about sex, she worn saree in more sexier wany, she tied her pettycoat below her navel, and tucked her saree slightly above her navel, also she worn sleveless blouse, and applied a little make up.

ramlal cant belive his luck seeing devika sexy and ready to teach him sex.

ramlal was sitting in sofa, devika standing near tv like a teacher with a cane in her hands

devika: ‘ramlal.. from today i will be your sex teacher… and you should do like i instruct.’

ramlal become happy hearing this, a sexy housewife become sex teacher.

ramlal: ‘ok maam…. ‘

devika: ‘ok lets go to the chapter reproduction.’

devika: ‘the primary reason a men and women having sex to reproduce. men and women have sex, so that a baby will born.’

ramlal was listening to her like a obdient student.

devika: ‘first you should know about gender, there are 2 gender, one is male and other is female. expmaple i am female, and you are male.’

devika: ‘male will have penis, and testes, which will produce sperms…’.

ramlal: ‘penis.. testes… ?’ he acted like he is confused.

devika: ‘i mean a dick, and below that you have balls…’, she took a nude picture of men, and showed him, 

devika: ‘this is dick… here it is testes..’, she pointed those parts with cane.

ramlal: ‘yes got it…’

devika: ‘ok… now male will produce sperm though his dick.’

ramlal: ‘it is pee will come from dick, sperm ?’

devika: ‘yeah both pee, and sperm will come from dick.’

devika: ‘pee, will be like water, will come when you drink water… but sperm is like white liquid, comes when you are aroused… and it will come in two ways, one way is by having sex, and other way is by mastebate.’.

ramlal: ‘materbaute… ?’.

devika: ‘yes… to release sperm a male can materbaute, to have sex you need a women, but to masterbatue, you dont need a female, you can do by yourself, this will reduce your sexual urge, and relax your self.’

ramlal: ‘but how maam ?’

devika: ‘it is simply, you need to arouse yourself, either by seeing a pic of women, or can see a women in tv or lively.. after that your dick will become hard like yesterday, then you can start jerking your dick with your hands thinking of that women, and at one point you will feel more aroused and release your sperm… and that will be a great feeling for a men.’

ramal: ‘wow… that is great.. so a men will jerk his dick, when it is hard… maam shall i materbaute now… can you arouse me like yesterday…’

devika: ‘no ramlal… not now… before that you need to know about female..’.

ramlal: ‘ok maam..’

devika: ‘now female…. female reproductive organ.. it is vagina… and also called pussy, in local langauge.’, devika felt something inside her body when said pussy…

devika: ‘yes… vagina…. will receive men sperm and connects with ovum and fetilizaion will happen and form into baby.’, she said in quick short notes…

ramlal: ‘vagina, pussy… i will call as pussy only, so how a pussy will be looking maam ? like male dick ?’. devika laughed hearing this..

devika: ‘ha ha…. no ramlal… vagina will be flat… let me show a picture of a female’. saying that she showed a female nude pic. she pointed her cane on that pic to the vagina.

ramlal with wide eyes watching pussy of the nude pic. he exclaimed, ‘wow… i feel arousal when i see a nude pic like this, shall i see you also like this, and your pussy.’.

devika felt shy thinking a gurka seeing her nude without any dress., ‘no you should not… you can see only your wife nude, not me.’ saying that she blushed.

devika: ‘now listen… this one is women breast, it is diferent from men.’ saying that she pointed the pic boobs.

ramlal: ‘how it is different, i can see in this pic, women breate is conical, but how it feels ?’

devika: ‘soft and spongy. yes… a woman breast is soft and spongy.’.

ramlal: ‘and your breasts are also like that, soft and spongy.’, devika felt shy ramlal commenting directly on her breasts.

devika: ‘hmmm’.

ramala: ‘but maam, in the pic, women breats are conical, but i see yours are round.’

devika: ‘yes mine are round.’

ramlal: ‘and maam, in this pic that women breats and hunging, but yours are are stiff and standing errect ?’.

devika: ‘ramlal, because i wear bra and blouse, and it will project mine stiff.’.

ramlal: ‘so if you remove bra and blouse yours will also hung ?’, devika got irritated with ramlal questions directly pointing her.

devika: ‘ramlal, dont ask stupid questions… ask questions in picture only, not on me.’.

ramlal: ‘but  how i will understand when i am not comparing with real women.’, devika dont want to argue with him, so she decided to answer his questions.

devika with auto drivers.

devika shifted to new apartment alone, still she didnt hear anything about her husband who was still in dubai, after ganapathi, she started looking for some spice in her life, she decided to pick more local class people, who never get woman like devika in their life, it will more fun when she has spice with low class men. her flat was at 4th floor, she took bath and changed into orange cotton saree with sleveless blouse, and relaxed, she went near window, and seeing outside, the area outside the apartment, she saw many people roaming, but she didnt find anyone suitable for her needs.

next day she went out for shopping, she worn her dark blue saree, she alwasy wear her saree to kill all men, she reveals most of her hips region with cute folds, she tie her saree below navel, and hide her navel with pallu, but it is hard for her to hide her navel get revealed. and while on the way returning to her appartment, she needs to cross a auto stand, she saw few autos stading in the stand, and there was three auto drivers staring at her, she looked all them, and when she releazied all 3 are looking at her, she avioded ther look, and continued walking, they never seen beautiful housewife like devika, since she was new to the area, this is the first time they where seeing her.

To tell about the 3 auto drivers, first is Rahim, he is well build body with big belly, and bald head and aged 56,
next is Mani, who is lean, with shirkined skin and long funk hair, his age is aroung 60,
and the last is Sanjeev, he is older than all around 60, these 3 guys are formed as rowdy in that area,
and people fear these guys, and they used to supply ganja, and pan in that area, auto driver is just to hide thier identity from police.

they talked among themselves

rahim: ‘man… did you see that woman is blue saree… she is hot’
sanjeev: ‘yes definitley i never seen her in this area, and she looks beautiful’.
mani: ‘yes.. she is new to our area… we are lucky to see such a beauty in our area’
rahim: ‘yes… we were wasting all time seeing all fatty and lean aunties, she got prefect structure’.
mani: ‘i think she is married, i saw her mangalsutra hannging around her neck’
sanjeev: ‘but where is her husband ?’.
mani: ‘no husband will leave such beauty alone in this area.’
rahim: ‘proparbly her husband is a dumbo or he must be staying away from her.’
mani: ‘yes.. this rich high class people get married and leave seperately without any statification’.
sanjeev: ‘you both stop thinking non sense, i have already planned to talk to her and get to know more details about her’.
mani: ‘you… ha ha… look at you, you are very old and no woman will like to talk her, you thinking she will talk to, just forgot about her, i am the one going to talk to her and slowly seduce her and make her as my mistress, he he..’, mani said to sanjeev.
sanjeev got angry hearing this, ‘ha ha… mani, you dont even have the stamina, and very lean, and looking like patient, if you get a chance to touch her, you will die in heart attck, you are talking about seducing her.’ hearing this mani also got angry on sanjeev, and both started figtin, Rahim interuppted both,
Rahim: ‘Guys, there is no point in figtin, we all will plan together and get her in out way, and we all three will enjoy her’.
sanjeev: ‘Yeah, Rahim is correct, if we fight like this we cant even go to her, we need to work togther’.
Mani: ‘Ok fine i too will join with you guys idea, but how ?’.
Rahim: ‘Ok.. tomorow when she come out of her appartment for shopping, anyone of us has to approach her for auto for dropping, he has to talk to her and get more details about her’
Mani: ‘What if she reject our offer for auto’.
Rahim: ‘we willl make her to accept the offer, by giving her low fare charge, eventhough we lose our profit’.
mani: ‘Ok got it’.
Sanjeev: ‘Ok tomorow, who will drop her tomorrow?’
Rahim: ‘Every one of us has wish to drop her, so we will fight again, we decied by writing our names in a paper and pick that’.
Sanjeev: ‘Ok that is better idea’.
they wrote their names in paper and pick a paper, it was Sanjeev who got the first opportunity.
Sanjeev: ‘Yes… it is me…’.
Both Rahim and Mani felt sad for bad luck. but  it is fine as far as everything go as per plan.
Mani: ‘we need to share everything within us that happens with that beauty.’
Sanjeev and Rahim both agreed, and went to see their ganja business.

Devika came to appartment and was thinking about the 3 auto drivers who stared at her with lust. “why they are staring at me, are they interested in me, but they are old, what happens if they stare me all day when i cross the auto stand, what happens they comment on me, i am little feared about these guys, should i avoid them”, such kind of questions running on her mind.

Next day morning devika got ready for shopping to buy vegetables, she was wearing a orange color chiffon saree, as usual revealing her parts, when she reached appratment exit gate, she saw a auto driver approached her, seeing him she got shocked, it was one of the three auto drivers, who started her yesterday.

as per the plan Sanjeev came to devika, Sanjeev was little nervous, as he never appraoced beautiful woman like devika before, devika was thinking, “oh my god.. they are very quick, looks like they have some plan on me, but she also excited to see these auto drivers hvaing interest on her”.

Sanjeev: ‘Hello mam, my name is sanjeev, auto driver in this area’.
Devika: ‘Ok… so what.’ she avioded him.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, for past 5 years i was serving as auto driver for the family who stayed in your flat, now they have vacated and left, and in that flat you have came, so i would like to continue the service with you, and i would like to drop you on your location’.
Devika: ‘No… i will go by cab, i cant afford auto, it will be so cost’. saying that she took her mobile and started booking a cab.
Sanjeev stopped her from booking cab.
Sanjeev: ‘No maam.. i will offer cheap fare for you.’, Sanjeev started bargaining… devika didnt book the cab and started listening to him.
During the conversation she saw Sanjeev ogling at her body. mostly at her exposed midriff, she tried to hide her assets using her pallu.
Sanjeev: ‘Where do you want to go now, i will tell the fare i can offer’
Devika: ‘I want to go to market to buy vegetables, if i go by cab it will be 150rs’
Sanjeev: ‘What 150 ? we auto charge only 100rs to market, and you can pay only 75rs’.
Devika: ‘Omg, It is beign long i went in auto, so i am not aware about auto fare, that is great deal’, again sanjeev eyes went to her midriff region, searching for something, she understood, he was trying to peek through her pallu to see her navel, she understood her intention and cover her midriff region more with her pallu, she saw the disappoint in his face.
Devika: ‘Ok, i will come with you’. hearing this sanjeev become happy. devika got into sanjeev auto, and both started the travel, while travelling sanjeev started talking to her.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, you didnt tell your name.’
Devika: ‘Devika’,
Sanjeev: ‘Nice name maam’.
Devika: ‘I forgot your name, what is your name ?’
Sanjeev: ‘Sanjeev, it is ok, rich class people, they dont want to know about poor low class people like us’, sanjeev started his innocent sympathy drama.
Devika: ‘Not everyone Sanjeev.. some people behave like that, but i dont think like this’.
Sanjeev: ‘Yes maam… you are good.’.
Devika: ‘Thanks.’.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, if i say something you should not take me wrong.’
Devika: ‘Tell me sanjeev, i wont take wrong’.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, you look beatiful, i never see a beautiful woman like you’. Devika shocked by his open statement, just now only they met, but he is giving compliment, she confused whether she needs to take this compliement or not.
Devika: ‘Thanks.’.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, what is your husband doing ?’, slowly he started to collect information about her husband.
Devika: ‘He works in Dubai Sanjeev.’. Sanjeev was happy hearing this, as he can understand that she will be sexually starved and easy prey for them.
Sanvjeev: ‘Dubai is very nice place, i have seen in TV. you are very lucky.’
Devika: ‘Thanks’, she smiled, but inside she felt sad, as she is missing her husband, and her husband not communicating to her.
Sanjeev: ‘So you stay alone here ?’ Sanjeev asked directly. devika feared, if she yes, he may take advantage of her situation, but she had no choice, as after somedays they will come to know about her staying alone, so she didnt hide the fact.
Devika: ‘Yes, as my husband is in dubai, i am staying alone here’, she also confirmed him that she dont have kids.
Sanjeev: ‘Dont worry you are staying alone, we are here to help you at anytime’.
Devika: ‘Thanks.’
Meantime the stop came. She got down from auto.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam this my phone no, anytime if you need to go out you can call me, i will drop you’, he gave his mobile no to her, she smiled and received his mobile no. she gave him his fare and left the place.

Sanjeev came back to his stand, Rahim and Mani both were eagerly waiting for Sanjeev to hear todays incident.

Mani: ‘Lucky old Brat… Sanjeev is coming’.
Rahim: ‘wait let him come’.
Sanvjeev: ‘Hi guys… looks like you both are sad.’.
Rahim: ‘Fucker.. dont make of fun of us, tell us what happened today’.
Sanjeev: ‘He he… i saw that beauty nearer today, she is very hot having sexy structure is saree… i saw her beautiful golden hips with cute folds in that, but my bad i cant see her navel, she hide with her pallu, but one day i am going to lick her navel’.
Mani: ‘Stop day dreaming and tell her name’.
Sanjeev: ‘Devika’.
Rahim: ‘wow what a sexy name, Rahim – Devika, matching great’.
Sanjeev: ‘you pussy boy, She wont fall for you’.
Rahim: ‘Ok Lets see, tell more about her’.
Sanjeev: ‘Her husband works in dubai, and she stays alone here’.
Mani: ‘wow that is a jackpot, definitly she have some unfullfil feelings, which we can fullfil’.
Rahim: ‘That is great opportunity for us’.
Sanjeev: ‘And today i gave her my mobile number, and she will call me when she needs auto.’
Rahim: ‘that is great… but keep this in mind, if we all work together then only we can get her.’
Sanjeev, and Mani both agreed.
After some time sanjeev got call from a unknown number. he attended.
Sanjeev: ‘Hello’. Devika from other end
Devika: ‘Hi Sanjeev, i am about to complete my shopping, it would be helpful, if you come and pick me up.’, sanjeev was happy that devika called her and accpeted him as her personal auto driver.
Sanjeev: ‘Sure maam, in another 10 min, i will be there.’, saying that he started.
Mani :’Who is that ?, why are you in hurry ?’
Sanjeev: ‘It is her, Devika, she wants me to drop back, i need to go’, saying that without waiting for his reply he left the place in his auto to pick devika.

While picking her back, again they had some chit chat..

Next day devika didnt go out, Sanjeev and all three were expecting her to come out of her flat, but she didnt come.
All 3 were dicusiing 
Rahim: ‘Eveyone should get opportunity, as Sanjeev we agreed to allow you to pick her first, next time when she call you, let Mani goes and pick her, we all 3 were become friends with her and slowly seduce her and ramp her’.
Rahim: ‘we need to talk to her about others, and create sympathy feeling about others’.
Again both were agreed to Rahim suggestion
That day night all 3 masterbauted thinking devika and slept.

Next day, again Sanjeev got call ,this time sanjeev stored her number, so it was displaying devika name. he picked her call.

Sanjeev: ‘Hello maam’
Devika: ‘Hi Sanjeev, I need to go to market, can you come and pick me’.
As 3 were already dicussed, this time sanjeev redirected her to Mani.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam atually i was very far from your flat, it will take 30 min to reach your flat’, he lied
Devika: ‘Oh… ok Sanjeev no problem i can manage.’
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, if you dont mind I can tell my friend Mani to pick you’.
Devika: ‘That is fine, i can manage, you dont need to take problem because of me’, she dont want sanjeev to take the trouble.
Sanjeev: ‘no maam, i dont have any problem, i will call Mani and ask him to pick you, he is near and can come in 10 min’.
Devika: ‘Ok thanks Sanjeev.’, saying that she dropped the call.
All the time Mani was  standing near Sanjeev and hearing the conversation, he didnt wait for the instructuion and quickly started the auto and left the place.
Mani reached devika place, devika was waiting outside her appartment for mani. Mani reached appartment and directly went to her.
Mani: ‘Hi Maam… you are devika ?’, she smiled at him.
Devika: ‘yes i am devika and you are mani right ?’.
Mani: ‘Yes maam..’

Devika, and all three old men become very good friends.

One day Rahim was picking her for shopping, casually devika started her chit chat.
Devika: ‘Rahim, you guys what you will do during your free times ?’.
Rahim: ‘what we will do maam.. simply pass time by chatting in tea shop, or will play cards.’.
Devika: ‘wow you play cards… i too like playing cards.’
Rahim: ‘wow… that is great, i thought mostly rich people will play games like casino… i never thought you will play cards’.
Devika: ‘yes Rahim i play cards and I am very expert in that.’, hearing that rahim got an idea.
Rahim: ‘Ha ha …’.
Devika: ‘Why are you laughing ?’.
Rahim: ‘Dont lie maam, you may play cards for fun, but we are professional players, and we play it seriously for money. so you cant be expert.’.
Devika: ‘What are you telling, you think i am telling lie. I play very well… in my college days my friends will loose to me.’
Rahim: ‘May be they can loose… but we cant loose.’
Devika: ‘You are bluffing.. I am expert than you’.
Rahim: ‘Oh really, then you can proove that by playing against me, Sanjeev and Mani’.
Devika: ‘What !! … no I cant..’, instantly she said no. she may be expert, she was thinking, how to play cards with these old men, what others will think. but rahim didnt leave the talk.
Rahim: ‘ha ha… i know you are lying… you rich people wont play cards… you dont know to play cards. he he…’, he laughed irritating devika, devika also become angry hearing this.
Devika: ‘Ok Fine… i will play with you guys and proove you all.. but how ?’.
Rahim: ‘Can we come to you flat, we can play there.’.
Devika: ‘No that will be risk, people in the flat may see you coming to my house and they will think wrong.’
Rahim: ‘Ok… then you come to our place…’.
Devika: ‘Your place ?’.
Rahim: ‘Yes Maam, there is one half constructed building, it is 2km away from our auto stand, now the building is left empty, and not maitained, we 3 only know that place, and we 3 will play cards in that place.’.
Devika: ‘But i think it is not safe for me.. i am feeling scared to come to strange place for playing cards. it is unsafe.’
Rahim: ‘Why maam, you said you like playing cards, then what are you thinking ?’.
Devika: ‘But Rahim… you need to undestand… i am a married women, i cant come to such place to play cards’.
Rahim: ‘Dont worry maam, no one will see us, and in that place no one will come, other than us’.
Devika: ‘But still rahim…. ‘.
Rahim: ‘It is ok maam… i know you dont trust us… it is ok maam we dont want to play.’.
Devika: ‘Rahim… dont think like that, i trust you all 3 of you… you are the only person very friendly after i came here… i dont know anyone other than you 3, and you 3 helped me a lot.’
Rahim didnt talk anything, Devika felt bad, as Rahim is thnking that she didnt trust.
Devika: ‘Ok fine.. i trust you… we will play cards, dont be sad’, hearing this Rahim became happy.
Rahim: ‘wow… i know maam you trust us.. thanks’.

Rahim reached Devika place…

Rahim: ‘Tommorow we can play ?’.
Devika: ‘Ok Rahim.., tomorrow afternoon we will go’.
Rahim: ‘Ok Maam, tomorrow afternoom at 2pm get ready, either one of us come and pick you.’.

Devika entered her flat, talking to herself, ‘oh my god… what i have done.. i just agreed to play cards with these low class old auto drivers, already i see they have lust towards me, tomorrow, i have to stay with them and play cards… what am i doing … ?, what happen if they take advantage and bang me… no it cant be… may be they have lust on me… they are good, they helped me a lot… they wont do anything without my permission…’.

Meantime Rahim came to auto stand, already sanjeev, and mani were waiting for rahim.
Sanjeev: ‘what happened today…’.
Rahim: ‘we got an opportunity to bring her in our way’.
Mani: ‘What.. are you serious ?’
Rahim: ‘Yes Mani… today i when i was speaking with her, i found she had interest in playing cards.’
Sanjeev: ‘wow… it is our favourite game. Then what happened ?’
Rahim: ‘Then i pulled her legs into the cards playing conversation and made her to agree to come to our place for playing cards.’
Mani: ‘Oh my god… i never thought this homely sexy housewife agree to play cards with us… that too in our place.’
Rahim: ‘Tomorrow afternoon 2pm, i will… ‘, thinking for sometime.., ‘no.. .sanjeev you go and pick her’,
They 3 discussed their plans on devika for tomorrow.

Next day afternoo, after having lunch, devika started getting ready for playing cards with 3 old men, she worn a dark green color chiffon saree, with sleeveless blouse, she tied her petticoat 3 inch below navel, but she covered her navel with pallu and pinned her shoulder and hip area, but still her bare hips were reveleaved in region back below blouse with cute folds, she wrapped the saree tightly revealing her curvy structure, she applied light make up and lipstick, she stood in front of mirror and watching her hot young body wrapped in saree.. she knows that she might expect some naughty activities from the 3 old men. so to control her feelings she took a tablet. she worn her high heels, and came out of her flat waiting for either one of the auto driver. after 5 min she saw auto approaching her, it was sanjeev.

Sanjeev: ‘Hi Maam… wow.. you look stunning in this saree’.
She blushed hearing this comment from 60 years old man.
Devika: ‘Thanks’. She got into his auto, and sanjeev started the auto.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam… you looked tense ?’
Devika: ‘No Sanjeev.. i am ok..’
Sanjeev: ‘Dont worry maam… it will be more fun and enjoyable..’
Devika: ‘Hmm’.
Both reached a plain lawn area, Sanjeev stopped his auto.
Sanjeev: ‘Maam, we need to walk from here for 250m to reach the building, auto wont go inside’.
Devika: ‘Ok Sanjeev, we will walk.’, both started walking, sanjeev walked, and devika followed him.

They both reached the building, the building was looking like a haunted building.. even in afternoon, it looks dark.
Both Mani and Rahim were standing inside building waiting for devika. Looking at them devika smiled.

Rahim: ‘welcome maam… cards playing expert’, he mocked at her.
Devika didnt take his comments serious.
Devika: ‘Today we will see who is real expert.’
Rahim: ‘I am waiting..’, They took her into vacant room, there were things got arranged for playing cards. meanwhile Sanjeev and Mani were scanning her whole body wrapped sexily in saree from top to bottom, sanjeev who was standing behind her looking at her bubbly ass formed due to her high heels, Sanjeev was licking his lips with tongue, looking at her ass.
Sanjeev: ‘Oh lets start the game.’ saying that he patted her ass slightly, devika body shivered feeling his hand on her ass, this is the first time among 3 took bold step to touch her, sanjeev felt the sponginess of her ass over saree,  but she didnt react and smiled at sanjeev. this gave confidence for sanjeev and other 2.
The arrangements is like 2 stools on opposite sides of a round table with cards. Rahim was seating at one end, and sanjeev, and mani were standing beside him. devika sat opposite side.
Rahim: ‘Maam, we play cards with bets only.. so we bet 100rs first’.
Devika: ‘ha ha… only 100, may be you are scared, i will bet 1000rs, but yours is 100rs, if i loose, i will give you 1000, you lose, you can give me only 100.’
Mani: ‘He he… ok.’, they decieded to play rummy.
First game devika won.
Devika: ‘Wow… i won the game, i proved i am expert… give me the 100 rs.’, actually Rahim lost to devika only to increase her confidence.
Sanjeev: ‘I think this might be luck. we will play one more game…’.
Mani: ‘Maam, i you dont mind shall i smoke, so i will think more.’, devika felt shy at begining thinking of men askeing her permission to smoke infront of her, but she didnt mind that.
Devika: ‘Ok fine.’ Mani took a beedi from his pocket and lighted and started smooking, devika can smell the beedi from mani.
Again rahim kept a bet of 100rs again , and devika 2000rs this time. This time Rahim won…
Rahim: ‘yes we won, and got 2000rs… thanks maam.. he he’. devika felt annoyed with his enjoyment.
Devika: ‘May be this time you are lucky…’.
This continued for 3 games, and next all 3 games devika lost her game, and rahim gained 5000 rs from her.
Devika: ‘Ok Fine, i agree, you are a expert in playing cards.. now leave me i have lost all money.’
Rahim: ‘OK one more game… if you win this you take all money.’
Devika: ‘No… i cant, i dont have anything to keep as bet.’.
Rahim: ‘Maam If you dont mind i have one idea.’.
Devika with a confused look, “ok tell”.
Rahim: ‘Maam, i we loose this game, we will give all the money, but if you lose… ‘ he stopped.
Devika: ‘If i lose ?’.
Rahim looking stragight into devika’s eyes, and said, ‘Maam, you have to show your navel to us.’, devika didnt expect this from Rahim.
Devika: ‘What ?’.
Sanjeev, interuppted: ‘Yes maam, from the day when we seen you, we all 3 have admire on your body, you are really beautiful, every man wants wife like you, you look sexy and hot, and your structure is great, we never seen a woman like you.’, sanjeev started talking openly
Devika: ‘Sanjeev, what are you telling?’.
Mani: ‘Yes Maam, sanjeev is correct, we cant control ourself when we see you in saree, you skin is temptating us, we never seen a women sexier like you, our life is totally changed after seeing you’.
Rahim: ‘I know maam, this was an indecent propasal from us, we are poor low class people, and we never in our life get to friend with high class women like you, you are an angel, you didnt consider us low class poor people, and be friend with us, but we were looking you in dirty mind. we were really bad.’, and acted he was sad, devika was shokced to hear all this.
Devika: ‘I dont know what to tell … you 3 are very caring to me, you 3 helped me a lot, in this area, i know only 3 of you.. i understand Rahim your feeling… i want to get angry on you, but i cant, i dont know what to say.’, All were silent.
Devika: ‘I really dont want to leave you all, also i dont want to disappoint you, and i too cant deviate from my culture and norms’.
Devika: ‘Ok i will fullfil all your fantansy, only if you are keeping things in limit, and promise not to tell outside, whaterver happens between us’.
 all 3 were excited to hear this.
Rahim: ‘ok maam ok… sure we will keep things promise and will not do anything without your permission’.
Devika: ‘Ok now what you asked for bet ?’.
Sanjeev: ‘you want to show us your navel.’.
Devika with naughty smile, ‘want to see my navel, or shall i drop my pallu.’
Mani: ‘Option 2, dropping pallu..’
Devika: ‘He he… So earger to watch me without pallu.. dont dream that, i am not going to loose this time’.
they played the next game, and this time also devika lose.
Devika: ‘Oh my god i lost again.. now what i am going to do’.
Rahim: ‘One of us will drop your pallu.’.
Devika: ‘who is going to strip me then ?’.
Rahim: ‘Sanjeev, as he is old of us all, we want to start with him’, devik awondered about thier unity.
Sanjeev with a wicked smile on his face, and chewing pan inside his mouth came near to her.
Devika looking into Sanjeev eyes..
Devika: ‘Sanjeev… dont look at me like this’, sanjeev pan was dripping from side of his mouth.
Sanjeev reached for her pallu and pulled from her shoulder, pallu got stuck with her pin, and devika removed her pin from shoulder and allowed sanjeev to drop her pallu. Sanjeev tried to unwrap her saree completely, but devika caught hold of her saree not allowing him to remove. sanjeev gave her a look asking why.
Devika: ‘No not fully only dropping pallu.’, All 3 were stunned to look devika without pallu, devika looked sexy without pallu, she tuked her saree below navel, so her navel also visible, her skin was clean and temptating, her boobs were tightly packed under her blouse, also showing ample amount of cleavage, her belly is flat with little flesh, and her navel is plumby and big, there were additional flesh around her navel which added more beauty to her navel. they have seen celebrity with this struture, but for first time they are witnessing such sexiness in view of devika. devika folded her hands over her blossom, in attempt to hide it. sanjeev who was stading near to devika scanning her body from bottom to top, and fixed his eyes on her blossom.
Sanjeev: ‘wow… maam, you look sexy in this posture, only in movie we have seen women like you, it is our greatness to see such a women like you lively.’, devika blushed hearing this. sanjeev slowly caught her hands which was across her boobs and slowly tried to remove.
Sanjeev: ‘maam please dont hide your assets from us, dont tease us, we think we might die at this age with heart attack, if you tease like this.’. devika looked into his eyes and smiled. devika also felt the heat inside her body.
Devika: ‘Oh really, am i looking sexy to you ?’, saying that she removed her hands. as sanjeev is bold of all 3, he pulled devika with her hands to him, due the force devika collapsed on sanjveev’s body crushing her stiff boobs on his broad chest, and then sanjeev wrapped his broad arms around her bare smooth hips, a current shock went through sanjeev, as he felt the smothness of her hips, he cant control, and with his fingers grapped her hips flesh, her hip folds were crushed under sanjeev arms.
Devika: ‘Ahhh… what happened, why are you pulling me like this ?’, sanjeev with still pan chewing in his mouth.
Sanjeev: ‘Arre… maam, i cant control after seeing you without your pallu, i dont know how your husband stay away from you, if i am your husband i never leave such a hot wife’. sanjeev can feel her sexy aroma with her closeness, it added additional drug for him.
Devika: ‘Ha ha… of fine now leave me, we will continue the game.’, sanjeev dont want to force devika, so he left her.
both mani and rahim were stunned to see devika’s act, already sanjeev took oppotunity and kept his hands on her hips and started talking dirty with her.
devika came back to her chair, and sat in that, sanjeev stading closer to her can see her curvy structure while she was sitting, she looked like a mermaid, without saree pallu, her free end of pallu was flowing through the floor, her front belly region were folded a little, along with her navel.
Rahim, still smoking beedi: ‘maam, what will the next bet ?’.
devika want all 3 to give chance equally.
Devika: ‘if i lose, each 3 of you can kiss me any part of my body, as you wish.’, devika within her, ‘what happend to me, why i am doing like this, i just gave permission to them to kiss me, I know i will lose this game also, definelty they will choose to lips to kiss, i cant imagine, these old men kissing my lips with their dirty lips. also one guy is smooking beedi, and another one is full of pan in his mouth.  how i can allow such dirty things happening to me, may be i need all this dirty things, my mind may say no, but my lust inside me overcomes such dirty thoughts, and my body needs such dirty activities, and they also never get a women like me, let them also fullfill their fantasies’, with such thoughts in her mind, she played her game.
Rahim cant believe his luck, and looking at her lips, her lips were sharp, and rosy and sexy, he licked his lips with excitement thinking of kissing her lips. 
while playing, rahim asked, ‘How long we can kiss you ?’
Devika: ‘Hmmm… well, why we need more time for kiss ?, it is just a kiss’.
Rahim: ‘Kissing, not just kiss, we need more time, as we want to taste inch by inch of that part which we are going to kiss’.
Devika: ‘chee… you guys are naughty’, game continued.
Rahim: ‘yeahhyyy… i won i won…’, he screamed with joy.
Devika made a sad face as she lost.
Rahim: ‘Ok.. remeber the bet we can kiss you, wherever we wish for 5 min.’.
Devika: ‘yeah yeah okk… fine’.
Rahim: ‘Ok lets begin with mani, Mani tell which part of madam you want to kiss.’
mani came to devika, looking at her eyes, devika was sitting in the chair, looking at mani upwards. when mani came near to her she stood,
Devika: ‘Tell Mani, i know you are looking me all days with lust in your eyes.. now tell which part in me is sexy, and you want to kiss me where’, she stood near mani, her upperpart of boobs were visible and stiff poiniting towards his chest.
Mani: ‘Devika, every part in your body is sexy, i want to kiss all parts of your body’, he pointed his finger over the cleavage, and boldy placed between cleavage.
Mani: ‘Your cleavage… no…’, then took his finger from cleavage and placed over navel, and insterted into navel.
Mani: ‘Your navel… no .. no..’, then he took his finger, and placed oh her wet lips.
Mani: ‘I want to kiss your lips. because i dont have lust, i have love in you, yes maam, i love you.’.
Devika sexily: ‘Mani, so you love me ?’.
Mani: ‘Yes maam i love you.’.
Devika: ‘then what are you waiting for mani, kiss me, kiss me hard as you can, show me your love, by exchaning our saliva, lets our toungue tiwst and roll, inside our mouth.’, mani cant contorl and pulled her over him and wrapped her bare hips with his hands and placed his dark black lips on her rosy wet lips, devika body clenched on mani body, crushing her stiff soft boobs on his chest, devika instantly felt strange smell coming from his mouth as soon as she felt his lips on hers. she felt nasty, she quickly withdrew her lips from him,
Devika: ‘yack… what is that smell, i feel bad..’.
mani: ‘He.. he i was chewing weed, may that smell’, devika shocked hearing mani is chewing weed all the time, and also come to know these men are using weed. devika tried to seperate from mani, but mani’s grip was strong, and cannot leave her.
Mani: ‘what maam, what happened ?’.
Devika: ‘You people never said, that you have habit of chewing weed.’. devika still in mani’s grip, she also felt mani hardness on her belly.
Mani: ‘Maam, we chew weed when we are happy.’.
Devika: ‘Chewing weed is illegal..’.
Mani: ‘But maam, we are not supplying weed, we just buy, and rarely only we do.’
Devika: ‘But now how can i kiss you, i dont like this smell.’.
Rahim interupted: ‘Maam, if you dont mind, i have one idea.’ both mani and devika were still in hug position
Devika: ‘what is that ?’.
Rahim: ‘maam, actually weed smell is great for us beacuse we become habitat to that, since you feeling that for first time you are feeling odd.’
Devika: ‘ohh…’
Rahim: ‘if you also become habitat to that smell, mani can kiss  your lips with no problem.’
Devika: ‘for that you want to take weed like you guys.’, devika asked with anger. Meantime mani continued to feel her smoothe hips, for which devika didnt tell anything
Mani interuppted, by turning her face towards him with his hands: ‘Did Rahim asked to consume weed ?’
Devika: ‘Then what you mean. ?’.
Mani: ‘Smell the effect of weed, that is enough, for first time you will feel strange, after that you will feel better, and you both can continue your kiss.’
Devika: ‘Ok fine… i will smell it.’.
Mani: ‘Thansk maam for accepting this.’, meantime rahin came to both, he litted again a beedi, which devika was thinking, actually that is also weed. he puffed the weed to increase the smoke and came near to mani and devika. devika was still in bear hug with mani, mani was hugging devika as she is his wife, and dont want to leave her, mani can feel devika rich women aroma from her body.
Devika: ‘what Rahim, what are going to do ?’.
Rahim: ‘Maam, this is weed stick, smoke from this will give you more weed smell.’, devika inside herself, ‘Oh my god, what i am doing, going to smell weed to make conformtable to allow these dirty men to kiss me..’.
Rahim sucked the smoke heavily and came near devika face, devika closed her eyes, and holded her breath not to smell the weed smoke from rahim. rahim blowed the weed smoke on her face. devika coughed for some time..
Devika: ‘how you guys smoke this thing, the smell is horrible.’
again rahim blowed the smoke on her face, this time it felt ok for devika… and next time when rahim blowed, she started inhale the smoke..
Devika: ‘Hmmmm… ahhhh… now it is good.’ devika felt the effect of weed.
Mani: ‘Now lets continue our kissing’.
Devika: ‘yes mani, kiss me, and fill my lips with your weed tasting sailva’, mani excited to hear this from devika, and landed his lips on her and pressed tightly, and seperated.
Mani: ‘Ummmm ahhhh.’, again he kissed her lips, but devika still not comfortable with his weed mixed breath, but she controlled hersefl and allow mani to kiss her lips, mani was pressing his lips tightly on to her lips, devika closed her eyes, she felt his beard and mutache on her face, mani continued to rubbing his outer lips on her outer lips sidewards, devika also cooperated him by rubbing her sexy sharp rosy lips on his dark lips, mani opened his lips and tried to take devika lips into his mouth, but devika didnt open her lips, due to his weed smell, so he started smooching her outerlips, expecting devika will open her lips, but she didnt open her lips, realizing devika didnt open her lips, he brought his toungue and and licked all over her lips, it felt different feelings for devika, a low class old men licking her lips with his dirty tongue, he continued to lick and smooch her outer lips, as devika was without pallu, mani excited to feel her curvy bare hips with his arms, while holding her and kissing he also rubbing and feeling all over her smoothness of her curvy and little fleshy hips, due to that mani dick become hard inside his pants, pocking devika devika navel, devika also felt mani hardness, feeling that devika tried to push herself back, also pulling his lips from him, but mani again pulled her forcefully on to her body, making her boobs bouncing on his chests.

mani: ‘where are going, we still have 3 min’

devika: ‘no mani… please stop kissing me, it is enough, i feel uncomfortable, leave me please’.

mani: ‘ok maam, i will leave you, if you open your mouth and give a smooch, after that i will leave you after 1 min’.

devika: ‘no mani,  i cant, please’.

mani: ‘then you have to kiss for remaining 3 min’.

devika: ‘no… please..’, before she complete her sentence, mani again sealed her lips with his, devika dont have any choice and allowed him to kiss, but she didnt open her mouth. as time is running out mani want to take her lips inside his mouth, he pinched the flesh of her curvy hips. devika cant bear the pain, and opened her mounth to shout.

devika: ‘ahh… ouch’, she opened her mouth with pain, using the opportunity, mani wisely instered his lips into her mouth, and took her lips within his mouth, devika shokced with mani activity, pinching a married rich class women hips,

devika: ‘ummmm’, devika sturggled and tried to take her lips out from his mouth, but mani caught her lips between his lips strongly and didnt leave her, devika now have no choice other than cooperating with him, so she also started smooching him, tasting his ditrty weed mixed saliva, both were exchanging their sailvas, devika slowly slipped her lower lips from his mouth and and took his lower lips into her mouth, as both devika and mani lips were fully covered with sailva, it appeared to be sloppy kiss, with 1 min left, mani instered his toungue into her mouth and seacrhed for her toungue, devika understood what mani was trying to do, and meet his toungue with her tongue and licked his tonuge, both toungue were fighting inside devika mouth, with 30secs left mani kissed devika vigrously, both were sucking each other lips with excitement, and mani generted more sailva and pushed into her mouth, devika had no choice other than taking his weed mixed sailva

Rahim :’it is 5 min over..’, he remained the time left. devika quickly seperated her lips, but mani without listening to rahim, again sucked her lips for last one time.
Mani: ‘Ummmmmmm…..ahhhha’, and released her lips, devika looking mani with a irritated face, rubbing her lips.
Mani: ‘Maam you are sexy, your lips are tasty, and your body also feels great. hug me tighter’. saying that he hugged her more tight without leaving space for air.
Devika: ‘5 min is over, now leave me.’, as Mani dont want force her, he left her,
Mani: ‘ok maam’, saying that he left the place. the moment mani left the place Sanjeev replace Mani place, devika felt like a randi waiting for customers.
devika was breathing heavily looking into sanjeev eyes, sanjeev felt devika hot breath on his face, and he was looking at her lips shinning with mani saliva. her boobs were heaving up and down with her breath.., as devika removed her pallu when she lost her first bet, all can see her ample amount of cleavgae inside her blouse. sanjeew want to eat her clevage, but they want to take her slowly, so he controlled. sanjeev saw devika with lust chewing pan… she can see his mouth full of pan and his pan  mixed saliva  flowing through the side of her lips.

devika: ‘so which part you want to kiss me sanjeev ?’.

sanjeev: ‘after seeing you lips i can resist… i want to kiss your lips only maam…’.

devika: ‘oh… so you are not chewing weed right, cause i cant take when mani kissed me with his weed smelling mouth..’.
sanjeev: ‘he he… i will chew only pan… maam..’.
devika: ‘oh god… you people are very bad chewing all dirty stuff..’.
sanjeev: ‘no maam.. this is not dirty… it will show you heaven when you chew this.’.
devika: ‘i dont know how you guys are seeing heaven by chewing these dirty stuffs..’. devika extened her finger and took the saliva which was flowing from side of sanjeev lips and looked closely…
devika: ‘let me taste this’, saying that she licked sanjeev pan mixed saliva.
all 3 got shocked seeing devika activity…. seeing a homely beautiful rich housewife licking a 60 year old man pan mixed saliva…
sanjeev: ‘maam… do you like the taste..’
devika: ‘yack… it taste worst..’
sanjeev: ‘dont worry maam… you will used to that taste soon.’
devika: ‘oh really let see..’, saying that again she licked the saliva, but this time directly from his side of lips, devika came closer to sanjeev face and extened her tongue and licked the side of the lips where his saliva flowing.
devika: ‘hmmm… better’. sanjeev stunned after devka licked his lips. he never felt a hot women like devika licking his lips. sanjeev pulled devika over her by wrapping his hands on her bare hips, devika boobs bounced on sanjeev chest.. devika felt sanjeev hard on pressing her hips inner groin. her cleavage also popped out more out of her blouse.
sanjeev: ‘maam… stop assaulting me like this… you are really hot…’, before kissing devika, sanjeev thought od spitting his pan out on ground, but devika stopped him.
devika: ‘hey what are you doing ?’.
sanjeev: ‘spitting the pan.’
devika: ‘dont you want this sexy housewife to take the pan from your mouth… ?’, hearing this a shock went to sanjeev body.
sanjeev: ‘yes maam..’
devika: ‘then why are you spitting the pan in ground… feed into my mouth  while kissing, let me chew the pan chewed by you directly from your mouth.’
sanjeev: ‘maaamm….’, he pressed her smooth curvy hip flesh with his finger..
devika: ‘yes kiss me sanjeev… you got 5 min to taste my lips..’. saying that devika closed her eyes.
sanjeev quickly pressed his lips on hers tigltly.. devika didnt open her mouth, devika rubbed her rosy lips on sanjeev dirty lips. sanjeev also rubbed cooperating devika, it was great feelign for sanjeev to rub devika sexy lips. sanjeev also felt her sweet womely aroma from devika body, sanjeev tried to open her lips with his lips, but devika closed her lips tightly. sanjeev got confused, as she was talking dirty, licked his saliva, but not allowing him to insert his lips and take her lips into her mouth. he seperated his lips from devika. 
devika: ‘what happend ?’
sanjeev: ‘maam… what this you are not allowing to take you lips into my mouth.’ devika with a smile.
devika: ‘for that you need to do what mani did to me.’, sanjeev rememberd what mani did, he pinched her hips flesh, and devika reacted to that by opening her lips. sanjeev understood what devika expecting. sanjeev slowly brought his fingers and pinched her hips along with her flesh.. devika again closed her eyes and opened her mouth… moaning sexily. sanjeev took this opportunity and placed his lips on her lips and took her lower lips into his mouth and devika took sanjeev upper lips, both were excited and started smooching each other. enitire room were filled with both smooching sound.
devika: ‘ummm shh shhh.. ummmm ahhh’. sanjeev hands on her hips feeling her soft flesh of her curvy hips, palpatting soflty feeling every inch of her hips. sanjeev slowly inserted his toungue into devika mouth, and was searching for her tongue. devika also cooperated him by taking his tongue into her mouth and lickig with her tongue. sanjeev was in heaven when he felt devika tongue with his tongue. both were tongue fighting for sometime inside devika mouth,  devika pused sanjeev tongue with her tongue and inserted her tongue into his mouth… both nose were presseing each other, sanjeev can feel devika hot breath on his face, but devika was feeling nasty pan saliva, devika become week with mani and sanjeev kiss, her pussy was dripping wet with her jucies and leaned her whole weight on sanjev pressing her boobs on his chest. 3 min was over. devika legs become week and struggling to stand properly. sanjeev understood devika situation, continuing kissing, he wrapped her hips with one hand and kept the other hand on her ass and lifted her from ground and made her to sit on his hips. devika felt awkward, as a married housewife with mature figure sitting in old man hips and kissing him, for support devika wrapped her legs around him, eventhough it was diffcult for her to split her legs with saree and wrap him, in that process her saree raised a little above her calves, it was wonderful sight for both mani and rahim, as a sexy housewife with her pallu dropped, sitting in old low class men hips and wrapped her legs around him, sanjeev bearing devika whole weight with his right hand on her ass and left hand on her hips. sanjeev felt the smoothness of her ass over her saree… her ass was tightly pressed on his hands due to gravity. devika put both her hands on his shoulders for support, and bend her neck and continued kissing sanjeev with her hairs falling over sanjeev face, with one hand devika adjusted her hairs and gave view for mani and rahim… sanjeev remember what devika said before kissing, she want him to feed the waste of chewed pan while kissing, 2 mins left over, both stopped kisiing, both looked at each other, devika smiled at him… 
devika: ‘please sanjeev, drop me down’.
sanjeev: ‘no maam.. i dotn want you to be in trouble.’, devika again smiled, and gave a tight kiss on his lips and seperated.
sanjeev: ‘maam is that is ok, if i feed the pan into your mouth ?’.
devika: ‘yes sanjeev.. i want those… i want to chew the pan inside your mouth… feed me sanjeev’.
sanjeev: ‘sure maaam…’, saying that he kept his lips over her lips and started smmoching… he slowly made the pan as ball inside his mouth and kept it at the edge of tongue, and pushed inside devika mouth with his tongue. devika took few with her toungue and pushde sanjeev tongue out, both sepereated thier lips, sanjeev  extened his tongue, devika also extended her tongue, and licked his tongue and took the pan stuck in his tongue.. devika grapped his tongue with her lips and and sucked his lips and took all pan from his mouth.. sanjeev cant take devika assault… it was too much for sanjeev to handle… he lost his contol and cummed inside his pants….
sanjeev: ‘oh …. ahhhhh… maaammm …… i cant i am cumming….. ‘. he left her lips and pressed his face over her exposed region of her clevage, and taking the smell of devika….
sanjeev: ‘ahhhhh…. maam you are sexyy…. ahhh… ‘. before completeing 5min, he dropped devika from his hips. he sat on ground and breating heavily… and swaeting in his forehead.
devika: ‘oh sanjeev.. what happened… ?’ devika was chewing sanjeev feed pan inside her mouth. devika mouth also become red due to sanjeev and saliva and pan chewing, she chewed for sometime, and spitted on ground…
sanjeev: ‘nothing maam… you are hot to handle… i cant take… you made me to cum, without touching my dick’. both mani and rahim also came near to theem.
mani: ‘poor sanjeev… cant even stand for 5 min.. ha ha…’.
devika: ‘stop mani… you should not mock him… ‘
mani: ‘yes… who can withstand when sexy women like you taking pan directly from his mouth.., and that to sitting on his hips and wrapping your leg around him… he is a normal old man…’. devika blused hearing thsi.
devika: ‘in next bet, mani you are also going to cum like this…’ devika said mockingly.
mani: ‘ha ha.. i will cum, only when i satisfy you by fucking you.’.
devika: ‘dont even think like that.. that is not going to happen… but still you will cum..’.
mani: ‘lets see…’. rahim sliently listening them, as he is next waiting for devika to be kissed.
devika: ‘i am sorry sanjeev… next time i will go soft on you…’, saying that she helped him to stand and made him to sit on the chair, and gave some water. devika started to have soft corner for sanjeev.
next rahim came infront of devika. devika looked into rahim eyes, and she extened her face to kiss him. but he stopped.
rahim: ‘maam… what are you doing ?’. devika with a confused look..
devika: ‘going to kiss you … you dont need kiss ?’.
rahim: ‘maam, do you forgot the bet ?’.
devika: ‘no… i remember… you all 3 can kiss me..’
rahim: ‘all 3 can kiss any part of your body… he he…’, devika smiled..
rahim: ‘so i havent said which part of you want to kiss…’. devika came near rahim, making her boobs touching his chest, and looking into his eyes.
devika: ‘ohhh… so you dont want to kiss my lips like others ?’.
rahim: ‘yes maam….’.
devika: ‘so which part you want to kiss?’, she asked sexily in husky voice.
rahim: ‘i always love a women navel when it is big deep, and plumpy, your navel also looking exactly looking like this.’
devika: ‘so you like my navel.’.
rahim: ‘yes maam… i love your navel.’
devika: ‘so you want to kiss my navel ?’
rahim: ‘yes maam… i want your navel… not only kiss… want to lick your navel, and eat your navel..’, hearing this devika felt her heart beat raising. devika came closer to rahim. devika already with her dropped pallu
devika: ‘i feel shy hearing what you said.’, saying that she kept her hands over her navel hiding.
rahim :’dont feel shy maam…’, saying that he removed her hands from her navel.
rahim: ‘wow what a sexy navel you have… shinning and deep.’.
devika: ‘hmmm..’
rahim: ‘shall i kiss your navel maam ?’
devika: ‘hmmm… ‘. devika felt shy everytime when rahim 

2 beggars planned to enjoy devika with her permission, during night they did all sort of things to believe them that thier house is huanted with some ghost. 
one day they understood thier house haunted with evil sprit, and on the same day saleem diguse as preist, came to their house stading outside, warned devika and her husband that the house is haunted with ghost – fear increased for devika and apporoched saleem for help, he came to house and acted like talking to ghost, – ghost tells story about devika husband banging a beggar woman in his previous brith, so the ghost needs a begaar to perform rituals with devika, first devika and husband didnt agree, after that her husbands falls sick, again saleem and karim performed some abnoraml activities in their house, again devika called saleem, he strictly said, if the rituals are not performed the ghost will keep on trouble. devika had no choice and went in search of a beggar, and found karim, devika talked to karim, and brought him to her house, devika have both saleem and karim in their house, saleem agian acted like he is talking to ghost, ghost want devika to perform ritual with karim for one month.

devika went in search for a beggar, and found a dirty men(Karim) sitting at park bench, devika approaced him, karim acted like he is not aware devika come to him. devika hestiated to call him, as she dont know how to call a beggar

devika: ‘Chacha’. Karim turned towards devika with a confused look.
devika: ‘Chacha, my name is devika and stay at xxxxx place over the bridge’
devika: ‘Chacha, I came here to see you, actually we need your help.’
karim: ‘I am a old beggar, and how can i help you ?’.
Devika: ‘i mean, you are the only one can help us.’.
karim: ‘Please maam, dont joke i am a poor beggar, and you look like a rich hidgclass woman, how can i help you, i have lot of works, dont disturb me.’ saying that he looked other direction ignoring devika. devika confused and was thinking how to start the topic, as if she tell her directly about ghost, he might think her as mad, but she dont have anyother choice.

Devika: ‘Chacha, please listen to me, i know you will think me as fool, if i say this, but this is the truth, our house is haunted with ghost, when we called preist to eradicate the ghost, he said that he can eradicated ghost only performing rituals.’. hearing this rahim felt happy inside, but he acted like he dont care what she said.

karim: ‘Ha ha.. a ghost, please maam… dont make fun. i think something happened to you.’

devika: ‘No Chacha… please try to understand me. our family is in trouble and only you can save us.’

karim: ‘But maam, why i need to preform rituals, it is your family problem right ?’, karim questioned devika.

devika: ‘Chacha, I am one who need to reform rituals, but priest said, it also requires a male medium, and that male should be a beggar, that is why i have to come to you for help, we both together need to perform rituals.’, hearing this karim was flying inside him with joy.

karim: ‘Ok maam, fine i will come, but i dont belive in ghosts, i am coming only for you have asked for it.’

devika: ‘thanks Chacha…. and i forgot to ask your name. what is your name ?’.

karim: ‘Karim’

devika: ‘Ok Chacha..’, saying that she gave her house address and left the place.

next day Saleem came to devika house.
 devika prepared everything for perform ritual

devika: ‘welcome swamiji, please come inside.’ saleem came inside the house, devika was wearing chiffon saree tightly wrapping her body showing her structure, saleem was scanning devika from top to bottom, devika found saleem looking at her and felt shy and looked at ground, saleem excited to devika’s exposed region of white hips, and the cute folds over her hip flesh, saleem never seen beautiful and sexy women like devika, but he acted like he is behving professionaly as a priest.

saleem was 50 yrs old beggar, with medium beard, all his hairs are white, and he complexion is dark and contrast to devika skin color, he was wearing a dirty dhothi and his upper body is naked except wearing a towel over his shoulders.

devika: ‘swami, yesterday also ghost caused trouble for me.’

saleem: ‘dont worry maam, after one month all your problems will be sloved.’

devika: ‘happy to hear swami.’

saleem: ‘as said did you found a beaggar to perform rituals along with you ?’.

devika: ‘yes swamiji, i found one, and in some time he will come here.’

saleem: ‘that is great. and please listen to me maam, this rituals are very crucial to you and your husband, you should not deviate while perfroming rituals, ghost will try to stop the ritual, but you should not lose the focus from what you are doing’.

devika: ‘ok swami. i will stay focus.’

saleem: ‘since your husband hurts the beggar(ghost), this rituals may involve some purification process, and some intimacy session with male medium, you should ready for anything’, devika shocked hearing the word in ‘intimacy’.

devika: ‘intimacy…. swami i dont understand…. what kind of intimacy i have to do ?’

saleem: ‘As your husband did sin by rapping a poor beggar in his previous birth, this ritual may involve intimacy, i mean you have to statisy the male medium in all means, even some husband and wife activities with male medium.’

devika: ‘oh my god.. what is this… ‘, word came automatically from her mouth.

saleem: ‘i understand maam, that you are thinking how to perform husband an wife activities with a beggar, it not like you need to do intercourse with male medium, you both have be very close in ritual and satisfy the ghost adthma, and eradicate the ghost.’, hearing this devika feared a little, thinking how much intimacy it will be with beggar.

saleem: ‘so you have to ready for anything.’, devika have no choice other than say yes.

devika: ‘ok swami i will take whatever the risk to statisfy and eradicate the ghost.’

saleem : ‘that is good.’

meantime, karim reached the house, devika welcomed him aslo,

saleem: ‘as beggar also came, please lock the door.’, devika locked the door as swami said.

saleem went to karim: ‘what is your name bhaiya ?’

karim: ‘karim’.

saleem: ‘ok Karim, listen to me. you are the only person can save this maam, and her family. see such a beautiful maam, facing problems from a ghost beacause of her husbands sin. so your are the one can purify the sin. we trust you.’

karim: ‘swami… i dont believe in such ghost, but still when maam says she have problem, i agreed to come here. but when i came here, i feel negative enery in this house, and i believe you, i will help to solve maams problem.’

swami: ‘Good….’.

saleem prepared an yaaga and started the fire, and mumering some mantra… devika and karim were stadning behind swami, devika saw karim, karim also 50 plus, looking ugly and dirty, he also like saleem, having rough beard and white hairs, he have habbit of chian smoke, beacause of that his teeths are black, he wore a torn dhothi and dirty shirt, he felt like he didnt take bath for few days. Karim was excited to perform ritual with devika, he never thought he got such a beautiful married , matured women to be close with him, and in few secods he will get chance to feel her rich waxed skin in the name of ritual. also devika was thinking, how a old beggar can control his feelings when he get chance to intimacy with a rich hig class beatiful wife. whether he will take advantange of the situation?, such kind of questions running in her mind.

saleem: “devika and Karim, both come here”, both came near saleem, now saleem stared calling devika by her name.

saleem: ‘devika, make 3 rounds of this yaaga, with Karim by holding his hands, you karim, you walk forward, devika will follow you. understood?’ 
both nodded in agree, Karim came before devika and extened his hands, devika also hold his hands, current shock went inside karim, as in first time he is feeling soft hands of a woman, devika felt karim hands as hard as rock, devika was holding Karim hands lightly, seeing that saleem shouted,

saleem: ‘what are doing devika, dont you remember what will happen if you deviate from rituals, look how you are holding karim hands, hold his hands tigltly’, hearing this devika feared a little, and tightly joined her palms with Karim.

Devika: ‘ok swami ok smawi, please forgive me.’

saleem: ‘i can forgive you devika, but ghost never forgive you… so dont forgot that.’, devika nodded in agreement.

karim started to walk and devika also followed him by holding his palms with her palms. it looked like during marriage, bride goes behind bride groom, by joining their hands. they both completed 3 rounds. karim cant look behind devika, but saleem was watching devika ass sawying inside her tightly wrapped saree.

Saleem: ‘now devika, hold this thali over your head’

saleem: ‘Karim, you just support devika holding the thali, and with that you both make another 3 rounds the yaaga.’

karim went behind devika, devika tucked her pallu inside hip regoin, and devika took the thali, and place over her head, by raising her arms, and holded the thali by keeping her arm raised, it was awesome scene for both Karim and Saleem, both saw devikas sexy sturtcure with hands raised over her head, as her saree pallu also tucked, her hips exposed region was appearing smooth as sexy, karim came behind her, and placed his fingers over deivka fingers, as soon as devika felt karim hard fingers on her sexy polished finger, she jerked a little with shiver, karim relaised that, ‘maam are you ok ?’

devika: ‘yes karim i am ok… no problem’.

karim: ‘ok maam’.

saleem: ‘now both start walking’, saying that he closed his eyes

devika carefully watched her step, and started walking, karim slowly followed her supooting the thali along with her, saleem behind devika got her ass view, he was watching her ass swaying with her slow movement, both karim and saleem have seen devika at distance, but today they got chance to see her with such closeness, karim can clearly see her ass over her saree. devika slowly completed first round, when she started the secound round her foot slipped and was about to fall, but Karim quickly supported by leaving her fingers and holded her bare hips, karim went into shock when he felt the smothness of her white hips, devika also shocked feeling karim hard hands on her bare hips, as devika was about to fall, she shouted, ‘ohhh ouch…’, saleem opened his eyes

saleem: ‘what maam, what happeend ?’, he saw devika and karim in awkward position karim holding devika by her hips. hearing saleem voice, karim removed his hands from her hips

devika: ‘no nothing swami ji, i just slipped, and karim holded me.’

karim: ‘yes swami, maam slipped i helped her not to fall.’

saleem: ‘Oh.. Thnaks Karim, you helped your maam, and the thali also didnt fall, you did a great job.’ saleem appriciated karim for helping devika

Karim: ‘thanks swami.’

devika continued walking

saleem: ‘Karim, better you can hold devika hips only not the thali, so that she wont slip again.’

karim: ‘yes sawmi ji, thta is good idea, what yoou say maam ?’

devika kept slient, as karim is telling hollding her hips is a great idea.

karim: ‘maam what happened maam, shall i hold you by your hips.’

devika inside thinking, this old man asking me permission to hold my hips.

devika: ‘ok rahim.’

karim: ‘ok what maam ?’

devika: ‘i said ok ,you can hold my hips as sawmi ji says’

karim slowly brought his hands over hips and slided feeling her smooth bare hip flesh and holded her bare exposed hips and pressed a little.

devika closde her eyes and hold her breath when she felt karim press, and again opened her eyes.

saleem: ‘ok devika you continue your round.’, saying that he closed his eyes again.

devika started walking, and karim followed her by holding her hips, karim took advantage of the situation and slowly slided his finger near her front mid region, searching for her navel, but unfotunatelym she tucked her pallu over her navel, karim cant reach her navel, so he kept still and feeling her hot and smooth hips.

devika completed all rounds. Karim also left her hips, he didnt do anyother pervet act other than holding her hips, as he knows he will get more than that.

saleem opened his eyes, 

karim : ‘swami ji, i cant proceed further, as i am geeting more aroused when i touch maam body or maam touches me, maam is beautiful, and sexy, and i am a poor beggar, never in my life i get a chance to touch a women like maam. so i feel different and getting aroused, now also when i hold her hips, i am sexually excited and feeling to insert my hands on her navel. but if i do like that it will create wrong impression, and maam will think me wrong, so i think i have to stop this.’, devika felt shy hearing this, also she was thinking karim is correct, even a men having beautiful body will get aroused feeling her body, poor beggar what he will do.

saleem: ‘what are you telling saleem. we cant stop this ritual like this, still more ritual needs to be performed, and you and devika should be more closer than this, as you both need to satisy the ghost, as now only we have started, and that too you didnt touch much devika, you cant arouse like this. you need to control.’

karim: ‘no swamiji, i cant control, and i may do any prevet actions with maam…’ devika felt pitty for karim, as he is geniue with his thoughts, and her trust on him increased.

saleem: ‘ok… i understand your feeling, also ghost wants to see devika with a beggar begin close with her, so i think it is not problem if you did any misleading act with devika, it wont deviate from ritual, but for that devika needs to agree…’, hearing this devika shocked for a moment, as both were justifying prevet action doing with her, and for that they needs permission from her itselef. but devika have no choice now, as she wants to get rid of the ghost at anycost.

saleem: ‘what you say devika? is it fine if karim does any prevet action when he lost his control on him ? ‘.

devika: ‘what ..? i mean… how i can allow him like this..’, 

saleem: ‘Ok i have one idea. But devika i am not sure you will agree for this.’

devika: ‘tell me guru ji, i will try my best.’

saleem: ‘the problem is since you think karim as old poor beggar, you cant digest his prevet action. to accept his prevet actions, you should think karim as a old beggar, instead during this ritual, you have to think karim as your husband, so that if he do any pervet actions, you will think your husband is doing, and you wont feel bad about that.’.

devika went to shoch hearing this.

devika: ‘what ?’, devika was thinking, ‘how can i think a 50 years old beggar as my husband, i am rich high class woman, i cant even think about this.’

saleem: ‘what are you thinking ? i know it feels bit hard for you take such decision, but now we dont have any choice. so either accpet karim as your ritual can continue the ritual, or esle we need to find another beggar and stop this rituals for now’.

devika was thinking for sometime, as devika took much effort to find karim, and now she dont want to loose him, and also she liked the genuie thoughts of karim, eventhough he is a beggar.

devika: ‘ok fine swami ji.’

saleem: ‘fine for what devika? tell clearly.’

devika: ‘i mean, karim can do any prevet act with me, when he lost control and i wont mind that, and i also agree to be karim wife for this ritual’.

saleem: ‘one more thing devika, you should not disappoint the male medium in this ritual, you always keep karim happy, for watever he does.’ devika noded in agreement.

karim: ‘maam… please think again.. i dont want to get bad name from you… i am really temptaing after feeling your smooth waxed skin… your women smell goes me crazy.. it is not my fault, as mormal human i cant control.’, devika turned towards karim, and looked into his eyes.

devika: ‘dont worry karim chacha… you are really a nice person, when i said my problem, you agreed to help me, now also you said your problem clearly. so i wont take you wrong, and as saleem says you can think as your wife, and you are my husband in this ritual.’

karim become happy hearing this, ‘so again when i get a chance to hold your hips, and if i insert my finger into your deep navel, will you allow me and wont take me wrong ?”,

devika: ‘no karim chacha i wont take you wrong for anything that happens during rirutal’.

karim: ‘so during ritual, if i excited and talk to you like a prevet, will you give reply in such way that makes me happy.’, devika dont know what answer she has to give. but she agreed to his prevet act she agreed to his  demand

devika: ‘hmm ok karim chacha.. i wont disappoint you during ritual.’

karim: ‘thanks maam for trusting me, you too dont worry maam, we will complete the rituals successfully.’

devika: ‘Karim, hereafter call me devika only not maam… i am your wife.’

saleem: ‘that is correct, chemistry between you both is more important in this ritual.  ok devika, lets continue the ritual.’

devika and karim turn thier attention into saleem.

saleem: ‘devika, here take this bowl of ghee, and stand near to fire. Karim will pour the ghee into the yaga fire ‘.

devika took the bowl, and came near to fire as saleem instructed. karim came next to devika and about to start pouring ghee, saleem stopped

saleem: ‘arraye what you both are doing, you both are medium, so you both have to do together…’

devika: ‘i didnt understand..’

saleem: ‘not you, karim, you are standing next to devika, this way you should not pour the ghee, you should stand behind her, and pour it.’

devika thought for a moment, and understood what saleem is telling, she was thinking, ‘my god, he will stay behind and have to pour the ghee, and ghee bowl is in my hand, that mean karim needs to stand behind me touching my back with his body, and lean over me to reach the bowl, to pour ghee… ‘.

karim immidiately came behind devika, and positioned himself carefully without touching her.

saleem: ‘wait, karim is way taller than you… this not good… devika do you have high heels ?’

devika: ‘yes, swami ji.’

saleem: ‘can you wear one, as you see karim is taller, it will be difficult for him to reach the ghee bowl from your behind. so wear a heels, so that you can match his height a little.’

devika felt awkward to wear heels infront these elders, as her ass will be more temptaing with heels, and definelty karim loves her to see in high heels. she went to balcony and worn the heels, and devika came inside.

both saleem and karim seen devika coming towrads them with heels sound, walking sexily like a model. karim got more excited watching devika, in heels.

saleem: ‘now thats perfect, now start pouring ghee into the fire.’, saying that he closed his eyes and started chanting mantras, karim came behind devika, with a distance watching her temptaing and well shaped ass, he came closer to her, devika felt karim close to her, she also felt pungent smell coming from his body, at same time karim felt devika womely smell,  he extened his around her and took the spoon.

karim whispered in devika ears: ‘devika, i feel difficutl to reach the bowl like this, devika, can you come  little back’.

devika: ‘hmm ok’, saying that she moved back dangerously, when she moved back, she felt something hitting her ass, she understood, it was karim manhood, she ignore and pushed herslef back, pushing his cock, onto his back, karim cant control when felt devika ass and her body on his, his cock started growing and pushing more into devika ass, devika also felt the harness with her ass, he wrapped her along with her  bare arms, as her blouse arms are shoter, karim can feel the full lenth of her sexy waxed arms with his arms,

karim: ‘devika i am really lucky.’

devika: ‘why ?’

karim: ‘i never seen a women like you, you have no hairs in you skin, and your skin is soft as slik.’, devika never thougth in her life she will be staying like this in hands of a beggar, pushing her prompting ass back feeling his cock. devika standing without knowing what to reply, but she remembered that she wont disappoint Karim during ritual. so she thought of giving him replies keep him happy.

devika: ‘so this is the first time you are feeling a women with no hairs.’ devik sounded naughty. karim become happy hearing devika invlovement.

karim: ‘yes devika, this is first time.’, devika smiled.

karim took the ghee from bowl in devika hands, and poured in the yaga, fire flamed towrads devika, devika feared a little and moved back pushing more into karim body, but there no space between them, karim felt the smothness of devika ass with his dick, and her hot thighs over his legs, karim cant control, and his dock grown hard as rock, devika can feel his dick moving  on her ass, up and down, also she felt pulse of his dick with her ass.

karim: ‘please dont do like this devika, please show some mercy on my cock. it will burst, if you do like this.’, devika felt irritate hearing the work ‘cock’, but she didnt do anything, and acted like innocent.

devika: ‘what are you telling, i didnt do anything.’, saying that she smiled with her lips.

karmi: ‘devika, you are killing my manhood, with your well shaped spongy ass, shha… ahhhh..’.

devika: ‘so you dont like it  ?, you want your wife move forward ?’. saying that devika started moving forward.  

karim: ‘ no devika no, dont go forward’ ,saying that karim pulled her on to his body, in  that process again devika saree covered ass bounce on karim front part, because of this karim dick slipped between her ass crack.

karim: ‘no maam, stay like this, give my dick more excitmememt with your ass.’, hearing this devika smiled, and she moved her ass again rubbing his dick.

karim: ‘ohhhh… devika.. you are so sexy’,devika smiled again.

karim poured few more spoon of ghee into fire. everytime karim poured ghee inot the fire, devika was pushing her ass over his hard dick, making more hard, also karim moved his hips and rubbing his dick all over her ass and feelng the smoothness of her saree covered ass.

also during the process karim was constantly smelling her hairs, bare back, shoulders, and some times neck, also, devika alos allowed his to enjoy her sexy women smell.

after sometime saleem stopped the mantra, and opeend his eyes.

devika and karim stayed in that position and seeing saleem, they both seperatd.

saleem: ‘good. now you both are good job, keep this phase, so that we can get rid of ghost easily.’

saleem: ‘devika, did karim acted unctrolled on you ?’, devika felt shy and saw down and noded in yes.

salem: ‘yes, i can understand. and this is an good progress… because ghost will go soon once it satisfy with your rituals.’

saleem: ‘Karim, did devika allowed your pervet acts ?’ devika was worndering why saleem asking such questions.

karim: ‘yes… maam, is so nice, she didnt stop me from my acts.. i mean my wife’

saleem: ‘good. now next ritual also the same… reaminign ghee you both have to pour into this yaga.’

devika took the bowl, and karim went behind devika.

saleem: ‘not like this, devika you go behind karim this time and pour the ghee, karim you have to hold the bowl.’, saying that again he closed his eyes and conituned his mantras

both switched the position, as devika was shoter than karim, she came behind karim, and leaned on his back, in that process devika had no other choice than pressing her blossoms on to his back. a shock went inside karim, as he felt devika stiff, soft boobs pressing his shoulders back, she tired reaching bowl over his hands, but she didnt reach, as there is no space bwteen them, she instered hadns under his arm pits and reached the bowl.

devika whispered into karim ears: ‘Karim chacha, are you ok ? you feel uncofomrtable ?’.

karim: ‘ssshhh ahhh.. maam, you are again making me hard’.

devika poured the ghee, and contnued whispering.

devika: ‘me ? ‘, devika asked questioning.

karim: ‘yes devika you and your soft boobs, yes devika press more hard devika…’

devika: ‘i am just leaning on to your body to reach the ghee bowl… so you feel my …. i mean …’

karim: ‘yes…. your boobs’.

devika didnt tell anything and continued to pour the ghee into the fire, devika was moving her boobs all over his shoulder, while pouring ghee, karim lost his control, and with one hadn holded the bowl, and with other hand reached his inner gorin region and scratched his dick, devika also understood, what karim is doing.

devika: ‘karim we need to focus on ritual, bowl will fall if you hold with one hand, use both hands.’

karim: ‘what shall i do devika, your boobs are making me mad’, saying that he continued to scratch his dick over lungi.

devika: ‘this you can do later, now ritual is important, so hold thr bowl with two hands.’

karim: ‘devika, if you dont mind, can you help me doing what i am doing now, as with one hand you can hold the spoon, and with other hand you can do me’.

devika was thinking, ‘what kind of request is this, he want me to scratch his dick, but what can i do now, i already agreed to be his wife during ritual and it is a wife duty to help her husband’.

devika: ‘will you be control if i touch  you there ?’, she said with a smile.

karim: ‘who knows… i will try my best.’

devika: ‘ok, now you hold the bowl with 2 hands, i will do  for you.’, rahim took away his hands from his inner groin and hold the bowl properly, devika brought her left hand standging behind him and touched his inner groin area, and searched for his dick, seeing devika struggling to find his dick, karim guided devika hand to his dick.

karim: ‘sssshhhh… ahhhh ..devika… your hands will do the magic.’.

devika shocked to feel his dick, it was really big than she expected, she extended her palm and slowly rubbed her palm over his lungi cover dick..

karim closed his eyes and moaning in excitement…. ‘ahhh devika…’, devika applied some pressure with his hands and continued rubbing his dick with he soft palm, rahim moved his legs apart, devika hands touched his testicles, rahim was in heaven, enjoying devika sexy assualt,
devika went deep inside his dick and rubed his region till his anus area, devika cant belive what she is doing.

saleem: ‘Devika, Karim….’, hearing saleem voice devika took her hands from his region, Karim also opened his eyes.

saleem: ‘Looks like now devika doing some prevet act.. he he…’, instead of getting angry, devika smiled along with him. both got seperated. devika adjusted her saree, as saree got misaligned due to the boobs assault on his shoulders.

saleem: ‘ok … now we can stop here, all rituals went well so with both of your cooperation, next step of the ritual can continue tomorrow.’.

Karim: ‘what today ritual is over ?’, he sounded with excitement.

Both Saleem and Devika laughed at his reaction.

Saleem: ‘Looks like at the begining Karim is now intrested more in doing ritual.’.

Karim: ‘Yes, after started the ritual, i can feel the excitement i got in this ritual, also  i never touched a woman like maam, she is sexy, hot, her skin is smooth with no hairs, and everything in her beauty. Also only during this ritual she will be my wife, i never get this opportunity. he he..’, saying that he laughed… devika also dont know what to tell and blushed.

saleem: ‘see devika, even a beggar know your beauty. you have to be really proud about, i advise start wearing saree in such a way revealing your beautiful assests…, so that poor people like karim can enjoy your beauty. they never get a chance to get a beautiful rich class women like you as their wife, but aleast they can enjoy seeing your beauty from distance.’. devika blushed again hearing this.

saleem: ‘devika do you have sleveless blouse ?”, devika wonder why he is asking such question.

saleem: ‘tomorrow ritual is cleaning ritual, so it will be confortable for you to wear a sleveless blouse.’, again devika wonder what he meaning by cleaning ritual.

devika: ‘i have swami ji.. so i will wear it tomorrow.’, devika said like  a obidient student.

saleem: ‘ok devika thats good’.

after both left home, devika was sat of sofa thinking about the ritual, how she was closely allowing a beggar to hold her bare hips, and at the end she also scrtached the beggar inner groin regin and his testicles, but she understood, that she is doing this to get of the ghost in her house, so she didnt think much, and slept.

next ddevika as saleem said worn a dark blue saree and a sark blue sleveless and backless blouse, and worn her high heels, she remember what saleem said, so she worn her saree 6 inch below saree revealing her navel, she stood infront of mirror, and inspected her, she looked fablous and her navel looking hot and temptaing in saree.

after sometime, both saleem and karim came. once they both saw devika, they both were shokced to see devika, saleem tried to behave professional, but karim eyes fixed her navel, her navel was round, plumby and deep, devika saw karim looking at her navel, and covered with her pallu, and blushed, but still karim can see her navel thourgh pallu, as it is transparent.

devika welcomed both inside her home.

saleem prepared everything for ritual.

saleem: ‘good, we can see some progress… now todays ritual is cleaning ritual. that is why devika i asked you to wear sleveless blouse.’

devika: ‘swami ji, but what is cleaning ritual.’

saleem: ‘yes i will explain..’, saying that he took a jar of water from his bag.

saleem: ‘this is holy water. it is to clean you both from your sins from your body, and can ready for next rituals. becuase after that you both need to be clean from your sins to preform further rituals.’ saleem continued.

saleem: ‘this cleaning ritual invloves cleaning of sins by cleaning each other body. both the medium should help each other  to clean.’

saleem: ‘it start with devika cleaning male medium that is karim’s hand with this holy water. devika you need to spinkle this water starting from  his fingers, then his arms, and till his shoulders, and clean by rubbing the water all over his arms, like that you have to do both of her arms. hope you are clear now.’

karim: ‘yes swami ji.’

devika: ‘ok. swamiji.’

saleem: ‘ok good, now devika take this holy water and start the ritual. karim you remove your shirt, so that devika dont have any problem in performing. cleaning ritual.’.

karim as saleem said, removed his shirt, now he was standing with lungi, devika notice karim, he got some white hairs in his chest region, and totally black drak skin, and due to his age his skin looked wrinkled, his belly formed like a pot, he is not muscluar not thin. devika was thinking, ‘i have to rub his body with my hands, his skin is old and dark, oh my god, how many ritual i have to go through like this, and what kind of ritual will be next.’

devika took the jar of holy water, and came to karim, karim saw her navel shaking on every step, karim showed his dirty black yellowish teeth to devika and smilled, devika also smilled back with shyness as karim was standing naked on his upper body, karim extened his right hands.

saleem: ‘wait, devika are you conformtable ?, you look very shy and nervous ?.’.

devika: ‘i mean i am … no swamiji… i am ok’, again she was nervous.

saleem: ‘no devika you look nervous, may it is due to karim was not having shirt. if you are not conformtable, we cant do this  ritual.’

devika: ‘no swamiji, i will do this ritual.’

saleem: ‘ok one thing you can do, to remove your shyness, just hug karim once, and feel his body with your body.’, devika shocked to hear this, how a rich highclass wife can hug a dirty old beggar, but yesterday she boldy rubbed his cock over lungi, now it is hug, just a hug, but that too on his naked upper body, also she agreed to be karim wife, so she cant say no for this.

saleem: ‘what are you thinking ma, already you remember you have to keep the male medium happy, so just hug him once and feel his body and remove your shyness.’.

devika: ‘ok swamijji… i will.’, saying that she turned to karim and looked into his eyes like a shy housewife.

devika: ‘karim hug me karim’, 

karim: ‘i feel shy devika.’.

devika: ‘shy !!, yesterday you are bodly doing all prevet things on me. but now you are shy ?’.

karim: ‘yes devika i am shy today.. i dont know why. may be i think i am in love with you.’.

devika thought for a moment, a beggar proposing a high class housewife, not sure whether karim said from his heart or just acting for the ritual, but devika dont want to disappoint him. but at the same time she also have to reply him romantic to make him happ.

devika: ‘reallyy… do you love me…’

karim: ‘yes devika, i love you very much’.

devika: ‘then why are you feeling shy to hug me, come on karim… hug me, hug me and show your show towards your wife.’

karim: ‘devika..’

devika: ‘what are you thinking, hug me and feel my body on yours, hug me tighter and embrace me, and shed our shyness’, saying that devika closed her eyes and extended her arms. karim excited to hear such words from devika, and pulled closer and huged her, devika saree covered boobs crushed on his chest, she kept her head on karim shoulder and extended her arms, and embraced him feeling his bare shirtness back with her bare arms, a current shock went into karim body when he felt devika on his body and her boobs on his chest, his blood was pumbing fast, devika can feel his heartbeat raised. karim huged her tightly and lifted her little, and again dropped, devika felt the pungent ordur coming from karim body, karim smelling her womely smell coming from devika hot body. he holded her by wrapping his hands over her exposed region of her back hips, and smoothly rubbing his hands over her soft skin, devika felt his cock growing harder and hitting her pussy, she excited to feel manhood on her pussy, and moved her thighs and rubbed his manhood with her pussy.

devika: ‘ahhhh… karim i too love you.’ devika openly accept the propose of a old beggar.

karim: ‘devika… you are so sexy. ahhh.. devika.’, both were excited, and rubbing their face on each other shoulder, devika hold her breathe difficult to take the pungent smell coming from karim, but karim constanly moving his face all over her shoulder and neck region and smelling her, devika can feel his beard scratching her neck.

karim after rubbing her bare hips for sometime and slowly brougt his hands below, and placed on her ass, devika felt the danger, as she understood what karim is going to do next, and thought of stopping him, but that will be like making the male medium disappoint, so she curshed her fate, and stayed hugged with karim and embracing, and closed her eyes tightly, expecting a press on her ass. karim was feeling devika ass as a bumb and stiff jelly, karim didnt do anything and just placed his hands on her ass cheecks for sometime, feeling the structure of her saree covered ass. karim eas about to apply some pressure, saleem called both of them.

saleem: ‘devika, karim. i think now you both shed your shyness.’, hearing saleem voice both seperated.

devika: ‘yes swamiji, now i am comfortable’, devika adjusted her saree, and blouse.

karim: ‘yes swamiji, i still can feel devika women smell on my body’, hearing that devika blushed.

saleem: ‘now you both can start the ritual.’, he closed his eyes and started telling mantras.

devika took karim hands and took some water on his finger and slowly rubbed the water over his finger, and continuted rubbing his arms,

karim: ‘devika, shall i ask you one thing’.

devika: ‘yes karim go ahead.’

karim: ‘when i kept my hands on there you didnt tell anything.’. devika understood where he is telling, but she acted like she dont know anything.

devika: ‘where karim, where you kept my hands.’

karim: ‘there only devika.. ‘, saying that he pointed her ass. devika felt shy when pointed her ass openly.

devika: ‘why ? i am your wife only right, so it is not wrong when you keep hands on my … i mean there’.. she avoided saying the word ‘ass’.

karim: ‘so if i press there, will you stop me.. ?’.

devika: ‘no.. you can press me there.’.

karim: ‘where devika.. where i can press…’. devika understood he wants her to talk dirty.

devika: ‘yes… you can press my ass, your wife’s sexy ass.. are you happy now ?’

karim :’ha ha.. yes devika.. i will press your soft sexy ass.’.

devika: ‘so you kept hands on my ass, how you felt.’ karim liked devika involvemt in talkign dirty to him

karim: ‘when i kept my hand on your ass, i felt like i kept on huge jelly, and your ass is hot. you got prefect structure.’

devika: ‘really…’

karim: ‘devika shall i press your ass once..’

devika: ‘now ?’

karim: ‘yes.’

devika: ‘no.. swamiji will watch us, not now.’

karim: ‘devika please devika… i want to press your ass, sawmiji closed his eyes, he wont notice us.’

devika: ‘no karim, not now, we need to complete the ritual.’ karim look disappoineted. seeing karim disappointed.

devika: ‘ok fine, only one time.’, saying that devika came closer to him, karim become happy, and brought his right to her back and placed on her soft ass cheek.., and slowly moved over her ass cheek, feeling the softness.

devika looked into karim eyes, ‘what are doing, press my ass, and sequeeze it hard.’, heraing that karim with excitement, he cupped her ass cheeks, and pressed tightly along with saree, and sequeezed the blood out of her ass. devika wanted to shout in pain, but she bit her lips…

devika: ‘shhhs… ahh karim… slowly… its paining.’, see deivka maoning in pain, he left her ass.

devika agaian looked into karim eyes: ‘now you are happy. you pressed my ass.’

karim: ‘but devika, i can feel that you are wearing petticoat and panty inside the saree, so i cant completely feel the ass.’, devika felt shy as how a beggar analysed her innewears.

devika: ‘yes i always wear inners when i am saree also.’.

karim: ‘devika can wear saree without inners tomorrow. soo that i can feel your sexy hot ass without any hidernace’. devika felt what sort of request from a beggar.

devika: ‘no karim i cant, i will feel uncomfortable….’.

karim: ‘why devika, only during this ritual only i can get opportunities to feel you… after that i cant get such opportunites.. please devika please…’.

devika: ‘no karim, please try to understand me… i did everything you have asked.. also i am married… no housewife will agree to allow a beggar to touch her… but i did many things for you… i allowed to feel bare hips, i allowed you to hug me and feel my womely body, even pressed my ass now..’

karim: ‘devika i think you are avaoiding me… evethough you are married… dont you remember, what swamiji said to keep the ghost away, to keep ghost away, you need to consider me as your husband. so why you need to be uncomfortable to wear saree without inners. and what is harm in touching and pressing your pantyless ass..’. he said with a stren voice. hearing that devika feared as she dont want to stop ritual, at the same time she cant take the modelsty from a beggar.

devika: ‘i agree karim, during the ritual, i am your wife, and you are my husband… but cant we do everything with a limit.’

karim: ‘we cant set a limit between a husband and wife… if you want to set limits, there is no point in continue this ritual, and i will inform swamiji that devika is not interested to continue the ritual with me.’, hearing that devika again feared, as she dont want to stop the ritual.

devika: ‘no no karim… please dont tell swamiji karim… i will do whatever you have asked for.’.

karim: ‘then wear no inners tomorrow.’.

devika: ‘ok karim’, she said with a sad face.

karim: ‘no like this…. i dont want to see my wife sad.’.

devika with a fake smile on her face, ‘ok…’.

karim: ‘tell clearly..’, devika dont want to argue with karim again.

devika: ‘ok…. tomorow, i dont wear inners.’.

karim: ‘and what i can do ?’, devika irritated with his questions

devika: ‘you can feel and press my ass witout any hindrenace over my sare… are you happy now.’

devika: ‘now we will continue our ritual.’

karim: ‘ok devika. he he’, he gave a wicked smile

devika took water again and sprinkled on his arms and rubbing with her palm.

karim: ‘devika, your hands are smooth… your are hot…’.

devika: ‘hmmm.’

she sprinked some water on his back

devika was sexy housewife, she is 36 years old, she have perfect structure, every men love to have as their life, in her area, every men have fantansy for her, but no one have courage to approach her. her husband working in dubai, he commes once in a month, she stays alone in her flat along with her 14 year old son Ayan, he studies 9 th standard in a school 5km away from her flat.
the hero of the story is Rahim, he is the watchman of the apartment, he is 50 years old, his wife died when he is 45 years, he had one daugther, she got married, once she is married she left him, now he stays alone in that apartment. Like everymen, he also has eye on devika, everytime when she croses him, he will try to get glimse of her hips revealed in saree, and watch her bare back over her blouse, and sexily swaying ass. like every one in apartment, he wishes devika when she enter or leave the apartment, but she never care him. devika also noticed him watching her, but she ignored, as she knows many men watches her with lust. rahim is ex army soldier, so he has well built body and strength even at the age of 50 he looks strong, his hairs were white, and a little belly due to his age, he has the habbit of chewing pan, and smoking cigerate.

one fine evening, devika was waiting for Ayan to return home from school, but at 6pm he didnt show up. devika got feared and called the school, but in school they informed that ayan and all students left at 4pm itslef, hearing this devika fear got increased. she dont know what to do. so she came down to appartment enterance, and searched for ayan, but she didnt find him, rahim saw devika in panic situatuion, he came to devika, and asked.

rahim: ‘why are you maam, looking worried and are you searching for someone.’ rahim saw devika wearing pink saree with sleveless blouse. he can see partially her white curvy hips.
devika: ‘my son ayan, is supposed to come home, but he still didnt come home. i am feared.’, eventhough devika dont like rahim, but due to her situation she didnt think much.
rahim: ‘i am sorry maamm.. and please dont worry, i will check this area.’, saying that he took his motor cycle and went out searching for Ayan.
At 7pm, she saw Rahim coming back with Ayan. she become happy. she ran to ayan and hugged him and gave kisses on his face, cheek, and forehead, her tears were flowing from her eyes. devika with crying voice.
devika: ‘ayan where do went, i was searching for you for long time.’, she saw ayan having a scratch on his side head., ‘and what is this, you have scratches on your head. oh my god.’
ayan: ‘mom, i went to buy some notes from my friend’.
devika: ‘then what you can come back to home early right.’.
ayan: ‘while returning 3 rowdies were forcing me and trying to steal all moneny from me.’.
devika: ‘what… those idiots.’.
ayan: ‘yes mom, they were talking bad words and blackmailing to give the money, and caught fight with me, but thank god, i saw Rahim uncle coming, he fought with those guys and get back my money and saved me.’.
devika: ‘thank god…’, she went to rahim, she felt shame thinking bad about rahim, as he today saved her son life.
devika: ‘Thank you Rahim… you really helped me a lot today, without you i dont know what would have happened to my son.’.
rahim: ‘no maam… i didnt do anything great, i just did my duty as every security do.’.
devika: ‘no rahim… whatever you say, for me it is really great help and wont forgot this in my life.’.
ayan: ‘yes uncle, if you didnt come in time, i dont know what would have happened to me.’.
rahim: ‘nothing will happen ayan.. i will always do my duty by saving my area people’.
devika: ‘so nice of you rahim.’, saying that devika took 2000 rs note from her purse and gave  to rahim. rahim felt bad seeing this.
rahim: ‘no maam… please dont give any maam… i feel bad, that i am thinking i am doing for money. i dont need aything maam.’rahim kept his face sad. seeing rahim sad face she alos felt bad for giving money.
devika: ‘sorry rahim, dont take me wrong. just keep this moneny as compliment. please take it rahim. or else i will feel bad’.
rahim: ‘if i get this money i will feel bad, so please take it back.’.
devika: ‘if you dont want money, then please tell anything you need, i will try to give that.’.
rahim: ‘i dont need anything maam. i did my duty only, so i dont need anything. all i need your faith on me and your friendship.’. devika didnt expect a fiendship propasal from 5o yrs old low class watchman. but he helped her, so it is not good for her to say no.
devika: ‘of course rahim, you did big thing for me, how can i say no to your friendship, from today we will be firends’, hearing this rahim become happy, he never thought he will get sexy housewife like devika as his friend.
ayan: ‘yes uncle, we all will be friends’, saying that ayan hugged rahim. rahim also hugged him back.
rahim: ‘thanks ayan..’,
ayan: ‘here, this is my mom phone no. note it down..’, ryan spelled the number. devika didnt expect this to happen, giving her phone no, alos her watsapp number to old watchman, but she didnt stop him, as rahim will think bad. rahim immediately saved the number, and opened the watsapp, and saw her dp.
rahim: ‘wow maam your dp looks nice.’, she didnt expect this from rahim, but she has to take it as compliment.
devika: ‘thanks rahim.’
rahim: ‘but more beautifull in real.’, agian she didnt expect, as her son also listening this she didnt tell anything. devika diverted the topic.
devika: ‘ayan, see the wound is started to bleed, before it get worse, let me apply some medicine, come home, bye rahim.’
ayan: ‘bye rahim’, saying that ayan aagian hugged rahim.
both devika nd ayan went home.

around 10pm when she about to go sleep, she got a message in unknown watsapp number.
devika say the dp, and it was rahim.
rahim: ‘maam, how is your son now ?’. she never watsapp to any male other than husband, she dont know what to reply, but still she thinks rahim is very good guy, so she replied.
devika: ‘yeah he is fine now, applied medicine’.
rahim: ‘that is great maam..’.
devika: ‘thanks rahim… i need to sleep, message you later.’.
rahim: ‘maam… one min maam… today you didnt tell anything.’
devika: ‘what rahim.’.
rahim: ‘that one maam.. i said you are beautiful, but you didnt tell anything.’.
devika: ‘oh… sorry rahim.. ‘
rahim: ‘its ok maam..’.
devika: ‘rahim, i am married women, also having son, i cant take such compliements. i am sorry rahim if it hurts you.’, hearing that rahim got shocked, he was thiking that he was advancing very fast.
rahim: ‘i am sorry maam… i thought you accpet my friend ship, that is why gave compliemnt on your beauty. sorry maam if i said anything wrong.’
devika: ‘it is ok rahim… i will consider you as my friend. but also  need to be in our limits.’ seeing this rahim felt bad and didnt reply.
devika: ‘rahim are you der ?’
devika: ‘i am sorry if i hurt you. thanks for your help friend. good night.’. again rahim didnt reply, seein that devika felt bad. anywasy she ignored and started sleeping, but she didnt get sleep, as rahim didnt reply, she taught of messaing rahim, but seeing that he should not take advantage of her, but other mind telling her to reply, as because of him only her son is alive, so she took her mobile, and send a message,
devika: ‘thanks rahim for appreaciting my beauty. Smile‘, seeing message from devika, rahim dick become hard. instanlty she got reply from rahim, ‘thanks maam Smile good night’, seeing the message devika felt happy, but at the same time she felt she never watsapped any male other than her husband during night, that too some one at her fathers age. thinkign that she felt shame.

two days passed, everytime devika comes to watchmen cabin, rahim smiles at her, devika also smile at him, other than smile no talk was there, ayan and rahim become good friends, sometimes rahim drop ayan to school.

one day eveing 6pm, devika home celling fan got repaired, she call electrician, but he didnt respond, her son also got irritated of the repaired fan.

ayan: ‘what we are gonna do mom, we cant stay like this, humidity is too much. i cant sleep today.’, both were sweating.

devika: ‘dont worry ayan. will call Rahim uncle, he may help us.’.

ayan: ‘thats good idea.’ devika called rahim. rahim saw devika number in his mobile, instantly he become hard seeing devika number in his mobile.

rahim: ‘hello maam…’.

devika: ‘hello rahim… i need a help.’. rahim felt happy that devika called him for help.

rahim: ‘yes maam.. please tell.’.

devika: ‘rahim, my home celling fan is not working. i called electrician, but he didnt pick up the call, do you know anyone who will repair fans.’, 

rahim: ‘why maam you are looking for electrician, i will look electrician work.’

devika: ‘oh really. you know electrician work… that is great, can you come and check the repair.’

rahim: ‘sure maam, i will come in 10 min.’, after 10 min rahim reached her home, and knocked the door, devika opened the door.

devika: ‘come in rahim.’, rahim followed devika inside her house, this is the first time rahim entering devika flat.

ayan: ‘hi uncle.’

rahim: ‘hello ayan.’

ayan: ‘rahim uncle, this celling fan is not running uncle, please help us out.’.

devika: ‘yes rahim, from past 4 hrs we were sitting without fan.’

rahim: ‘dont worry maam, i will fix it.’, saying that he opened his tool box.

rahim: ‘maam, can i get a stool.’

devika: ‘yes rahim’, she brought a stool from kitchen.

devika: ‘here rahim stool.’.

rahim: ‘hold the stool maam’, saying that he climbed the stool and analysing the wiring of fan.

rahim: ‘yes. this wire… yeah this is the problem.’. after sometime he fixed the wire.

rahim: ‘now ayan, can u switch on the fan.’

ayan: ‘yes uncle’, ayan switched on the fan, fan started running..

devika: ‘phew.. finally fan running…’ rahim dropped from the stool.

devika: ‘thanks rahim… you helped us again.’. rahim blushed a little.

rahim: ‘nothing to thank maam, it is my duty.’

devika: ‘i know you wont take thanks and money.. i feel bad, when you help everytime, i cant do anything inturn.’.

rahim: ‘nothing like that maam, i happy that you consider as your friend. i am really happy to get you and ayan as friend.’ 

devika: ‘thanks rahim’.

ayan ran to rahim and hugged him… ‘thanks uncle, you are really a nice person’, saying that he kissed him on his cheek, devika dont like her son kissing a old low class men, but she ignored as he really helped them a lot. rahim thougt an idea.

rahim: ‘ayan, only you are showing more affection, by hugging me, but your mom, not showing any affection or friendship to me.’, he said genlty to ayan.

ayan: ‘yes mom… i never see you show any affection to uncle. he helped us lot, and not taking any money from us, but there is no affection from you mom..’.

devika: ‘no ayan.. i have a lot of friendship with uncle, he helps us lot.’

ayan: ‘but mom.. we friends wish eachother by hugging, and kissing. but  i never see you and rahim uncle hugs, poor uncle mom he is, he wotn even get money from us, but atleast you can hug him and show him your true friendship”.

rahim: ‘probaably your mom didnt consider me as friend, that is why she dont hug me to show her friendship..’. devika cant even think of hugging a male other than her husband.

devika: ‘no not like that.. my friendship is always there.’.

ayan: ‘no mom… may be uncle is correct, you are not considering his as your friend, that is why, beacuse you show me your fiedn ship by hugging and kissing me, but not doing with uncle.’, she dont know how to explain to ayan.

devika: ‘no ayan.. not like that… i am woman, and i am married, i cant hug a male otehr than your father.’.

ayan: ‘no mom… you are lying, we friends will hug mom… i wont beleive you…’

rahim: ‘yes.. your mom.. may feel bad huging.. because i am poor….’, sayig that he kept his face sad.

devika: ‘no rahim… please understand me… i cant hug you..’.

ayan: ‘no mom… you are selfish… you made uncle sad… i wont talk to you.’ devika felt bad for her innocent son. she dont have anyother choice to convince her son other than hugging him.

devika: ‘ok… fine… i will hug uncle… now you are happy ayan?’.

ayan: ‘yes mom….  thanks mom’, sayning that ayan hugged her and kisside her on cheeks. rahim felt the luck of feeling coslty curvy body of devika.

devika came to rahim, and gave a formal quick hug, by wrapping her hands around his shoulders, without touching much of her body, ‘thanks rahim for all help.’

ayan: ‘mom.. what this mom… you dodnt have any affection in your hug, like you hug me… hug him like you hug me mom. then ly i will believe that you have friendship with uncle.’, devika cant take her son innocent blackmails.

devika with a irritated face, ‘what is ayan…. please understand me..’.

ayan: ‘no mom… you dont have friendship with uncle.’

devika wnet to rahim, ‘rahim, i dont know what ayan is expecting, so you hug me like however you wish, and show our friendship to ayan’, rahim cant beleive his luck, as devika asking him to hug her, so he dont want to loose the opportunity.

rahim: ‘yes maam… we will show our friendship to your son’, devika dont wna to happen this, but she had no other choice.

devika usually in home she wear saree and sleveless blosue, also she reveal more of her hips region, and tie her pettycoat below navel, bt cover the navel with sareee pallu, and her blouse is low back, and she wrapp her saree tight revealing her structure.

ayan: ‘hug uncle, hug my mom… she is your true friend’, ayan encouraged rahim, hearing this devika irritated, but she had to do it for her son.

devika: ‘yes hug me rahim’, sayign that she extened her arms and closed her eyes, rahim without wasting further time and pulled devika towrads him, due the pull force devika collapesed on rahim hard body, her soft stiff boobs crushed under rahim chest.

devika: ‘ahhh… rahim slowly..’, rahim never felt a woman like devika in his hands, he hugged devika tighter, devika felt rahim hardnesson her thigh, rahim wrapped his one hand around her bare back and held her in her embarce, and otehr hand freely roamed on her back reagin over her blouse feeling her bare skin below her neck., devika felt irriated and anger with rahim taking advantage of hugging, but cant do anything, she dont want ayan to suspect her friendship again, so she to acted like she loved the hug, she kept her head on his shoulder, and embracced him.

rahim whispered in her ears, ‘maam thanks for your friendship, i never felt a woman like you before with affection’, saying that he felt her bare smooth hips, rahim felt hot feeling devika naked skin, he can feel her curvy structure in saree, devika also felt something different inside her as she is hugging a male other than her husbadn afetr long time, her sexual thoughts started simiulating her hormones.

devika also whispered, ‘thanks rahim, you helped us lot, you are my true friend.’, hearing this rahim pressed her hips softly with his hard hands, rahim: ‘sorry maam,,,..’. devka: ‘its ok rahim.’. devika didnt take much rahim pressing her hips, as it may happen in hugs, also she can understand rahim feeling, no men can keep their hands control when they feel sexy women like her,  devika felt proud on her beauty, she tried to seperate from his hug, but ayan saw that, ‘mom why are you trying to seperate mom, it is just hug, give uncle sometime to feel you friendship’, deivka stopped struggling and again pushed her body into rahim, again her soft boobs crushed his chest, devika can feel his hardness growing between her thighs. devika ingored his hardness, as every men feel hot when they hug a women, that is nature, so she didnt think much.

rahim: ‘maam… you are my sweet and nice friend..’. he lowered his voice when he said.

devika: ‘i too agree you as my friend. thanks rahim’, after that rahim left devika. devika never thogut she will be hugging and allowning him to feel her waxed skin. rahim still can feel devika womaly smeel on his body.

ayan: ‘wow mom… you showed true friendship to uncle.’ devika smiled at her son.

rahim body was shivering with sexual assault of devika, but her controlled and left the place.

night at 10 pm, rahim messaged edvika,

rahim: ‘maam… so fan is working now ?’. devika dnt like messaging rahim daily, but she dont know how to ignore him and she replied.

devika: ‘yes rahim… now it is working fine.. i can sleep happily.. thansk rahim.’

rahim: ‘only thansk ?’

devika: ‘then what else you need ?’

rahim: ‘one more hug from ny friend. saying that he send a hugging smiley.’ ,devika felt uncomfortable seeing smiley from rahim.

devika: ‘now ?’

rahim: ‘yes maam…’

devika: ‘rahim…. i allowed to hug me because of my son… you know right i am woman, and i am  mother, if someone knows that i have hugged you… they will think bad about me.’.

rahim: ‘i am sorry maam… i thought thought you have hugged me, because of affection, i am sorry maam, that your son forced you… i understand you have no friendship on me.’

devika: ‘no rahim.. please dont say like that.. you are my friend… but this hugging is not needed…’.

rahim: ‘sorry maam….’. after that rahim didnt message devika.

devika: ‘oh rahim… i am sorry i made you sad.’, but no reply from rahim. devika felt bad, thinking, “evertime rahim help her, but i am hurting him always, i think i need to change… it is hug, just a hug to friend… what is worng in that… but he is low class watchmen i am rich house wife, how i can hug him, also today while hugging he didnt keep his hands still, roaming and feeling my hips and bare back region above blouse, and his hard thing, it is poking my thighs, and he is lucky to feel my breast in his chest, but he is poor, he never flet woman like me in his life, may be because of that he got excited… but there is nothing wrong, he likes me, he has more affection towards me, and helps a lot, and also my son also likes this and be more friend with him”, with these thought again, she messaged rahim,

devika: ‘rahima are you der ?.’

devika: ‘hug hug hug  to my friend’, she send 3 hug smileys to rahim, then she thought, ‘oh god.. i just send hug smileys to rahim, am i encoraging him for more hugs… what he will think about me.’

rahim: ‘hug hug… thanks maam..’, unknownily devika smiled seeing rahim messgae, she cant believe doing romance chat with her appartment watchman.

devika: ‘are you happy now ?’.

rahim: ‘yes maam…’

devika: ‘rahim, please dont tell this happing between us to anyone, it will be a problem for both of us.’, rahim dick rasied thinking that devika trying to keep secret with him.

rahim: ‘i promise maam… i wont tell anyone.’

devika: ‘thanks rahim.. now sleep.’

rahim: ‘before sleeping i need to ask you something.’

devika: ‘yes tell rahim’

rahim: ‘maam… i feel great when i hugged you… like i feel that i am not alone, i have friends with me… i want this feeling daily… shall i get this hug daily ?’, devika shocked to see the message, but she again dont want to hurt rahim. she was thinking, ‘what can i do now. what i tell, shall i allow him to hug me daily, but what happens that i lose control.. no aagain i dont want to hurt him, he likes me a lot, and he just want to hug me daily.. thats all. let me give a try…’

rahim:’ what happened maam ? shall i hug you daily ?”.

devika: ‘but people will be there, and ayan will be there, how you will hug me ?’, rahim felt happy as she is ready to hug him, but only thing she feared is about the people.

rahim: ‘no problem maam, i will hug you only when noone is around there.’

devika: ‘ok rahim, if my hug gives you positive feeling, then when noone is there you can hug me, are you happy now ?’.

rahim: ‘yes maam… very happy my friend..’

devika: ‘ok … sleep now.. it is already late.”

rahim: ‘maam. please maam 2 min.’

devika: ‘hmm’

rahim: ‘so when shall i hug you next.’, devika thougt things are moving fast.

devika: ‘i said you right, when noone around.’

rahim: ‘so tomorrow, after ayan went scool, shall i come to your flat ?’, devika was thinkign, ‘oh god he is too fast, now i cant say no also, as she gave permission to hug her.’

devika: ‘ok rahim, we will see tommorrow.’

both slept.

next day once ayan left to school, devika heart started beating fast, as in sometime rahim will come to the flat for hugging her, she feared, but after she got a naughty idea, ‘why cant i seduce him.. yes he helped a lot,  and he refuses money, and he never get a woman like her, so instead of simple hug, i can give him more pleasure out of the hug.’. she went to mirror and looking herself at mirror. she didnt go out of shape after becoming mom, she is a sex bomb. she unwrapped her saree, and tied her pettycoat 4 inch below her navel, then again she wrapped her saree, but she hide her navel, and tucked with pallu. she looked sexy curvy with her hips revealing. she was wearing pink saree, with matchng sleveless blouse. she hear door bell, she went and opened the door. it was rahim, he is having a parcel in his hands. once she opened the door rahim was stunned by her beauty, he was scanning her beauty from top to bottom, his eyes stucked in her soft bare hips. devika caught rahim looking at her hips.

devika: ‘what are looking at rahim.’

rahim: ‘no nothing maam…’, he bluffed..

devika: ‘come inside. sit in sofa, i wil make coffee for us.’

rahim: ‘no maam… no..’, before that she went to kitchen and started preparing coffee. rahim eyes got fixed on her swaying ass..

devika and rahim both had coffee, both didnt talk, to break the ice between them, 

devika: ‘so you do electrician work also?’

rahim: ‘yes maam… when i was working here as watchmen, i learnt electic work also.’

devika: ‘that is great rahim. what is this parcel..’

rahim: ‘maamm it is nothing’, rahim brought devika jasmine flower, but he dont have guts to give it her.

devika: ‘show me… i want to see it.’, 

rahim: ‘maam, it is jasmine flower… i bought it for you..’, devika felt shocked hearing this, he brought her jasmine flower like as he is her husband, but she dotn want to diappoint him. so she acted like she is excited to see flowers.

devika: ‘wow.. jasmine flower.. it is for me ? wow, she took the flower from his hands.’, she thought of keeping the flower in fridge.

rahim: ‘maam.. it is fresh flower. u cant keep in frigde… you can wear now’.

devika: ‘now ?’, devika thought for a moment, in tradition, only a husband can buy woman flowers.

rahim: ‘yes maam.’, devika dont want to stand against rahim wish and make him sad.

devika: ‘ok rahim’, saying that she was about to keep flowers on her hair, but rahim came to devika and stopped her.

rahim: ‘please wait maam, if you dont mind i can help you to keep those jasmine flowers on your hair.’, devika was thinking, ‘what he is telling, he wants to keep the flower on her head, he is not her husband to do this. but what can i do now. let him keep the flower’.

devika: ‘ok rahim’, saying that she turned around showing her back and gave the jasmine to rahim, rahim placed the flower, and clipped the hair pin with devika help.

rahim: ‘my friend is now more beautiful with flower…’, rahim prasied devika.

devika: ‘thanks rahim..’,

rahim: ‘maam, shall i hug you ?’, devika about to turn, but rahim stopped her.

rahim: ‘maam, i want to hug you from behind.’, devika was thinking, ‘why he wants to hug me from behind.. but a hug is hug.. so let him hug me from whatever the position is behind or back.’.

devika: ‘hmm’, devika closed her eyes feeling the heat of rahim closeness.

rahim: ‘thanks maam.’, rahim standing behind devika pulled her back by wrapping his arms around her waist, devika body got collapsed with rahim, rahim become hard feeling devika body, rahim pushed his inner groin region into devika ass, and felt the hot shape and smoothness of devika matured ass, devika gave a shocking jerk, once she felt rahim hard dick in her ass, now she found the reason why he wants to hug her from behind, she dont have any option other than to feel his dick with her ass.

rahim: ‘thanks my friend, now i feel confident’, saying that he buried his face on the jsamine flower in her hair and took the smell of flower, devika felt uncomfortable with his activities, but she cant do anything.

rahim: ‘wow what a great smell, you have…. ssshh, i mean the flower have. he he…’, devika understood what rahim is saying about her.

devika: ‘oh rahim …. my friend… thanks for the flower’, she moaned. rahim slightly moved her hair front revealing her bare back region above blouse, and kept his face on her bare back and felt her skin with his face, devika felt rahim beard brushing her back, she felt tickling sensation, rahim was smelling all over her back region, he wrapped her by waist, and his hands were front region oh her waist, devika holded his hands, not allowing him to do anything, but rahim got released from devika hand grip, and slowly tried to slide her pallu over her waist region, devika was thinking, ‘oh god… what this old watchman is doing, he is not only hugging, also trying to do some naughty activities, what i will do now. he is sniffing my bare back like a Rocky(D), and feeling my ass with his dick, now he is trying to slide my saree and finding my navel.’, rahim slowly slided her pallu and waited for devika reaction, seeing no reaction from devika, he moved his rough hands over her bare smooth flat belly.

devika: ‘rahim, what are you doing… please stop’, but rahim didnt listen her
rahim: ‘maam… i feel more confident, please maam dont stop’.
devika: ‘hmm’, devika closed her eyes and leaned on his chest. rahim roaming his hands all over her belly, along tocuhing her navel, at one point he stopped roaming and placed his finger near her navel, rahim extened his index finger and inserted into her navel, devika shocked with rahim situation, but she didnt stop him, as she slowly started liking  the act. rahim become more hard once he instered his finger into her navel, her navel was deep, round and pulmby… he didnt expect, he can play with navel of sexy highclass women like devika. devika lost control, as any women will lost control, when a man play with her navel, she leaned forward, pushing her ass more into his cortch, rahim also leaned along with her, and continued snififng her shoulders.
devika: ‘oh rahim… please…’, again devika straightend herself, arching her body pushing her ass more into rahim inner groin. devika was thinking, ‘what i doing, allowing a low class old watchman to play with my navel, i am also getting carried away, i need to stop this.’, thinking this she pushed rahim back and seperated from his hug, devika felt shy, hesitated to look at him, if someone other than rahim did this she would have slapped him, but since it is rahim and he helped her and her son a lot she didnt do anything.

devika: ‘rahim, what you are doing is wrong, i am married, you cant so such things.’ rahim understood what devika telling, she is telling about rahim trying to play with her navel.

rahim: ‘sorry maam… i got carried away, it is beign long i hugged a women in my life,  and i never hugged a beautiful richclass woman like you.’

devika: ‘i understand your feelings, but i am a married woman, and also i dont like this, as my son wished me to hug you, i allowed you to hug me, but please dont take advantage of this.’. she gave a soft warning to rahim.

rahim: ‘sorry maam… i will control me.’

devika: ‘yes thats good’, she said with strict face,  rahim left her flat with fear.

after rahim left, devika was thinking, ‘he is too fast, i need to keep things in control.’, after sometime ayan came from school, she played with ayan for sometime, during night she lied on her bed thinking of today incident with rahim, she felt her navel, devika was thinking, “even my husband never teased played with navel, that is wonderful feeling rahim instereted his finger inside her navel, also he bought jasmine flower like husband, i cant believe what happend today with rahim”, thinking that she slept, today she didnt get any message from rahim.

after that rahim didnt get chance to meet devika or message her, devika also didnt approach rahim for any help.

one day morning ayan and devika waiting for school van, at that time rahim came in white dhothi and shirt, seeing that both were wondered, as eveytime they have seen rahim in secuity uniform.
ayan: ‘wow rahim uncle.. what is so special, you look bright in dhothi’.
rahim: ‘ayan beta, today is my birthday.. so i wnet to temple and did pooja. here take prasad’
rahim: ‘maam, please take prasad’, devika also smiled and took prasad.
ayan: ‘happy birthday rahim uncle… i cant believe… that is great for’, saying that he hugged and kissed on his cheek, this is first time ayan kissed rahim due to affection, devika also ignored ayan kissing rahim, as she thought grandpa affection, rahima also him ayan on his cheek. devika felt bit awakwards seeing old lowclass man kissing his son, but she ignored.
devika: ‘happy birthday rahim’, she gake her hands for shaking, rahim took her hands and shooked, rahim felt devika smoth palms, and got excited, devika felt rahim hands with wrinkles.
rahim: ‘thansk maam..’. saying that he wen tot his cabin.
after few minutes, devika and ayan heard someone shouting. it was the appartment secraty, he was furious shouting at someone, when devika and ayan saw it was rahim he was scolding.
Ravi metha was the appartment chief, he is very stout and shoter guy, and age of 52. like every men he also has eyes on devika, he badly need to bed devika whenever he see her. ravi dodnt like rahim talking to devika, as he is jealous of seeing rahim geting close to devika.

ravi: ‘you stupid bastard… you are thinking youth to celebrate birthday.. you old bastard.’ rahim with tears on his eyes, and felt embrassed as everyone in the appartment were wacthing.
rahim: ‘no sir.. i just went to temple.’.
ravi: ‘then what is this… where is your uniform’, saying that he slapped rahim. seeing that devika felf bad for rahim.
rahim: ‘sorry sir…’. rahim held his head facing ground without bearing the humliation. 
ravi: ‘i will give you 10 min… change this stupid dress and come in uniform, or else i will make you to run infront of everyone naked’, sayin that he pulled his shirt by collar, and torn the shirt. rahim felt very much humilated and left the place and changed into uniform.

ayan: ‘rahim uncle is very poor mom, at his birthday, he been humliated by his boss.’
devika: ‘yes beta.. what can we do. these rich people always humliate poor people.’.
van came ayan went to school.

devika alos sad thinking rahim situation.
at 4pm ayan came back from school.
ayan: ‘mom, i cant concentrate today thinking rahi uncle incident.’.
devika: ‘yes beta.. i too feel bad for him.’.
ayan: ‘but mom, we have to something to make him happy.’.
ayan: ‘mom, why cant we celebrate his birthday today in our home ?’, devika felt as good idea to make rahim happy, but she thought how can she and his son can have fun with 50yrs old man, also what she will do for his birthday. also she is not teenage to celebrate birthday, she is married, and a mother of 14 yr old boy.
ayan: ‘mom, what are thinking mom, please mom, rahim uncle is very poor. we will celebrate and make him happy’, she dont know what to tell, as she dont wnat to stand against her son wish, she said yes.
devika: ‘ok ayan. we will celebrate, i will order a cake. and other party items.’ 
after sometime  cake order deliverd with party items, ayan decorated all balloons, and color papers and lights. devika cant believe taht she is going to celebrate a male birthday of her father age that to in her house, as it is bithday party, she worn a costly saree, it was red transparent saree, she saw in mirror, her navel and chest area with small amoutn of cleavage were revelaed due to transparency, she felt like she is getting ready for her boy friend, she also applied little makeup and lipstick. she worn a party crown.
ayan: ‘mom… you look beautiful today mom.’
devika: ‘thanks beta.. now go and call uncle. lets give him a supprise.’
ayan: ‘ok mom’, he went down. rahim was sitting in office cabin sadly.
ayan: ‘rahim uncle mom is calling you.’.
rahim: ‘why ayan ?’.
ayan: ‘we have some work to do, fan it not working properly, please have a look at it.’
rahim: ‘ok ayan beta.. i will come.’.
ayan and rahim went to devika flat.
ayan knoced the door, ‘mom open the door, uncle came.’.
devika inside, ‘coming beta.’. devika came and opened the door. rahim mouth opened seeing devika, and her house.
devika: ‘happy birthday…. rahimm…’, she shouted with enthuasim. rahim scanning devika from top to bottom, rahim dick pulsed seeinfg devika navel inside transparent saree. this is the second time seeing devika navel. he can sense devika navel is big and deep.
devika: ‘are you shocked… ha ha… to suprise you we didnt tell anything. come inside, before anyone see’. rahim came inside.
rahim: ‘yes maam… i m shocked, why these arragment… maam..’.
ayan: ‘uncle today is your birthday… so decided to celebrate your bithday.’.
rahim: ‘but maam… i am not even in good clothes… ‘.
devika: ‘forgot about your clothes rahim, just enjoy your birthday..’, saying that devika placed the crown on his head, while placing the crown devika raisde her hands, due to sleveless blosue, rahim see her clean shaved smooth armpits.
rahim: ‘maam i dont know what to tell… i never celebrated my birthday. this is the first time.’ rahim can feel deivka women scent from her body.
ayan: ‘lets cut the cake uncle’, saying that all 3 went to the table where cake is placed, devik was standing on left side and ayan was stadning right side, devika matched the candle.
devika: ‘rahim, blow the candle and cut the cake.’
rahim: ‘no maam.. i feel shy maam.. i never cut a cake before.’
ayan: ‘dont worry uncle, you can blow the candle, mom will support you while cutting cake’, devika smiled witohut knowing the underlying meaning of support. rahim blowed the candle.
rahim: ‘phew phew….’
both ayan and devika sang bithday song, now rahim took the knife, due to the excitement, his hands were shaking seeing that
ayan: ‘mom.. see uncle struggling to cut the cake, help him by holding his hands and cut along with him.’ devika didnt expect this, she dont know what to do, if she say no, her innocenet son wont leave her, and it is just cutting cake, so she kept her hands on rahim and holded the knife. that was wonderfull felling for rahim, as sexy housewife hodling his hands, due to closemess, he also can feel her sleveless bare arms with his arms. she slowly guided the knife along with his hands and sliced the cake. devika hair flet on rahim face, it was awesome feel for rahim. ayan reached for a cake piece.

ayan: ‘uncle.. here happy bithday uncle’, saying that he fed the piece inot rahim mouth, he too ate the cake. he also took a piece and fed to ayan. after that rahim looked at devika with a piece of cake. devika thought of taking the cake from his hands, but rahim extended the cake near her mouth, devika was thinking how can i allow a low class old watchman to feed me cake.
ayan: ‘mom… what are you thinking mom.. uncle hand will pain if he holds cake for this, have it mom.’, she with a mock anger inside her, as she worried about her innocenet son, no way to explain him also about a men and women relation. so she had no choice other than eat cake from rahim hands. she carefully ate the cake trying to avaiod touching his hands with her mouth, but due the small size of the cake she cant avaoid touhing his finger, she ate the cake along with rahim fingers with her lips sucking the finger, rahim dicked pulsed, when he felt devika soft rosy lips on his fingers, he flet like gave a tight kiss on her lips, but he controlled, he can feel the saliva of her, she never thought she will eat cake from a watcman.

ayan: ‘mom… what this mom, you are not feeding uncle”, devika again with mock anger inside her on ayan for putting her in awkward situatuio, she took a piece and feed to rahim, rahim took the cake along with her finger and licked her fingers for few seconds, she saw her fingers wet with rahim sailva. she ignored and rubbed on her saree..

rahim: ‘thanks maam… i never had such a tasty cake..’

devika: ‘say thansk to ayan, he is the one gave this idea, and arranged for your birthday.’.

rahim: ‘thansk ayan.. thanks for arraning your mom for me.. i mean the arranging the birthday paty with your mom.’ devika sensed double meaning in his words, but she ignored.

rahim: ‘thanks ayan… really,  i never celebrated my birthday by cutting cake, you both are really nice’, saying that he become emotional, and started crying.

seeing rahim crying, ayan felt bad for him, ‘rahim uncle, dont feel bad uncle, we are here to make you happy, you helped us lot, please dont cry’, saying that he kissed him on his cheeks, but still rahim didnt stop crying.

ayan: ‘mom.. see uncle become more emotional, we are his friend, we need to console him, when i am sad and crying you always console me by hugging along with your chest and give kisses on  my cheeks and forehead. i think uncle also needs to be consoled like me mom… i feel bad  seeing uncle crying.’ shocking for devika again her son innonent request,

devika: ‘Ayaan… it is ok, uncle will stop crying, i cant do such things.’, she got anger on ayan.

ayan: ‘no mom… see uncle how he is sad, only way to console him is you have to console him like you console me.’

devika: ‘please ayan… try to understand i cant do this..’.

ayan: ‘but why mom, he is also our friend, you need to console him’.

devika: ‘ayan…’, before she say, rahim intruppeted.

rahim: ‘ayan.. that is fine, please you both dont fight because of me.’, saying that rahim acted sad, as he dont want to loose such a great opportunity, hugging her and keeping his head on her blossom, and getting kisses from devika. so he continued as he is sad.

ayan: ‘mom… please mom, console uncle, he already was sad due to today morning incident, now also he is emotional, uncle dnt want to be sad on his birthday, we need to keep him happy’.

devika was thinking, ‘again i dont know how i will make ayan understand, instead of fighting with ayan, let me console 60 years old watchman’

devika: ‘ok ayan… as you say, even i too dont want to see rahim sad in his birthday, dont worry ayan, i will console uncle.’, hearing that rahim dick raised, thinking of hugging devika again, and this time with emotional hug, and expecting kisses from her.

devika went to rahim, she remeber the last time when rahim inserted his finger into her navel, and stopped him, but this time she cant avoid situation, devika with a smile, looking to rahim eyes.

devika: ‘rahim today is your birthday, you should be sad and emotional.’

rahim: ‘i know maam. but i cant control my feelings, as i never cut cake like this, and no one cared me like this’, saying that again rahim become emotional and cried.

devika: ‘no rahim dont cry, i am her to console you’, saying that devika pulled rahim and standing closer, her blosoom touching his chests, she looking into rahim eyes.

devika: ‘please rahim dont cry’, she holded his face with sexy palm, and made him to lie on her boobs with his face, rahim was not smeeling great, but devika women smell and her rich perfume, making rahim erotic. rahim adjusted himself buried his face on her boobs, and wrapped his one arm on her exposed hips and other arm boldly placed on her saree covered ass cheecks, devika made a jerk, as she was shcoked to feel his hands on her ass, as it is emotional, and ayan also with them, she didnt react anything. rahim kept his hands on her soft ass, but didnt made attemept to press her ass, as it will create wrong intention. devika brushed rahim hairs, consoling him.

rahim: ‘maam… thanks, i really miss this hug from my mom….’, but mom is different but mature house wife is different.

devika: ‘it is ok rahim dont cry…’.

rahim: ‘no maam… i cant control’, saying that he acted like crying, devika dont know what to do and continued hugging him. rahim took the opportunity, and felt the smothness of her bare hips by rubbing her hips and pressing soflty with one hand, devika understood this hug his more than emotinal hug and allowed him to enjoy her curvy hips. rahim moved his head over her boobs, in the act of crying, and pressed her stiff boobs with his face. since devika wrapped her saree crosed her blouse, due to rahim action, saree slightly moved away from her blouse, devika understood the danger, but she didnt act, as ayan might think wrong, so she didnt bother to adjust her pallu, rahim successfully slide her saree over her blouse, since saree is pinned on shoulder, it didnt fall, but her cleavage got exposed, rahim then moved his face over her exposed cleavage, it was great feeling for rahim to feel heavenly married house wife exposed cleavage with his, devika want to stop rahim.

devika: ‘i think, now you are ok.’

rahim: ‘no maam.. i cant control my tears’, saying that he adjusted his face and placed stragigth on cleavage and pressed his mouth open on her boobs.

devika: ‘oh rahim… please dont cry’, devika started losing control, since ayan was there, she tried to be in control.

rahim: ‘maam…. ssshhh ahhhh’, he tighlty burried his face in her cleavage and burried his nose in the valley betwene her boobs. it was great feeling for rahim to smeel devika milk filled boobs, he even brought his toungue and licked her cleavage, devika shocked with rahim act, but she cant do in that current situatuion. devika was thinking, ‘what kind of consoling is this, he exposed my cleavage and enojyinh my exposed parts of boobs, how can  i going to stop him’, keeping his nose again stick into her cleavage rahim applied preasure on her ass, and pressed and little to see devika reaction, devika felt awkward thinking a low class watchman pressing her ass, but she didnt stop him as ayan was teher, seeing no reaction from devika, rahim started palpating her ass, and pressed harldy sometimes, since ayan was standing at other end he cant see rahim lustious act on her poor mom. rahim cant believe the luck pressing sexy housewife shapely ass over her saree. devika took rahim face from her boobs holding into her palm, and looking into his eyes.

devika: ‘rahim.. please stop crying…’, she indirectly pleaded rahim with his eyes to stop his act, but rahim eyes full of wet, devika saw her exposed cleavege was wet with his saliva and tears.

ayan: ‘still uncle is crying, i think you need to kiss him, as you kiss me.’

devika thought no point in arguing his son,

devika: ‘ok fine ayan… i will try’, rahim dick raised thinking devika to kiss him for the first time, hodling rahim face devika gave a peck on his forehead. eventhouh it was a peck rahim felt great to feel rich class women lips on his face.

ayan: ‘mom.. what are doing mom… see how much uncle is sad, kiss him with emotional like you kiss me.’ devika with pleasding face looking at ayan.

devika: ‘what is this ayan… ok fine.. i will kiss’, she really frustated with ayan, again looking to rahim eyes.

devika: ‘now stop crying, i will kiss you.’, saying that devika planted a tight kiss on 60 year old watchman fore head, presing her rosy lips ightly on his dark forehead, it was heavenly feeling for rahim to feel a hot rich class women lips after long period, devika kiss appeared as wet kiss, as he lips were wet, rahim can feel devika saliva planted on his forehead area. devika felt irritated to kiss a old man, now she again dont want to trap into akward situation where her son compells her to kiss rahim many times, so she decided to kiss the old watchman all over his face, after kissing his fore head, she planted again a wet kiss on his left cheeck and right cheeck, and chin, and repeated this, while kissing rahim also moved his face, in that moment, when she tried to kiss rahim on his chin, she kept her rosy lips on his dark lips and gave a kiss on his dity lips, that kiss was a quick unexpected one, devika ignored, and gave a final kiss on his cheeck, and ended her kiss shower, rahim face was wet devika costly sailva. both were still in hugging position

devika: ‘i think now you are ok.’.

rahim: ‘yes maam… now i am happy’, saying that he hugged her more tightly for last time, her boobs crushed on his chest, devika felt rahim hardness on her waist. with one hand on her soft bare hips, pressed softly feeling her hip smothness, and other hand on her ass, feeling the shape of her ass. after that both got seperated, devika also heated up with a hug from rahim, evenothug he is a old man of her father age, she got intimate with a men touch afetr long time, but she controlled her feelings. after that all 2 had dinner, and rahim left devika house, devika changed her saree to nighty, and went to sleep.

At night Rahim messaged devika
devika got irritated seeing rahim message, as he started to message her daily like lover, but she cant ignore that as he helped her and her son a lot,
rahim: ‘thanks for making my birthday special.’
devika: ‘hmm ok rahim.’.
rahim: ‘and thanks for consoling me when i was sad’, devika remeber how she consoled him like a mother, making him to lie on her exposed cleavage and allow him to enjoy her body and blosoms.
devika: ‘i dont want to see you sad.’.
rahim: ‘thanks maam. can i get this when i am sad’, she dont know what to tell, as she said she dont want to see him sad.
devika: ‘Ok rahim, but promise me dont tell anyone.’.
rahim: ‘sure maam, i wont tell anyone. but i will get this console like today ?’.
devika:’ yes rahim, i will console you like this when your are sad”.
rahim: ‘so you will kiss me like today ?’.
devika: ‘i dont know what to tell, since my son asked, i kissed you, your are the first men, other than my husband i kissed.’, hearing this rahim dick raised.
devika: ‘yes maam, you are the first woman who kissed me, when you kissed, i feel i am getting love from my mother.’, he lied, as he wants devika to believe he is more emotional with motherly love.
devika: ‘really…’.
rahim: ‘yes maam… i want your kiss when i am sad, will i get maam?’, devika confused with his request, as he is consider her as motherly love she cant ignore him.
devika: ‘ok rahim, i will kiss to console you when you are sad.’, rahim was jumbing in joy, as sexy hot housewife agreed for kiss him in future when he is sad.
rahim: ‘maam today when you kissed, i felt few kisses on my lips, it was really great feeling for me, please conisder kissing my lips when you are kissing, i feels great.’, devika shocked hearing this, now he is requesting to kiss him on his lips, which motherly love will have kisses in lips. eventhough it was acciendent, she cant kiss him like that again on his lips.
rahim: ‘maam, what happened maam, no reply, please tell maam, will you kiss my  lips, i feel there is someone for me, when i felt you lips.’, devika also become hot thinking that incidetnt
devika: ‘so you liked my lips on yours ?’.
rahim: ‘yessss maam, that one is great.’.
devika: ‘ok fine, if that makes you feel great, then i will kiss you on your lips.’, rahim was in heaven reading devika messages.
rahim: ‘thanks maam… you are lovely friend maam..’
devika: ‘ok rahim, now sleep, it is already late.’.
rahim: ‘ok maam, good nigth’, both slept, devika cant beleive what she messaged rahim, devika was thinking, ‘what i am doing, i just agredd to kiss a old watchman, that too on her father age , and that too on his lips, am i started enjoying this’, with such thoughts she slept,
next day morning ayan went to school, she didnt see rahim during day times, evening ayan came back, she prepared snacks for him, and made ayan to sleep, and she slept for sometime, it was at 11pm, she got up, she was wearing saree, as she slpet earlier, at that time she got a call, she wonder whom calling her at this time, it was rahim, she saw the call history, and saw 15 missed calls from him after she slept, she freshened herself and deciede to call him back.

devika: ‘hello rahim’

rahim: ‘maam …’, she heard rahim weeping.
devika: ‘rahim, what happened, why are you crying..’
rahim, acted like he is trying to control his crying, ‘maam, today again our appartment secraty slapped me.’
devika: ‘why rahim, what happened, please stop crying rahim.’
rahim: ‘i cant control maam, he yelled at me and slapped me for not doing my job, but from mornign i was doing my job without any mistake, but he wantedly hurts me…’.
devika: ‘it is ok rahim, certain people will be like that only… it is ok rahim, go and sleep peacefully.’,  he again cried.
rahim : ‘no maam… it hurst me a lot.. i cant stop thinking about that…’.
devika: ‘come on rahim, it happens what can we do.’
rahim: ‘yes what can we do, we cant dont anything, it is better i can die, instead of getting hurted daily like this.’.
devika: ‘no rahim, dont think like that. what happened is happened, now forgot that incident and sleep.’
rahim: ‘i feel like i dont have anyone… i cant take this hurt.’
devika: ‘rahim, we are here, me and my son ayan, dont think like that…’.
rahim: ‘really …’, he acted like he stopped crying.
devika: ‘yes rahim, we are friends, and i am there for you, so dont feel bad.’
rahim: ‘thnaks maam, your words are giving confident..’.
devika: ‘good, now sleep..’
rahim: ‘maam, i feel better, if i see you once, now.’.
devika:’ now ?, rahim are you mad, it is nigth 11pm, how you will see me now, ‘
rahim: ‘see, you ar also hurting me… you said you are there for me, but when i ask something, you are scolding me…’
devika: ‘but rahim, how can we see now, we wil see morning.’
rahim: ‘no maam, i want ot see you now only.’
devika: ‘rahim, it will be risk.’
rahim: ‘please trust me, no risk…’.
devik:’ no rahim, not now…’.
rahim: ‘see you are also like every one, i thought atleast you consider me, but now you also behaving like others’, saying that he again started weeping and dropped the call. devika felt bad for him, but she cant visit him at this night time, also she dont want to be sad, she called back him. seeing devika call, rahim dick raised.
devika: ‘rahim’
rahim: ‘maam why called me, i am a poor low class old watchman, but you are rich woman, why you need to call me.’
devika: ‘rahim, please dont talk like that, i feel bad.’
rahim: ‘then why you have called me ?’
devika: ‘you said you wna to see me, ok we will meet now.’.
rahim: ‘really maam… ‘
devika: ‘yes rahim, i dont want you to be sad, so i deceided to meet you now.’
rahim: ‘thnaks maam… so i will come to your flat now.’
devika: ‘my flat !!, no rahim it will be risk.’. she cant allow a men at her flat at 11pm night.
rahim: ‘maam, if you dont mind, can you come to terrace, we will meet there.’
devika: ‘terrace ?..’
rahim: ‘yes maam, terrace.. no one wil come at this time, terrace key is with me, so we can lock once entered the terrace.’
devika: ‘are you sure , no one will come..’
rahim: ‘yes mamm ,that will be safer place to meet.’
devika: ‘ok fine, you go to terrace and message me, i will come.’. she dropped the call, rahim jumbed in joy, he was ex-army, so eventhough he is old, he got good body, whcih can seduce any women. he want devika to feel his body, so he removed his shirt, and in vest, and lungi, as he may get opportunity to get close with her in this meeting, he wants devika to feel his dick, so he removed his underwear, as it is dark, his tent was not visible. he went to terrace, as it is full moon time, it was not much dark. after reaching terrace he messaged, devika was waiting for his message, she checked sleeping ayan once  and slowly locked his flat and went to terrace for flithy lowclass old watchman. rahim was waiting for devika, he heard someone coming to terrace, probably devika, devika sliently entered terrace and looking for rahim, rahim saw devika, devika was beautiful, as usual in saree, since it is night time she didnt bother to adjust her saree, her saree exposed dangerously at midriff region, exposing her plumby navel, moonlight added more beauty to her. rahim cant believe devika will come for him at midnight and fall for his sympathy talk. devika was searching for rahim, she heard rahim voice near the water tank.

rahim: ‘madam, over here…’, devika saw rahim, and came to him.
devika: ‘what is this rahim, why you called me here at this time, if anyone knows i am done..’
rahim: ‘maam, today i am sad, everytime i am humliated by the seceraty’, saying that he started to weep. devika felt bad for him.
devika: ‘it is ok rahim, forgot that, it happens..’, she tried to convice him.
rahim: ‘i cant maam…. i feel better if you console me like on that day on my birthday..’, now she understood what he wants from her and why he called her.
devika: ‘now ?, i will console you tomorrow morning, it is already late, we have to sleep.’.
rahim: ‘no maam, i need now only, you promised me when noone is there, you will console me and kiss me, now noone is there, please maam.’
devika: ‘rahim, try to understand, it is night 11pm, it is not the right time.’
rahim: ‘no maam, if i am not consoled i cant sleep properly, entire night i will think about that incident, please maam.’, devika got irritated with rahim plea, but at the same time she dont want to argue and make him bad further, they both standing behind the tank. devika decided to console him.
devika: ‘ok fine, i will console you…’. saying that devika came near to him
rahim: ‘maam, please wait not here, i want to see you in light, so we will go to motor room.’, next to tank there is small motor room. devika dont know what to do and agreed.
devika: ‘ok rahim, we will go there.’, both went to motor room, it was small room with a space of 3 persons can stand with confortable. rahim swithed on the lights. rahim saw her beauty in that night, he cant beileve a beautiful richclass housewife came for him and ready to console him, devika saw rahim in his vest and lungi, since rahim didnt wear underwear inside his lungi, it started to form a tent in his lungi, which devika didnt notice. once inside motor both were standing close to each other looking into eyes. rahim kept his face sad, devika wants to console him quickly and return to her flat, so she decided to take initiative.
devika kept her soft palms on both side of his face and looking into his eyes.
devika: ‘dont worry rahim, remember i am your friend, and i am here for you.’.
rahim: ‘thanks maam, when you are my friend i wont be sad.’, 
devika: ‘hmm.. ‘she pulled his face and gave a kiss on his forehead. rahim got exicted to feel her lips on his forehead, and the way devika started consoling him with a kiss. rahim this time using this opportunity and enjoy her body the most. devika also understood rahim have lust on her and not motherly affection with last time the way how he hugged her, so she decided to give him more freedom, as she also longing for a male hands on her body, but not with a old man, but she have no choice to get it from rahim.
rahim: ‘maam you are an angel… i never seen a women friendly with me..’
devika: ‘thanks rahim.’.
rahim: ‘but it is my fate, getting scoled by secraty for no reason..’, saying that he acted like weeping, 
devika: ‘it is ok rahim, just forgot that now..’,
rahim: ‘maam you only can make me to forgot that, your motherly affection only can save me’, saying that he wrapped his left hand around her midriff region on her exposed hips, and pulled her towards him, devika collapsed on rahims body crushing her boobs on his hard chest, and his right hand landed on her shapely ass, devika jerked a little when she flet rahim hands on her ass, as rahim was wearing only vest to cover his upper body, devika placed her hands on his bare shoulder, rahim dick raised when he felt devika hands on his shoulder, he instanlty lied on devika’s boobs, with his face resting on her boobs, devika leaned back, but rahim grip on her hips are storng and didnt leave her, he buried his face on devika boobs, and moved his face all over top region of boobs. devika felt his beard brushing over her exposed parts of her under neck region.
rahim: ‘maam… please save me from my fate..’, he said without taking his face from her boobs.
devika: ‘yes rahim, dont worry all will be fine”, she rubbed his white hairs and consoled her. then devika shocked, as she felt something hard between her things, devika was thinking, ‘yes… it is definitely his dick, oh my god, i feel, he is not wearing any underwear, i feel as he is naked below… what shall do, shall i tell him, but what he will think… it is hard, and pointing my pussy… no i cant tell him… and my boobs… what he is doing, he is litterally molesting me.. oh god’. devika moaned feelign his dick on her pussy over her saree.
devika: ‘shhhh ahhhh… rahim…. my friend.’, rahim understood devika got excited.. 
rahim’s mind voice: ‘she is a hot babe,she need more excitement, i am sure she will be feeling my erect cock between her things, and her smell is great, sexy housewife she is… i need to feel he exposed cleavage without her saree, let me try my luck by pull her saree with my face.’ rahim tried to move her saree over her blosue with his face, and succeed in shifting her saree from cleavage, deveika didnt wear pin to hold her pallu, so her pallu moved further and felt from her shoulder,but caught up between her boobs and rahim chest, she tried to adjust her saree back to shoulder, but rahim didnt leave her, rahim was thinking, “her hips are hot and soft, let me see her reaction when i press her hips.”, he gained confidence and pressed her hips with his hard hands, she jerked with sudden press on her hips, but she didnt react further, seeing her reaction rahim started enjoying her softness of her bare waist, devika was thinking, ‘this old flithy man was cushing my hips like anything, how can i stop him… ssssh aaahhhh… and his other hand on my ass… ‘.
rahim: ‘maam… i am happy to have friend like me, i need you kiss me to reduce my pain… will you kiss me maam ?’. devika dont know what to do, as she already kissed him, but that was her son ayan foreced her to do that, now it was rahim plea, devika was thinking, ‘yes it is more than motherly feeling, i am feeling, he is like my husband, requesting for kiss.. let me kiss him, he will be happy’,
devika: ‘yes rahim, i will kiss you… dont be sad ok’, saying that she started kissing him starting from his forehead and on his cheecks, then on his chin, and repeated that with shower of kisses… rahim: ‘wow… i cant believe in my life, rich high class wife kissing me like mad lover, and drenching all my face with her sailva… that is great.’. she stopped with few kisses
devika: ‘rahim… now how are you feeling, feeling ok ?’. rahim was not staified with her kisses, he wants to taste her lips
rahim: ‘yes better maam… but stilll not ok, it would be much better, if you kiss on my lips.’.
devika: ‘lips ?? ..rahim… what are you thinking, you think i am your wife or lover, asking me to kiss on your lips…. please rahim, we will go…’.
rahim: ‘you dont need to be my wife or lover to kiss on my lips, even friends can kiss… maam, you have alreay promised me to kiss on my lips… i feel better if you kiss on my lips…’
devika: ‘but rahim, i never kissed anyone other than my son and husband…. this is strange for me…’, both were in hugging position, devika boobs crushed rahim chest, with her saree dangerously lying on her chest
rahim: ‘please maam, i never kissed any woman on her lips, i dont know how it would be kissing a women lips. please maam kiss me.’, devika was thinking, ‘poor rahim… he never kissed any woman in his life, also it is getting late for her.’.
rahim: ‘maam what are you thinking ?, i think you are not considering me as my friend, that is why you are hesitating to kiss me…’, he started his sympathy drama.
devika: ‘no rahim… please dont tell like this, i consider you more than a friend, that is why even in this midnight i came here to console you…’. both were in hugging position, and devika saree pallu dangerously lying on her cleavage, rahim one hand were still on her bare hips and and other hand on her ass feeling her smooth ass. devika felt bad, when rahim said she didnt consider him as friend.., she was thinking, ‘i dont want to make him sad again, i already kissed him on his entire face.. now why cant i kiss his lips’.
devika: ‘ok rahim, i will kiss you on your lips… promise me, dont tell this to anyone.’, rahim cant beleive his luck, devika agreed to kiss him on his lips… both were looking into each other eyes with lust, rahim body was shivering waiting to get the taste of devika lips, devika came closer and planted a peck on rahim lips. devika pulled back her head and again looking into rahim eyes and blushed, this time rahim got confidence and removed his hand holding her hips and place on her behind of head and pulled her over his face and planted a tight kiss on devika sharp lips, devika shocked with rahim action, but didnt stop and continued pressing her lips on his dirty lips. both nose were pressed tightly with the kiss..
devika: ‘Ummmm….’, after struggling rahim left devika, devika moved her head back and looking rahim with wide eyes and opened mouth.
devika: ‘what this rahim, you are kissing me as i am your wife or lover ?’. rahim dick raised when he heard devika mentioning him as her husband.
devika: ‘even i will gave peck to my son, not kiss like this.’.
rahim: ‘sorry maam, i cant control, after feeling your lips… maam i want to kiss you like a hero smooching a heroine in movies…’.
devika: ‘dont you feel shame asking like this…, no i cant, i gave you a peck, and you kissed me forcefully my lips, that is enough, we will go now.’, still rahim hugging devika with his hands on her ass.
rahim: ‘no maam please dont go… also we both are frieends, and we are more than husaband and wife, and a women can share things to her friend, which cant be shared to her husband, so if you also consider me as your friend, please maam, smooch me, insert your tongue into my mouth and lick my toungue’









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