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Devika & her Adventures from A Rich high class housewife

19 Min Read

one day raju called devika.
devika received call from unknown number, and it was raju.
raju: “Hello Devika maam, How are you?”.
Devika: “Hello, Who is this ?”
raju: “Maam it is me, Raju.”
Devika didnt get the name Raju, as she meet him only once in her birthday celebration.
Devika: “Raju ?? Can you tell which Raju?”.
Raju: “Maam dont you remember me, I came to birthday, me, Rafi, and Ramu.”.
Devika: “Yeah… Ohh Ramu, now i remember, how are you ?”.
Devika actually dont want any of that three perverts contacts, she enjoyed her birthday party, but she decided to forgot all those incidents and back as loyal wife.
But now Raju called her. She was thinking of dropping the call. But she wants to know the reason, why he called her.
Raju: “I am fine maam, but I need a favor from you.”.
Devika: “Favor from me !?, Raju I am not interested to talk to you.”.
Devika was wondering what favor Raju will ask, also she was talking to a pervert old man, who misbehaved to her on her birthday.
Raju: “I know maam, that day on your birthday, i pressed your boobs little hard, I cant resit my self when you are kissing me, you lips are so sexy I cant control myself, I am really sorry for what I did on that day”.
Devika: “Little Hard!!, you scoundrel, how dare you talk to me like that?, do you remember how hard you pressed ?”
Devika continued..
Devika: “There are red marks on my chest area for 5 days.”, she avoided the word ‘boobs’, as she dont want Raju to encourage him by using bad words.
Devika: “Also you bastard, you are the one who kissed me, not me”.
Raju: “Yeah I agree maam I only kissed you, but I didnt forced you”.
Yeah She also enjoyed the kiss with raju on her birthday, but she was angry on raju for keeping his hands on her boobs, but she allowed, but she never expected that he will perform an animalistic act by pressing harder with his nails.
Devika: “Ok fine I agree, but what about hurting my chest area ?”.
Raju: “Maam, What chest area, I didnt get you.”.
Raju is clever, he wants devika to use the word boobs, and pull into his control of words.
Devika: “I mean my bo…boobs”.
Devika hate herself using the word boobs to a low class perverted old man. But she had no choice as these local people will understand only local words.
Raju: “I was pressing your boobs, but you didnt tell anything, I thought you are enjoying it and your lips, they are so sexy to control, thats why I pressed your boobs harder, thinking that you will enjoy more.”
Raju continued …
Raju: “Also I thought you are wearing bra inside your blouse, but after I pressed, then only i realized you are not wearing any bra”.
Devika was thinking about that incident, and remember she was wearing bra, but that one is see through bikini type one, and so more of upper portion of boobs are not covered by bra, which Raju pressed harder.
Devika: “No Raju. I was wearing bra, but that one is thin”.
Raju: “But what can I do now Maam, I am very sorry”, saying that Raju started crying slightly making devika to believe that he is really sorry.
Devika also felt bad for scolding Raju, after hearing his sobbing voice through phone. She felt that she reacted very harsh on him.
Devika: “Ok Raju, dont cry, We will forgot the past. Tell me why you called me. what favor I have to do”.
Raju acted as he is stopping his crying, and listening to her.
Devika: “calm down raju, I understood your situation, please stop crying”.
Devika’s angel heart dont want to hurt an old man of her father age.
Raju: “Thanks Maam”
Raju started to narrate the reason why he called.
Raju: “Maam, actually i am suffering from a disease, and because of that disease every night I am not getting sleep and also vomiting blood”
Devika felt pity for Raju hearing this.
Devika: “I am sorry for your health Raju, Tell me what I can do for that?”
Raju:”when I visit doctor, after checkup, he said this is disease is very rare, and also very dangerous, it needs to be cured as early as possible, or else I will die”.
Devika got confused, why Raju has to tell all this to her.
Devika: “But how can I help you, and also what is this disease ?”.
Raju: “Doctor didnt tell the name of the disease and didnt suggested any medicines also”.
Devika: “Why so ?”.
Raju: “Doctor said he can tell this only to my wife, as all in my wife hand to cure this disease.”
Devika: “So what, you can take your wife to your doctor ?”.
Raju again in sad voice
Raju: “Maam actually my wife died long back, I cant take my wife with me”.
Devika: “I am sorry Raju, I am not aware of this.”
Raju: “Now you only can help me.”
Devika: “I dont understand Raju, how I can help you  ?”
Raju didnt waste any time and told her his suggestion
Raju: “Maam you want to act as my wife…”
Raju: “Yes Maam Please act as my wife for one day, we will go together and visit doctor, at least he will say the medicine and what is the disease, and i can try my best to cure”.
Devika didnt expect this favour as acting wife of Raju. She got irritated.
Devika: “Are you gone mad ? How I can act as your wife ? I am very young than you, also no one will believe.”
Raju: “I have no other choice maam, I dont know any women other than you. No one will agree to act as my wife. so please maam.”
Devika: “No Raju, i cant act like that, what if someone sees me going with you, my life will get ruined.”
Raju: “I understood maam, as you are rich class, you cant be a wife of this low class people. I am sorry to bother you. I think I have no other choice to die, and noone will help me”, saying this he dropped the call, without hearing devika’s reply.
Devika felt pity for Raju, as it is his life related, she started to thinking of going to doctor as his wife. She was thinking how doctor will agree her as his wife, but there is nothing wrong to be act as his wife, as she is not going to do any husband wife activity with him, just she has to go with him to doctor and hear about his disease and the medicines to cure.
After a long argument within herself she decided to act as Raju wife. She called back Raju.


Raju know Devika will call her back. he picked his call.
Raju: “I am sorry maam, I never bother you, I better die”.
Devika: “Shut up Raju, dont talk like this, no one in the world wants to die. your  disease will get cured, and everything will go fine.”
Raju: “But how maam, doctor will give medicine only if I go with my wife. Now I dont have any other choice”.
Devika: “Dont worry Raju, I am ready to come to clinic with you, as your wife”.
Hearing devika saying that she agrees as his wife, Raju hands went to his crotch, and rubbed his dick over his lungi, imaging devika as his wife.
Raju: “Thanks Maam… I am really happy that I am going to be cured”
Devika: “But Raju, How doctor will accept me as your wife”.
Every time Raju hearing word ‘wife’ from devika, Raju jerked his cock with excitement.
Raju: “Dont worry maam, I have an idea for that.”
Devika:”What is that ?”
Raju: “Maam, do you have any cheap sari?”.
Devika: “Yes Raju, my maid she left few sarees of her when she was working here”.
Raju: “you can wear any one of your maid’s saree, also please dont wear any jewels, so that doctor wont think you as high class woman”.
Devika: “Ok that is great idea, What about my age and yours ? I am 30, and you are nearly 50’s”.
Raju: “That I will manage somehow, you dont worry about that.”
Devika: “Raju, I am doing this only for you, after hearing your health condition, not for anything, so dont tell anyone, If you tell anyone, my life will be ruined.”
Raju: “I promise you maam, I never tell this anyone.”
Devika: “Ok, And after visiting doctor, you should leave me”.
Raju: “Ok maam, I dont borther you after this.”
Raju : “Tomorrow morning get ready at 7:00 pm, we will start”
Devika: “Ok Raju”.
Both cut the call.
Raju was thinking Devika as his wife and masturbated and slept.
Devika still thinking how she agreed to act as his wife, as already once, Raju uncontrollably pressed her boobs, and she really dont want to meet him again, but tomorrow she will be raju wife for one day.

Next day 5pm, Devika got call from Raju, this time she saved his number, and she picked the call.
Raju: “Maam, 7pm, please get ready, I will pick you from your home in auto.”
Devika: “Raju, dont come to my home, i will wait at near by street, you come there”.
Raju said Ok, and cut the call.

Devika went her wardrobe, and picked one of her maid saree, and blouse. As her maid little leaner that deivka, she had no choice to wear in tight mannner, she wore her blouse, she found herself hard to close her top hook of the blouse, after some struggle, she closed the hook, but her cleavage is ready to tear her blouse, that much tight it was. her cleavage popped out from the to hook, she managed somehow and worn the saree, saree is in black color and little transparent, which is extremely sexy for her white skin. she cant able to hide most of her hip region as her blouse is tight and small.
Time was 6:30, she took her mobile and purse and went to place where Raju will pick her up.
An auto came and stopped near her, 3 unfamiliar guys were siting inside auto, and Raju also sitting there. Raju came out of auto after seeing Devika, and came to her
Raju: “Maam come fast, we have to go”.
Devika: “What is this RaJu, I thought you will come alone, but who are them ?”
Raju: “Just Ignore them maam, they are just some local guys wants to get down at next few stops”.
Devika: “No RaJu, I feel quite scary, I cant come with you.”.
Raju: “Please Maam, they think us wrong, as I am trying to force you, I already said them, that I have to pick my wife on the way and go to hospital, also we dont have any other auto in this area.”.
Devika: “Ok. lets go”.
Devika was looking inside auto, as all 3 were sitting back. After seeing her, one guy got down and went with driver seat and other 2 came out and paved way for Raju and Devika to go inside. Devika went in to the corner, and Raju sat next to devika, all 4 were tightly packed.
Raju’s thighs and raju thighs are crushing each other, devika blouse arm was sort and exposed most of her hands, since all were tightly packed Raju was feeling her smooth arm with his arm, Raju didnt attempt anything and just feeling her thighs and arms. Devika tried to squeeze as much as possible, but she cant avoid Raju rubbing each other. Devika on other hand fearing about Raju, whether he is going to take her to doctor or he might have any plan. But it is too late to think about this.
after few kms, auto stopped, and the guy from front and one guy at back got down, and auto again started, devika got relief and now started trusted Raju, the guy siting next Raju, looked at devika, and asked Raju, ‘Sir, who is this lady ?’, Raju replied, ‘She is my relative, we both have to go to hospital’, This made Devika to increase the trust more on Raju.
Auto reached hospital, both got down, and paid the auto and went inside hospital.
Raju went to receptionist and asked where is the doctor. Receptionist said that doctor went for visiting In-patient, he will come in half-an-hour,and asked them to wait.

devika and Raju sat on chairs next to each other.

Devika dont know what to say, and staying silent, Raju also silent for some time. after sometime Raju started talking.
Raju: “Maam, I really dont know how I am going to thank for your help.”
Devika, turned and smiled at Raju, “Its ok Raju, we want your disease to be cured. Please dont tell anyone. I really liked you when you said the guy in auto me as your relative, thanks for that.”
Raju: “Please maam you dont say thanks, I have to keep my words.”
Devika: “Ok Raju”.
Raju: “Maam, I am really sorry, for that day.”
Devika: “Its ok Raju, we wont talk about this”.
Raju: “No Maam, you really help me, but that day, i hurt you, by pressing your boobs”.
Devika: “Ok Raju, Please leave it.”
Raju: “Maam, is your boobs paining now, still you have red marks ?”.
Devika: “Ssssh … Please Raju, I am fine now, but please dont behave like that to me hereafter”.
Raju: “Ok maam.”
Raju undestand devika is not confortable with that topic and didnt talk.
Deivka was constantly adjusting her saree, as it was too tight for her, Since both are sitting close, Raju was able to feel her womanly scent.
After sometime, Doctor came and entered to his room, as they were the only patient waiting, receptionist asked them to go inside and see doctor.
Raju and Devika entered doctor room.
Doctor seeing Raju, “Hello Raju, finally you came with your wife it seems”, and saw devika, but he got shocked to see devika, as she looks very young as compared to Raju.
Doc: “Is she is your wife ?”.
Raju: “Yes sir, she is my wife and her name is Devi”.
Devika didnt expect him to call her by her sort name ‘Devi’.
Doc: “But she looks young !”.
Raju laughed
Raju: “Her parents married her to me for money, so she got married to this old man”.
DOc: “You are very lucky brat, raju. She is damn sexy, you are very lucky to have her as your wife”.
Devika was uncomfortable with doctor calling her as sexy.
Raju blushed, and said thanks
Doc: “Maam, so you are his wife ?”.
Devika :”Yes sir, I am his wife.”
Doc: “Ok lets come to the point, before that i would like your husband to leave this room”.
Raju said ok and left the room.


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