Dirty Old Man

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Tom a sixty year old pensioner who had been to prison a couple of times for sex related crimes, he was living in a small village where he received a lot of verbal abuse, he was a peeping tom, the police had said he was quite safe and would not harm anyone according to the police Tom was a looker and would not do anything more than watch but many of the residents of the village were not happy with the fact that Tom was living in the village and wanted him out of the village, Sharon was a sixteen year old girl who lived opposite Tom and she gave him a lot of verbal abuse and often spat at him some thing that her parents ignored and encouraged. Sharon had just arrived home from school her parents were going away for the weekend leaving Sharon on her own before they left Sharon’s parents told her that Tom was away so she should be ok. After her parents had left Sharon went into the lounge where she saw the net curtains had been taken down for washing but was not worried as she knew Tom was away so she knew she was safe from the prying eyes of the dirty old man and started to take her school uniform off. Tom was sat in his bedroom looking out the window and watching Sharon as she undressed and once Sharon was naked Tom sat admiring her ample boobs and smooth love tube thinking what a lovebody that she has got, Tom sat watching the naked loud mouthed girl as she walked about the lounge, after a few minutes Tom saw sixteen year old Steve who was Sharon’s boyfriend walking down the road, Steve went and knocked on Sharon’s door and after Sharon opened the door and let him in Steve went into the lounge where he stripped naked, Tom looked down at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick which soon grew into a nine inch erection and when Sharon walked into the lounge rubbing her love tube as she did Tom thought time for action and watched as Sharon knelt and started to suck Steve’s dick, after a few minutes Steve pulled his dick from Sharon’s mouth pulled her to her feet and after bending her over the back of the sofa entered he love tube from behind and started thrusting in and out, To watched liking the way Sharon’s boobs were swinging about after ten minutes Steve pulled his dick out of Sharon’s love tube and squirted his cum over Sharon’s back, after a few minutes Steve left the lounge and half a hour later was walking up the road while Sharon was taking a shower, after ten minutes Steve was walking through the rear door into Tom’s kitchen where Tom said to him ” she looks stunning naked and you got a nice sized cock ” as he spoke Tom’s granddaught twelve years old Sue walked in to the kitchen and said ” that was better than watching you wank off ” Steve looked at Sue who had jerked off in front off a few times and smiled and said to her ” when are you going to let me fuck you ” Sue just smiled. Two hours later Steve was walking up the road, Sue walked into the lounge where her granddad saw a dazed look in her eyes and asked her if she was ok, Sue smiled and said yeah. Tom thought I know you are as he he moved the picture back over the small hole in the adjoining wall back into place.

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