Dominant Saakshi Surrender

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She was slender, she was beautiful, and she was young. Yet, she was the most disliked executive in the large corporate body. Saakshi Tiwari had quickly climbed the organizational ladder and, at hardly thirty-two, she held the post of Senior President, Evolution Apparels Inc. The reasons for being disliked were obvious.

Evolution Apparels Inc. dealt in ladies’ garments – from dresses to lingerie, from the sophisticated and elegant to the revealing and wicked, for any figure. Much of these were designed by Saakshi, ones that found a ready market and helped Evolutions to capture an almost impregnable market for itself.

It is this that helped Saakshi to rise rapidly from a Trainee at the age of twenty-three to be the Senior President and head the Sales & Design wing of the company. That too, even before she had completed ten years in service.

Yet, the reason for being disliked was not her quick rise to fame and position, but because of her manner of treating her subordinates and juniors, irrespective of their age and position. Even those of similar rank were usually uncomfortable with her. She was a high-powered corporate executive and she intended to keep herself way different and above from the rest.

As a dominating boss, she certainly liked to take control. She did have the company’s best interests at heart, but her bossy personality made her difficult to deal with. These traits would show up in the form of impatience, intolerance, and usually unrealistic expectations from her staff. Failure would almost always end in reprimands, and frequently that too in open meetings.

Very often, she would indulge in a sort of psychological dominance by taking recourse to a silent treatment and indifference. It was a sort of mind game for her. She would ignore their text or email messages which frustrated those under her to live up to their expectations. The strong would bear with her, the weak left.

The fact is she had become a sort of terror in the organization.

And yet, because of the enviable figure that she had, her name was mischievously twisted in office, and she was referred to as ‘sexy’, a subtle yet naughty deviation from ‘Saakshi’. But this was always told behind her back. Nobody would dare call that directly or even throw a hint.

In a group meeting with her staff, however, something took her quite by surprise. She couldn’t believe it when she heard someone utter ‘sexy’ when she snapped her fingers at a female staff, somewhat in irritation. Not that it was said loudly, but it was audible enough for Saakshi to hear.

Saakshi turned instantly towards where she thought she had heard herself being called by that distorted name.

“Who said that?” Her eyes were cold yet searching.

She could easily pick out the errant culprit – the one who pretended to be busy with his head down and taking notes.

“You’ll address me as Madam. Not by my name or, for that matter, whatever you think is a name. Never,” she said in a cold voice, and just as he looked up, “Yes, you. I am telling you. And you’ll see me in my chamber at four, tomorrow afternoon.”

The culprit, Vivek Verma, had turned pale. He was certain it would be his last day in office. He was already wondering what excuses to offer, and whether that would be enough to pacify this terrifying intimidator.

The meeting went on for another thirty minutes, but the hapless Vivek was singled out on more than a few occasions to reprimand and humiliate on a performance, she perceived, was way off the mark.

When the meeting ended and Saakshi had left, Vivek’s colleagues gathered around him. Some admired what he did, others thought him foolhardy. But Vivek, himself, regretted what he had done.

“I tell you, it’s not what I wanted to say openly. Nobody takes on a rampaging tigress. I just thought she was sexy, and that expression accidentally slipped out of my mouth because I was thinking of her. I might as well pack my bag.” Vivek rued.

In the latter part of the day there were two moments when Vivek found himself in front of Saakshi.

One was in front of the lift where both waited, and which Vivek did not walk into on its arrival. He pretended being busy by looking into a file in hand. Saakshi didn’t even glance at him, remaining completely aloof and indifferent to his presence and entered the lift.

The second time, it was when he was called by the CEO and, walking into his chamber, he found Saakshi facing the rather chubby gentleman. She sat cross legged on the other side of the CEO’s huge teak wood desk. His first guess was that he had been reported. Later, he understood that it had nothing to do with him.

“You have completed the write-up, Vivek?” The CEO had asked.

“Yes Sir!” Vivek was happy to reply and kept a file in front of the company head, “I have kept it short, just as you wanted.”

“Atta boy!” CEO expressed his pleasure.

Vivek tried to steal a glimpse of Saakshi out of the corner of her eyes who sat stone faced, looking straight on. He excused himself and quickly left the CEO’s chamber.

Vivek continued to remain apprehensive that day and even at night, pondering over his foolishness which seemed would cost him his job. He just hoped the CEO would prevent a disaster, but that was only if HRD sent his dismissal file to him. Usually, these never went to him.

For Saakshi, however, the night was different. It was likely that she forgot the insignificant junior officer and that she had called him to her chamber the next day.

Rather, she got down to what she usually indulged in for her recreation and pleasure. This was something that she did almost every night, excepting when she had to carry a few files home.

She had finished dinner and, after changing into her flimsy nightwear, sat down in front of her laptop.

It was in these moments that Saakshi underwent a complete transformation in her behavior. The rigid, stern, dominant personality was discarded, and she became a sensitive, sensual and, usually, subdued woman as she went into a specific adult chat site.

Strangely, she herself didn’t know why she underwent such a change during these moments of privacy and anonymous presence. She knew it was a contradiction in her character, but she accepted it as ‘unexplained behavior’.

She quickly signed in with the name that she had taken – Sexyme. It was not far different from what had slipped out of the mouth of Vivek Verma at office that day, and there was a saucy smile on her face.

In fact, she had chosen ‘sexyme’ as her ID in this adult site because she was aware that she was secretly called ‘sexy’ in a distorted version of his name ‘Saakshi’.

As she waited for the internet to put her through to the desired site, she relished the thought of those moments she would get the next afternoon to grill the over smart Vivek Verma. Boy! That would be fun. She guessed he was certainly senior in age. Yet, he languished at a much lower post. And she would ensure that he remained there.

Once she had signed in, she entered the room where she always did and wanted to – ‘Submissive’. No matter how different she was in the real world, this was a place where she wanted to go, be her true self, something that her mind and body was receptive to.

Saakshi’s dominant and aggressive behavior was really her armor, something to ward off men who treated women as inferior and weak. This behavior had helped her survive in a cruel discriminating world and enabled her to rise rapidly on the corporate ladder. It did give her pleasure, though.

That night, she sat comfortably on her cushioned chair and, having entered the room of her choice, waited for responses. She didn’t have to wait long. She stared at the screen in front her, watching intently at the different names that appeared alongside, some of which stood out from the rest.

Saakshi sat up in her chair. “kinkdom” she murmured to herself. It was not a familiar name in that site, certainly not in the room ‘submissive’ which she frequented. Instantly, she became curious.

She looked up the profile and found very little information. Male, India, well built – hardly divulged much about the person.

But it was the man’s orientation that attracted her. The profile read ‘Irreversible repressive aggressive Dom’. Well, well … that’s catchy, she thought.

About ‘Interested In’ the man had simply stated …Taming Women.

“That’s nice” thought Saakshi, “So he prefers to tame women, rather than train them. Like you tame animals and pets?” That should be interesting, she uttered to herself.

Although there were incoming messages from others in the room, Saakshi realized that she longed to receive one from this man. She didn’t want to send one to him on her own. She really wanted to be one who was difficult to get, rather than one who could be picked up at the tweak of a thumb.

Suddenly, she found a message pop up.

“You don’t decide if you are sexy. I do.” It was from kinkdom.

Saakshi waited. Let him send another message, and I’ll respond. Ignore him for now.

But her eyes were eagerly following the screen and the messages that kept coming; till there was a follow up message from kinkdom.

“You are too frigid for my attention.”

The words simply tore into Saakshi’s vanity. As someone with an imposing and authoritative attitude, she immediately felt aggressive. She loathed being undermined.

“I ignore those who bloat in false supremacy.” She messaged in reply.

“Then you will miss your match.” kinkdom replied.

Saakshi: “What makes you believe that you are at par?”

Kinkdom: “Not just believe, I know.”

Sometime during these exchanges between the two, the confrontation slowly started to weaken till, at one point, they found a degree of compatibility. They started to open out.

Saakshi got to know a bit about kinkdom’s identity. Not much really, because in these sites usually information is suppressed and, even then, whatever is divulged very often turns out to be false.

She learnt that kinkdom was around thirty, which put him in the same age bracket as hers. She also gathered that the man lived in the same city. The he was almost six feet, a fitness freak, an avid reader, a tireless traveler, an MBA, non-smoker, drank rarely, loved music and, the best part, unmarried.

Saakshi, from her side, parted with the following information- that she too was unmarried, almost similar in age, lived in the same city, practiced yoga, decent to look at, possessing a body that was admired, a working woman, a fervent reader, had painting as a hobby, and had learnt cabaret dancing in her teenage to maintain a supple body. She gave it up when she joined a profession.

When, before signing off, kinkdom asked for Saakshi’s hangout address, she politely declined. She promised, however, that she would be usually available at the site in the late hours at night.

The final question that appeared on the screen for Saakshi was “I’m a dom. You?”

Saakshi chuckled to herself. She didn’t feel like telling the truth about herself. There were chances that it would almost signal a permanent break in her growing interest in this character ‘kinkdom’.

She lied. Hesitating for a minute, her fingers busily typed, “I wouldn’t be in this room ‘submissive’ if I was otherwise. Bye.” Let him take me to be whatever he wants to, thought Saakshi.

She signed out.


A busy day in office would usually turn even a work Rocky(H) tired and ready to hop into bed. Not so for Saakshi, the energetic Senior President of Evolutions Apparels Inc.

She tried flipping the pages of the latest novel, ‘The Date’ by Karena Marie, that she had been reading the previous night. But her thoughts went back to her exchanges with ‘kinkdom’.

God! She needed Veena with her right now. She needed to physically assert and dominate, and at that moment, her mood had been stoked and aroused, and she found it necessary for some release.

Veena was her friend from college, a little younger than Saakshi at just thirty. She was just her opposite and so, while Saakshi was predominately assertive and dominant, Veena was shy, timid, and a born submissive to the core. It was this character that had drawn Saakshi to Veena at college, when she initially teased and tormented her. Yet, at the same time, Saakshi protected her from other girls.

It was, however, no secret in their friend circle in college that both these girls were lesbians at heart and that there was an intimate physical relationship between the two.

This relationship had continued. It was more open while in college, but rather private and discreet at this point. At this point in life, she stayed just three buildings away, on the eighth floor of a nice apartment. This had helped them to continue with their secret sexual indulgences.

Veena was a shapely girl, shorter in height than Saakshi but probably prettier. And unlike Saakshi, she had long hair that came down to her waist.

But the one glaring difference between the two was that while Saakshi was unmarried and almost confirmed spinster, Veena was married but childless even after three years of marriage.

That night, when Saakshi was becoming more and more restless, and her needs became unbearable, she picked up her mobile to call Veena. It was past ten at night and Saakshi was sure that a housewife would not go to sleep so early.

Veena hadn’t gone to sleep. Her husband wasn’t in town and she was watching a movie on Netflix.

Saakshi’s heart pumped harder and her excitement jumped rapidly when she heard that Veena was alone.

“That’s great. Come over, Veena. I promise you that you’ll not feel lonely.” Saakshi’s voice was coated in desire.

Veena could never refuse Saakshi. She was pressing the buzzer to Saakshi’s apartment in hardly fifteen minutes. Possibly, all the security staff in both these two apartment buildings was surprised to see her visiting someone so late.

Saakshi was dressed in a sheer nightwear. It opened out in the front, fell just three inches from her shoulders onto her arms, was red in color, and hardly covered her butt.

She closed the door the moment Veena entered her apartment and pulled her near. Saakshi looked deeply into Veena’s eyes before she had planted a kiss on the shorter girl’s lips.

“You need to be naked this instant, Veena,” Saakshi said in a voice filled with urgency.

“I know, and I want to,” Veena said as she started to unwrap her saree.

By now, Saakshi was helping her to part with her dress, peeling off her blouse and petticoat and then making her stand in her lacy white bra and crotchless panties. It was a strikingly sensual pair.

Saakshi stretched a hand and ran it over the already moist areas of a panting Veena.

“My! My! I like it when you are so receptive, Vnee,” Saakshi relished as she played on the girl’s pussy with a finger.

Veena, on her part, parted Saakshi’s nighty and gripped her breasts with her soft smaller hands.

Saakshi breathed heavily, and the intensity in her probing finger was clearly felt by Veena. She eagerly pushed it in, as her face tilted on to Veena. Both the girls’ lips were parted, while their eyelids were almost on the verge of closing.

“Kiss me, Shi,” whispered Veena.

“Yes, Vnee. I hunger for your lips.”

Her tongue forced into Veena’s; her mouth eagerly welcomed it in. Their sweet breath covered their faces.

“Squeeze my nipples, baby,” Saakshi said amorously. She went on tormenting Veena’s pussy with her finger. Her long nail scratched on the insides of a leaking vagina. Veena shrieked in delight.

“Yes, darling,” she said as her excitement increased, and gripped Saakshi’s nipples with her fingers, pressing them as hard as she could.

Saakshi too unhooked Veena’s brassiere, and taking the straps off her shoulders, threw it on the bed.

“Just you wait! I’ll tie your hands with your bra,” Saakshi said in a shaking voice.

The girls pressed their nipples together, each girl holding the other’s nipples to draw the pairs nearer and caress them – nipple against nipple. They were taut but hard.

Saakshi lowered her face on to Veena’s breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth. She sucked in delight.

It was a beautiful and erotic pose between two girls, each wanting more of the other and moaning deeply to show the stage of arousal. Truly, they were two girls in heat.

Saakshi guided Veena towards the bed, which was unusually large for a single girl. Its purpose was known only to these two lesbian lovers who needed physical intimacy now and then.

Then, holding Veena’s panties at the waist, she pushed it down to beyond the girl’s knees. Veena did the rest with her legs and soon it was lying around her ankles.

As she stood naked beside the bed Veena raised her hands and slid the flimsy nighty down Saakshi’s shoulders. It dropped slowly towards the floor and Saakshi simply pushed it away with her legs.

Both stood naked facing each other.

“Hmm, bald! Last week there was a trim, wasn’t there Vnee?” Saakshi smiled and asked.

“So are you, Shi …just as you always are,” Veena too smiled back.

“I can’t wait. I must kiss you there, NOW!” Saakshi didn’t hide her urgency.

“Neither can I. Need to taste you so much.” Veena was already getting up on the bed, her two hands and one leg placed on it as she was about to raise the other leg.

Saakshi came from behind and caught her by the hips. Veena giggled in abandon.

“No hurrying, there’s work to do, sweetie,” Saakshi held her back.

Her face was already lowered to the angle between Veena’s bent buttocks. Unable to do anything other than waiting, Veena just panted.

Saakshi tongue was already out as her mouth neared the wetness that surrounded Veena’s vagina. She looked at her partner’s quivering vulva lips, so amorously ready for her tongue. The aroma of her female juices intoxicated Saakshi.

She ran the tip of her tongue along the vulva, the taste instantly sending shivers down her own excited body.

“God! You taste well, Vnee,” Saakshi said in a tremulous voice.

Suddenly, and without warning, she slapped her ass, evoking a cry from the wincing Veena. Yet, she waited for more, like she always did when they were together.

“You know how to address me, don’t you?” said Saakshi as she slapped her three more times on her ass. The spots instantly turned red on the soft, fair skin.

“Go on, I am waiting,” Saakshi’s voice, passionate yet grave.

“Mistress, I beg you to let me taste your vagina,” Veena pleaded.

“I thought you would never ask nor beg,” Saakshi retorted, “Now get up on the bed and lie on your back.”

Saakshi was just as eager to have Veena’s tongue on her leaking pussy. She let go of Veena’s hips, allowing the girl to quickly get up and lie on her back on the bed.

Within moments the girls had taken up their favored position, one’s head on the other’s pussy, deliriously tasting the escaping juices from their pussy.

“So tasty, so wonderful! Oh god! I get intoxicated with this aroma that you secrete, Vnee,” cried Saakshi.

“Yours too, Shi” said Veena passionately.
They moaned endlessly, hugged each other’s hips firmly, their faces dug deeply on the other’s vagina and all around it. They stopped only when they needed to come up for breath.

Each woman’s tongue had ways to arouse the other. One slurped like a cat, the other pushing in to tease the clit. Each moment their arousal went on increasing, till Veena could bear it no more.

She squirmed and wrapped her legs around Saakshi’s back. Her hands held Saakshi’s head firmly at the back, pushing it firmly on to her copiously leaking pussy.

“More, I want more,” she moaned and squealed.

From the position that she was, Saakshi asked, “What is it you need at this moment, sub?” But she continued to run her tongue on Veena’s pussy, pushing it in a few times to touch the girl’s clit.

A fire raged in Veena and she helplessly replied, “Your new strap-on, Mistress. I beg you to wear it now.”

“Ahhh! So, my obedient slut wishes to have something hard inside that swollen pussy, does she?” Saakshi said as she brushed her hand over Veena’s hair.

“Yesssss, Mistress,” Venus let her answer drag and then repeated, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Saakshi stretched her arm underneath a pillow and pulled out an eight-inch strap-on harness which was of skin color. With a width of two inches and veins handcrafted all over the circumference, some thick, some thin, and two orbs attached at the end, it looked like a real male phallus. Indeed, it looked terrifying, but that was the purpose.

The item had been purchased online only recently by Saakshi to give her partner a realistic experience. It hadn’t been tried before and Saakshi was impatient to try it on her partner.

Quickly, she sat up on her knees and tied the waist straps around, fastening the metal buckles firmly to ensure that it would not come loose during their fun.

When Saakshi was ready with her strap-on, Veena looked on with unmistakable signs of her extreme desire. Her mouth was parted, and she was already breathing heavily.

Saakshi lowered herself on the impatient Veena. She gripped the breasts of her sub, mauling them hard. And Veena in turn dug in her nails on the soft velvety curves of her mistress as she hunched over her.

“Take it, sub,” Saakshi said in a husky voice, “hold it with your hands and guide it in. It’s the cock that’s going to fuck you hard and rough.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Veena squealed. Her needs had risen rapidly, and her pussy ached to be filled.

She held the appendage, feeling it at first, wanting to run her hands on the veins that looked so real. She loved the girth and the length, and the color which was a lighter shade of brown.

Veena parted her thighs and slowly began to push it in. Her moist pussy helped it slide in without any discomfort.

Saakshi, too, at this point pushed on it with her hips.

Soon, they were passionately kissing one another. Their breasts were pressed into each other, nipples hard and wanting.

Saakshi began slowly, but she quickly raised the tempo till she was fucking Veena in delight. Cooing and moaning endlessly, they were a phenomenal sight.

“Take it, let me tear that pussy of yours, you bitch,” screamed Saakshi.

“Oh god! Fuck me Mistress, fuck me hard. Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Veena went on wailing.

It was a long night for both these women who lost count of the number of times they had orgasmed during that period.

In the end, they lay in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.


The next day was a busy day for Saakshi. There was a Board meeting which required her presence to answer specific questions. While she was appreciated for her performance, there was one director, Mrs. Preeti Ahuja, who asked for her presence.

Mrs. Preeti Ahuja was in her mid-fifties and a divorcee. She was a chartered accountant by profession, was a partner in a reputed chartered accountancy firm, and was on the board of Evolution Apparels Inc. as a professional non-executive director.

There was, however, a little-known secret about her and that was her inclination towards the same sex.

Mrs. Ahuja wanted to know if Saakshi was planning to launch any special garment or undergarment soon. She referred to the lingerie ad from their competitors lately on display on TV and billboards around the country.

“Did you notice their recent ad, Saakshi? ‘WE LOVE TO WRAP AROUND YOU’ … so catchy, isn’t it?” She started giggling.

Saakshi couldn’t help but notice the underlying pun on the word ‘catchy’ when Mrs. Ahuja eluded to the words in the ad.

“Yes, Madame,” Saakshi said with a sober face, “I did notice their ad and, you will be happy to know, we are coming out with a new product of our own very shortly.” She did not disclose other details about the product.

“Including a catchy ad, I am sure?” Mrs. Ahuja pursued.

“Yes, Madam. We haven’t finalized it, but one of them right now which we have in mind is “CREATING COMFORT FOR GOD’S BEST CREATION.”

“Something a bit shorter, Saakshi?” someone else asked now.

“We’ll see what we can do, Sir,” Saakshi turned to Mr. Natarajan, another senior director, “ones that come to mind instantly are – CREATING CUP COMFORTS or simply CUP COMFORTS.”

The foreign director, Mr. Gordon Goldwater, who represented the foreign company with substantial shareholding, came up with another suggestion.



“You see Saakshi, these two go together. They are wedded partners really,” he said while smiling at Saakshi.

Saakshi admired the man. He was cool, and always had an eye for talent within the organization and even out of it. And he had always backed Saakshi’s decisions and stood firm when a couple of directors were objecting to Saakshi’s promotion as Senior President.

Saakshi noted the subtle variation between Pussy and Pushy. Pushy would be acceptable – meaning more space really, and yet a reference to the taboo word was unmistakable. Even the word ‘bra’ was avoided and replaced with ‘cup’.

Saakshi was excused from further appearance and she rushed back to her room which was two floors below where they were having the company’s Board meeting.

Back in her room, she just had time for a cup of coffee before her secretary announced that a foreign client had arrived, and would she like to meet them fifteen minutes before the scheduled time?

Saakshi raised a hand and indicated to her secretary to make it five minutes later. Quickly standing up, she straightened her saree, rearranged her hair, took out her compact and refreshed her make- up, redid her lips with another coating of Revlon’s ‘fuchsia fusion’ lipstick, and sat down comfortably.

The meeting went on for more than an hour but, at the end of it, Evolutions Apparel Inc. had ‘hit’ another jackpot in business by bagging an order for an unthinkable sum.

They all trooped into the Chairman’s room. He beamed happily at the news, gripping Saakshi’s hand in a firm grip for a warm handshake.

Later, after lunch, she heard her secretary asking her if she would meet Mr. Vivek Verma, a staff who had been asked to appear before her.

“Tell him to wait in your cubicle. I’ll call him when I am free,” Saakshi wanted to make the man go through the ‘waiting’ syndrome. Usually, in such situations, a man’s courage begins to crumble, and this is what Saakshi was about to exploit.

It was a good forty-five minutes before Vivek was called inside. Fearing the worse, he slowly walked in. At worse, he would lose a job. But he was confident of his own abilities to get another job.

“May I come in?” His first utterance was met with an indifferent look from Saakshi who was busy going through some sheets. Vivek waited till finally she turned her head a little and indicated to him to come in.

As he stood in front of her desk, Saakshi looked up just once before she uttered in a serious voice, “How many mistakes are you going to make?”

Vivek look up quizzically, no words escaping his lips.

“Yesterday, you addressed me by an unutterable name. Today, you don’t even have the courtesy to address someone who is far senior to you by a polite ‘madam’. What do you think of yourself?” Saakshi didn’t hide her pent-up anger. Her voice had a trace of suppressed anger, one that was serious and reprimanding.

Just as she was tearing into Vivek’s ineptitude and inefficiency, mostly baseless, she was informed by her secretary that the Chairman wanted her urgently. She pushed a file across to Vivek.

“Explain these figures to me. I have reasons to believe that you have cooked these up for your convenience. I’ll be back in five minutes,” Saakshi spit the words at Vivek as she got up from her chair.

“You’ll stay in this room and get ready with some satisfactory answer,” she said at the door, and left.

It took Vivek just two minutes to back track and deduce how the figures were arrived at. Satisfied that for now, there was no reason for panic, he closed the file.

As he sat in front of the empty executive chair on the other side of the desk, his eyes roamed around the room.

One of the first things that he took an interest in was the painting on the wall just behind Saakshi’s chair. It was an abstract painting in colorful triangles. Yet, with a closer scrutiny, he could decipher that the characters in the frame were that of two women in an intimate embrace. It was no doubt a beautiful composition.

Vivek got up from his chair and, bending his body over the desk, tried to read the name of the artist painted in small letters at the corner of the frame. He was pleasantly surprised that the artist was no other than the occupant of the room, Saakshi Tiwari.

Quickly, Vivek sat back on his chair. She is an artist? And a rather versatile one at that, he thought. Looking around further, he caught a glimpse of the woman’s immaculate taste. She had decorated and furnished her room with eye catching frames and furniture.

The occupant’*s leather vanity bag lay on a shelf behind her, and even that was certainly graceful. Slightly big, Vivek thought, but then women have so many personal things to carry these days they do require more space.

Suddenly, something else caught Vivek’s attention. It was the edge of a book that dangled out from that bag. Vivek could make out what the book was all about. Yoga!

Vivek’s intelligent and logical mind was at work instantly. Words from the previous night’s chat with one ‘sexyme’ seemed to come back to him …she too had painting as a hobby, and she too practiced yoga.

What else had she disclosed last night? That she was unmarried, and that her age was similar to ‘kinkdom’? This meant she was around 30. Even that she lived in the same city as Vivek’s. Weren’t all these information getting too close to Saakshi Tiwari? And what about her looks and a shapely body? She seemed to possess these too.

Vivek sat up excitedly. He knew he was on the right path.

Saakshi had left behind her mobile on the desk. Vivek had an irresistible curiosity to pick it up and surf through her history. There was a chance that she would have deleted that portion if she indeed was ‘sexyme’. Yet, there was a slim chance that it would have remained.

All Vivek had to do was muster courage and take a chance that she would not return in the next five minutes.

He quickly picked up Saakshi’s mobile and, in a flick or two, he was on to the cell’s history page. In moments he scrolled down a few rows. Anxiously, he kept eyeing the door, afraid of Saakshi’s or her secretary’s entry any moment. Luckily, no one came.

Just when he thought he was mistaken, Vivek found the row that he was searching for … the one evidence that indicated Saakshi had been to the site …EROTISEX.

‘Erotisex – sex stories for free, erotic visuals, audios, adult fiction with the widest variety!’

Vivek was overjoyed and momentarily got so carried over that he almost forgot to return to the top page and keep the mobile back at the exact spot.

Luckily, he heard Saakshi’s voice outside talking to her secretary and, hurriedly, he had removed all traces of his intrusion into the owner’s privacy. The mobile too was back at the same spot from where he had picked it up.

He sat with a grim face of a person intently studying a file and making calculations on a sheet of paper. The moment he heard the door open, he got up from his chair in a show of respect.

Vivek decided he would not disclose his findings to anyone, nor use it as a lever against Saakshi. At least, not for the time being, not even to escape her intense scrutiny and reprimands.

“Are you ready to explain your findings, Mr. Verma?” Saakshi asked as she sat down on her swiveling chair.

“Yes Mam,” Vivek was courteous to the core. He was ready to prove his point and explained the data lucidly to his very senior executive.

Saakshi’s mood had changed for the better and she seemed to be in a better frame of mind. Her success in securing that substantial foreign order, and the CEO heaping praises as an effect of that achievement had put her into a far more positive frame of mind.

In fact, Saakshi was in a mood to condone the errant Vivek.

She became receptive to Vivek’s answers. She accepted his explanation. Even, at one point, came out with a word of praise for the work done. She started answering Vivek’s questions relating to his work and the company.

When they had finished their discussion and Vivek had got up to leave, he sought her permission to say something.

“If you permit Mam, could I say something?” He was courteous and polite.

Saakshi nodded her head.

“That’s an awesome painting, Mam. Whose work is it?” Vivek asked innocently.

“Mine. I paint a bit,” Saakshi replied a bit uneasily, taken aback by this sudden compliment from someone who she was about to reprimand sometime earlier.

“Amazing, Mam! Wish I could see some more of your work.”

Saakshi just smiled.

The ice between them had been broken.

Vivek wouldn’t ever make the mistake of calling her sexy. Not in the office certainly. But, what the heck, he couldn’t think of any other adjective to describe this awesome lady who sat on the other side of the desk.


That night Vivek was irresistibly drawn towards the chat site which he frequented and where he had got acquainted with ‘sexyme’. He had more reasons for that. He was almost certain that ‘sexyme’ was no other than Saakshi Tiwari.

Saakshi too became impatient to sit with her laptop the moment her maid had left for the night. When she signed in and entered the chat room ‘submissive’ she found that ‘kinkdom’ was already in.

“You’re late,” was the first private message that Vivek sent to ‘sexyme’.

“I am sorry,” Saakshi was herself surprised at the surrendering tone in those words that she sent.

Vivek smiled. Good, that’s just what he was seeking in this woman.

Kinkdom: Had a busy day in office, did you?

Sexyme: Yes, very.

Kinkdom: Business?

Vivek was trying to confirm that ‘sexyme’ was indeed Saakshi Tiwari! He wanted to lead her into questions that would get him the confirmation that she wanted.

Sexyme: No. I work in a corporate office.

Kinkdom: No wonder. I can guess you to be classy lady and holding a high post in your organization.

Sexyme: Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Kinkdom: It’s supposed to be the truth. Isn’t it?

Saakshi ignored the question. She wasn’t prepared to disclose her identity – not yet, not with the position that she held and that too, in one of the very reputed organizations in the country. She diverted the question from her.

Sexyme: And where are you supposed to be working?

Vivek lied.

Kinkdom: I am a trader. I deal in undergarments – for both ladies and men.

Vivek counted his reply as some form of half-truth, and not entirely false.

There were a few moments of silence as Saakshi tried to absorb the initial shock that came the instant she heard of the similarity in their jobs. But she recovered quickly. She began typing out her message.

Sexyme: Which brand?

Kinkydom: Quite a few. Enamor, Clovia, Jockey, Zivame. But the brand that sells most for me is Evolutions.

Sexyme: I am happy to hear that.

Kinkydom: Any reason for such happiness?

This time Saakshi lied.

Sexyme: Because Evolutions is my favorite brand. I wear them myself.

Very cunning, thought Vivek. She’ll not break. He tried something else.

Kinkdom: Dealers had a meeting in their office once. We got to know the head of sales. My god! She is a tough lady but, pardon me using the word, she is overwhelmingly ‘sexy’. I hope you didn’t mind my using that word. I took the liberty because it is this site.

Saakshi was surprised that while that very word had made her react and retaliate instantly in office, she felt a tingling sensation in her loins at that moment.

Sexyme: Well, my name is partly made with that very word. I would be a hypocrite if I did mind.

Saakshi then sent off a message that now surprised Vivek.

Sexyme: I happen to know Saakshi Tiwari, who you know as the head of sales in Evolutions. She is a good friend of mine.

Vivek realized that he was drawn into a corner. If he agreed to meet her, in the false identity of a trader, it would spell doom for him.

Kinkydom: No, she is too serious and tough for my comfort. My business is doing quite well without meeting her. Let it be like it is. But, hey, thanks a lot.

Sexyme: I only wanted to be of help. But it’s ok if you don’t want to meet her.

Kinkdom: Saakshi Tiwari scares me, honestly. But ‘sexyme’ is a different proposition altogether. I would give half my kingdom to be able to meet her. At any place of her choice.

Sexyme: Tell you what. Do you have any place where one can turn up incognito? I mean you enter wearing a masquerade face mask. Like they wear in fancy parties.

Kinkdom: I have just the right place for you. It’s a club. They are holding their annual party this weekend. Saturday night.

Sexyme: And dress as you like?

Kinkdom: Yes. But I must warn you, it’s adult oriented. Liberties are taken by the members between themselves, and even their guests are sometimes not spared. And there are many surprises that suddenly come up.

Sexyme: Do they have a name, this club that you talk of?

Kinkdom: Yes, they have named it Club Exotica. Not erotica, mind you. But do understand that because of the nature and purpose, it’s a very discreet club, and membership is very restricted. It is exclusively reserved for Doms and Subs. One had to be either one of them. You could be of any gender, but that criterion was fundamental.

Sexyme: Are you a member?

Kinkdom: No. I have been there only once. But I’ll have to take membership before I am allowed in again. I’ll arrange for another member to take you in as his guest, if you want to. We can meet inside.

The fact, however, was that Vivek lied when he said he was not a member. He was indeed a member, he had to be. One could enter as a guest only once, but he or she had to confirm himself/herself as a registered member before a second entry. And he had attended quite a few parties and one Annual function which was really an erotic extravaganza.

Sexyme: You talk of liberties. What sort of liberties?

KInkdom: Like I said, it is only for adults and between a Dom and a Sub there could be quite a few surprises. But I am under oath not to discuss these to any non-member. Even as a guest, this vow must be taken while entering.

Sexyme: And what are the surprises that you talk of?

Kinkdom: You are making me violate my own vows, sexyme. I think you should get to know these surprises and whatever else is on offer by attending. I can’t tell any more.

Sexyme: That’s very considerate. How will I know, if in case I decide to go?

Kinkdom: I’ll let you know through my friend. But first you must send me a message on my mobile.

Vivek had imagined that if Sexyme was willing to come along, she would have to give her mobile number to get the message. That mobile number would disclose her identity and confirm if she was Saakshi Tiwari because he knew her official number.

Sexyme: Okay. I’ll send it across, but I must know your number to send from mine.

Both quickly exchanged their numbers. Not wanting to disclose their identity, each had given the number of their second mobile which was more private and personal and unknown to office and colleagues.

They promised to meet in the chat room once again on Friday, the day preceding the party at Club Exotica. They would take a final call on that night if they were going to attend.

It was obvious to Vivek that there was a fair degree of both curiosity and willingness in the manner of Sexyme’s exchanges with him in this chat. Anticipating that Sexyme was indeed Saakshi Tiwari he wanted to see her in that erotic environment and exposed for what she was truly inside.


For the next couple of days Saakshi Tiwari kept thinking if she should attend the Club Exotica party. Her mind longed to participate but, in a saner mind, she worried if it would put her in trouble. Would it jeopardize her position, her job and her very life? But the attraction was too much. She just couldn’t resist the temptation.

It was essential for her, however, to take proper precautions to keep her identity safe. The masquerade mask or face mask was one item which was certain. Also, she would go direct to the club instead of allowing anyone to pick her up and give any indication of where she stayed. She wouldn’t take any hard drinks at the party, for that weakened the mental senses. And finally, when the party was over, she would return home alone.

Saakshi didn’t delay. Having decided to attend, she selected and placed an online order for a masquerade mask. It was of a mix of silver and blue colors, had blue feathers, and big enough to cover most of the upper half of her face. It reached her in a day.

By Friday, she sent a message to ‘kinkdom’ informing that she would attend the party on Saturday evening but that she would turn up at the address by herself. She would meet the member who would take her in as a guest at the entrance door. She described her mask which would help the person identify her.

She excused herself from coming online for the chat session they had scheduled for Friday, citing that she had to go out with friends for dinner.

Vivek, on the other hand, knew that there was an unscheduled official dinner party for the top executives of the company with the head of two of their biggest clients. Obviously, she couldn’t be online on an erotic chat site at the same time.

Vivek wondered if this was just a coincidence or another glaring reason for assuming that Saakshi Tiwari and Sexyme to be t

he same girl. He was impatient to know the truth which would be revealed at the Club Exotica get together.

He had to know and found it hard to wait for the next day.

On Saturday, by 6.00 in the evening Saakshi was ready for the party. She had decided to drive to the place herself, not wanting even her driver have the faintest idea about where she went or what was the address. She hoped to reach the venue in about forty-five minutes. This gave her some grace time to reach the doors of Club Exotica by 7.00 PM which was the official time for attendance.

Nearing the venue, Saakshi sent a message to ‘kinkdom’ informing that she would be reaching the spot in ten minutes. She asked him to ensure that the member accompanying her into the club remains near the entrance door of the building.

As she drove in through the gate, she found quite a few cars in the parking zone. Seems there are many in attendance, thought Saakshi. Parking her car, she quickly put on the mask before anybody could see her face, then checked herself on the rear mirror.

Saakshi stepped out of her car. She had selected a dress that she had purchased in one of her foreign tours.

Sleeveless, it had a sexy open back with a silky ribbon tie around the waist just where her back curved into her perfectly shaped buttocks. Powder blue in color, it had all-over lace and a concealed zip fastener at the back. She had a white netted stole across her shoulders with ends that went underneath her armpits to her back.

On the makeup front, with the perfect proportion of foundation and concealer, she slightly contoured her T-zone, cheekbones, and jawline. Filled thick brows, black winged eyeliner with white beads, soft blush, and nudish pink lip shade gave her a sensual and stunning look. Her silky black hair fell smoothly on her shoulders. But all this make-up would be hidden behind her no less an alluring face mask. What a pity, she thought.

No sooner had she stepped out from her car a man stepped out from the darkness of a dimly lit parking lot.

Saakshi looked at him as both walked towards each other.

“I’m Prabu. We have a common friend whom you know simply as ‘kinkdom’. I have come to accompany a gorgeous lady to our club’s annual get-together as my very precious guest. I am honored,” he said eloquently.

“Thank you, Sir,” Saakshi said courteously, “I am known as ‘sexyme’ to your friend. That’s all that I can say for the time being.” Saakshi didn’t blush nor bat an eyelid in uttering the word ‘sexy’ when she informed the man her name.

Saakshi observed the man as tall and broad shouldered, darkish complexion, in an immaculate black suit, and sporting a thick moustache.

There was another thing that Saakshi noticed. There was a two-inch round metal disc affixed to his lapel by a hidden pin. Possibly it was made of gun metal and a dark gray color. And on it, there was a capital D engraved on it.

Although Saakshi guessed what that letter stood for, she didn’t want to ask any question to a stranger. She knew she would get to know the significance of this disc soon.

Once inside the building Saakshi was taken in by its grandeur. The lobby was well lit, with a decorative chandelier in the centre of the ceiling. At one corner, there was raised counter where two girls sat busily attending to those who entered the room.

Prabu led Saakshi to the counter. He certainly seemed familiar, for one of the girls asked smilingly, “Is the beautiful woman your guest?”

“Yes,” Prabu said very proudly.

“Madame, this way please,” the girl led her into the cubicle. “Even guests are required to fill in some basic information before entering. It’s all private and confidential, and you, yourself, can fill in those, if you want to. I can assure you that no one gets to read it, excepting the President of the club,” the taller girl said.

Saakshi preferred to keep her identity as secret and confidential as she could. She quickly stepped inside the enclosed counter and filled in the form.

“Madam, you can select any name of your choice for your interaction with all who are present here. It needn’t be your real name. In fact, we strongly suggest that you be known by any other name. But remember, that special name can never be changed even when you become a regular member. And that is a must.” The bespectacled girl said.

“Excuse me? Become a regular member?” Saakshi didn’t have any idea that this was a criterion for her entry and almost fell from the sky.

“Yes, our rules are that while you enter as a guest, you must enroll as a member before you leave,” the bespectacled girl spoke out again.

“I see,” said Saakshi unhappily. But the mischief was done. She couldn’t do a thing anymore.

“Have you decided on a name, Ma’am?” The other girl intervened.

Thinking fast, the name that came to mind was ‘Narda’ the fictitious character who was the magician Mandrake’s longtime girlfriend, till their marriage in the end. Although it was a character from the western world, the name had an oriental touch in it, almost Indian.

“Excellent,” said someone who stood in a queue behind her, “if this building isn’t Xanadu, what is? And my compliments to a beautiful lady!”

“One final matter lady,” said the girl at the counter, as she slid in her hand into a drawer and took out a bronze disc and handed it over to Saakshi, telling her, “Pin it, now, just below the shoulders.”

This polished disc was of equal size as that of Prabu’s, was made of bronze, but this one had the letter S engraved on it.

“What’s this for?” Saakshi, bold and straight forward as she was in life, asked seriously.

“Everyone participating has to wear one, either the D or the S insignia. One must know what you are – a Dom for which you wear the one with D or you are a sub for which you wear the one with S.” said the girl.

“But I am not what you think I am. I would prefer the other one, if you don’t mind” Saakshi said aggressively, her imposing and bold approach trying to surface.

“Please Ma’am, everyone is waiting,” the receptionist said impatiently, and then turning towards Prabu, she said, “Mr. Prabu, please explain this rule to her. I have to attend to others now.”

Prabu took Saakshi aside. Then, in a very low voice, he explained, “The rule here is that each member has to fix this insignia the moment he or she comes in. Members come and pick up either D or S, as had been selected the first time. They pin it on their dress.”

He was trying to figure out how much this idea was agitating the beautiful lady who was accompanying him. Her face was under the mask, and one could hardly make out the expressions on a face that was covered.

Saakshi was silent. Prabu went on.

“For guests, you really don’t have a choice. It will be the opposite of what the person whose guest you are is wearing. So, as I have a D, you have no choice but to put on the S insignia. I am sorry, but that’s the way it is.”

Saakshi’s face was flushed for, evidently, she was very agitated. In the end, reluctantly, she pinned the insignia on her dress, near her shoulders. No matter what she had in mind, no matter how she behaved elsewhere, no matter what her preference was, she was and had to be a ‘submissive’ in Club Exotica.

Every member, every guest, even staff and security, would see the label S and know her to be a submissive. She felt ashamed and humiliated, but there was little she could do. She had been ‘branded’ as a submissive in this club even before she got to really know about it.

And, from what she heard, she was forbidden from leaving the premises before the party ended and that could be late into the night.

She wished ‘kinkdom’ was here. She would have given him a piece of her mind for not telling her so many things of importance.

Both Prabu and Saakshi now walked down a passage and came in front of a big glass door that led into the auditorium. The usher, once again a young girl, welcomed them with a sweet smile and handed over a single rose and a program list to ever person who was entering.

They were guided to cushioned seats and Prabu advised her to take the aisle seat. It was a small auditorium that could accommodate about fifty to sixty people. Membership to the club was very selective and restricted. There was no need for a larger hall.

Saakshi looked around impatiently. She didn’t know who was ‘kinkdom’ but thought he would be inside and would come forward when he saw his friend Prabu.

“Where’s your friend?” Saakshi asked.

“You didn’t know? He’ll be late as he got stuck in a meeting.” Prabu lied.

She does seem sexy, thought Prabu. If only he was not Vivek’s friend he would have certainly made a daring move.

Vivek was very much inside the auditorium, but to ensure that Saakshi couldn’t recognize him, he was wearing a skeleton mask that covered his entire face. He was sitting almost five rows behind Saakshi’s.

Saakshi ran her eyes over the program list that she had received at the door. Not too many, apart from a welcome address and followed by a stage-play by members of the club. Then, there would be formal introduction of the guests, who were just members in waiting for that day. There were five such guests at the club.

In the end, there was a program titled ‘Rooms & Happenings’. Saakshi had absolutely no idea what that program was. But, against that item, it was boldly written – duration as required.

Finally, there was a mention of a Queen of Subs. And that queen would be chosen by the Chief Guest for the night.

Although Saakshi was still covered under a face mask, and quite obviously unrecognizable, she started getting goose bumps the moment she read about being introduced. Would she lose her identity? Would familiar faces be there if she were to take off the mask that covered her beautiful yet sexy face?

Saakshi looked around at the gathering inside the auditorium. It was almost filled to capacity, barring a few seats here and there. But where was ‘kinkdom’, she wondered. Was he in a mask just like her and many others in the hall? Wouldn’t he come and meet her if was here, she thought.

Sharp at 7.00 PM, the club’s the screen parted to show five chairs, occupied by three men and two women. The Secretary and President, both men, were the only ones who hadn’t worn masks. But the Chief Guest, a woman, and the sponsor, a man wore masks. The previous year’s Queen of Subs, whose club name was Kamini was, however, on stage without any mask.

‘Kamini’ was dressed in a simple and elegant plain white-hued sari, which featured a thin silver border. She draped the pallu of her sari in a nivi style and paired it with half-sleeved round-collar matching backless blouse. For footwear, she wore a stylish pair of heels. As she sat cross legged on the stage, her heels were visible under the hem of her saree. And, on her head, she wore a stunning silver crown on which was engraved the letter S in capital.

Kamini had upped her elegant look with a pair of green-stone detailed silver-toned earrings and necklace.

Down in the hall, Saakshi couldn’t help but compare her with her amorous lesbian partner, Veena. How entertaining would this girl be, this Kamini? It didn’t escape Saakshi’s notice that the young girl had the ‘S’ insignia disc pinned on the saree just above the right breast and on the crown that adorned her head. To top it all, she had fittingly named herself ‘kamini’ literally meaning ‘one who is desirable.’

She found a rising fire in her crotch but quickly tried to bring back her attention on what was being said on the stage.

Short speeches, but the tempo for the evening was set. The President promised that the time would be just as enjoyable as in previous years. They would be treated to an extravaganza of what their inner self wished or wanted, he assured.

“Take your pick. Be entertained!” The President said in conclusion. Now what did that mean, wondered Saakshi.

The Chief Guest, always selected from existing members as per custom, was usually someone widely admired in society. She was the next speaker and, in her speech, praised the organizers for doing a wonderful job for three successive years.

She continued by complimenting the previous year’s queen; whose club name was Kamini. Befitting her insignia, she was addressed as Sub Kamini who was visibly embarrassed on hearing these compliments.

For the information of members, the Chief Guest said that the previous year’s Queen of Subs would be the principal character in the play that was to follow soon.

“I am sure everybody here is waiting with bated breath for this evening’s play in which Sub Kamini has the main role. Her last year’s unforgettable performance is vivid in our mind.”

The Chief Guest’s voice, however, was strangely familiar to Saakshi. She was certain she had heard that voice somewhere. But even though she tried hard she couldn’t place that voice among her acquaintances.

When Kamini rose to speak, she smiled radiantly. She looked almost like an Indian goddess. There were a few oomph and umph around before the entire hall broke into uninterrupted applause for a few minutes. She neither blushed nor acted snooty, but rather behaved as if it was something that came naturally.

Finally, when the clapping stopped and there was silence, she spoke.

“Wow! It’s so nice to feel loved,” she said in a sweet voice and smiling radiantly, “which makes me want to reciprocate in a manner that would please all of you. I don’t know how best I can do that. But the club has at least given me an opportunity this evening – I go on stage very soon to perform. I just hope I fulfill your expectations.”

There was further clapping around. They knew her ‘capabilities’ and were already shuffling excitedly in their seats.

“This year, you all will select someone to hold the post that I held till now, that of Queen of Subs. Somewhere, in this hall, a new queen waits without knowing that this crown will be hers tonight. She’ll hold the post, keep all of us happy and entertained for one year, before she too will hand over to someone else.”

There were a few murmurs here and there, and someone near Saakshi could be heard, quite audibly, saying, “No. We want you to continue for another year. Kamini, you must stay.”

Kamini smiled graciously but ignored this remark. Pausing a moment, she completed what she was saying.

“I will be most happy to yield my place to someone who I believe would be worthier than me. But you, my admiring audience, deserve to be thoroughly entertained and content with whatever I can offer. Tonight, I shall try and give my best performance yet to Club Exotica. Let it be the swan’s last song.”

With a slight bow, she went back to her seat, while there was further applause.

The secretary stood up to thank Kamini who he referred to as one pleasing, sensuous, and classy lady the likes of which the club had not seen before.

“I have to request for a very short intermission before we move on to the next chapter for tonight,” the Secretary announced.

Then, after a pause, he continued, “Our club will proudly present tonight’s drama, ‘The Board Meeting’, a play conceptualized and directed by one of our founding members. At her request, her name remains undisclosed for the time being. But the heroine and principal character is none other than the inimitable and gorgeous K a m i n i i i.”

He let the name drawl in one long pronounced tone to the rising applause once again.

The curtains slowly drew in from the sides to overlap at the centre. The short intermission had begun.

To the delight of the audience, two girls, dressed in bunny girl outfits, walked in from the side exits, carrying trays with variety of drinks. Giggles and smiles were abundant.

Finally, the play was about to begin.

The Play Begins…

The lights went dim till, finally, it was totally dark inside, and a hushed silence had fallen across the hall. The audience waited for the screen to roll away to the sides. Slowly and imperceptibly, soft and captivating music to break the initial silence, floated across the small hall.

The stage opened out to a unique setting. The guests gaped in wonder at what they saw. Saakshi sat up, watching the stagecraft that was on display.

There were hundreds of brassieres hanging from the top of the stage … dangling from their hooks like puppets.

There were brassieres of different colors, sizes, designs. There were exotic ones – laces, frills, or satin. And they were of different brands – Indian mostly, but also imported ones from Victoria’s Secret, Zivame, Triumph. And, among the Indian brands, most were from Evolutions. There was one of abnormally large size that hung like a festoon and it had an unknown name running across its cups – EVOLVERS.

It was an unknown name. Saakshi had never heard of the brand which was certainly a make-belief one for the show. But she was struck by the similarity in this name with her company’s product – EVOLUTIONS.

She became a bit suspicious, but her eyes were roaming over the stage.

Just at the centre of the stage there was a long table, obviously the one where the evening’s play named ‘Board Meeting’ would be held.

There were five chairs surrounding the longish table, three on each side, and one at the head that faced the audience. The other end of the table was without any chair so that the audience could have a clear view of what lay on the table.

It was another shock for the guests. Spread all over the table were the most sexy and alluring women’s underwear from the best brands. Panties, thongs, g-strings, garter belts, of different designs – ones that were plain, laced, crotchless, see-through, decent and wicked, a variety that would capture a trader’s fancy!

All the chairs too, were cushioned with these items. Even the arm rests to these chairs.

On the edge of the table that was near to the audience, hung one large panty like a festoon and that too by the two edges at the waist.

Just like in the case of the brassieres, a name was boldly displayed across the middle of this item – EVOLVERS.

Saakshi gaped in wonder at this open exhibition of women’s lingerie. Not that she was embarrassed, for she was made of sterner mindset. It was obvious to her that this display of a woman’s intimate wear had some bearing on the play that was about to begin. But there was one big question that came to her mind.

Now why did the two of the most intimate items of a woman’s lingerie carry a brand name that was so similar to that of her company? Did anyone guess that she was here, and was this an indirect way of telling her that they knew of her presence?

Saakshi felt uneasy, but she could do nothing about it. Rather, she tried to relax her mind by watching what was going on the stage.

Just then, four men and one girl trooped in from the wings. They were of different ages, but each carried an office bag. All of them, including the girl, were stark naked. Luckily, each of them had a perfect body, without a trace of fat.

As they came and stood near their chair, it was obvious that they were playing the role of directors in the evening’s play. The eldest out of the five, a man with streaks of grey hair at the temples, took the Chairman’s seat. He would be almost sixty.

The girl stood in front of the first chair to the Chairman’s left. She was below thirty, with a dusky skin and was simply ravishing. She had a perfectly toned body, with firm breasts. What size were they? Could be 36, with a cup size C, guessed Saakshi. As her eyes roamed below, she could see her bald pussy and, in every likelihood, shaved afresh only for this occasion.

The other directors were middle aged men, excepting for one who could be between twenty-five and thirty. Tall, with a chiseled face on a well-proportioned body, he was the most agile. He quickly dashed out through the wings and brought in a stand and a placard that read in bold letters ‘Board Meeting.’

Below that was another placard that read in much smaller letters ‘Agenda – Nudity that we aim to cover’.

Saakshi looked on curiously. The play, it seemed, related to those products that her company was associated with. And, as the head of design and sales, her attention was drawn to the play for more reason than one.

She couldn’t help but witness and compare the character and condition of the penis of all the four naked men on stage. Each had a peculiarity and size that was different from the other. But there was something common among all, in that they were flaccid. Excepting for the youngest man, whose penis was rock hard.

“Is that his dormant stage?” wondered Saakshi.

When the young director took his seat, the Chairman said, “We begin, ladies and gentlemen. As you know, we have just one agenda. We discuss nudity and I mean women’s nudity when I say that, and how that needs to be covered. That, basically, is the aim of our products.”

He turned towards the woman to his left.

“Director Pallavi, did you discuss the matter with our model for the product? Did you talk with Kamini?” The Chairman asked in a grave voice.

“Yes, she has come and shall be here the moment we call her,” the female director informed.

“Good. Go and call the girl,” he instructed.

Pallavi got up and walked towards the wings and was soon seen walking down the few steps from the stage on to the floor of the hall. The Chairman’s lust filled eyes followed her retreating ass that bounced and swayed as she walked on her heels, naked.

She walked up to the centre, turned right, then walked straight down the middle aisle to the exit at the end. A spotlight followed her all the way and Pallavi was illuminated in a light that could have turned other pairs of eyes just as lust filled.

Saakshi watched what went all around her. She tried to gather if there were traces of moistness in the girl’s crotch.

In a moment, she walked back into the hall, but now there were two spotlights. One fell on her. The other fell on Kamini, who walked a few feet behind her.

Heads turned. Both were under scrutiny by the entire audience – Pallavi naked as she was, and Kamini in the dress that she was in earlier, when she was on stage. She had, however, taken off her crown.

While Pallavi walked haughtily, it was clear that Kamini’s steps were unsure and lacking in confidence. She seemed to be someone shy, subdued and certainly scared. If this was a performance, she was performing admirably, thought Saakshi.

Just then there was an announcement, in a female voice, over the internal mike to be heard clearly by all.

“For the information of viewers, the script for the play was written only up to this point. From now onwards it would be just as the actors and actresses spontaneously build the play they want to. We cannot assure innocence in these stages of the play. If you want to leave, you can. For those who stay – enjoy.”

Nobody left the hall. Not even Saakshi.

Back on stage, Sub Pallavi bowed her head and submissively said, “Dom Chairman, I have brought Sub Kamini, just as I was instructed.”

“Hmm!” The Chairman had, by now, got up from his chair. He took slow steps towards Kamini, who stood with a bowed head at some distance from the table.

The audience, Saakshi included, had observed a distinct change. The Chairman’s limpid and shriveled cock had already taken an upward swing. It was growing hard, with slow jumps up and down.

“Girl! You knew the agenda for this meeting? Were you informed?” He was grim. He circled the hapless girl a couple of times.

“Yes, Sir,” Kamini said, after a while, but her voice carried fear.

“I see,” the Chairman said seriously, and then started to walk back to his chair. Sitting down, he stared at the palms of his hand that lay on the table. The hands were big, much more than average.

Suddenly, with a warning, he raised hand and smacked it hard on the table.

“You knew the agenda, you knew how you were required to be present, and yet you decide to turn up fully dressed?” He frothed anger of such proportion that scared the hapless Kamini. She was almost shivering where she stood.

After all, this was no play. It was impromptu, all improvised. There was no way of knowing how serious he was, or what he would be doing. That clearance had been given to all the actors.

“I am really sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to disobey,” she said meekly.

“Sorry doesn’t protect, I am afraid. It’s not an armor that you wear to violate instructions,” the Chairman was dead serious, “you’ll have to face the blunt of your action soon. Just you wait.”

He turned and looked at Pallavi.

“As for you, I hardly expected this from a Board member. You know how much such aberrations get me worked up, how much I loathe disobedience and failure. Get up and go to the edge of the table at the other end.” The Chairman had already got up himself.

A terrified Pallavi shakily got up from her chair and walked to the spot that the Chairman wanted.

“Bend down over the table sub, you deserve nothing less than three of the best smacks across those ass curves of yours. No, there’s no point looking at me … just show me your ass,” the Chairman said almost in delight now.

He was standing beside Pallavi. But he made sure that he didn’t guard the view from the audience.

Pallavi, helplessly, bent down over the table, her arms and hands resting on the table. Her ass was clearly visible to the audience now. Even a spotlight fell on the area.

The Chairman bent down to get a better view of the girl’s ass. He parted the curves and looked in carefully. Bringing his face in nearer to the crack, he sniffed a bit at first. Then looked at the spot intently, obviously searching. The look in his eyes was that of one who is deeply in surprise and doubt.

He called out to one of the male directors.

“Director Harish, could you come here for a moment please. Do tell me your findings on this pretty little hole here. Is it or is it not a virgin ass?” The Chairman said loudly. He moved away to the side to leave some space.

One of the middle-aged men got up and quickly came and took a position on the floor like the Chairman.

He too parted the ass curves, and his scrutiny was more intense, his head moving up and down and to the left and right.

“It’s clean, it’s virgin, Mr. Chairman. There’s no doubt about that.” He said quite conclusively.

“Yes, that’s what I thought. By god! This girl has to suffer more,” the Chairman said.

Nobody on stage, nor those from the audience guessed why the girl had to suffer when she had a virgin ass.

The Chairman was already getting up to a standing position while Director Harish got up. The Chairman walked back to his chair. His hands rested on his hips, bent them at the knuckles, in a gesture of indignation.

“Director Pallavi, how dare that you continue to move about with a virgin ass when you are a declared submissive?” His voice carried disgust.

“I didn’t know it’s not allowed, Sir,” squealed Pallavi, her voice coming from underneath her bent face.

“You didn’t know? As a director, aren’t you ashamed to say that?” His voice carried more indignation.

He rubbed his hands for a few seconds on the ass curves and that even had a finger on her crack.

“Yes, Sir. I am truly ashamed,” Pallavi said submissively.

Pallavi was already preparing herself for punishment. That would not be possible to avoid. There was an expression of surrendering to the inevitable. It was a sort of ‘get over and done with’ kind of expression.

The Chairman’s hand went above his head before swinging down fast and furiously to strike the soft, rounded butt.

“Whack! Whack! Whack!” There were three cracking smacks on Pallavi’s ass cheeks that were worse than if she was belted.

The pain hurt her but the pleasure that she got was one she had never felt before.

“I’ll not tolerate forgetfulness, sub. Remember that.” He was already raising his hand again.

She shuffled on her feet, knowing more would follow. But she tried to lessen her punishment.

“I’ll try and correct myself within the next seven days,” she said, hoping this would pacify the Chairman.

“Seven days! You have the cheek to say seven days for something that should have been done already?”

“Whack! Whack!” Two more of these painful spanking, making Pallavi take two of her hands behind her back and place them where it hurt.

There were prominent reddish marks on her ass cheeks. Almost crying, Pallavi stood up.

“Get back to your chair director. I promise you that you’ll not carry a virgin ass by the time this meeting is over.” The Chairman said in finality, before he too walked back to his seat.

As the Chairman took his seat at the head of the table, he seemed unconcerned and unmoved at the plight of Pallavi who had least expected to be spanked in front of the other directors.

There were a few moments of silence and inactivity, possibly allowing the actors and the audience to come over the effects of Pallavi’s spanking.

Down in the hall, Saakshi had looked on open mouth at the proceedings. She enjoyed the spanking of the sub, something which she enjoyed doing on her friend Veena. She could feel the escaping wetness from her pussy.

These escaping juices were not meagre by any measure, but enough for her to feel the wetness leaking on to her panties and even running past the fabric on to her naked thighs. She thanked her stars that she was not in a similar position than the actors on stage – being naked.

The background music was slowly tuned down. Music does add to a scene, but too loud ones spoil the show. The audience prepared for the next scene.

The Chairman now turned her attention on Kamini. She had remained standing during this small episode between the Chairman and Director Pallavi. Kamini was an exclusive submissive.

Kamini was still dressed as she was, her heaving breasts rising and falling underneath the soft, almost transparent white fabric that her saree was made of. Her nipples stood out prominently and she looked every inch a goddess and a sexy goddess at that.

Despite reigning as the Submissive Queen for the past year, and her ‘experiences’ during this period, she was apprehensive now of what might happen on stage. Nothing from the script, all original scenes – led on by the mad Chairman and his whims.

“Now we come to this delightfully sexy queen of ours.” He said and got up from his chair again. He came and stood in front of the stage allowing the audience to have a view of his complete nakedness. His large brown cock dangled on his big orbs. He was a hairy man, and much of him was covered in a mixture of black and grey hair.

He addressed the audience.

“Ladies & Gentlemen – I think you all have been cheated this evening. And that too by none other than this Queen whom you selected last year. Here she is – fully dressed. And yet, she was supposed to have been naked on stage trying out these sample lingerie sets for the benefit of the audience. She was supposed to be giving you utmost joy with a unique performance of her own. And yet, see how she has come. I feel sorry that you all have been deprived.” The Chairman said apologetically.

He turned towards Kamini.

“If you thought Pallavi’s punishment was too much and were terrified with what you saw, wait till you face yours. A queen, of such rare beauty, can never be pardoned for her folly,” he said in finality.

He clapped his hands loudly, as if beckoning someone to come on to the stage from the wings.

“Bring on stage the imported bull that arrived this evening,” he barked at the man who came and stood at the wings.

“Imported bull?” The board members asked in unison at what seemed incredulous to them.

“My god!” Someone whispered from the audience, very near to where Saakshi was sitting.

“Yes, I had arranged this for tonight’s extravaganza. For a show to remember I didn’t realize that it would have to be turned into a tool to punish this disobedient girl,” he said.

There were hushed whispers all around the hall. Guests shuffled in their seats, sitting up to watch something extraordinary to happen. The anticipation among them could almost be felt.

But the eager anticipation was nowhere near to Saakshi, the apparently serious and imposing senior executive of Evolution Apparels Inc. She squirmed in her seat just imagining what would most likely happen to Kamini. Little did she realize that, at one point, she would also have to take the stage, like all guests, as Narda. This name was the one that she had selected for herself while entering.

In a short while, four men pulled a big covered cage on wheels onto the stage, placing it to the right of the front of the stage.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, Doms and Subs, here before you, hidden in this cage, is a unique creature. As you heard me telling a while back, inside the cage is an imported bull.” The Chairman made an announcement and then walked towards the cage.

“He has an insatiable appetite for sex and is almost like a wild animal in heat. You see, he has been deprived of any sex for more than three months. In fact, he hasn’t set his eyes on any woman during this period. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you the ultimate sex animal, the one named Black Phallus.” The Chairman bowed to make this dramatic announcement.

He pulled on a chord beside the cage that drew away the covers from the cage. The big cage became fully visible to all.

The cage was eight feet by eight feet, with a height too of about eight feet. There were thick iron bars with hardly two inches gaps between them. A peculiarity of the cage was that it had a single hole on each of its sides, dead in the centre, and about three and half to four feet from the base. Each hole was about six inches in diameter.

But the one most amazing thing about it was the person who stood inside. He was black, the ones who are usually referred to as BBC and Saakshi realized what the Chairman had meant when he had referred to this person as an ‘imported bull’.

Indeed, he was enormous in every sense of the word. Over six and half feet tall, he had a massive chest, muscled arms and a thick wrist that could be as wide as Saakshi’s upper arms. And he was black, like ebony. To Saakshi, he looked like a prehistoric creature, a sort of wild animal who paced around inside a cramped cage that lacked space for his bulk. And all along, he grunted and snorted.

But the first thing that would fall on anyone seeing him would be the savage cock that he possessed. Unusually long and thick, any woman would be initially frightened to look, leave aside taking it in her vagina.

It was already dripping pre-ejaculation seminal discharge such was the heightened level of his arousal even before he set his eyes on the two women on stage.

Just at this moment, Kamini gasped. Out of fright or out of excitement, no one knew. But it made the monster look up at the source of the sound.

This was the Black Phallus’s first site of women in three months. His eyes first caught the naked women sitting at the directors table and then, much nearer, the shapely yet clothed Kamini. Her dress was not too modest, and her breasts were almost popping out from the top of the sleeveless blouse that she was wearing.

The Black Phallus went berserk. He grunted like an animal in heat at first before he yelled incoherently, and continuously for a while, almost trying to rip apart the metal bars of the cage that held him back.

The black cock, jumping about crazily, continued to leak his precum and creating a pool of sorts around Phallus’s feet. He tried to force his hands out from within the cage, but the gaps were too narrow to allow him that liberty. He stared at Kamini, his object of lust and desire, and the failure to touch her only made him try more. He hurt his nails and hands, but it mattered little to him.

The air around the cage reeked of the musky smell of Phallus’s sex. Standing so near to the cage, Kamini could get whiffs with each breath that she took. Even in her frightened state, she felt intoxicated.

The Chairman looked at his imported bull, a look of proud contentment easily sweeping across his face.

“Ah! Black Phallus! Some patience for your food, or you’ll have to starve for another day,” the Chairman admonished the prisoner. He walked up to Kamini.

“I am astonished at your attitude, Kamini? You got quite a fair bit of time when I was busy with Director Pallavi. And yet, you prefer to remain clothed. Your punishment increases every moment, don’t you realize?”

“I’ll do it now, Chairman Sir,” Kamini blurted hurriedly.

“Too late, my dear,” the Chairman grinned, “come nearer please. Yes, yes, just beside this cage. Come.”

Kamini took few steps and stood beside the cage, hardly a foot away now. She felt more intoxicated with the strong smell of Phallus’s escaping sex juices. Each breath that she took only made her giddy in a perverse desire to smell more of it, and even a longing to taste the stuff that emitted such a strong and coarse odor of arousal.

Inside the cage, this human beast of a kind, got intoxicated but in a different smell altogether, that of the sweet fragrance of Kamini’s perfume. Kamini’s presence, so near yet so unreachable made him insane. He yelled loudly, grunted and roared; his eyes fixed on the sexy figure that stood beside him.

“Would you like to enter his cage, Kamini? Your eyes seem to want that,” the Chairman taunted.

Phallus couldn’t wait. He held his cock with one hand and, looking at Kamini, pushed it through the hole on the very side of the cage where the shaking girl stood.

“He wants you to touch it, Sub. Or should I call you Queen of Subs which you still are?” The Chairman asked.

“Feel it. Go on, don’t feel shy.” He provoked Kamini.

Phallus continued to howl. He was in a pitiable state now being so near to a woman without even the faintest of touches. He foamed at the mouth now, while his uncontrolled cock swayed and throbbed as it jutted out of the hole.

Kamini stretched her hand and just ran her palm over the black length of meat, amazed at its girth. It was cut at the tip and it looked menacing. The redness at the tip, clearly visible to Kamini, was a delight to her.

She firmly gripped it once and it made Phallus yell so loud that it reverberated throughout the hall. Strangely Phallus never uttered a word. Can he speak, thought Kamini?

As if the Chairman had read Kamini’s thoughts, he said, “He cannot speak a word of civilized language. He is a savage, almost a beast …he knows only one language and that is SEX.”

“I know you are eager to put that sweet mouth of yours on it, aren’t you Kamini?” The Chairman taunted again. “Go on, taste it. Or I’ll shove you inside the cage.”

Kamini seemed to have waited for this command. Still being the proud owner of the crown of Queen of Subs, she was already half kneeling before the protruding male organ. She gripped the penis with both her hands now, tugging on it for the sheer feeling of something so devastatingly attractive to her.

“Oh god! How wonderful this is; so intensely manly!” She murmured as she looked up at Phallus whose eyes were too full of lust and desire to hold any other feelings.

She gripped the cock in her hands and very lovingly, placed her cheek on it. First, the right cheek, and then the left, and uttering words barely audible to all excepting the Chairman who stood near her.

“Oh Phallus! How I love you,” she moaned inaudibly but the chairman heard her moans.

The Chairman clapped his hands, as if to beckon someone.

“Director Pallavi! Come here this instant. Come and part our queen of every shred of her clothing, for that is what she wishes to do. And yet, she is too engrossed in her love for the splendid cock that Phallus possesses.” The Chairman couldn’t hide his own excitement.

The naked Pallavi was quick to get up from her chair and walk quickly up to Kamini. She seemed to be too blind to be aware of any person on stage or in the hall excepting the caged and sex-starved Phallus. She treated the audience to a rare art of sucking on a cock, such was her craving at that moment.

While it dripped juices, she held the thick black cock in the best way she could. She inhaled the emitting aroma from the tip before she planted her pouting lips on it. Her lips glistened in a natural gloss over her lipstick. She opened her lips a little, nibbling on the tip, then the mushroom head before she began to suck in the length of meat as much as she could, a little at a time.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she cried every other moment. Her eyes closed in a heavenly delight.

By now, Pallavi had begun parting Kamini of her clothes. She was unwrapped of the chiffon saree that she was wearing. She was not bothered of the impending nakedness.

This was now followed by her taking off Kamini’s blouse, which was easily done and Pallavi smiled as she threw it on the board table. Kamini could now be seen in her petticoat and bra. But the contour of her panties was very much visible underneath her petticoat.

“Stand up, girl,” said Director Pallavi.

“Whyyyy?” said Kamini in a voice that expressed a degree of impatience at what she would have to do. Getting up to part with the petticoat would only hold up what she was enjoying so much.

“It’ll only take a minute girl. You go on sucking as you are doing like a good submissive …just bend a little as you stand …yes, yes, that’s it,” said Director Pallavi.

As Kamini stood up slowly, her body bent, she didn’t pull away her mouth from the big black cock of Phallus. Rather, she seemed desperate to be sucking despite some degree of discomfort in that position.

Soon, Pallavi had untied the knot to the string to the petticoat and allowed in to slide down to the stage floor. It lay in a heap till Pallavi spanked her once to let go. Kamini stood out of it.

She took the saree and petticoat and took a few steps to keep it on the meeting table.

Kamini’s ass was facing the audience. Pallavi held her at the waist, not allowing her to go back on her knees. But Kamini was restless and she wouldn’t allow the cock in her mouth to be pulled away.

Down, among the audience. Saakshi was reaching another level of excitement. The entire show was driving her crazy. She imagined herself as Pallavi at first but soon, she felt an overwhelming desire to be in the position of Kamini. She was surprised at her transformation. Here she was, such a Dom in every sense and now wishing she was playing the role that Kamini was playing – of being the Queen of Subs in this club’s annual night.

Director Pallavi unhooked the bra that Kamini was wearing, slid the straps off her shoulders and uncovered her shapely breasts that popped out. The taut light brown nipples stood proudly on top of her breasts and Pallavi, giggling, just pinched them once while taking the bra off from the girl. She threw it at the Chairman on whose lap it fell.

The Chairman picked up the bra and, holding the cups on his face, inhaled deeply for a while, watching Kamini sucking the enormous cock of Phallus.

“What about the panties, Director Pallavi?” The Chairman asked in a serious tone.

“Yes, Mr. Chairman.” cooed Pallavi.

She was still holding Kamini at the waist but now, on hearing the Chairman, she held the panties at the sides with her fingers. She began to pull it along Kamini’s thighs and down her legs while she remained bent, ass up in the air, and hungrily sucking on the thick cock. She resisted being pulled away such was her endearment to what she held in her mouth.

“Kamini, just for a moment, could you release it please?” Pallavi implored.

Kamini brushed away the disturbing hands, holding on dearly to the black robust cock. Phallus too stared angrily at Pallavi, grunting and foaming in the mouth as if to say, “Leave her. Let her do whatever she is doing.”

In the end, however, she cooperated and allowed herself to be parted of the only remaining cover on her body.

Once Kamini’s panty was in her hands, Phallus screamed at Pallavi. He didn’t speak but it was obvious that he wanted Pallavi to give that wet fabric to him and not to anyone else. Certainly not throw it to the Chairman as she had done with her bra.

Pallavi giggled before she walked up to another side of the cage and threw Kamini’s panties at Phallus. He caught it in both hands and then began to howl and grunt. He held the dripping panties, for dripping it was because of the extreme arousal in Kamini’s pussy.

Then, with a wild cry, Phallus held it on his huge face, sniffing so hard that one could hear him breathing from the few rows in front of the hall.

Deprived as he was for the last three months, the smell had intoxicated him. It was driving him insane now for the real taste of the girl who was sucking his enlarged cock. He sniffed again and again as he kept looking at the naked Kamini – her face, her breasts and, particularly, her naked bald pussy.

Just then, the curtains on the stage began to draw close and much to the disappointment of the audience, all on stage were soon hidden from view.

The Play Ends

When the screen parted after a while, there was no trace of the earlier characters, nor whatever adorned the stage during the play.

Soon, however, the Secretary and the Chief Guest, still in her mask, walked on to the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our play ‘The Board Meeting’ for this evening ends. But we have more on offer. First, we get to select the new Queen of Subs. Our special guest has short listed three among the submissive women who are present in the hall now. Out of them, the Queen will be selected by the audience themselves. May I now ask our Chief Guest to announce the names of those three that she has short listed to be our next Queen.” The Secretary announced and looked at the Chief Guest in the end.

The Chief Guest spoke into the mike, her voice a bit stifled because of her mask, “I know you are eager to know the name of your next Queen of Subs. I do not take the entire responsibility of naming her but leave it to all of you. I have only short-listed three names who I think rightfully deserve the crown.”

She unfolded a piece of paper in her hand and read out the names, “I’ll read out the names for you – Queen Bee, Lady Filly and the third, Narda.”

The Secretary took the mike and looked around the hall before announcing, “May I request these three grand ladies to come up on stage please!”

Saakshi almost fell out of her chair when she heard ‘Narda’ in the list. It was her name adopted for the club and it meant she would have to go up on stage.

Saakshi, despite being such a dashing executive, felt shy and hesitant to get up now. She looked around to see if the other two guests had stood up.

There were two ladies who were already walking along the aisle and, Saakshi too, finally, stood up. Her flushed face was still covered underneath the mask as she slowly walked towards the stage.

Yet, her own hesitation and shyness baffled Saakshi. As if some invisible wand had transformed her from an egotistical and fearless woman into a timid and demure girl. Her self-assurance was replaced by a lack of confidence. It now seemed that the S emblem pinned to her chest fitted her perfectly. She was becoming so obviously submissive.

Very slowly, she climbed the steps leading on to the stage, almost trembling, and was the last to stand before the audience.

Queen Bee was a young twenty four old girl. Her hair made out in a boyish cut, she was taller than the other two who stood beside her.

She looked radiant in a lehenga and choli set, but it was obvious that she was not wearing a brassiere underneath. Neither was the choli sufficiently opaque to prevent her nipples from being subtly exposed to public view.

In comparison, LadyFilly was shorter and she was older than her. But, she looked sexier with her pouting lips which carried a deep coating of glossy pink. The cleavage of her breasts underneath a tight sleeveless blouse left them agonizingly desirable.

Yet, overall, it was Saakshi who seemed the most desirable. Her mask did little to hide the raw sexiness that seemed to flow out of her body. It was a matter of conjecture how much would be added to her sexiness once the mask was removed from her face.

The three waited for the announcement of the one who would be Queen of Subs.

“Now that we have these three gorgeous ladies before us, each fit to be a queen in their own right,” the Chief Guest blabbered, “the need to select one out of them to wear the crown, becomes necessary.”

The Chief Guest waited a few moments before she went on with what she wanted to say.

“I want unanimity in selecting our queen for this year. I therefore leave it to our audience to take up this responsibility.

The best indication, I believe, of audience choice, is by raising hands. So would you all be agreeable to that?” The chief guest threw this question to her audience.

There was a unanimous, “yeeeeeessssss” that roared across.

“Very well, so shall it be,” said the chief guest.

She came across and stood beside Queen Bee and then holding a hand of hers raised it high.

“Is she the one? Would you love to see her as our new queen?” the chief guest asked of her audience.

There were a few raised hands which could be easily counted, after which she announced, “She has seven votes. We will now go to our next submissive, our lovely Lady Filly.”

The chief guest followed the same process and then counted the raised hands which now she proclaimed, “Lady Filly has eleven votes. My! My! This seems to lead to something very nice and interesting.”

By now Narda’s legs were nervously shaking in disbelief as prepared for what this would in all probability mean.

Yet, despite her nervousness, Saakshi could almost vouch that the voice of the chief guest was familiar, too familiar.

The chief guest now held Saakshi’s right hand and slowly lifted it above her shoulders, glancing anxiously through the expanse of the hall with her eyes that hid behind her mask.

Oh my god! What’s this fragrance that she is wearing on her? So very familiar, she swore she had very often got whiffs of this beautiful scent earlier. Whose was it? Where did she get it? Saakshi was wondering again.

Yet, before she could really come to a conclusion, Saakshi’s hand was raised high over her head and the chief guest spoke out loudly.

“Raise your hands, ladies and gentlemen. Show your votes now for this most gorgeous and seductive Narda.”

If there was any doubt till now, it was instantly blown away in a thunderous round of applause and the raising of hands all across the hall.

The President, Secretary and Kamini, the previous year’s queen, all walked on to the stage. She was still wearing her crown, which was back on her head after that very erotic role she played on the stage a while ago.

“Following our tradition, which is binding on an elected queen, may I now request Queen Narda to take off her mask. I am sure the entire audience has been waiting to see the pretty face hiding behind something they no longer wish to remain,” the President said.

Saakshi was taken aback when she heard these words. She was under the impression that she would be able to keep wearing her mask all along her stay in the club. Now she was about to lose her identity.

The Chief Guest stood beside her murmured, “Go on, open the mask dearie. Let everyone see that it is a very lovely face indeed that got my preference. In fact it is a face that I am enraptured with since long.”

The voice! The fragrance! Oh god! How foolish she had been, thought Saakshi. All along she had been trying to make out how familiar this lady was and now it was crystal clear.

She was none other than Mrs. Preeti Ahuja, the influential director of Evolutions Apparel Inc. Saakshi gasped. Now the cat would be out of the bag and almost everyone in office would know about her and this adult club.

“Don’t hide any more Saakshi, go on, take off your mask. Show them your pretty sexy submissive face. And all along you boasted of a dominating and overpowering streak in yourself, eh? Heh heh! This will be fun!” Mrs. Preeti Ahuja, Chief Guest, sniggered inaudibly but loud enough for Saakshi to hear.

By now there were loud demands from the audience too, asking her to take off her mask.

“Queen Narda. We implore you. Show us your lovely face that sits on that perfectly desirous body of yours,” someone shouted loudly for all to hear.

Saakshi was flushed in an overwhelming shyness and fear. She knew her legs were wobbling.

The Chief Guest held her hand to steady her and once again whispered sternly in Saakshi’s ears, “Take it off, or I will pull it off myself.”

With no other choice, Saakshi slowly took of her mask, leading to a unanimous gasp from the audience. Indeed, this night, Saakshi had applied the right make up, the perfect lip gloss, wore the most exquisite nose bud, to give herself the look of a goddess.

Just then, the curtains on the stage began to draw close and much to the disappointment of the audience, all on stage were soon hidden from view.

A short announcement over the address system –

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the evening’s special play for general viewership and the selection of our new Queen end at this point. But we have more on offer, but only for special invitees. All special invitee card holders are requested to take the elevator and proceed to Queen’s Room on the first floor. I can assure you of some really exciting entertainment.”

There was a deep sigh of disappointment from most of the audience in the hall. They had been left out of one show that promised to be the most kinky and erotic that one could ever imagine.

In her of hearts, Saakshi was filled with trepidation. She could only apprehend what erotic performances were expected of a recently crowned Queen of Subs in an adult, kinky club.

But, more than that, she also knew that her days of reigning elsewhere as a powerful and dominating executive were over.

By : AshmitaMadhukar

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