Donna cuckolds me

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Donna and I married young. We first met when my family
moved to her small midwestern town and entered I a new
school half way through my junior year of high school. She
was fourteen, a sophomore, and just as any guy would have
been I was immediately attracted to the cute dark haired,
dark eyed cutie with her 5-4 shapely body. A couple of
local guys I got to know told me to go for it when they
learned I had a crush on her.
Tom and Dave both told me not to worry about her being too
young because she was one experienced gal. They told me
that they had both screwed her, that other guys in school
also had, and that Donna had reportedly even had sex with
her own brother and two of her male cousins.
Jack, a classmate of ours had bragged- whether it was true
or not I wasn’t sure- that he had been the one to take
Donna’s cherry and that her brother, Kevin, and another
cousin, of Donna’s had supposedly banged her also before
she even entered high school. Tom and Dave both claimed
that Donna still got it on with her brother and her cousins
as well as other guys in school.
I asked Donna out and she said yes. Dave both kidded me
about my upcoming date, and they not only assured me I
would get laid, they laughed and jokingly said they were
worried Donna might fuck me to death on our date.
Donna and I went out, but when I took her to the local
drive-in just before school was out, I had somewhat of a
disappointment. Although Donna really was into heavy
petting and making out, there was no sex that night. The
condoms I had bought stayed in the glove box because Donna
wouldn’t let me get my hand in her pants and told me she
was saving herself for marriage.
When I told Tom and Dave that I knew the truth, that Donna
was actually a virgin, and that I had found she did not put
out, they both laughed at me. They still insisted on
telling stories and relating wild rumors about her.
Donna and I began going out, and we dated all that summer.
We were not going steady, she was still going out with
other guys too, but I discovered that Donna was an innocent
victim of macho male boasting of guys who claimed to have
bopped her when she was a virgin.
Also backing up Donna’s claim of purity was the fact that
her brother and her male cousins were protective of her.
They would often take her to places with them and be there
to keep guys away during the day during the summer while
Donna’s and Kevin’s parents were at work.
I know because she was not allowed to have boys over to her
house, and I couldn’t see her there without her parents
being home. Kevin or one of her cousins would often answer
the phone when I called during the day.
Then, that next fall, Donna finally let me go all the way
with her. It was after a football game on a cool November
night; Donna suggested we go to the local parking spot, and
while we were there, she, huskily whispered in my ear. “I’m
ready Danny. I want you. I’m ready to do it. Make love to
me. Make love to me please.”
She began fumbling with my belt buckle, and then my zipper,
and as she helped me remove her skintight blue jeans, she
was pulling my jeans and under shorts down to my calves. I
was in the process of trying to lean over slightly to open
the glove box and remove a condom when Donna knelt
astraddle of me, lowered herself onto me. She guided my
rock hard cock into her hot moist pussy.
Donna was super hot, very wet, and very ready, and I slid
in her balls deep instantly making her gasp, “Oh, yes,”
closing her eyes, she started riding up and down on my
prick. I never even got a rubber out of the glove box until
her velvety hot wet pussy walls massaging my prick caused
me to erupt like a geyser in her. All thoughts of that
condom vanished from my mind as I experienced the ecstasy
of coming in a woman’s wonderfully tight cunt.
After that date, sex became a regular part of our
relationship. Then in late December Donna leaned close to
me and softly told me she was pregnant. I had already
professed my love to her early in the school year, and
after our first lovemaking session in November, she had
said the same to me. I knew instantly what to do. I told
Donna I wanted her to become my wife.
Donna was practically in tears with happiness as she very
happily agreed and said that she’d hoped I would want that
and that she wanted very much to become my wife.
Donna was underage, and so was I at the time, so our
parents had to sign consent forms for us to marry-something
they willingly did considering the situation. We were
married in a private ceremony one week later.
When I graduated from high school that following May, I
went to work in a local factory and we got our own place.
In early July Donna gave birth to a handsome baby boy.
Donna wanted to name our son after his uncle Kevin, and so
we did.
Donna and I lived in her hometown for the next seven years.
During that time, I went to night school and got my degree,
and when I got it, I landed a good job in a big city where
we now live.
We had another son and then a daughter during that time.
One of the things that had me wondering about Donna was
that after our son was born, Tom, Dave, and some of the
other guys she used to date were at our house a lot when I
was at work during the day.
Donna also like to go over to one or another of their
places and “just talk for a while” in evenings on occasion.
She would do that on Friday or Saturday nights occasionally.
But during the week, she stayed home with our son while I
was attending classes.
I did wonder at times about finding one or another of
Donna’s old boyfriends at our place when I would come home
from work, and also about the fact that on a couple of
occasions, I arrived home and entered just as one of her
friends was coming out of our bedroom. That was made more
suspicious looking to me by the fact that Donna was often
asleep in our bed when I got home from work.
The first time I saw one of her friends leave our bedroom
and head out the door, and then found Donna resting-
totally naked in our bed with suspicious looking damp
sticky spots on the sheets, and her pubic hair looking wet
and matted with white sticky goo, I really did wonder if
she had just been fucked.
I even began to wonder about her brother and her cousins
having done something with her when on occasion I found the
same situations after came home from classes at night.
Perhaps the most incriminating things were those two times
she supposedly just went over to visit a friend on a
weekend night, leaving me to take care of our sons, and she
did not get home until the next morning. Donna told me she
had been watching a movie on TV with friends and fallen
asleep on their couch.
Another such situation was a few months after our daughter
was born. All during that time of our marriage, I always
wondered somewhat about how wet Donna always seemed to be
when we made love. I knew of course that might have been
nothing but her juices. She had always been that way, when
we made love, but her pubic hair would so often be laced
with beads of whitish cream, her inner thighs would be
shiny wet, and crusted looking. And her panties she would
wear back from seeing one of her friends would look crusted
or wet sticky feeling with dampness that not only smelled
like her juices, but they had the same aroma that I had
always noticed with my come.
One night when I came home from school, Donna’s cousin, was
actually in bed with her. The bedroom door was not closed,
and when I entered, I saw him scramble out of our bed,
totally naked, grab his under shorts and clothes off the
floor, get hurriedly dressed, and rapidly exit our place
without looking me in the eye.
Donna was lying there peacefully sleeping, and when I
crawled in bed with her, I immediately felt one of those
damp sticky spots I often felt on our sheets touch me skin.
And when I reached over and gently felt my wife’s pussy, I
found it wet and slick as I did many times when I came home
from school. I smelled my finger and smelled that ever-
present aroma of her female scent and what I was almost
certain was male come. That night I was almost certain
Donna’s cousin had fucked her.
My suspicions of course were so strong that I would have
bet anything I was being cuckold by my beautiful wife
constantly, and I even wondered back to those stories I had
heard in high school, about that first time we made love,
our hurried up marriage, and then about our oldest son,
having been born much less that nine months after the first
time we’d made love in my car.
I could not help but wonder if Donna might have already
been pregnant when I made love to her that night. I never
mentioned a word about that suspicion to Donna or anyone
else though, just as I never voiced a word along the same
lines when our second son and our daughter came along. But
in the back of my mind I did wonder if I had actually
fathered them or was someone else the father.
Those suspicions were actually reinforced after our second
son was born and I got out of college class one night and
found an envelop under the windshield wiper of my car. The
card congratulated me on being a father for the second
time. But the card also had some handwritten things in it.
One message said, “Congratulations on the new addition to
your family. who got your wife Prego this time?” Then it
went on to say, “We suggest you name the baby Target
because we all had a shot at this one.”
I never showed that card to Donna. I tore it to shreds and
threw it in a trashcan.
I knew for sure that Donna had to have cuckolded me when we
had our fourth child. She had taken the kids back to spend
two weeks with her parents when I had a two-week company
training session in the summer. That was in July, and
shortly after we were back together, Donna informed me we
were going to have a new addition to the family. We had so
many things going on just before I left for school, we
hadn’t had sex for several weeks before she left.
And then Donna informed me she was pregnant only one month
after we were back together. We had a baby girl who was
born nine months after the midterm of the period we had
been apart. I know gestation times are approximate, but I
was sure she had been impregnated while we were apart. In
spite of all of that I never once accused Donna of cheating
on me, and she of course never volunteered any such
It was this past Christmas that I finally saw Donna in the
act of cheating on me. We spent three full weeks at her
parents place over the Christmas holidays. Donna’s brother,
Kevin was divorced and was in town and he stayed there at
the same time as us. Kevin slept in his old bedroom, Donna
and I stayed in her old bedroom, and the kids slept on the
two couches- one in the basement family room, the other in
the living room that made out into beds.
One night I was awakened by Donna crawling out of bed in
the middle of the night. When she left the bedroom, I
silently decided to see where she was going. She and Kevin
had been acting a little more affectionate that brothers
and sisters usually do, just like she always had with him,
and with her cousins.
My suspicions where aroused because earlier that evening I
had happened to go to the kitchen where Donna and Kevin
were. They were standing face to face, her leaning her head
on his chest, he massaging her sexy round butt, and her
rubbing her fingers on his stomach and abdomen. I happened
to hear Donna say, “I’ll come to your room after everyone’s
asleep. Danny still doesn’t suspect a thing, he sleeps like
a log just like he always does, and I know we won’t get
That night she must have been so confident that nobody
would catch them, she didn’t even close Kevin’s door all
the way. The pale moonlight shining through the window
provided illumination for me to watch my wife ride her
brother’s cock. When she climaxed, she let out a low moan,
leaned forward and kissed her brother passionately. At the
same time, he groaned, thrust up at her and said, “Coming
sis. Coming in you. Oh God, it feels so good to come in you
Donna muttered, “I know Brother dear, I know. My pussy has
always fit you cock so good. Sure there have been a lot of
cocks in there and a lot of come shot in there, but I think
my pussy loves you’re cream the best. Even when our cousins
and you all three do me at the same time, I think it was
your come I wanted in me most.”
Then I heard Donna giggle softly and say, “Who knows. Maybe
we just made another baby in this bed. Remember how many
times we used to fuck in this bed. And I’ve always been
almost certain you made Kevin in me in this very bed.”
Kevin laughed softly and replied, “We both thought that was
the case, but I think we might have made a baby or two in
your husband’s bed also.”
I heard Donna reply, “Yeah, probably so, but I’m not
certain about that remember. When Danny and I lived here
the first few years we were married, you, our cousins, and
three other guys might have fathered Danny’s and my next
three. Except, I really do think Shelly is yours. You know
that. Somehow I always thought you were the one with her.”
I then heard Donna talk with her brother about our youngest
daughter. Kevin was away at that time. Donna was not sure
if one of here cousins fathered Shelly or perhaps an old
ex-high school boyfriend did.
Not once in her conversation did I hear Donna say she
thought I had fathered any of our children. I have not said
a word to Donna about what I saw and heard that night, just
as I have never once accused her of being untrue to me.
When Donna informed me the day before Valentines Day that
she is again pregnant, I didn’t question at all the
possible paternity of the baby. She is due in September. I
did think back to that night at her parent’s home, and
about the numerous times I am sure they sneaked off to fuck
while we were there.
I also think back to Donna’s comment to Kevin I heard that
night in the afterglow of their having had sex. “Well, one
thing I will have to wait and see about Bro is if we made a
baby again. I am at my most fertile time of the month, and
all afternoon I have been wondering if I am ovulating
today. I was so hot and squishy, I was just sure I was
ripe. We won’t know for a few weeks Bro, but I have a
feeling you just might be an uncle again about nine months
from now.”
Well, that is the way it is with my lovely wife Donna. She
is beautiful, loving, kind, a great mother, and actually a
very good wife. And I know she loves me just as I love her
very much. She just has that one teensy little flaw. She
cheats on me. Donna cuckolds me.

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