Don’t Be Fooled By Little Old Ladies

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This adventure could be placed in General, Group, Lesbian, or Mature Sex, or even True Erotic Stories. I couldn’t decide which, so I threw a dart.
A few years ago, my wife and I were shopping at Costco, and she was off doing whatever women do in those places, while I checked out the few tools, sporting goods, etc. they usually have. I was just standing around at the head of an aisle looking at shower-heads and hand-held models when I noticed an attractive, no, make that striking, older woman approaching me. I could tell she was going to say something to me, so I turned to meet her. She was fifty-five to sixty, very well dressed and turned out. When she got to me, I thought, she couldn’t be that old, her skin is perfect, her breasts are nicely shaped and firm, her legs great, and there was the possibility of a great ass there.
She introduced herself as Betty and asked me what I thought of the shower equipment. I told her what I thought of the two handheld combo’s Costco had and she told me she would have to hire a plumber if she got one. I told her it looked pretty easy to do, and as we continued to talk about the shower heads and of other things, I realized she really was probably about sixty. What an incredible looking woman and I felt envious of older men who may have spent time with her in another day. In fact, I felt some lust for her as we talked . . . besides being so visually stunning, she was smart, friendly, witty, and had enormous sex appeal. Her hair was short like a dike might have, colored sort of a strawberry blonde—more a burnished copper-blond—with silver highlights and with green, dancing eyes. She was maybe, 5’-6” or 7”, and about 125 – 130 pounds; she was not just slim, but athletically slim—very lithe looking—with the tiniest waist. I thought her breasts were neither large, nor small, maybe she was a 34 BB or 34 C, but no difference anyway, because they were there and they went perfectly with her body.
We made small talk for about 15-minutes, but no matter what we talked about, she would always come back to the showerheads. “Do you think this has a hard spray”, she asked, “I just have to have a hard spray, but I have to have a very soft spray for my hair, also”. It finally dawned on me—she was almost screaming it at me—she was telling me that she was going to use it to masturbate. That explained her cute little sly smile that she shined on me when we were talking of the benefits of the massaging showerhead. When I caught on, I simply told her that I just knew that, that showerhead would be everything she wanted, because we had one and my wife just loved it. Then I told her I would install it for her if she wanted and she wouldn’t need a plumber. We agreed I would install it the next day, after I took my wife to the airport, just as my wife walked up on us. I introduced Betty to my wife and Betty showed her the device and told her how much I said she loved it. It didn’t take my wife two beats to pick up on everything, so she told Betty it was best she had ever had—best showerhead she ever had, she corrected herself—and they smiled knowingly at each other and my wife laughed a little. To be honest, Betty had been sexually arousing me since she approached me and then as I was watching the little by-play by her and my wife my woody stretched out even more.
After our goodbyes, my wife teased me a little as we talked about Betty. I told her she had really picked up on everything fast and she said she had just been watching us awhile and when Betty told her what I said about the massage shower, she said it was clear as could be. I told my wife I couldn’t decide on the woman’s age and that I had thought fifty-five to sixty when I first had met her, but now I thought she was maybe early fifties, but maybe sixty—I just wasn’t sure and I so busy trying to figure it out, I’d almost missed the implications of the showerhead business. My sweetheart answered, “well you did make a recovery . . .you’re making a service, or is that a servicing, call to her tomorrow, right?” There was no mistaking what she meant after she burst out laughing. The she told me that she thought Betty was a gorgeous woman, but well past sixty, then it was my turn to laugh. My wife insisted she was right and she told me that it wasn’t her looks that gave her away, but it was a generational difference in behavior, speech, and dress. Although that made sense to me, I was still thinking—hell, I had no idea now.
That night my wife gave me a nice long blowjob and then fucked my brain loose and told me she was getting me ready for Betty and had a hell of a laugh.
The next morning I woke up with a big fat woody and joined my honey in the shower, then when she was putting her make up on I bent her over the counter and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. There wasn’t enough time for her to re-shower, so I took her to the airport with cum still dripping out of her snatch: She told me before that she got plenty of hits when I did that to her and it was always worth a few free drinks during long layovers, especially if she told an admirer she just joined the mile high club with, “Did you see that young kid sitting across from me”?, so it didn’t bother her much. But all I could think of was how I was going to work Betty over, or maybe how she was going to fuck me silly. There was something about this older; some would say elderly, woman that made me horny. I got home, gathered a few wrenches, plumbers tape, and personal lubricant and threw them in a canvas carpenter bag and headed for the garage. I was going through the door when I realized it was barely 7:30, so I called Betty to see if she was up and wanted me to come over. “Of course”, she said. She told me she had gotten her walk and her thirty minutes of yoga in and had her breakfast. I was there in 20-minutes and when she opened her door, I started getting hard. She was standing there in a short, silk robe, which barely covered her ass and in high heels, no less. She took me to the kitchen where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and small talk—I found out she was three-months older than my mother and 25 years older than my 38-years—and she told me she liked my wife, but was glad she was in the air somewhere and we both laughed, so I said, “me too”, and we laughed some more. We eventually got to the master shower and I changed out the head and put the hand held sprayer on in about 15-minutes. Betty said she wanted to try it, simply kicked off her shoes, dropped her robe, stepped in the shower, and turned it on.
I was a little shocked by her bluntness, but watched her adjust the temperature and spray and then she went right to work on her clit, looked at me and said, “Come on in, the water’s fine”, with a sly smile. I started taking my clothes off and she started bucking a little and moaning, so I put some speed on and got in the shower with her. I got a finger on her clit and helped her climax and she just slid down my body and put my cock in her mouth and sucked me off. We went straight from the shower to the bed without drying off and she had a bottle of self-warming lube there for us. I put her on top and drove my cock in her cunt like I owned it and she rode it like a an All Around Rodeo Champion and never took her eyes off of it plunging in and pulling out of her twat until I shot my load. I told her my wife liked to scoop my cum out of her pussy with a few of her fingers, lick it off and swallow it, so she tried it and said she liked it, too. I told her, her pussy was looking a little overgrown and ragged, but I’d trim it and shape it up for her. She was all for that and after I long-cocked her again, stallion style this time, she threw on a skirt and blouse sans panties and bra and we headed over to my place where the straight razor was. I trimmed her up, and shaved her exactly in the same design as I do Helen, and she liked that when I told her and she liked the way it looked, too. She started going through Helen’s closet and her panty, bra, and toy drawers and told me she had to do some shopping. She was trying on panties, and asking how they looked. I told her they looked good and pushed her on the bed and I fucked her on our bedspread and I fucked her hard and left a big glob of cum on it, but Betty licked it off for me. I don’t know what it was, but it had something to do with her age because I fucked her just as soon as I got it up. Once we got back to her place I fucked her for about 40-minutes before I got off and just kept pumping, my cock until it got hard again and we fucked another 20-minutes until I jized her some more. Betty seemed to climax just by talking dirty to her and I couldn’t or wouldn’t leave my hands off of her and she was as bad as I was. She lived on a golf course and we were fucking and she was on her knees sucking my cock at every window and open door—she just didn’t care and at one point she called a friend of hers and told her she had a workman trapped in her bedroom and the guy was all over her. I told her about Helen and my sexcapades that morning and how I dropped her off at the airport with cum all of her ass and snatch and she had a laugh when I told her what Helen told me. We made pretty wild love on her kitchen counter in full view through the open sliding door, of anyone at the 7th green. I threw her robe on the floor, took my clothes off, sat her on the counter top and started pounding her pussy. I was thrusting my healthy, thick cock up her snatch when I looked out at the green about 50 yards away and there were 3 men and 2-women watching us.
Betty wasn’t wild in bed, but she was passionate and she had great natural talent. Mainly, she wanted to do EVERYTHING and she wanted to enjoy EVERYTHING, and more importantly, she said she wanted to practice, practice, practice. Over the next several days and weeks, she told me all about herself. She told me her husband had been a prude and she quit trying to give him oral sex, or talking him into using different positions during the initial years of their marriage. She said what little sex-life she had, had disappeared ten years before her husband died and he had died twenty-four years earlier. She told me she regretted not leaving him, or at least taking a lover. After he died she had plenty of opportunities with friends and neighbors, but just wasn’t interested. Then she said it was like waking from a dreamless sleep a few months ago, she couldn’t stop thinking of sex, started masturbating, rented some porn movies, and finally started looking for a lover, and then there I was, she said, the perfect man for what she wanted. I don’t know if it were all true, but I believed most of what she said . . . I had to teach her to talk dirty in bed and not use words like vagina, penis, breasts, semen, etc. I decided to spend the night with her and woke up around 3 AM with a raging hard on. I lubed up my cock and with my fingers I started lubing her asshole up. When she woke up I was on top and trying to get my cock in her ass. At first she told me no and tried to stop me by moving her ass every which way, but I kept pushing and moving around too and finally I just popped it right in and butt fucked her senseless. She went from trying to stop me to being a fan of me fucking her in the ass.
I talked to Helen at least once a day and at first she thought I was exaggerating, but I finally convinced her that Betty’s pussy was barely used and that I knew she had never taken it in the ass or sucked a cock before, but that she was into everything now. Helen sort of shocked me by asking, “Do you think the old gal would like to lick a little pussy”, and I told her I think she’s hoping you want to play, because she asks all the time if I’ve talked to you and what do you think. That night, I told Betty what Helen asked and told her Helen was turned on and was playing with herself and climaxed while we talked. Betty was intrigued with the thought of both me and Helen, “Having at her”, as she put it, so that night I had Betty over when I called the little women. Betty sucked my cock while we were talking and then I gave her the phone as soon as she swallowed everything. She asked Helen in her cum coated vocal cords if she was interested in her and I could hear Helen laugh and tell Betty she was going to sit on her face and let her eat pussy all night. Betty turned red and asked her, “What about me”? I didn’t hear the response, but Betty looked happy and asked her, “You’ll be home tomorrow night, right? I’ll be ready”.
Betty was our first joint conquest, but by no means our last. Actually, it would probably be more correct to say we were Betty’s first joint conquest, but at any rate it was well worth it. She was a fine piece of ass, and like Helen truly loved to suck cock, swallow and snort cum, and eat pussy. We made quite a trio.

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