Ebony girl goes from princess to tagteamed

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This story started over six years ago when I first encountered Paula. We met at work and became friends. Obviously I realized that she was gorgeous but this was at a time when I was quite the popular guy with the ladies already. Our most recent relationship started as an accident. What a wonderful accident it was. First let me take you to the beginning of the story.
Paula and I met at a law firm in Manhattan across the street from the World Trade Center. At the time I was 22 and sex was always on my mind. Being a tall attractive childless black man only help in cause of carnal conquests. Paula and I worked side by side in the communications department. Paula stood about 5’5″ weighing in at about 130 pounds. Her complexion is a dreamy milk chocolate with light brown eyes. She wore here hair in shoulder length locks, a tribute to her Caribbean heritage. She often styled her locks in a ponytail or let them flow free. The icing on the cake was her body. Paula’s frame was fit and trim slim and sexy. The only deviation form this structure was at the hips and her chest. Quite frankly Paula had a “Fuck me body”. Her tits were a full and lovely 36C which seemed gigantic on her otherwise petite frame. Her hips jutted out and revealed a perfect round brown ass. Not too big and certainly not too small. Paula was probably the nicest person you could meet which made her even sexier.
Our conversations were innocent in the beginning ranging from lunch to last nights episode of Seinfeld. Through our chit chat I found out that she had a boyfriend that she was having trouble with and that she lived only a few blocks away from my house. We decided to go out for drinks on Christmas Eve since our job was letting us go knock off early. We went to the typical Manhattan after work bar complete with music, food and spirits. It was during this very first date that the signs were there but I didn’t see it at the time. Once the liquor started coming Paula started to open up. Her personality was always perky and sweet. She was always quick to smile and call you “sugar” or “sweety” but now there was an sensual edge to her words. Not a nasty edge of course but a sexy purring kitten edge.
I have to admit that it was at this particular point that I really started to soak all of Paula in. At the time I attributed it to the alcohol intake that I began to lust after her. I was well aware that she was a popular topic at the office amongst the men. But as I stated earlier I was already doing quite well with the ladies so I wasn’t as focused on her as my male counterparts. That changed fast as hell when she started telling me how she wanted to leave her boyfriend and hadn’t had sex in with him in more than a month. Now my eyes feasted on this brown beauty.
I looked at her full breasts while she spoke thinking of seeing my nine inches sliding in between them. She noticed a couple of times and just giggled like a little schoolgirl. As we sat at the bar she moved closer and started to talk about how she needs her boyfriend to act right sooner or she’d have to take matters in her own hands. Me being the predator that I was took that as a cue to order another round of drinks.
When our drinks arrived she excused herself to the ladies room. As she walked away I watched as her hips swayed enticingly under a black mid thigh skirt. All I could envision was her heavenly ass posing in mans best friend, a thong. I got caught up in a sports conversation while she was gone and by the time she returned someone had moved her barstool. When I turned around she was retrieving her jacket from the back of the stool and placing it on the back of mine. Now she turned her back to me and sidled up between my legs at the bar. I needing no further encouragement put my arms around her waist pulling her closer and my face nuzzled against hers.
“You know what I was thinking Jay?”
“I hope it’s something good.”
“I’ll let you be the judge of that. I was thinking forget about my boyfriend tonight I can do what I want.”
“Just what is it you wanna do?” Then she slowly rhythmically began to grind her hips and sweet ass against me as I rested in the barstool. Feeling her on me like that my jeans tented up. She obviously not only felt my arousal but was also turned on by it. She leaned back and kissed me with the most perfect sweetest full red lips any man could ask for.
“Just let me finish my drink and we’re outta here daddy.” Did she just call me daddy? I was lovin’ it like McDonalds when she said those words. Now my mind is racing with thoughts of hot sweaty nakedness. As we continued to drink she would from time to time grind against me and I would push back. I was practically busting out of my jeans. I was feeling a bit raunchy so I grabbed her hand and guided it towards my throbbing cock. At first she went with it and at the last second pulled away. I wasn’t that concerned at the time but it turned out to be another one of those signs that I was missing.
“Not yet big fella. You just hold your horsys until we get alone.”
“Not a problem sexy. You just got a brother all hot and bothered.” She turned and looked at me with the look of a lioness on the prowl and said, “This is just the beginning.”
When we finished our drinks I did the gentlemanly thing and put her coat on for her and then threw mine on. She turned to face me and I grabbed both of her hands and was pulling them down to her side to give her a kiss when she suddenly took her left hand and went straight to paydirt. I almost dropped when she gave my cock a long hard squeeze and closed her eyes in a dream y state and purred, “See what you made me do?” I was so turned on from her just doing it that once again I missed yet another sign.
We left the bar and headed for her house back in Brooklyn. The whole ride my mind was swimming in a sea of lust. All I could think about was fucking Paula and fucking her very hard. Paula alternately stroked my hair and cock driving me crazy. I was swerving in and out of lanes and cutting off the entire city of New York trying get to her house. When we arrived, Paula excused herself to her room to change. By this time I was heated up and looking for a release. I took a seat on her couch and looked around to see what furniture I would be placing her small frame on to pound.
When she returned she had on a white silk robe tied at the waist. The robe fell about an inch below her ass and she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra because her chocolate nipples were protruding through the material. My cock jumped at the sight.
Paula sauntered over to me as I began to unbutton my shirt.
“Do you like what you see Jay?”
“I love what I see baby.” Paula then sat on the couch in front of me. My crotch was lined up perfectly with her face and she began to rub me through my pants. My cock was growling at this point as I had thoughts of shoving it deep in her mouth. She was using both of her hands stroking my cock and rubbing my heavy balls. Her breathing became shallow and she moaned softly. Then it happened.
Paula just stopped suddenly. “I can’t do this. It’s not right.” Now you know I was already at the point of no return and these were not the words I was trying to hear.
“What’s the matter baby? I now you didn’t bring here to tell me that.”
“I’m sorry Jay but I can’t cheat on him. I love him. I’ve just had too much to drink. I can’t do it.” My mind was racing. I had to turn this around and quick.
“Paula I thought you were tired of how he treated you. You are too fine to put up with his bullshit.” Her body language had changed and she was trying to cover up her body. I sat next to her to give it the old college try. “It’s obvious that you want to do this Paula. You invited me over here got yourself all dressed up and you’re digging me.”
“I do like you Jay but I can’t go through with this. I want to be faithful to him.” As she spoke I was looking at her fat tits and her nipples were still hard. I also began to realize that I was getting very pissed off at the thought of her putting me through this bullshit. My dick was hard as hell and I wanted to fuck her real bad. I couldn’t go out like this.
“Listen Paula I didn’t come here to play games with you. You’re digging me and I’m digging you. Your boyfriend is a fucking asshole and I’m here now. You’re not gonna tease me and send me packing. I’m not having it.” I don’t know if it was the booze or I was just freakishly horny but I made the most important move in the history of our relationship. I reached out and grabbed her robe at the shoulders and ripped it open with lightning speed. Paula was caught off guard by the suddenness of my move.
“Jay stop! What are you doing?” She said it but she wasn’t yelling. She put her hands over her now bare breasts and tried to stand up.
I grabbed her arms and simultaneously pulled them apart and down effectively slamming her down to the couch. Her tits were fully exposed as I held her arms in place. That’s when I noticed that her nipples were STILL hard.
“Jay please stop, don’t do this. I can’t I…” I leaned in and started sucking her tits. She had gorgeous large brown areolas and I went to work still holding her arms firmly in place. She writhed and squirmed as I alternately licked sucked and bit her tits. I took her arms and locked her small wrists together with one of my hands and held her arms over her head and started squeezing her brown boobs with my free hand.
“You can’t do this. Please…please…stop.” Paula said these words barely above a whisper. I mauled her tits with my hand and mouth. She tasted and felt like a piece of Heaven. Her tits were firm and full and I wanted to make sure I fucked them before the night was over.
“You don’t want me stop. You know you want this dick Paula. That’s why I’m here.” I released her arms and stated squeezing both of her orbs. She was moaning now her eyes closed. I sat back and opened my pants and pulled out my fine nine. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and guided it up and down forcing her to stroke me. I took my other hand went for her pussy. She was wearing with satin thongs and when I touched her she was soaking wet. It turned me on immensely to think that this was making her hot.
I moved her thong to the side and started to finger her dripping snatch. By now she was jerking my fuckstick without further guidance. Her eyes were glazed over as she focused intensely on her tiny hand manipulating my giant cock. She was murmuring incoherently as my fingers pistoned in and out of her cunt. She was bent at the waist jerking me and I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her down towards my cock.
“It looks like you need a taste of cock.” She put up a halfhearted attempt to fight against me but quickly submitted. I pushed her head down and raised my hips to meet her succulent lips. She opened her mouth and the head popped in. Oh my god that felt so fucking good to finally get my cock in her mouth. I pushed her further down and watched as her mouth stretched to accommodate my black snake.
It was extremely arousing as I soaked in the scene. Here I was forcing my cock in the mouth of this petite black beauty and her mouth is filled to capacity with throbbing meat. She tried to push herself up by putting her hands on my thighs and raising up. When I felt this resistance I just pushed her head down harder impaling her face on my cock. She tried to speak but with a mouth full of thick black cock I didn’t understand or care what she was saying. She then got up to her knees on the couch and started bobbing her head up and down voluntarily. I kept one hand on her head and used my free one to get at her now raised ass and pussy.
“That’s it sweetness. Suck daddy’s big dick. I know you like this shit. Suck it real good for me.” My words seemed to ignite a carnal flame as she increased her speed on my cock. I in turn smacked her ass forcefully.
“Unngghhh.” Her eyes seemed to roll back in her head. I thought she might actually pass out and I let go of her head. She raised up off my cock and continued stroking me and let out a long moan. She seemed to be in a trance. Seeing she was not only okay but even getting hotter by the second I reached back and smacked her ass again and pushed her head back down to my cock.
“Mmmmmmmmm,” was all she said as my cock was reinserted. I started working my finger in and out of her honey pot. Her pussy was tight and it was absolutely soaking now. I fingered her clit and worked her head up and down as she moaned to no end. I smiled as I listened to the sound of my black beauty losing herself in lust. It was becoming clearer by the second that sweet petite Paula may very well be an undercover fuck slut. The thought was intoxicating. I put both hands on her head and started to fuck her face. I wanted to see how much cock this little vixen could stuff into her mouth. She got about5 inches in and used her hand to continuously jerk me while I moved myself in and out of her mouth. I reached down and grabbed a handful of one her tits and sawed in and out her mouth. Her mouth was stretched so wide that I thought her jaw might unhinge at any moment.
It’s a beautiful thing to see a really hot chic suck a really big dick. It’s even hotter when the chic is petite like Paula. As I fucked her face I tried to push even further in and her muffled moans just fueled the fire. I squeezed her tits harder eliciting a drawn out cry from her cock stuffed mouth. I pulled my big dick from her mouth and she gasped for air as a long string of saliva drooled from her mouth to my cock.
“You like that fat cock in your mouth don’t you slut?” Paula wiped the spit from her face and lowered her eyes as she nodded her approval. I was convinced she was a fuck toy now.
“I didn’t hear you slut, speak up!” I took my cock and slapped her across the face as I said it. She looked up at me with a glimmer in her eyes.
“Yes. I love sucking big dicks.” I placed my cock at her lips and told her to kiss it. She grabbed me with both hands and laid a long wet kiss on the head as she stared into my eyes.
“That’s it baby. Show me how much you love that dick.” As she kissed it I was pulling on her nipples. I then reached down and grabbed both of her ankles and lift her legs and spread them very wide. I pushed her legs back so that her thighs were crushing her fat tits and her pussy and ass was fully exposed hanging over the edge of the couch.
“It’s time to fuck that tight hole of yours slut.” As I lined up my cock to her snatch I realized that this was gonna be a tight fit. I pushed the head and watched as her pussy opened trying to get me in. She was squirming again actually trying to escape. But there was no way I was gonna let her run from this fucking. It turned me on as she wiggled. I just started pushing harder and harder until half of my pole was inside of her. Her eyes were wide in wonder as she looked down and saw my nine inch slayer splitting her pussy wide open.
“This is just what a hot little bitch like you needs Paula. You need a big dick to pound that tight cunt don’t you?” She just whimpered her approval and I went for it. I just slammed the remaining four inches of dick into her on one brutal thrust.
“Aaaarrrrrggggghhh!!!!” Paula threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs as I filled her super tight pussy with my wood. I swear my dick jumped and grew another two inches when she yelled. It was such a turn on knowing that I had her in this helpless position. Now I was gonna fuck her like she never felt in her life.
I leaned into her legs and started stroking deep and slow savoring the heat and wetness of her slut pussy. Paula was trying to adjust to having a big one that deep and was beginning to moan. I took that as a signal as started to pick up speed and intensity. I locked her legs in place with my hands and began to pound her. I pulled my cock out up to the head and slammed it back in to the balls and grinded my hips in circles on every thrust.
“O..o.oooooooooooo.” Paulas head was twisting and turning like a scene from the Exorcist. She started to squeal like a stuck pig and I was losing control trying to fuck her brains out. On every stroke you could hear my balls slam into her tight asshole and her wailing at the top of her lungs.
“That’s what I’m talking about you little piece of ass. I like to hear that shit. I’m just gonna fuck this little pussy even harder.”
“Y…Y…Yeeeeeeesssssssss. Fuck me HARD. I…I….I …lllloooooooove it.” I grabbed her ankles and threw her legs on my chest and started to power fuck her. I was picking up speed getting closer to being a visual blur. In this position her big tittys were free and I almost blew my load as I watched them shake and jiggle on every violent thrust. I began bottoming out on every movement clapping our bodies together viciously. Her tits were vibrating at warp speed and were clapping together as I fucked her. She was screaming continuously as I felt the cum churning up in my nuts. I reached down and grabbed her around the neck and drilled her. I felt her pussy contract and spasm repeatedly.
“Oh f…ffffuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk. I’m cuuuuuuuuummmmming.” When she said that I couldn’t hold back. I gave a few final hard strokes and pulled out. I grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her towards my throbbing cock.
“Open up bitch.” Paula dutifully opened her mouth as I began to spew. She locked her lips around my cock and started sucking down my seed. I snatched it from her mouth and with one hand still on her head I aimed my still shooting monster right at her pretty face. I hand pumped six or seven sticky, gleaming ropes of cum all over her face. As I coated her face she was spitting up cum. Her left eye was sealed shut her lips were soaked and cum was dripping off of her nose and cheeks. She was a total mess. Actually in my opinion she never looked sexier. I shoved my cock back into her mouth and ordered her to suck it.
My dick hadn’t dropped an inch as I watched her intently as she sucked me with tremendous vigor. She was loving every second of this and I was more than ready to fuck her even harder this time. As she sucked me with my cum stuck to her fine features the phone rang. She didn’t blink until the answering machine picked up the caller. It was her boyfriend.
“Hi honey. Yeah I was just eating.” She was eating all right. Eating big dick and hot cum. “Okay. I’ll see you soon.” The funny thing about this was, as she was talking to him she was jerking my cock. Even funnier to me was the fact that cum was smeared all over the telephone receiver and her words were garbled as my jizz rolled around her tongue as she spoke.
“Jay I’m sorry but we’re going to have to cut this short. He’ll be here in 20 minutes.”
“No problem baby just let me get a little more of that mouth.” With that said I shoved my cock back into her cum covered face and began to fuck her throat for a bit. I pulled out and got dressed and left.
When I saw her at work a few days later everything was cool. Our relationship blossomed into a sexual inferno. The common thread was always that I had to force her into at first and then she would submit and go all out. I coerced her into several dick rising episodes. There was the time that I had her wear a catholic schoolgirl type outfit to work and took her to a partners office after hours and ass fucked her to a screaming orgasm. She was the talk of the office that day as the men were going crazy over her clothing and meanwhile I had very special plans for her.
There was another time that she was having problems with her boyfriend again and I told her to dress in a nightgown and overcoat and jump into a cab to my house. When she arrived at my front door she started talking about him and I opened her coat and saw she had done as instructed and was wearing a red silk teddy and heels. I started fingering her smoldering pussy until she got weak in the knees. Then I picked her up and slammed her down on my cock and walked around fucking her in midair until she came so hard she drew blood as her long nails dug into my back.
Of course there was the Super Bowl incident. She came over to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl with me. There was plenty of drinking and many of us passed out. I woke up on the couch next to her and a couple of other guys were still out for the count. My dick was hard and she had on a sexy skirt that turned me on. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She resisted and I locked my hand over hers and began using her hand to stroke me. After a while she submitted and was jerking me passionately as one of the other guys woke up. She just went on breathing hard and mumbling jerking my big dick in full view. When I was cumming she leaned over and took every drop into her slut mouth right there.
Probably my favorite scene was when I took her to Victorias Secret and Paula tried on a pink two piece set that featured a thong and a bra that made her luscious tits look magnificent. My dick got so hard I couldn’t take it. I needed a release right then and there in the dressing room. So I let my fingers do the talking. When she resisted I reached in her soon to be purchased panties and worked on her steaming snatch. Once again she got weak in the knees and relented. I sat her on the bench and fucked her tits and mouth for ten minutes until she was gagging on black cock juice. When we exited the dressing room the attendant was beet red in embarrassment. I personally didn’t give a fuck and winked at her on the way out. Paula was indeed a special fucktoy.
This went on for about a year and I fucked her every chance I had until I moved away for another job and lost contact. I hadn’t talked to her in five years. I can’t tell you how many times I would think about fucking sweet petite Paula over the years. I moved back to NY last year and then just like that lady luck smiled down on me. My friend Shawn had ran into Paula in the Bronx. She lived five minutes from Shawn and had given him her number and told him to make sure I called. When he told me that I almost came in my pants right there.
I called Paula that night and she told me that she had financial problems and wanted to take some erotic pictures and sell them to a skin mag. She explained that she knew she could trust me to take the pictures and keep her secret on the down low. She went on to say how relieved she was to see Shawn and be able to contact me. We decided to meet on Friday night at my place.
Well once again the devil in my pants was awakened. After our years apart I had become a sexual animal. I was trying to fuck every woman that I could. If you were sexy and digging me I was not only going to fuck you I might even share you with the crew. The idea of fucking a ready made slut ran across my mind all night. I was determined to do something very special with precious Paula. It was time to take her to the limit.
In my mind this was going to be easy. I sat down with my boys Shawn and Kevin. I had related the stories of Paula’s decadence many times but we never pulled the trigger. Now that I was back home and this opportunity presented itself it was time to make it happen. Shawn and Kevin were both chomping at the bit to get a piece of Paula.
“Yo Jay I’ve been wanting to beat that for a long time. That chic is hot! I can’t wait to hit it man.” Shawn was obviously ready to get his freak on Kevin was beside himself as he paced around with a sick smile.
“Has she ever tasted a white dick before Jay? I wanna be her first.”
“That’s a good question Kev but I never even asked. I’ll tell you what though, you might not be her first but I bet you’ll be her next. That’s for damn sure!” We all fell out laughing and went on to discuss the particulars of this special conquest.
When Friday rolled around I couldn’t think of anything but sex. Even more than usual and that’s pretty scary. I got my apartment together and made my calls. Paula would be over around 8pm. I relayed the info to the fellas who were to be there when she arrived. Kev and Shawn showed up at seven and we started getting our buzz on throwing back some brews. We were all feeling raunchy when Paula rang the buzzer downstairs. I had to pull the leash on my Rockys before we blew the whole set up. Paula rang the doorbell and when I opened the door we greeted with a long hug and kiss and I was immediately groping her tight brown ass over her skirt. I could tell the presence of Shawn and Kevin surprised her when she stepped in. She didn’t realize until then that they had seen the whole display. But I was counting on her already knowing both of them well overriding any suspicion.
“Baby you know Shawn and I’m sure you remember Kevin right? They came over to watch the game. We’ll go in the back in a little bit”
“Oh yeah of course. What’s up guys?” Everyone exchanged pleasantries and Paula took off her coat and sat down. It was funny watching Shawn and Kevin stir in their seats as they eyed Paula who was wearing a mid thigh length skirt and a tight cleavage revealing sweater.
“Can I get you a beer or something?” She accepted, as I knew she would and I went to the kitchen. When I came back I sat down next to her on the couch and immediately laid my hand on her exposed thigh and started gently stroking up and down. We chatted quietly while they watched the game and she had a couple more beers and I could tell she was nearing the danger zone.
More and more was staring at me and glancing down at my crotch as I stroked her leg now. The only difference between now and earlier was I currently had my hand under her dress on her inner thigh. The alcohol and the slut inside of her were beginning to take over. I took her attention as a sign and I leaned in and started kissing her. I began to rub her tits with one of my hands. She finally started to push away just a bit and I squeezed her tit harder and held her tighter. I subsequently released and broke the kiss and her eyes went straight to Kevin and Shawn who were acting nonchalant. She got up to leave the room.
“Jay I’m going to the back and change. Meet me in your room in 10 minutes.
“No problem sweetness I’ll be right in.” I looked at the guys and they were beside themselves. The room was so full of testosterone that you could actually feel it. Kevin leaned over and in a hushed voice said, “Dude if I’m dreaming don’t wake me up until I’ve banged that little girl. We’re gonna make that slut scream.”
“Kev let me tell you something. Making her scream tonight will be half the fun. We’re gonna give that tight little prissy pussy the fucking of her entire life. Just give me twenty minutes and it’s on. Shawn just sat there grinning rubbing his cock through his jeans. It was going to be a very memorable night indeed.
I went into the bedroom and Paula had already disrobed. She laid seductively on my bed holding a glass of wine. She was now wearing a matching white lace bikini set. She had the camera sitting next to her. I grabbed it and began taking shots. I gave her instructions on my desired poses.
“That’s it baby. Lie on your back and move your thong to the side. Nice, very nice. Now turn over and let me see that fat ass. Spread your pussy for me. Make it real nasty.” I could tell she was getting hotter and hotter by the second. She had a dreamy look on her face as the alcohol was setting in. “Stay like that baby and rub your pussy. I want you soaking wet.” She did as she was instructed and stayed bent over fingering herself.
“Now baby pull your tits out of the top of your bra and bend over facing me. Let them hang down.”
“Damn Jay I’m getting wet just posing for you. Do you like what you see?”
“I love what I see baby. Don’t worry I’m definitely gonna put that fire out between your legs.” My dick was dangerously hard. I could barely contain myself. I snapped away as she knelt on the bed fondling and squeezing her own tits while fingering her fuck box. I couldn’t take it anymore. She was so fucking hot that her eyes were closed. I dropped the camera and undid my jeans and pulled out my throbbing pole. I walked over to her as she continued to moan as she brought herself close to orgasm. Her mouth hung open and I pushed the head to her lips. Her eyes popped open and she went after my cock like a starving Ethiopian. I put my hand on the back of her head and started sawing in and out. Her mouth seemed to be extra wet tonight and I loved the sensation.
“Yeah that’s it. Suck my big dick. Get all of that dick. I want every fuckin inch in your mouth you little cocksucker.” I have to admit the situation was becoming a sexual accelerant. The thought of what was going to happen here was turning me into a beast and I loved the way it felt. I applied more pressure on her head and pushed my hips forcefully towards her face. I looked down and saw her stretched out mouth and tears welling up in her eyes as I dug deeper.
“That’s a good girl Paula. You can take this cock all the way down. Daddy’s got a surprise for you tonight. Actually two surprises. You’re gonna love it. Yo, Kev,Shawn get in here!” I looked down at Paula as she tensed up and began trying to pull her head off of my cock. I held her tightly She was mumbling something but with 9 inches of cock hanging from her face it was hard to tell what. It’s not like it made a difference anyway. Kevin and Shawn were already in their boxers when they came through the door. It had to be a surreal scene as they walked in. Here I was forcibly fucking her mouth as this piece of chocolate sat there with her sweet tits hanging out.
“Yeeeeeeaaaaahh Boy. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. I wanted to fuck this piece for years. I hope you’re ready for some big dick bitch. It’s time to get real nasty.”
“Hello again Paula. Have you ever had a white dick?”
I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she gasped for air and tried to cover herself up. As quick as she pulled a sheet to cover her heaving tits I had snatched it back. “Paula just go with the flow. We’re all friends here.”
“I can’t believe you Jay. What makes you think I’m gonna fuck your friends. You must be crazy.”
“It’s real simple babe. You’re a fucking slut and we all know it. You think I haven’t told these guys all about you? You love dick Paula and tonight you’re gonna get plenty of dick to love. You still get your pictures taken and they’ll definitely be worth a lot of cash when we’re done with you. Either way you’re getting fucked tonight. So either you just relax and be who you are or we’re gonna have to go down another road. The choice is yours. Paula started to back away on the bed as we all closed in on our prey.
“I can’t believe this is happening to me.” Kevin couldn’t hold back and pounced on her. He grabbed her legs and spread them wide and pushed her knees to smother her chest. He ripped her panties off in a snap. He dove in her hairless slit face first and began to eat her like it was the Last Supper. She reached down and tried to push him away and Shawn stepped up and grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms above her head. Her giant tits sprang up and my dick jumped another inch.
“Please don’t do this. Don’t do it.” I reached down and started squeezing her melons.
“Relax baby you’re gonna get what you need tonight just relax.” Kevin was noisily eating her wet pussy licking, nibbling and biting her clit like a seasoned veteran. Shawn held her wrists in one hand and pulled his ten inch black python from his boxers.
“C’mon Paula. I heard you know how to suck a good dick. Show me what Jay is always bragging about.” Shawn was rubbing his dick over her now closed mouth trying to get her to accommodate his member. “Help me out down there Kev.” Kevin picked up the intensity in his oral manipulation and it worked. Paula’s eyes popped open wide as saucers as Kevin had obviously found her spot.
“Oooooo my gooooooddddd.” As soon as those words were out her mouth Shawn’s dick was in. I was rock hard squeezing her tits and stroking my cock as she was impaled.
“Damn girl. That’s what I’m talking about. Eat that dick!!!!” Shawn let go of her arms and started working himself in and out of her mouth. With her head hanging over the edge of the bed like this Shawn was able to dig deep into her throat. Paula’s hands were fondling his balls and he joined me in molesting her tits. I wanted some of this steaming pussy bad. “Kevin let me show you dudes how to fuck a slut.” Kevin raised up and I took his place between her legs. I lined up my cock with her dripping hole and I reared back and rammed in full force. The sound of surprise and pain was muffled by a mouthful of Shawn.
“This what you have to do to this little bitch. You gotta fuck her hard and deep.” I grabbed her hips and proceeded to go to work. I was deep dicking her ferociously. I was extremely motivated by the sight of her big tits being mauled and jiggling as I pounded her and Shawn abused her mouth. I was trying to bottom out on every stroke and it was a beautiful thing looking at my cock stretch out her tight snatch. I grabbed her legs and threw them on my chest and grabbed a handful of hot black ass for leverage and pummeled her repeatedly.
“Take your dick out of her mouth Shawn so we can hear this whore for a minute.” When Shawn pulled his cock out a huge web of saliva dripped down onto her precious angelic face. It was hot as hell seeing that. I picked up the pace and was hammering away at her. Her tiny body shook on every thrust. “You like that don’t you slut?”
“Yeeeeeesssssss dddddddaddddddyyyyy. Ffffffuuuuuuuuuucck meeeeeeeeeee!!” I kept up my relentless pace and fucked her hard.
“That’s it Jay fuck that little cunt. Look at those fucking big tittys Kev.”
“Forget about looking at them I’m gonna fuck em!” Kevin climbed up and straddled her jugs while I worked on her cunt. “Time for the sista to get a taste of some white dick. Kevin may be a white boy but he’s packing black heat. Her threw a thick nine inches of man meat between her tits. I pulled out and told Shawn to come get some of this good pussy. He took my place in more ways than one. He obviously got the right idea and started to batter her tight hole. I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. These were gonna be some serious porn shots. One white dick between two fat chocolate tits and a black one drilling her drenched twat. Shawn was in ghetto heaven.
“This pussy is tight as Hell. This is one nice piece of ass Jay. What took you so long to share this with a brother?” Shawn was banging her in earnest. He was rocking her so hard that she couldn’t concentrate on sucking Kevin’s dick when it poked through her tits. Her head was alternately bobbing for cock and twisting around like it was on a swivel. Kevin was savagely squeezing her breasts together. It was like being a co star in my own skin flick. Her luscious tits were under duress as Kevin slid in and out poing her mouth.
“Hold still slut. I want you to taste this pale pecker baby.” Kevin took his cock from between her tits and started rubbing it over her thrashing face. It was very erotic watching my nubian sister get pimp slapped with a big white dick. The contrast in skin color was hot. I snapped away at this shot as Kevin bounced his tool off of her mouth. Shawn was lost in the pleasure of Paula’s honey pot. I moved down to focus the camera on Shawn splitting her open.
“I’m telling you Rocky this is some good pussy. I waited seven years to beat this and it was damn sure worth it. Shawn was invigorated by his own words and starting hit her harder. Kevin was tonsil fucking her and her cries were suppressed. Kevin had a hand on the back of her head and was force feeding her his pole. Her mouth was open so wide by Kevs considerable girth that it looked like his cock had grown from the depths of her throat. This was a definite moneymaker.
“Let me get a go at that cunt Shawn. I gotta see what the fuss is all about.”
“Gimme a second white boy.” With that being said Shawn gave Paula a few final brutal thrusts and pulled out. With Kevin’s dick dislodged from her mouth Paula was again was drooling and panting as she tried to recover. Kevin picked her up and sat down on the loveseat. Then he turned her around so that she was facing away from him. Kevin slapped her on her ass and pulled her over his thick one.
“I hope your ready for this Paula. I’m gonna show you just what a little black cunt like you deserves. He spread her ass with one hand and then slammed her down on his cock. “Arrrrrrggggghhhhh. Paula was impaled and it knocked the air from her lungs. Her eyes were wide and her mouth hung open in a wordless scream. Kevin held her tiny hips in hands and began thrusting up into her. He had a wicked grin on his face as he worked his white rod in and out of her caramel cunt.
“Oh shhhhhhhhiiiiitttttttt. You’re dick is ffffucckin biiiiiiiiig!”
“That’s right bitch. It’s big and it’s mean too.” Kevin wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and started to absolutely power fuck her small frame. Shawn and I moved closer and Shawn wrapped her hand around his stiff prick while she bounced wildly on Kevins dick. Her tits were bouncing around in an amazing and enticing way. Her creamy brown nipples were hard and begging to be pinched. Paula was squealing in delight as Kevin stabbed her box and Shawn guided her hand up and down his black rod. I took this opportunity to put down the camera and get some head.
“Let me see your tongue baby.” She stuck out her tongue as she bounced and jerk Shawn. I started rubbing my cock on her tongue and as she thrashed around form the animal like pounding, my spit slick cock bouncing all over her face. There were so many wonderful images from this night but this was one of my favorites. She was being assaulted from below, her head was bobbing around, her face spit covered and being slapped with one black cock and jerking another. Just what every fuck toy should experience. Kevin then reached around and grabbed two handfuls of tits and used them for leverage. He was slamming his cock up into her while pulling her down by her fun bags. The sound of her ass crashing into his lap echoed through the room.
“Fuck that hot little snatch Kev. This ho loves being fucked.”
“Well I love fucking her” Kevin had a firm grip on her huge tits as the warm breast flesh spilled out from between his fingers. He finished up with some more wicked strokes and pulled out. I grabbed a handful of hair and started fucking her mouth once more. This girl was born to suck dick. This tiny girl really knew her way around a big dick. She was humming while she sucked me and I knew then that she was gone. Any ounce of innocence she had ever possessed was gone for good. We had turned her out completely.
I worked my cock in and out savoring her hot wetness. I turned her head to the side and stretched out her cheeks. Kevin was now taking pictures and I made sure she looked at the camera as my big one stretched her cheeks obscenely. She was a sight of pure decadence intently jerking Shawn while I used her mouth for my pleasure. The icing on the cake was that as she sat there she was furiously rubbing her snatch. She was on fire. I pulled out and picked her up and told her to get on her knees on the loveseat.
“Lets see that thick black ass slut. Time to ride you proper like.” She did as she was told and I got behind her and pushed my way in. I started thrusting and soaking in the euphoric feeling of her hot velvet pussy. Kevin moved around to the back of the couch and fed Paula more of her favorite snack. Shawn took up with the camera on the side. I started spanking Paula’s tight brown ass. It put her into overdrive on Kevin’s cock.
“Well well well. Looks like somebody likes getting her ass smacked. I think she’s been real naughty Jay. What about you?”
“Oh yeah. She’s been a nasty little ho haven’t you Paula?” I slapped both of her ass cheeks twice very hard and she yelped over Kev’s rod. I smacked her ass repeatedly and began to beat her pussy hard. I could feel her contract around me and knew she was going to blow again. I grabbed her hips and locked tight as I commenced to go deep. Her brown butt mesmerized me as it jiggled on every thrust. I was banging away at her when I thought to myself that I wanted to see just how hard I could fuck her. I wanted to make her scream. I was getting wicked and I wanted to push her over the edge.
I braced my legs and began to positively jackhammer her tight twat as hard and as fast as I could. I was drowning in lust as I imposed my will on her petite frame. She lost all focus on Kevin and was in a cock crazed trance. When our bodies crashed against one another now it was loud and thick combined with her heaving tits smashing together. I grabbed both of her arms and pulled them behind her back and bore deep into her wet canal.
“Yyyyyeeeeesssssss. Beat this pppuusssyyyyyyyyy.” I now grabbed her shoulders and dug deeper harder and faster. My hips were a hydraulic blur as I did my thing. She was once more rendered speechless as her impending orgasm rose to the surface. I spanked her fat ass and power banged her some more when she blew.
“Ffffffffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk!!” Her snatch pulsed and squeezed me inside of her. Her body was convulsing and Both Kevin and Shawn joined in on smacking her brown booty. She was continuously cumming as she was being spanked and deep dicked. I withdrew my cock and Shawn scurried to take my place.
“I got big plans for you honey.” Shawn grabbed her hips and pushed her face all the way down. In this position her brown globes were pointed straight to the sky. Shawn stood up on the couch and began to pound down into her. He alternately slapped and grabbed a handful of ass as he used her body. He then started to push his thumb into her super tight ass as he fucked her. It was driving her crazy feeling the sensation.
“Looks like chocolate likes a finger up her ass huh?” She was panting as he manipulated her holes.
“I’m sure I can do better than a finger.” Shawn picked up the ferociousness of his ass spanking. Paula thrashed about as another orgasm began to build up in inside of her. It was a tantalizing and erotic sight watching her hot ass being spanked like a dirty schoolgirl. Her ass vibrated and waves of impact rippled as he assaulted her.
“Yyyyooour dick is so fffffuuuuccccking fffaaaaattttt. Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!”
Paula exploded as Shawn inserted another finger into her chocolate paradise. He pulled out and began to furiously rub her clit as she shivered and convulsed her way through a mind numbing orgasm. Shawn turned her to face the arm of the couch and Kevin sat there facing her. They must’ve discussed this move as they moved sure and swift. Shawn dipped his cock into Paula’s drooling snatch and withdrew. He then placed the head at her brown eye and pushed. When Paula threw her head back and her mouth opened Kevin grabbed the back of her head and fed her his rod.
“Give it to her man. I wanna see you pound that black ass as hard as you can! I’ll fuck her pretty little mouth and keep the slut quiet.”
“Believe me Kev she’s getting this ass drilled real good!” Shawn pushed three, four, five, six, seven and then everything he had to offer to the hilt and stood still. Paula’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. Her cries were muffled by nine inches of white dick lodged in her face. They were like sadistic sex twins as they impaled her from both ends. It wasn’t hard to tell that they had waited a long time to do this. Shawn was reveling in the feel of her tight ass swallowing his pole. He started moving slowly, as did Kevin until they picked up the pace. Kevin used her hair as handle bars and Shawn started to go to work on her ass. I started snapping pictures again knowing full well that this moment needed to be framed forever. Shawn reached down and wrapped his arms around her stomach and started to ride our tiny fuck doll.
“That’s it boys give that slut what she deserves. I know she loves it. Don’t you Paula?”
“Mmmmmmrppphhh.” Shawn was working her ass very hard thoroughly enjoying the nastiness of the situation. Kevin thrusted in her mouth with a devilish grin. He pulled out and Paula immediately started screaming because Shawn was now at warp speed in her backdoor. Kevin started slapping her about the face with his engorged meat. She looked as if she may pass out Shawn was pounding her so viciously but Kevin was keeping her conscious with well timed dick slaps to the lips and jaw.
“Kev come get some of this sweet ass.” Shawn pulled out and Paula collapsed into a heap. Kevin pulled her up and slid beneath her. He positioned her over his johnson and pulled her down filling her ass to the brim once more while holding her legs very wide. Shawn moved in with big plans. He lined himself up with her pussy as a dazed Paula realized what was about to take place.
“Noooooo!! You’re going to kill me. I’m too small. Don’t do it. Pleeeeeeeaaaaassse!!”
“Don’t fret whore. You’re gonna love this shit. Two big dicks slamming into two tiny holes. What could be better?” Shawn wedged his way into her pussy and all hell broke loose.”
“Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” Paula lost it. She was so loud I thought the neighbors would be calling the cops. There’s only one thing for me to do.
“Eat this bitch.” I rammed my cock into her screaming hole and started touching tonsils. I looked down and she was sweating profusely and her arms were flailing about. I imagine a nicer bunch would have taken mercy on her but us being depraved half rapists were only fueled by her actions. I admit I was so turned on by seeing her totally and completely cock whipped that I grabbed her tits and head and began to go into overdrive mauling her. Her protests were thwarted by three very big dicks ramming her into submission. Neither of us showed an ounce of mercy as we tossed her lithe body around. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer when I realized that she seemed to have begun to go with the rhythm of our manipulation.
“Her ass is so fucking tight I’m gonna blow real soon. I love thisblack asss!!!” Kevin was the happiest man on Earth.
Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. She was loving it. What a fucking whore!!! I snatched my cock from her mouth and a web of saliva was followed by sweet music to our ears.
“Fuck the shit outta me you sick bastards. I want you to cum all over my face.” Needing no further encouragement we started to increase the tempo to an astounding level. I was lost in lust and fucked her mouth like I was in her juicy snatch. She was gagging and moaning as we defiled her relentlessly. I felt a tidal wave building up in my balls that was roaring towards release as I pulled out. Shawn and Kevin gave her a few more inhuman strokes and dislodged. Shawn basically threw her down to her knees as we surrounded her wanking three fuck sticks an inch from her face. I couldn’t hold back another second.
“Open wide girlfriend.” Paula opened up and I stuck my cock in throat deep and started to spurt. Paula started to suck like an animal as I emptied myself. I kept cumming in her guts and began to withdraw. My spurts seemed to be getting stronger rather than weaker and when my cock was free from her mouth I was shooting like a water canon. Stream after stream of blazing hot cum bombed her lovely face. Two on her left cheek, two more across her nose and two impossibly thick streams to her forehead and hair. She was spitting cum form her mouth as I gave her my special makeover.
My eruption caused a sick chain reaction as Kevin and Shawn blew simultaneously. It was the wildest thing I ever seen with my own eyes. It was like she was caught in a cum crossfire with no cover. These dudes absolutely blasted her. Shawn whitewashed the left side of her face and Kevin handled the right. She tried to catch some in her mouth but found herself choking. They sprayed her tits as well as her face. Her eyes were sealed shut. Every inch of her face which was once sweet brown chocolate was now white and dripping. It was like her head was dipped in a bucket of Elmers glue. Cum was coming out her nostrils, caked up in her hair it was everywhere.
“Look at that shit. What a fucking mess. You’re the sexiest bitch in the city baby.” Paula was speechless. Speechless may not be the right word. More like incapable of communication. She was coughing up cock juice and couldn’t get a word out. She remained bowed before us a picture of debauchery. Such a perfect picture that I had to snap away with my camera. She finally regained the ability to speak.
“That was the best fuck I ever had in my life. I love you fuckers.”
“We love you too baby and there’s plenty more where that came from. Whenever you need to get dicked down you can always holla at us. I know Kev and Shawn feel the same way. Right fellas?”
“Fuck yeah!” the twins sounded off in unison.
After that episode we must’ve fucked Paula twice a week for six months and it never ever got old. When I developed the pictures she was so turned on that she sucked us all off for a job well done. She’s truly a special girl and I don’t mind sharing her or her story because every man should experience a woman like this.

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