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Elaine’s Breeding

27 Min Read

Elaine awoke from her nap glad to be off from work even
if it was for a Doctor’s appointment. It was time for her
annual physical. Elaine always dreaded these exams; they
were so private, so intimate, but knew they were
necessary. She wanted to take a long shower and prepare
herself. It was almost noon and her appointment was for

At 35, Elaine was in great shape for a mother of two. She
had been married for 10 years and she and her husband
continued to have sex just about every night.

It was difficult to abstain for three days for this
examination. Elaine stood at the side of the bed,
stretched and looked at herself in the full-length
mirror. She shook her head and caused her long blond hair
to flow over her ample breasts. Even after two children,
her 40D breast showed no signs of sagging. Elaine had
just in the past couple of weeks stopped breast-feeding
the youngest.

She cupped each breast in her hands and turned them
upward lightly touching her lips to each nipple.
Breastfeeding the two children had left her nipples very
long, almost a full inch. Elaine’s breast still had
remnants of milk remaining. Her husband loved to suck her
nipples hard and produce milk.

He then placed small clamps at the base to keep the
nipples erect and prevent the milk from leaking out.
Sometimes when being exceptionally playful, he had forced
her to go to work like that. Elaine remembered padding
her bra so her co-workers would not see those nipples
straining to break through. Just that memory of breast
play caused Elaine to become moist between her legs.
Elaine continued to gently pull at her own nipples with
pouting lips, watching herself in the mirror. Her husband
also enjoyed the fact that Elaine’s breasts were large
enough to allow her to touch them with her mouth.

As Elaine placed her pouting lips around one nipple, then
the other, and gently massaged it with her tongue she
felt her arousal growing. The three days without sex was
definitely noticed as the moisture between her legs grew.
Elaine continued to look in the mirror at her neatly
trimmed bush between her legs, just a small straight line
of closely cut pubic hair that ended at the entrance to
her cunt. She kept her cunt completely bare of hair
because her husband liked it that way. She looked at her
long legs, what she thought were her best feature and
decided they needed to be shaved prior to her visit.

Her husband found those legs almost as irresistible as
her breasts, at 5 feet 10 inches tall, Elaine had the
stature of a model and was the perfect height to make
love to standing up, one of their favorite positions. As
Elaine released her breasts, she turned to admire her
ass, still very tight; a testimony to the aerobics
classes she attended three times a week. Although she
allowed her husband to occasionally place his tongue
there, she had extracted a promise from him of no anal

With such a tight ass, she tempted him frequently and
would excite him into making love to her from behind. She
raised her arms toward the ceiling, stretched, and shook
the carnal desire that the breast massage and thoughts of
lovemaking produced from her head. Her appointment was in
two hours and she still had to shower and dress.

His planned had worked perfectly so far. The large clinic
on the first floor of the hospital was easy to access. He
entered through a side entrance and immediately went to
the Physicians’ locker room and found the lab coat and
scrubs. He put on the scrubs, the lab coat and draped a
stethoscope around his neck to complete the “Doctor
look.” He wandered the halls of the clinic and nodded to
the greetings of “Good Morning, Doctor,” as he collected
the items he needed and looked for his prey.

The hot water felt wonderful on Elaine’s skin as she
worked the soap into a lather and spread it across her
body. As Elaine washed her breasts her mind wondered back
to the time she and her husband made love in the alley.
The slickness of the soap increased the sensitivity of
her breast and Elaine let one hand drift down to her clit
while the other hand continued the gentle massage of one
breast and her finger tugged at the nipple.

Being without sex for three days, Elaine decided to take
an opportunity for self-pleasure. Elaine was already
excited from sucking her nipples in front of the mirror
and her thoughts about the trip with her husband in the
alley just increased that excitement. As her fingers
tenderly massaged her clit, Elaine’s thoughts focused on
that night.

She and her husband, John, had gone to the movies. Elaine
had worn a short skirt because of the hot summer night
and white thongs to hide any panty lines. Her cotton top
buttoned up the front and was a little small gapping open
between the buttons revealing the whiteness of the tops
of her breast as they overflowed the white cotton bra.
Elaine’s clit hardened and jolts of pleasure inched
through her body. Elaine increased the pressure on her
clit and the intensity of squeezing her nipples as she
thought about John as he reached across while driving and
worked his fingers under the thong. His middle finger fit
perfectly between her swollen cunt lips and he massaged
her clit making it hard. It was just as hard as it was
now in the shower.

After Elaine became so aroused she wanted to fuck right
there, John had ordered her to remove her blouse and bra
and he pulled the car into a dark alley. Once parked,
John leaned over and took turns sucking each tit causing
them to fill with sexual want and the nipples to grow
from the stimulation. Elaine now was rubbing her clit
hard and moaning as the water pounded her breasts. Elaine
pulled her right nipple away from her body savoring the
needles of pain shooting through her breast.

As that pain combined with the pleasures from rubbing her
clit, Elaine recalled how John removed her thong and
forced her, topless, out of the car. Now Elaine was
feverishly rubbing her clit and pulling at her nipple as
she envisioned John pushing her across the hood of the
car. John pushed her skirt up around her waist and kicked
her legs wide apart. Elaine could still feel the cold air
as it came in contact with the body heat from her
sopping, wet cunt.

John entered her quickly and pumped hard as he reached
around and pinched both of her nipples simultaneously…
Elaine contorted in the shower as her orgasm swept over
her in waves of pleasure. Both of Elaine’s breasts
produced small spurts of milk in response to the orgasm.
She moaned as the orgasm seemed to last longer than
usual, and leaned against the side of the shower allowing
the water to cool her down.

Elaine lazily shaved her legs and carefully touched up
her cunt. Shaving her cunt was easy as Elaine’s labia
were still engorged with blood from the intensity of her

Elaine stepped from the shower and glanced into the
bathroom mirror. Her face was flushed from the orgasm and
her nipples were erect, hard, and red from the
stimulation. She noticed tiny droplets of milk on the
tips and wiped it away. Elaine worried that her nipples
would not go down before the exam, but figured no knew
she had stopped breast-feeding so it did not really
mattered. Elaine finished patting herself dried, pulled
on a conservative pair of cotton panties and a padded

She slid into a pair of jeans and pulled a sweater over
her head to complete dressing. The sweater hid her
swollen nipples, but accented her breasts making them
appear to be even larger. Elaine liked the look. After
drying her hair Elaine left for her appointment still
flushed from the orgasm but feeling very relaxed.

He waited with confidence, walking the halls of the
clinic waiting for the right victim. In his “Doctor’s”
bag he had all the tools he would need. Now he simply
needed a victim. He watched her come in, blonde hair,
tall; his favorite kind. He noticed her carefree
attitude, but more importantly he took notice of the
large breast hidden behind the sweater. He knew this was
the one and followed at a safe distance waiting for his
opportunity. Timing would be everything.

Elaine approached the desk just at 2:30pm. The clerk
looked up, annoyed that Elaine failed to arrive early.
She gave Elaine a clipboard for some information and told
her she would be called in a minute. Just as Elaine
completed the paperwork, a nurse called her name and led
her to the last exam room at the end of a long hall. The
nurse opened the door and instructed Elaine to remove all
of her clothing, place it on the chair and put on the
gown, opened in the front. Elaine entered the room and
shut the door.

It had always seemed odd to Elaine to be lying on an exam
table, naked, waiting for a man to come in and examine
her private of private parts. A man she did not know.
Elaine glanced at her nipples and cursed slightly under
her lips that they were still erect. She lay, naked,
waiting for the Doctor on the cold table.

Now was his chance. He placed the red “Contaminated” sign
on the door and entered the room where his prey laid
waiting like dinner on a plate. She spoke to him with
respect as walked up beside her. Before she could speak
again the pad coated in chloroform covered her nose and

Elaine struggled against the large hand covering her
mouth and nose. She tried to scream but no words came
out. Her gown fell open and revealed her nakedness as she
continued to fight. Elaine’s movements became less and
less as her eyes began to close. Finally, she succumbed
to a deep sleep and her body went limp. He worked

Elaine awoke to find herself covered in a sheet. She was
nude underneath and she tried to move her hands but found
them bound. Her legs were stretched wide up in the
stirrups and also bound tightly at the ankles and calf.
Elaine could feel the cool air across her exposed ass and
cunt, her buttocks at the very edge of the table. Elaine
could see the back of a man and head the clanging of
instruments. She trembled in fear at her fate.

As her attacker turned and came toward her, Elaine could
see he was naked from the waist down. She was thankful he
was at least white and she was resolved that she would be
raped. Elaine’s eyes grew large as she saw her attacker’s
penis. She had never seemed such a large tool. John’s was
only about a quarter of the length and less than half the
thickness. Elaine could not take her eyes off this
gigantic erection pointing straight at her.

She finally looked up at her attacker as he stood beside
the exam table. His head was covered with a surgical cap
and his face was hidden behind a surgical mask. He
informed Elaine that she was to be bred. Elaine did not
understand, but pleaded through the gag and shook her
head violently “NO” as the sheet was stripped from her
body leaving her naked and exposed.

After exposing Elaine, the attacker rolled a device with
two long tubes attached to suction cups beside Elaine. As
he position the suction cups to each of Elaine’s breast,
she knew it was a breast pump much like the one she had
used after the delivery of her second child. Elaine
stared in shock as her attacker flipped the switch and
the suction secured her two breasts quickly and began
their pumping action.

With her breast being stimulated in such a fashion,
Elaine fought so her body would not betray her. But it
was futile; she could feel the wetness growing between
her labia. Elaine slumped back against the exam table,
dejected as she witnessed the first drops of milk coming
from her nipples and heading down the tube to the
collecting bottles.

Satisfied that the breast pump was working properly, her
assailant positioned himself between Elaine’s legs. With
her legs secured in the stirrups and spread to their
maximum width, Elaine’s ass and cunt were totally at his
mercy and she could not move to resist. Elaine felt his
fingers pulling at her labia, one in each forefinger and
thumb opening her vagina. She stiffened when she felt the
first stroke of his tongue across her clit.

Elaine opened and closed her hands and struggled against
her bonds as her attacker increased the frequency on his
tongue on her clit. He licked up and down, back and
forth, and caused the nub to quickly become erect jutting
out like a tiny penis. Elaine felt herself become wetter
and wetter with her juices mixed with his saliva running
down the crack of her ass and across her rectum. Elaine
turned her head and looked at the bottle on the pump,
half full with her breast milk.

The sucking of the pump on her breast coupled with the
warmth and softness of her attacker’s tongue on her clit
were too much for Elaine. She silently cursed herself for
the earlier masturbation that had left a residual arousal
as she felt another orgasm building. Elaine suddenly
realized that what little movement she could make with
her hips had become tiny thrusts upward to meet her
attacker’s tongue. Elaine wailed into the gag as the
magnitude of the orgasm washed over her body.

Her hips moved rapidly in small up and down motions as
Elaine continued to wail through another orgasm. Her hand
pulled against their bonds, fist clenched as orgasms
continued on and on; one right after the other with each
stroke of her clit by the attacker’s tongue.

Elaine thought she would go crazy until he suddenly
stopped licking her clit and the orgasms slowly subsided.
Elaine was not aware that the breast pump had stopped as
the bottles were now filled with her breast milk.

Exhausted, Elaine opened her eyes to the light slaps to
the side of her face. Her attacker had not said a word
nor had she seen his face. He now held the bottles of
milk in front of her and drank each one in front of her.
He then replaced the bottles and flipped the reset switch
and the pump began sucking each breast again. Elaine’s
chest jerked slightly upward with the sucking of the
pump. She remained in a high state of sexual arousal from
the numerous orgasms she had experienced. Elaine begged
through her gag as her attacker again stood between her

This time he placed his hands on each of her legs and
walked forward. Elaine tried to move her hips to meet his
massive cock. Elaine was so ashamed, but she wanted this
unknown assailant to fuck her like the whore she had
become. Elaine felt the head of his massive tool, but not
at her cunt. She tried to yell, to tell him he was in the
wrong place when it occurred to Elaine that he had no
intentions of fucking her cunt; he wanted her ass.

Although she felt like a cheap whore, Elaine could not
allow this violation and renewed her struggles against
her bonds through her sexual excitement. When she felt
the thick head pass her anal ring, she stopped her
struggles and concentrated on the intense pain she felt
in her ass. Elaine remained motionless as tears streamed
down her face with each inch of her attacker’s cock
sliding deeper into her ass.

Elaine knew her attacker was taking great pleasure in
inflicting pain because he would slowly insert about an
inch then stop and look at her. For Elaine’s part, she
just cried in pain. She knew her ass was being ripped
open. Another inch, then another, the attacker pushed all
twelve inches into Elaine’s colon until she felt his
pubic hair against her asscheeks.

Elaine waited for her attacker’s next move, he just
looked at her, his massive tool buried to the base in her
ass. Elaine rolled her head from side to side trying to
block out the pain. The attacker pulled out about half
way and as Elaine arched her back, he slammed back into
her ass. Elaine’s cries of pain were muffled with her own
panties. She grabbed the side of the exam table with both
his hands as her attacker now began to saw in and out of
her ass the full twelve inches of his cock.

Elaine’s tears and screams soon became grunts and moans
as the pain turned into intense pleasure. Elaine relaxed
and enjoyed the pleasure of the pulling of the pump on
her breasts and the pleasure building from the fucking
her ass was taking.

Suddenly Elaine felt the first tinges of another orgasm.
She thought she could have no more but was wrong. As her
attacker increased the speed of his thrust in her ass and
obtained a rhythm with Elaine’s now pushing hips, the
first orgasm caught her. Now Elaine buck and jump on the
table as she was overcome with more orgasm than before.

Her body completely betrayed her and beads of sweat
appeared on her forehead, breasts, and abdomen as Elaine
moaned again and again with the multiple orgasms she was
experiencing. Elaine did not notice that her attacker’s
cock was not longer in her ass. Her asshole was still
gaping open after being stretched so far. The rim of her
asshole pulsated with each orgasm she continued to have.

Elaine was oblivious to the attacker’s actions, as she
was nearly unconscious from such a height of sexual
pleasure. The attacker masturbated just two strokes of
his massive dick and spurted his seed into the specimen
cup. He quickly took a large syringe and drew up the
thick, white liquid containing millions of his sperm and
positioned himself on the stool between Elaine’s legs.

He easily inserted the speculum due to the copious amount
of her juices that flow out of her cunt and onto the
table. Once in her cunt, he opened the speculum and
located her cervix. Elaine, semi-conscious was vaguely
aware that she was being touched deep inside her womb. He
placed the tip of the syringe into the opening of her
cervix and injected his sperm directly inside her cervix.
Elaine felt her uterus cramping, but passed it off as
“after shocks” from the multiple orgasms. She felt the
needle stick in her arm, but was already half out of it
when the sedation overtook her.

Elaine awoke lying on the table just as she had been
before. Her gown was still on; the room was empty. She
looked down at the bandaide in the bend of her arm.
Groggy, she slowly sat up. The nurse entered the room and
told her the Doctor was finished and to get dress. Elaine
was thankful it was all a terrible nightmare. She was
exhausted and her hips ached as she dressed.

It was curious that her panties were almost soaked with
moisture. Elaine glanced in the mirror just before
replacing her bra and stared in shock at her breasts.
They were half again their normal size and obviously
engorged with milk. More concerning to Elaine was the
purple color of her areolas. She knew that could only
come from the constant suction. Elaine stuck her hand
down the back of her panties and slowly touched her
asshole. It was sore and slightly opened.

Elaine knew now it had not been a dream, she had been
brutally raped. But then Elaine remembered the pleasure
she had felt and the orgasms that consumed her over and
over again. Elaine shivered from the memory and tried to
replace her bra, but it would not fit over the engorged
breasts. She stuffed the bra in her purse and pulled the
sweater over her head. It would be obvious to anyone that
she was not wearing a bra under the sweater with her
breasts that large.

She hurriedly left the clinic and returned home. Elaine
showered and tried to put the entire ordeal out of her
head. But Elaine could not forget the pleasures she had
felt and within two weeks she found herself in a cheap
hotel room on her knees leaning across a bed her skirt
pushed around her waist and panties bunched around her

A complete stranger she had picked up at a seedy bar was
ramming his hard dick in and out of her ass. As the first
orgasm hit her Elaine rationalized that her behavior was
acceptable because she refused to let anyone but her
husband fuck her cunt.

Three months later, Elaine learned she was pregnant. When
the nurse told her the results of the test, the memories
came rushing back and Elaine knew the father had kept his
promise to breed her.

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