Ellie likes to chain up her men before making love

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Ellie unlocked her front door and led Ben inside her small basement flat. This was only their second date, but he was already having an effect on her. She closed the door behind him with a firm, satisfying thud and led the way to the small lounge at the back of the flat.

There was only one sofa and that was covered in baskets of washing, some clean some not, but there were also large coloured cushions positioned on the floor. On the walls were photos of Ellie cycling, skiing and playing various other sports that required endurance. She always had been able to push herself to the physical limit and she was hoping to again tonight.

“I didn’t expect to have visitors.”

Ellie smiled bashfully and gestured towards the floor cushions that were in front of the door that led out into the small garden. On the inside of the door was a heavy security grille, not uncommon for flats in this area. Hanging from the one of the bars on the grilled door was a pink, high security ‘D’ shaped bicycle lock with the key still in the hole. The lock was hanging now very close to Ben’s neck.

“Sorry, it looks as though I chain people to that door, doesn’t it,” she smiled shyly.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t object… providing the coffee’s good.”

“The coffee’s very good here.”

Ellie walked up to where Ben was sitting and was now standing only inches away. In this position, the black dress that he’d been discretely glancing at all evening was now almost touching his face. Sleeveless and tight at the top, swooping down to a slim waist and then curving out around her arched back to her pert butt and then long legs that the dress did little to hide. Beneath the dress her long legs were enclosed in sheer stockings, leading down to ankle high boots.

Ellie was now unlocking the bike lock.

“What are you doing?” he smiled.

“I take it you won’t object then?”

Ben was mesmerised by her slim body with perfect pale skin and when Ellie lifted her left leg and rested her thigh against the side of his head it sent a jolt through his body. He couldn’t help but look up inside her skirt. The stockings stopped just below her black panties revealing a section of bare thigh.

She lifted her left thigh further to give him a better view inside her skirt, but by doing so she also shifted his head a few inches to the left. He felt the cold metal and heard the clinking of steel on steel as she positioned the lock around his neck. His overwhelmed senses were still playing catch up. It had all happened too quickly.

Ben was now mesmerised by the the frill around the hem of her tiny black panties, her slim pale fingers with their long perfectly shaped nails and the way they flicked the key around and pulled it out of the keyhole. She stepped away and he instinctively tried to follow only to find his neck now locked to the heavy barred security door.

“Cute,” she purred, tossing the single silver key from one hand to the other.

“Hey, you’ve really locked this.”

Ellie stepped forward and used her pointed ankle high boot to tap his erect cock that was showing through his chinos.

“I’ll make the coffee then,” she said as she blew him a kiss.

She put the key down on the kitchen bench and smiled to herself. The reason the bike lock was there in the first place was because she’d actually locked herself to the barred door. The bike lock had felt heavy around her neck and the notion of being trapped and totally unable to escape had excited her. Even though she’d had the key in her possession, it had given her a tingling sensation through her body. She had the same tingling feeling now.

Ellie returned with the coffee and handed one to Ben, before clearing some space on the sofa and sitting down. Her short dress ridden up even further and Ben could see the back of her upper thighs resting on the cream sofa. He could also see the lacy black pattern at the top of her suspenders and the sheer stocking that then ran all the way down to her feet. Her long curvy red hair was now covering half of her face and she was watching him carefully from behind.

“How’s the coffee?” she asked.


Ellie’s face broke into a smile. A deal was a deal.

“…but feel free to unlock this whenever you like,” he added.

“I will…”

Ellie pulled her knees towards her so that her boots were now resting on the sofa. Her dress had ridden up even further and Ben had full view of her stocking and panties. She opened her knees a little wider to make sure that Ben could see her panties curve down between her legs and disappear under her butt.

“Are you supposed to look up a girl’s dress?” she whispered.

Ben tried to sit up straighter which made the heavy bike lock rattle.

“You really can’t get out of that.”

“So I see, and I assume you’re not going to give me the key?”

“No,” Ellie’s eyes seemed to get even bigger as she shook her head.

“I guess I should really hide the key in my bedroom.”

“Why not hide me in your bedroom?”

Ben watched the long pantyhose covered legs smile and slink off with the only key that could release him.

Ben and the middle vertical bar of Ellie’s security door were now intimately joined. He found that he could slide his neck down to the ground, but couldn’t slide it up any higher due to an inconveniently placed horizontal cross bar. He was now on his feet, crouching down, assessing his situation.

“Still here?” Ellie asked as she returned.

“How long do you intend keeping me locked up?”

“How long do you want to stay locked up?” she replied.

“The key?”

“Hidden safely in my bedroom.”

Ellie watched her date struggle pointlessly against the lock that he would never be able to remove from around his neck. His fingers were playing inanely with the empty keyhole and his body twisted discretely, trying to squeeze out.

“You know you can’t get out of that don’t you.”

“Yeah, I see.”

Ellie walked back and forth in her stockings, stepping over Ben’s outstretched legs as she went. Her short black dress flicked back and forth and her shoulder length hair followed dutifully behind as she turned and walked back.

“Is it really so bad when a girl’s in control?”


“Do you want me to unlock you?”

Ellie had pulled up her dress and was resting her crotch against his mouth as if to encourage him not to answer. Her stocking covered feet against played with his hard cock and his hands explored the back of her thighs

“Good, I’ll leave you there then.”

Ellie watched as he swallowed on his dry throat. He was as sexy and strong as he’d been in the restaurant and his blue shirt still gave her a glimpse of the fit body beneath; almost superhero like. His tanned chinos were still tight, but now she could look down on him and be assured of his undivided attention.

“I have you on a really short leash… bit cruel I guess.”

Ben reached forward and tried to remove her panties. Ellie swiftly lifted one leg and rested her left knee dangerously close to Ben’s throat. He removed his hands and held them up in surrender with Ellie’s panties still very much in place.

“You’re very forward for a guy chained to an immoveable object.”

“I don’t have much to lose.”

“Why don’t you undress first,” she winked as her stocking clad foot played with the bulge between his legs.

“You first.”

“Why? Because I’m a girl?”


“I wonder how many days you could survive chained to my door with me looking after you?”

Her words, mixed with the excited look in her eyes made the bike lock weigh even heavier around Ben’s neck. He tried to sit up straighter and taller, but his movement were instantly cut short by the clatter of metal against metal.

“Which do you want more, the key or my naked body?”

Amused by the confusion swirling inside the male brain, she stepped closer, “Frisk me if you want… maybe you’ll find the key.”

Now a little intimidated by his seemingly sweet and innocent date, Ben slowly ran his hands up her legs and across the front of her panties. She enjoyed his touch for a few minutes and then crouched down to look at his beautiful bewildered eyes.

“Now, what if I took away your hands?”

Ellie ducked away into a nearby cupboard and pulled out a box of zip ties. To date she had only used them on herself, another little game, but now she could use them to much better effect. By the time she returned, Ben had already placed his wrists by his sides against the steel bars that formed the security door.

“Good boy. You want me to tie you up, don’t you?” Ellie said as she crouched down, her lilting voice showing delight.

Ben smiled and kissed her on the lips for the first time. She almost seemed innocent again; big eyes open in amazement, enjoying the moment. Knowing that this was his last chance, he ran his hands over her body, unzipped her dress and unhooked her black bra.

Ellie stood up and let her bra and dress and fall from her body so that she was only wearing stockings and panties. She took hold of his first wrist, gently caressed it and then tightly zip tied it to the heavy steel bar. Seconds later Ben’s other wrist was also secured helplessly by his side.

“You’ve just let some strange girl lock you up,” Ellie whispered into his ear as she tightened the second zip tie, “and now she’s going to fuck you all night.”

Ellie smiled to herself as her forward language made even him jump. He was as sexy as hell, but obviously hadn’t been with a girl like her before. She could have so much fun with him.

She stood up, lifted her skirt and nuzzled the front of her panties gently against his mouth. His strong arms fought against the zip ties, but the simple strips of plastic were winning. She allowed him a few moments to kiss her and then crouched down again and stripped off his chinos and boxer shorts.

“I can do anything I like to you,” she whispered into his ear.

She shook her long wavy red hair so that it half covered her face and then knelt down and positioned herself above his cock. Their faces were now almost touching; her elegant ‘ski jump’ nose, her wide lips, her big brown and green eyes, her knowing smile and her perfume that filled his world.

“You okay to do this?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah.”

Ellie lifted herself up and gently positioned the tip of his cock against her waiting vagina. She slipped him inside her and wrapped her strong calves around his back and locked her feet together. She held tight to the barred door and worked her hips steadily into his body.

The first time was slow and steady and amazingly tender. Once they had both climaxed, Ellie remained sitting on his lap with her arms and legs wrapped around her prey as they came down from the natural high. She then picked up another zip tie that was lying on the floor and aimlessly looped it around his neck.

“Do you like necklaces Ben?” she breathed, taking one end between her thumb and forefinger and ratcheting it tighter.


She looked at him obstinately and pulled it a little tighter.

“Think you’ll disobey me?”

Ben shook his head, focusing totally on her mysterious eyes.

“I also have a cable lock that tightens on a ratchet. Imagine that being pulled tight around your neck and me having the only key to release it.”

“Fuck…” was all Ben could stutter.

“Imagine what I could make you do to me, to get that key.”

Ben tried to move, but with his neck and wrists attached to the barred door and with the sexual aroused redhead sitting on his lap, there was little he could do. Even his temporarily limp cock was still deep inside her. His predicament seemed to excite her and she worked her hips back and forth to enjoy the pleasure.

Within seconds, Ben was hard again and Ellie’s lips creased into a smile and her hips started to push harder. Her arms were entwined tightly around his neck and her tongue pushed into his mouth. Ben kissed her back, her wild red hair now engulfing them both.

After the fourth time, Ellie was buzzing, almost shaking. She unwrapped her legs and climbed unsteadily to her feet. Ben was still breathing hard. He had never experienced anything like it; his lips were stiff and his cock ached from overuse.

“Nice,” she smiled giddily, still wobbling like a baby giraffe.

“You were amazing.”

“Thanks… I’m going to take a bath.”

She stopped and straightened her panties which she had pulled to one side to make love and which had now ridden up between her cheeks. “Oh, would you like me to release your hands?” she asked, her voice croaky from her exertions.

“No rush.”

Ellie smiled. The sexy guy was starting to enjoy living under Ellie’s law. She wouldn’t offer again. He wanted to stay under ‘her’ control. Maybe she should lock him up even more? She stepped forward and tenderly stroked Ben’s dark hair back out of his eyes. Much to Ellie’s amazement, Ben was hard again and his body was fighting against the lock in an attempt to kiss her body.

“You’ll have to be patient!”

With the look in his eyes telling her that she could do whatever she wanted to this guy, Ellie removed her stockings and suspender belt and then pulled off her black silk panties. She bunched them up and poked them into Ben’s half open mouth.

“They’d better still be there when I come back,” she ordered, tapping his lips with her forefinger.

As if to reinforce her message, Ellie tightened the zip tie around his neck a little further. It was still comfortably loose, but they both knew that it was within Ellie’s power to make it so much tighter.

Ben watched the panty-less redhead walk away and then looked down at his embarrassingly erect cock. Fuck, he should have accepted her offer to free his hands. Now he had the mother of all erections and had no way to touch himself. He couldn’t even call her to say he’d changed his mind. If her dirty underwear came out of his mouth he would be in a world of trouble. He sat helplessly listening to her fill a bath. He closed his eyes, relaxed and imagined her naked body in the warm water.

Her lover may have been chained up and waiting for her, but that certainly hadn’t made Ellie rush her bath. The water was deep and she had lit the candles that lined the shelf. She gently stroked herself between her legs, the sensation was amplified by the water making goose bumps form on her skin. New ideas on how to restrain him, how to fuck him and how to kiss him were swirling around her mind.


Ellie returned to the lounge wearing clean cotton underwear and a short flowery negligee. She walked over to her chained up lover and pressed her bare inner thigh up against the side of his face as she stroked his hair. The toll she’d taken on his body and mind were evident. Red wrists and neck, a small cut to the side of his face and love bites on his neck. His eyes were red and slightly damp. He looked both ready to make love and ready to pass out. Without asking, she picked up some scissors and sliced through the zip ties that bound his hands and indicated that he had her permission to spit out her panties.

“You want to stay the night?” she asked as she sipped on a glass of water, “maybe we can make out again in the morning.”

Ben nodded, his focus on her large glass of water and the fact that her underwear had sucked every last drop of moisture from his mouth. The look of suffering on Ben’s face was sending a strange pulsing sensation through Ellie’s body, one that she just had to enjoy for just a few more minutes before handing him her half drunk glass of water.

“You have the key for this?” he asked, his whole world still dominated by her bicycle lock.

“Let’s sleep on these cushions,” she smiled, “then I won’t have to unlock you.”

Ellie handed him an empty water bottle to use as a toilet and then with the necessaries over, placed one bare foot on the bike lock and used her weight to slide it down the steel bar, forcing Ben into a lying position on the large cushions. She then dragged her duvet from her bedroom, laid it out on top of him and snugged underneath.

“Cool yeah?” Ellie smiled.

“Guess you don’t have to worry about me taking advantage of you.”

“Exactly, you’d still be chained up when the police arrived… but there’s nothing to stop me taking advantage of you.”

Ellie wriggled closer until Ben was once again inside her and they made love slowly and afterwards lay there in each other’s arms.

“Do you want to know another advantage of having you tethered by the neck?”

“Other than satisfying your kinky sex drive?”

“Mmm, other than that.”

“I can easily slide up the cushions and you can’t.”

Ben watched as the crazy red head wriggled further up the cushions until his face was level with her breasts. He kissed them and after some more wriggling, found himself facing her butt. Her flowery cotton underwear then wriggled backwards until it had him pinned back against the barred door with his face completely submerged.

“Oh yeah! I love the feel of your nose.”

“Lucky for me.”

Ben ran his fingers around the front of her underwear, touching her gently in the hope of triggering more sex. However, Ellie was a girl who loved to explore her kinky side and tonight Ben would be the guinea pig for some more wild fantasies. Fuck, it did feel sexy having his chiselled face pushed into her butt. This was definitely one to explore.

“I’m so tempted to zip tie you just there?” Ellie exclaimed.

“Are zip ties your answer to everything?”

“Mmm… and don’t forget the one around your neck.”

Ellie reached up for her box of ties and knocked it off the shelf, covering them both with its contents. Now with plenty to chose from, she slid one under her body and looped it around both her hips and Ben’s head. She placed the second zip tie around her upper thighs and Ben’s neck and by the time she had finished they were inseparable.

Ellie was tingling again, not only because she had a sexy man’s face tied to her butt, which sent sparks all over her body, but also because she knew that she couldn’t reach anything to cut them free. Therefore, she was now in self bondage, even if her position wasn’t quite as subservient as Ben’s.

“You do like my bottom don’t you?”

With his head now connected to Ellie butt by an amazingly effective zip tie harness, Ben reached around to the front of her panties and brushed his fingers across her with the lightest of touches. He tucked his fingers inside and continued to stimulate her until she orgasmed, her hips thrusting forward and then finally coming to rest.

Ben’s position hadn’t changed. His face was still pushed hard against her butt, seeing nothing, saying nothing and smelling and tasting only her. The only difference was that he was now attached to a slight warmer and more tired girl, whose eyes were starting to close.

“Ellie? You have anything to cut these ties?”

With her eyes now closed, Ellie clamped Ben’s permanently hard cock between her bare feet and massaged it until he climaxed. Ben lay there enjoying the high for a few minutes, but breathing was still hard as he tried to suck in what air he could from between the girl’s cheeks. There was certainly no way he could sleep.

“As much as I love your butt in these panties, I don’t think I’ll survive the night.”

There was no response and Ben could tell from her breathing and the small jerks running through her body that she was asleep.

“Great, she’s asleep and I’m still zip tied to her butt!”

He found that she had zipped one of the ties around his neck and her thighs. This in turn was connected to another that encircled her narrow waist. These combined to make for a highly effective harness that couldn’t be removed without cutting at least one of the ties. Even after he had removed some of the less effective ties, he still couldn’t escape from the harness. He rested one hand on her left butt cheek to open a small passage of air and then closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Half an hour later, Ellie tried to turn over and woke them both up. She hadn’t intended to leave him down there, but even so, the thought of having fallen asleep with a guy tied to her butt made her quiver with excitement.

“Oh yeah, I can’t reach the scissors,” she said sleepily.

“You’re joking right?”

The thrill of being trapped was still exciting her and the feel of Ben’s face squirming around behind her was only adding to the thrill.

“Don’t worry, I really like these panties,” he mumbled, still as aroused as he’d been since she’d brought him back.

“Well if you survive this I may let you keep them.”

Ellie’s mind swirled as her fit body tried to fight against the zip ties, but despite her strength and agility there was no way her slim negligee clad body could escape the ties. Her attempts to free herself awakened her and she placed Ben’s hand inside the front of her panties so he could finish the job. Again she reciprocated leaving Ben panting deeply into her damp white underwear, one side of which had pulled right up between her cheeks.

“Oh I just love to be tied up,” she breathed.

She looked around and managed to reach a small trophy with a rough metal base from the nearby shelf. She handed it to Ben and ten minutes later there was a popping noise as the thick red zip tie broke. Ellie slid back down the cushions until she could cuddle into Ben’s chest. It felt lovely to be held tight. The wine mixed with her sexual exhaustion and within seconds she was asleep.

Ben had a face full of long curvy red hair, but chose not to complain. He’d made love and was cuddled up to this beautiful girl, even if she still had him chained up by the neck. Hopefully she would wake relatively sober and remember where she had hidden the key.


Ellie was smiling when she woke the next morning, still wrapped in Ben’s strong arms. She wriggled free as carefully as she could and knelt down to watch her man. He seemed oblivious to the heavy red lock around his neck and looked so peaceful with a slight smile on his face which twitched as he dreamed. He was still naked from the waist down and she could see his erect penis. She touched and played with it gently, as if discovering boys for the first time.

Ben finally woke and looked up bleary eyed at the redhead standing above him. She was dressed in blue jeans and a thin black jumper and was sipping coffee. He stretched and tried unsuccessfully to stand up, which brought a smile to the woman’s lips.

“Opps, I must have forgotten to unlock you last night,” she said casually.

“Guess so,” Ben replied, sliding the lock up the metal bar to get back to a sitting position, “It was fun though.”

Ellie nodded coyly.

“Are you going to let me out now?”

This time Ellie shook her head, just as coyly.

Ben tried to reach her body, but she stepped back out of his reach, holding her hand to her mouth and looking at him with wonder.

“Shall we make love again?” he asked hopefully.

“I have to go out.”

“Okay. Are you free tonight?”

“Maybe,” Ellie smiled.

She picked up a bunch of keys and pushed them inside the back pocket of her jeans where they formed a bulge. She ambled back and forth picking things up, getting ready to leave, while Ben watched the bulge with growing concern.

“Oh and I thought you could polish my boots,” Ellie said, now pulling on her black leather jacket.

She was making for the door and Ben was still chained by the neck, the same as he’d been since she’d turned the key in the lock almost ten hours earlier. She was an amazing girl and it had been an amazing night, but he still didn’t want to spend the day chained up alone in her flat.

“Ellie, you can’t leave me here!” he cried, both hands now holding the thick bar of steel that encircled his neck.

“My boots!”

The bulge in the back pocket of her jeans disappeared from sight, followed by the sound of the lock on the front door opening and then relocking.

“Fuck!” Ben called out to the empty flat.

She’d gone and left him a helpless prisoner in her flat. While the thought excited him, the prospect of a day alone was daunting. He looked down at Ellie’s boots, the ones that she’d worn the night before. They were beautiful black leather, a modest heel, slim and elegant up to the ankle. He held one to his nose and breathed in the scent.

He picked up the polish in one hand and the first boot in the other and started to rub. There was something rattling inside. He tipped the boot so that its contents moved to the heel and then dropped out on to the floor. The key! Fuck, it was just another one of the crazy girl’s games. He checked the round key that had reportedly spent the night in Ellie’s underwear drawer, dropped it back into the boot and left it there until both boots were gleaming.

Ben was almost disappointed; now he was able to get free he almost wished he couldn’t. He waited another few minutes before pushing the round key into the lock and turning. Instantly he was free and seconds later he was on his feet and staggering semi naked towards the coffee machine.

Wearing only black boxer shorts and with a cup of coffee in his hand, Ben was enjoying being alone in Ellie’s flat. The coffee was good, there was food to eat and her clothes that were strewn around the room were reminding him of last night. It was Saturday and Ben had no particular plans for the day. He took his time showering and dressing and it was almost 11am when he turned off the lights and walked to the front door.

“You’re fucking joking!”

Ben knew his date was kinky, he’d spent the night in chains, but now she’d left him locked inside her small basement flat. The heavy front door was locked with two high security deadlocks and he already knew that every window was protected by security bars. He pulled out his phone and dialled the stunningly beautiful redhead.


Ellie’s jeans were perched on a stool behind the counter of her boutique clothing store when the call arrived and she took a deep breath before speaking.

“I hoped you might stay for dinner,” she replied seductively.

“Dinner? Ellie, it’s not even lunchtime?” Ben cried as his study of the high security grille was interrupted by the sight of Ellie’s silk underwear.

“Well… maybe if you had no plans today… and being left locked inside a girl’s flat isn’t going to be too inconvenient…”


“You can watch a movie and play with my underwear.”

Ben dropped the lingerie back on the bed and looked around nervously.

“I’ll only be a few hours and then I promise I’ll be nice…”

Ben smiled as he dropped down on to the sofa with the TV remote, “Guess I’ll see you tonight.”

Ellie hung up and exhaled excitedly. She’d done it, another crazy fantasy was about to come true. She had a gorgeous guy locked in her flat, waiting for her to return. That was so cool! She pulled at her jeans and pushed down between her legs. Her underwear wasn’t going to last the day.


Ellie was a little apprehensive that night as she pulled her keys from her bag and unlocked her front door. She slipped inside and quickly relocked the door. Her boots clipped on the wooden floor, her slightly damp underwear moved inside her fitted jeans and body was burning up inside her leather jacket. She was breathing quickly as she waited to find out whether Ben was still enjoying ‘Ellie’ style love.

Ben didn’t disappoint as she found him tidying the kitchen, wearing only boxer shorts, with the rest of his athletic physique on display. She strode in, giving him the full power of her piercing green eyes; both strong and dominant, yet hiding almost shyly behind her long red hair that framed her slim face. She used her eyes to hold Ben in a trance as she kissed him.

“My dream come true,” she breathed, easing her leather jacket off her shoulders and on to the floor, “…almost.”

“Remove the boxers?” Ben asked, his hands already unbuttoning her jeans.

“Hey, you’re like a caged animal!”

“What did you expect?” Ben asked, his arms now around her waist, “You left me in a cage.”

Ellie ducted out and skipped back to her room only to return with a set of travel restraints. She wrapped the first chain around Ben’s bare waist and ratcheted his wrists inside two ominously high security handcuffs hanging from either side of the chain. Seconds later and her slim fingers had also squeezed the foot cuffs closed around his ankles.

“Now you’re my dream guy,” Ellie panted, whipping her black jumper off over her head, kicking off her shoes and sliding her legs out of her now very warm blue jeans.

“From tough biker chick to lingerie model,” Ben breathed, his shackled hands clattering to touch her body, barely covered by pink panties and teddy.

“Don’t underestimate me darling, I have all the power,” she flicked back her hair, “and the only key to those mean things.”

Ellie approached him slowly and provocatively as Ben shuffled back in his chains, her look of uncontrolled arousal only amplifying his feeling of helplessness. He tried to lift his hands to caress her breasts, but could only reach her waist and the silky pink material that curved down between her legs.

“So where’s the key?” he asked, a feeling of frustrated lust already engulfing him.

Ellie smiled as she pictured the key that was nestled somewhere deep inside her lingerie drawer, hidden from sight by layers of silk, pink and pastels, all of which had a story to tell, each having each spent many hours deep within the intimate confines of her body. While the key was trapped in there, Ben would be exploring her body, his lips caressing regions that not even her panties had seen. Just thinking about it made her tingle.

“You should know better than to ask me that…” she replied after a slight pause, as she slinked off to her bedroom.


Ellie showered and returned to the kitchen in a short red cocktail dress and bare feet. Her damp hair was hanging loose and her eyes were as intense as ever. Ben was sitting on a bar stool with two empty wine glasses in front of him; the wine itself was out of reach on the high shelf.

Ellie brushed past him and made a show of standing on one leg and elegantly stretching up to reach the wine, her short dress riding up high enough to show her underwear. She then saw Ben’s phone on the counter and once more stretched up to put it out of reach, once more showing her silk lingerie riding up between her cheeks.

“Love the panties… perhaps more things need to go on the shelf,” Ben smiled.

“Good I’ll gag you with them later.”

“I’ll keep quiet then.”

“You’ll have to when I shove these inside…” Ellie purred, her eyes twinkling, her libido running like crazy just watching Ben sitting helplessly in his chains.

She blew a stray hair from her eye as she poured the wine and stuck a straw in Ben’s glass. She then turned and lifted her dress to show how her panties had already pulled tight and slipped up between her cheeks, “Lucky you,” she breathed.

Ellie took Ben by the arm and led him into the lounge, Ben’s feets shuffling madly just to keep pace with the excited girl. She pushed him forward and with his speed limited by the six inch chain between his ankles, he fell forward on to the cushions laid out on the floor and within less than a second Ellie sat down astride his body.

“Key or no key, I can still win this,” he laughed out loud, thrusting his hips up and knocking Ellie on to the cushions next to him. Ben tensed his abs and sat up just in time to avoid Ellie legs from wrapping around his neck.

“Lucky you, that would have been game over,” she exclaimed as she looked up from all fours, her red hair bouncing wildly behind her in a ponytail.

“Do you always wrestling in a cocktail dress?” Ben asked, trying to buy some time.

“I do with you,” Ellie was now creeping forward on all fours, “I may need easy access to here.” Ellie touched herself between her legs before advancing.

She pushed Ben sideways and he quickly rolled on to his front to avoid being scooped up between her legs. But Ellie changed tactics and simply sat down on his back, threading her legs beneath Ben’s arms and crossing her ankles behind his head. She sat on him, waiting with Ben’s fit body still tensing and fighting beneath her.

“Relax darling,” Ellie said as she caught her breath, “I have you in a lotus lock.”

Ellie gently squeezed her knees together, forcing Ben’s elbows up behind his back and within a few seconds his shoulders were burning.

“Okay!” he cried, his erect cock crushed beneath their combined weight.

“Good boy.”

She held him in place with little effort as she gently massaged his shoulders, enjoying the feel of his strong muscles that were flexing helplessly beneath her. In this position, Ben’s arms had no strength and no chance of competing with Ellie’s toned legs. She released her grip slightly to give him some respite, but even so he was forced to lay perfectly still moaning quietly on each out breath.

“I can make it so much worse,” she breathed, her words almost lost in her own pleasure, “My legs can put you in a living hell.”

“I’ll do anything!” he moaned.

“Oh darling, what those words do to me…”

Ellie removed her bra and her fingers were exploring her erect nipples that now pressed into the soft fabric of her dress. She eased it down to expose her breasts and then looked down to see if Ben had noticed.

Ben hadn’t, he daren’t move. His back was being forced into the cushions under her full weight and her legs held his shoulders at the very end of their range. A slight tightening of her overly strong inner thigh muscles and his joints would give way and his shoulders pop out.

“Oh Ellie this is too nice…” his voice trailed off as a wave of stimulants coursed through his helpless body.

She looked down at the whimpering mess beneath her that was trying to move despite the fact that his arms were still immobilised. He craned his head to one side to kiss Ellie’s bare feet that were still cross at the ankles holding him in place.

“Please Ellie, I can’t move.”

“Do you know the penalty of coming without me?”

“No…” Ben tried to wriggle free again, but unlike a chain, her legs immediately tightened on him.

“I’m keeping you down there… lotus locked.”

“For how long?” he gasped.

Ellie didn’t reply, but casually sipped her wine as if in the cafe with friends.

Ben started to struggle again. He couldn’t see her eyes and only had the feel of her legs to tell him what was happening and they unyielding held him in place, tightening up on him each time he tried to escape.

“How long Ellie?”

“Until you’re ready to go again of course darling… this time with me!”

Ben relaxed and kissed her feet, pushing his lips between her toes. That appeased her for a while, but slowly she tightened her grip until Ben was again moaning in pain.

“Fuck Ellie that hurts!”

“Then you must be hard,” she smiled pleasantly.

“Yeah, fuck yeah!”

With tears forming in Ben’s eyes, Ellie released him, slid back and uncurled her legs like a gymnast. She rolled him on to his back and ripped off his wet boxers. Ben’s eyes were still closed as she dropped down on to his quivering muscular body and pushed him inside. She didn’t have to move, Ben’s shaking body was already taking her to another level. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his trembling lips that immediately kissed her back. He was inside her, still pulsing and thrusting wildly.

It was several minutes later when Ellie’s head stopped whirling and she finally felt she could release her grip around Ben’s neck. Ben was smiling up at her through dazed damp eyes. Their smiles turned into laughed and she hugged him again.

“More wine?” she offered, clambering up on bare feet and accidentally standing on Ben’s chest as she leaned against the nearest wall for balance. The infatuated redhead tried again, almost tripping over Ben’s prone body as she giggled into the kitchen.


Ellie walked back to where Ben was sitting on the cushions, letting Ben kiss her thighs as she passed.

“I need to make peace with your legs before they kill me,” Ben smiled.

“They won’t kill you darling, just torment you…”

With Ellie standing above him, Ben’s lips ventured up inside Ellie’s dress, across her thigh and pushed aside her panties.

“That’s not my legs darling,” she giggled.


“No!” she shrieked, the pleasure building up quicker than Ellie had intended.

She lifted one leg over Ben’s shoulder and squeezed to lock him into head scissors. With Ben still misbehaving inside her dress, she rolled down on to the cushions, bringing Ben’s head with her. Once on the floor, her legs tightened instantly and Ben’s eyes looked up from between her hard, toned thighs. She propped herself up on some cushions and watched.

Without his hands, Ben had no way to free himself from her legs and was starting to gasp for breath. He stopped fighting her and instead looking up at her with hopeful, pleading eyes.

“You think your gorgeous eyes will get you out of there?” Ellie asked, straightening the hem on her cocktail dress so that it partially covered Ben’s face, “You know I could kill you,” she breathed, her ankles crossed, the muscles on her toned legs not yielding for a moment.

Ben was aroused as hell, but also gasping for breath and barely able to speak. He focused on the neat stitching on the woman’s cocktail dress. The soft fabric and warm scented air inside her dress at odds with the inescapable hold she had around his neck.

“I love seeing the effect I have on you darling,” Ellie breathed, her lips pursed with concentration as she squeezed, “What an erection!”

“… Make love…” Ben croaked before she tightened and forced his head back further. The aroused scent that swirled inside her dress was making Ben even more desperate to make love to the big green eyes. The eyes were momentarily distracted with picking a hair out of her glass of wine, but her legs stayed locked, holding him on the edge.

Ellie ran her fingertips around his chest, sending shivers through his body. Again, he had to stay as still as possible to avoid Ellie’s legs from choking him. Her fingertips were now tickling his stomach and then disappeared down between his legs.

Ben tried to bring his legs up to stop her, but Ellie brought one ankle up behind the other knee to lock him in a figure of four hold, “Do I have to execute you darling?” Ellie whispered to the brown eyes peering out from her lap.

Suddenly she let go, spun around and slowly eased on to his over erect cock. It was quick and intense and once again left Ellie lying on his shackled body, holding on tight as the room spun.


“Now I’m serious, let me out of these chains so I can cook you dinner.”

Ellie slid off his naked body, tensed her abs and swung around so that Ben’s head was once again between her legs, his lips touching her very used underwear.

“You know that pink and red clash,” Ben observed from close quarters.

Ellie stretched her cocktail dress down to cover his head and then wrapped one leg behind the other knee. Ben was now moaning inside her dress as Ellie eased his head closer into her body. He turned his head to kiss her soft inner thighs which once again could strangle him on a whim.

“If I’m really nice to you, can I leave you in those chains until the morning?” Ellie asked hopefully.

Ben’s lips were now kissing her vagina and she returned the favour by kissing his balls. As the sexual pleasure built once more, so did Ben’s desire to be kept chained, “Sure,” he mumbled between kisses, breathing in her scent one more time.

“Thank you darling,” the redhead exclaimed, as she unwrapped her legs and stretched out on the cushions, ‘Guess that means I’m making dinner…”

Ellie hummed happily to herself as she danced around the kitchen, preparing dinner for her visitor. She pictured Ben in the next room, naked and locked in prisoner transport shackles. Those chains were so fucking sexy as they turned her gorgeous man into her helpless prisoner. Without the keys, he could do nothing more than hobble around and obey her command. His beautiful eyes would follow her every move and focus on nothing but her and her body. Just one word and he would go down on her or make love or kiss and worship any part of her body. ‘Oh fuck’, she had to finish cooking and get back to him quickly.

Ben had given up trying to escape from the shackles and was now looking out through the grille that covered the small open window. The humid air was blowing in as the storm clouds gathered. After spending time with Ellie, the outside world seemed a long way away. He turned around to see Ellie slink back into the lounge in her short fitted red dress.

“I can’t help but think you’re overdressed,” he smiled.


Ellie gave him the benefit of a twirl that lifted her dress to reveal her underwear.

“Then unzip me if you like.”

Ellie twirled again, this time finishing with her back to him, her long red hair in its ponytail brushing across his face. As tempting as it was to strip naked, the soft fabric of the dress felt sexy against her skin and its skimpy cut meant that Ben’s lips still had access to all important areas.

She stood with her back to him knowing that there was no way he could extract her from her dress without unzipping her, and the zip started far too high for his manacled hands to reach. But suddenly she felt the tight fabric loosen around her body, releasing and revealing her breasts. By the time she reacted, she was fully unzipped and Ben was using his hands to ease the soft fabric off her body.

“You used your mouth!” she exclaimed as if cheated, now naked other than for the tiniest of panties.

“You’re really beautiful with nothing on,” Ben said with feeling as he hobbled over to kiss her.

Ellie kissed him reluctantly, a little annoyed by how easily her manacled man had stripped her of her clothes. She indulged him for a few moments before ending the kiss and pulling a pair of handcuffs from her handbag.

“You carry them with you at all times?” Ben asked, still buoyed by his victory.


“Unfortunately I’m already wearing some,” he said rattling his hands and feet.

“Oh really?”

With her lips pursed and a determined look on her face, Ellie grabbed Ben’s balls and held them firmly in her fist.

“What are you doing?”

She then placed one end of the handcuffs around the base of his balls and cock and slowly started to ratchet it closed.

“No, no Ellie!” he begged, his victory now seeming a long way away.

She squeezed harder with the click… click… click… sound testament to how tightly she was locking the cuff around his balls, “Opps…” She continued to tighten the cuff until there was no possible way his balls and cock could ever be pulled out. Their lips were one again touching, now with ten times the intensity.

Ellie took the free end of the cuffs that now dangled from Ben’s balls and used it to lead Ben over to the sofa, “On your knees darling,” she breathed as she pulled him down and locked the other side of the handcuffs to the metal frame on the front of the sofa.

“Oh fuck Ellie, this is too sexy… let’s do it.”

“Sure darling, just come over here…” her voice was soft and betrayed arousal.

The sight of her naked body fooled his brain and he tried to edge closer. There was a clatter of steel on steel and his cock and balls stretched as far as they would go. He used his manacled hands and managed to move the sofa a few inches closer to the naked woman.

Progress was slow, literally ‘painfully’ slow and was he barely any closer when Ellie picked up the red dress and eased and wriggled herself back inside and stretched and turned to zip herself back in. Then progress got even slower as Ellie sat down on the arm of the sofa.

“Try to move the sofa with me on it,” she teased, brushing his thick dark hair out of his eyes.

Ben laughed out loud in frustration and buried his face into Ellie’s lap, his face submerged in the soft red fabric that hid her body from view.

“Pull darling, I want to see what happens to your cock.”

With Ellie sitting on the sofa he had no chance of moving it, but still he pulled against the cuff, stretching his balls from his body. Ellie watched with excitement at his hopeless attempt to pull free and the way the fingers of his manacled hands desperately tried to squeeze his balls back through the cuff and to freedom.

“Are they stuck in there?” she asked, her legs opening and one foot now resting up on the sofa exposing the scented world beneath her dress.

“I can do this,” he panted, pulling harder as the steel cuff pulled and bit into his balls.

“Good… I can’t wait to see your impressive manhood escape from my handcuffs,” she breathed, pulling her dress further and further up her thighs.

Ben was no closer to escaping and now had a huge erection, “Okay, I need the key,” he conceded as he tried to fight off the attention of Ellie’s bare feet on his cock.

“I have an idea!” Ellie exclaimed, jumping up and darting out of the room and returning seconds later with a pair of her faded blue jeans.

“Fuck Ellie, you should be wearing fewer clothes, not more!” Ben cried as she stepped into the jeans and pulled them up.


With the tight jeans now just below her butt, Ellie took the keys that had been between her fingers and dropped them into the crotch of her pink underwear. The keys now safely in the confines of panties, she eased the denim up and over her butt, hopping a little to force the high waisted jeans up and over her hips and into place.

“Okay, what were those keys for?” Ben asked warily, his cock having given up the battle with Ellie’s sofa.

“They’re for the handcuffs around your balls and this padlock,” Ellie replied, having achieving the seemingly impossible task of zipping and buttoning the size 8 jeans around her waist. She then looped the small padlock around both the popper at the front of her jeans and the zip, effectively locking herself into her jeans.

The tight jeans seemed to hug her from all directions and the feel of the denim, together with the fact that the key to unlock them was somewhere deep inside, was playing tricks with Ellie’s mind and she responded by running her hands over her own body.

“Maybe I didn’t think this one through,” she breathed excitedly, massaging herself through the soft, wore material.

“And I guess I stay chained up by the cock until you find a way out of your jeans!”

“Mmm… guess so.”

Out of modesty, Ellie slipped a white tee shirt over her bare breasts and walked over to her where her tethered man was kneeling.

“You’re good at finding a way into girl’s pants,” she breathed, pushing Ben’s face against her crotch and thrusting forward against him, “Maybe you can bite, or kiss or lick your way inside?” she continued, already aroused by her self imposed chastity.

“Girls don’t usually padlock themselves into their jeans,” Ben panted, his erect cock bobbing rather hopefully between his legs.

“Guess not… but this girl has.”

Ben kissed the seam that ran up between her legs and in return Ellie steadied herself against Ben’s body and used one foot to crush his erect cock against the sofa. Ben quickly climaxed, followed by Ellie who then flopped down on the sofa and rested her legs up on Ben’s shoulders.

“Mmm, that was fun,” she half panted, half laughed, “but it didn’t get the key out… I think it likes it in there.”

“Such modesty,” Ben replied, looking down at his cock, which even in its relaxed state was very much chained.

“Oh you disagree that it’s nice inside there?” Ellie giggled, pointing between her legs.

“I didn’t say that…”

“Good, then I’ll leave you to play with yourself and figure out a way to get out of those cuffs,” Ellie announced, standing up and walking back to the kitchen.


As Ellie prepared dinner, she kept peeking back into the lounge to see Ben kneeling in front of the sofa. Even though he had his back to her she could sense the frustration of a strong and sexy man, now helpless because some girl had chained his balls to the sofa. One simple squeeze of the cuffs had incarcerated him in the most embarrassing way imaginable. Ellie could barely contain her excitement as she watched his athletic body kneeling subserviently on her floor. His face resting on her sofa cushions where she had sat so many times before.

With dinner now underway, Ellie returned to the lounge with two glasses of wine to find Ben still trying to free his genitals.

“You’re fascinated by that,” Ellie smiled, “It’s as if you’ve never seen balls before.”

“I’ve never had someone handcuff them to a sofa before.”

“Fun, isn’t it!”

Ben tried to grab Ellie’s leg as she stepped closer, but the soft denim slipped through his hands as she passed him and sat down on the sofa. She then sat upright with her bare feet on the floor and pushed, gripping the floor with her toes and tensing her legs.

“What if I were to slide the sofa backwards,” she teased.

“No, please!”

Ellie relaxed back on to the sofa and crossed her legs, “I love to have a man kneeling before me,” she smiled, her fingers tracing around his chiselled features which were hanging on her every word.

“You have no idea how vulnerable this makes a guy,” he replied.

“Maybe you should tell me…”

“What and arouse you even more?”

Ellie reached down between her legs to feel the keys through the soft denim,

“They still in there?” Ben asked hopefully.

“You can’t ask a girl that,” Ellie smiled bashfully as she sipped her wine.

Ben cried out in totally aroused frustration, “You’ve chained my fucking cock to the sofa!”

“Yes I know…” she purred.

Ellie put down her glass and lay down with her red hair sprayed out across the white sofa and her legs apart. She squeezed her hand down inside the front of her locked jeans, crying out in pleasure as her fingers touched her clit, “Oh fuck,” she moaned, as she reached deeper inside. She pushed her hand deeper into her jeans, reaching down between her legs and into the back of the underwear where the keys had come to rest.

“Looks what I’ve found darling,” she beamed with unfocused eyes as she ran the warm damp keys across Ben’s lips.

“Thank god! Being chained by the ball is driving me crazy!”

“Don’t tell me that darling, or I won’t want to release you,” she smiled teasingly.

“Ellie, just unlock my balls!” Ben shrieked.

Still prostrate on the sofa, Ellie unlocked the padlock on her jeans and wriggled out of the warm tight denim, but to Ben’s dismay she then jumped up and placed the keys in the pocket of her jacket that was hanging on a hook on the far side of the room.

“No way Ellie!” Ben started to drag the sofa towards the jacket.

“No way Ben!” she giggled back as she sat down on the sofa, her panty clad butt once again turning the sofa into an immovable object.

“I can’t pull it now,” Ben cried.

“I know…”

“You’ve chained me to the fucking sofa and now you’re sitting on it!”

Ellie opened her legs and bowed Ben’s head down between her thighs.

“If you ever want me to unlock your balls,” she replied dreamily, her eyes closed, her legs wrapped ominously around Ben’s head.

Ellie was floating as Ben’s lips kissed and teased her. Slow then fast, tantalisingly gentle and then pushing in deep. She was being worshipped by a kneeling man, a man who she had chained up, with his balls locked to her sofa. Maybe he would turn into a superhero and his balls would pull the sofa up into the night sky. Wow she had crazy fantasies! Whatever he did he couldn’t leave her and he had to obey. Oh fuck, it was happening again…

Ellie flopped down and rolled over to gaze into Ben’s eyes, “Oh so nice…” she mumbled incoherently.

Ben was more than ready and stretched his balls and twisted his body until he could almost reach Ellie’s jacket and the keys inside.

“Unlock me so we can make out!” he begged, his lips diving back between her legs, his eyes looking up longingly at the stunning red head.

“Mmm?” she smiled.

“Ellie, my cock!”

“Focus,” she breathed, directing his head back between her legs.

Ellie enjoyed his touch for a few more minutes before stepping over him reaching for her jacket. She dug inside her pocket and tossed the keys over to Ben.

“Yes, thank you!” he cried as he unlocked the cuff from around his balls. He was still locked in the high security transport shackles, but somehow that didn’t even seem to matter.

Ellie returned and pushed him down on to the sofa and sat stride his body, slowly and teasingly easing his cock inside her. Sitting bolt upright, with her naked back arching up above him, she rode his hips until they climaxed and Ben cried out in pleasure and closed his eyes. She flopped down on to his chest and laid there, both of them too exhausted to move.


Ellie reluctantly climbed off her man, slipped back into her red cocktail dress and returned to the kitchen. It seemed ironic; she loved a man to cook for her, but even more than that, she loved him to play the role of her sex slave and Ben was playing that to perfection.

She brought in the plates and placed them on table. Ben sat at the table even though there was no way he could eat in his chains and there was no way that Ellie was going to unlock him.

“I’ll feed you, darling,” Ellie beamed, sitting on his naked lap where she could feel his cock pushing up between her legs, “and I just love this seat,” she smiled, closing her legs to trap Ben’s cock in between.

Ben continued to eat, with each bite interspersed with a face full of red hair as Ellie turned her head to get more food.

“If these are prisoner ‘transport’ shackles, when do we arrive at the jail,” he asked.

“Oh you’re there darling, don’t you see the bars?”

“Then shouldn’t the chains come off so that I can get properly acquainted with the guard?” Ben knew she was naked under her dress, but frustratingly his manacled hands couldn’t reach.

“Not until the morning darling,” she breathed, forkfuls of food now replaced by Ellie’s lips, “but don’t worry, you’ll get very much acquainted with the guard when you’re in her bed tonight.”

“And if I want to leave?”

“You can’t,” she spoke slowly and breathed warm air into Ben’s ear, feeling his cock growing between her legs.

Ben was once again transfixed by her big green eyes.

“My bed, now!” she ordered, her eyes wide with arousal and crazy fantasies as the bare foot woman led him into her bedroom and locked the door behind them.

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