Fat, flat and wet

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I was on business travel and drove to a favorite theater after an early dinner. This place only had 6 rows of seats, about ten in each row. The back wall was open and accessible of course. I settled in a middle row, middle seat and waited for the after dinner/late comments crowd. Two other horny old men came in separately, and sat away from me. Not much happened for the next hour. I had no place to go, and wife thought I was eating, so I had two more hours of playtime.

A younger guy came through the curtained doorway and headed to the last row. He settled down and fiddled with his belt and zipper. I stood up and went to sit next to him. He was fondling a nice thick soft cock. I took out my smaller, thickening cock and stroked for a minute. He looked, and did nothing. After a minute I reached over and he shook his head no. Ok, I just sat and relaxed, lightly stroking off. He watched as I got harder, but still made no move. I watched as his cock straightened and he slowed his stroking. Then he surprised me as he leaned his leg against mine, and rubbed it a little. I was not going to push on him…hate pushy perverts. But his eyes met mine, looked at his cock, and he slightly nodded. He leaned back taking his hand away and let me stroke his thick, warm stiffening dick. I leaned over and took him in my mouth and I heard him sigh a long slow breath as I slowly went down the length of his dick, letting it pop into my throat. He moaned quietly. I proceeded to give him a slow, deep throat blow job and he obviously liked it. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it down, and thrust deeper and I felt him cum. I was shocked, but pleased. He dumped a good load, and I sucked out the last drops as I came up, licking him clean. He crammed his still hard dick into his pants and left. Nice to be young and fast.

I looked up and saw the other two watching from their seats. One came back, stood on the wall, and I blew him off, while the second guy stood next to us and watched, his cock already out for my mouth. Two more nice loads and I was alone again.

Soon, the theater had some more patrons, but two came in together and stayed to themselves. After a few minutes I wandered out to see who was in the store section, thinking I might be done for the night. Then a shy looking, young woman came in and started looking at videos. She drifted through the sections and seemed unfocused, gazing on any genre, but looked at all types and flavors of sex. Then she went to the board showing the covers of the films being shown in the theater. I went up and bought another theater ticket, walked to her, and gave it to her. Then I went inside and sat down one seat away from aisle. I took out my cock and wondered, hoped. In a few minutes she came in and sat down next to me, on the aisle. She looked at me, and then gave a little smile. She barely made eye contact, and looked ahead, probably letting her eyes get used to the dark. I reached for her hand which she left on her thick thigh.

As I rubbed her thigh a little, she opened her legs an inch and then more as I pushed toward her crotch. She scooted her ass forward so her thick legs had room to splay more, and I pulled her loose skirt bottom up showing thick legs in dark tights. I finally had her pussy under my fingers and stroked her fat pussy through the thick tights. It was hot, probably with sweat and then I felt it get moist. I took her hand and placed it on her pussy, rubbing the area, and then started to unbuttoning her blouse. Her eyes were closed as I stuck my hand in and massaged her right breast under a cheap padded bra. I ran my fingers inside and felt a tiny nipple budding up tightly. I could feel her excitement and felt her pussy massaging become harder but slower. I pulled her bra strap off her shoulder, still pretty tight against her fat arm, and peeled the bra cup off her flat, flabby breast. Then I kissed it, sucked it, nibbled and sucked harder. She moaned so nicely. I opened up her blouse, pulling it apart, exposing her cheap bra, one breast exposed, a lot of white flesh shining in the movie’s reflection. She was big, solid without lots of rolls, debauched, and so sexy!

I pulled her shoulders forward. She responded immediately and I undid her bra clasp. Now both breasts were exposed below her pushed up bra. I knelt in front of her, and started loving both tits. She put her head backwards and opened her lips, breathing deeply. I pinched both nipples and leaned up for a kiss. I was shocked when she stuck the tip of her tongue out and I sucked it in, feeling her jolt forward. I put both hands on her face and stroked her head, neck and rubbed her ears while kissing her. What a slut.

Then I leaned away and grabbed her tight’s waistband under her skirt, tugging at it it as if to undress her. Well over 200 pounds sitting on a fat ass…it was going nowhere if she did not want. She wanted. She lifted her ass up a bit and I tried to peel the tights off. Not enough space. She stood up and down they came. I left them puddled at her ankles, her fat white legs shining in the dark theater, her white cotton panties skin tight over her pussy. She was barely on the edge of her seat and I dove in press on her covered pussy. Her panties were soaked. I tried to get my fingers inside her tight panties band at the leg, and it was like a lock. I pulled on the band at her tummy, and she arched up so I could pull them down too. They sat on her ankles too. Then I ate her pussy. Well and long. She came hard. Silently, but hard. I finger fucked her after she calmed down, feeling the little nubs under my finger tips as I circled her internal clit area and she came again, wet juices dribbling out onto the seat in a stream. It shimmered in the movie light.

I looked up to see two guys standing there, rubbing her tits and one was also kissing her arched neck. She shuddered and whimpered. One guy came on her blouse and her pulled up bra. I stood up and stuck my cock toward her mouth. Her eyes closed as she sucked me in, gave me a cursory blow job and I came quickly. She did not swallow and had my cum pooled in her mouth as she looked up. I put my finger in her mouth and swiped it out so it dribbled in a trail down her chin onto her neck and chest. I felt some flashes going off, and said “No.”. She said it was ok, so I stepped backwards and took one too.

I asked her if she was ok. She smiled and said, “oh yes.” I stepped away to watch, and she was mauled by a couple more guys and then she dressed to leave. She was a mess, rumpled, wet, flushed. I walked out as she did.

“Thanks” I said. “Want a drink or something to eat?”

No, but she said thanks and that she had really enjoyed herself. I gave her my office mobile number and said I was in town often.

She never contacted me. Bummer.

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