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Father and daughter mistakenly take drugs And Dad Fucked His Daughter

97 Min Read

There was a knock at the door of the old brownstone.

When Henry Page went to answer it, he saw his daughter standing there in in a jacket that was way too light for an east coast winter snowstorm. Her boyfriend Jeremy was standing right behind her with their luggage in hand as they both shivered in the heavy flurries that were beginning to fall as the day went on. The neighborhood had already gotten a foot of snow by that point and the taxi that had dropped them off had barely made it down the street to complete the task.

“Merry Christmas, Dad!” Mackenzie said to her father, as her boyfriend echoed the sentiment.

“Merry Christmas guys!” Henry responded, pulling them both in for a hug as he ushered them into the warm coatroom of the house.

Mackenzie and Jeremy shook off the snow as they walked into the warmth of the fireplace-toasted home.

Henry pulled his daughter in for another hug as she reciprocated the love in kind.

This had been the first time they’d seen each other since Mackenzie had gone off to school on the other side of the country that fall for her freshman year at Stanford University.

She’d met a nice guy who was a sophomore in the same department and the two had now been dating for the last four months, and so she decided to bring him home to meet the parents.

Even though he’d already hugged him, Henry reached his hand out formally to shake Jeremy’s hand.

“Nice to finally meet you in person, Jeremy!” Henry said, his easy-going warmth always on display.

“You as well, Mr. Page!” Jeremy responded.

Henry smiled at this, “No, no, not Mr. Page. That makes me feel like I’m still at work. Call me Henry.”

“You got it, I can do that.” Jeremy said as they shucked their shoes and jackets near the door and came into the large living room and main area of the house.

Oliver, the family husky, came bumbling into the room to meet them where even more passionate licking and tail wagging commenced. Once he’d sniffed out the new boy and draped himself fully over his much missed Mackenzie, their ten legs moved them further along.

It was midafternoon and the kitchen was already sizzling and simmering with the various smells of a delicious home-cooked Christmas Eve dinner.

Rebecca Page bustled this way and that among the copper pots and pans of their large, recently redone kitchen. She dropped her oven mitts to the side when she saw her daughter and boyfriend enter.

“Hey Becca, look what the cat dragged in!” Henry announced as she scurried excitedly over to see her daughter. They all said their hello’s and introductions were shared all over again as she wrapped them both up in large, home-cooked hugs.

Mackenzie gave her boyfriend a quick tour of the house and then the two retired to her room to drop off their bags and change into comfier clothing as they refreshed themselves from the stresses of holiday travel.

Henry dropped off some towels at the door and then headed back towards the kitchen and family room. The Page house wasn’t naïve. Even though his daughter was only 18 and her boyfriend only 19, there wasn’t any silly sort of expectation that they wouldn’t be allowed to share a room. Henry and his wife Rebecca had never been prudes about things and they’d had no problem whatsoever when Mackenzie had asked to go on birth control in her freshman year of high school. They were just glad she was being safe and honest with them.

Eventually the two returned in comfier attire and they both took a seat at two of the barstools surrounding the huge kitchen island where the dinner trappings had started to appear en masse.

Henry cracked open a beer for Jeremy and himself while Mackenzie poured herself a glass from the bottle of chardonnay her mother had been using both to cook with and to drink.

“It’s so good to be home,” Mackenzie said as she finally allowed herself to really relax for the first time since finals prep had begun some three weeks earlier.

“It’s great to have you home, sweetie!” Her mother said, as they clinked their wine glasses.

The family caught up on all things pertinent—jobs, the various challenges provided by their different fall classes, the neighborhood, the extended family.

No stone was left unturned.

Henry in particular was thrilled to have his daughter back home. While she and her mother had always been close, Mackenzie was undeniably a Daddy’s girl. They had been very tight knit growing up and he was looking forward to reconnecting over the next week during her break.

One thing was for certain, while she might always be his “little girl”, it was impossible to miss the fact that Mackenzie had grown up quite a bit over the last year.

She may have bloomed late, but she had most definitely bloomed.

Henry couldn’t help but notice the way her body filled out the old pair of sweats she had picked from her room to wear around the house. The once loose-fitting gym pants now clung tightly to her roundly-attentive butt and dipping curves. Her old cotton t-shirt also protruded more than Henry seemed to remember it having once done as the swell of her chest reminded him of the way Mackenzie’s mother had looked they’d first met in college. She really was a flower that had blossomed from the same vine.

Mackenzie had dark brown hair that which she wore straight with cute bangs. She had sort of a modern Kelly Kapowski-vibe going on—the tiny, pert nose, the puffed lips, the dimples. She was cute and sexy at the same time.

For the briefest of moments, Henry felt strangely jealous of Jeremy. His daughter really had transformed into a freshman heartbreaker.

As the night wore on, dinner was had; more stories too. They watched out the window as the snow piled up on the back fire escape while the alcohol inside flowed freely and they fell back into their familiar family routine with Jeremy along for the ride.

There was a roast beef with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and freshly baked Crescent rolls and even more conversations. They laughed at old anecdotes and regaled their guest with embarrassing stories from Mackenzie’s youth. This was to be expected of course. What was family for, after all?

It was 9:00 PM when they’d finally finished the stellar meal. When it was time for the dishes to be cleaned Henry insisted they sit still and relax while he attend to the table clearing. Mackenzie joined her dad anyway as her mom and boyfriend chatted away at the dining room table.

She followed him into the spacious kitchen carrying a stack of plates and forks and he immediately connected his phone into the kitchen Bluetooth stereo and put on a classy Christmas playlist.

When ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ came on in the middle of him degreasing a pan, he looked over at his daughter and smiled. Some Christmas traditions were unavoidable. She smiled back at her dad as she placed her stack of plates on the island and skipped over to him as she placed her hands on his shoulders. They exaggeratedly danced around the tile floor as they giggled with each other like always.

As a kid, this song been a favorite of Mackenzie’s each new Christmas season, and for the first few dances her father had ever asked of her, she’d been standing atop his loafers as he moved spinning around the family room much to her childhood delight.

As they danced now, they each traded off singing the male and female parts back and forth to each other and laughed at their successful and unsuccessful spins and dips.

As she looked up at him, she had to admit, the guy still had it. Mackenzie’s father was a spry looker at 42. He and her mother had gotten pregnant while in college together, and he was rather young compared to most of Mackenzie’s friends’ dads.

He looked like a younger Roger Sterling from that show ‘Mad Men’—something that her friend’s in high school loved to bring up with her whenever they felt like teasing her for having a “Hot Dad.” The silver in his hair was only starting to show through and he still had an impressively full set, which he parted in a similar way to the founder of the fictional advertising agency on the show. His weekly squash matches and obsessive cardio had kept him in peak condition. Mackenzie could only hope that her eventual husband still looked like that in his forties.

Henry easily lifted Mackenzie up onto the counter by the sink as he continued to wash the dishes as the music crooned on to another Sinatra-like Christmas number. She laughed in merriment as she rubbed her head slightly.

“Hey Dad, any chance you have any of your prescription headache medicine lying around somewhere?” She asked suddenly. Mackenzie may have gotten her deep blue eyes from her mother, but her painful migraines had come directly from her dear old dad.

They were the types of headaches that would knock her out for an entire evening if she didn’t catch them in their infancy. Luckily she’d gotten very good at recognizing the signs over the years, thanks in large part to her father’s own lifetime of trial and error in regards to his own versions of the auras.

“Ah, yes, there is a white container on the bottom shelf of my medicine cabinet, these are the smaller pills—you take two at a time.” He said as Mackenzie jumped off the counter and headed upstairs toward her parent’s master bedroom.

Before she left though Henry added,” and Mack, would you grab me a couple too? Probably better safe than sorry considering how much wine we’ve been drinking,” he reasoned.

They’d both had their fair share of horrible headache black holes over the years, ‘better safe than sorry’ was a household credo by now.

Mackenzie danced down the hall to her parent’s room as the Christmas music carried throughout the house. She walked into their bathroom and opened up her dad’s medicine cabinet, grabbing an unmarked white bottle and snagging four of the round, white pills out of the case. She returned quickly and filled up two Mason jars of water from the filtered water-dispenser on the fridge door, and then handed both the pills and the water to her dad.

They clinked glasses as they downed the pills and then finished their cups. Those too were thrown into the dishwasher along with the remaining silverware and plates.

Soon the kitchen was passable enough for clean and Henry placed his arm around his daughter’s shoulder as they walked back out to the dining room table.

The next hour or so was spent on board games and card games and vanilla bean ice cream and puff pastry pie crust. Jeremy was already onto his fifth Stout and Mackenzie’s mom had dipped into her next bottle of chardonnay.

What was the point of the holiday season if you couldn’t get responsibly sloshed, anyway? That was what Jesus was really fighting for when he was born. That was what Santa truly gave to us with extended vacation time and long college breaks.

There was ‘Clue’ and ‘Scattegories’ and ‘Cards Against Humanity’, which was another hint as to just how cool Mackenzie’s parents actually were.

As they finished up their games and desserts, they headed out to the living room to exchange a single gift with each other. This too was a Page family tradition. Each Christmas eve, every family member would receive a single gift from under the tree.

They all unwrapped their various prizes.

A silk scarf.

An expensive putter.

Cordless workout headphones.

A rare book beautifully bound.

Mackenzie leaned into her boyfriend where they sat together on the couch, “I’ll show you your real Christmas Eve present in a little bit back in my room after we go to bed,” she whispered to him, feeling a warm, flirty sensation starting to envelope her body. The Chardonnay must’ve been a strong one.

As a surprise, she’d bought some very naughty Christmas-themed lingerie to wear for him that night, and Jeremy looked at her with a toothy grin as he wondered what she might be planning.

He downed the rest of his beer as they all hugged and thanked each other for their gifts.

Soon the Christmas movies were playing and as ‘Love Actually’ got underway the family room lights were dimmed while Henry added some logs to the nearby fire as embers danced upwards into the hood.

The room was split up with a giant L-shaped couch and two more matching recliners with folded afghans. There was a sizable coffee table featuring a number of interesting books and coasters including a book on interesting coffee tables and a tome on rare coasters.

Mackenzie sat back on one side as Jeremy laid his head back against her and she played with his hair. She was felling really good…probably from a combination of the toasty fireplace, the home-cooked meal, the alcohol, and the soft couch covered in high-thread-count blankets and pillows and loved ones all set to the soundtrack of Christmas music and movies and the comforting snore of the ever-asleep and overfed family husky on the floor below them.

Star-crossed lovers storylines were just starting to get underway on the large flat-screen mounted to the wall across from the couch when Rebecca realized that she was falling asleep on Henry’s shoulder and stood up to announce she was heading to bed.

She crossed over and gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight to both her and Jeremy, though he too had already conked out as he lay on a pillow in Mackenzie’s lap.

She couldn’t blame him. They’d been up since around six that morning going through security at San Francisco International Airport and he specifically had been very unsuccessful in sleeping on their eventual flight.

Henry looked at his wife and felt a great rush of joy at how beautiful she still was in the glow of the Christmas tree lights. He got up as she started to leave for bed and swung her up into his arms as she swatted at him with little success.

“Welp kiddo, I’m gonna put this one to bed, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes and then maybe we can watch a REAL Christmas movie, like ‘Die Hard.'” He said, and Mackenzie laughed at this. Die Hard was another tradition of theirs, though her mother refused to allow it when she was around as she said it was not an actual Christmas movie. This was perhaps, one of the only major disagreements they’d had as a family growing up.

“Yeah, I think I might do the same with Sleeping Beauty over here!” Mackenzie said as she motioned to a now-snoring Jeremy, “Goodnight mom, love you, see you in the morning,” Mackenzie beamed, as she rustled her boyfriend awake and had him follow her up the stairs after them, as they split off in different directions towards the bedrooms.

Mackenzie had been lucky enough to have her own bathroom growing up—the spoils of being an only child perhaps.

As she walked Jeremy back towards her room she felt her body buzzing and she loved the way his hands felt in hers.

“Here babe, sit on the bed, I wanna show you your Christmas Eve present but I need just a minute!” She said, suddenly very excited. She grabbed her backpack and headed into the connected bathroom.

“You got it babe,” Jeremy said even as he lay back on his elbows on the bed and his eyelids fought a losing war.

Mackenzie stripped naked in the bathroom and pulled on the sexy red-laced lingerie set she had bought for his gift. It was designed with furry white frills to give off a Santa Claus motif. The back was open down her ass, only tied together with soft white and red bows. The incredibly soft fabric felt amazing against her skin for some reason. She stared at her hard nipples in the bathroom mirror as she donned the similarly low-cut sheer-laced bra that allowed her boobs to hang half out while a ruffled Santa frill filled the border. Her butt too looked like it was wearing a little Santa skirt made up of the same ruffle though it barely hung over the top of her ass. Then she threw on her white knee socks which were both sexy, and more importantly, warm in the chill of the night air.

She rubbed her hands up and down her body as she marveled at how she had developed as of late. She was sexy and she knew it.

She loved the way the silky fabric rubbed up against her skin and she shivered as she touched herself. Everything just felt really good.

She turned around with the most suggestive face she could make and headed back into her room, and that’s where she found her very exhausted, mostly drunk boyfriend, passed out in a sea of snores.

She sighed as she ached for sex in that moment, but she’d have to wait for the morning she supposed. She helped push his legs over into the bed and threw a blanket over him to keep him warm as he mumbled a sleepy goodnight to her. She was about to change out of the lingerie to head back out to her dad when she reconsidered. She felt really good in the lingerie for some reason so thought, fuck it, and tossed on a pair of small pajama shorts and an old t-shirt to match her warm knee socks and then headed back downstairs. Her dad would never know and she liked how amazing the material felt up against her sensitive skin.

Over on the other side of the hall, Henry had just put Rebecca to bed and had stopped off in the bathroom to pee. As he washed his hands he looked down at a familiar white bottle next to his sink.

Wait a minute…he thought.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered under his breath. He quickly opened up the bottle and saw that there were six pills remaining where there should’ve been ten.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he said again. That’s why he was starting to feel so good, he realized.

He opened up his medicine cabinet and saw his prescription headache pills bottle firmly lodged on the middle shelf…not the bottom shelf as he had thought.

There had only been one bottle on his bottom shelf, and that bottle was where he kept his secret supply of Molly.

Now, to be clear, Henry and his wife weren’t huge drug users, but they did, on occasion, like to have the occasional, crazy weekend vacation or even, staycation.

He could count on two hands the amount of times they had ever “rolled” together, but the pills did come in handy for whenever they were feeling like they needed a youthful reinvigoration into the monotony of adult life, or for a fun boost to their sex play for that matter.

He had given Mackenzie the wrong directions. She hadn’t handed him two migraine pills, she’d handed him two ecstasy pills—two molly to be precise—and he was only just now beginning to feel it due to all of the food and alcohol they’d consumed over the last few hours.


He’d accidentally given his eighteen-year-old daughter a party drug on Christmas Eve.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

When Henry made it back down the stairs and came into the family room, he noticed his daughter had changed into white knee socks, tight pajama shorts, and the same old shirt from before. She looked really sexy laying there on the couch with her smooth legs on display. Stop looking at your daughter’s leg, you creep! He thought to himself.

He wondered if she was feeling the affects of the drugs like he’d started to. He felt terrible and yet also strangely invigorated.

He had to come clean.

“Mackenzie,” he started, as he sat down on the couch next to where she lay and faced her.

“Hey dad, what took ya so long?” She asked. “I got ‘Die Hard’ pulled up on the DVR.” She pressed play but he grabbed the controller from her to pause it suddenly.

She sat up and faced him. She was sitting in the very corner of the L-shaped couch and he’d sat down on the cushion right next to her.

“Wait, give me a second, I’ve got something pretty crazy to tell you,” he said, somewhat dreading what he was about to say.

Mackenzie sat up and faced her father. He really was a damn good-looking older guy. No wonder her friends were constantly eyeballing him, she thought to herself. He was totally fuckable.

“What is it, dad?” She asked, a little concerned at his expression.

“You didn’t grab migraine pills from my bathroom earlier, you accidentally grabbed another kind of pill instead,” he said.”Okaaaay…what kinda pills?” She couldn’t help but smile at him. She knew they weren’t Viagra…those were blue, and based on things her mother had told her in their conversations in the past, that was not an area where her father had any trouble.

“Molly…you took Molly…WE took Molly,” he said as he looked at her absolutely mortified.

Mackenzie looked at her father for a moment with a wide-eyed expression of shock and then she fell backwards laughing harder than she could remember in quite some time.

“WE TOOK ECSTASY!?!” She squealed at him a little too loudly.

“Quiet down! The last thing we need right now is to wake anyone up!” He said, as he put his fingers over her mouth. Her puffy lips felt good up against his two shushing fingers. That had to be the drugs.

“But, you’re not joking, like…we ACTUALLY took E? Wait did we take molly or did we take E?” She said, sounding way too well versed in the subject.

“We took Molly, and how do you know so much about it, anyway?” Henry quipped back at his highly-amused daughter.

“Well daddy-dearest if you REALLY must know, Jeremy and I have rolled a couple of times when we’ve gone out dancing. Don’t worry though, I’ve always been very safe and make sure to only use the tested pills. I’m a very good girl.” She said, laughing again as she smacked her lips suddenly.

Aw yes, there it is, now I’m starting to feel it, she thought.

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised necessarily. Your mother and I both rolled for the first time when we were in college too so I can’t be the pot to your kettle black here, kiddo.” Henry joked as he leaned back on to the super soft couch back and enjoyed the way the soft blanket draped over its back felt up against his neck.

Mackenzie sat up suddenly Indian style in front of her father.

Her skin was a beautiful polished peach kissed with a slight blush of California sun…but her skin was also glowing a little due to the warmth of the drugs beginning to kick in.

“Okay,” she said quite officially now, “we should probably take stock of our situation, here. I’ve rolled before, but I’ve never taken two pills at once and I don’t wanna freak out at all,” she said. She rubbed her hands down her smooth legs and onto the softness of her cotton knee socks as her father noticed his daughter’s sexy-smooth legs in front of him once again.

He sat up cross-legged now in front of her so that their knees were mirrored and touching. The closeness just made sense as they both started to feel the pills’ opening numbers and calmly attempted to collect themselves.

“I agree completely,” he said as he stared into his beautiful daughter’s face. “So, I think we just need to remember what happens when you roll. You feel an increased euphoria…we’ll probably have lots of energy so we should probably do something physical…maybe you can dig out your old ‘Just Dance’ game for the Wii…it’s still hooked up down there.” He said, as he pointed towards the TV cabinet.

“How strong were those pills, anyway?” Mackenzie asked.

“Ehh, pretty strong if I remember, so we need to keep a close eye on each other and make sure we don’t do anything stupid until the high wears off. We’re probably gonna be up most of the night if I had to guess.” Henry said, thinking of the most recent times he had taken these pills.

What really worried him though when he thought back to the last time he’d taken this exact variety with Rebecca, was the ridiculous amount of horny they had gotten that night. It had been a couple of weekends after Mackenzie had left for school that they each took the pills early on a Saturday and then spent the rest of the day running around the house intimately making out and touching each other before fucking away the afternoon on whatever surfaces felt best. And the longer he looked at Mackenzie, the more he was starting to notice the affect her body was having on his. He was starting to see the line between daughter and smoking-hot 18-year-old blur in his immediate vision and he shook his head at the immoral idea of it all.

“We also have to make sure we drink lots of water and also we have to make sure we pee a lot too.” Mackenzie added, remembering some of her first music festival MDMA experiences.

“We can do this…tomorrow is gonna absolutely suck but we can do this,” Henry said succinctly.

Mackenzie nodded her head confidently at her dad, “yeah, totally Dad…and Jeremy is passed out and I’m pretty sure Mom took a sleeping pill so we probably won’t be dealing with them until morning when we’ll have to just wake up and pretend not to be too hungover,” she laughed, as they both shrugged and pondered their combined predicament.

“It’s really gonna suck tomorrow,” Henry said through a big grin, “but I can’t deny that I’m starting to feel really fucking good right now,” he said, as they both laughed at the craziness of the situation.

“Yeah…molly is fucking amazing isn’t it?” Mackenzie said, cussing in front of her father like she’d done more comfortably over the last year as she placed her hands on her dad’s knees and danced her fingers around.

“Here, put your arms out for me Mack,” he said to her, as she stuck them out, palms up.

Henry glided the tips of his fingers lightly over her arm and she closed her eyes and purred as her body tingled.

“That feels really nice, dad,” she said in quiet serenity. Ecstasy was magical when the high started. Your body would get warm and your skin would escape to this Willy Wonka-type world of ethereal stimulation. All aches disappeared and nerve-endings placed themselves on lurid display, like desperate spots of skin angling for positioning at a crowded downtown bar on a Saturday night.

Even better was the mental elimination of inhibitions. The honesty. The willingness to go where things led you. The kindness and the love that you felt for everyone around you—particularly, the overwhelming love that bubbled up for those you already held in the highest regard.

Mackenzie loved her dad and he loved her right back and so as they felt the double-whammy of drugs kicking in they both couldn’t help but notice the mutually increased admiration in the room.

Mackenzie popped up and ran over to the TV to set up the Wii. She bent over to the drawers underneath the giant flat screen and rummaged around in the games box.

Henry looked at his daughter’s round ass bending back towards him as she set up the system with the proper game and plugins. He felt a giant gulp slide down his dry throat as he pondered what it might feel like to slide his bare cock between his daughter’s soft cheeks.

Fuck, he thought again. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He was going to have to be very careful now. She was definitely sending tiny shockwaves down to his cock and into his idea pitch room.

The material was so thin on her old pajama shorts that he could’ve probably ripped right through them if he wanted to. Fuck.

She finally put an end to the misery when she’d gotten the game on with the right Input setting and stood back up.

The two stood in front of the screen as both grabbed their iPhones and went to the app (the game was controlled by a phone app rather than a controller).

Soon they were having an amazing time as they danced to the various corny pop songs and other various well known hits of the summer that were downloaded onto the game. The dancing went amazing with the affects of the drug’s high. They felt incredible as their bodies moved to the silly on-screen combos.

One song would finish and they’d grab a drink of water or come together in the middle of the room. Henry had notice that Mackenzie was beginning to touch him more—his arms, his chest, his side. The drug was having its intended affect and they were both finding excuses to grab each other or put their arms around each other. After a particular rousing third song in which they danced to an Ariana Grande number, Henry fell back onto the nearby couch cushion with a satisfied plop.

“Did you know there are hidden striptease tracks on this game if you enter in a code?” She said suddenly as she pointed her phone towards the TV.

“What? Seriously?” He said, as he uncontrollably stared at his daughter’s curves. He watched as she input a complicated cheat code which then zoomed the TV into a new screen and selection mode. There were three songs listed and a red and black curtain with a single silhouetted chair.

“And you know this because?” He said, playfully scolding his daughter as she laughed at him devilishly.

“Oh Daddy, I don’t know what you’re talking about…I’ve never seen this screen before in my life!” She turned her head back to wink at him and pressed play on her phone without even looking. This was a total lie of course. She’d seduced her senior year boyfriend using this very track after she’d successfully discovered it’s existence on the game while her parents were gone one weekend for an anniversary getaway.

She knew the moves by heart she had danced it so many times.

She grabbed a nearby chair from the connected dining room and set it up in the middle of the floor between her dad and the TV, eyeing him with a twinkle of mischief.

On the screen behind her, a sexy woman in black silhouette walked out to the chair just as the song ‘Loosen Up My Buttons’ by the Pussycat Dolls began to play.

Henry watched her like a man being hypnotized at a county fair.

Mackenzie began to dance along innocently enough to the song, but soon the feel of the music began to kick in and the silly smile she had started with melted into a seductive smolder as her blue eyes locked into her dad’s while she danced.

Henry watched her every movement with a steadily building lust. The little girl he had raised had quickly turned into a tawdry little cat that had returned home for the holidays, and now they were both starting to roll a little heavier as she danced on top of the share and bent herself this way and that. Her brown hair was thrown wildly around with the confidence of a seasoned stripper as she almost lost balance towards the end.

Henry could feel his cock grow a little in his pants as his daughter matched the dance behind her from memory. It was the type of erotic that goes airborne.

When the song had finally finished she did a silly stage bow and Henry sat up and gave his daughter a round of applause.

They decided to take a quick bathroom and water break as they each took turns using the downstairs bathroom before returning to the many blankets and pillows of the large couch. Henry was sitting in the very corner in an almost kingly manner when Mackenzie rejoined him, her skin a little sweaty from her sexually spirited performance only moments earlier.

“So how many times has Jeremy gotten dances like that?” Henry asked, as they both smiled at each other.

“Oh, very few actually,” she demurred, “I reserve performances like that for only my most VIP of clients!”

They both laughed as he threw a pillow at her face where she sat next to him on the couch.

“Oh GREAT! I’m paying for my daughter to go to Stanford so she can become a high class escort!” He joked with her as she threw a different pillow back. After they’d calmed down a little and their giggling had subsided Mackenzie scooted over to her father’s amazing position in the corner seat of the couch and swung her leg over so she was sitting reverse cowgirl on his lap. She put her arms up around his head behind her as she felt his warm breath on her neck and Henry’s eyes bulged as her thinly-sheathed buns sat directly over his crotch where he’d been fighting a losing battle all night with his cock. He was half-hard when she sat on him but luckily he had pulled it up towards his zipper a little and she had just barely missed it with her perfect ass.

“Let’s watch some TV,” she said as she handed him the remote. They scrolled through the channels not really finding anything that interested them as they enjoyed the intimacy of each other’s bodies.

“Check out the movie channels, dad! They usually have all sorts of good Christmas stuff this time of year.” She loved how his body felt up against her. He was toned and in shape and a little larger in stature than her own boyfriend. She felt very safe and happy in his arms as she felt his warmth envelope her.

Henry tried his best not to focus too much on the sexy girl that was laying back against him with her body pressed up against his all over. He could smell her Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears perfume that she had been given as a gift that previous Christmas drifting up from her delicate neck as it diffused upwards. She smelled like some sort of ripened berry and she felt even softer than that when he brought his free hand to glide over the exposed skin of her belly.

He channel surfed through the movie channels absentmindedly. There were the usual suspects—’Miracle on 34th Street’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘The Usual Suspects’—but nothing seemed to really stand out.

Soon he had accidently gone all the way through the movie channels and the next thing that came on was a sexy brunette girl slowly licking her way up a very sizable cock.

“Whoops!” He said as he quickly changed the channel.

“What?!” She said as she turned and looked back at him. She wrestled the controller away even as he tried to squirm away underneath her. She quickly turned the channel back to the brunette wearing only a tiny white thong and bra as she began an expert blowjob. The TV heading read ‘Playboy TV’.

“Since when did you and mom sign up for PlayboyTV?!?” She asked accusingly as she slapped her dad on the leg and laughed at him through an adorably cheeky grin.

“We signed up for it basically right after you left for school…” He blushed immensely towards his daughter but the drugs made the honesty come easier.

“Wow, so I’m gone for like a couple of months and my parents become a couple of kinky sex fiends, huh?!” she was purposefully teasing him now. If she was being honest she watched plenty of porn herself.

“You know young lady, I will have you know that your mother and I were quite the kinky sex fiends long before you ever showed up. We just had to hide it a little better with an impressionable child in the house.” He said as he tickled her right back. She squirmed in his lap as she lay back against him in her original position.

“Well that’s actually really fucking cool I think, I totally love porn, I watch it all the time…” she said as her eyes drifted back towards the TV, “and to be honest, you and mom didn’t really hide your kink THAT well, I heard you two fucking plenty of times growing up.” She said like it was no big deal at all.

“Yes, unfortunately your mother is not a quiet woman in bed,” he admitted as he also looked back towards the TV screen. She pointed the remote towards the TV to change the channel but thought better of it as the porn progressed.

“Mmm, that makes sense, I’m pretty loud in bed too.” Mackenzie said, easily talking to her father about sex as her body happily tingled with the effects of the drug. Henry’s cock jumped a little when he thought about the sounds Mackenzie might make while being fucked.

The video featured a girl in her 20’s slowly sucking on sizable cock that was attached to an attractive silver fox type. The coincidence wasn’t lost on either of them.

“Let’s just watch this, I like it.” She said, somewhat under her breath. She laid further back with her legs out in front of her as Henry spread his legs so that she could sit directly up against the inside of his and against his crotch and back.

“Sounds good to me,” He said back, also with a slight creek in his voice now. His heart rate had definitely intensified as they both grew quiet and watched the high quality porn together.

Henry felt his cock starting to inflate again but this time there would be no way of hiding it…it pointed straight up towards his stomach which her ass and back were firmly pressed against. Mackenzie easily felt as her dad began to get hard and she purposefully made sure to put her weight against it.

He was big, she thought to herself. He felt much larger than the hard-ons she was accustomed to causing in her boyfriend’s pants.

She was incredibly nervous as she laid back against her father’s chest, but she also felt her pussy tingling at the knowledge that he was getting hard behind her.

She stretched her body out which caused her t-shirt to ride up a little and expose her abs.

They switched places on the TV as the attractive silver fox buried his face in the sexy young girls spread legs and began to eat her out.

Mackenzie’s breathing had grown more shallow as she began to run her own hands over the soft skin of her exposed belly right above the waistband of her tiny pajama shorts. Because of the way she’d been sitting the shorts had ridden down a little and exposed a single lacy-red string of her panties.

Fuck. She had totally forgotten she was still wearing the lingerie. It probably looked so bad…but she realized then that she was actually kind of turned on by the idea. She was wearing slutty lingerie in front of her dad and they were watching a sexy porno in silence together.

Her entire body felt a warming pleasure from the drugs and she ran her fingertips over the edges of her shorts as she hoped that he might be watching her.

Henry was going silently crazy as his focus jumped from the sex going on on-screen to his own suggestively moving daughter laying on top of him. His thoughts were so wrong, but he was so damn hard. He watched as the actress in the porn was flipped over on the bed as the man slowly rubbed his cock against her glistening opening. But he also couldn’t help but notice that Mackenzie had begun to run her fingers along the edge of her loosely-tied pajama bottoms where he eyed her surprisingly sexy lace bottoms peaking out below one of her smooth abs on her exposed hips.

He wanted to devour her. It was terrible. He was searching for the logical side of himself, but all that he could think of was how soft everything on his daughter felt. Her conditioned hair brushing up against his neck and chin. Her white knee socks against his bare feet. Her round butt against his straining cock.

He allowed his hands to slowly drift down to her tight stomach as his fingers glanced playfully over her skin.

She wasn’t taking her eyes off of the porn as she felt her dad’s fingers touching her belly. It was stupidly sexy. His fingers were large and strong. She had the sudden urge for him to slip them into her shorts and run them along her wet pussy. She wondered what it might feel like for his fingers to slip inside of her pussy. .

What was happening?

She was revving up now. She dipped her own fingers into her pants as she pulled them down a little to subtly show her dad more of her underwear. Henry got a better picture of the red and white Christmas lingerie as her fingers traced the frilly white top that hung just above her mound.

As the actor on the screen slowly pounded the girl over the side of the bed, Mackenzie felt like she was going to explode with need.

She drifted her fingers further down and began to make light circles over her clitoris. It was obvious to Henry now what she was doing. She wasn’t being totally obvious, but maybe just obvious enough for him to realize that she was doing this for him.

He brought his own fingers down to trace the waistband of her shorts and slowly ran them along her taut abdomen.

He had noticed how her breathing had quickened the closer he came to her sex on each pass.

She couldn’t believe how hard his cock felt pressed up against the top of her ass crack through his sweats. It felt so naughty. He was her Dad…but in that moment she was so fucking horny that that detail completely disappeared from consideration.

He brought his lips over to his daughter’s earlobe and spoke so that they were touching, “the girl in this porn is really sexy don’t you think?” He said, attempting to seduce her while hedging his bets on a debatably innocent question. As he asked this he dipped his fingers under her pajama shorts for the first time as he tickled them along her upper thighs and then down along the skin of her inner thighs. She was still running her own fingers over her clit from the outside of her panties when he did this, and she moaned lightly up against the hot breath and lips that dragged across her ear and neck. He had his mouth pressed up against her skin after he spoke. Dormant goosebumps sprouted from the land of latent need.She brought her hand up and placed it on top of his just inside her shorts as she slowly dragged his large fingers over the soaking wet patch of lace fabric that covered her needy pussy.

When Henry felt her do this he turned to say something, as if some last shred of parental responsibility had popped out with warning like a vintage cuckoo clock. “Mack…”but when he opened his mouth, she turned her head towards him and lunged back, pressing her lips to his and swallowing her own name as she cut off those last marching soldiers of reasonable thought.

They kissed like two people discovering for the first time that other lips actually existed. It was slow and messy, and they both moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues lightly engaged for the first time. Mackenzie felt her father’s fingers begin to roll her clit around through her panties and as the kiss continued as she felt him push the small front patch of her panties to the side so he could rub her naked sex. She moaned louder into his mouth when he did this.

With his other hand Henry dragged it up her shirt and grabbed one of her breasts as he pulled it from her bra. He squeezed his daughter’s nipple between two fingers roughly the way he often did to her mother in bed and she squirmed with delight as she moaned into his mouth.

She suddenly felt him shove a finger into her soaking pussy as her mouth came off his to gasp. She was looking at him with the sexiest expression he’d ever seen from her.

“Do you and mom like to fuck while you watch porn on this channel?” She said, even as his fingers worked their way deeper inside of her. She had reached her hand behind her now and was rubbing it along the outline of his hard shaft through his pajama pants.

He smiled back with a similar level of uncontrollable desire. “Yes we do.”

She moaned into his neck while he fingered her lightly and her hand grabbed his clothed cock harder.

“How do you two like to fuck?” She whispered into his ear as he continued fingering her.

“I like to bend her over and fuck her from behind while we watch,” he replied. That was all Mackenzie could take. She couldn’t wait anymore. She was singularly motivated.

She pulled his fingers out and got up from the couch. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them down as she bent over at the waist for her dad, and then she crossed her arms and pealed the t-shirt over her head and threw that off to the side in a similarly theatrical nature. She stood there with her back to him no dressed in only her sexy red and white lingerie set and matching, white knee socks.

He watched as she crawled down onto the floor in front of the TV and arched her ass back towards him as she bent over in a Rocky(D)gy style position that would’ve made even the Tramp proud.

She looked back over her shoulder in the most tantalizingly seductive way. “Show me Daddy,” she said.

Henry’s daughter was presenting herself to him. She was dressed for some reason, in the sexiest lingerie he’d probably ever seen in his entire life on a woman—he didn’t know why she was wearing them and he didn’t really care. She was bent over with her beautiful ass plumping out towards him. Her butt was half-visible through the lightly tied red bows that spanned the back of her ass.

He immediately crawled down onto the carpet behind her and pulled off his pants and boxers as she waited excitedly. He slowly undid the red, silk bows keeping her panties closed in the back. As her silky guards fell away, he drank in the amazing roundness and perfect perkiness of her 18-year-old buns. She had her mother’s ass but twenty-one years younger and definitely bigger.

He pressed his cock immediately against her wet folds and dragged it all along her juicy openings.

She was already felt like she was spinning in a room full of refracted light thanks to the verdantly lush and rolling mind-hills of their double-whammy-Molly intake; but now her body was in a dual sort of spiritual ecstasy as she felt her father’s cockhead pressing against the dripping lips of her exposed flower.

Just as the actress on screen was beginning to ride the sizable cock from above, Mackenzie felt her father enter her from behind. She could never remember aching this badly for sex before in any of her past physical encounters with men.

She moaned into the rug below her as her father’s dick seemed to continue filling her up like an unexpectedly-long train passing by at a railroad crossing.

Her boyfriend was a solid six-and-a-half…her father had to have been a nine.

When he’d finally pushed all the way inside of her his swollen balls pressed against her smooth skin as she luxuriated in that feeling that can only come from experiencing a new cock for the first time. Except this was so much dirtier on a mental level. This was her father—the man her friends all wanted to fuck while she was growing up.

And now here she was fully bent over for him on Christmas Eve while he fucked her on the family room floor—the same floor where he had given her airplane rides as a little girl. Only now she’d been upgraded from coach seats to the pilot’s actual joystick.

His cock was splitting her tight, young pussy wide open in the same spot where she’d often laid on her stomach to watch movies while growing up…where she worked on her sophomore year Geometry homework. Only now she was working on a slightly different set of angles. The parallels couldn’t be missed.

She moaned again as her entire body quaked when she felt him began to pull out a little and then push in a little.

Her father was fucking her without a condom on the floor. Her father was fucking her pussy. Her dad. No…her Daddy.

“Mmmm, Daddddddddy,” she moaned, as her brain began to realize the role she wanted to play for him for the rest of their night—for the rest of this ridiculously amazing high.

This wasn’t just sex. This was forbidden sex. That’s why she felt ten-times more wet than she ever had before. That’s why her box felt like its hidden Pandora compartment had finally been discovered. She turned back to look at her dad and bit her bottom lip hard as he drove his hips into her harder and harder. His cock rammed inside of her wetness with a loud squishing sound as she marveled at just how large a cock her father had apparently been hiding from her all of these years.

His sizable girth was the Rock of Gibraltar and it jutted into her storming seas as she gave herself fully over to him. She’d never felt so horny for a cock in her entire life. She thrust her teenage butt back against his crotch as she turned back around to watch the sexy porn being played out on the TV.

The actress didn’t have a chance in this sudden game of sexual prowess. Mackenzie was going to make sure that she matched her move for move, moan for moan. She wanted to be the center of her father’s attention. Henry was certainly lost in the performance.

He no longer cared about the porn that was playing as his hands roughly grabbed the sides of her bulbous ass cheeks and pulled her back onto his cock.

He couldn’t get over how sexy she looked as her cream built up on his shaft in a thick lather. She was incredibly turned on and her wetness reminded him of those first desperate, backseat liaisons of his younger years, where girls would drench you in those early hormonal floods of YES, FUCK ME!

He still couldn’t quite wrap his head around the fact that the slutty girl bouncing willingly up and down on his cock was his very own flesh and blood—the little girl he’d given piggy back rides to in her youth was now enjoying an entirely different type of ride on the cock that was half responsible for creating her. It was a mind-fuck of interstellar proportions.

Henry wasn’t going to last much longer due to the obscenely erotic sight of his daughter’s shaven pussy and ass through the untied back of her lingerie panties. Her pussy was so young and tight that his cock was an absolute slave to its control.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Henry said as he fucked her faster now.

She bounced back against his thrusts trying to make him cum harder as her moans grew more excited with each new pound.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum, daddy!” She said in a slutty whimper. She had called him ‘daddy’ during sex again. He couldn’t believe how much it turned him on.

He got faster and faster as his hands clawed into her supple cheeks.

“I’M GONNA CUM!” He groaned, trying not to yell it. She pulled off of him and pushed him backwards as she flipped around and immediately grabbed his cock and began jacking him as she put the head in her mouth and sucked like his dick was a Boba straw.

He couldn’t believe how fast it happened and he fell back onto his shins with his back against the base of the couch as she sucked on him like a wanton whore. She never broke eye contact with her father as his sperm exploded into her mouth and down her throat. He watched her expertly swallow each new burst until his eruptions subsided. She loved the taste of his salty spunk and she pushed his cockhead around with her lips as he saw some of his cum dripping out onto her chin like a vanilla milkshake on the lips of a slutty 1950’s diner bad girl.

She looked like some sort of wicked serpent that had just slithered into his Garden of Gethsemane. She looked like she was sucking for sustenance.

He was so sensitive now as she lightly licked his head and sent jolts of electricity with each teasing flick of her tongue against his helmet.

He was still incredibly hard as his cock’s pulsing finally died down, his orgasm receding to a low tide. She smiled up at her dad even as her hands continued to lightly jack him off.

“Go back and sit in the corner of the couch, daddy,” she said to him as he immediately got up and followed her direction. He took his own shirt off in the process. When he was seated she crossed the room to him and he watched as she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her boobs hung firm with two rock hard nipples pointing out like the perky noses on the people of Whoville. She kept the socks on for affect—which they did.

She crawled up and straddled him as he pulled her down for another sensual kiss. They made out for a couple of minutes like this, their tongues exploring uncharted corners of each other’s mouths like kinky cartographers. And then they made out slower as his cock began to harden again against her.

She finally pulled her mouth off of his as they enjoyed the way their bodies felt together. The drugs were in full affect as the night stretched into euphoric oblivion. She loved the feel of her father’s hardness against her—the largess of his largeness brought out lots more of her lewdness.

She reached under and positioned him at her pussy again and then slowly sank back down onto his monstrous tool as her face made silent O’s into the air above them.

The depravity burned between them now in a singular incandescence.

As she slipped down further onto his cock she ran her hands through his thick hair and pressed her lips to his cheek. His hands held her hips as he rocked her down onto his length.

“You like my pussy Daddy?” She whispered into his ear as she rode him slowly.

“Yeah baby, your pussy is so tight on Daddy’s cock.” He immediately replied. They were both playing the same game now. The sexual lines had been drawn in the sand and then walked right over. They may have had the drugs to thank for their basest improprieties, but these loftier indulgences now tapped into the edges of their untapped kink.

She was riding her daddy’s cock. He was inside of his daughter’s pussy. The wordplay continued as they delved deeper into this psychological master’s class that chance had provided them.

The Molly was still fully enhancing every single press of naked skin against naked skin and their brains had taken over from there.

Mackenzie bounced up and down on her father’s cock as they continued their impromptu verbal cabaret.

“Yeah baby, bounce on Daddy’s cock like a good slut-daughter,” he said now as he grabbed her neck with the length of his strong hand.

“Yes, Daddy!” She moaned back to him.

“Do you like the way Daddy’s cock fills your pussy? Do you like knowing that your Daddy is filling you up better than you’ve ever been filled before?” He continued as he squeezed her neck.

“Yes Daddy, UGHH, I love it Daddy, ughh ummmff, fuck me daddy…FUCK ME!” She moaned louder as she began to ride him harder, the soft wave of her hips increasing with each new crash of her stormy swells.

“Ride Daddy’s COCK like the little SLUT that you are, baby.” He directed her now and she obeyed as her body submitted to each new demand. She loved when he called her his slut. It was hypnotic.

“MNNNFFF FUCK YES, UGH, DADDY, FUCK ME DADDY…POUND ME WITH YOUR COCK…FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER’S PUSSY…FUCK MY HOLE DADDY…YES…FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME.” She was moaning sloppier into his ear with each thunderous collision of their bodies—the once intimate grinding of their hips had transitioned into something of a more critical impulse.

The entire couch shook as his sexually brazen little girl rode him like the wiliest burro in the stable. Everything felt fucking incredible.

“Daddy I’m gonna cum soon!” Mackenzie said suddenly as she felt her entire body reverberating with something deeply intrinsic. “I’M GONNA CUM KEEP FUCKING ME!”

She road him like she was a drunken championship jockey now, her hips showing the power and energy of teenage lust as she slammed down on to father’s icicle-hard cock like she had a Triple Crown to capture.

“Cum on your daddy’s cock baby!” He felt as she began to shake in his arms and soon, the thought of his daughter orgasming on his dick was too much and he felt his own second cum shot of the night welling up inside like freshly discovered Texas T—sperm that is.

“I’M CUMMMMMING!! UMMMGGGFFF. OH. MY GOD. FUCK ME. FUCK. DADDY I’M CUMING FUCCCKKKKK!!!” She gasped and squealed as Henry felt his own cum only moments from exploding inside of his daughter.

“I’m gonna cum too!” He said and she did her best to keep riding him even as her own orgasms continued making grand reappearances like encore’s at a rock band’s final concert. She rubbed her clit as she road him now. It was the first multiple orgasm of her young life and she felt like she’d discovered a new religion.

“Yes Daddy, cum inside me!” She leaned in and bit his ear hard. “Cum inside your daughter’s pussy, Daddy!” She said and that was all he could take as she bit her teeth down into his neck as she gave him a hickey.

His cum blasted into her as he pulled her hard down onto him. As his eruptions continued deep into her loins they fell back into the blankets and pillows in the corner of the couch and fiercely found each other’s mouths again.

They kissed wildly as both of their orgasms slowly came down in calming ripples as she stayed there fully seated with her dad’s cock still inside her.

They made out slower and slower now, like an orchestra shifting to a rallentando movement. Henry’s hands ran all over her ass and back up to play with the minor chords of her ribcage and the sides of her breasts that pushed against his chest.

She stopped kissing him and looked at him with a raised eyebrow as she wiggled her young ass on top of his cock, enjoying how it felt just to have him inside of her like this. He smiled back at her as he glowed above him like a thoroughly fucked Christmas tree topper.

Henry was amazed he was still this hard even after cumming twice.

Mackenzie could feel her father’s cum dripping out of her pussy and down his shaft. It felt incredible.

“Wow,” Mackenzie finally said as she kissed him lightly on the cheek and nose and the side of his lips.

“Yeah, wow.” He responded in equaled reverence. As Mackenzie shivered on top of her father, the up-and-down temperatures of the drugs reminded her that she was still rolling.

“Well, here’s what I’m thinking.” She said suddenly, as she looked up at her dad and threw a blanket around her shoulders.

“What’s that?” He said as she he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

“It’s close to midnight right now,” she said, looking over at the clock, “which means our high will probably start to wear off in the next hour…” she was sucking her tongue as she said this, another byproduct of the drug’s effects. “Unlesssss, you were to sneak into your room and grab us both another pill.”

He looked at her as she sat there cutely on top of him. She was so sexy and adorable and horny as fuck, just like him.

“If we take another pill, I’m probably just gonna end up fucking you all night long. Is that what you want baby?” He said to her as he thought of all the naughty things he still wanted to do to his daughter.

“That’s the point,” she said. “I want my daddy to fuck me all night. So go steal another pill and meet me in the kitchen. I’ll get some more water for us,” she said as she hopped off of his cock and off of the couch.

Henry quickly put his sweat pants back on and she threw on her t-shirt but ignored her bottoms. He headed up the stairs to grab more pills and she prodded off to the kitchen.

When he came back a couple of minutes later with the pills, she was laying down on the large kitchen island with her hair falling off the far side of it.

He handed her a pill and they both ventured further down the path of bad decisions as they swallowed them with a quick sip of water. She laid back down and arched her back on the island as she posed for her father. He stepped forward and spread her legs and then knelt down to eat his little girl’s pussy for the first time that night.

Mackenzie thrashed against his hungry tongue as she pushed her t-shirt up to play with her tits while he licked her. His tongue made long glides through her folds and urgently circled her clit with each new pass.

He brought his tongue down to her asshole and entered her there which also caused her to reel back in a new sort of pleasure.

He was fully hard again as he ate her.

“Daddy you should eat me out while leaning over me!” She said as she scooted her head so that it was hanging off the side of the kitchen island. She wanted him to basically 69 her from above and he had no objections to that. He walked over to her head and lead over her body to eat her upside down slit. He instantly felt his cock being swallowed back up by her wet mouth. Her lips felt so puffy and soft on him as she sucked him in this stupidly amazing position.

The way her head hung off the island directly level with his hips made it so that Henry was able to start thrusting his cock further into her mouth.

He was basically fucking his daughter’s face now. And She was digging her fingernails into his thighs as he did so. He was impressed with how far she was getting his cock into her mouth. His daughter had dedication. She pulled him into her mouth even as he heard her gagging any time he went further in. She was learning on the go how to relax her throat and breathe through her nose for such a large cock and her eyes welled up with tears as her spit covered his cock and her face.

Large strands of saliva would come off between them every time he pulled out and she’d gasp for air for a brief second before he’d push right back into her slutty mouth.

Mackenzie’s own pussy was being properly lashed by her father’s tongue as he fucked her face with his cock. Her own father, fucking her mouth in a 69 position on the kitchen island where the stuffing had been sitting only hours earlier, what would the neighbors think?

She wanted him to cum again. She wanted his seed in her mouth again. She needed his cum.

She licked her fingers in between his thrusts and brought them up to massage his balls as he fucked her.

Then as Henry continued praying at the temple of her sex he felt her slide a wet digit lewdly across his own asshole.

Then he was even further surprised when he felt his young daughter’s finger slide inside of his ass while he took her mouth.

College really had taught her a lot, he thought to himself as his own eyes rolled back with the added pleasure of her finger in his ass while she deep-throated with choking resiliency.

Soon she could tell that he was going to cum again as he pounded her head back now into the wood side of the island as she recognized the sudden urgency.

She jacked off his cock and fingered him all while keeping her stretched lips dedicated to the task of sucking better than a Dyson. She looked like a lead performer in an X-rated Cirque du Soleil as she juggled her erotic tasks.

Soon he was cumming again, no announcement this time, just the shaking in his legs and the expanding of his cock inside her mouth.

The first cumshot she swallowed but for the next few she jacked him onto her face as she painted herself with her father’s third orgasm of the night. It was lighter this time, but still impressive considering how much he’d already deposited into her well-used holes.

She hung there between his legs with white globs dotting her glowing face—like the nasty version of a Thomas Kinkade masterpiece.

“Daddy, is there anywhere that we can be a little bit louder?” she asked as she sat up with her legs hanging off of the island and licked the cum on her face into her mouth. She was so damned sexy and she knew it.

“Hmmm, I’m not sure…why do you ask?” He smiled at her, loving how turned on they both still were, how badly they both needed each other as their hands played with each other’s bodies.

“Because I want you to fuck my ass and I think I’m probably going to be pretty loud.” She looked at him and his dick pulsed in its half-hard state. His daughter was a total fucking whore for him and he loved it.

“Actually…I’ve got an idea.”


Ed Rafferty had been plowing snow for the last thirty-seven years of his life. It was a seasonal job that supplemented his regular 9 to 5, and he sort of liked the nighttime serenity involved with seeing a bustling city so quiet and peaceful as it was buried in a wintery blanket of white. He turned down his usual streets and battled the rising push of fresh powder into piles that covered cars and mailboxes and road signs. They had to be nearing three feet now and the storm wasn’t expected to stop until late the next morning. It was going to be a late one, he already knew.

He shuffled through his various podcasts and music mixes as he drove. Welcome to Night Vale. His Bob Dylan Pandora station. The circular debates of sports radio programs. Occasionally he’d just listen to the sound of his rig as the giant plow created call-out-of-work-sized berms and snowball fight starter walls.

As he turned down another beautiful street full of old Brownstones, he saw something completely unexpected up ahead.

A young girl dressed only in a pair of untied snow boots and a purple beanie was bent over against the side railing of the stoop while a slightly older man who was also wearing nothing but a pair of boots pounded into her from behind.

Christmas Miracles really do exist, he thought to himself as the plow slowly chugged by the front of the Page household.

Mackenzie and her father had seen the plow as it approached but both of them had decided to play Chicken with the idea of stopping. Her father didn’t stop fucking, and so she didn’t make him stop fucking. There was no one else on the street and Mackenzie was moaning LOUDLY as her father’s cock opened up her tight asshole with each new thrust. If anything, the knowledge that they were being watched only made Mackenzie even hornier as her ass took the largest cock she’d ever had.

Here they were, three strangers locked in a game of voyeuristic drug-fueled Christmas lust

The plow watched the plow as crept by barely going a mile an hour. Henry leaded forward towards his daughter.

“Why don’t you show this guy just how big a slut you are for your daddy.” He said to her, as Mackenzie bounced her ass back on his cock and moaned into the quiet snowy air around them. The upstairs bedrooms were located on the opposite side of the house and no one else appeared to be up this late from any of the neighboring snowed-in properties.

There was no one else around but the snow-plow driver they were giving an impromptu anal sex show to. Mackenzie loved being watched. She would often go down on her boyfriend when they were in bumper-to-bumper traffic in his sedan, just hoping that a large big rig would roll by and see her head bobbing spiritedly on his cock. She locked eyes with the driver through the darkness and hoped that she was making his cock hard too. If her father had told her to run over to the plow and suck him off right then and there, she would have. That’s how lecherous she wanted to be for him. That’s how nasty he could make her be if he really wanted.

Soon she could feel herself cumming again just from the sexual knowledge that a stranger was watching as her father butt fucked her in the middle of a snowstorm. She was hot and cold and ice and fire and she wanted to be the star of the whole damn show—the star by which their dicks navigated at night.

His dick plundered her booty like she was a common whore. And she quickly realized that’s exactly what she was becoming for her father—a lascivious little fuckslut of immense proportions.

After she had come down from her orgasm, the driver moved on to finish the street and she and her dad came back into the house to lay in front of the fire.

They fucked each other there.

They fucked on the dining room table.

Henry ate his daughter’s ass on the stairs while she spread her cheeks for him.

Mackenzie rimmed her dad’s butt while she jacked him off on the edge of the couch.

He fucked her with the grip of his expensive new golf putter over the back of the same couch.

He picked her up and pounded her against the door fo the fridge as magnets were knocked off all around them.

‘Twas the sexual marathon before Christmas, and all through the house, his dick was still stirring, and she was his mouse.

Henry couldn’t remember the last time he had cum four times in one night.

But that’s exactly what happened hours later as she rode him in front of the fireplace completely naked as he reveled in the last melting droplets of his sexy snowgirl.

His daughter came hard for him as they made out again. They held each other like that forever.

The last of their dopamine levels were falling, and they fell against each other in a silly and loving embrace.

It was the type of sex that poets would attempt to capture in words, but fail in the undertaking.

As they gathered up their clothing they did their best to hide all of the evidence of their naughty, hours-long romp.

Henry scooped her up in his arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist and placed her arms over his neck as he walked them towards the bedrooms.

They kissed gently all the way up the stairs, her tongue darting out to slide along his lips. It was so intimate. So necessary.

Henry couldn’t believe that his cock was still half hard. When they were almost at the top of the stairs he just had to have one more taste.

He laid her down again and ripped down her shorts and panties as he pulled his cock out and pushed back into her.

She had to be so quiet now as her father fucked her on the stairs, the bedroom doors only a few feet away as they rejoined their well-used sexual parts. At any moment her mom or her boyfriend might walk out into the hall and see them in flagrante delicto.

What would they possibly say? Maybe we’d just keep fucking. Mackenzie thought, as she once again indulged in the perfection that was her father’s thick fullness stretching her out like a tallboy beer can wrapped in a koozie.

They came again finally. Her voice letting out a high pitched moan as he thrust his hand over her mouth to quiet her as the last drops of cum exited his body and into his daughter’s.

She wished they could just fall asleep like this…with his cock still inside her. She loved the way her father fucked her. He loved the way his daughter’s pussy gripped him.

They kissed again as they stood up as she pulled her shorts back on while he did the same with his sweats. They finally separated at the top of the stairs.

“Merry Christmas Mack,” he said as he gave her one final kiss.

“Merry Christmas, Daddy.” She replied as they each retired to their rooms for what remained of the early morning darkness.

What a week it was going to be as the blizzard piled up outside, cocooning them in a world full of secrets and fantasies come to light.

Henry and Mackenzie drifted off to sleep in their individual beds as their minds replayed the events of the night like an incestuous SportsCenter highlight reel.

She purred into her pillow as she began to think of a way to get her father alone again.

No, not her father.

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