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Father and Daughter unite in intimate love and breeding

138 Min Read

Jess has had such an arduous day at work, at her Saturday job at the local village greengrocers. It was the start of July – the middle of summer, and the hottest day so far this year. Villagers were out in droves, stocking up on their supplies for barbecues and parties.
Jess knew this was just the start of a long afternoon into evening, as her work was not done when she finished her shift; it was her dear daddy’s 60th birthday today and her and her mum had organised a surprise party at their house. Dad was out with his boys today for a driving day at a racetrack as a present from them, leaving Jess and her mum to get everything ready for him and all the guests.
Jess brought home with her a bag full of strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes and whatever was left at the shop, one of the perks of the job. She also had salad vegetables in tow as well – that bit was always taken care of for the family these days!
Mum and Jess prepared fruit punch and bowls of salad for the party. It was going to be so great for dad to see all his friends and family in one place, gathered there just for him to celebrate his special day. Jess expertly and swiftly peeled apples, diced melons, sliced strawberries and juiced lemons and limes. Preparations for the food spread were almost complete.
Flora, Jess’s mum, was so proud of her daughter. Only 18, yet a truly maturing woman. A brain in her head, practicality and also softness and femininity. Her body was gracefully and beautifully rounding as she came to her womanhood and he was growing outwards in just the way Flora hadn’t. She already had gorgeous C cup breasts and wide curvy hips and bottom. Flora could see her future grandchildren sparkle in Jess’s eyes and reflect outwards from her bosom. She just needed to get college out of the way and then hopefully Jess would meet a nice young man and settle down very quickly. Flora and Charlie were ‘old folks’ now, pretty much, they’d had Jess late in life and it had been hard on them. Very hard.
Flora knew it was presumptuous that she hoped for all this so soon from her teenage daughter, but really, it was logical. Flo’s body hadn’t snapped back into shape at all after Jess’s birth, like a woman much younger than her would have. Still, Charlie was a patient, loving and strong man who had aged like a fine wine. He didn’t befit a man of 60 at all, with his gently greying hair, thinning slightly at the crown, the ‘designer’ stubble he saw to so intently in the bathroom each day; his slim waist only just starting to thicken in the last 5 years or so; Charlie cared for himself. His face showed laughter lines and signs of a great life led. Jess, his little girl, always idolised him growing up. Flo remembered fondly the times Charlie had placed his little girl on his lap and affirmed her beauty; how many hearts she would break when she was all grown up.
Dad arrived home about 7 from the racing day, and was looking forward to seeing his wife and daughter after all the fun, and having some beers!
He walked into the empty house, wondering where everyone was.
“Flo… Jess…?”
He wandered to the back garden, opened the back door…
The hoards of family and friends started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and party poppers flew everywhere. Charlie laughed heartily and his girls hugged and kissed him as he walked bewilderedly through crowds of friends & family. Flo and Jess heaved a sigh of relief; they didn’t need to keep the secret anymore! Charlie was on the verge of a tear or two, overwhelmed with the love.
The party concluded about midnight, and Flo retired a little before that. Charlie had had a few beers as planned but never got out of control, always knew that three or four was his max. He wanted to remember tonight – it was a special celebration. Something he did not want to be under the fog of a drunken stupor.
Despite the time of day, the July warmth meant that Jess had not needed to put any extra layers on tonight and remained in her small (bra-less) top and short white denim skirt and cute sandals.
Charlie suddenly felt very odd. A feeling came over him that he was not expecting, hadn’t hit him ever before, and confused him greatly.
He found himself fixed on his daughter’s body.
He felt aroused.
His eyes lingered on her; her beautiful bottom curved and jutted outward from her in an enchanting and perfect way. His eyes moved to her inner thighs and what lay above the fabric of her skirt. Her hips were wider, and slightly out of proportion for a girl her age, almost too large for her slim waist, but in a way that made her so sexually appealing.
He knew his daughter wasn’t wearing a bra. The evening chill saw her nipples very slightly hardened. They peeked through the fabric of her top ever so slightly. Her round, full breasts, so ripe and soft. The line of her areola just visible beneath her strappy top. Charlie felt himself harden as his daughter wiped surfaces, put cutlery away, and bent over to pick up bits of food from the kitchen floor.
What was he thinking? This was his 18 year old daughter!!
He slapped his own face to bring himself to; ashamed of his thoughts and trying to suppress the raging erection he appeared to have given himself. As his mind started to come back to normality, Jess was trying to get his attention.
“Daddy, can you lend a hand with this big table? Just to get it back into the dining room.”
“Sure Jess… of course, sorry… was miles away.”
Charlie and Jess got an end each of the table and lifted and scraped the table into the dining room. It was heavy and they grunted and strained as they moved it back into place.
Jess wheezed. “Goodnight daddy, Happy Birthday. I love you” and threw her arms round her father. She planted a big kiss on his cheek. His arms reciprocated, sliding round his daughter’s waist; but as she turned to face him, he gripped her hip tightly and inexplicably placed a second kiss on her lips.
Jess, slightly confused, didn’t pull away from her father, rather, kissed him back. It seemed to last a little longer than a normal peck, a few more milliseconds than was normal for a daddy to kiss his teenage daughter. Jess released the embrace and smiled at her father, saying goodnight and leaving the kitchen to head upstairs.
As she ascended the stairs and opened her bedroom door, Jess’s mind started ticking. Thinking, wondering what had just happened. Was that ‘something’? On the other hand, was that just her slightly tipsy father being ‘loving’?
Even weirder, in her mind, was the fact it had slightly aroused her.
She peeled off her skirt and top and climbed into her bed. She heard the comforting sound of her mum’s gentle snoring in the next room and felt her hands wander over her own body, still a little aroused by that slightly odd event with her father.
Downstairs, Charlie was struggling immensely to keep his urgent feelings away from his mind and body. Pulses of excitement were surging through his loins and making him crazy. What was wrong with him? Why was he feeling like this about his 18 year old girl?
All that was in his mind was entering her fertile body. Fucking her. For all he was worth. His hard, hard cock fully inside her virginal pussy. Why was he feeling like this? Should he act on it? Would Jess want it too?
The urge did not subside.
15 minutes later, Charlie’s raging erection bulged from his trousers. He did not allow his hands to go inside his trousers, but stroked himself from outside his trousers, hardening more and more. This was absolute torture. His balls were heavy and aching. He longed desperately to release the pressure in them. Inside the womb of his teenage daughter.
Was this what his fantasy was all about? Why? He couldn’t explain or justify in his own mind at all. He just wanted to feel his thick, potent cum, filling her body.
More, though.
He wanted to make her pregnant.
Father her first child.
Charlie’s head was screaming no. But his heart and loins were stronger. His body, virile and frantic. His instinct as a man told him that the signals he’d read from the kiss of his daughter, were real. She wanted this too. He had to take a chance to make his dream come true. Or, spend the rest of his life unfulfilled. He longed for more children, so much.
As if his steps were not his own, like a magnet pulling him towards her, he climbed the staircase and arrived at the door of Jess’s room. He stood for a moment in silence. He could feel his body’s whole pulse in that silence. Flora’s light snoring assured him that this was the time. Right now. To face up to his daughter. Tell her what he wanted. He could regret this for the rest of his life. But that was the chance he had to take. This minute.
He took a deep breath and turned the handle of the door to her room, and softly entered. He stepped up to her bed. She looked so beautiful. Her naked body was only partially covered by her bed sheet, and her breasts were so full and pert, protruding from the sheets.
Charlie got on his knees by Jess’s bed. He laid his head next to hers, gently. She mumbled something indiscernible. He spoke very softly, in almost a whisper.
“Jess, can I talk to you?”
Jess awoke with a slight start. “Dad?”
Charlie shushed her quickly, placing his hand on her mouth.
“Dad what’s up?”
“Daddy has to talk to you my darling. There’s something on my mind and I can’t wait any longer. I need to tell you something and you need to listen to me”.
“Daddy what’s wrong? What is it?”
“What happened downstairs…”
“Oh dad, that’s OK, I know it was nothing…”
“Jess, daddy’s not sure it was nothing.”
“What do you mean daddy?”
“Jess I need to tell you something. Show you something. Please trust me. I am your father and I would never EVER do anything to hurt you, or that you didn’t want.”
Charlie took his daughters hand in his. He kissed it gently. He moved their clenched hands slowly to his loins.
“Daddy what are you doing?… is…is that what I think it is?”
Charlie’s own teenage daughter’s hand was resting on the crotch of his trousers, beneath which lay an enormous stiff cock. Not only that, his arousal over the last hour had caused his trousers to become wet with pre-cum. He’d soaked all the way through his shorts. It was warm and moist to the touch and so engorged, the pulsing made it actually beat like his heart.
“What the heck do I do about this Jess…?”
“Daddy, are you hard … because of me?”
“Jess, my baby. My gorgeous baby. My mind has gone crazy. I want you. In a way I shouldn’t want you. I want you physically. The immoral way a daddy shouldn’t want his daughter. But it’s different to just physical want. It’s a deeper want. But, if you don’t want to hear any more and you want me to leave right now without saying any more, I will leave this room and never, EVER, mention this again.”
Jess was silent for a moment while she reeled in shock.
“Daddy, tell me. Please tell me what you mean…”
Charlie paused, took a deep breath, then decided; this was it. The only opportunity he would have to realise his desires, and he wanted this to come across right. Composing himself, he poured his heart out to his daughter.
“I mean Jess, I want you and I to make love. With every fibre in my being. I want to make love to you. But not just that, baby, I want to fill you with my cum, deep, deep inside you, so your womb is fertilised. What does that make me Jess? I am not a monster, I am not evil, I just love you and want to give you a child. More than one child.”
“I want to see your body change, become round and full with our baby. I want to see your beautiful breasts swell up with the milk of our young. I want to taste it too.”
“This is it. I have said it now. I don’t know where this has come from. I am not drunk, I have not thought about this before. But I know it’s not a spur of the moment thought. It’s me. It’s what I want us to do. I am not forcing you to do anything. I just needed to tell you. I love you my baby girl. Now what?”
Charlie started to shake with fear at the words that had just spilled from his lips.
Jess trembled. Dad had given her a speech she couldn’t quite get her head around. The words she was hearing shouldn’t be coming from her daddy’s lips. His cock had felt like an iron rod it was so hard.
She felt dad start to sniff tears back, his head still next to her on her pillow.
“I never even had urges for your mum as strongly as this Jess. That’s why we only had you; I never really regained my desire for her after that. But tonight, I have realised my love for you transcends father/daughter love. I want to make your womb, mine.”
“Please say something! Do you hate me? Are you going to tell the police you have an indecent pervert for a father? Maybe I should turn myself in. It is wrong. I know it is wrong.”
Charlie had a sudden attack of morality. He let go of her hand.
“Jess, please forget it. I am so sorry. I am a terrible man and I know I have been unreasonable to tell you all this.”
Charlie got up from his knees, wiped the tear from his eyes and started to inch away from her.
Jess grabbed her daddy’s hand.
“Daddy, wait. Don’t go. Please.”
Charlie stopped and kneeled down again.
“Daddy I don’t think you are a bad man. I have a confession too…”
“What darling?”
“When you kissed me downstairs, on the lips, it made me excited…”
“Yes excited… I think I want you to do it again. I know it is wrong. But I can’t help it. I liked it, daddy.”
Charlie’s heart leapt into his throat. She did want it too? She wanted him?
“Oh baby girl… Jessie… Come here… please…”
Charlie put his arms around his daughter as she rose to meet his embrace from her laying position in the bed. She put her head on his shoulders. She nuzzled into her daddy’s neck and his lips brushed her ear, kissing it gently. The dynamic had altered dramatically between them, never to return to the original.
“Jess, my gorgeous daughter. Let me lay next to you. Please. I want to be close to you. Hold you. We need do no more I promise. Unless you want to. Remember, I will NEVER hurt you; you’re my life.”
“Yes daddy…please be next to me…please hold me… I need you right now…”
Charlie carefully and quietly got undressed. He slid into Jess’s bed and they lay together spooned, naked, lovingly, with her back to him. He moved his arms around his girl and kissed the top of her head. Tears welled up in both of their eyes. Almost joyful, but also full of trepidation and fear. They both trembled together in a loving embrace.
“I love you, daddy.”
“I love you too, baby girl. So much I can’t begin to explain it.”
“You said you want me to have your babies, daddy. That is wrong isn’t it?”
“Yes Jess, it is very wrong of me. I am ashamed, but I can’t hide what is in my heart. I promise the only things that will happen between us are things that YOU want, my baby.”
“Daddy, I do want babies. Mum’s always saying I should have them young, so that I am not an old mum like her.”
“Yes princess, that’s definitely something to consider. I would be the luckiest man alive if you and I made a baby.”
“What about mum? Won’t this destroy her?” Jess cried.
Charlie wasn’t really sure whether Flo would care much or not. He knew they’d talked for years about trying to encourage Jess not to go to university and to concentrate on being a homely type; this had almost been trained into her from an early age. They both secretly wanted her to be a young mum. If she had have found a boyfriend and got pregnant at 16, they would have been overjoyed, whether or not the daddy decided to stay around. They would have taken care of daughter and grandchild gladly.
He felt the unrelenting pulse in his cock interrupt his thoughts. He squeezed his daughter tight and let his hands slide across her abdomen as he pulled her close. His hard cock inevitably rested on Jess’s naked bottom. Jess could feel it throbbing between her bottom cheeks.
This was so weird. She was naked in her bed, with her naked father behind her, getting as close to her as he could, his body pressed firmly to hers. This is the sort of position she imagined she’d be in with a boyfriend. Not her 60-year-old father.
She always thought he was a looker for his age, and the ladies loved him – he was always popular in their friends’ circles. Jess wondered how many of their female family friends really fancied her dad.
Jess allowed her bottom cleft to embrace her daddies’ erect cock, and it nestled in the groove, the head facing downwards along the line of her thighs, so that if she had opened her legs a fraction more, the head would have leapt forward and slid up to her slowly moistening pussy lips. Daddy couldn’t yet feel her building arousal.
“Daddy would need you to not talk to mum about this. I think she’ll come round. I know your mother. Our sexual relations are well and truly over and she knows it too. But she’s very strong and very open minded. And she wants you to be pregnant Jess. You don’t know how much. She wouldn’t tell you herself. But she aches to have grandchildren from you. It’s her lifelong desire. It would bring her so much happiness. The source of those grandchildren, though, I don’t think she’d worry about for too long.”
“Really, dad? She wants it that much she’d get past the fact that you and I had made those babies?”
“Yes Jess I think she would. But it’s very taboo, and I am not sure. I think if you became pregnant with my child, we would have to face the option that we keep this secret for some time. It’s not right to the rest of the world, and not everyone would understand. I still can’t believe we are here like this, talking about it! Even this makes me happy, baby.”
“Yes I am 18 but I am mature enough to understand this. I love how we are right now. You feel wonderful, daddy.”
Jess allowed her legs to deliberately part for him, ever so slightly. Her daddy’s hardness sprung up suddenly into the gap created, and hit her wet pussy lips. The wet head massaged her clit gently. He knew how she felt now; her soaking wetness gave away her feelings about this.
Charlie’s hands wandered from her stomach upwards, lingering over her curvaceous breasts. Her body had goosebumps from head to toe and her long nipples stood proudly on end. He cupped them protectively and kneaded the nipples gently between each thumb and forefinger. He pressed his pelvis gently against his daughters’ bottom so that his head pressed harder onto her precious clit, feeling her wetness increase.
“Jess you have to want this too. Really want me. You have to WANT to feel daddy’s cock deep inside you, hard, and filling you up, to be ready to accept that we are making a secret family, to want me to fill your belly with my seed, no other boys, just with your daddy, and daddy alone. Are you ready for this Jess? I have just sprung this on you tonight and I would understand if you needed time to think about this? But I love and want you, my child; it’s all I want in the world. Please say yes, please let daddy make love to you. I’ll give you everything I’ve got baby girl; it will be the most beautiful thing in the world.”
“I’m scared daddy, I can’t deny it. But I do want you too” Jess murmured. “I want it so much. You feel good… I want to daddy, please, can we?”
Charlie couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His 18-year-old daughter was saying yes to all of his wildest dreams.
“Oh, Jessie… baby girl…”
He wanted so badly to feel his cum flooding her beautiful, wet, fertile pussy, and making her egg into their first child. The first of many.
He moved her round by her hips round to face him, his arms around her in an elated embrace. His hands felt a little freer to rove. He tentatively moved his hands downwards to the radiating warmth of her vulva, and touched the moisture and slickness of her ovulating womb. She felt ready right now to be penetrated. Charlie’s heart pounded.
His face moved closer to hers.
“Daddy kissed you earlier in a way I shouldn’t have. I never dreamed you’d want it too.”
“Kiss me again daddy. Please. Kiss me.”
At that, his tongue met her lips, tenderly circling them once before her tongue came to meet his. Their mouths explored each other deeply, the pressure increasing with their growing arousal. He wanted to delve his tongue deeper but their tongues were already as intertwined as two people in love could possibly reach.
Charlie’s cock was now resting on his daughter’s stomach and being crushed delightfully, the pressure of her hip bone arousing him hard. Whilst exploring her mouth deeply with his, his fingers slid gently over the folds of her labia, wet with both her juices and his. Blood coursed through Jess’s body as she felt her father’s gentle touch. She was hornier than she had ever been in her whole life.
Daddy’s other hand found her breast and erect nipple, aching to be sucked and licked. Her breast filled his hand and he squeezed gently. She flinched oh so slightly in pleasure.
“Oh, Jess, Daddy is going to make you so happy, I promise. I am going to prove how much I love you tonight. My beautiful baby.”
He devoured her mouth with his. His hips lifted slightly and pressed back down again, onto her pubic bone with his hard cock, forcing her lips open so his shaft made contact with her swollen clit. She moaned softly as his tongue danced with hers.
Jess didn’t quite comprehend this situation and how they had got here so out of the blue. But, all she could feel was raging desire. Her daddy’s naked cock was inches from her opening, his mouth sealing hers and his tongue deep inside her mouth, and those thrusting movements into her throat with his tongue, his cock ached to replicate deep inside her womb.
Jess reached her hand down to feel the mass beneath her father’s rising and falling hips. The soft velvety skin of his naked penis felt so wonderful on her fingers. It was engorged with blood, and soaked with pre-cum; slick in her hand.
This was going to be the night that changed the whole course of her life. Their lives.
“Jess, are you sure? Are you really, really sure? ”
“Give me your babies, daddy, please. Please. I’m so ready for you and so, so sure.”
As Charlie’s hips rose this time, a soft but long stream of pre-cum oozed out of his head onto her clitoris, and travelled down to her waiting opening, lubricating it even more than it already was. There was a huge wet mess between Jess’s thighs now. Charlie could wait no longer.
Jess lifted her pelvis to create a path for her daddy’s cock, directly to her soaking entrance. Daddy edged forward. His head was at her opening, pressing, easing it, a little more.
“Daddy can’t wait to make love to you baby girl. This is our first time. And I want to be your only one.”
“Daddy, make love to me. Stay with me tonight, and make love to me all night long… please” she shivered in ecstasy.
Charlie moved his cock slightly forward; penetrating her now. The head was just inside her opening. She gripped him with her walls.
“Oh Jess, you’re so beautiful. So sexy. You feel so gorgeous and tight. Daddy loves you, and I will love all our beautiful perfect babies too.”
He eased inside her a little more. She gasped as he moved deeper, and deeper… He was almost all the way inside her.
“I want you to be permanently full of my young, baby girl. I want to breed with you daily, and bring a huge family forth from our bodies.” Charlie moaned as his back arched with pleasure on finally feeling penetration into his teenage daughter.
At that, his hard, bare, soaked cock slid completely inside her, and hit her cervix. He was balls deep. There was no deeper for either of them to go. He stayed there for a moment, and gazed in wonder beneath him at the majesty of his, hopefully fertile, teenage daughter, in his arms, her pussy utterly enveloping him, genitals completely connected.
Charlie slid back and forth, gently and quietly, ever conscious of not waking his wife, though the fear of her hearing them fucking, strangely aroused him more.
As they rocked gently together, pussy and cock fiercely locked together, daddy moved his head to his daughter’s gently jiggling breasts, and grabbed a nipple between his lips. Tonguing and sucking it; then swallowing and devouring her breast as deeply as he could as he bucked into her; he emulated latching onto her for milk as their babies would. Charlie couldn’t wait for his daughter to be pregnant and for her body to grow heavy. He longed to feed from her soon-to-be heavy milky breasts. He felt deep desire to taste her sweet milk. He had to make her pregnant. As soon as he could. It was his mission.
Jess felt so right. She had never had sex with a boy before, but had had a high sex drive since she started her periods 3 years earlier, so had played with herself and many toys since then. She had always been fascinated with how a penis fitted inside a vagina and had made it a point to learn for herself by buying a toy as soon as she could. She hadn’t wanted to feel the painful pangs of virginity when she finally had her first time. Jess was used to the feeling sex might bring, but this was her first human cock. And, my god, the dildo she had did not even come close to this. Not only that, but this was her own father’s cock. He was just huge. Wide, and long. However, the measurement seemed perfect, like his length was somehow tailor-made to her depth. His head made contact with her cervix on each deep thrust, and his girth stretched her walls open wide to their capacity. She felt utterly full. How incredible!
Jess was fertile. She knew it. Her dripping, leaking juices told her what she already knew. Her period had been 2 weeks ago. This was her ovulation time. She felt wetness on the bed beneath her as her father’s weight pressed onto her and his hips bucked hers. As they fucked, their wetness was very audible and the slooshing sound was so arousing. She was ready to be inseminated, impregnated, by the most special man in her life.
Sometime later, what seemed like half an hour or so, daddy was getting very close to orgasm. Jess was suppressing her moans as best she could, but her pussy was convulsing inside. She was cumming too. Her cervix undulating. Waiting for the pool of seed to fill it and be sucked involuntarily into her uterus. Then, finally, Daddy arrived at his climax, shooting his first load of potent seed with huge force at the neck of his daughter’s aching womb. Aching, as if she was in a great hurry to feel herself filled with the fluids from his overflowing balls. It felt fantastic to her. She could feel his balls tightening firmly against the opening of her pussy, contracting hard as their contents erupted forth with jet force.
The ropes of thick cum continued to explode out of him, into her body, as if he’d never cum before. Charlie suppressed the ecstatic cries he would normally make; trying his best to be quiet. He held himself inside her tightly, up to his balls as he released, the injection reaching far and deep. Not one drop would leak from her. He would make sure.
They had become one. His seed was planted.
They both felt indescribable. Jess had just lost her virginity to the man she loved most of all. He looked down at her, fixed on her eyes for a minute. A small tear formed in his eye, still holding himself inside her. For a moment, he forgot that there was anyone else in the world.
10 minutes passed. They were both speechless and couldn’t find anything to say that would be enough to define what had occurred between them. Jess’s fathers’ body relaxed and his chest came down to meet hers. His lips searched hungrily, wanting to tightly lock together with hers. Warm cum was seeping through into Jess’s uterus all the time, up through her fallopian tubes, searching for its target.
“Jess, I don’t know where this came from. I only know how it felt. I didn’t plan this. I promise. Are you OK baby… are you happy? Did I make you happy? Please say I did…”
“Daddy… oh, daddy… my daddy… that… was just… incredible. I can’t put into words how I feel. I have just made love to my own father, and I’m at my most fertile. So he might have got me pregnant. He might have placed a baby inside me. I have never felt like this before. Am I happy? YES daddy… I have never been happier than I am right now.”
“I can’t believe all this Jess. This is the most special moment of my life. I want to make a life like this, with you. I want to do this every day, or as near to every day as possible. I want to make sure you’re pregnant, fast. When we have made our first baby, I’ll think about telling mum. If she doesn’t understand, we’ll make a life together without her. You are my life. I love you, my daughter.”
They kissed once more. The kiss, the feeling of her daddy devouring her mouth, his softening cock still deep inside her, sent her body into a gentle spasm of pleasure. She could feel cum ooze out from around her daddy’s cock. He had filled her so fully that she was overflowing.
Her hand crept down to her pussy and slid a finger slightly inside, alongside the penetration of her daddy’s softening cock, bringing it to her lips to taste their combined juices. Salty but also incredibly sweet and with a musky smell on her hand. She repeated this; and fed her finger to her daddy’s lips. He sucked her finger hard, his tongue delighting in the taste of their sex.
They lay there for a minute or two, stealing a kiss every few seconds. Charlie slid his hands over the body of his own flesh and blood, marvelling at the beauty of her, the magnificence and the sacredness of what had taken place between them tonight. His daughter. Freshly fucked. Newly fucked. For the first time. He had taken his daughters virginity; so perfectly. Her womb was overflowing with potent, powerful seed. It was coursing through her tubes, helped along by her rapid strong heartbeat, searching out her egg, to penetrate its walls.
Jess wanted more of what her daddy had given her. He knew she did, too. He could sense her breasts and nipples becoming aroused and hard once more. He leaned down and took a nipple onto his tongue, and suckled her. He took the areola into his mouth and allowed the nipple to reach the back of the roof of his mouth, latching onto her tightly. Charlie hungrily locked onto her breast as hard as would be comfortable for his daughter, to emulate nursing on her. He toyed with his tongue on her swollen tender nipple as he suckled. She moaned very softly, pleasured by the intimacy. Her pussy tensing slightly in arousal, pushing daddy’s cock out slightly as she tensed. Daddy eased himself inside again so he was penetrated to the hilt, released her nipple from his mouth and looked at her intently.
“Jess, this is how babies latch on, you know. You realise that’s what you’ll be doing with our children? They’ll suckle hard and draw your milk out of you. Our babies will feed from your body and your breasts will be their life.”
Jess smiled at her father as he continued to suckle her. Her mothering instincts were going to be realised very soon. She felt protective of her father as he rested on her chest, still penetrating her, though softened now; her hand at the back of his head, keeping him in place as he lost himself with desire. Her cum-filled body heaved as he came back to the surface, licking her nipple gently. His daughter, the mother to his children (and grandchildren). Strange, but beautiful. Charlie’s cock grew slightly hard again at that thought. The thought of a new child – his child, passing down his daughter’s birth canal, into the world. Her cries in pain as she pushed their baby from her body. The thought of her full milk engorged dripping breasts, and empty womb, longing to be inseminated all over again, filled with another child as soon as possible. He wanted to keep her pregnant. He was still inside her, and hardening for a second time.
He had always been fascinated with the idea of having a wife just for breeding, permanently full of babies. Flora hadn’t been the one to grant this desire. But maybe he’d just opened the door to his dream – and his own daughter would be his future?
It was now 1:40am. Charlie’s wife was still snoring gently next door, which was a relief to both of them. Locked in an embrace still with his baby girl, Charlie was hardening again fairly rapidly. His moist cock nestled deeply inside her gaining length and thickness by the moment. He looked her in the eye. Her eyes gazed back at his and she smiled at her daddy.
“Daddy, fuck me.”
“Yes baby, Daddy will fuck you.”
“Daddy, give me a baby. Cum inside me. Put your seed in me. Make love to me. Make me pregnant. Please.” Jess moaned.
“Yes Jessie. We will make love. Again. Now, and every day from now.”
He kissed her longingly. He was just huge and growing inside her virginal tender body. He stretched her tiny tight pussy hole tremendously, forcing her opening wider than ever before with his fresh erection. This one was bigger than before. She gasped with pleasure as she was stretched to the max for her daddy’s thick cock.
“Jessie I really hope we make a baby. I want our child to be conceived. Tonight.”
Charlie moved in long, deep strokes so as to prevent the bed creaks and her mum to wake up. He drew his cock out as far as he could and then thrust back into her firmly. This stimulated him so intensely as he felt his daughter’s outer labia caress, cling to, and hug his wet cock. Jess and he talked at length about their future together, as they made love slowly and deliberately. Daddy telling her over and over, how much he loved her, how he wanted her pregnant with his young, how this was the start of a new life for both of them, and how making love to his daughter was the most beautiful experience of his life; in between deep kisses. Charlie loved kissing his daughter deeply like this. The sort of kiss you can only have when you are in the throes of an incredible physical connection.
Jess felt so much love and lust at the same time for her dad. There was still a lingering element of confusion in her how this would all pan out. This strange, spontaneous phenomenon. How had this taken root? But none of those thoughts mattered now. Now she was making love to her father. At this moment, nothing could compare with the feeling of her father’s long, thick cock moving and sliding in and out of her body. About to release another round of potent cum, every drop with her name on it. Meant for her womb. Her waiting womb. Her egg was just dying to be fertilised.
After what seemed like another whole hour of lovemaking, Charlie pushed one last time. His balls in spasm, sending seed straight up through his urethra with hard pressure, giving his daughter a direct shot to the cervix of thick heavy seed. He held still as he pulsed and twitched with insane pleasure. This time was more intense for him. His balls completely evacuated now; their contents all in the vessel of Jess’s body. She received every single potent drop. Millions and millions of opportunities for her to conceive their child.
Now time would only tell. They lay there for a short while longer, locked together, daddy’s cock plugging her entrance to maintain his seed’s integrity inside her. Softening gently. They were trembling with excitement about their inevitable future, so wrong, yet so sacred.
“Jess I must go to my wife’s bed now, she will be wondering where I am. I am so happy I can’t tell you how much. This needs to be a secret for now. The more we keep it a secret the more exciting it will be too! I want to do this as much as we can baby girl, please? Can we do this every night? Will you let me? I really want to make sure we have no chance of failure at our mission.”
“Yes, daddy I want to. I will keep your seed inside me all night and all day, so we can hopefully grow a baby inside me very soon. I want your cum inside me every night, daddy.” Charlie knew that his baby girl really was aching for more of this. Her trembling pussy told him all he needed to know.
At that they kissed, and he withdrew from her body slowly and sadly, so as not to disturb his double gift to her. He kissed his little girl, now a young teenage woman, on the forehead, then dressed slowly, then went to leave.
“Goodnight my princess. I love you so much.”
“Goodnight daddy I love you too. See you in the morning.”
“Beautiful baby girl.”
The door clicked shut quietly.
Wow. Had that really just happened? Charlie was dazed. His mind became a blur. His heart pounding in his chest so strongly, his stomach filled with butterflies. He sat down on the stairs outside her room for a minute, trying to gather his composure and process the event that had just occurred. Then got up and opening the door to his own room, crept into his wife’s bed.
“Charlie, you’re late to bed, it’s 4:30am…” Flo mumbled in a semi-conscious state.
“Uh… yes you know me – late night sports and a whisky and I’m in another world. Thank you so much for a wonnnnnnderful birthday party my darling…” Charlie said, kissing his wife on the head.
“Oh happy birthday Charlie – it was our pleasure, Jessie organised most of it you know. All the family invites; half of the cooking. She’s a talented girlie you know. She’s going to make someone a fine wife and mother one day. We raised her well, don’t mind if I say so!”
Yes, Charlie thought. A wonderful mother. To his young.
“You’re so right Flo. I am so proud of her. Shame we didn’t make more than her eh. But, hey ho. Bit late now, we’re nearly retired.”
“Charlie, I’m sorry my drive was never up to yours. I do love you, always have, and always will. I told you years ago remember, if you ever wanted an affair you could; I would not stand in your way; in fact, you would have my blessing. Well that still stands today you know.”
Charlie remembered all too well. When they were both in their late 40s. Big row. One that had almost broken them. Work party. Charlie, at a time before he learned his limits of 3 or 4 beers. The dance floor, with a work colleague 20 years his junior. A slow dance had turned into a ‘sneak out the back for a fumble’, which Flora had of course clocked immediately, her instincts rarely letting her down. Caught red handed with her top up and Charlie’s hands all over her.
Flo had not been mad at the act itself; a hasty, half-hearted fumble in the dark; more the sneaking. The repressed sexual feelings Charlie hadn’t felt comfortable being open about. Charlie’s lack of faith that his wife would understand, and want to work with him on it, together. She’d felt isolated.
They had thrashed it out together for weeks after that and eventually found their way out of the maze together, holding hands, stronger in their union. Flo had admitted her insanities, her flaws, and Charlie had (reluctantly at first, then freely) conceded his, too. Flo welcomed him to take a lover, though he’d never again since had the urge to look astray. He’d been so overwhelmingly proud of his wife’s strengths, it had made him fall in love with her all over again, and they renewed their wedding vows a year later. Charlie had always, since that realisation, remained fiercely defensive of their union. He had done all within his power to make amends with Flora’s heart.
Until tonight.
He could only guess as to how Flo might react if he told her what had occurred tonight. How she would feel about his completely crazy desire. Although he now lay in his marital bed, his mental focus remained solidly on his daughter next door, her womb full of his seed, the bets were on as to whether she would be impregnated tonight. He imagined her pussy leaking onto her sheets as she slept.
Charlie’s body shivered as he remembered the feeling when his head first pushed clear into her wet opening. The feeling when her lips stretched so widely, to tightly and snugly accommodate his thickness. He could somehow still hear the squelching sound of her already full pussy as he made love to her firmly and purposefully that second time.
Should he open up to his life partner and tell her his deepest, darkest, most dangerous secret yet in the entire history of their 35 year marriage? Would that be suicide for their relationship?
In his head, he decided that this really wasn’t the time for a confession of this magnitude. He could scarcely take it in himself, let alone break it to his wife.
He began contemplating a life without Flora. Making a home and a nest with his daughter and their growing family of 4, 5, 6 children. Maybe they would live abroad, anonymously; in a secluded place where their breeding secret could be safe and nobody would be any the wiser. He could keep Jess at home, pregnant and nursing their latest newborn, as their babies grew and were nurtured. She would get naturally heavier over the years, as her body became more mature, and her breasts would grow into huge udders leaking their milk so teasingly. He imagined her carrying twins, triplets, being so big she couldn’t move. It all excited his fantastical mind.
Charlie kissed his wife goodnight and turned over to sleep. He dropped off in no time, having had two huge orgasms earlier, both of which resided firmly inside his daughter’s body. The thought of that brought one last smile on his face for the night.
Flo, however, didn’t go back to sleep so easily. It had been a long and taxing day, so she should have been out like a light. He really didn’t smell much like whisky. She lay awake, in thought, for a while, before eventually slipping back off too.
Jess, also remained awake. Confused, bewildered and overjoyed all at the same time. A little scared at what had just been born within her, literally and figuratively, at the hands of her beautiful father. She couldn’t accept that somehow this hadn’t been brewing for ages inside him. Maybe inside her too, although she couldn’t pinpoint any prior clues in her brain pointing her in that direction.
She had known that her mum and dad had had problems over the years, when she was a toddler. She knew that their sex life had been pretty non-existent for years, but – to want to be with her, his daughter? She wasn’t sure where that had sprung from in the depths of his psyche. She could only fantasise as to the reasons. One thing she knew is that it felt good. Really good. Wonderful. She could still feel him moving inside her, she could still feel her body rocking back and forth, as if her thighs were still wrapped around him. They had made love for hours. Her body was aching to feel more. To be penetrated by him over and over. To be filled with his burning desire and hot seed. She wanted to be impregnated so intensely now; all of a sudden. Knowing she had a willing and so, so, desperately eager father, waiting to take her, make her a mother, and lifetime breeding partner. She drifted off into a dreamland where her belly swelled to huge proportions and her womb opened to allow passage of their many children into the world.
The morning inevitably came. Jess awoke, it was Saturday. Time to get to work. She needed a shower. She smelled the air and remembered. It was like sleep had taken it all away, and the daylight had brought it all back. Then she felt the trickle of fluids out of her body. She must shower carefully, to keep the seed inside her.
The water ran over her naked body, washing away the combined sweat of her and her daddy, dried on her body, pooled in-between her breasts and the folds of her skin around her stomach and neck and pelvis. She rinsed water across the outside folds of her labia, but didn’t go near the inner folds. It couldn’t leak from her. She wanted to be in possession of his seed for as long as she could.
Dressed, and ready for work, her hair tied tightly back, and very little makeup adorning her face. Mum and dad were having breakfast together in the kitchen. The wonderful smell of fresh coffee filled the air.
“You off so early Jessie?” dad said forlornly.
“Yeah daddy, delivery is early today, I will be home early though; Millie is letting me go at 3.”
“Ah, good, we’ll be going out to the pub for some extended birthday celebrations tonight – do you have any plans?” her mum said enthusiastically.
“Oh yes mummy, that sounds good – someone else cooking for once!”
“Brilliant – so ready to leave at 7pm.”
“Great! Laters!”
And off she went to work, still going carefully to protect her precious secret. As she turned to leave, she caught her father’s gaze on her, scanning her body, oh, so quickly, from top to bottom, as if he was wondering if sparks were flying in her ovaries right now; cellular cogs turning to engineer their very first baby son or daughter.
Charlie ate the rest of his meal in relative silence. His heart was overflowing and his mind full of thoughts of the previous evening. He was going crazy on the inside but having to keep it from the surface. This WAS crazy. Was he – falling in love with his daughter? Romantically? Was that even possible? His heart sped up again for the hundredth time that morning. His cock strong and hard thinking about her. The thought of being next to her, penetrating her body, injecting her full once again, as high as possible up into the depths of her pelvis, feeling their genitals cling together in an unforgettable bond.
She was so wildly beautiful. The roundness and width of her perfect hips moved with the grace of a woman 20 years her senior. Her beautiful elven features; he delighted in the wideness of her eyes. He craved the feeling of her long brown silky hair brushing his chest. Her full curvy figure made his body pulse with excitement. The thought of seeing her grow huge with his child, seeing her body change daily, all down to him, excited his senses beyond belief. Her breasts; swelling, her areola; darkening, veins becoming prominent, wow. He could barely contain himself. His cock almost protruding from his dressing gown he was so hard; as he sat right there next to Flo.
Flora gazed at her husband. He’d always been a quiet, thoughtful and enigmatic type; keeping her guessing all the time. Every day. Even now, in his senior years, He was no different. His eyes gave nothing away, apart from an unmistakable distance, if you looked hard into the depths of them. A mystery that had always intrigued her. Only, this time, she felt something deeper was going on within him. She couldn’t think what – he’d just had an epic celebration for his 60th year. Maybe that was it? Anxiety about getting older – now he was almost a pensioner? He certainly didn’t look it, more the looks of a man ten years younger than he was.
Was there someone else? Had he taken her blessing and gone out and found a lover? She wouldn’t have blamed him at all. Even if he chose to be secretive about it she swore to herself that she wouldn’t get hurt like she did last time. She did her best to respect his manly urges. They had never had an electric sexual union since they were a newly married couple 35 years ago. It had almost been an annual event. So, if he had slipped away from home to experience the pleasures and relieve the urges that a real man needed to feel, who was she to stand in his way?
Playing away from home wouldn’t spell the end for them. She’d seen how missing out on affection had affected Charlie’s mental state. It would be far better for him to be free to do as he pleased.
Little did Flora really know the extent of his desire and the weirdness of this brand new urge inside her husband. What would appear to be a perversion and very, very, inappropriate. Her 35 year marriage was about to undergo the biggest blow. She didn’t even know it was coming.
Jess’s day at work seemed to fly by so fast; although she was trapped in thought too. Her body, however, seemed to go into autopilot when she was in the throes of work at the greengrocers. She threw herself around for 6 hours, and at the end of it all, exhaustedly headed home. She wished she’d never agreed to dinner now, in a way. She had been up so late with her father. At least she finished early today. She could have a bath and a nap before the night out. And, it wouldn’t be a late night.
Jess arrived home, heading upstairs to run a bath. She slid off her shirt, jeans and underwear. When she peeled off her black thong knickers, there was a huge wet mess in them. The seed of her father from their night of mating. She couldn’t let her mother see these. Rinsing the thong under the tap with some soap and warm water, she felt more fluids sliding down the inside of her thighs. Jess allowed the stream to finally run out of her. She hadn’t realised quite the volume she held inside her. She stepped into her warm bath, pouring from her as she lowered herself into the water.
Mum was out shopping, restocking on wine; they had through a lot at the party last night. It was 3:30pm and Charlie was just pulling up at home, having had lunch with his old boys at the golf club.
The warm water soothed Jess and lapped against her rounded abdomen and naked breasts. She reached over herself with a soapy sponge and her hands, massaging away the stresses of her day. Her body felt soft and tactile as she soaped her breasts sensuously. She started to feel revitalised and her eyes opened a little wider.
Then the front door clicked. Daddy.
“Jess, you in baby?”
“Yes daddy – in the bath.”
He ventured up the stairs. She had left the door open. He stood at the entrance.
She was a picture of womanhood. Wet, glistening and beautiful. He reached down to her and caressed her face gently. She closed her eyes and smiled.
“Daddy can you help me out of the tub please?”
He held his hand out to her. She took it, stepped out of the bath, dripping, and bare before him. Her arms fell gently around his shoulders. “Thanks, daddy.”
He looked into her sleepy but slightly rejuvenated eyes.
“How are you feeling my girl? I mean, do you still feel the same as you did last night?”
“Yes I do. I can’t get this out of my mind. I feel so wonderful. Do you?”
“Oh Jessie, I am so totally and utterly committed to what I said to you last night. What we did. I want to do it all over again, baby. Right now. Can we? Daddy has more to give you. So much more.”
“Daddy, do you know that I am fertile and ovulating right now? Take me now, and let’s not waste the chance to make our baby.”
He led her into her room, her naked body wet and her skin with goosebumps. Stripping himself off deftly, his cock hardened at the sight of his naked girl in front of him. Taking her by the shoulders, and then wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her awaiting mouth, her full lips against his, softly at first, then becoming more firm and urgent. His tongue met hers, trying to make contact with as much of it as possible. Charlie felt his hardness increase and rise up to meet her hand. She took it and held it, cupped in her hands as they kissed.
“Jess, today is all about you. I want to pleasure you. Give you all you ever wanted; and show you how much I love you and our unborn baby.”
He took her hand and led her to the bed. She sat down, looking up at him. Daddy eased her shoulders down so she lay down on her back with her legs extending to the floor.
He dropped to his knees before her, parting her thighs. Looking up at his teenage girl.
“I hope we have planted our child here, in your womb, Jess my baby.” His hands sliding up to her pubic mound and caressing her there.
Then his face came to meet her fresh wet bathed pussy. Kissing it gently at first, then, deeper, as if it was her mouth. His tongue slid over the folds of her outer labia, pushing through them, to the softness inside; penetrating her pussy slightly with his tongue, as he devoured her. Her clit was swollen and dark pink in colour. He flicked it with his tongue before sealing his lips in a circle around the clit and sucking and nibbling firmly on that very small area, all the pressure concentrated on her engorged clit. She screamed in ecstasy.
“Aarrrggghh Daddy… YES … Uh… Ohhhh … god… mmmmph…” Jess tried to suppress her cries in pleasure.
Charlie continued for some time with his mission to make his daughter cum. Relentlessly sucking, licking, harder, wetter, faster. Her clit in the vacuum of his lips, sending her whole body into a quaking frenzy.
And, cum she did… like never before.
Her pussy spasmed and convulsed, jets of her juices squirting with force onto her daddy’s face, into his mouth, his tongue capturing and swallowing as much as he could as his cock raged with desperation to enter her void and make her overflow again. She tasted so delicious, so sweet; he wanted nothing more than to feel his shaft surrounded by the vacuum of her soft pussy walls again.
He rose and gave his mouth to her yearning nipple, puckered and hard from the chill in the air. He bit onto her gently. Her quivering body leaning on his for support as her chest engulfed his head. He suckled her nipple, as if desperately trying to suck her milk out.
Jess widened her thighs and positioned herself at the end of her daddy’s rock solid, pre-cum dripping head. He was poised at the mouth of her womb once again, a feeling that he had craved since the last time. To be back there.
“Jess, I want to feed from your breasts too. I want to help your milk come in, and for us all to feed from you. Our babies and me. The thought of nursing from you turns me on so much.”
Jess smiled at her daddy as he said this. Gosh, what a horny thought, her breasts leaking milk and her daddy and her babies taking turns to feed from her.
He moved his cock forwards.
Touching her open pussy now.
Sliding further…
His head sank in. They were one.
Slowly, deeper…
His shaft now almost fully engulfed…
Her hole stretched wide, accommodating his thickness and tightly clamping him in her.
“Mmmm … yes… Jessie, baby, does daddy feel good to you?”
Jess was in utter ecstasy as her daddy slid in; then almost completely out of her, before playfully pushing back in, teasing and playing with her.
“Uh…uh… yes daddy feels so good to me… You’re so deep, so, so deep, daddy…”
Today their bodies moved urgently and faster than last night. They could make more noise, mum was out. They didn’t have to hold back or be cautious.
Charlie drove more powerfully and ferociously into his daughter’s body with each passing stroke, like it was his last day on earth. She responded, bucking fiercely, banging herself hard onto his belly. As hard as she could. Charlie was not going to be able to contain himself long, with the intensity of their thrusts. Their skin slapped loudly together, their moans echoing loudly around the room. Her cervix readied itself to receive an almighty explosion. Jess wailed for her daddy to fuck her; fuck her as hard as he could.
At that, Charlie gave her all his power, his passion, his strength, and the hardest erection he had had for years. She gasped and squealed. She contracted strongly around him as he grew harder. She was about to cum again – the bed was already soaked in her juices. As her body gave in to pleasure once again, convulsing and shaking as she came, she felt a rapid flood inside her, as her father also simultaneously released his strong jet of seed. A huge, bulky load. He had so much cum for her. Yelling loudly as he released, his little girl’s womb received every drop. Charlie pulsed and throbbed as his seed travelled far and deep into her body.
“Jess… we have just made a baby… I know it…I have filled you with all you can take… can you feel it making you pregnant? Does it feel like you’ve been fertilised?” Charlie said, panting heavily. He was completely out of breath.
“I hope so daddy, I really hope so. I love you so much…” Jess said, her chest rising and falling hard as she regained her breath.
Still deep inside Jess, they kissed as he gently pressed his pelvis into her. The seed was in her womb. Their baby was conceived. They both knew it. Their lives were soon to be complete.
Charlie stole kisses and suckled from her precious nipples in between sentences.
“We need to make time for each other every single day,” Charlie continued. “So I can train your beautiful breasts to lactate. I would love to feed on them once your milk comes, before our child is born.”
Jess smiled down at her father as he continued to suckle and nurse on her. Her pussy twitched with arousal with his firm vacuum on her nipple. His cum seeped from her pussy a little. Jess was exhausted now. They would have to get ready to go out in a few hours.
“Daddy, we need to make a move, mum will be home really soon.” she said, a little concerned.
Charlie sighed. “Yes you’re right honey. Though I would much rather lay here with you all night. Damn.”
He withdrew his softening cock from her slowly, and then pushed in again slightly. He didn’t want to leave her body. Moaning reluctantly, he exited her body fully and sat upright next to her.
“Lay here and sleep for a while, Jess” he said. “Let my seed go to work deep inside you.” He kissed her lips gently and moved to get off the bed.
“Ok daddy, I’ll be ready at 7 like mum said.”
Charlie had barely got out of Jess’s room when he heard the front door close. Flora had arrived home. God, that was close! He hurried into his room, got his bathrobe on, and headed downstairs to put the kettle on for his wife – still with his daughters juices wet on his cock.
“Good day, honey?”
“Yes, darling, I fought my way through the crowds – still managed to restock the wine AND get you a late birthday present!” Flora said, handing him a little parcel.
Charlie ripped open the wrapping paper – Flo had bought him a bottle of his favourite scent. “Ah thank you Flo my love!” he enthused. He planted a firm kiss on her cheek. “I’ll wear it tonight. Speaking of which, the kettle is on, I am off for a shower and to get ready to go out.”
“Is Jess home Charlie? Is she back from work?”
“Yes, she’s sleeping. Strenuous day by all accounts! She’ll be ready at 7 she said.”
“Oh good. I’ve invited Tom and Nora too; they couldn’t make it last night but can’t wait to see Jessie.”
The meal out was relatively peaceful. Thank goodness! Jess loved her Uncle Tom and Aunty Nora. She hadn’t seen them for a year! They weren’t her real aunty or uncle, but they were her godparents and they had never forgotten a birthday or Christmas since she was born. They were lovely people. Whatever would they think if they could see that her belly was full of her own father’s semen, doing its hard work inside her, swimming against the odds of gravity, to populate inside her uterus in a bid to grow life – incestuous life inside her? It would certainly be a disgrace on the whole family and she and her father would be disowned, for sure.
Jess ate dinner quietly and thoughtfully, acknowledging comments and stories. Her daddy seated diagonally opposite, unable to take his eyes off her but trying to suppress it, knowing he’d inseminated her once more. They caught each other’s eyes now and again from across the table, and Charlie delighted in the sparkle in Jess’s eyes. He could almost see his unborn family emanating outwards from her beaming face. How exciting, and how utterly absurd, all at the same time.
Dinner over, they left the restaurant promptly. Tired and ready for sleep, this truly had been the weekend that changed their lives. And only they knew it.Jess and her daddy made love to each other as often as they could over the coming weeks. Each time, she would be gifted a heavy and potent load of her daddy’s cum, deposited as deep, and as high as possible; right into the heart of her pelvis. Charlie would lay with his cock buried inside her for as long as time allowed, guaranteeing the conception of their child. His fluids would remain inside her body for as long as she could hold them.
Neither of them had yet worked out how they would broach this with mum, yet. They had better hurry up and think of something.
Some weeks later, Jess realised her nipples were hurting her a little. Daddy had been religiously suckling from her to induce her milk, every time they fucked. Perhaps it was just that? He had had a particularly long suckle today, after they had finished fucking. Milk was coming soon, she could feel that she was close to it; the veins in her breasts had become prominent, and bumpy as she ran her hands over them.
Jess also felt a flutter in her womb. Her body was craving her daddy’s cock. Constantly. This constant desire made it a bit difficult for Jess to function, as daddy could only fill her with his cum when mum was out or asleep. Jess would have gladly locked herself away in a room with daddy and received his massive hardness for days and days without a break, the way she felt right now.
“Daddy, I think I am pregnant… I feel it.”
“Really? Jess, Really?!” Charlie exclaimed, excitedly.
“Yes daddy, I need to get tested, but I’m fairly sure, my nipples are sensitive and my period was due nearly 2 weeks ago.”
“Oh Jess, I pray we have made a baby inside you! How do you feel my darling? Are you OK? Are you happy? We are going to be a family!”
“I am so, so excited daddy…” Jess said. “Though now we will have to tell mum.”
“I know baby. Let us get through the first 3 months. It is a critical time and we need to make sure you are healthy and the baby is healthy before we tell her. Then when we’re sure all is well, I will tell mum.”
Daddy’s face lowered yearningly to his baby’s sensitive erect nipples and he began to nurse on her. He had been working very hard on her milk production for nearly 3 weeks now. Every couple of hours, sneaking in to her room and suckling through the night.
Suddenly, a flood of liquid passed his lips.
Her milk? Had it come?
He tasted the sweetness on his tongue.
Yes, it had finally come!
Hungrily now, Charlie suckled. He tasted it again. This time more than a few drops came out. He got almost half a mouthful. His eyes met hers, eagerly and with a huge beam. She knew what had happened. He kept suckling. More and more milk would come onto his tongue.
Jess grew aroused, watching him and feeling his tongue there. The more he persisted suckling her, the more sweet liquid he would receive into his mouth. Wow.
His cock pulsed and surged. He grew harder and harder until the head became purple with the pressure. Their babies would be well fed, Charlie was sure of that. Pre-cum leaked strongly from his cock, a stream dripping in-between Jess’s thighs as she lay there in his embrace. Daddy’s juices ran down to her pussy and bottom crack.
Jess’s pussy became wetter and wetter as her daddy continued to feed. She smiled down at him, submissively feeding on her, feeling her tummy flutter with the magic happening in her nipples and womb. She longed for the huge purple cock resting on her thigh, oozing cum.
But, she wanted to thank her daddy for his gift first.
She gently moved her father’s head away from her breast and up to meet her own, kissing him softly on the lips, and tasting her own sweetness on his tongue.
“Daddy, I want to show you my appreciation for giving me this magic and creating our first baby. Let me devour your cock. Right now. I’m a hungry girl and want to taste you.”
Charlie was in awe of his beautiful daughter. She moved from under him, downwards, kissing his body as she travelled, finally arriving at his raging erection. She slid her hungry tongue all over the tip.
Oh, my god.
She made him want to eject his load into her open throat spontaneously, right then and there.
He quivered and shuddered as Jess continued to move her lips tightly around his thick shaft. She had a small mouth but full luscious lips and took him down into her throat surprisingly deeply. His cock was soaked with a beautiful mixture of her saliva and his dripping pre-cum.
He was so close to his climax.
She paused for a second to say:
“Daddy, don’t hold back. I want to taste you. Drink your cum into my throat, fill my mouth with your juices.”
She lowered her head once more. Her lips sealed in a tight suction on his head with the tongue flickering and stuttering around on his engorged shaft. He could not speak it felt so good.
“Oh… Jess… uh…uh… Baby…yes…baby… uhhh…YES…Mmmmppphhh!!”
He could hold it no more, and erupted violently inside Jess’s awaiting mouth.
He convulsed hard as his cock fed Jess with jet after jet of his thick cum. Oh, how amazing his daughter was. He looked down at her as he swallowed the huge mouthful of his heavy load, hungrily.
He loved her. Intensely.
When she had sucked him dry, her eyes rose to meet his.
“Daddy, you taste so good!”
She licked her lips clean of every last drop of his juices.
Charlie was speechless with pleasure and ecstasy.
“Jess… I have never… felt anything like it… my god, that was like nothing else in the world. Your mum never liked to do that to me. That felt truly… magical.”
“I love you daddy. We are a family now. Our own secret. For now, anyway.”
“Your mummy will notice you’re pregnant in time Jess, I have to think of a way to tell her as soon as it is confirmed.”
“I know daddy. Women’s instinct and all that. I will get tested today so we know the truth.”
“I love you baby girl.” He said, caressing her womb as he gazed at her. She lay back down next to him and kissed his lips. His tongue ravenously entered her mouth, somehow wanting to taste himself on her tongue, as she had done earlier with her own breast milk.
Her heavy, full milky breasts met his cupped hands. They lay in this embrace for a while, lazily exploring, his fingers teasing and kneading her nipples at the same time, with each caress, milk dripping onto his hand.
After a while, Jess got up, getting dressed in preparation for her trip to the chemist. She tried not to leak her daddy’s precious cum from her womb from their morning fuck earlier that day, as she moved and put on her knickers and jeans. Her daddy lay there, satiated and utterly dazed with love.
Flo was at work, and Jess left her daddy in the empty house as she set off for the chemist, round the corner. These last few weeks had been an utter whirlwind. She had gone from an innocent 18-year-old contemplating college, to finding out that her father had feelings for her, and she for him, and they had made love many, many times.
Since then, there had not been a single hour passed where she was not full of his seed. If she were not pregnant now, it would be a miracle.
Pregnant. To her own father. That made him a father and a grandfather at the same time. That concept was something she could not quite grasp. She and her father had formed a sexual bond, and now a love that transcended anything she had ever felt before. Was she in love with him? Her 60-year-old daddy? How could she even know what that was at her tender age?
Charlie lay there. Deep inside his own brain. His body exhausted with the pleasure he had just experienced. He had done it. He knew he had. She had a baby inside her. They had planted one together, deep inside. They had made this new life in love, and they would make many more. He couldn’t believe his feelings. His adoration for her. For their union. The feeling he got when he penetrated her body. Her delicate reactions when he kissed and sucked her ripe nipples. Her tongue filling his mouth. Their deep, deep kisses as he moved his cock back and forth to meet her womb. Devouring her from every angle.
Those feelings overtook him. At 60, this was like some sort of rebirth and call to his younger manhood.
Purchasing a test, Jess ran out of the shop back up the street to their house. She knew that the answer would be yes. This was merely a formality.
Sure enough.
Jess was positive. She was with baby.
Charlie would have to think of something to say to Flora. Soon. There was no escape. But, the feelings of love, joy, elation and delight for his new child and its mother, took over.
He hugged Jess close to his body, tightly.
“This is it my baby. This is it. This is the beginning of our new life. Are you ready to go into our future like this, and mother my children forever after?”
“I love you daddy, so much. Yes. I can’t wait to birth our baby and to become pregnant again to you. I can hardly contain myself; I love you, I love you daddy! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” She kissed his face in excitement.
“Me too Jessie baby girl. You are all mine now. And I am all yours. I will take care of you princess, you will never have to work at that greengrocers again. Or anywhere else. Your home will be here, in my arms, naked and pregnant. Nursing our babies and growing our fruit. I will fuck and fill your beautiful pussy every day to make sure your ripe womb is never without a fertilised egg growing inside it.”
Jess melted at the thought of all her daddy was saying. She clutched his body hard and felt his heart beating inside his chest against her ear.
“I may be 60 Jessie, but I have a lot of life inside me my girl. We will make love as much as possible. I will nurse and feed on your breasts all the time to keep you full of milk. I love suckling on you so much. Hmmm… my cock is so hard for you again Jess. Thinking about that…”
Jess released her grip from her daddy’s body. She looked up at him, and moved away slightly. She peeled off her shirt, then her bra, crouching over to slip off her skirt and knickers, gently. She ran her hands over her naked newly pregnant body, cupping her breasts in her hands and looking into his eyes.
“Daddy, come here. Nurse on me now.”
Jess ushered Charlie’s head down to her naked breast. She squeezed a little out of her nipple onto his awaiting lips. The voluminous squirt of milk dripped over his chin, and he moved onto her nipple to feed. As his tongue and teeth moved over her areola and nipple, drawing out her nectar, his cock continued to harden. She could feel the hardness pressing onto her pubic bone. She loved that feeling. She knew that meant what was to come was a huge hard cock deep inside her.
He kissed her with a deep searching tongue. Jess caressed his raging cock with her hand as he did so. With his cock in her hand, Jess said “Daddy, this is what has given us this gift. We’re having a baby. Fuck me now, daddy, fuck me in celebration. I want to celebrate our pregnancy, and never go a day without receiving your seed to my womb. I am all yours daddy, to breed and feed on forever.”
That was all the cue Charlie needed. He was desperate for her. He laid his daughter down, spread her thighs apart, and knelt down at her moist wet pussy. He knew how she liked it now. His tongue met her opening and entered her as deep as it could. He could taste his own cum there, too, the same taste he had had a hint of earlier.
Jess felt tingles of pleasure as his tongue searched her deeply. She felt hot, and her heart raced. He moved over her clit and clamped onto it like a fierce vacuum. Prodding her swollen nub fast and firmly with his tongue, she yelled out in pleasure. Her orgasm came in under a minute, pouring juices all over his face and onto the bed sheets; soaking them with her orgasm.
She came so hard. All over his awaiting lips and into his open mouth. Shivering, shuddering. She was astounded at the love she felt for her daddy. This older man, her father. The intimacy was incredible; the closeness melted her heart. She desired him deeply. He was her universe. She came and came, helplessly and fearlessly.
Since hearing the result was positive and knowing that daddy had indeed impregnated her womb with their baby, Jess knew that she wanted nothing more than to commit her life, her body, her everything, to him; to breed, and breed more. To grow many, many babies.
Her eyes met his, as he rose from his kneeling position at her loins, with a burning, smouldering look on his face. He had a heavy and hard cock now. He needed to penetrate her. So intensely, he felt like he might die if he didn’t. It naturally fell into her valley as he moved, and Jess tilted her pelvis to meet his eager head.
“Mother to all my future children. I love you. My baby girl.”
He sunk slowly inside her, relishing every centimetre deeper he travelled. Burrowing inside her wet depths.
She gasped and smiled as their bodies met at pubic bone, his organ buried completely inside her. His lips clamped to hers, tongues dancing erotically.
They had not heard Flora come home.
Or, walk up stairs.
Neither had they closed the door.
Flo watched on, as her husband made love furiously to their daughter.
A strange combination of feelings grew inside her. Her eyes were too shocked to cry. Standing in the doorway, there she was. Witnessing her 60-year-old husband’s penis penetrating their pregnant teenage daughter. Into her. Drawing out again. Glistening in the light with their fluids. Sinking into her again.
Flora could see her daughter’s arousal as daddy’s cock pushed hard into her body. She wanted this. This was consensual. Her own daughter. Charlie, oblivious, talked to Jess as he fucked her, telling her how much he loved her, was looking forward to their baby being born, and how they would have many more.
Baby? What was she hearing?
Flo couldn’t speak. She was entranced. Watching in silence as his cock pumped and bucked against their daughter’s pelvis. And, she was crying out in pleasure. Charlie was almost ready to climax. Flo could see.
She continued to watch, hearing the voices cry “Jessie baby… daddy’s about to cum again… I am filling you so full…Uhhh! Mmmmm… Aaaahh!”
His final thrust was a huge jerk, and his cock stopped suddenly and throbbed hard, emptying a fresh hot load of sperm deep inside her. Flo could see the undulating cock as its internal pumps forced the fluids forth as hard and fast as possible in a rhythmic pulse.
Flora could not really comprehend what she was seeing. In one mind, she felt devastation. In another, joy. What? Joy? How could she feel this way? Yes, definite joy. Excitement. She was compelled.
Angry at Charlie for this betrayal. Furious at him. But, she couldn’t help but feel all her senses become aroused at what actually was a glorious sight. Their daughter was having a baby? Finally? Their long time wish was a reality, Jess would be a young mum now – and by the sounds of their conversation, the plan was for multiple young.
As Charlie finished spasming inside Jess, he was still utterly unaware that Flo was right behind them, taking in every detail of the view of their naked bodies connected at penis and vagina.
Then, Charlie sensed the breathing of a third person in the room and looked behind him, seeing his shaken wife rooted to the spot.
Jess looked up at the same time. Oh, no.
This was not how they were meant to be discovered. Daddy’s softening cock was still inside her and his juices oozes from around the edges out of her.
“Mum… Oh god… I don’t believe…”
“Don’t speak, Jess. Please. Firstly, you’re not in trouble.”
“Flo, I have no words that I can give you right now.” Charlie stuttered. He rose from the bed. His dripping cock wet still.
“Charlie. You betray me again, in the same way as you did all those years ago. I am your wife. I should know these things about you before it comes to this!” she said angrily at Charlie.
“Flora, I can’t explain. This is so recent. I have no way of starting to make you understand this. It’s come over me in the last few weeks. My heart is different. I crave our daughter and she craves me too. We don’t know why, all we know is that we need to make babies. And we have. She is pregnant.”
Flo nodded. “Yes, I know she is, Charlie. I have heard all you’ve said just now.”
“Flo, this transcends anything normal. I guess all I can now do is leave you with the biggest decision of your life. Please accept us. If you can’t, we need to let go. I love you Flo and always will. But this love, Jess and I, is something else. It burns inside me every day. I need her.”
Permission granted or not, Charlie knew this was his destiny. Their destiny.
Flora turned to look at Jess.
“Jessie, my baby. Talk to me. Tell me. Is what daddy telling me really how you feel? How do you feel? Do you want this too? You’re so young. You know your life will never be the same now you’re pregnant, right?”
“I – love daddy,” Jess started. “And, yes, I know what is happening, It was a shock at first, but I have never been so happy, mummy. This is how I want my life to be. I want to give birth to daddy’s babies.”
“OK honey, I just want to make sure he’s not pressuring you to do this. You have your own mind and I know you wouldn’t let anyone push you around.” Flo said.
“Flo, I have thought about nothing else but telling you and how to tell you, for weeks. I’m desperate for her. I am so, so sorry Flo and I don’t know what this now means for you. But I do love you still. I couldn’t have talked to you about this – surely you can see?”
“Yes Charlie, I suppose I can see. And, funnily enough, I don’t actually mind that much – I have seen the worst of it now, I would have hated you to just approach me when Jess was 6 months pregnant and tell me it was yours. This way, I know right from the start.”
Charlie had known deep down that Flora wouldn’t go too psycho about this. He knew she secretly craved to see Jess’s body grow plump with a baby. He hadn’t been ready to be caught in the act though – especially displaying desire he had never had for his wife, so enthusiastically for his teenage girl.
At that, Flo gave a speech to both of them.
“Charlie, you know how open I am about our marriage. I hadn’t expected I would have to be this open. I consent to you doing this. Provided I am involved in the children’s upbringing, I can allow you to live this life. I don’t want to lose both of you either, plus, there’s no way you could stay in this village without us remaining as a family unit.”
Jess and her daddy looked at each other, puzzled by her words but so very excited.
“We need to seclude ourselves from the village. Jess needs to stop her job at the greengrocers. We need to have her here and be very careful when she gets close to the pregnancy about keeping her at home. We may have to look at moving away eventually, should the house become too small anyway. But I want to be involved in the plans. If I am, you are more than welcome to have sex openly with me here in the house, as often as you like. I don’t mind hearing and seeing it.”
“Flo – are you – sure? Really? Sure you give your blessing on all this?” Charlie asked. He was hearing words more liberal than he had ever heard from his wife’s mouth in all their 35 years of marriage.
“I found what I saw just now quite beautiful, Charlie. Jess, its clear your daddy loves you deeply, and that this is not just about his sexual urges. It’s about both your futures. How can I stand in the way of that?”
“Mum, I know daddy loves me and that he is serious, I really do.” Jess said, looking over at her daddy encouragingly.
“Yes he is. I know your daddy. I know what he has needed all these years. And if that ends up being you, then all the better, we’re all safe, and we’re all together, and we can all take care of each other and our growing family. Daddy gets what he wants, to give you babies, and I get to enjoy my grandchildren, just like I always dreamed I would.”
Charlie was ecstatic to hear his wife utter those words. He had hoped for this outcome dearly. It was the perfect plan, meaning they would be able to cope with many, many more children. He could keep getting Jess pregnant over and over. Between the three of them, the rearing of all the babies would be so much easier.
The smell of sex permeated the air. Flo could sense it, and in hindsight realised that this same smell had drifted across her nostrils several times recently. Now all was clear.
Jess’s naked body was glowing with health. Her skin flushed pink, her hips and belly thick and strong. She certainly did have the body for growing children. Flora looked her baby girl up and down. 18 years old and breasts dripping milk; her body was just naturally made to breed. Flo felt strangely proud of her.
“Jess you are a strong woman. You will be a wonderful mother; nurture your children and raise them well. They will be happy and healthy, and loved, by all of us. You have my blessing to continue. We’ll nurse the brood together and bring them up in a loving family.”
Jess looked into her mothers kind eyes. There was a sparkle there. More than she had ever noticed it before. Her mother looked relieved and serene.
They both welled up a little as Flo took her girl in her arms and held her tightly.
“I love you mummy. You’re a wonderful person. I can’t wait to have our baby and raise it together. This means everything to me.”
Charlie sat on the other side of his daughter, reaching his arm round her and onto Flo’s shoulder.
“Flo, thank you for being so amazing as always, I couldn’t be without you, you know that. Jessie and I are different. But we both need you.”
“I know Charlie. Just don’t sneak around me, like I said. Please be free in this house. I am not going to spy on you both, I don’t mind your time alone and any noises or sights I see. Please just don’t exclude me from your lives.”
“How could I Flo. You are everything to us.” Charlie said, emotionally. He was so comforted and excited at the same time.
“Give your body to our daughter, Charlie, make love to her. fill her with seed and bring forth many more babies. Start your family and grow it big. This home will be a happy one for them.”
Jess and her daddy were still naked and Jess’s pussy leaked cum gently. It was a very strange scene. Something that is not witnessed every day – maybe in some cultures but certainly not in middle class rural Gloucestershire where they lived. This made it all the more exciting and taboo to Charlie. He’d impregnated his daughter for the first time. His wife had just caught them in the throes of wild fucking, with his cock embedded deep inside her body. Now, she had somehow come round to the idea and was blessing their union?
Charlie knew that Flora had deep rooted desires to see her daughter pregnant. He wondered if Flo was aroused by catching them in the act. He knew that their sex life was over. But Jess and he had just begun.
Jess and her daddy smiled at each other as Flo got up to leave the room. They came back together in an embrace, one that somehow spoke volumes about their future. How those coming weeks and months would pan out. How she would grow and her body change. They knew it would all be alright.
“Daddy, I think you spoke beautifully today.”
“Thank you my princess. We are free. Free to be who we want to be. Together. We don’t even have to leave the house. We will be invincible together.”
He planted kisses all over her, her face, her neck, her shoulders as her head lay on his shoulder. His hands wrapped around her, he started to move them up and down her beautiful voluptuous body. Pausing on her breast, he cupped her and lowered his head to her darkening areola. Squeezing a small drop of milk out, he licked it clean from her nipple.
She held the back of his head on her nipple as he continued to feed hungrily on her. Suckling, latching hard. His technique had developed fantastically in the last few weeks. He was drawing huge volumes of milk from her heavy, veiny breasts. When they were not able to feed for a few hours, she would fill up so full and they would ache and need relief. Daddy would always oblige.
Half an hour passed. He was full and satiated. Lately, daddy was feeling healthier. Fitter. Stronger. His skin seemed to glow. The private and intimate connection they had was overall what made what they had so very special. Their feeding sessions helped grow their love tenfold.
It did tire Jess out quite a bit but it was worth it for the arousal and intimacy that it created. They would almost always make love before and again after a feeding session. It was as if the feeding would stock Charlie’s balls up full to the brim with sperm and his second load was thick and potent for her.
This time, though, they fell asleep straight after the feeding, and woke up an hour later. Daddy was rock hard for his baby. She parted her legs as he lay on top of her, her arms wrapped around him. His cock found her opening as they lay lazily together, and entered her.
Awakening and aroused now, Charlie felt strong and virile, with the feeling of warm, welcoming and very tight pussy enveloping it, his cock drove into her already cum-filled body. This was the third time today. The revelation of her pregnancy was so exciting, they’d found the energy to fuck three times in one day. This time was the first with mum’s consent though, so it was even more special.
Out of respect for Flo, they made love reverently and deliberately, kissing deeply, mouths locked the whole time as hips bucked firmly into each other. There was no worrying about ‘being caught’ now. Though, somehow that did add to the thrill. His balls forced tightly against her bum cheeks, slapping it as he thrust, splaying her opening wide with his hands on each of her bum cheeks and forcing her back down on him each time. There was an incredible tightness around his cock.
Jess felt him suddenly harden more in anticipation of that huge load about to release and flood her pussy. He became like steel as he exploded. He convulsed and writhed in ecstasy as he came. She was so overflowing now she could not keep it all inside and the bed became soaked.
Jess turned her head to meet her fathers. They kissed delicately as they remained joined together. Their love was never as unparalleled and their bond never as unbreakable as it was right now.
They lay silently for a while, skin on skin.
His arms slid around her waist, hands on her stomach; on their brand new life, their new creation.
“Jess, the love we have found surpasses anything I have ever felt before, it scares me it’s so strong. Now we are making our first child, your mum is happy for us to make love daily, and freely, I really can’t believe it has worked out like this. It couldn’t be better.”
“I’m happier than I ever have been in my life, daddy.” Jess said.
He gazed at her. Her face was smiling and beaming with joy. He fondled her full breasts, squeezing the nipples until milk expressed onto his hands in that way that delighted him so much. He leaned down and suckled her once again. It was important to keep the routine going to maintain the flow.
This was very early days in the pregnancy, and her milk should not have come in yet, but Charlie had already developed a bit of a physical dependency on her breast, on feeding from her, and this dependency was growing stronger and stronger. He craved suckling her now almost as much as he craved having his hard cock buried deep inside her tight young teenage pussy, cumming inside her. It felt so erotic. So delicious.
He found it hard not to cum in minutes most days, as she stimulated him so intensely. She was always so wet, usually because she was still full of his cum from the previous time. He was so big and wide, he fitted her very snugly and stretched her to her limits. The feeling was always so amazing. They were utterly addicted to each other.
The weeks and months passed as Jess progressed through her pregnancy. Her belly inevitably started to swell after a month or two and she became very round. She seemed to be carrying the baby deep inside her body; rather than a neat little front belly, she became huge. They became more and more excited to receive their child into the world. Jess was anxious about birthing a child but desperate to feel it travelling down her birth canal, out into the world.
They would make love around twice daily, morning and night usually. Although Flo was more than happy for them to do so, they liked to sneak around a little as this gave them a thrill, which added to the excitement. Sometimes Charlie would sneak into her room at 3am and start to feed, which always relaxed Jess. Usually though, it would arouse them so much that it would result in daddy’s cock buried deep inside his daughter. Other times, he would lay with her all night long, awaking early and with both of them in a horny state from having slept naked together all through the night.
Jess would usually part her thighs and allow her daddy’s cock into the tight gap there, where it would search for the opening and eventually slide in. This was a great way for them, as Jess got more and more pregnant, as she could relax and enjoy her daddy’s big cock entering her deeply without any pressure on the baby or any difficult positions.
Now Jess was heavily pregnant with their child, their son, as they found out later, her breasts literally dripped and leaked milk. Her breasts were pendulous, and her nipples darkened and thick. Daddy enjoyed a new lease of life with all the nutrition he was receiving. His skin seemed more youthful somehow! His shoulders a little wider, his waist a little slimmer. A man who was going on 61 shouldn’t look as good as he did. He provided his teenage daughter all the fruits of his new found vitality, with virile fucking, and passionate energetic lovemaking. He would explore her pregnant body and worship her curves. He devoted his days and nights to the love of his pregnant baby girl.
The time had come. Jess, in the throes of straddling daddy’s cock in the living room, suddenly felt her daddy thrust extra hard. At that thrust, her water broke. It was seemingly enough to tease her overloaded womb to break that water. She gushed pools all over her daddy’s cock and all over the sofa. They had carried on fucking amongst the messy wetness, as it seemed to turn daddy on more. He came hard into her watery entrance.
They bore their baby boy some 12 hours later, Jess delivered him perfectly and he was a healthy 9lbs. A huge mass to force down a tiny birth canal, Charlie wondered how it was done – it really was a miracle.
He was overcome with tears of joy as he watched the head and body of his son crowning at the mouth of Jess’s vaginal hole. Watching him move forward, slowly, out from the womb, into the world, a beautiful sight. He found watching the birth strangely erotic. She, a teen, but oh, so strong and powerful in her pain. Jess endured the ordeal of birth with grace and maturity. It seemed to be innate in her.
As the child passed down the birth canal, into life, she brought him to her breast. The breast she and daddy had been preparing so diligently for baby. He latched onto her dripping nipple and started to feed straightaway, drawing out her nutrients.
Jess was determined to deliver their new child all the nutrients she could, direct from her breast, the best place. Her father would also continue to feed from her. Her breasts got bigger and bigger, so in turn their capacity increased and would need releasing every few hours otherwise she would become sore. Not that that happened often, with two mouths to feed.
Jess discovered she loved having both breasts fed on at once. She found it erotic and it turned her on. Her libido was through the roof most of the time, despite the exhaustion of child rearing. Flo would make life so much easier for Jess. Taking the boy away half of the day to give Jess time to sleep and do all the normal things people need to do, gave Jess a huge helping hand. Her pussy would still moisten at the slightest hint of a tongue grazing her nipple.
It was about a fortnight into their newborn son’s life, and Jess’s body almost fully healed from the birth. She had stretched quite far but hadn’t torn in the birth, surprisingly, as their boy, whom they named James, was a big baby. She started to feel horny and crave being filled with her daddy’s cock again very soon. Her hormones were crying out to her to become pregnant again. They automatically gave her the signals to populate her womb once more.
It was a matter of weeks before her body became impregnated again. They’d dedicated themselves to make this happen very quickly, striking whilst the iron was hot. Charlie religiously inseminated her, and of course they took great pleasure in this every day and night. Charlie was still a virile man in his early 60s.
They would fuck through her periods if they had not impregnated her before her period came; and they both especially enjoyed that. The chances of pregnancy reduced, of course, but the feeling at this time was delightful to both of them.
Flo threw herself into the duties of grandma-hood, caring for baby James half of the time. She encouraged the mating sessions sometimes, strangely, having initially been angry at Charlie, she was sold on the large family idea. Jess’s role effectively became that of child bearer and milk maker. She revelled in this role, loving being the stay at home baby machine. It was like a drug to her.
Jess gave birth to twins next. Two girls. Jess adored being pregnant and giving birth, her body looked so sexy, especially with twins – her belly grew huge. She carried the twins right at the front and from the back you wouldn’t have noticed her belly, but from the front, she was literally bursting she was so big. Her breasts were well worn, and worked hard constantly, delivering litres of milk to their babies, and, of course, to their daddy.
Daddy, of course, also found her pregnant body a constant turn on. He loved fucking Jess’s soaking pussy when she was heavily pregnant, the weight on top of his cock stimulated him; and he loved fondling her curves and grabbing onto her huge breasts. Jess loved it too and cradled her belly as they fucked.
The twin girls were gorgeous; Flo was so excited by the new arrivals. She started to pretty much take over the hard work of raising and caring for the babies, leaving Jess free to be fucked regularly by daddy and to milk the babies. She became a precious resource. A loved one, at that. Charlie adored and worshipped the baby machine that was his daughter.
5 more years passed. Jess had had 6 more pregnancies over this space of time and had two more sets of twins as part of that brood, so they had a total of 11 children. Her body was totally changed now but she was addicted to this lifestyle now and so was her daddy.
Charlie, now a 66-year-old man, was enjoying his new found status as a breeder and father. His children were all so young, they did have to sell up and buy a bigger place with several more rooms. He didn’t want to stop breeding his daughter, and neither did she deep down, but it was getting to a point where they may have to consider it. Jess was now 23, and a mother to 11 children. By 40, all of her 11 children would be adults. There aren’t many mothers who can say that.
Jess was on permanent rotation for her breast milk. She had to eat well, to provide the nutrients 11 babies and one fully grown man needed. Jess felt like their family could be complete now if they did decide to stop.
“Jess my baby girl, are you sure you are happy to finish our family?” he whimpered in her arms sadly as he suckled from her.
“Yes daddy, I am happy, 11 babies is a huge family. They’re all so young and will need to be taken care of and raised properly. I love being pregnant you know I do. I don’t want us to stop fucking, daddy. I love you more than ever. Maybe I can just go on the pill, so you can cum inside me just as much as before.”
“Yes Jessie baby. I am sure it would work just fine. I don’t want us to stop making love, ever, I love fucking your beautiful pregnant body so much, you know I do, Maybe you’re right, 11 is enough. 11 beautiful babies. 6 or so years ago we had none. Can you believe it? We have created all these lives in pure love.”
Charlie kissed his daughter tenderly on the mouth.
“I’m an old, not so fertile young man now you know Jess, though I still have all the same desires, to give you my hard cock, daily, deeply, and fill your womb. That can never change as long as I shall live. I think if you don’t go on the pill we will be OK if we avoid your fertile days.”
Their lips met with a kiss, their tongues locked together in love. The hot, fucking-like actions they performed inside each other’s mouths, aroused them both intensely.
Jess thought about it as her mouth was locked with her father’s.
“Yes, he’s probably right, We’ll just fuck when I am not fertile. No need to get the pill. He’s getting old now.”
Charlie was also thinking deeply, as he moved his stiff shaft onto Jess’s wet, awaiting pussy opening, and slid in slowly.
“I am so getting her pregnant again tonight. It doesn’t stop. My ‘extremely fertile’ results from the lab last week mean it’s only a matter of time now before she’s fertilised and carrying baby number 12…”
“I love you baby girl, so much. And I love all our children.” Charlie cried, as his cum flooded her womb once more.
Her egg moved down keenly through her tubes, 3 days early, into position inside her, almost as if it had sensed the sperm in anticipation. The next 9 months would fly by and Jess would once more be full to the brim with another set of twins.
Jess secretly knew her daddy’s game though. She loved every minute of the game.
“I love you too daddy, so much too.”
Her pussy hungrily sucked the cum out of her daddy’s cock, eager to soak her egg, rendering it helpless against the huge barrage of sperm; unable to resist fertilisation.
She couldn’t wait to be pregnant again!

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