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Father Fucks Me HARD !!

36 Min Read

They lay side by side for a while. When Jack opened his eyes he saw Eleanor’s face close to his on the pillow. Her eyes bright and smiling and full of

Jack woke up with a raging hard on. Thinking about the 100% verified real incest videos he watched on realincestvids.com the night before. Morning wood was the best wood as Marion often observed, thick and hard with the skin smooth and tight over his engorged shaft. On the weekends they would often delay getting up and make love in the soft dawn glow filtering through the curtains. When the children were little this was often the only time to be alone and the faint sound of morning cartoons had been a frequent soundtrack to their lovemaking through the years. But Marion was at work already as he lay in the sheets with his erection making a fine tent. He had had a very erotic dream about Eleanor.

In his dream she stood before him naked, her mouth open in hot desire as she looked up to kiss him, their tongues thrashing as he squeezed her full breasts. As he fondled her breasts he felt his arousal grow and his need became desperate as he tried in the dream to enter her. Then he woke up, still hard and desperate, the bed beside him big and empty, so he couldn’t roll into Marion’s waiting and welcoming embrace for a morning quickie.

He reached for the laptop and opened a tab to his favourite porn site, searching for “big tit POV” videos to continue the dream. He found one that looked sort of like Eleanor, longish blonde hair, young, curving thighs, large breasted. He pushed his boxers and the sheets down and started stroking himself.

Eleanor padded quietly down the hall. She was always light on her feet thanks to ballet classes when she was little. She needed some info from dad for her student loan for the next semester at university and hoped that he was awake. The door to mom and dad’s room was ajar. She heard some rhythmic breathing and peeked around the corner, assuming that dad was still sleeping heavily. Pulling her head back, she stifled her gasp so that he wouldn’t know she was there. Dad was very naked on top of the bed and very much rubbing his very large and erect penis while watching some porn on the laptop.

She took a few moments to compose herself and then risked another peek. Dad’s attention was on the computer screen, so she could risk a better view. She knew she shouldn’t be watching, but she couldn’t help herself. She was transfixed by her daddy’s open sexuality. She admired his middle aged body and hairy chest. She was in awe of the size and thickness of his erection. Mesmerized, she watched how he varied the touch on his hard shaft, stroking slowly, sometimes circling his swollen purple head, and sometimes gently brushing the tight skin underneath. With his other hand, he would cup and caress his large balls, pulled tight in their scrotum. Slowly she unzipped her shorts and pushed her fingers inside to rub at her swelling clitoris as she watched. She was fascinated when his breathing quickened and his grip tightened into the classic closed fist she had used to give boyfriends hand jobs. Faster and faster dad stroked as she rubbed her clit harder and harder. With his free hand he reached over and grabbed a tissue from the bed side table, quickly spreading it on his abdomen while he continued to pump his cock and watch the screen from which Eleanor could hear moans as the woman in the video reached her own climax. With a grunt, dad shot his thick load onto the tissue, continuing to gently work his cock as it softened, extracting every bit of come and pleasure from it. Eleanor pulled her head back, jamming a hand into her mouth to stifle a moan as the tremors of her own orgasm shuddered through her.

Eleanor retreated quickly to her room, her thoughts jumbled, her mind buzzing. She pushed her shorts down and reached under the bed for her ‘special box’. Last semester her Women’s Issues club had done a trip to the local sex shop to learn more about female sexuality and while there she had bought herself a large thick vibrating dildo which she brought home at end of semester and hid in the same place that she had always hidden private treasures. A dildo was a bit different from shiny rocks and pictures of pop stars, but it was secret, and a treasure. She said to her girlfriends that her dildo was the best boyfriend she’d ever had. Hurriedly she lay on the bed and spread some lube and turned it on. Opening her thighs she slowly inserted the silicone toy into her waiting, hungry vagina. As she stroked it in and out her other hand searched her body, cupping and squeezing her breasts, caressing over her stomach and through her bush, tweaking her nipples. Oh God! How she wished for a man’s hands on her right now. She hadn’t met a boy good enough to take to bed all year and she felt the aching desire of it now. Her hand moved down to her bush again, and her finger began rubbing at her swollen clitoris, keeping rhythm with the thrusting of the dildo. Her mind drifted back to what she had just seen, and in her memory she watched her dad stroke his hard cock and she matched the tempo to her memory. She imagined her father leaning over her. She wondered what it would feel like to have her daddy push his hard lust into her. Shuddering, she gasped for breath as the waves of her climax rolled over her and carried away her whispered “Oh daddy…”

Jack cleaned himself up and got dressed. Working over his feelings about his recent dream, he went in search of breakfast. Eleanor should be up, he’d see if she wanted any tea. He got to her door and was about to knock when he heard a faint buzzing and panting breath. He paused for a moment, listening to her panting and imagining what it might look like. His hand hovered over the door knob, tempted to burst in and capture a voyeuristic look of his daughter while she pleasured herself. It was his favourite genre of porn after all. But he thought better of it. It was her private moment and she hadn’t invited him in to watch. Making a hasty retreat he went downstairs and filled the kettle and let his arousal subside.

Eleanor entered the kitchen wearing a tank top and shorts as he was buttering some toast. “Hey sleepy head. Tea’s ready.”

“‘Morning daddy!” she came up to him and put her arms around his neck with a big smile. “Did you sleep well?” she gave him a big kiss on the cheek before breaking the hug and taking the offered mug of tea.

Jack regarded his daughter thoughtfully. “Yes. I had a really good dream.” He felt himself blush a bit at the thoughts he was now having as he surveyed the curvaceous woman sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea. Coughing he turned away. “Toast?” he asked.

Eleanor took the plate of toast and regarded her father. She had always loved him, naturally. Loved him deeply and purely as her father, who was always helping with school work or happy to play a game with her. For a grown man he had been pretty good at playing dollhouse and his teddy bear tea party manners were impeccable. But now she desired him as a man too. She crossed her legs in reaction to the tingling that she felt there as she spread some jam and took a bite.

“Watcha up to today?” her dad asked.

“Oh nothing much. Got to work on a Student Loan application. Taking over from mom at the store later. You?”

“Nothing much. The usual on this shift. Caffeinate, watch some TV. Go to work later.”

Eleanor sipped her tea and munched her toast, glancing sideways at her dad, wondering. Did he feel the same? Would he? What would she need to do to get him into her bed, to… to… to fuck her? They had been a pretty open family when she and her sister were younger, everybody walked around naked and got changed in front of everybody else. But once the girls hit puberty and began to fill out, dad changed his ways, turning away if the girls were trying clothes on with their mother, carefully closing the bathroom door if they were in the bedroom talking to mom. Her growing womanhood obviously had an effect on him as a man. Maybe he did have feelings in that direction? She could only try to wake them up.

Later, Eleanor made lunch. “Hey dad!” she called. “Lunch is ready.” She waited, listening for his footfall before turning to the oven to pull out lunch.

Jack walked into the kitchen in time to see the V of his daughter’s shapely legs spread in front of him, her rounded ass covered in tight, short shorts as she bent over to pull frozen pizzas out of the oven. Eleanor smiled to herself, hearing a slight intake of breath as she gave her butt a slight wiggle and took her time straightening up. “Sit down, I’ll bring it” she commanded.

Jack dutifully sat down and watched as Eleanor set lunch, bending over unnecessarily to set his glass of cola down and then bending over a second time to set his plate down, each time giving him a full view of her full, firm, rounded, glorious breasts. Unprompted, his mind raced back to his dream, and then the porn video he had masturbated to. The porn video of the not-Eleanor lookalike. He felt his pants tightening and coughed, covering his embarrassment with a pull on his drink. “Thanks sweetie.”

Clearing up after lunch, Eleanor found an excuse to back into her father, her round ass pushing into the front of his pants. “Oopsies!” she giggled. She smiled as daddy instinctively wrapped his arms around her, crossing over her stomach, hands carefully avoiding her large breasts. She pushed her head into his arm, rubbing against it as she slowly squirmed her bum against him. She could feel him stiffening against her gently moving bottom and sighed happily. “I love you daddy.” Daddy hugged her tighter and rested his cheek against the top of her head. “I love you too.” He kissed the top of her head and broke the embrace, coughing. Adjusting his pants he turned away. “I’ve got to pack my lunchbox and go to work.”

All that shift, Jack’s mind raced as his imagination burned with forbidden images. At home, Eleanor thought of watching her daddy pump himself and the feeling of his stiffening desire against her ass as she rammed her dildo again and again into her ravenous lust imagining that it was her father mounting her again and again. Taking her like he took mom. She could remember listening to mom and dad fuck and wished that she were her mom, being fucked multiple times a week.

That night, Jack came home. The porch light was on but everyone had gone to bed. Jack checked windows and locks as he had always done, and made his way up stairs to shower and go to bed. He stopped at Eleanor’s room and peeped in to check, as he had always done, happy that she was home with them to check on. The light from the hall spilled across the floor onto her bed. Eleanor was lying quietly with her back to the door, the sheets gathered up over her hips and her nightie had ridden up so that her bare bottom was exposed in Jack’s full view. Jack had a sharp intake of breath and took a hesitant half step into the room. He wanted to caress that smooth rounded expanse of glowing flesh. He wanted to kneel and kiss it tenderly. He wanted to grip her ass, bend her over and fuck her Rocky(D)gy style. Heart hammering, he continued into the room until he stood over her sleeping form. He reached down, wanting to softly touch the forbidden beauty. With a sudden shake of the head he took the coverlet and pulled it back over, covering Eleanor’s beautiful bottom.

Eleanor had lain awake, listening to her daddy come home. She carefully positioned herself, pulling the sheets across her hips and hitching her shear nightie up to her waist leaving her bottom and thighs naked and exposed, hoping he would peek in to check on her like he used to. She almost fell asleep listening to the sounds in the kitchen as he unpacked his lunchbox and then patrolled the house, double checking locks and windows. Then she heard the footfall on the steps climbing higher in the darkness. Climbing up to her. She heard the door creak slightly and saw the light from the hall spill across the bed in front of her. She heard him step softly into the room. She could feel him standing over her. “Touch me, daddy.” She urged in her thoughts. “Please touch me!” She heard his heavy breathing as he fought with his desire and then felt him gently pull the coverlet over her flesh and recede.

She heard him get into the shower and used the sound of the running water to cover her approach to stand outside mom and dad’s bedroom door. When the shower ended she could see in the shadows as dad moved quickly to the bed and embraced mom, waking her up with passionate kisses. “What’s this?” she heard mom say softly. “Oh Jack! Aren’t you tired?” Mom giggled and her soft laugh turned into a moan as she spread her thighs and dad quickly mounted her, thrusting forcefully into the darkness. Eleanor pulled up her nightie and rubbed herself, fingers working in her bush and thrusting into her wet vagina as she watched her mom and dad fuck in the dim light from a street lamp.

The next morning, Eleanor danced around the kitchen in her nightie, singing to a playlist on her phone. Jack came down in his boxers and robe. “Good morning daddy!” she sang and danced up to him to give him a hug. As she wrapped her arms around his back and kissed his cheek, she pressed her breasts and thighs into his body. Daddy kissed the top of her head and he sighed as his hands tentatively drifted down to explore her ass. She pressed into him, acknowledging the touch, sighing in pleasure herself, delighting at being touched again in an erotic, loving way. Delighted that it was her daddy touching. His touch became more certain, each hand cupping a rounded firm ass cheek and caressing them as his breath got heavier. She could feel his erection stiffening against her. His wonderful cock. The cock that had made her. Getting hard against her bush, separated by only two layers of thin cotton.

Suddenly, daddy broke the embrace and pulled away. “Is the tea ready?” he said with difficulty.

All day she danced on display for him, bending over to expose her breasts. Stretching out shapely thighs. Asking him “What would you like to do, daddy?” leaving unsaid “what would like to do to me, daddy?” but trying to imply it with a look and a saucy smile. When daddy left for his shift she spread herself naked on the living room floor and imagined him bending over her, kissing her neck and breasts and the amazing feeling of his cock plunging inside of her as she worked her dildo until the batteries ran down.

All through his shift, Jack was distracted and short tempered with his co-workers, his mind full of the sight and feel of his daughter’s body. He kept thinking about how wonderful she felt pressed against him. How she had sighed in contentment as he put his hands on her bottom. Did she feel that way too? Did she want him? Why would she want him, an older man, instead of some young guy at the university? His mind swirled.

Finally his shift ended and he raced home, racing through the door and window check to get upstairs to check on her. He pushed the door open a bit to see inside and gasped in wonder and delight as the light from the hall fell upon her. She was sleeping naked on her back, the sheets pushed down to display her full, proud breasts, softly rising and falling with her breath. Hesitantly, so as not to wake her or make her stir in her sleep and roll over, he stepped into the room. He stood over her, drinking in the sight of her naked breasts, softly spread out across her chest. Without thinking his hand reached out, fingers bent to cup one of them. Thumb poised to gently rub the firm nipple. Breath coming in hard pants, his other hand reached down and began rubbing at his stiffening crotch. His heart was hammering and the blood pounded in his ears as his mind screamed. He wanted to grab her. He wanted to cover her with his hungry mouth. He wanted to take her and mount her like a beast. The beast reared up in his mind, nostrils flaring.

But then he saw her favourite old teddy bear perched on the corner of the bed like a guardian of childhood dreams. She was asleep and she was his daughter to love and protect and cherish like a precious treasure. Fear reared up in his mind as well. Fear that pushing himself onto her would break that precious jewel. Fear that the noise of their passionate fucking would awaken Marion. Fear that she would be angry and that it would kill their love. Pushing the hairy beast back down, his hand changed course and taking the sheets drew them up to cover her chest.

Eleanor listened to daddy come upstairs, her heart beating in anticipation. She pushed the sheets down to expose her breasts and feigned sleep. Her arousal made her breath heavy, helping the illusion that she was asleep. “Please” she urged him in her mind. “Please touch me.” As she felt the presence of her father linger over her, hesitating, she urged him even more in her mind. “Geez Dad, c’mon! Grab those puppies! I’ve only got them spread out for you. What? Do you need a written invitation?” After daddy had tucked her in and retreated, Eleanor again slipped out of bed and padded naked down the hall way, vibrator in hand hoping to watch her parents fuck. This time she watched in delight as dad flipped mom onto her knees and took her from behind. She plunged her toy, vibration turned off so as not to make any sound, into the hungry mouth of her sex as she watched, matching the stroke of her toy to the rhythm of her dad’s thrusts into her mom’s ample curving bottom. “Oh God, yes Jack!” she heard mom cry out. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Her finger rubbed at her swollen, aroused clitoris as her other hand pushed the toy in and out. “Oh God” she whispered. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me so hard!” Her shuddering orgasm almost made her fall to her knees, but she caught herself, and stayed by the door to watch and hear her parents finish, to hear her mother’s moaning joyful orgasm and dad’s grunting roaring explosion as he came like a beast inside his mate.

The next morning Eleanor again danced and displayed herself in front of her father. They had breakfast in the family room and Eleanor took her tea mug and stood in front of the big sliding doors, the morning light slanting in to wrap her in a blazing golden glow. The light burned away her diaphanous cotton nightie, silhouetting her curving body and firm youthful breasts. She turned sideways to give her dad the full effect. Jack sat, frozen to his chair, mesmerized by the glowing spell she wove. He pulled his robe closer over his lap, so that his erection didn’t poke through the fly of his boxer shorts. But he didn’t want her to stop or move. Oh God, she was beautiful! His mind jumped back to watching her mother, Marion, standing naked in front of a morning window many summers ago. He could see, displayed for him just as clearly as if she were naked, that Eleanor had a lot of her mother’s beauty and curvaceous build.

“Daddy!” Eleanor exclaimed, “You haven’t been listening.”

Jack made an effort to pull his eyes away from the silhouette of his daughter’s breasts and make eye contact. “Huh? Sorry my thoughts were somewhere else.”

Eleanor smiled. “I bet they were!” She went and sat on his lap, wiggling to get her dad’s boner nestled comfortably between her thighs. She put her arms around his shoulders and snuggled her face into his hairy chest. She giggled childishly. “Your hair tickles. Does it tickle mom, too?”

“Yeah it does.”

Eleanor turned a bit, leaning her back into him, spreading her thighs open across his lap. She turned her face and kissed the side of his cheek. “I was hoping you could play with me today.” She whispered, her breath was hot against his ear.

Jack started breathing heavily as he cautiously put his hands on either thigh, slowly caressing up the smooth flesh, pushing the hem of her nightie higher with each caress. “Oh?” he coughed. “What would you like to play?”

“Mmmm” sighed Eleanor and she kissed the side of his face. “I can think of a few games I want to play.”

“Me too.”

She kissed him again, lingering. “I want to play ‘Mommy and daddy’.”

“Oh?’ Jack asked. “How do we play ‘Mommy and daddy’?”

“I want you to touch me, like you touch mommy.” She took his hands and moved them to her breasts. Jack turned his face to hers and their lips met in a deep, slow kiss, lips parting, tongues searching as his strong hands caressed and squeezed her full, firm breasts. With thumbs and forefingers he took each nipple and gently pinched and rubbed them through the thin cotton. Eleanor began breathing hard now too. She reached down between her legs, pulling her nightie up to her hairy bush so she could reach into her daddy’s boxer shorts. Finding the swollen flesh inside, she pulled it out. Daddy gasped even as they locked in a kiss as she tugged his cock free. Squeezing it and stroking it she felt an incredible sense of power and a surge of joy to feel it stiffen in her hand.

“I like this game” Jack whispered. With one hand he reached down to run his fingers through her bush and slide them up and down her moistening slit. She spread her legs in response and kissed him again.

“Me too, daddy.” They were silent for a while, touching each other. “Is this how you and mommy touch each other?”

Jack closed his eyes, feeling his daughter’s soft hands stroking his cock while his fingers thrust in and out of her wet pussy. “Yes” he whispered.

“I watched you the other morning” Eleanor confessed. “I watched you rub yourself until you came. It made me so excited I had to go play with my vibrator and imagine it was you.”

Abruptly, Eleanor stood up. “There’s another part of this game I want to play.”

Standing in front of the bright and shining window, she pulled her nightie off over her head, revealing her full beauty to her father’s admiring and lustful gaze. Golden light spilled down the curves of her flesh, catching in her pubic hair with twinkling highlights as she tuned for her father to feast upon. “Do you like me daddy? Am I as beautiful as mommy?”

“Oh God yes!” Jack cried from the chair, wonder struck by the vision before him.

Eleanor leaned over him, straddling the chair, brushing the soft fuzz of her sex against the tip of his erect penis, her hot breath enveloping his face. “I’ve been watching you and mommy at night.” She smiled. “Does that turn you on? Knowing that you’ve been watched? Do you like the idea of being watched by your daughter? Knowing that she’s been fingering herself while watching you while you take mommy? Fingering herself while wishing that she were mommy?”

Jack’s cock quivered with excitement. Like a hound sensing that a quarry is close. Involuntarily he raised his hips, rubbing the tip of his cock through her bush. They both closed their eyes and sighed at the electric, forbidden touch. Jack started to shift, to aim his cock at her vagina and push upwards, slowly, and tentatively. To enter her, but not enter her.

She straightened up and took his hand, pulling him to his feet. “I want to feel what mommy feels” she declared. Taking him by the hand she led the way upstairs. She passed the door to her own room and continued down the hall to the master bedroom. She lay on the bed and spread her thighs before her daddy, the brown V of her sex like an arrow pointing the way. Full breasts heaving, her arms reached out to her daddy. Smiling, she said softly “Please fuck me, daddy!”

Jack groaned and shed his last shred of resistance along with his clothing. He had already delighted in her breasts and touched her wet, hungry pussy. She had already touched him, making him hard. Clearly she wanted him. The beast, hard and purple and throbbing, wanted her too. He moved to the bed.

Eleanor opened her legs and was amazed as she felt daddy push his way inside. “Is this what mommy feels?” She wondered. This fullness moving inside of her, sliding back and forth slowly, taking his time to let their joint pleasure mount. Her breath panting along with his, her hands reached up to caress his back and hold him close. Hold him so he couldn’t change his mind and pull away. He ducked his face down to nuzzle and suck at her breasts, tongue swirling deliciously on each hardened nipple. Firmly, he took a hold of her hips and she bit her lower lip as daddy’s thrusts picked up speed. She reached down to grab his hairy ass and push him harder inside of her, push him in to fill her need. After a few minutes, puffing like a locomotive daddy is pounding in her hole hard like a piston, ramming his lust into her, smashing her with his own need. She arched her back up to get him deeper inside. Her swollen clit tingles as his shaft rubs across it, sending waves of pleasure through her body. “Fuck me daddy!” Eleanor screamed. “Oh please, fuck me harder, daddy!” Daddy starts to moan, thrusting harder and deeper and with a grunt he does one last hard thrust and she can feel jet after jet of the same sperm that created her, flood inside of her, filling her with warmth and his love. That pushes Eleanor over the edge and an explosion of pure pleasure erupts from her loins to ripple through her body like the warmth of her daddy’s semen. Daddy then collapses on top of her, exhausted and staying between her legs. They kiss gently and she could feel him grow softer until he slowly slides out. Feeling the warmth of his seed oozing from her pussy, Eleanor smiles at him. “I love you daddy.” He kisses her back, tears at his eyes and smiling. “I love you too, sweetie.”

They lay side by side for a while. When Jack opened his eyes he saw Eleanor’s face close to his on the pillow. Her eyes bright and smiling and full of love for her father. Gently she touched his cheek.

“What else would you like to do to me today, daddy?”

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