First time sex with stranger

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Hi. My name is Varun. I am 24, working in Delhi. I am good looking with muscular physique. I have been following ISS for almost 4 years and now i am gonna tell you about my first sex experience. Three years back, when i was in college, i met a girl through internet chat. She was 20. We didn’t exchange photos but we used to chat every night in whatsapp.
One day our topic changed into sex. She told me that she liked sex but didn’t want to lose her virginity. It was then we decided to have oral sex rather than the normal one. She belonged to Chandigarh and had to come to Delhi to meet her cousin. So she arrived in Anand Vihar two day before as per our plan. I picked her up from Bus Stop and reached a hotel. She dressed in black transparent top and black pant. She had wheatish complexion, sexy lips and curvy waist.
We went out for dinner in cp. She told me that she was very excited to spend two nights with me. After we finished our dinner, i took her in bike and drove around to our room. On coming back to room, we both took shower. I took the shower first and came out just in underwear. She bit her lips watching me and entered in the bathroom. I was lying on bed and waiting for her. Exciting moment came when she came out wrapped only in towel. She immediately walked toward bed and removed her towel.
She was only in her black bra and black panty. She laid beside me and was waiting for me to treat her like a princess. I moved very close to her, sniffed her body scent and touched her bare skin. Then she opened her lips and licked mine. I deep kissed her and sucked her saliva. She was rubbing my back and caressing my hair. I helped her removing her bra. Her naked boobs stiffened when i cupped them with my hands. She closed her eyes and surrendered her breasts to me. I licked her breasts and the gap between her boobs. Then i put my lips over her nipples, licked it and sucked it. I sucked her boobs so hard that her sweet milk gushed into my throat. She caressed my hair and smiled at me.
Then i moved to her shoulder, licked her over there and smelled a very powerful odour near her underarms. Her armpits were bit hairy and full of sweat. I raised her arms above her head and brought my face very close to her armpit. I sniffed it and brushed it with my lips. Her smell was so intoxicating that I licked it thoroughly and sucked sweat of her underarms. She looked at me with smile and wanted some more. I moved to her thighs and pulled down her panty. I smiled at her and said, ” I am gonna taste this now”. She bit her lips and smiled. I opened her thighs and licked her inner thighs from her knee to her pussy.
She had very soft and tight love hole. I kissed it. She felt a current and moaned. I asked,” what happened honey?”. Her face became red out of shame and said,” Nothing. Continue”. I smelled her pussy and licked her pussylips. I ran my tongue between her lips and licked it. She said, ” Baby put your tongue inside me”. I parted her lips and straightway pushed my tongue. I licked and tongue fucked her and continued it till she released her cum inside me. She said to me, “O baby. I love you for this”.
I turned her on one side and parted her round ass cheeks. There i found her sweet little asshole which smelt good to me. I kissed it. Her smell became more intense. I parted it more and ran my tongue deep inside and licked her thoroughly. She asked, ” Do you like it baby?”. I smiled and said, “You taste so nice that i can lick you whole day”. She said, ” Aww. I really enjoyed. Lets sleep now”. I said, “Baby, I know we met only to have oral sex. Just for a minute can i rub my cock between ur pussylips ? i wont go any further”. She was shocked and said, ” No i cant take risk. Sorry”. I again said, “come on it will be for a minute. You are gonna like it”.
She thought for a while but agreed. I knelt down between her thighs and aimed my cock at her pussy. She became tensed and said,” Dont enter it inside”. I knodded and rubbed my cock’s head between her pussylips. She was moaning and at the same time she had her hands ready to stop me. I rubbed her pussy for over 5 minutes. She didnt realise it and just enjoyed. Taking the advantage of that moment, i pushed my cock inside. She came into sense and said, “No. Take it out”. She started pushing me. I held her tightly and said, “Let me in, honey. I will give you all pleasure”. I brought her hands over her head and lied upon her. She was sweating badly and said,” Ok. Take away my virginity”.
She was continuosly looking at me as i was entering inside her. I could feel her virgin pussy opening up and accepting my cock. Her eyes widened when i hit her hymen. I made some effort and broke it. She smiled and jokingly said, “i will eat you”. I said, ” Then eat me up”. She bit my lips and hugged me while i forced my cock into her. I stopped when my cock’s head made its way to her womb and rubbed her cervical opening. She moaned out of pleasure. I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy and treated her like a princess.
She was moaning and moving her hips. I kissed her lips and put my tongue inside her. I started moving my cock faster and deeper. I was about to cum. I said,” Baby i am gonna cum. Do you want it inside?”. She became alert and said,”No. Take it out”. I tried to take it out but suddenly she pulled me back and didnt said a word. My cock went back deep inside her. I couldn’t hold it long and ejaculated inside her womb. She held me tightly and said,” Remain like that, honey. I wanna store your warm sperm inside me”.
We slept like that in each other’s arm. Whole night my cock was inside her. When i woke up in the morning, i found that she was facing the other side. I thought to fuck her from behind. Without waking her up, i shifted closed to her such that my chest touched her back and my cock positioned at her pussy. I raised her right thigh and with some effort, i forced my cock into her pussy. She woke up in surprise and looked at her pussy. She said, ” Ohh. Early in the morning”. I said, ” Yeah baby. Lets have a wonderful morning”. I was fucking her from behind and at the same i was licking her armpits and shoulder. She was moaning out of pleasure. Soon i cummed inside her.

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