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First time with my sister-in-law

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First time with my sister-in-law
I first met Sheila, my wife’s sister, the day Sandy and I were married. She had the most gorgeous long dark brown hair I’d ever seen and the cutest smile that made me want to grab her and kiss her for an hour.
I found myself briefly disappointed that I hadn’t met her before Sandy. I know that’s a terrible feeling to have on ones wedding day, but I couldn’t help it. Sheila was just so gorgeous! Sandy had short brown hair, which was cute enough, but I wanted to bury my face in Sheila’s long luxurious hair and fuck her from behind as we stood there among the guests.
And to make matters worse, she would be staying with us for two weeks before we left on our honeymoon because Sandy had to work another two weeks. How was I going to sleep with my new wife while Sheila would be sleeping nearby?
As the three of us talked or watched a movie, I tried to keep my eyes off of Sheila, but couldn’t. They kept being drawn to her gorgeous hair and my mind would create fantasies of getting between her legs and fucking her slowly. We’d roll around and do it in all our favorite ways. Or I’d imagine her standing up and coming over to me, kneeling down and giving the most fabulous blowjob I’d ever had.
On our second night after the wedding, we went out to dinner and Sheila said, “Guys, I have a shocking secret to tell you. Please don’t judge me because it’s my choice and I love it, to say nothing of the good money I make.”
Sandy and I both stopped chewing and said, “What!”
“Well, believe it or not, I’m a professional escort. I make one thousand dollars an hour to ‘entertain’ men.” She made the air quote jester.
There was a long silence as Sandy and I tried to get our heads around what Sheila had just said, as her eyes darted back and forth between us waiting for our reactions.
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I was shocked because I’d never met an escort before. But my main reaction was to think, “Oh my god! Sheila fucks for money! Maybe I can fuck her for free since she’s now family?”
Sandy was first to speak. “Wow Sheila! I never would have thought you’d do something like that. But it’s your choice and I still love you.”
“Thank you, Sandy. I really appreciate your understanding.” Then she turned to me. “And what about you, Bill?”
I swallow my bit of bread whole and cleared my throat. “Well, I have to agree with Sandy. You can choose what you want to do and we’ll still love you.”
But my thoughts were definitely on getting Sheila into the sack. Now that I knew that she loved sex and was most definitely good at it, I knew that the possibilities were endless. I was absolutely going to try to get between her legs (even though I had just married her sister).
“Thank you, Bill. Both of you are just great! Now let’s not mention it again. Okay?”
Sandy and I both said, “Okay.”
But I lied. I was somehow going to approach Sheila, at least to get a blowjob; even more if I could swing it.
– – –
When we got home and I was briefly alone with Sheila, I came up behind her, grabbed a handful of her gorgeous long hair, squeezed it tightly and whispered in her ear, “Would you consider giving your very aroused brother-in-law a free blowjob?”
I knew I was taking a big chance in saying that, but I was aroused and very horny for her. I got the impression that she was not the kind of girl who would ruin her sister’s new marriage by saying anything.
She leaned back and pressed her nice ass against my bulging cock, looked at me over her shoulder and whispered back, “Wow, Bill! You just married my sister!”
“I know, but you’re so irresistible that I can’t help but want you.”
Then she slid one hand behind her and squeezed my cock. “Oh my goodness! I think you have a nice one down there!”
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“Do you want to find out?”
“Maybe tomorrow while Sandy’s at work. We’ll have all day if that’s what you want.”
“Are you kidding? All day won’t be enough, Sheila.”
Then she turned around while keeping her hand on my bulging cock and we kissed more passionately than I’d ever kissed Sandy. She was moaning and squeezing my cock when Sandy walked in.
“What the FUCK’s going on here?” she yelled.
Sheila and I immediately broke our kiss and turned to Sandy. We’d been caught and there was nothing we could say.
“Bill, we just got married two days ago and already you’re making out with my sister?”
“Sorry Honey. It just happened,” I said inadequately.
Sheila tried to take the blame by saying, “It’s my fault, Sis. I was trying to seduce him. You married a very handsome and sexy man.”
“I can believe that, Sheila. You’ve always been provocative and forward. It’s just hard to believe that you’d try to seduce my new husband!”
“Sorry, Sis. I know it was wrong and it won’t happen again.”
Then Sandy surprised the hell out of me when she said, “I guess I can’t blame you. Bill is sexy and horny all the time. So, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, you two can do whatever you want, just do it when I’m at work and get it out of your systems. Understood?”
Sheila and I said simultaneously, “Understood.”
“Okay. We won’t speak of this again.”
– – –
That night Sandy fucked me like a porn star. She was insatiable! I guess she was trying to show me that she could fuck as good as her personal escort sister. And she was probably trying to wear me out so that I’d have nothing to give Sheila.
And she did wear me out. I slept hard all night. I didn’t even wake up when Sandy got out of bed, showered, and got dressed. I finally woke up when she kissed me goodbye.
“Bye Honey,” she said as she ran her fingers through my messed up hair.
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“Bye. See you tonight,” I whispered and went back to sleep.
It was probably an hour later when I felt Sheila slide into bed behind me, cuddle up to me, and reach over to find my flaccid cock. She got in my ear and whispered, “Good morning, Bill. Are you ready for a day of great sex?”
My cock started to grow as she played with it, so I rolled over and got between her legs. She looked so gorgeous lying under me with her long hair spread out on the pillow. I knew that I was going to get the best fuck I’d ever had.
“I hope you’re ready for what I have planned for you,” I said just before we kissed.
“Mmm. I’m ready for anything you want to do. I’m all yours today. We can fuck anyway you want.”
By that time my cock was rock-hard, so I quickly pushed it into her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she moaned from deep in her chest.
“Oh god your cock feels so hard!” she whispered as she raised her legs up and wrapped them around my waist.
I grabbed her hair in one hand and slid the other hand under her ass so I could lift it as I thrust. We fucked and kissed for almost thirty minutes as she had two great orgasms. I wasn’t even close to cumming yet, thanks to Sandy and the night before.
I rolled off of Sheila and she said, “Oh wow! You are amazing, Bill. Your self control is amazing, too.”
“That’s because I have big plans for you today.”
She rolled on top of me and said, “Tell me about them,”
“Well, I want to fuck you in every room of the house so that I’ll have great memories of your visit.”
“Mmm. That will be exciting! Where do we start?”
“We start in the shower. I want you to give me a nice blowjob while I shampoo your gorgeous hair.”
“Oh that sounds sexy! I noticed you looking longingly at my hair yesterday.”
“I was! Your hair is such a turn-on.”
“Mmm. Then you should use my hair for anything you want. I’ll let you do anything.”
“I’ll hold you to that,” I said as I got out of bed, took her by the hand, and led her into our large master shower.
I let Sheila stand under the shower to get her hair wet. I got a huge erection watching the water run down through her long hair and down her back as she ran her fingers through it.
Then we soaped up each other. She washed me as I washed her. I spent a lot of time on her plump boobs, then moved down to her nicely shaved pussy. While we were soapy, I moved behind her and pulled her to me, letting my cock slide between her legs, almost penetrating her pussy.
“Mmm. Put it in me,” she begged.
“Not yet. I want that blowjob first.”
After we rinsed off, I squirted a large amount of shampoo into her hair and worked up a good lather. Then she knelt down and took my hard cock into her warm mouth for the first time. Sandy didn’t care much for oral sex. She just endured it for my benefit. But Sheila obviously loved giving head. She sucked on my cock like the professional she was as I worked my fingers through her gorgeous soapy hair. The two feelings were overwhelming, so I knew immediately that I would cum quickly.
“Oh Sheila! We could do this all day and it wouldn’t be long enough!”
She just moaned and pushed my cock all the way down her throat. I groaned and pulled her head against me to get another inch in. I made two fists with her soapy hair as my cock exploded hard, spurting six or seven long, thick streams of cum down her gullet. She coughed briefly on the first spurt, but let the rest slide down as she licked my balls with her tongue.
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I had my eyes closed trying to remember every feeling; every sensation of Sheila’s blowjob. I didn’t want to stop cumming. I wanted to keep her face pressed against my stomach and to keep shooting cum down her gullet all day. But that didn’t happen. My cock finally drained my balls and prostate and went limp in her mouth. To her credit, she kept right on sucking my soft cock until I pulled it out.
“Wow Sheila! That has been my fantasy for so many years!”
She stood up, kissed me and said, “I was the first girl to do that for you?”
“Yes,” I said breathlessly.
“That makes it SO special for me, Bill.”
“For me, too.”
I watched her rinse the shampoo from her long hair as the suds ran down over her ass and down her legs. I could have watched that all day. Then when it was my turn to rinse off, Sheila kissed me all over and played with my cock, making it start to grow again.
After a few minutes she whispered, “Mmm. I think you’re ready again.”
“Almost. Let’s get out. I have more plans.”
As I watched Sheila blow dry her long hair, I truly got ready again. She would bend over and throw it forward to dry the back. Then she’d stand up and throw it behind her and start over.
That’s when I knew what I wanted to do next. So I waited until she was finished and standing at the vanity completely nude, then I grabbed her roughly from behind, picked her up and carried her into the living room.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m going to fuck you good right here on the sofa,” I replied as I put her down on her knees and pushed her face down on the sofa. I pulled her hands behind her back and pushed my stiff cock deep into her with one thrust.
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“Uugh!” she moaned when she felt it.
I fucked her for about twenty minutes as she had two orgasms, then I asked, “Do you do anal?”
“No. I’ve never tried it, Bill.”
“Can I try it?”
“Okay. Just go slow. I don’t want it to hurt.”
“I will,” I said as I pulled my cock, wet with her juices, out of her pussy and eased it slowly into her willing ass.
“Mmm! Go slow, Bill. It feels good.”
So I slowed down with great difficulty. Sheila’s virgin ass felt so good that I wanted to ram my cock in to the hilt. But I slowly thrust in and out with just half of my cock.
“Is that better?”
“Yeah. It actually feels good.”
So without warning, I slowly pushed my cock all the way into her ass until my stomach was flat against her ass.
“Uugh! It’s all the way in?” she asked.
“Yes. You’re taking my eight inch cock in your ass, Sheila.”
“Mmm. Fuck me slowly,” she moaned.
So I started to pump into her ass. The feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. Just knowing that my cock was the first cock to fuck Sheila’s ass, sent my body to that point of no return.
“Mmm, Sheila. I’m going to cum!!”
“Oh yes! Fuck my ass and fill me with your hot cum.”
I rammed into her all the way and held it there as my cock started to spurt and jerk. I could feel each stream of cum travel through my cock and spurt out the end. Four, five, six spurts of cum filled Sheila’s virgin ass as I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled her head back.
“Oh Bill. This is SO GOOD!” she groaned as my cock continued to jerk in her ass.
I put my hand over her mouth, pulled her head to my shoulder and whispered in her ear, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Sheila.”
All she could do was moan as I held her head against my shoulder. My cock was still jerking in her ass, so I continued to hold her. I had to realize that I’d married the wrong sister. Sheila was by far the best piece of ass I’d ever had. Sandy was good, but Sheila was simply amazing.
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But too soon my cock went limp and slipped from her ass. Even though a flood of cum was creating a puddle on the floor, I continued to hold Sheila’s head against my shoulder. Her soft, long hair was pressing against my chest and arm.
But I eventually let her go and she lay back down on the sofa. “Wow! You really know how to fuck a girl, Bill!”
“I’m beat. Let’s go to bed.”
“Great idea.”
We crawled into our king size bed; Sheila cuddled up in my arms and we went to sleep for almost three hours. As I woke up I ran my fingers through her hair trying to image being married to her instead of her sister. After making love to Sheila, I knew that I’d never again be happy with Sandy. It was a disturbing thought.
Sheila woke up and whispered, “Where do you want me next? This is so much fun.”
“I think I want one your great blowjobs in the dining room.”
“Mmm. Okay,” she said as she got out of bed and headed, still nude, toward the dining room.
“Wait!” I said. “I want you to be fully dressed in what you wore to the wedding.”
She looked inquisitively at me, but said, “Okay. Give me a minute.”
The first time I’d seen Sheila was at the wedding and she looked stunning and gorgeous in a red silk dress. That was the instant I wanted to push her to her knees and fuck her mouth. I intended to recreate that moment.
“Okay. I’m dressed and ready,” she said as she walked back into the room.
“Wow! You look just like you did at the wedding…so gorgeous and irresistible!”
“Thank you, Bill. Let’s go,” she replied and disappeared toward the dining room.
I got dressed in my suit and followed her. She was sitting expectantly at the dining room table, looking just like she did at the wedding.
“When I saw you at the wedding for the first time, I thought, ‘I want a blowjob from her right now in front of everybody.’”
She stood up, walked over to me and said, “Hello, Bill. Sandy has told me a lot about you.”
I just looked her up and down, then put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees.
“Give me a blowjob, Sheila.”
“Right here? But we just met!”
“That’s right. And I still want a blowjob.”
I unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect cock. I put my hand on her head and pulled it to my cock. She quickly opened her mouth and let it slide in.
I then took her head in both hands and started to fuck her mouth just like I’d wanted to the day of the wedding.
“Oh Sheila! I could fall in love with you and your mouth!”
She just moaned and pushed my cock down her throat repeatedly until I filled her stomach with cum.
– – –
Sheila and I had sex in every room of the house until she left. Sandy didn’t seem to be jealous or suspicious, but she WAS very good in bed after that. Now what Sheila comes for a visit, we have the best sex imaginable. Sandy knows that we’re doing it, but doesn’t say a word. I guess she knows that I’m still HER husband and that as long as she lets us screw around, that I will remain so.

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