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Fuck a fat girl

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After breaking up with my first real girlfriend, I had a problem. I had the taste for sex, but no outlet. Thus began what I call my period of shame. I used a power many have, but few realize or act upon. I used my power to manipulate people.

Instead of telling the truth, lying became like second nature to me. Like with my sexual experience with Molly, I lied even when I didn’t have to. I continued lying just because I could, and because I thought it was funny to get people to believe ridiculous things.

Maybe I was an attention whore, or maybe I had severely low self-esteem and wanted people to think I was great. Either way, I began using this power to get women to have sex with me. I was not going for the beautiful women this time. I had enough of them. I went for the weak willed, the outcasts, the foreigners, and the ugly girls. I just wanted sex, and I didn’t care where I got it from.

Also around this time, I found a crew of guys who were fun to hang out with. They knew how to score weed, and they liked drinking as much as I did. We became fast friends. One night at a bar in town, we happened upon a group of nannies.

If you never fucked a nanny before, I highly recommend it. Some of them are really easy, especially if you hint at helping her become legal. I am not saying I had to resort to that, but it could be done.

In fact, I did not have to resort to nefarious tactics because I went for the easy prey… the ugly ones. I let my friends spend time hitting on the cute girls and before you knew it, I found my next victims. I did not fall for any of these girls, but it did lead to some good parties and fun times. The reader will recognize that any good love story needs a healthy dose of raunchy.

As touched upon before, my parents used to go on a lot of vacations. We moved a lot, so they liked to visit friends in old towns and stuff like that. They always had a great party house, and this one was no different.

When they went away, I had a party. It was a given. This time I had a party with my new crew and the nannies. We must have only been about 20 people, but it was wild. Almost everyone got laid that night, myself included. I was already seeing one of the nannies (the ugly one), so me getting laid was inevitable, not a conquest.

What happened instead was a story that crew still likes to tell. After pleading with me not to sleep with any of her friends, I let my nanny go to bed early and proceeded to fuck the fattest one there. This girl must have been close to 200 lbs, and not only was she fat, she was also bleeding. She told me of course, but I said I didn’t care.

Truth be told, I didn’t really realize what the consequences were. My parents bedspread soon figured it out. Covered in blood, that bed looked to be the victim of a brutal rape and murder.

Apparently I was a bit aggressive with the sex, but you know fat girls, they love it rough. If you do not know about fat girls, go out and get one. If you want a girl who will let you do anything you want to her, get a fat girl. If you want the best BJ of your life, get a fat girl. They suck dick like they haven’t eaten in 2 days and your cock is delicious kielbasa. The best part is, they are grateful for it! Good times.

Anyway, the fat girl told her friend, as girls do, and we never saw those nannies again. Sad really, it was a great party.

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