Gardener and wife cuckold and humiliate him

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I’ve been meaning to write you for a little while now. I really owe you one, my friend and don’t know how to thank both of you enough. I’m glad our wives, Sonali and Madhu, are good enough friends to be so candid with each other!
It all worked out perfectly, better than either of us had expected and we’re glad we didn’t follow the original idea Sonali had of ‘borrowing’ one of the bulls that you’ve had service Madhu. This way, finding our own way with our own bull, was much more exciting and rewarding. Once Sonali accepted the idea it all went smoothly. Of course she isn’t opposed to the idea of sex outside marriage itself — you of all people know we had plenty of experience of that! but the concept of doing something so totally prohibited and which would have caused such a god almighty scandal in all our families and friend circles made her hesitate initially but then itself became an added attraction. I mean, let’s accept it — we know there are women who sleep with their servants but it’s never one of ‘us’ is it? I think ultimately Sonali got really turned on by that idea.
Remember the first time we did a swap/swing, you and Madhu, Sonali and I and the other two couples you’d brought along to dinner? That was the first time I’d done it and definitely Sonali’s first experience (by no means her last!) I know she got a wild kick out of that whole car-keys-in-a-bowl thing and having to pick one except mine at random to go home with. Don’t get me wrong, but that night I was really glad that it wasn’t your key she picked and that she didn’t go with you. I know she felt the same way because she said so later when she told me that if it had been you, it would have been more difficult because of how close we all are and everything would have got emotional. This way, going with someone she didn’t know at all before made it easier because she wasn’t worrying about getting caught in some emotional knot. She says she really let herself go with your friend who turned out to be quite satisfyingly good for her. It seems he took her again and again and it felt good being free to act like a total slut with him. Both of us thought your second condition that no one should spend the whole night, but that we must all get together in exactly two hours was just brilliant. It made sure that the whole thing was totally casual and it was such an incredible turn-on seeing that drugged and sated sensual look on her face.
We’ve done it again a couple of times since. Somehow it feels safer to be able to do it in another city, more anonymous but maybe that’s just my imagination. Anyway, we found two or three like-minded couples and we did it with them a few times but then it began to get boring. At least we thought so. We tried to make it really happen by tweaking the setup a bit — instead of keys we played a card game or rolled dice or something and another time instead of everyone going off we used a hotel where we took four rooms. Another time, we decided that nobody should go anyplace and each couple should use one of the two bedrooms, one more into the den and the last pair could use the living room. That got Sonali going and the next time she came up with another idea of not everyone doing it all, but just one lady and one guy (not her hubby) picking straws and then getting it together right there in front of everyone. That was really exciting (watching them live, I mean) and we went on to make that two guys and a lady or two ladies and a guy and stuff like that.
But Sonali was really very excited by your suggestion of a full-blown cuckold thing and that too with a servant. I wasn’t totally sure myself but she was damned keen on it (not very flattering, is it?) and kept insisting. We got down to it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We have this young guy who comes and works our little garden a couple of times a week and we decided to go with him. He’s good looking enough and since he often works bare-chested and only in his trousers Sonali’s had lots of opportunities to see that he isn’t a fat oily type. Also, by the way, she said it had to be a guy who was very dark and muscular. Actually, the way she put it was that she wasn’t going to go from one wimp to another. Me, a wimp? Go figure. Ok, I may not be as big as some of the guys who’ve been plugging her holes but I don’t think I’m _that_ bad! Anyway she said it and it really hit me like a blow that she really wanted this and maybe she really didn’t get it good enough for her from me! That made me sit up and I decided we just had to make it happen.
Anyhow, so this guy, the gardener. I had to get him medically checked of course. I pretended we were getting all our staff checked for insurance (true enough) and now in any case they do all the sex-disease tests pretty routinely, definitely the HIV thing. He came through clean and we let another month or two go and did it again and that was clean again so we decided to go with it. By now Sonali was just wetting herself just looking at him and dreaming about it.
We didn’t let him know about it at all. We planned it so that I went out of the house and a while later Sonali called him in — we’d given all the other staff the day off so they were alone. Of course I wasn’t anywhere far away because the moment he went into the house I let myself in and started spying on them.
Man, what a cock-tease she was that day! First she called him into the kitchen and gave him some fresh coffee and a snack. And she was dressed like he had never seen her before in this really short denim skirt and on top she had a sleeveless shirt with all the buttons open except one between her tits and the ends of the shirt pulled up and knotted right under her tits. The guy could see one hell of a lot of flesh and from my spy place I saw that he was having trouble keeping his pecker down and his eyes off her body. She didn’t make it easier for him either by deliberately dropping some napkins and then bending from the waist to pick them up so that he could see her breasts hanging before his eyes. And she did it again this time with her back to him and when she bent over her entire naked butt and pussy crack showed because of course she’d taken off her panties. I thought the guy was going to burst or something.
Anyway she put him out of his misery soon enough telling him she wanted help getting a suitcase or some such out of the overhead storage cabinet in our bedroom. Up they went and she got on the bed and stood on her toes to open the cabinet which is pretty high up and that made her skirt go right up so he could see her pussy. That did it. He grabbed her and she grabbed him right back and pulled him to her and began kissing him hard. He was a little thrown by that but recovered soon enough and she had him relaxed quite quickly.
I was peeping through the door which we had agreed she wouldn’t lock but leave open just a crack. Also, there’s her dressing mirror right behind so I could in any case see everything in the reflection. I could tell she was really hot and turned on. He had her blouse open in no time and was pawing and sucking on her big tits and she started moaning loudly. She pulled off the shirt he’d put on just before he came into the house and it was clear that she found his body a big turn on. She sucked his nipples and made him suck on hers and then she told him quite lewdly that she wanted to suck his cock. That made him get really excited and she dropped her skirt and got down on her knees in front of him and opened up his pants and pulled off his undershorts. We’d got real lucky with the guy because he was really nicely hung — I’d guess he was a good eight inches and I could see that seeing it only made her even hotter. She began blowing him hard, sucking his cock like her life depended on it. He starting groaning and I thought he’d blow before long but he soon got into a kind of rhythm and began enjoying it. He started calling her names (‘whore’ and ‘slut’ and bitch and stuff) but she didn’t seem to mind. He kept fucking her face for what felt like an eternity and I could see how much she was enjoying doing it.
A bit later he pushed her head back and she smiled at him and got on her back and spread her legs and invited him to do what he wanted with her and to fuck her any way he liked so long as he fucked her _hard_. He asked her what the matter was with me and she came right back sneering saying that I was a wimp and that I couldn’t satisfy her with my silly little cock (untrue! untrue! smaller than his maybe but other women haven’t complained! Or have they just been nice?)
So the guy gets on the bed with her and I see them kissing again and she asks him to eat her pussy but to do it real slow and easy. He starts doing it, going right down on her and I could see again that she was in seventh heaven with his tongue in her crack. I think she may even have cum — you know how much she thoroughly enjoys being pussy-licked. Then they went into a long sixty-nine with her on top and then they rolled over again and he started fucking her on her back.
The first time he went into her he did it hard, just rammed his cock right up her cunt and I thought the neighbours would come running with that cry of hers. But the guy just laughed and did it again and said, “You wanted to be fucked _hard_ right? Let’s see how hard you can take it, bitch!”
He hit a rhythm with her, hard and fast, banging his cock deep into her cunt and her shrieks and moans were like nothing I’d heard before. Her breasts bounced with his thrusting and she pulled her legs tight around under his butt till he yanked them wide open and up so he could fuck her harder kneeling on the bed. He just went on and on, fucking her really hard.
Then he stopped and grabbed her and just swung her over so that she was on top of him and bent over him and starting pumping his hips like a demon under her. I could hear his thighs whacking her buttocks with a loud slap-slap-slap sound and her cries. Her breasts were bouncing over his face and he started sucking them hard and fingering her asshole. He slowed down for a bit then started right up again and I could see everything, her cunt going up and down on his pole, the look of lust on her face, the way she was kissing him and pushing her tongue into his mouth.
Again he stopped and now he got her off him and on all fours and quickly got behind her and began fucking her Rocky(D)gie style, holding her hips and slamming his hips back and forth at her buttocks with the same squelching slapping sound. She was moaning thickly and softly now and her tits were jiggling and bouncing but she wasn’t asking him to stop. All she kept saying was stuff like _fuck me, yes, give it to me, god that feels so good, come on, shove your big cock right up into my cunt, fuck me_! His replies were equally explicit and obscene gutter-talk.
When he moved his legs across her hips, I figured that was a good cue so I slammed open the door and walked in and came to a halt as if I had taken them by surprise. The guy froze and I pretended to freeze too and then she went into her little act which we’d rehearsed: telling him not to stop, to ignore me, that I was a wimp and couldn’t satisfy her, to show me how a real man fucks a woman and assuring him that I was incapable of doing anything to either of them.
For a second I thought the guy wasn’t going to bite but then he did and I felt such a huge swell of pride and excitement because he began taunting me, calling me names and asking me to watch how my wife was acting like a whore and to see how much she wanted to be fucked by a real man. Sonali looked at me and ordered me to drop my pants and to go sit in the chair and to watch. I did it and that got rid of any doubts the guy might have had. My presence seemed to goad him and he started taking her brutally and I thought he was hurting her but he obviously knew what he was doing and what she wanted because there was no mistaking her look or her voice or her words.
That’s when she begged him to fuck her in the ass. Now that’s something I’ve never done with her (always wanted to but she never let me) so I really jumped out of my skin. I couldn’t believe this! The guy was beside himself with glee and she pointed him to a jar of Vaseline with which he anointed his dick and then for the first time I saw a guy buggering my wife right in front of my eyes. It was the most incredible sight to see that big beautiful dark cock just going slowly into her tight ass and to see that incredible look of excitement on her face. He went in nice and slow and easy and I could see he was getting pretty near the end — her ass must have been one tight fit for him! He went in all the way, fucked her heavily and slowly (not hard) in the ass for several minutes and I could see she was thoroughly enjoying it. She began to cum, too, and begged him to let her take his cum in her mouth and he did that getting out of her ass and getting on his feet on the bed (our bed, damn it, _my_ bed) and pushing his cock into her face again and fucking her face till he came. It was a wildly heavy load and she drank his cum, took it in her mouth and smiled happily as it poured down over her body.
Now she looked at me and called me forward.
“Now you,” she said, “do your job and clean me up. Lick up your servant’s cum from my body.”
I obeyed at once and the gardener sat up in bed and I could see him grinning and laughing and massaging his cock. Somehow I got the feeling he’d be fucking her again real soon. The taste of his cum wasn’t unpleasant at all as I had thought it might be. In fact, coming off her body it tasted erotic and sexy.
When I was done, Sonali ordered me to go down and brew up some fresh coffee and toast because they were hungry and bring it up on a tray but not to dress. When I came back they were cuddling in bed, giggling and she was showing him her small collection of dildoes and vibrators and fondling his cock. They finished their coffee and food and ordered me to clear up and come back and wait on them while they took a nap in each other’s arms.
About an hour later they began to wake up. He came awake first and grinned and winked at me and told me my wife was a helluva fuck. She woke up too and giggled and they began kissing and fondling each other and I could see his cock was getting hard again. I thought she would blow him again. What I didn’t expect is that he’d order _me_ to come around and give _him_ head. When he said that Sonali moaned in excitement and said, “Oh god yes! I want to see the wimp do that!”
So there I was, kneeling next to my servant and taking his cock — fresh from my beloved wife’s mouth, cunt and ass — in my mouth and sucking it. He got stiff again in a bit though it took a while and he didn’t let me go till he was ready and meanwhile ordered Sonali to play with herself to show him she really wanted him. She went one better and got a vibrator and began using it. That got him excited quickly, watching her thrashing on the bed with her legs apart and her hands between her legs and the thing humming away happily.
When he was ready he ordered me to stop and pulled the vibrator away from her and they went into the shower together, leaving the curtain open and made me sit on the john and watch them again. First they showered, lathering each other, then got it on again. She sucked him for a bit and then he began fucking her from behind, bent over and holding the shower rod, taking her hard again just like she wanted. They stopped and stumbled out and did it on the bedroom floor, dripping wet, and then carried on downstairs. He made her get on her back on the dining table and made me sit right next to her, so close I could smell her body and his smell on her skin and he fucked her like that, standing between her spread legs, laughing at me and thrusting his big cock in and out of her cunt. I could see she was really enjoying it, her body jerking and writhing and she was crying out in pleasure, begging him to fuck her like a slut. I could see everything, most of all the look of sheer bliss on her face and the way his cock shone as it went deep into her cunt. Just to rub it in he fondled her breasts and face and made me watch her sucking his finger tips. Then he bent over her and kissed her hard and I could see her responding like a lover, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She begged him to fuck her from behind again (“like a bitch,” she said) so he got on top of the table and began doing it just like she wanted, holding her hips and slapping his thighs loudly at her buttocks. She begged for it, her tits bouncing and her face shining with pleasure. Their bodies were just inches from my hands. This time he came in her pussy and again she and he made me clean her up.
Well, I’ve gone on and on haven’t I? It’s taken me a while to write all this, but it’s all true and all thanks to you. The guy’s been fucking Sonali regularly now and she says she just can’t get enough of the excitement of this cuckold business. They decide when I can get some action from her — it’s not often, only twice in the last three or four weeks — and he decides what I can and can’t do, whether I can fuck her or only have her blow me or what.
I really enjoy the sessions more than I thought I would. Even at work I am thinking of them because I know they’ll be doing it as much behind my back as they do with me around. Strange thing is that I’ve come to enjoy it. I really like being dominated and sucking his cock is actually quite a turn on. I almost always jerk off and cum watching them. Just knowing that her pussy is full of the dark servant’s creamy cum makes me hard. It’s the sexiest thing.
Outside of the sex, Sonali and I are actually feeling better about each other and ourselves. We’re more relaxed with each other now, there seems to be less tension on any issue. Somehow this seems to have ironed out a lot of kinks. As I said, I owe you a big one.
Thanks, bud. Love to Madhu. Missing the old times with her.

———————— By mixoscopist

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