Getting a New Job

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It was just after eight when I met my sister for drinks, though by the time I had sat down at her table she had already made her way through three cocktails whilst waiting for me. ”You’re always late, sis. Don’t know why I ever bother stating a time.” she told me.
”I’ve never been here before,” I told her, ”Why this place? It’s almost impossible to find.” she shrugged her shoulders, ”I come here every now and again. It’s not your normal kind of bar.” she told me.
Since turning thirty she had been on a tear, she’d created her own company from the ground up and was now the owner of Eco-Co. A cleaning company hired out by corporations through out the city. Cheaper than employing their own cleaner, they would call Stephanie and she would send them someone. And though being a cleaner had never appealed to me, the same way working at McDonalds had never appealed to me, I was recently out of a job and needed something to pay the rent.
”I have a job tomorrow morning that I can’t cover. Usually I wouldn’t take on any job that I can’t cover, but it’s never happened before and one of my girls is out sick. It’s usually the part when I slip on the uniform and cover it myself, but I have a meeting tomorrow that could expand my company into other territories.”
”I don’t know Steph, I can’t even keep my apartment clean. How am I going to clean for someone else and not end up giving you a bad review or something?” I told her.
Stephanie had always worked hard, but it was only over the last few years that she’d truly through herself in. she was the smarter of us, and was a perfect big sister in that sense. I guess at twenty-seven, I wasn’t completely done being a scamp. Not yet anyway.
”Dana,” she began, ”All you gotta do is show up and clean the bathrooms on the third floor and you’re done.” she told me. She leaned back in her chair and glanced over at the bar, a small smirk appeared on her face and when I looked over at the bar myself, I saw what she was smirking at.
Stephanie was a career girl, not a home girl. She wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. I didn’t have either of those things either, but Mom always said that at Steph’s age, she should have a kid and be in a happy marriage. Like she was, for all the good it her.
Stephanie always dressed to impressed, and when you had her figure and looks it came easy. Her breasts were an F-cup, mine were an E. her long dark hair was always wild and wavy, and her blouse was always open.
She had her eye on a guy at the bar who was standing with another, the other guy was talking to him but he wasn’t listening, he was too busy mentally undressing my sister. I nudged her with my foot underneath the table and shook my head and mild disbelief. Her green eyes were alive with lust and I figured that it must be that time of the week, she would hit a bar and after slamming back a few cocktails she would want someone to slam her against a wall.
”You want me to leave?” I asked her, she shook her head in response, ”No, I want you to tell me that you’re going to be at the office tomorrow morning by seven thirty to pick up the van and be at the job by eight.”
I thought about it for a moment and nodded my head, ”Good girl,” she told me getting to her feet, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek while giving the guy at the bar a view of her rear.
She was in a thigh high skirt that was the same dark shade of blue as her blazer, after kissing me on the cheek she held the back of my head and pulled my face into her neck. It was her own weird variation of a hug.
She leaned forward more and rested her head on my shoulder, it was then that I saw the guy standing behind her. He was stroking himself off as he hitched up her skirt, I began looking around at the other people on the bar wondering what the hell was going on.
There was a couple sitting in the corner booth, she had her head in his lap swallowing his cock.
”What kind of bar is this?” I asked her as the stranger behind her began pushing himself inside my sister. ”My kind of bar,” she moaned.
She moved off of me and laid herself flat on the table as he began slamming into her, her eyes began rolling around in their sockets as I picked up my Bahama-Mama and took a sip.
I glanced over at the strangers friend at the bar and he smiled at me, ”Don’t even think about it.” I told him.
Stephanie was turned onto her back, he ripped open her blouse and unclipped her bra from the front, her giant breasts were on display and swaying around her chest as he pumped her with his fuck-tool.
”So seven thirty, right?” I asked throwing back the last of my drink. ”Uh-huh,” she moaned. The friend at the bar walked over and before I could turn him down again, he passed me and began squeezing Stephanie’s breast.
”Either help this man out or get out of here then babe, I’ll call you tomorrow.” my sister told me before the friend filled her mouth with his short and stumped dick. I smiled and gave her a nod as I turned and left the bar. As I passed I picked up a card that read; ”This establishment is cleaned twice a day and twice at night by Eco-Co.” I smiled to myself as I dropped the card and walked out into the cold November air.
I loved a careless hook up in the middle of a bar as much as the next girl, but if I had to be wide eyed and bushy tailed by seven thirty tomorrow I didn’t really have the time to watch my sister get hammered at both ends.
I remember back when we were living at home I would have to share a room with her, she’d be at one side of the room with her boyfriend while I was on the other side of the room with mine. It was a strange relationship but an open and honest one, which we both valued. It wasn’t until years later that I would find out that during the night the boys would switch beds. She knew though, she always did. I should’ve been able to put it together, when my boyfriend who did like blow-jobs would suddenly want to 69 me in the middle of the night.
I got home at around eleven and dropped down onto my bed, I kicked off my boots and wriggled out of my pants when there was a knock at the door. My shoulders slumped as I crossed the room to the door, of course there would be someone at the door when I had to be up early.
I looked through the peep hole and groaned aloud when I saw my land lord standing on the other side. This months rent was due and I wasn’t going to be getting paid until tomorrow, ”Come on I saw you enter the building.” he called.
I opened the door and couldn’t have looked pleased because he took a step back, ”Look, I got a job and will have your money tomorrow.” I told him. But after a second I realised that he didn’t really care about what I was telling him, he cared more about what I was showing him.
I was standing in my panties and a vest top, with my cleavage elevated over the top by the bra I was wearing.
”Well, that’s fine.” he replied, unable it seemed to take his eyes off of me. ”I have to be up early, for work.” I told him. It was a gentle hint for him to piss off, but he lingered a little longer and then an idea came to mind.
”Of course, if you wanted to take a picture I’d allow it for a free month.” I told him slyly.
”What? A picture?” he asked snapping out of it, ”For a month? No,” he told me, ”Maybe a week, maybe a few photo’s and whatever for a month.” he added. I dropped my head back and let him in.
He breezed passed me and pulled his phone out of his pocket, I walked over towards my bed and sat down on the edge of it. He ordered me to lay down as he began snapping, ”Now on your knees, grab your tits.” he barked as he kept on snapping. I don’t know how many pictures he’d taken, but it wouldn’t be long before he phone memory was full by the sound of the shutter.
I followed his instructions, putting my finger in my mouth and giving him the ass shots. ”Take your op off.” he told me, this had better get me at least two months, I thought to myself as I peeled off my white vest. ”Good,” he said, ”now put your finger back into your mouth while pulling your panties down a little.”
I pulled them down by the thumb and watched his cock swell inside his pants, ”good, good.” he told me, ”Now get down on your back, let your head hang off the edge of the bed.”
”Very specific,” I muttered as I got into position, he asked me to cup my breasts and bring my knees up, but keep my legs open, he stood over me and took the shot making it look as though he was balls deep into my mouth.
”Take off your bra.” he told me, ”No way,” I replied. He backed away a little and nodded his head, ”Fine, so you got two weeks free right now.” he said rubbing the bulge in his crotch.
”Ugh, fine.” I moaned, ”Just hurry this up I need to get some sleep.” I told him unhooking my bra and getting back up to my knees, I covered both breasts with my hands and let my bra drop to the bed. He snapped the pictures and I slowly revealed my nipples, ”Oh god they’re perfect.” he moaned under his breath. Hm, you should see my sisters, I thought.
”Come on get down on the floor, on your knees,” he instructed, ”I’m gonna take my dick out and lay it across your face.” he told me. Before I could protest he added, ”The quicker this is over the quicker you can sleep, and the more I get the longer you get to live here for free.”
He unzipped his pants and took out his cock, it was around an average size but with an impressive girth, he laid it on my face as I looked up at the camera lens on the phone, his balls rested between my mouth and chin while he took the picture.
”Now open your mouth just a little,” he told me, as I did so his balls dropped between my lips. I heard a different sound on his phone as I took his scrotum in my mouth. ”Okay baby, now improvise. And you’ll get your month free.” he said with a wink.
I took his cock in hand as I sucked and licked every part of his ball sack, then running my tongue up and down his shaft before taking his head in and going at it like I was trying to find the chewy centre.
”Awh god baby yeah that’s right.’ he moaned. He reached down and cupped one of my large breasts before running his hand through my hair. ”Let me see that ass again.” he said, I crawled up onto the bed and gave him the rear view, he wasted no time in pulling down my panties and roughly running a finger up and down my clitoris before plugging my with it. I felt the bed move as he climbed up onto it and then I felt the girth penetrate me.
A moan leapt out of me as his cock plunged into me. ”Yeah take my cock you little rent whore.” he slapped my ass while sliding in and out of me, I lowered my head to the sheets and took it like a desperate little slut.
”Now turn over, I want the money shot. I wanna see those tits bounce while I fuck you.” he told me, I followed orders and rolled onto my back, staring up at the camera as he slipped into me and began thrusting his hips against me. I tucked my arms into my sides and pushed my breasts up as they bounced back and forth.
”Yeah, like that, there it is.” he said as he exhaled a huge breath, ”Oh god yes.” he moaned. My hand slipped down and I began working my clitoris, I raised my legs and allowed him to gain more depth as he slammed into me. I could feel my orgasm creeping closer as I kept my eyes on the camera, I wasn’t sure if he was looking at me or staring at me through the phone.
He grabbed one of my breasts and used the mattress as way to rock himself back and forth, ”You’re gonna make me cum,” I told him. This seemed to give him a rush, because he picked up the pace and grabbed my leg, raising it higher and making me feel the impact of his cock hit my cervix over and over.
I let out a short scream as my arms came up over my head, I came hard and my legs began shuddering. He slipped out of me and he began jerking himself off, if I had the strength I’d move to a better position but it turned out that I didn’t have the time, as his cum began firing out of his tool. It landed on my breasts and caught my on the chin, another shot sprayed across my chest and down my stomach.
”Oh my god,” he moaned as he dropped down next to me. He shut off the camera and shook his head smiling in disbelief. ”I guess I’ll see you next month honey.” he said getting up to his feet.
Not long after he left I dropped off to sleep, I didn’t even have the energy to clean myself up. I fell asleep wondering when it was exactly that I became such a dirty slut.
The alarm woke me at six thirty, I climbed into the shower and threw on some clothes before heading out the door. My sisters company had it’s own collection of vehicles, mostly small vans, but they had everything would need inside. Stephanie text me the address and I set off across town.
I was stuck at a red light when the thoughts about what I had done last night began to play out in my mind. I still couldn’t believe some of it happened, I invited my landlord in to take some pictures of me in exchange for free living. It escalated, and he walked away with a video and a drained set of balls. I laughed as I asked myself what I had become. Did I actually do it for free accommodation, or did I do it because I needed to cut loose as my sister did.
I pulled the van into the parking lot of a tall building that I hadn’t seen before and after putting the company apron on I grabbed the ID badge and walked in through the doors into the lobby.
The guy behind the desk smiled at me as I approached, ”Hi, I’m Dana from Eco-Co.” I said, ”Ah, third floor bathroom?” he asked. ”That’s what I’m told.” I replied as he hammered the keyboard on his computer.
”Okay they’re expecting you. Everything you need will be up there ready for you.” he said. I nodded my head and walked over towards the elevator and pressed the button. If it was just a bathroom then I figured I’d be out of here pretty quickly, I phone buzzed against my breast, I stored it in my bra, and I read a good luck text from Stephanie.
The elevator doors opened on the third floor and a woman was standing outside to greet me, ”Hello, I’m Liz. The bathroom is just this way.” she said walking off down the hallway, I thought about asking her what happens here but it didn’t seem as though she had the time.
”Gloves, bleach, disinfectant, clothes and brushes all here for you. Just do the bathroom and then come to the end of this hallway afterwards to find me.” she said.
”Seems simple enough.” I replied as she walked off down the hall, too simple, I thought to myself.
I wanted to text Steph and ask her what this place was, as I couldn’t see anybody else around and I couldn’t hear anything either. I picked up a ‘cleaning in progress’ sign and hung it on the door handle. I pushed the door open and dragged the supply trolly in to the bathroom.
I was slightly shocked at the fact that everything looked clean, the four urinals up against the wall were gleaming. The sinks had a sparkle to them that I had never even seen on a sink before, I pushed open the five cubicle doors and could see my reflection in the crystal clear water at the bottom of each toilet.
I pulled on a pair of gloves and figured that I may as well try and get a little extra shine off of the place, and began spraying bleach into one of the urinals. I picked up a scrubbing brush and began scrubbing at the white porcelain.
Two minutes into scrubbing I was done, so I moved onto the next one. That was when the bathroom door opened behind me, ”Cleaning in progress.” I said, but the man completely ignored me and stood right beside me, unzipping his pants and releasing one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. He then began urinating in the urinal as though I wasn’t there.
I continued to scrub the urinal I was on but couldn’t take my eyes away from the dick he held in his hand, as a stream of hot piss poured out of the end of it I glanced up at him, he wasn’t even aware that I was there.
”Excuse me, sir,” I said softly, but nothing came in the form of a response. The stream of urine came to a slow stop and he shook himself off, before he turned and saw me I went back to focussing on what I was doing.
That was when he grabbed my arm and span me on my knees, ”Hey,” I called out but my mouth was suddenly full as he stuffed as much of his length in as he could. He let go of my arm and put both of his on my head, holding me in place as he began going pelvic thrusts against me.
His cock quickly began hardening and it was soon too big to fit in my mouth, I could only take about a third of his meat stick and that seemed to be enough to keep him happy for a few moments. He withdrew his cock and began slapping me across the face with it, ”What the fuck–” I protested, but before I could get another word out, it was back in my mouth as I tried pushing him away. He held me firmly in place by my head and it felt as though if I struggled too much, my neck would break. It didn’t seem as though I had much choice but to remain calm and take the throat fucking he was giving me.
He didn’t say a word to me, didn’t so much as let out a moan of relief either when he began filling my throat with his sperm. I coughed and gasped as I I dropped to the floor, choking on what felt like a pint of semen. I looked up at him when I had stopped gasping for breath and it seemed that he wasn’t done.
He pulled my apron off and began pulling my top up and over my head, he unclipped my bra and tore it off of my chest exposing my breasts. He smiled. The first hint of human emotion I had gotten from him. I rolled over onto my front and began trying to crawl towards the door, but he grabbed me by the waistband of my pants and began pulling them down over my ass.
Before I could move another inch I was pressed down on the cold floor as he spat a mouthful of saliva onto my bald snatch. Then came the plunge, his long hard cock penetrated me and I’d never felt anything like it.
”Oh my god, oh my fucking god,” I began chanting, he pushed it as far as he could get it before retracting and going for it again. He delivered long and slow strokes at first, it was just enough to start making some room for the rest of him. Gradually he began pumping me from behind, pulling my up onto all fours by my hair as he repeatedly slammed in to me. I had never taken something so big and strong before, I had never even seen it on a white guy before. Only in porn.
He was on his feet now, squatting down to punish my pussy with a hammering I will never forget. My cries of pain turned into screams of ecstasy as I felt spasms erupting throughout my pelvis, I felt the sensation sweep through my stomach, the contractions almost knocked me out as I came harder than I ever had before in my life.
He pulled himself out of me and dragged me around to face him, he aimed his cock at my face as he jerked himself off, I could barely move as I was punched in the face by his cum. It felt like a right hook to the cheek from Mike Tyson, it poured out of him like urine.
When he was finished he got back to his feet and began washing himself off at the sink. Within a few moments he had left the bathroom and I was still trying to find a way back to my feet.
That was when the bathroom door opened again, and two men walked in and up to the urinals. My pants were around my knees and one of the guys was actually standing on my bra as he released his urine.
I grabbed my apron up off the floor and began wiping the cum off my face, when I dropped the apron two cocks were hanging out in front of me waiting. ”Your kidding, right?” I asked.

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