Glory hole girl

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“Come on baby, you’ll love it.”
Desiree wasn’t so sure, but Joe had been such a nice guy, never rushing her, and his kissing, licking and fondling had made her almost dizzy with desire. Her blouse was off, bra open, panties kicked off, and she was eager to please him. His thoughtfulness overcame her reluctance, and with Joe’s grunts of encouragement, she gave Joe her virgin mouth, the very first blowjob she’d ever done, after 19 years, her mouth had gotten a cock to suck on. After he’d exploded in her mouth, they went downstairs, and Desiree was shocked. She’d just sucked off the captain of the college football team, and it was recorded by a hidden camera. The bastards had been down here in the common room, watching her suck his cock!
One of the guys watching joked, “How was her cock sucking ability, Joe?”
Joe laughed, and replied, “Well, she’d got a lot to learn, it was adequate, but not that good.”
Joe had a idea jump into his head, he grinned, oh yeah, that’d be great. He motioned for Desiree to follow him, and he led her to an empty room, and closed the door for privacy.
He turned to her and said, “Okay Desi, we’ve got that very interesting footage of you sucking my cock. We’ll keep it a secret, but you have to give us something in return. If you do, we’ll give you the tape, there will be no copies made, and no one else will ever see the footage.”
With a sinking feeling, Desiree said, “What do I have to do?”
Joe replied, “Well, we’re having a frat bash this weekend, and I’m in charge of the entertainment. Have you ever heard of a glory hole?”
Desiree though it sounded familiar, then she remembered. She’d overheard her brother and his best friend had been talking about getting sucked off through a glory hole, and…she suddenly got it.
She said, in a small voice, “You mean, I…I…”
Joe jumped in, “Yes, you’ll be our glory hole girl. You do need to practice your cock sucking technique, what better way then to suck off the fraternity?”
She gulped, but what choice did she have? Oh god, the idea of her Mom and Dad, all her friends, not to mention all the horny perverts on the internet, seeing her sucking cock, she’d die.
Saturday afternoon, and she could feel that approaching appointment, like the giant snowball rolling downhill, heading for her. At 6 PM, she left her apartment, and drove over to the frat house. Joe greeted her, and led her around to the side entrance.
“I’m sure you’d like to keep your anonymity from the guys, so I’ll bring you in through the side door, while everyone will be in the common room. No one will see you, and the only contact they’ll have with you is when you wrap your lips around their cocks, and slide that sexy mouth of yours down.”
Desiree breathed a small sigh of relief, she may have to suck off a load of horny guys, but at least they wouldn’t know who she was. She could hear music, and the babble of voices in another part of the frat house, and Joe led her to a bare room. The only thing in the room was a stack of pillows. There was a plywood wall dividing the room, and two holes had been cut out of the plywood, and thick electrician’s tape ringed the holes.
Must be to prevent splinters crossed her mind, and she smiled, oh god, the idea of getting a splinter in the cock…or the balls…and she started giggling at the idea.
Joe asked, “What’s so funny, Desi?”
She giggled, “I saw the tape around the holes, and I though how bad it would be to get a splinter in the cock…or the balls..and I just…” She trailed off, as another fit of giggles shook her.
Joe smiled, and gave a laugh, it was good, she seemed to be getting into the spirit. By the time tonight was over, he had a feeling she’d be a cock sucking pro.
“Okay Desi, I’m going to get the guys, and take them into the other side of the room. Grab some pillows, and kneel by the holes, and get ready.”
She took two pillows, and knelt down by the hole on her left, and she heard the guys being led down the hallway, the door opening, and footsteps heading into the other part of the room.
“For your entertainment guys, we have a glory hole cutie, that wants to suck all our hard cocks. Get your cocks out guys, and let’s give our suck off queen what she wants.”
Pleased sounds filled the room, and two cocks appeared, both about 8 inches, hard and throbbing with need. The holes were large enough to fit their cocks and balls through, and Desiree was at a bit of a loss. Do I suck them both, back and forth? Or should I suck one, while stroking the other one, then start sucking the second one after the first one blows his load? The second choice seemed the best option, and she licked up her lips, getting them wet and slick, then she grasped the first cock at the base, and started licking at the head, while her right hand came up, wrapping around the hard cock on her right. She heard two appreciative grunts from the other side, and she started to slide her mouth down over the head of the cock in front of her, while she gripped the cock in her right hand, and slowly pumped his cock. She managed to get 4 inches of the cock she was sucking into her mouth, then pulled back, and slid down again.
The owner of the cock she was sucking said, “Yeah baby, suck my cock, let me fill your cute mouth.”
Encouraged, she started to bob her head up and down, taking in a bit more at a time. She managed 5 inches, 5.5 inches, and as she took in 6 inches, she heard a growl, the cock in her mouth started pulsing, and a hot blast of salty cum shot our, splattering against the back of her throat, she gulped it down rapidly, listening to the grunts and growls of pleasure behind the plywood as the cock spewed thick rich streams, the roof of her mouth, her tongue was coated by thick, gooey stings of cum, and she kept him in until his cock was empty, and swallowed every drop. That sent a surge of lust to her pussy, and she quickly moved over and swallowed the cock she had been stroking, and quickly surrounded his cock, and slid down. She heard “Oh yeah baby, umm, suck my cock!”, and she proceeded to do just that, bobbing her head up and down.
Getting into the blowjob rhythm, another cock appeared at the second hole, and her hand reached over, slowly stoking the stiff shaft. Another cock, oh yeah, her lust was starting to take control, and she bathed the cock in her mouth with a flood of her saliva, riding her mouth up and down the pole, bringing her tongue into play, and swirling her tongue around the shaft as her mouth went up and down. She was learning how to suck cock, and suck it good, she could feel the cock in her mouth start to jerk, at full extension, and she drew her head back. Just as she did so, his cock erupted, she heard loud grunts from behind the plywood as his cock gushed, thick streams spewing over her tongue, filling her mouth with a rich flood of hot cum satisfaction.
The evening became a blur, when one cock exploded in her mouth, she’d go after the second cock she’d been stroking, while another cock would take the place of the one that had just filled her mouth. She had no idea how many cocks she sucked, but her pussy was sizzling, and she needed that taken care of.
Putting her mouth at the hole, she growled, “Now, I want my cunt fucked. Fuck my cunt through the glory hole!”
She heard cheers and shouts of All right, and she worked herself against the hole. She positioned herself then leaned forward, grasping her knees. She felt the tip of a hard cock pushing gently against her, then she sucked in a breath, and growled with pleasure as the cock pushed, breeching her lips and sliding in. Oh yes, that felt so good, she moaned and pushed her ass against the plywood as hard as she could, eager to get as much into her as possible. The cock burrowed in, and as it pumped in and out, she would hump back at each thrust, oh yeah, that was good. She looked to her left, saw another stiff, eager cock awaiting her, and she felt the gush of her juices, washing over the cock plowing her, her tight pussy walls were massaging and milking the cock, eager to make him explode. The cock jerked, swelling up with the urgency, oh yeah, her pussy wanted that creamy explosion.
Five seconds later, she heard the owner of the cock growl, “Oh fuck, yeah, gonna blow, fuck, fuck, YEEEAAAHHH!”
She slammed her hips back, burying his rod into her as deep as possible. Desiree felt a warmth flooding into her, as the cock pulsed repeatedly, a rush of sperm being pumped all over her tight pink walls. The cock pumped back and forth, unloading every drop, then as he pulled out, Desiree went over to the other cock. She adjusted herself against the tip of the new cock, and with a low moan of pleasure, she drove her hips back, and her cum filled pussy was stuffed by another hard cock. She heard a loud grunt of pleasure, and she started to get fucked hard and fast, a nice big cock ramming her was just what she needed, and it didn’t take more than 10 hard, fast strokes before her pussy spasmed as she tumbled into orgasm, her pussy quivering wildly around the big cock inside her. The cock wasn’t quite ready to blow, and Desi enjoyed a long hard ride, shaking and shuddering through 4 more orgasms until the cock let loose, exploding and squirting wildly, her pussy was filled to overflowing with his hot spunk.
It was a long, fuck filled enjoyable night, as soon as one cock exploded inside her, another one was waiting right next to her. Her pussy was filled over and over, thick hot streams being pumped into her, as the frat guys gave her hungry pussy the fucking she needed.
After the guys had gone back to the common room, Joe came back in and Desiree figured he had gotten his cock sucked, and gotten a piece of her ass.
Desiree grinned as she said, “So, how was my cock sucking ability today?”
Joe said, “Much better, it was a pleasure to have my cock sucked until you pulled every drop out of me. And fucking your slick, cum filled pussy was awesome!”
Desiree looked up, grinned and said, “If you are going to do this again, I want to be the glory hole girl again! I don’t want my newfound cock sucking talent to go to waste!”
Joe smiled, this was an every Saturday night happening, and it looked like they had this season’s glory hole girl. Maybe, just maybe, he could talk her into a frat gang-bang, getting both holes filled at the same time. Since it was obvious that once she been primed with a round of cock sucking, she needed the horny throb in her pussy satisfied, he had a feeling that she’d be amenable to that idea, something to be presented to her after more Saturday night suck and fuck sessions.
“Yeah, oh fuck, gonna cum, yeah, fuck FUUCCKKK!”
Desiree pumped her hips back hard, burying the stiff 9 inches right to the balls, and she felt his cock pulsing, and the rich gush of hot cum filling her womb, joining all the mingled cum that had filled her, as his cock throbbed in repeated ejaculations, filling her as she shook through one last orgasm.
Desiree had indeed become the glory hole girl at every Saturday night fuck and suck session. The brothers got their hard cocks off every Saturday night, thanks to Desiree’s cock sucking skills, then they’d get to fuck her hot fuck hole through the glory hole. This was the fourth Saturday in a row, and she was virtually addicted to being a glory hole slut. In class, she’d remember all the sucking and fucking of the previous Saturday, and dream about the next Saturday session.
She heard the brothers heading back to the common room, and Joe came into the room.
“Desiree, you are the hit of the frat house. The guys all say they’ve never had a better blowjob, and your nice, tight pussy never fails to milk them good. How would you like to be the guest of honor at a gang bang? I know you want to keep your identity hidden, so you could wear a mask. Think of it, getting your mouth and your pussy taken in tandem, two stiff, hard cocks for your sucking and fucking pleasure, at the same time. Like that idea, the masked mystery girl, taking on all cocks.”
Desiree eagerly replied, “Yes, I want it, I want a gang bang, set it up!”
At home, Desiree realized she had a perfect disguise. It was a Mardi Gras style mask that she had worn at last year’s Mardi Gras, deep golden in color, covered with ornate swirls, small costume jewelry diamonds were placed across the cheek area, and a large one was set right between the eyes. The mask covered her face down to just above the tip of her nose, and it covered most of her cheeks as the mask was shaped downward in a curving arc before rising back up towards the back of her head. Desiree tried it on, to see how well it disguised her, it was perfect. She saw how much of her face it covered, from just above her nose to the top of her head, below the curving bottom of the mask, just her eyes, the bottom of her nose, her cheeks and her mouth were visible. She didn’t like full face masks, they got hot and sweaty from a person’s breath puffing against the inside of the mask. And, since she was going to be sucking a cock at the same time that a hard, eager cock would be ramming her cunt, so much the better.
She could feel the stirring of lust bubbling up, oh yeah, she imagined herself on hands and knees, ass cocked up, a hard horny cock ready to be stuffed up her cunt, while another stiff cock was ready to plunder her mouth. She quickly stripped naked, grabbed her 9 inch dildo and lay back, spreading her legs, and teasing at her lips, running the dildo tip around her lips, rimming her tight hole. Her mind zeroed in, getting a double fuck, mouth and cunt were going to be taken in tandem. She felt the slickness of her juices coating her lips, and she sank fully into the fantasy, as with a loud growl of pleasure, her dildo sank fully into the pink folds, not letting up until with cries of pleasure, Desiree had buried all 9 inches. She imagined herself on hands and knees, a rock hard cock bobbing in front of her face, she sucked it in, while a second stiff cock was positioned, and drove up her horny fuck hole, burying itself balls deep. With her trusty dildo pumping her cunt open, fingers gliding along her clit, and the imagining of stiff hard cocks in both mouth and cunt, getting her first double fuck, Desiree’s shrieks of orgasmic pleasure quickly filled her bedroom, bursts of pleasure pulsing through her body.
Next Saturday, and it was all set. Joe led her into the glory hole room, and she stripped naked, she could see Joe’s eyes appreciatively looking at her nude body. Desiree was 5’10” tall with natural blonde hair and green eyes, her skin was tanned to a golden sheen, and measurements of 36-23-36. Joe’s eyes went lower, over the teardrop shaped breasts, her cherry red nipples were hard, and lower, her pussy was shaved down to a neat blonde fluff, her opening totally smooth and hair-free, oh yeah, Joe could feel his cock tenting up, this was going to be an awesome gang-bang. He was eager to stuff her tight pussy. She let him drink the fill of his eyes, smiled, then slipped on her mask.
Joe said, “Oh yeah, that mask is perfect, no one will know who you are. Wait here baby, then we’ll head up to the bedrooms, I want the guys to watch you walk past them, follow me, and we’ll lead them up the stairs.”
Desiree could hear his footsteps retreating towards the common room.
About 10 minutes later, with a babble of male voices coming closer, Joe slipped in, took her hand, and said, “Are you ready for your first gang bang, baby?”
Desiree was so hot, she felt like her cunt was a blazing furnace, and she panted, “Yes, oh fuck, I am more than ready!”
Joe opened the door, and said, “Brothers, here she is, the masked mystery girl, who is going to enjoy her very first gang bang tonight!”
Desiree could hear cheers, then Joe led her into view, and silence fell. She could see all the eyes lock onto her, she knew how hot her nude body was, and enjoyed the fact that they were going to see exactly what she had for their cocks to sink into. The guys were all lined up, and they were just as naked as she was. She enjoyed watching hot, horny erections building quickly, as she sashayed slowly past them. Desiree could feel hands reaching out, stroking her tits, her ass, her bare smooth pubic area. She did her fair share, reaching out and giving the cocks a quick stroke, yum, all these cocks all for me, she thought, her body trembled with desire as she followed Joe, leading a line of very horny, naked guys following closely.
Desiree was led into a bedroom, and immediately took to her hands and knees, spreading her legs wide, arranging herself so her mouth and her cunt would be easily accessible. Ready for fucking, cunt and mouth, she felt like a hot and horny little slut, eager to be a cum dump for every big cock that wants to fuck her. Her juices were gushing, dripping down her thighs, she was in a haze of lust. She wanted hard, horny cocks, now.
Desiree heard Joe say, “Oh yeah, I’m going to get the first go at our mystery girl’s tight cunt!”
Desiree’s cunt was a soaking mess of desire, she felt Joe’s fingers sliding around, feeling for her slit. He found it, and with a nudge, then one hard thrust, 8 inches of rock hard cock were stuffed up Desiree’s wet pink fuck hole. She grunted as Joe’s stiff cock filled her, she moaned and gasped, and she let him know how good it felt.
Desiree growled, “Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck it feels so good!”
She watched as one of the guys with 7 stiff inches, bobbed his cock inches from her lips.
“Suck it baby”, was all she needed to hear, and Desiree eagerly slid her mouth down, swallowing the stiff rod right to the balls. As she heard him grunt with pleasure, she felt Joe pull back, gripping her hips, and start to give Desiree a Rocky(D)gy style fucking, getting into the rhythm, slamming his rock hardness into her fiery core. Desiree let out muffled growls of pleasure around the hard cock she was sucking, the filling stretch of her cunt being plundered felt so damn good, oh fuck, it felt so fucking good, she found it hard to concentrate on the cock in her mouth.
Joe growled, “Um, nice tight cunt, umm feels so good to fuck you baby!”
Desiree released her mouth fucker’s cock, and growled, “Fuck my mouth, just like a cunt, and shoot your load right down my throat!”
Desiree felt her head being gripped, held steady, and the hard cock in her mouth started to pump back and forth. She made sure that her tongue lashed at the hard cock on every in-stroke, lips giving him a tight, milking grip, she wanted a huge load to fill her eager mouth. Now that she knew how to suck cock right, she wanted every drop.
Desiree felt Joe’s hard cock swelling up, he growled out, “Oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, fill your tight cunt, yeah, fuck YEAH!”
He rammed his cock balls deep, holding it there, and let out a growl of pleasure. She felt the gush, a warm wetness pouring into her cunt, and just as she felt the wave of orgasm rush at her, her mouth fucker let out loud grunts of pleasure, and she felt his cock bucking and jerking, her orgasm shaking her body, she felt his cock erupting, hot, wet streams of thick cum spewing all over inside her mouth, giving her a full load of thick creamy cum. The rush of both her horny holes being filled made her orgasm a powerful slam. Desiree eagerly swallowed the hot cum in her mouth, and let off muffled squeals of pleasure, her body shaking that pleasure grip, god, what a rush.
The two cocks withdrew, but she didn’t have to wait long to be filled, another hard cock was ready to take Joe’s place, and Desiree felt the head of his cock against her. She grunted with pleasure as she felt him penetrate, 8 inches of prime meat pushing in, impaling her, filling her cunt. Another 8 inches of hard eager cock was presented to her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed it down, bathing his cock with her saliva. Her cunt was running freely with her own juices, bathing the cock fucking her with a rush of hot juices, she grunted with pleasure. Pushing her hips back at the cock fucking Desiree urged him on, and he started to ram his cock into her, his cock throbbing, reaming her out with a power fuck. Desiree felt the tide of orgasm racing back quickly, and she squealed around the cock fucking her mouth as she felt the wrench then the tight quivering grip of her orgasm bursting forth. Desiree could feel her inner muscles clamp down on the prick buried deep in her fuck-hole, sucking hungrily at his throbbing cock.
He grunted, “Oh yeah, tight hot cunt!”, as her mouth fuck grunted, “I’m cuming fuck YEAH!” and they exploded at the same time, filling her from both ends as she sucked eagerly at the pulsing cock gushing another thick, creamy load into her mouth, while the spasming tightness of her hot cunt sucked greedily at her cunt fucker, and he emptied his throbbing balls deep into her.
Desiree felt another cock push against her, and another eager cock ready for her hot mouth to suck on. The gang-bang was in full swing, it went on and on, a cock would be shoved up her cunt, while her mouth would have a hard cock to swallow. The cocks doing Desiree’s cunt would fuck her hard until it blasted a thick, juicy load into her, while her expert oral talents brought a rich juicy load, filling her mouth, thick streams splattering the roof of her mouth, coating her tongue then sliding down her throat. As soon as she had satisfied two hard cocks, two more cocks would take their place, penetrating her dripping fuck hole and sliding into her hot, sucking mouth. The room was filled with the grunts and groans of the guys, Desiree’s muffled cries of orgasm, and the liquid sounds from their bodies, her mouth sucking wetly at the cocks plundering her mouth, her wet, juicy, well fucked cunt squelching as their hard, horny cocks fucked her again and again. The sheer wanton desire surging through Desiree’s body being fucked over and over made into a hot and horny cunt, and a hot wet sucking mouth, a live sex doll who just wanted to be suck and be fucked, over and over, and the guys did not disappoint her. Desiree exploded again and again, sucking out every drop as throbbing cocks exploded thick rich streams of cum into her mouth, big dicks slamming her swollen clit, her spasming cunt milking their big cocks, grunts and growls of pleasure sounding as the guys lost their hot loads deep inside her fiery vortex.
Desiree lost count of all the cocks that used her, and the 2 biggest frat brothers, the ones who were nicknamed “Horse”, grinned, they were up, and Desiree was about to find out why they were called Horse. As she felt her pussy being wedged open, and she gasped as a huge dick was presented to her mouth, it was at least 11 inches of solid cock, and she squealed with pleasure as another 12 inches was being driven into her, spreading apart the walls of her cunt. She felt her mouth fucker grip her head, and she opened her mouth wide, as her drove his prick in, grunting as 8 inches was buried in her mouth. She felt her cunt being reamed like never before, stretched wide around the massive prick and stuffed to the max, while her mouth fucker pumped in and out of her mouth, feeding her a bit more of his cock on every plunge. She could feel her mouth fucker’s cock start bucking, her rammed it in, all 11 inches filling her mouth and snaking down her throat. She made swallowing motions around his shaft, the constriction of her throat muscles fluttering around his cock head brought on the explosion, he let out a yell as his prick erupted, gushing his load straight down her throat, until he pulled back halfway, and let the last few streams splatter over the inside of her mouth. Ahh, good, the taste was amazing, she swallowed it all, and Desiree knew she was going to explode.
It felt like electric shocks were hitting her throbbing clit as her cunt fucker rammed her, and she came hard, her shrieks of orgasm bouncing off the walls. Her partner’s throbbing cock swelled tight with a massive urgency, with a final push, Desiree felt the entire 12 inches slammed up her spasming fuck-hole, she shrieked again as she felt the stretch of her deepest cunt walls being forced apart, her cervix pierced, opening a path to her very womb.
Desiree squealed, “Oh fuck yeah, shoot your load, fill up my womb, FUCK!!!”
She howled with pleasure, her cunt exploding in another massive orgasm. Her cunt fucker held himself buried to the balls, her cervix wedged open, the cock ready to flood her deepest inner sanctum. The wild spasms of her quivering cunt milked greedily at the swollen 12 inch fuck pole, and he grunted, “Oh Fuck, YEAH!” Desiree felt his cock exploding and squirting wildly inside her, the heat of his seed being splattered all over her womb, and she felt the hit of another explosive orgasm, her shrieks filling the room as that huge prick was milked greedily, gushing his full load straight into her womb.
“Okay guys, let’s line up, all who got to fuck our mystery girls mouth, now you get to fuck her tight pussy, and the pussy fuckers, it’s time for her mouth to take your cock. I’m sure our mystery gang bang cutie wants every cock, in both holes!”
Desiree growled, “Yes, oh fuck, yeah, I want every cock to fuck both my holes. You’re not done until you taken both my holes!”
Cheers went up, she could feel the mixed spunk of many horny frat guys deep inside, streams of hot spunk running down her thighs. Even though her pussy was a mess, it didn’t matter to the guys, she was mounted, again and again, cock after cock were given to her to suck on, and shoved up her burning cunt, her hot, wet mouth and her throbbing, fiery fuck-hole sucking and milking at them until they exploded, filling her from both ends, as soon as they were done, two more cocks were ready for her mouth and her twat.
Desiree was in another world, being taken in tandem was making her delirious with pleasure. She was sailing from one orgasm to the next, her throbbing cunt exploding as cock after cock pumped her mouth and fucked her cunt hard, and gushed thick loads of spunk into her accommodating pleasure holes. Desiree’s cunt was slick and sopping with the mingled cum, but the next guys didn’t seem to mind, they’d shove their throbbing pricks in, and hump her hard, riding deep in her quivering holes, until their cocks exploded, their thick juicy loads joining the cum already splattered up Desiree’s burning cunt. She was more than happy to let them bone her as the frat boys fucked her hard, losing their loads into her hungry mouth and up her spasming cunt, emptying their balls deep into her. Desiree just went from one orgasm to the next, it was a long, and very hard night, and the finale was her being taken by the “Horses”, Desiree was almost passing out from pleasure as the 11 and 12 inch cocks power fucked her, emptying their loads into her mouth and her womb.
She flopped down to the bed, her body shaking from the crazy sensory rush. She felt a blanket being pulled over her, she heard Joe’s voice whisper, “Sleep baby, you were awesome,” and in 10 seconds, she tumbled into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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