Grandma Sits on My Lap in the Car

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It was going to be a busy day. My grandma Mary was moving into her new house and we needed to pick up her personal items from the old place. It was all the stuff my grandma would not trust with the delivery firm, she wanted it taken in the car.
I am David twenty years old and my mother is Ann. Grandma is sixty and my mother is forty. The running joke in the family is that I need to have a child now to keep up the twenty year gaps. It would not surprise me if it was mentioned during the long time we would have to spend together in the car. I was needed for the heavy lifting and my mother for the driving and her skill in packing.
My mother and grandma are very much alike in appearance. They are about five feet four inches tall compared to my five feet ten. Attractive faces are topped with auburn hair. Both have a few extra pounds but it looks good on them. I wouldn’t like to guess their bra size but putting it crudely they both have a good handful. Grandma does not look her age and often when they are out together people assume they are sisters. However they have different personalities. My mother is easy going and carefree but grandma is quite formal and can be strict. You will never see her anything other than well dressed. I have to call her ‘Grandma’ rather than ‘Gran’ or ‘Nan’. For mother it can be ‘Mother’, ‘Mum’ or even ‘Mummy’, any of these are OK with her.
It took us just three hours to get there. We had avoided much of the traffic because of the early start. Her new house is only minutes away from ours, it’s the main reason why she picked it, so we had at least another three hours travelling to do on the return. I just hoped we would be lucky again, if not it could be nearer to four.
We had a hearty breakfast before packing. Mother insisted that before anything went into the car she wanted to get it all together so she could plan the loading. My first thought when we had arrived was that there was not much to be moved. I was wrong. Each room contained something that was going. Mother did a lot of pacing up and down and muttering under her breath. “No way. It’s not going to fit in.” Eventually she calmed down. After staring at it for several minutes she said “I have a plan.”
She quickly explained it. The car would be fully packed except for the driver’s seat and one of the rear ones. I would have to share a seat with grandma. I started to complain but was shouted down with “Have you got a better idea?”
I looked at all the stuff and thought about it. “No” was my simple answer. That made her smile and I was immediately put to work. Grandma just watched, happy that we now had a solution.
I thought we would be finished in half an hour but it was nearly double that. It was all the stopping to rearrange things. Grandma had a mixture of boxes, carrier bags and loose items. Every tiny space was now crammed with something. I just hoped we didn’t get stopped by the police for being overloaded.
Mother did a final check of the house just in case we had missed anything. Nothing, so we were all packed. “Time to go” she said, happy with what we had achieved. I looked at the passenger seat and wished I had learnt to drive. I was now going to be stuck in the back, there was a lot more room in the front.
Until now I hadn’t given much thought to how we would actually fit into the back seat. I suddenly realised that grandma would have to sit on my lap rather than us both being squeezed in side by side. I was outside the car thinking about it when mother prodded me. We needed to get going.
I got in and waited for grandma, I think she was having a last look at the house. She had shared it with grandad for nearly thirty years until his early death five years ago. I look a lot like him, the same muscular build. I have never been called handsome, rugged seems to be what most people say.
Grandma returned. She took a long look at where she was going to sit. “It’s a good job I am slim and trim.”
She eased herself in and mother closed the door. It was a tight fit but not as bad as I thought it would be. Without checking if we were OK mother was behind the wheel driving off. She put the radio on, it was a bit muffled because of all the stuff in the car. I had to shout to ask her to turn it up.
Everything was fine for the first twenty minutes or so until we hit a bumpy road. Not too bad but enough to make grandma bounce a little. My cock started to thicken. I closed my eyes and started to think un-sexy thoughts. Nothing worked, it just kept on growing. It’s not massive, six inches on a good day but she must notice it. Grandma started to move, to adjust her position. It continued to grow to its full length.
She whispered “I know what men are like, but stop it if you can.”
“I am trying to” I said. The road got a bit smoother but my cock stayed hard. Both of us tried to ignore it. However after another twenty minutes I felt her slowly start to rock on me. It was different from the movement caused by the car. She moved her bottom slightly until it was positioned nicely on my cock. With shock I realised what she was doing. She was now enjoying it. My cock found another inch.
My head was spinning. The best thing to do is ignore it. Pretend it is not happening. That is what I did until she held my hand and positioned it on one of her tits. “Are you shocked?” I didn’t reply. I just nodded. “It’s OK your mother cannot see anything.” She then pushed my hand harder and I could feel a nipple in my palm. I moved my fingers to touch it and she removed her hand. I wanted to get inside but the dress was tight at the top so I would have to stay outside. I raised my other hand so that I could play with both nipples. I heard a soft moan as I felt them grow. My grandma had hinted in the past that her nipples were ‘special’. I now knew what she meant, long and thick. I wish I could suck them.
She must have read my mind because she said “They should be in your mouth. That’s not possible so you need to concentrate on my cunt.” That shocked me even more. I had never even heard her swear before so using such a crude word left me stunned. I think she sensed my amazement. “I may be sixty but I am still a woman with needs. I am not sure if what we are doing is a good idea but since we are I want to enjoy it.” I continued to work on her large nipples whilst I thought about what she had said.
I had just placed a hand on her lap when mother shouted “Are you still OK in the back. The ride is not too hard for you?” That made me jump.
Grandma laughed softly and wiggled her bum against my cock before replying “It’s hard but I can take it.” Nothing else was said. I was now concentrating on getting into her knickers. She made it easier by lifting her legs up and opening them wider. It looked uncomfortable but she had managed to rest her feet on some of the stuff packed in the car so her legs were in fact supported. I pulled her dress up as best I could but when she saw I was struggling she did it for me.
I could see her white knickers and the bulge of her cunt. I suppose I had expected them to be old fashioned and loose. These were small and tight. They reminded me of those my first girlfriend had on when she had let me finger her. That time was special and I hoped this was going to be as well.
“Do you want to stop for a break or carry on?”
“I think we should carry on. My leg is a bit numb but I am going to get David to rub it.” As she said that she held my hand and positioned it at the top of her knickers. When she released her grip I slipped my hand in.
“That sounds like a good idea. Make sure he does it properly. Start slowly then rub it hard until it releases the tension.”
What my mother had said was exactly what I was going to do. It was just as well that she could not see anything, even if she turned around, because it wasn’t a leg I was going to be rubbing.
Her knickers were tight but she manged to open her legs a bit more. This gave me good access to her cunt. I dipped a finger in to get some juice. She was soaking wet, a lot more than other girls I had played with. I added a second.
“Your grandad called me Juicy Lucy. It was his private joke.” He had kept that a secret. Today I was learning a lot of new interesting things about grandma.
I was now moving my fingers in and out. Slowly at first but then faster as I heard her start to softly moan. Time to play with her clit. I rotated my hand slightly so that I could rub it with my thumb.
“How is David doing, is he massaging the correct spot?”
I continued working on her cunt whilst she tried to compose herself before replying. “Yes he is an expert. He knows exactly where to put his fingers.”
“Good. He might have to do the same to me later on. It’s hard work driving.” Both of us had to suppress a laugh. If only she knew.
It was getting hot now. My cock was throbbing as if it was going to burst. My left hand was still playing with a nipple and my right was occupied with her very juicy cunt. Her moaning was increasing. If she got any louder then mother might hear.
“I need more.”
“Another finger?”
“Don’t be silly. I need to be fucked.”
I stopped playing with her. “It’s impossible. How can we do it? Mother will know what we are doing.”
We then discussed it rationally for the next few minutes. That was surreal. It was if we were talking about some mundane task we had to do rather than how to fuck in the back of the car without being discovered.
Eventually she had a plan. “I can put my hands behind me on the boxes at the back. I can then raise myself long enough so that you can quickly lower your trousers and release your cock.”
“I see. Then you sit back on me. You then only need to lift up a bit for me to slide your knickers off.”
That’s what we did. We were now both ready to start. She then lifted herself higher so that we could get penetration. In doing so her foot slipped and kicked one of the boxes.
“Hey what’s going on back there?”
Grandma pulled her leg back and then raised herself up again. She said “Sorry, I was trying to get a better position.” My cock was now pressing against her opening. She quickly lowered herself giving a long low sigh as it squeezed into her.
“Next time be careful. I need to concentrate on the driving.” A few seconds later she said “There is a place to stop in about a mile or we can continue for another half hour.”
I quickly shouted “Carry on.”
Grandma added “I have got myself comfortable. I just want to enjoy it before we stop.”
“Fine by me, but I am not going beyond another thirty minutes. I need a break.”
In a low voice grandma said “I think we will be finished before then. It’s five years since your grandad died. That’s a long time with just your own fingers to satisfy yourself. I just hope I don’t scream when I climax.” There was a slight pause before she finished with “You are going to make me come?”
I didn’t hesitate, “Yes.”
We then started to fuck. It was a mixture of her raising herself up by pushing her feet on the car floor and me lifting her with my hands. It was awkward at first but we soon got into a good rhythm. We even managed to get full strokes so that my cock was going deep into her. I was enjoying it, and judging from the noises she was making grandma was as well.
We were just getting to the end when mother interrupted us with “Ten minutes to go. When we stop I am going to go to the burger place. Are you going to come as well?”
I shouted back, a bit too loud, “I am coming.” Grandma managed to reply even louder with “Yes. I am coming as well.” To me she said “Fuck me hard, finish me off.”
Mother laughed, “You must both be very hungry.”
As she said that my last long stroke had taken us both over the edge. Grandma was holding a hand over her mouth to muffle the sound and I was emitting a low groan as my cock kept twitching, pouring wave after wave into her.
We collapsed, completely spent.
“Your grandad also used to call me his dirty little slut.”
I don’t know why she had to tell me that but I was glad she did. “He was right. As you have just demonstrated you are a dirty slut.” That caused her to chuckle.
We were basking in the glow of a satisfying fuck when mother startled us with “Five minutes.”
I had almost forgotten she was there. Had she heard us? Were we too loud? We must be OK otherwise she would have said something. For the next few minutes we hurried to get decent. We managed it with seconds to spare. As mother pulled into the parking lot we did a final check. All looked good. There was now a slight smell of sex but there was nothing we could do about that except keep the windows down when we continued with the journey.
As soon as we stopped mother jumped out of the car. We heard “I will be back to lock up. I need the toilet.”
We got out and waited for her to return. It was good to stretch my legs. “I need to go as well. It’s all seeping down my leg. How much did you pour into me?”
I smiled and said “Everything I had.” Grandma then followed mother and I waited, guarding the car and all its precious contents.
I was OK. My main need was food. Eventually we got to the burger place. The food was good and soon we were ready to continue. Mother went ahead to the car which gave me some time alone with grandma. I wanted to say something but couldn’t find the right words. Before I could she said “Today was wonderful. I have no regrets. You have made me very happy. So no need to say anything.” I just nodded.
We squeezed back into the car and soon we were on the main road. Mother hadn’t turned the radio on yet when she said “It’s been a nice day so far. I am glad we got all your stuff in.” She paused for a few seconds to concentrate on overtaking a slow moving car. “It reminds me of the time my father and uncle Jim took me to Uni all those years ago. I think the car was even more crammed than this one. Uncle Jim drove and I had to sit on father’s lap.” There was a sharp intake of breath from both of us in the back. Was grandma thinking what I was thinking? “This car even smells the same. It must be the musty boxes and sweaty bodies.” She laughed.
Mother said “I remember now. I was away on some business trip so could not go. That is why uncle Jim went instead. I only got back after your father had returned from dropping you off.” She then whispered to me “What I also remember is that it was soon after that he said he liked the name Ann but Lucy might have been more appropriate. I think it stuck in my mind because when he said it I thought he was disappointed over the name we had picked. Perhaps he said it for another reason.” I didn’t reply but I was thinking the same thing ‘Juicy Lucy’.
Mother turned the radio on and I silently contemplated what had been said in the last few minutes. Had she done the same as us all those years ago? If so then she must have guessed what we had been up to. Had she actually engineered it by the way she packed the car so that we were in our own private space? Wow, lots of questions but no answers.
We travelled for another hour before reaching grandma’s new house. I had decided to act as if nothing had happened and I was hoping grandma would do the same. The car had gone straight into the garage so we could leave the unpacking until the next day.
After a nice meal with a few drinks we relaxed in front of the television. I was gradually coming to the conclusion that all was well. Mother was ‘innocent’ and that what she has said was just some funny coincidence. That was until she announced “When you move for your new job in a few months I want to go with you, but I am not doing the driving.”
I looked at grandma and could tell she was thinking the same thing as me, would mother be sitting on my lap?
Let’s wait and see!

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