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Grandma will become My wife

79 Min Read

Oh, come in, baby! Come in! It’s so good to see you, sweetie!
Just look at you. I can’t believe my beautiful grandson is all grown up and on his way to college.
Though, I have to say, I was surprised when your mother called and told me you were coming up to visit me. It was so nice of you to want to spend your last summer before college with me, baby. I hope your mother didn’t force you.
Your mother didn’t make you come here? You wanted to spend your summer with me? Oh, baby, that is so sweet of you! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a young college boy all to myself for the summer. (Giggle)
What? You say you’re the lucky one who gets to spend the summer with a hot older lady? Oh, you are such a charmer!
Well, come on, then. I have the spare room all ready for you. It’s right this way.
[Grandmother leads Grandson to spare room]
There’s just a few extra boxes I have to clear out. Could you get them for me?
[Grandson picks up the boxes]
Be careful, dear. Just put them in the closet. That’s it.
[Grandson puts boxes in the closet]
Oh, thank you baby. Such a big, strong man you are, and… Oh! I forgot this box in the corner!
[Grandmother picks up the box]
Oh my goodness! Is this what I think it is?
[Grandmother looks inside the box]
It is! It’s my wedding dress!
My goodness! It’s all still here! The dress, the vale, even the lingerie I wore underneath. Everything!
You know, I still remember the day when your grandfather and I were married like it were yesterday.
(sigh) It was the happiest day of my life… well, until you were born, sweetie.
Your grandfather took one look at me and said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.
It was… magical!
What’s that, dear? Oh! You might be right! I think it might still fit!
What!? You want me to try it on? Oh, sweetie, I couldn’t! It’s been too long, and besides, you wouldn’t want to see and old woman like me in something like this.
You… you want to see me in it, more than anything? Oh, I don’t know, baby.
You say you want to know how grandpa felt that day when he first saw me in the dress? Oh, baby, you are just too much!
Okay! I’ll try it on! Just this once!
You wait here, and I’ll be back when I’m ready! Oh! I’m going to need to fix my hair and get some makeup to go with this!
[Grandmother leaves to try on dress. Comes back after some time has passed]
Okay, baby! Get ready! Here I come!
[Grandmother reveals herself in wedding dress to grandson]
Ta-da! What do you think? Not too bad, right? I mean, the dress and all the lingerie still fits pretty well, and I did what I could with my hair and makeup! Still, I’m no where near as beautiful as I was back when I was a young…
What did you say? You think I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life!
(crying) Oh, sweetie!
No, sweetie, I’m not sad! It’s just… you reminded me so much of your grandfather just now! So young, so strong, and so handsome! The way he looked at me on our wedding night, like I was a goddess; the way he held me in his arms; the way he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold. It was just so- Whoa!
[Grandson picks grandmother up and carries her down the hall]
What are you doing!?
You’re… you’re carrying me over the threshold? Oh, baby, you don’t have to-
[Grandson carries Grandmother to her bedroom]
Oh! You brought me to my bedroom! How romantic!
(giggle) Okay, enough fun and games. Put me down on the bed.
[Grandson puts grandmother down on the bed]
That was fun sweetie, but I should really get out of this dress before I-
[Grandson kisses grandmother. Grandmother moans in delight before realizing what is happening]
What- what are you doing? Sweetie, you can’t kiss your grandmother like that?
What do you mean “why not?” It’s… wrong! You’re my grandson! Even if we weren’t related, I’m far too old for you!
(Gasp) You don’t care if we’re related? You’re… you’re in love with me!?
Baby, I think you’re confused. You can’t be in love with your own grandmother. I think maybe seeing me in this dress is giving you strange thoughts.
What’s that? You say you’ve been in love with me for a long time?
That’s why you wanted to stay over this summer? You wanted to confess your love for me, and…
(gasp) You want to have sex with me!?
Sweetie! We absolutely cannot have sex! It would be wrong! It would be immoral! It would be…incest!
You… you don’t think it matters if we’re related, so long as we love each other? But, sweetie…
Yes, I know you love me, and I love you, too, baby; more than anything, but…
(sigh) You still think I am the most beautiful woman you have even seen in your life, and nothing is going to change that?
Maybe… maybe you just need to get this out of your system. Maybe you just need one night to indulge in this little fantasy of yours. Maybe, once you do, you will realize why you cannot be lusting after your own grandmother.
So, just this once, I’ll allow it.
For this one night, Grandma will become your wife.
Come here, my husband. Treat me like your bride.
[Grandmother and grandson kiss passionately]
That’s it, baby, kiss your bride!
[They continue to kiss]
Un-zip me! Let me show you what I am wearing underneath this dress!
[Grandson un-zips grandmother’s wedding dress, trailing kisses down her neck and back as he does it]
(moaning) Oh god! The way you kiss my neck as you un-zip my dress… it’s making my body tingle, baby! Don’t stop!
[Grandmother moans in pleasure as grandson trails kisses down her body]
(moaning) Do you like what I am wearing baby? This white corset and matching silk stockings? Just for you, baby. Just for my husband!
[Grandmother and Grandson continue to kiss passionately]
Strip for me, baby. Let your bride worship your body, just like you worshiped mine.
[Grandson strips naked, revealing a huge cock]
(gasp) Oh my goodness! Baby, is that your cock!
No, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just… I’ve never seen a cock that big before! You’re almost twice the size of your grandfather!
You say it only got that big and hard because of me? Oh, baby!
(Purring) You know what? I think you deserve a little treat.
Sit on the bed, darling.
[Grandson sits on the bed]
That’s it. Now, watch as your wife sucks on this long, beautiful cock of yours, just like she did for your grandfather on their wedding night!
[Grandmother begins to suck grandson’s cock]
Oh! This is so good! It reminds me of when I was a young woman.
[More cock sucking]
You know, sucking cock was my absolute favorite thing to do in the bedroom, and your grandfather loved it!
[More cock sucking]
But your cock is even better! It’s so much longer and thicker!
Mmm… and your pre-cum is so tasty. Just look at these big, heavy balls of yours, practically overflowing with hot, thick cum!
I wonder how they taste?
[Grandmother sucks grandson’s balls]
Mmm… your balls taste so good, baby! I could suck these magnificent balls of yours all day!
[More ball sucking]
Oh fuck, baby! The taste of this monster cock of yours is making me dizzy!
I… I need it, baby! I need your cock deep inside me.
[Grandmother lays down on the bed]
Take me, baby! Take me like a husband is meant to take his wife on their wedding night! Make love to me like only you can! Prove to me that you truly love me, and claim me as your own!
[Grandson begins to fuck grandmother]
Oh yes! Oh God! This is incredible! It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man! It’s like I’m losing my virginity all over again!
Oh, baby! Don’t stop! I’ve never felt anything like this before!
This is even better than… than with your grandfather!
[Grandson pulls grandmother’s tits out of the corset]
Yes, baby! Pull my tits out! Suck on them!
[Grandson sucks grandmother’s tits]
Yes! Fuck! I love it! This is incredible!
[Grandmother moans in pleasure as grandson continues to fuck her]
Oh, sweetie! The way you make love to me… you remind me so much of your grandfather.
[Grandmother realizes she is falling in love with her grandson]
I… I love you, sweetie. I think I’m falling “in love” with you. Maybe… maybe the two of us are destined to be together.
[Grandson fucks grandmother even harder]
(moaning) Oh yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your wife as hard as you can!
Are you going to cum, baby? Are you going to cum inside me? Do it, baby! I want you to do it!
Tonight, you are my husband, and I am your wife. Husbands are allowed to cum inside their wives without protection.
Spill your seed deep into my womb! Claim me as yours, body, mind and soul! Do it!
[Grandson cums deep inside grandmother as she has an earth-shattering climax]
YES! That’s it, baby! I can feel you cumming inside me! I can feel your hot, thick cum pumping deep into my unprotected womb. OH GOD!!
[Grandmother slowly comes down from her orgasm]
That was… magical! Just like my wedding night.
[Grandmother comes down from her climax]
So, sweetie. How do you feel? Now that you have fulfilled your fantasy, have you finally gotten over your obsession with me?
What’s that!? You say you’re more in love with me now than you were before?
You want to marry me for real? Are.. are you serious?
Oh, baby… Truth be told, I don’t want this to end either!
I love you, sweetie! I think, deep down, I’ve always loved you! Maybe it doesn’t matter how old I am, or that we are related. If we really love each other, then we should be together, no matter what!
You think so, too!? I am so happy!
[Grandmother and grandson kiss]
Well, I guess there’s just one more thing we have to do then.
[Grandmother opens the draw of her nightstand and pulls out two rings]
Here. These are your grandfather and my wedding rings. I keep them here by the nightstand to remember him, but from now on, they’ll be proof of our love for one another.
When I got married, the priest told me that it wasn’t him, or the government, or even god who would be marrying us, we would be marrying each other. When we said our wedding vows, your grandfather and I made a promise to each other, to become husband and wife for the rest of our lives.
So, are you willing to do what your grandfather and I did, all those years ago? Are you willing to exchange vows with your grandmother, right here and now?
You will!? Oh, sweetie!
[Grandmother and grandson kiss]
Then, do you, my grandson, take me, your grandmother, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?
You do? Oh, sweetie, thank you!
Now, slide the ring on my finger.
[Grandson slides the ring on Grandmother’s finger]
Now, it’s my turn.
I, your grandmother, take you, my grandson, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part…
… and with this ring, I thee wed.
[Grandmother slides ring on Grandson’s finger]
By the power of our love for one another, we are now husband and wife.
Kiss me, my love!
[Grandmother and grandson kiss]
(sigh) I can’t believe it! You did it! You actually married me!
I’m so happy!
(giggle) Well, we’ll have to keep it a secret from the rest of the family, but at least we’ll know the truth.
[Grandmother and grandson kiss again]
Mmm… my husband…
[Grandmother and grandson kiss]
You know, I am still fertile.
Oh, yes, I am. For all you know, you might have gotten me pregnant when you came inside me before.
What’s that? You want to change that “might have” to a “definitely” before the night is over!?
Well, what are you waiting for? Come here, husband. It’s time to give your new wife a baby! (giggle)
…So, Gretchen jumps up in front of everyone and yells “BINGO!” Everyone just stares at her, and I whisper “Gretchen, you can’t have a bingo, yet. They’ve only called three numbers. Can you guess what the she said to me?
You won’t believe this. She turns to me and says—
[Front door opens. Grandson walks in.]
Oh, sweetie! You’re home early. How was class, dear?
That’s good. You remember my friend, Nora, don’t you? We were just sitting down to a nice cup of tea when you— Oh!
[Grandson kisses Grandmother passionately]
Mmmm. . . Somebody missed me. [Giggle]
Why don’t you go in the kitchen, sweetie. I just finished baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I think they’ve had just enough time to cool.
After all, I know how much you love the taste of your grandma’s cookies. [Giggle]
[Grandson walks into the kitchen]
Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Gretchen looks at me and says…
[Nora looks at Grandmother in shock]
…Ummm, is something the matter, Nora?
What was what, dear?
Oh, the kiss? Yes, I guess my grandson can get a little. . . passionate sometimes. It’s really quite normal in this household, actually. [giggle]
Yes, I guess he did use his tongue, just a little. Like I said, he’s a passionate boy, one who… REALLY cares about his grandmother.
Oh, yes. He was supposed to go to school out of state, but he decided at the last minute to transfer to a college closer to home.
Well, yes. By that, I mean my home. He’s been living with me since the beginning of the summer.
[Trying to laugh it off] Well, I guess he felt like he needed to be here in order to help me around the house. I mean, can you blame him? Ever since my first husband died, there’s been no one here to—
What do you mean “What did I just say?”
“FIRST husband?” [Awkward laugh] I didn’t say…
Rumors? What rumors? I have no idea…
You say people have noticed that I’m wearing my wedding ring again… and that my grandson is wearing the other…
[Sigh] Okay. I’ll tell you the truth, but you have to swear to me you’ll keep this a secret.
I’m serious, Nora! You have to promise me you won’t tell a soul!
Alright. Do you rememberer when my grandson first came to live with me? Well, the two of us were moving boxes around that day, and we found my old wedding dress.
[Giggle] I don’t know how he managed to do it, but my grandson somehow convinced me to try it on.
Oh, yes! It still fit! Perfectly, in fact.
It was almost as if I was destined to wear it again. One. More. time.
Well, the next thing I know, the boy is scooping me up in his arms and carrying me to the bedroom! [Giggle] At first, I thought he was joking, but then, he laid me down on the bed and proceeded to kiss me so passionately, I swear I almost melted into the sheets!
Well, of course I tried to stop him, but he was so… mmmm… persistent!
He told me he didn’t care how old I was, or that we were related. He said that he had been in love with me for quite a long time, and the reason he wanted to stay over for the summer was so he could confess his love for me, and also so he could… make love to me.
Oh! I know you might think it’s wrong, but when he looked me in the eye and said that I was the most beautiful woman he had even seen in his life, I knew the two of us were meant to be together.
That’s right, Nora. I did it! I committed the biggest taboo of them all, and I’m not sorry!
Don’t be afraid, dear. You can say it. In fact, I want to hear you say it.
I had hot, incest sex with my own grandson, and it was the most magical night of my life! [Giggle]
And you know what else? The two of us have been fucking each other every night since! [Giggle]
Oh! Look at your face! You look as white as a ghost!
Oh, sweetie! If you’re shocked now, wait until you hear the rest! That’s only the tip of the iceberg!
What do I mean? Well, after he finished… mmmm… making love to me, I asked him if he was serious when he told me he loved me.
Do you know what he said?
He said he was more in love with me now than he was before, and that he wanted to marry me for real.
Yes, I’m serious!
What did I do next?
Well, you’ve seen the rings. What do you think I did?
Yes! I pulled out my wedding rings from the nightstand, and the two of us exchanged vows right then and there, right on my former marital bed, which soon became my “new” marital bed, if you know what I mean. [Giggle]
Oh! Who cares if it isn’t legal? It’s not like we went to the courthouse and tried to get a marriage license, but as far as the two of us are concerned, we are husband and wife, and we have been living that way ever since!
Oh, Nora! It’s been absolutely incredible! I haven’t felt this good in ages! The knowledge that a hot young man is absolutely, head-over-heels in love with me is the greatest feeling in the world!
And the sex, Nora! Oh! The sex! It’s mind blowing! I can’t remember the last time I came so hard! I’m talking “earth-shattering, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-the-head” orgasms every night! [moan]
And when he cums. Oh! It’s so hard, so strong, and so very deep inside of me, I swear I can feel him flooding my womb every time!
Protection? [Laugh] Why would I ever make him use protection? He’s my husband, after all. Why on Earth would I force the man I exchanged wedding vows with to wear a condom?
No, I haven’t gone through menopause, yet. You know that.
I “might” get pregnant, you say? Well, I don’t know if “might” is the word I’d be using at this point.
What do you think it means? Here, give me your hand.
Now, put it right here.
That’s right. Right on my stomach.
Notice anything… different?
That’s right! I’m having a baby, and my grandson is the father!
Oh! I’m about 12 weeks along. [Giggle] You should have seen the doctor’s face when he realized I was pregnant. He was astonished, but the truth is, I already knew long before he told me. I didn’t take a pregnancy test or anything. I just… knew.
Of course I told my husband! You should have seen how proud he was to have put a baby in his grandma.
Honestly, I was proud of him, too, knowing that his seed was growing inside of me.
It was one thing for him to exchange vows with me, but now that he has bred me, now that I know I’m going to bear his child, I finally feel as though we are truly man and wife, you know?
It was like, before, we were just playing the part of a married couple, and at any moment it would end and we would just go back to being grandmother and grandson, but now that I am carrying his baby, I know that he has truly claimed me as his woman… and I’ve never felt happier! [Giggle]
[Grandmother looks over at Nora]
Nora, dear, are you… are you touching yourself?
Oh my goodness! Did my little confession get you all hot and bothered? [giggle]
Oh! There’s no reason to feel ashamed dear. After all, I’ve done far worse things over the past few months, and I’m not sorry. Why should you be?
In fact, if you enjoyed hearing my story this much, I have an idea I think you might really like!
[Grandmother calls to Grandson]
Oh sweetie! Please come in here! Granny needs help from her big, strong grandson! [Giggle]
[Grandson enters room]
There you are, dear. Nora and I been having a nice, long conversation about you and me, and our… unique situation.
Yes, dear. I told her everything, but don’t worry, she’s not upset.
In fact, it seems she found it all to be quite… stimulating.
Do you see the way her hand has drifted between her thighs?
I don’t think she could remove it right now if she tried.
No, I think my dear friend, Nora, is in desperate need of a nice, satisfying orgasm, and we might just be able to help.
What do I mean? Well…
[Grandmother kisses Grandson passionately]
I think the two of us ought to put on a little show for her!
[Giggle, followed by more kissing]
It’s only fair. After all, it was our story that put her in this situation in the first place. It’s only right that we help… satisfy her needs, don’t you think, husband?
Mmmm, I’m glad you agree with me.
[Grandmother and Grandson kiss passionately]
Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Come here, husband! Bend your pregnant wife over this table, and fuck her brains out as her best friend watches!
[Grandson bends Grandmother over the table]
Oh, yes! That’s it, baby! No need to be gentle with me! Just take that long, hard cock of yours and—
[Grandson slams his cock deep into Grandmother’s pussy]
Oh! Fuck! Yes! That’s it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me deep! [moan]
Oh god! Are you seeing this, Nora!? Do you see the way he slams into me!? Do you see how deep his cock is going into my sopping wet pussy!? That’s how you know the two of us are meant to be together. There is no way sex can be this good unless we truly loved one another, and I do! [moan]
I love you… my grandson… [moan] my husband… [moan] father of my unborn child! [moan]
Oh! That’s it baby! Squeeze my tits! Manhandle them! Pinch my nipples!
It won’t be long now, sweetie! Pretty soon, these tits of mine will begin to fill with milk! [moan]
Just imagine it, dear!
Imagine these massive boobs getting even bigger! [moan]
Imagine nursing on these big fucking tits of mine! [moan]
Just think, you sucking on these perfect nipples, eagerly swallowing my milk. [moan]
I’d let you suck on them all the time! [moan]
I could [moan] I could feed you milk and cookies every day! [moan]
Think about it, dear! Imagine coming home to find your sexy, barefoot-and-pregnant granny-wife baking you cookies before feeding you milk from her massive tits!
[Grandson fucks Grandmother hard and fast, approaching climax]
Oh! Oh fuck, baby! Are you going to cum! Are you going to cum for me, sweetie! [moan]
I think [moan] I think Nora’s about to cum, too. Aren’t you, Nora?
That’s right! Let’s all cum together! [moan]
Do it! Do it! Cum for me! Cum in me! Oh!
[Grandmother moans as she orgasms, cumming hard on her grandson’s cock as her grandson cums deep inside of her, and Nora fingers herself to climax]
[Grandmother slowly comes down from her orgasm]
Nora! Look at me!
I want you to admit that watching me fuck my grandson made you want to cum.
[Nora admits it]
Now, admit that watching me and my grandson fucking makes you want to find a young man of your own to fuck!
[Nora admits it]
That’s right.
Now, I want you to admit that watching me fuck my grandson makes you want to drive over to your own grandson’s house, get down on your knees, and beg him to fuck you!
I’m serious! Admit it! You know you want to!
[Nora admits it]
[Laugh] That’s right! You want to fuck your own grandson now, don’t you?
[Nora says yes]
And do you know why?
Because the love between a grandmother and grandson is the most beautiful thing imaginable, and you want nothing more than to experience that love for yourself.
I want you to go over to your grandson’s house right now, and tell him that you want to make love to him.
I want you to tell him that you want him to cum deep inside your fertile pussy.
I want you to tell him that you want to have his baby!
[Laugh] You’re worried he might say no!? Oh, sweetie, you don’t have anything to worry about. No grandson can resist the temptation of his grandmother’s warm, wet pussy! Just tell him what you want, and I know for a fact he won’t hesitate to fuck a baby into you!
And just think, dear, if you hurry, the two of us can be pregnant together. Wouldn’t that be grand!?
[Laugh] That’s right, dear! Now, off you go! You have a date with destiny!
[Nora leaves]
There she goes! The first of many satisfied grannies.
Oh! I can’t wait to tell the rest of my friends about us.
I can’t wait for them all to learn how beautiful our love truly is.
I can’t wait for them to make love to their own grandsons, to exchange vows with them, to become pregnant with their children.
And my friends will just be the start. I want everyone on Earth to know just how wonderful the love between grandmothers and their grandsons can be.
Just imagine it, dear; a world where grandmothers and grandsons can walk down the street, hand in hand, as husband and wife.
A world where grandmothers can walk down the aisle and legally marry their grandsons in front of God and family.
Imagine an entire generation of children born from the beautiful unions of loving grandmothers and their handsome, devoted grandsons.
Thank you for meeting with me, Senator. I know you’re a very busy woman, and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.
As you already know, I am the founder of a growing movement of women who are calling for the legalization of marriage between grandmothers and their grandsons.
As Senate Majority Leader, with many allies in both houses of congress, you have a powerful sway over both the Senate and the House of Representatives.
In fact, your endorsement practically guarantees a bill’s success, which is why I would like you to support a bill that would legalize grandmother/grandson marriage.
Now, I know you are reluctant to support the bill, but I would like you to take a few minutes and hear me out. After all, my organization has become a powerful and influential movement in your state.
So powerful, in fact, that not supporting this bill could end up costing you your next election, if you know what I mean.
Of course you do, which is why you agreed to meet with me in the first place, isn’t it?
Politics aside, the reason I wanted to meet with you was to try and convince you that the love between a grandmother and a grandson is a beautiful, wonderful thing.
As we speak, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of perfectly normal, perfectly healthy grandmothers and grandsons all over the country, who are secretly lovers. These couples are forced to keep their relationships a secret, unable to express their true feelings in public for fear of scrutiny.
The day my grandson and I discovered our love for one another was the happiest day of my life. From the moment he laid me down on the bed and told me I was the most beautiful woman he had even seen in his life, I knew we were destined to be together.
He told me he didn’t care how old I was, or that we were related. He looked me in the eye and said that he had been in love with me for a quite long time, and that his only desire in life was to make love to me. Then, he kissed me so passionately, I swear I almost melted into the sheets!
That’s right! I had hot, incestuous sex with my own grandson, and it was the most magical night of my life! [Giggle]
And later, after we had finished making love, he told me he wanted to marry me for real.
Senator, I didn’t hesitate a second. I pulled my old wedding rings from out of the nightstand, and the two of us exchanged vows right then and there.
I know it isn’t official, but in our minds, the two of us have been married for over a year now. All we want is to have our love recognized by the government, just like any other man and woman who exchange vows of matrimony.
At first, I thought I was alone, but then I began to tell my friends about my relationship with my grandson, and they eventually agreed with me.
My friend Nora, for example, immediately went and made love to her own grandson after hearing my story. The two of them have been together for almost a year now, and they aren’t the only ones.
Our movement has become so powerful, it’s sparked a national debate on whether grandmothers and grandsons should be allowed to marry. Ever since I began my organization, I have received an outpouring of support from grandmothers and grandsons all over the world, as well as millions of dollars in donations from people who share my dream.
What is my dream, you ask? Well…
I dream of a world where grandmothers and grandsons can walk down the street, hand in hand, as husband and wife.
I dream of a world where grandmothers can walk down the aisle and legally marry their grandsons in front of God and family.
I dream of an entire generation of children born from the beautiful unions of loving grandmother and their handsome, devoted grandsons.
It will be… what was that?
You say you might be able to support grandmother/grandson marriage, but the idea of them having children is too controversial? You worry grandmothers may be too old to have healthy babies, and you think, because the parents would be related, the child may end up deformed?
Senator, I can assure you that their are many grandmothers who are perfectly capable of carrying healthy babies to term. In fact, studies show that women can have children much later in life than originally thought.
I can also say, with personal experience, that the risk of complications in babies born from grandmothers and grandsons is completely exaggerated.
What do I mean by that? Well, isn’t it obvious? I recently gave birth to my grandson’s baby; a happy, healthy child of our own, and I can assure you, there were no deformities whatsoever.
In fact, my biggest dream is to have one more baby with my grandson while I still can, but this time, I want my baby to be conceived in wedlock.
Wouldn’t that be wonderful, to conceive a child with the man I love, legally and without fear of reprisal?
Shocking, you say? Well, I don’t know about that.
You say you aren’t sure you can support me, knowing I willingly conceived a child through incest?
You think my lust for my grandson is abnormal, and there is no way the public would stand for such a bill being made into a law? Senator, I beg you to reconsider—
[There is a knock at the door. The door opens. Senator’s Grandson walks in]
Oh my! Who is this strapping young man?
Your grandson!? Really…
He’s working as your intern… for college credit?
I see…
[Grandmother turns to Senator’s Grandson]
Hmm? What’s that, dear? You need the Senator to sign some papers?
Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t interrupting anything. You go right ahead, sweetie.
[Senator’s Grandson walks over to Senator with papers. Senator signs papers. Grandmother notices the Senator’s Grandson staring down the Senator’s blouse, at her cleavage]
Hmm… Interesting…
[Senator asks Grandmother what is interesting]
Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing, dear!
[Turns to Senator’s Grandson]
There you go! Looks like you’re all set. You have yourself a nice day, sweetie.
[Senator’s Grandson leaves the room]
Your grandson is quite the handsome young man, isn’t he?
And I imagine he admires you quite a bit, too, am I right? [giggle]
Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way he was staring down your blouse when you leaned over to sign those papers. His eyes were practically glued to your cleavage.
Imagining things? Oh, I don’t think so! I know the look of a grandson lusting after his grandmother when I see it. I’ve seen it on the face of my own grandson too many times to count.
He wants you. It must be obvious to everyone. I’m sure it would be obvious to you if you just allowed yourself to see it.
Crazy? No dearie, I’m perfectly sane. In fact, I’m so sure that I am right about this that I am willing to make a little wager.
You see, it is my belief that every grandson secretly lusts after their grandmother, and vice versa. If I can prove to you that your grandson is secretly in love with you, then my theory is correct, and you will support my bill legalizing grandmother/grandson marriage, but, if I fail, I will admit that my feelings for my grandson are abnormal. I will forget about the bill and dissolve my organization.
What do you say, Senator? After all, you are absolutely certain that I am wrong, aren’t you?
If I were to lose this wager, all of your problems will go away in an instant. No more grandmothers trying to marry their grandsons, no more organizations threatening your re-election. Everything just goes back to the way it was.
What do you say, Senator?
You agree!? Terrific! Now, be a dear and call that handsome grandson of yours back in.
[The Senator calls her Grandson back in]
Hello again, young man. Please, do take a seat. I was wondering if you could help me with something.
Please, sit down, sit down.
[The Senator’s Grandson sits down]
How are you feeling today? Good?
That’s good. The Senator tells me you are in college. Which school do you go to?
Interesting. You know, my grandson was going to attend that school, but he decided at the last minute he wanted to stay… closer to home. [giggle]
Who knows, the two of you might have been classmates if things were different. Hmmm, I imagine you two would have a lot in common.
Forgive me for asking, but how are you doing with those cute little college girls? I bet a big, strong man like yourself could get any girl he wants.
Oh really? You say a lot of girls have been interested in you, but you’re still looking for the right one?
So, tell me, dear, what’s it like working for your grandmother? What made you want to be her intern?
Aww! You say that you’ve always thought your grandmother was a smart lady? That’s so sweet!
And she is very passionate about helping people? Of course, of course…
Hmm… you say she’s incredibly beautiful, too?
Tell me, what about the Senator do you find… beautiful?
Don’t be ashamed, dearie. You can tell me.
I see. Her eyes, yes…
Her smile, of course…
What about her breasts? Do you like the shape of her breasts?
Oh! You think she has amazing breasts? VERY interesting…
Oh, don’t be embarrassed, sweetie. This is all perfectly normal… no matter what other people might say.
What about her hips? Do you like how shapely and seductive her hips are?
Mmmm, good! And her waist; do you like how slim and slender her waist looks?
You do? Very good! What about her ass? Do you enjoy watching her round, sexy ass bouncing up and down whenever she walks by?
Oh my! You think everything about her body is perfect? What a beautiful thing for a grandson to say about his grandmother!
I think you and my grandson would get along quite well indeed.
You know, it sounds to me like the Senator is the woman you’ve been looking for all this time. Tell me, if you ever met a woman just like your grandmother, would you want to be with her?
You would? I see…
Now, this next question is an important one, so listen closely.
If your grandmother said she wanted to be with you, right here and now; if she decided she wanted to take you as her lover, her partner, her… husband; if she decided she wanted you to be the one to bear a new generation of children with her, would you do it?
Don’t be nervous, baby. Take your time. Think about it.
[Grandmother notices the Senator’s Grandson’s throbbing erection]
Oh! It seems that thinking about it has gotten you a little… excited. You seem to be pitching quite a tent there, young man.
Let me just… [Grandmother unzips the Senator’s Grandson’s pants, pulls his cock out]
Oh my! Look at this! You’re just as big as my own grandson!
You know, I really do admire young men. So big, so hard, and so full of stamina.
Oh, you just sit back and relax, sweetie, while I stroke this big, hard cock of yours. Would you like that?
[Grandmother strokes Senator’s Grandson’s cock]
So tell me, what brought on this sudden hard-on of yours? [Slight sarcasm] It couldn’t have been from thinking about your grandmother, could it?
[Sarcastically] It was? Oh my! What a shock!
I guess that means that your grandmother really is the woman of your dreams, doesn’t it?
Yes, you say? [Sarcastically] Well, what a surprise! I guess I was right all along.
What do you think about this, Senator?
[Senator refuses to accept the truth]
Still in denial, huh? Well, it seems obvious to me that this young man wants you, just like it’s obvious that you are getting turned on watching me stroke his cock.
Oh, don’t try to deny it! I can see how flush your face is, how you keep cupping your hands to your breasts, the way you keep squeezing your legs together. You want him, just as badly as he wants you.
Well, if you’re not going to admit it, then I hope you don’t mind if I keep stroking his cock. After all, it would be cruel to force him to go back to work with this huge erection, wouldn’t it?
If you aren’t going to take advantage of this wonderful cock, then I sure as fuck will!
[Grandmother continues to play with Senator’s Grandson’s cock]
Just look at how big you are! You and my grandson really do have a lot it common. You are both young, handsome men with huge, throbbing cocks that are just begging for their grandmothers’ warm, wet pussies! Except, your granny refuses to admit just how badly she wants your dick.
Look at her, standing there, trying her best to hide her frustration. She is obviously turned on by the little show we are putting on. You can practically see the pussy juice dripping down her legs, and yet she still tries to resist.
Oh well! Her loss is my gain.
[Grandmother continues to stroke Senator’s Grandson’s cock]
What is this? Do I see a drop of pre-cum dribbling from the head of your cock?
Oh baby, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. In fact, I consider a man dripping pre-cum to be a huge compliment!
I just love it when my grandson starts leaking pre-cum out the tip of his cock!
Oh, there is nothing I enjoy more than wrapping my lips around the head of a young, hard cock, and lapping up all the tasty pre-cum!
I can’t think of anything better than darting my tongue in and out of a cock slit, just so I can experience the exquisite taste of a young man’s seed in my mouth!
Mmmm… are you ready baby? Because, granny is about to suck your cock until you pour your hot load deep down her— whoa!
[The Senator pushes Grandmother away, and grabs the Senator’s Grandson’s cock]
What the… Senator? What are you doing? That’s your grandson’s cock you’re stroking!
Weren’t you the one going on and on about how wrong it is for grandmothers to want to fuck their grandsons?
What happened to all that talk about it being “abnormal,” and “the public not standing for it?”
You say you don’t care anymore? You say that your grandson’s huge throbbing cock was made for you, and if anyone is going to suck it, it’s going to be you?
Well, if you “incest”… whoops, I mean “insist.” [giggle]
[Senator begins to suck her grandson’s cock]
That’s right, darling. Suck him! Suck your grandson’s magnificent cock. Doesn’t it feel so good to slide that hard, young cock down you throat?
Can you feel it? Can you feel your grandson’s love for you pouring out from the tip of his cock?
Isn’t it beautiful?
Isn’t it perfect?
Isn’t it… magical?
You agree! Oh, Senator, I couldn’t be happier for both of you! You’ve finally accepted the truth; the truth that every grandmother and grandson tries to ignore, even though, deep down, they want nothing more than to be with one another, make love to one another, marry and have children with one another.
Embrace the truth.
Embrace your desire.
Embrace your destiny.
[Senator continues to suck her grandson’s cock. Suddenly stops]
What’s the matter, Senator? Why did you stop?
Oh, I see. Just look at you. Your panties are dripping wet!
Hmm, it looks like someone is in desperate need of a good fucking, don’t you agree, young man?
[Senator’s Grandson strips Senator naked, sucking her tits and kissing her passionately]
Good boy! Strip your grandmother naked! Tear her fucking clothes off!
Mmmm… that’s it! Grope her tits! Manhandle them! Suck on her nipples!
Oh yes! Such a good grandson! Your grandmother is so lucky to have a young man like you in her life.
Aren’t you grateful, Senator? Are you grateful to have a young stud like this for a grandson, one who is so eager and willing to fuck your brains out?
That’s what you’re going to do, isn’t it? You are going to fuck her, your own grandmother, right here and right now, aren’t you?
Do it! Rip her panties off! Expose her dripping wet pussy to your rock hard cock!
[Senator’s Grandson tears Senator’s panties off]
Very nice! Now, line the head of your cock up with the opening of her moist, juicy cunt, but don’t push it in yet.
Just. Wait.
Senator, I want you to see this. Do you see that cock, your grandson’s cock, the tip pointed at the entrance to your pussy?
This is the moment you and your grandson become one. From this moment on, your lives will change forever. The two of you will be bound together by your unbridled love for one another.
You will never forget the feeling of his cock thrusting into you for the first time… and you’ll never want to.
[Senator’s Grandson thrusts his cock into Senator’s dripping wet pussy]
Oh! That’s it! Fuck her! Fuck her dripping wet pussy! Look at you both go, wild and uninhibited, consumed by lust, with no regards to the consequences!
Good! That’s how it should be! Give into the pleasure!
Loose yourself in the taboo of fucking your grandmother’s warm wet pussy, of having your grandson’s hard cock thrusting in and out of you, of discovering that the one person in this world you were destined to be with was right there, right by your side this whole time.
Isn’t it wonderful? To finally become one with the love of your life?
To have your grandson fuck you to an earth-shattering orgasm?
To cum deep inside your grandmother’s fertile, unprotected womb?
You are going to cum, aren’t you? I can see it on your face; the face of a man who is about to poor a load of cum deep inside of his woman.
Don’t be shy, dear. You know you want to. What better way to claim your grandmother as yours than to cum deep inside her pussy?
What’s that, Senator? You say he should pull out? Oh, no, no, no, sweetie!
You need to accept his cum inside of you. The only way to truly show your love for your grandson is to allow him to cum deep inside your unprotected pussy.
You might get pregnant, you say? Well, of course you might. That’s the point!
Don’t you see? The love between a grandmother and a grandson is the most beautiful thing on Earth, and a child conceived from that union is the perfect symbol of that love.
Allow your grandson to cum inside of you. Let him claim your womb with his seed. Accept the fact that you are now his woman, and prepare yourself to carry his child!
[Senator’s Grandson cums inside Senator’s unprotected womb, impregnating her]
Oh! Are you cumming!? Are you cumming!? Do it! Cum inside her! Cum deep inside of her! Impregnate your grandmother! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! [Triumphant Laugher]
Well, it looks like I won our little wager, doesn’t it? [Laugh]
Don’t you feel ignorant for ever doubting me, Senator?
Oh, there’s no need to apologize. I’m just happy you finally see things my way; that you understand that I was right all along.
Every grandson secretly desires the feel of his grandmother’s warm wet cunt wrapped around his dick, and every grandmother wants their grandson’s cock deep inside of their pussy. The sooner the world accepts this, the happier we will all be.
And if you support my bill to legalize grandmother/grandson marriage, there will be a lot more happy people in the world.
What do you say?
You will!? You mean you’ll agree to back the bill? Oh, Senator, thank you! With your endorsement, this bill with surely succeed!
What’s that? You say you won’t rest until it is legal for grandmothers and grandsons to marry and have children? Oh, Senator!
You promise to make sure that the next child I have with my grandson will be conceived in wedlock.
[Tears in eyes] Oh, thank you Senator! I couldn’t be more happy!
My dream is finally coming true.
Just think, our organization is growing stronger…
Every day, thousands of grandmothers are discovering the joys of making love to their own grandsons…
It won’t be long now. Soon, grandmother and grandson love will take over the country…
It will be legalized…
It will become the new normal…
Reporter: Hello and welcome to the 6 ‘o clock evening news. Here are today’s top stories.
This morning marked the first day in which the controversial new “Granny Love” law went into effect.
The radical new law, championed by the Senate Majority Leader and praised by elderly women nationwide, officially legalized marriage between grandmothers and grandsons, as well as recognized the couple’s right to have children together.
Reactions to the law have been surprisingly positive, as thousands of grandmothers rushed to their local courthouse or place of worship in order to walk down the aisle and legally marry their grandsons in front of God and family.
Many of these newlywed couples expressed overwhelming joy at the thought of being able to walk down the street, hand in hand, as husband and wife.
However, some still wonder how this law will impact the future of the country, as an entire generation of children will soon be born from the unions of these grandmothers and their grandsons.
Among the newlyweds today was the founder of this controversial movement, who married her own grandson this afternoon in a lavish ceremony, attended by several high ranking officials.
[Voice fades out] We will continue to update this story as it develops. Meanwhile, in other news…

[Wedding bells chime to signal a scene change]
Grandmother: [Laughing] Oh, sweetie! Isn’t this wonderful? Wasn’t the ceremony just just incredible?
You don’t know how happy you made me today!
Finally, after all this time, I am legally married to my own grandson! [laugh]
Oh! Be careful, darling! I know you’re eager to get inside, but there’s no need to rush!
After all, we have all night. [giggle]
That’s it, sweetie. Be a good husband. Carry your new wife over the threshold and into our honeymoon sweet.
Mmm… Do you remember the last time you did this? Do you remember that wonderful, magical night, when you asked your granny to try on her old wedding dress?
Oh! The way you looked at me that night; the hunger in your eyes as I stood before you; it was intoxicating!
Your own grandmother, wrapped in satin and white lace, just like on her first wedding night all those decades ago.
To have such an attractive young man, my own grandson, lustfully gaze upon my body, and see me, not as his grandmother, but as his woman, his lover, his… future bride; it made me feel like a young girl again.
Then, without warning, you took me in your arms and carried me to my bedroom. You laid me down on my marital bed, where your grandfather and I once slept, and confessed your love to me. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say… but I knew what you wanted. [giggle]
You wasted no time taking me as your woman; making sweet, passionate love to me all night; claiming both my body and my bed as yours, and declaring yourself the new man in my life.
Oh! You were such a strong, powerful man that night! You didn’t care how old I was. You didn’t care that we were related. All that mattered was that you loved me, that you wanted me, your own grandmother, and you were willing to devote your entire life to me.
I knew, in that moment, that we were destined to be together, that I was destined to become your lover, your wife, and the mother of your children.
We exchanged wedding vows that night as proof of our love for one another. Even though we knew it wasn’t official, we began to live as though we were husband and wife. It wasn’t long before I became pregnant with your child, and as your baby grew in my belly, I knew I wanted our love to be recognized by the entire world.
I’ve spent so long building support for our cause, convincing politicians and gaining thousands of new followers; grandmothers and grandsons who soon discovered the joy of loving one another, of making love and having children together, of living together as husband and wife; and today, all of our hard work and effort has finally come to fruition.
Now that Grandmother/ Grandson marriage is legal, our love will be recognized for what it truly is, a beautiful, wonderful thing that should never be kept secret.
These wedding rings on our finger are not the old hand-me-downs from my previous marriage, and this dress isn’t the same old thing I wore that night. They are brand new, and just for us, a symbol of a new era in our lives, a new beginning for our love, and the love of thousands, if not millions of grandmothers and grandsons all over the world.
And speaking of new…
[She strips out of her wedding dress, revealing sexy lingerie for her new husband]
Do you like it baby? I custom ordered it just for tonight; a set of brand new bridal lingerie for my brand new husband.
Don’t you just love the way these silk stockings caress my legs, how this garter belt covers my shapely hips and thighs, how this thong bikini hugs the crack of your granny’s curvy ass?
Don’t you just love how this beautiful white corset wraps around my waist, while this lace bra squeezes my soft, pillowy breasts together.
What’s that? I’m the most beautiful woman you ever seen? Do you really mean it?
An angel? Oh, darling! That’s so sweet!
Mmmm… Look at you, staring at me with the same lust in your eyes that you had the night we first made love.
Why don’t to take a seat on the bed, dearie. Your “angel” wants to drop to her knees and suck her grandson’s cock!
[She unzips his pants and begins to suck his cock]
Oh god! I love sucking this young, hard cock of yours!
[licking and sucking]
There is no greater thrill for me than getting down on my hands and knees and sucking my own grandson’s beautiful dick,
[licking and sucking]
and the knowledge that I am now legally your wife makes it even better!
[licking and sucking]
I just love to run my tongue up and down your hard, veiny shaft,
[licking and sucking]
to swirl it around this fat, purple head,
[licking and sucking]
to dart it in and out of your slit and lap up all of your tasty pre-cum,
[licking and sucking]
all while massaging and caressing these wonderful, massive balls of yours, so big and full of potent cum that has already impregnated me once before.
[licking and sucking. She pulls the cock out of her mouth with a loud pop]
Take me, my grandson, my lover, my… husband. Claim me as your lawfully wedded wife. Let this be the first day of our new life together, our love laid bare for the entire world to see. Make love to me for the first time as my lawfully wedded husband, and prove to the world that our love for one another is the purest form of love that his ever existed.
[He lays her on the bed]
Are you ready, baby?
Good. There is just one more thing.
I have one more wish, my darling. One more thing I must do before it’s too late.
Sweetie, I want to have one more baby.
No, despite my age, I have not begun menopause, yet.
I know it may be hard to believe, but I am still fertile, and more than capable of carrying another child.
I think… I think my body has been waiting, hoping for this day. This time, our child will not be born out of wedlock, but conceived within the bounds of holy matrimony.
Wouldn’t that be incredible?
Oh my! Your cock is throbbing at the very thought of impregnating your grandmother again, isn’t it? Just look at how it twitches at the entrance to my dripping wet cunt.
You want this, don’t you? You want to claim me once again, to prove to the world that you own your granny’s body, that you own her heart and soul, but most of, you want the world to know that you own her pussy!
Do it, baby! Do it! Thrust your throbbing manhood deep inside of me! Spill your seed in my womb once again! Impregnate your grandmother, and this time, everyone will know that her pussy belongs to you!
[He begins to fuck her hard and deep]
Oh yes! Oh fuck! That’s it! Fuck your granny! Fuck me like the depraved granny-slut I am!
Oh god! Oh, my husband! I love the way your cock slides in an out of my warm, wet fuck-hole! You fill me up so deep, my love!
My pussy was made to be wrapped around your cock!
You deserve it, sweetie! You deserve this warm, wet pussy wrapped around your dick every single night!
You’ve put a ring on my finger! You’ve married me in front of god and family, and you’ve promised to take care of me, to love and cherish me for the rest of my life! Now, fuck me! Fuck my cunt like the stud you are! Fuck your grandmother!
Who would have imagined we would get this far, that we would be lying here as husband and wife, fucking each other’s brains out?
Oh darling! I am so happy! I am so happy to be your wife!
Are you close, dearie? Are you going to cum inside of me?
Don’t hold back! Shove it in nice and deep! I want the head of your cock pressed up against the entrance to my unprotected womb!
Imagine us walking down the street, hand in hand, as our child grows inside of me.
It won’t be a secret anymore! The whole world will know who the father is. They’ll know that my own grandson took me as his wife and impregnated me!
Just imagine how jealous the other grannies will be when they see me walking hand and hand with a young stud like you as my husband, my belly big and round with your baby, my tits swelling with milk to feed your child!
How many grannies will see the two of us and wish the same thing for themselves?
How many of them will rush over to their grandsons’ homes and make passionate love to them?
How many will walk down the aisle, and marry their handsome young grandsons?
How many will be impregnated by their own grandsons, and proudly display their pregnant bellies to the world?
Oh! Does the thought of it all make you want to cum, sweetie? Because it sure as fuck makes me want to! [Laugh]
Do it! Cum inside of your grandmother! Impregnate me! Conceive another baby in me right now, on our wedding night! Make me barefoot and pregnant, just like a good wife should be! Fill me with your seed, and make me your obedient granny-wife forever!
[She orgasms as he cums inside of her. Pause as she comes down from her orgasm]
Oh, sweetie! You did it! You came so deep inside of me.
There’s no doubt about it, my love. You definitely got me pregnant.
Aren’t you proud, grandson? You have claimed my body as yours, once and for all.
Well, of course I’m happy, dear.
I have a ring around my finger that binds us in holy matrimony, and a child growing in my belly conceived in wedlock.
I have everything I ever wanted, and it’s all thanks to you.
My grandson.
My lover.
My husband. [giggle]

[News intro sound effect]
Reporter: Hello and welcome back to the 6 ‘o clock evening news. Repeating our top story for today:
It has been several months since the controversial “Granny Love” law went into effect, and already studies have shown a dramatic rise in child births among elderly women in the country.
Women in their 50s, 60s and even 70s are now having children at an alarmingly high rate.
It appears that the legalization of grandmother/grandson marriage has encouraged grannies to start families with their new, younger husbands. With many of these women more financially secure than the current population of young women, it seems as though they have been eager to have as many children as possible at a level that hasn’t been seen since the baby boomer generation, which is to be expected considering the majority of these women are, in fact, baby boomers themselves.
The average age of pregnant mothers in the US is steadily on the rise, and if this trend continues, studies show that senior citizens will outpace “normal” aged women in pregnancies within a matter of years, as countries all over the world are now beginning to pass their own legislation legalizing grandmother/grandson marriage.
Based on these studies, some are now referring to this sudden wave of grandmother/grandson love as “the new normal.”
In other news—
[TV shuts off]
Grandmother: Isn’t it wonderful, dear? The entire world has begun to accept the beauty of grandmother/ grandson love.
Every day, grandmothers are discovering the joys of making love to their own grandsons.
Millions of grannies all over the world are joining their grandsons in holy matrimony.
Grandmother/ grandson love has taken over the entire country, and soon, the world.
And then there’s us.
Just look at me, dearie; 9 months pregnant with our new baby, a baby born in wedlock between an elegant, mature grandmother and her handsome, young grandchild.
Come here, darling. Cuddle up beside your granny-wife. Put your hands on my belly. Feel your child growing inside of me.
[sigh] I couldn’t be happier, my love! [kiss]
It seems all of my dreams have come true.
Grandmothers and grandsons now walk down the street as lovers without shame,
Grandmothers can legally marry their grandsons,
And now, grandmother/grandson pregnancy has not only been legalized, it’s become the new normal.
It’s just as I imagined it, sweetie; just as I always dreamed.
It’s wonderful.
It’s fantastic.

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